A.G.M. 2004


    Dear Prabhus, Friends and Readers,

    At the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2004, held by ISKCON's Governing Body Commission (GBC) in Mayapur India, a proposal was put forward by the GBC Executive Committee (Ex. C) concerning a reopening of the "poison investigation".  The proposal was prompted by the fact that in spite of evidence in existence, the GBC had neglected to do a thorough investigation either internally or professionally; a fiduciary obligation that lies squarely on their shoulders.  Antithetically, the GBC secretly financed and endorsed a book of lies and deception entitled- Not That I am Poisoned.  This book was then pointed to as reason for the GBC's 'low priority' position on the poison issue.  However, and in spite of the book being exposed as fraudulent in conclusion, the GBC persist in using it as "evidence" to maintain their indifference to the need for an investigation.

Following the submission of the Ex. C. proposal, the GBC entered into secret discussions resulting in a secret resolution that has been secretly dumped in the "Unpublished Minutes" closet of guilty secrets, from where they hope to retrieve it in the event of legal proceedings, no doubt.

We, the Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force, shall now begin to post letters between concerned devotees to/from the Chairman of the GBC- Praghosa Das, and members of the GBC Executive Committee.  These letters, under the title- "Letters To The Void", were keyed leading up to the AGM 2004.  Our objective in posting the letters is to demonstrate to our devotee family and other concerned parties, our transparent attempts to negotiate with the GBC to an end.  It is our firm belief, and none will disagree, that the onus for commissioning a "professional investigation" undertaken by an "accredited agency", rests with the GBC.  Although the "GBC rules" within the ISKCON cult, they have no authority to adjudicate on capital crime.  Crime, any crime, is not within the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical bodies.  Nor should clergy work secretly to misinform or hide information from concerned family or laity, as the GBC are doing.  With this explanation in place, we now begin our presentation of "Letters To The Void".

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