6th. August 2013

Akshaya pathogenic Patra


" ISKCON is about sincerity... No one fakes it better."


1. In our article Cannibaloney, posted 23rd July 2013, we pointed to the staggering accumulation of affluence by an American based organization operating as a charity in India (ISKCON.)  Indian lands held by the cult's Bangalore branch alone, as disclosed by the cult's most famous adherent- Ambarisa Dasa (Alfred Ford,) great grandson of Henry Ford (Ford Motors,) is figured at Rs. 3'000 crores, or, in excess of HALF A BILLION American dollars.

Ambarisa Dasa: "He claimed he is sick of fighting any further and therefore wishes to make a settlement. For this he is willing to surrender his 3000 crore properties to ISKCON Bombay and work under ISKCON management."

Bear in mind...iskcon Bangalore is only one of more than 80 iskcon centers in India, and, the Bangalore property is only one of several properties (worldwide) owned by the iskcon Bangalore branch.  The 'fighting' referred to by Ambarisa Dasa is an exhibition of insatiable greed and ruthlessness by the cult (iskcon vs. iskcon) for possession of the Bangalore property, its assets and monies, sub judice for thirteen years in Indian Courts and paid for by monies raised in donations.


"3'000 crore properties!? And this does not include cash or movable assets! How is it that a cult begging arms in the name of 'CHARITY' and publicly selling a yoga image of RENUNCIATION, has a SINGLE center, accumulating properties in India alone (not including other countries) to the tune of HALF A BILLION US$ ?!!"


2. This posting will pose questions re. the iskcon (hare krishna) mid-day meal (NGO donation scam) which is providing funds (donations) wasted in legalities (for the last thirteen years) by the 'TAX FREE' hare krishna organization in IndiaA 'charity' exhibiting publicly the resources of a Fortune 500 Global conglomerate.  In particular, we look at the iskcon Bangalore branch of this money-sucking cult..... a beggar's bowl until the akshaya patra food distribution scheme gave it endorsed access to National and International donations for starving kids.... an Ali Baba gateway to pirate fortunes more easily accessible and profitable than their ongoing (tax-ex)- Food for Life scheme.  Here is iskcon's description of its akshaya patra status as per Wikipedia:-


they know the truth

Source Wikipedia: "The Akshaya Patra Foundation runs school lunch programs across India. The organization distributes freshly cooked, healthy meals daily to 1.3 million underprivledged children in 9,000 government schools through 20 locations in 9 states across India. Built on a public-private partnership, Akshaya Patra has supporting chapters in the United States and UK.

Akshaya Patra partnered with the Karnataka government in 2003 under the mid-day meal scheme to act as one of the implementing arms of the government in many regions. It now works with central and state governments in 9 states (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chittisgarh, Gujarat, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh and has set up kitchens in 20 locations."


3. We request the urgent attention of our esteemed Indian Law Makers, Enforcers, and Task Force members, to the above disclosures- 'public-private partnership,' and to the crux of iskcon involvement with the mid-day meal scheme, i.e., 'supporting chapters in the United States and UK.'  Further we question WHY- state governments in 9 states- without doing any research, gave sanction, attestation, facility, and partnership in child-care, to a cult which has the dubious distinction of being the world's most brutal practitioners of child sex and physical abuse in the annals of modern history.... even more so than the media targeted Catholic Church?  You don't believe?  Okay, prepare yourself for excerpts (further below) from the PLAINTIFFS’ ORIGINAL COMPLAINT lodged in America, which, by evidence posted in the abstracts of judgment, met with a NO CONTEST acceptance of guilt by iskcon; a cult now operating as child-carers in India with full support and subsidies by central and state governments in 9 states, and declared publicly to be a scheme... built on a public-private partnership.


donated vehicle

...and another

... vehicle # 20?


4. The Indian Iskcon Chapter (IIC) would dearly wish NGO donors to believe iskcon's child abuse mise-en-scène as American, not Indian.  However, the truth is, as recorded evidence shows... In a conscious effort to avoid policing and scrutiny by U.S.A. child protection agencies, ISKCON took a large portion of its boarding school activities overseas to India,.... it was a tragedy played out in India... aided-n-abetted in silence by the IIC.  Nor have they raised the issue to date.  That is why American iskcon came to India... They knew where to find her traitors; those who would give them the credibility and cover they needed.  So it should be clearly understood from the statement above that iskcon (supported by its Indian lackeys) have a very low opinion of Indian Law, Law Enforcement, and child-protection policies.  The mot juste compilation of this missive will reveal the mid-day meal program, accredited endorsed and supported by Government and NGO's, to be a scam run by that very same IIC.


easy money

5. No matter how we peruse court records, what cannot be overlooked is that ALL children named in the child abuse action suit were Americans, without single mention of an Indian (victim, history of abuse, or offer of compensation.)  What this tells us is that the IIC cares even less for children than their American bosses.  Because, and unless they want us to believe child abusers prefer white children, IIC cult members did NOTHING for Indian victims even when crimes were made public in America.  Now they collect crores in donations; amassing wealth as 'child-carers' ... while continuing, in character, to harm children with poisonous neglect.  Will our Indian Governors listen when we inform them that none of the Iskcon child abusers named were publicly tried because of the 'No Contest' plea?  Will our Governors believe us when we inform them that the abusers are in prolific numbers in India, still operating as 'reincarnated Vedantist' within iskcon, and more than likely, within the mid-day meal program and the child access opportunities it presents?


Here are excerpts from the iskcon child abuse case.  We wish our Hon'ble Ministers and Law Enforcers to read this and understand why... we don't understand why... no research was done prior to giving iskcon access to our children...and indeed, framing them internationally as champions of Indian child care :-


Source: http://surrealist.org/jpgs05/complaint0606.pdf

Raising funds and distribution of money were at the core of, and a pattern and practice of, the Defendant’s wrongful conduct and racketeering practices.

ISKCON and its leaders also enriched themselves by granting special favors to large fund raisers and donors, even if some large donors were drug dealers and other criminal elements. The special favors include, among others:

Food for Death

(a) Granting teaching positions to sexual predators so they would have access to children for their sexual gratification;

(b) Giving young girls from the gurukulas as brides to older donor men;

(c) Creating "asylum" and a ring of protection against apprehension of fugitives, including those dealing illegally in arms, drugs and murder, within the ISKCON enterprise;

(d) Destroying evidence and failing to report criminal conduct on the part of ISKCON and devotees.


Virginia; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; Port Royal, Pennsylvania and Lake Huntington, New York. Additionally, profound, severe and extensive abuse of minor boys from the United States and Canada took place at the ISKCON Vrindaban and Mayapur boarding schools in India.


7. In a conscious effort to avoid policing and scrutiny by U.S.A. child protection agencies, ISKCON took a large portion of its boarding school activities overseas to India. In India, ISKCON managed at least two profoundly abusive boarding schools for boys. These were the Vrndavan and Mayapur schools. Both were staffed and controlled by appointees of ISKCON who were, for the most part, assigned from the United States. The students sent there were almost exclusively from the United States, and the management policies, devised and implemented by the GBC, originated in the U.S.A. The Indian schools were among the worst offenders and abusers of minor boys, and many of the Indian school teachers and leaders were also teachers, leaders and abusers in United States schools.



1. The sexual, physical and emotional abuse of the minor children occurred primarily between the years 1972 and 1990, although abuse continued after 1990 and, it is believed, continues to the present. The sexual, physical and emotional abuse of minor children was inflicted on children from as young as 3 years of age to 18 years of age, and included both boys and girls.

2. The abuse to which the ISKCON children were subjected was inflicted on some children for several years. It included a pattern and practice of sexual abuse of both boys and girls, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. In many instances, the abuse could be accurately described as torture of children. Not all of
the following described acts of child abuse were carried out on every child, but every plaintiff in this case was subject to multiple forms of child abuse over extended periods of time, some for years. Some examples of the types of abuse and neglect to which the children, ranging in age from 3 years to 18 years, were subjected include but are not limited to:


3. Sexual abuse including rape, oral sex, intercourse with children, sexual fondling of children, and masturbation with children.

4. Physical beatings of children with boards, branches, clubs, and poles.

5. Physical beatings by adult teachers and school leaders with fists to the head and stomach.

6. Kicking the children into submission.

7. Children were in some instances made to walk great distances in bitter cold, including snow and rain, without jackets, coats, or shoes.

8. Children were often forced to sleep on cold floors and in unheated rooms.

9. Children were frequently deprived entirely of medical care or provided such inadequate medical care as to suffer long-term and, in some instances, permanent injury. The medical conditions for which children were not treated included malaria, hepatitis, yellow fever, teeth being knocked out, broken facial bones, and broken bones in their hands, often inflicted as they attempted to shield themselves from beatings.

stop him...NOW!

10. Children were sometimes kept in filthy conditions. In at least one instance, a local group utilized what had recently been a cattle or horse barn for a nursery.

11. In almost every school the children were kept in severely overcrowded conditions, often forced to sleep shoulder to shoulder on the floor or in small rooms in three-high bunks with 10 or 12 children to each tiny room.

12. The children were physically abused by being awakened every day in the early morning hours (generally at 4:00 a.m.) and subjected to a cold shower, after which they were taken, without any breakfast, to a daily religious service. At some schools, the children were forced to walk great distances in the dark to attend the service, and often in cold or rainy conditions, clothed only in their thin gown-like "dohti."

13. The children were not provided bathroom tissue, but instead were expected to wipe themselves with their fingers, after which they would dip their fingers into a bowl of water.

14. As punishment for not cleaning themselves thoroughly, children were scrubbed with steel wool until their skin was raw and sometimes bleeding.

15. Children were abused when they were forced to sleep on their wet blankets or in tubs as punishment if they wet their bedding.

16. Some children were forced to wear their soiled underclothes on their heads for long periods of time because they had wet themselves.

17. Children were often forced to go without food entirely, either because there was none, or as punishment. When food was provided, it was always inadequate for a growing child’s diet.

18. The inadequate food that was provided was often prepared in unsanitary conditions, was of very poor quality and so unpleasant that even hungry children frequently could not eat it. In at least one school, the children learned as a matter of routine to remove insects from their food before eating it.

19. Each child was expected to eat what they were provided. If they did not do so, their served portion was kept on their plates until the next meal when it was served again. This process often continued until the cold food -- even moldy and insect-infested -- was swallowed.

20. In some schools, children were forced to lick up their vomit from any foul food they may have thrown up.

21. At New Vrindavan, three young boys, about six or seven years of age, who worked in the kitchen, took some food to their hungry friends. They were caught and punished by being gagged, having bags placed over their heads, and being put in a small room for several days with only a bucket for their waste and no food or water. One of the same boys was later slammed by a teacher into a marble wall, resulting in a loss of some teeth and fractured facial bones.

22. Children were controlled by various threats to hurt or kill them and by punishments. Young children, strictly limited to a vegetarian diet, were continually terrorized when told that non-Krishnas were meat-eaters, that they ate each other, and that the children, if given to or taken by the meat-eaters, would themselves be eaten.

23. Children often saw rats in their rooms and schools. Some children (such as those at the school in Dallas) were told the rats lived in a particular old closet, and the child would be, and often was, placed in the closet if they didn’t do as told.

24. One form of punishment included forcing little children to stand on a crate for long periods of time in a darkened closet "so the rats would not eat them."

25. Very young children were in fact placed in those dark and locked closets and left afraid and crying for hours at a time. They were locked overnight in dark cellars with dirt floors. One young child was made to sleep alone in the loft of a cold barn for many nights.

26. Sometimes the children were sent by their superiors to massage and bathe the religious gurus and then drink their now "blessed bath water."

27. In some cases, children were stuffed into trash barrels for periods of two to three days, with the lid on, as punishment for relatively trivial "sins."

28. Children were almost universally told that if they disclosed their condition or complained to their parents or others, they would be severely punished. When complaints were made, the children were publicly and often severely beaten or subjected to other forms of punishment.

29. Girls, as young as 12 or 13 years, were frequently "given" or "promised" to an older male in the movement. Although their marriages were generally not sexually consummated until the child was at least 16 or 17 years old, the little girls were terrorized by the threats, and often reality, of being given away by their leaders to become engaged to marry "strange old men."

30. Children were often forced to lie awake in their beds or sleeping bags and listen as their little friends were sexually molested by teachers and other leaders.

31. The children were emotionally abused by subjecting them to near-total parental and societal isolation. In an effort to totally control their minds, the children were, in most cases, separated and isolated from their parents and were not allowed to have regular contact with their parents. Personal visits, correspondence, and telephone calls were either forbidden or discouraged. Gifts, particularly of food, were intercepted. For example, one young boy felt abandoned by his parents, and had no contact with his family for more than a year. He later learned the one small package of cookies sent by his mother was intercepted and kept from him.

32. Children were frequently moved to different schools in different states without the consent (or, sometimes, knowledge) of parents. Some children were hidden from parents. Some boys were shipped out of the country to ISKCON schools in India. In at least some cases, after the parents discovered their child’s whereabouts and made arrangements for them to come home, their plane tickets were intercepted, and torn up in front of the children. Then, these children were punished for their parents’ attempt to bring them home.

33. Even though the children were given by their parents to ISKCON to educate, except for the reading of their "vedic scriptures," the children received little or no education.

34. Because of near-total isolation from the outside world and lack of education, the children who remained within the ISKCON schools for extended periods of time were totally unequipped to enter outside society. They have experienced extreme difficulty in earning a living, entering and maintaining relationships, including marriage, and in adapting to the laws and regulations of society. Many are in need of extended psychological and/or vocational training, rehabilitation, and medical care.


35. The founder of the institution, Prabhupada, was informed in 1972, at a time when he totally controlled the institution, that extensive physical and sexual abuse of minor ISKCON children was occurring, but he concealed the wrongdoing from the public, parents and all but a handful of close advisors.

36. Despite having been alerted to the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse of children in its gurukula boarding schools and other schools as early as the 1970s, ISKCON and the other defendants conspired to suppress any public disclosure, or disclosure to gurukula children’s parents, of the pattern and practice of rampant abuse at its gurukulas. ISKCON fraudulently concealed this information for decades, allowing the offending gurukula teachers and supervisors continued access to children for their sexual gratification and to subject them to physical, emotional and mental abuse. Defendants also endeavored to dissuade and discourage parents of gurukula children from visiting the schools. This was done at least in part to preserve the secrecy surrounding the abuse of the Krishna children.

37. ISKCON, by and through its GBC, knew that if it did not conceal and keep secret the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse it had learned was taking place in many of its schools, the very viability of the movement would be jeopardized. ISKCON would face a large loss of students and their parents from the movement and with that a large loss of funds and fundraisers. The individual income of many members of the GBC would have been adversely impacted. Its leaders would also have been subject to criminal and civil sanctions. The GBC made conscious decisions to conceal the fact that injury had been, and was continuing to be, inflicted on minor boys and girls.

Now we will take a closer and very public view of the cult's operation in India, i.e., the mid-day meal program, which, when considering medical warnings re. the spread of 'super bugs' in food, may prove the greatest disaster of all time.  Here below are snippets from news feeds warning about the cult and government involved consequences should the food distribution program be permitted to continue:
Source: https://richardrego.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/iskon-gets-caught-this-time/
23 July 2009
ISKON Gets Caught, This Time

24 July. Finally the fraud is out.

In the name of religion and
spirituality, it went on for a long time.

They easily got the government to support their scheme – initially called akshayapatra. Government entrusted them the job of serving ’Bisiyoota’ (hot meals) for school children all through the state.

Finally, it is found the ISKON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is abusing the trust of the government to make money. They have an office in America to propagate the cause of “helpless” and “poor children”. This is regarding a scheme for which the govenment pays Rs 398 crore! Their websites contain all sorts of miserable and destitute children and appeals for help – when they were not supposed to!

Besides, the ‘bisiyoota’ which was meant to bring in equality among by eating together, is used to propagate a particular cuture – the ISKON prohibited use of garlic and onions in meals.

Now the people behind the fraud are caught the Karnataka Assembly has set up a committe to probe the fraud.

We only hope the committee is committed to justice and truth. May the entire truth come out (whatever it be).

"The midday meal schemes are now being slowly taken over by a cult called as ISKCON- The International Society for Krishna Consciousness. These midday meals which were to be cooked in the schools and served hot to the children are being now taken over by this cult who are gradually ensnaring more and more schools into their web. This activity is being fully encouraged by the state government in the guise of serving quality food. This is creating unemployment among the locals who had originally been brought in for this specific job of preparing food for the children. But, it is also a sly way to bypass the caste problem! The food at ISKCON is supposedly cooked by the 'upper caste' Brahmins only!"


The architect of Akshaya Patra mid-day meal program is Madhu Pandit Dasa, Temple President of the iskcon Bangalore branch, which is now a bone of legal contention because of its amassed assets. The You Tube videos below give us only a quick peek into the wheelings and dealings of a boss and business that has been operating dubiously as a tax-exempt charity in India for over forty years:

"Akshaya Patra Corruption:- In this Video Madhu Pandit Dasa is trying to buy the silence of Balaji Subhash, that he should not disclose the corruption that happened in the form of negotiation between Acharya Ratna Dasa the temple commander and balaji Subhash. To hide this secret Madhu Pandit Dasa is ready to give whatever amount of money Mr Balaji is asking. Only God knows how much money MPD has usurped in this way."
"VLV Rajan is a personal accountant for Madhu Pandit Dasa who helped Madhu Pandit Dasa for creating false account statements to give life to the defunct society called ISKCON registered in Karnataka(Bangalore). The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India(ICAI)'s disciplinary committee has held this thief, guilty of professional misconduct for three times. He is a partner of Madhu Pandit Dasa in the fraud."

MPD (center) & team

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHv_pybRdvY
Video description:

"Corruption in Akshaya Patra :- Acharya Ratna Dasa, the deputy temple commander of the Hare Krishna Hill, ISKCON temple in Bangalore, is negotiating with Mr Balaji Subhash an old friend of Acharya Ratna Dasa If the agents/donors give cheque on the name of whatever trust madhu pandit dasa or his people tell, instead of writing on the name of ISKCON / AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION, MPD is ready to give them back 20% kickback in the donation.

"For example if the donation is 1 crore on the name of the trust that Madhu Pandit Dasa tells, then he will be giving 20 lacs to the agent or the donor. Superficially it will be known that the ISKCON / AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION has received the donation, but actually the donation is going to the trusts that Madhu Pandit Dasa's family has created.

"Another example if some MNC gives 1 crore to ISKCON temple or Akshay Patra foundation and if they write the cheque on the name of whatever family trust MPD has created, MPD will be giving 20 lacs to the manager of the company. The company will misunderstand that the donation has been given to ISKCON / AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION but actually it has gone in to the pockets of Madhu Pandit Dasa."

Comment posted beneath the video:
"In Jaipur's Madrampura, the kitchen where mid day meals are cooked was set up by the Iskcon food relief foundation. The kitchen runs in a rented space of a chemical factory. The place where the food is cooked for children is just feet away from the machinery which ejects harmful chemicals. CNN-IBN team also found that the storeroom of the kitchen has no doors and rice stored there contains rat excreta. When quizzed, the kitchen in-charge was on the defensive."

Here is media (excerpts and links) confirmation of iskcon's direct involvement with pathogens and contaminants in food served to children... a scheme by which they have grown excessively wealthy (excerpts and emphasis by BIF).
NB. In the first link we see Congress using the issue as a political football against the BJP State Government of Goa. The truth is, as shown in the links below, Iskcon is supplying contaminated food even to Congress run State schools.  As a government in power, onus lies on Congress to deal with this serious issue.  Instead they continue waltzing to the same old Sonia/Manmohan matwaala melody:

Source: http://www.dainikdisha.com/education/dont-rope-in-iskcon-for-mid-day-meals-goa-congress
Panaji, Aug 3 (IANS) The Congress Saturday asked the Goa government to rule out ISKCON as one of the suppliers for the mid-day meal scheme, which is in the process of being overhauled after a string of scandals....(...)... “The Congress party is completely opposed to the idea of ISKCON being invited to cook and give food under the mid-day meal scheme,”

Akshaya loot Patra

Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/midday-meal-27-children-take-ill/220405-60-131.html
BANGALORE: Tension prevailed when a few students of BBMP Girls High School at Mathikere complained of nausea and headache after consuming mid-day meal supplied by Akshaya Patra Foundation on Thursday.

Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-07-19/pune/29790463_1_mid-day-meal-sharada-londhe-food-poisoning-incident
PUNE: The municipal school board of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has instructed the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) not to supply mid-day meal to Madhukar Pawale school in Nigdi till the report about suspected food poisoning incident is out.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Delhi-Metro/Dead-lizard-found-in-mid-day-meal-in-Faridabad-school/Article1-1096645.aspx
A lizard was found in A mid-day meal supplied by the ISKON trust to a Palwal government school on Monday.

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/1637012/report-mid-day-meal-scare-49-students-fall-sick-in-bangalore
Forty-nine students of the BBMP girls’ high school in Mattikere fell ill due to suspected food poisoning on Thursday after they consumed breakfast supplied by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) through its Akshaya Patra project.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/Midday-meals-Parents-sending-homemade-food-for-kids/articleshow/21175614.cms
Gurgaon: The lunch is prepared and transported by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) at their kitchen in Sector 37.

Food grief Foundation

Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-01-13/bangalore/30623005_1_midday-meal-akshaya-patra-bangalore-students
BANGALORE: Over 60 girls of Mathikere High School run by the BBMP were hospitalized on Thursday afternoon when they fell sick after their midday meal served by Akshaya Patra.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/46-girls-taken-ill-after-akshaya-patra-meal/article2798178.ece#
As many as 46 girls from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Girls' Composite Pre-University College at J.P. Park (in Mathikere) took ill after consuming food supplied by the Akshaya Patra Foundation to the college here on Thursday morning.

Source: http://epaper.dnaindia.com/story.aspx?edorsup=Sup&wintype=popup&queryed=860009&querypage=3&boxid=31055812&id=1139&eddate=2012-1-13&ed_date=2012-1-13&ed_code=860009
Over 49 students of the BBMP girls’ high school in Mattikere fell ill due to suspected food poisoning on Thursday after they consumed breakfast supplied by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) through its Akshaya Patra project.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Bangalore/Lizard-and-rats-in-mid-day-meals/Article1-1100970.aspx
HT Coresspondent, Hindustan Times Bengaluru/Bhilwara/Nagpur, July 31, 2013
Rats and lizards — that’s what is being served to students in the world’s largest school meal programme. And to make matters worse, in one of the cases, the meal was supplied by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon).

Source: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1130105/jsp/jharkhand/story_16400906.jsp#.Uf2m9m0pi8A
Several inchworms — the name for moth larvae of family Geometridae — were found on Friday in sambar served to children of Rajkiyakrit Harijan Madhya Vidyalaya, Sitaramdera, as part of the midday meal cooked by Iskcon Food Relief Foundation.

Must we wait for mass death?  An epidemic?  Or will this dangerous exploitation by a money-hungry cult be stopped asap?

chipakali pilau                                       rat crap rasa

Finally we present a link, which is most definitely an internal (Iskcon Governing Body Commission- GBC) anti- Madhu Pandit propaganda site.  Nonetheless it reveals undeniable facts and figures that will leave Indian readers much wiser about what and who they are dealing with.  Further, it may be construed that this BIF posting is compiled in aid of Madhu Pandit's opposition (GBC- iskcon.)  We request our reader who surmise this to read through our web pages.  What they will find is dedication to eradicating iskcon hare krishna... IN TOTO....with no faction or splinter remaining.  The iskcon cult, its unbelievable beliefs, self-indulgences, and violent instructions for world domination left behind by its dictatorial founder, is a danger to all peoples and Governments the world over.



Thank You for spending time with us


Knots in a Thread

Every year another Iskcon endorsed hare krishna guru is caught playing leapfrog-lila ...having sex with a man (taxi driver?)...a prostitute..a disciple..a disciple's wife... somebody's child...a pig... or all of the above.  Why should this year be any different?

Below we post an 'Official Letter' by iskcon management to rank-and- file, informing them that another American 'guru' (appointed by them to collect money in god's name) has been caught with his dhoti 'round his ankles.  What the letter does not disclose is that this rascal- Mahanidhi Swami, who passed his days in Vrindavan as an initiating guru and iskcon scribe (helping himself to Indian donations and hospitality,) has eloped with a married woman aged.... SEVENTY- FIVE YEARS!!

These iskcon wallos are traversing the world pretending to be 'reincarnated Vedaratnas' and claiming to be spreading - "ancient Hindu culture."  Yet, instead of being chased out of India with chappal and danda, our Government is giving them facility and tax-exemption over and above anything our own nivasis are given.  They are the worst band of crackpot thieves and scoundrels in existence.  We have always maintained that the 'maha mantra' they sell as a fix-all, was a concoction strung together by the forger- BhaktiviNO Thakur.  And this Mahanidhi Swami chor is just further proof of fact.  After nearly half a century of chanting this bogus mantra, his disciples are now revealing he was secretly involved sexually with 'married' women off-and-on for years.  So what's new?  Why is this pick-pocket-pantha lying to people and saying- "Chant and be happy." They should consider speaking the truth for once... say instead- "Chant and be a chimpanzee."

Source: http://news.iskcon.org/iskcon-gbc-executive-committee-on-mahanidhi-swami,4003/
A Letter to All Devotees of the International Society for Krishna
Consciousness from the Executive Committee of the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC).

Dear Devotees of ISKCON,

MahaGiddy Swami

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We regret to inform you that the GBC Executive Committee has received a letter from Mahanidhi Swami, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada since 1975, announcing that he has "decided to resign from the glorious preaching mission of ISKCON".

Prior to receiving that letter, reports were brought to our attention alleging inappropriate behavior on the part of Mahanidhi Swami on both a personal and philosophical level. The GBC began an investigation of those and found some of the allegations to be true, including inappropriate interactions with a female disciple. Although the extent of those problems is not clear, we found there was definitely behavior not befitting someone in the renounced order of life.

It was during this investigation that Mahanidhi Swami chose to resign.

In a prayerful mood, we would like to comment briefly on this situation. As Vaishnavas, we understand that the obstacles of this material world are very difficult to overcome. Srila Prabhupada warned us that many stalwarts may fall from the path of Krishna consciousness if we are not cautious in the execution of our devotional service.

As stated in an official GBC paper from March of this year:

"Those who accept the service of diksha or siksha guru within ISKCON are mandated to be strict followers of the instructions of Srila Prabhupada, and, as long as they follow, they are acting on the liberated platform. Thus they may serve, as Srila Prabhupada ordered, as bonafide representatives of the Lord and the Guru Parampara and be a via medium of Their mercy. Yet it should be clearly understood that if such diksha or siksha gurus deviate from strictly following, they may fall down from their

Therefore, we should all be careful to strictly follow the standards of Krishna consciousness as given to us by our Founder-Acarya and the previous acaryas. At the same time, Srila Prabhupada taught us to be concerned about the wellbeing of our fellow Vaishnavas and to encourage each other to continue in devotional service to the best of our ability.

In that spirit, the GBC is continuing to reach out to Mahanidhi Swami. GBC members have also met with followers and disciples of Mahanidhi Swami to offer them our support.

chant and be a chimpanzee

We ask that the devotees of ISKCON pray for Mahanidhi Swami and the devotees affected by his difficulties. And as always, we offer our own humble prayers for all the Vaishnavas and the devotees of ISKCON and request Lord Krishna to kindly protect us and guide us all towards His eternal service.

Hare Krsna.

Your servants,

Tamohara Das, Chair
Anuttama Das
Praghosa Das
(Members of the GBC Executive Committee)

Hi Guys,

Have you heard this one...

"After everyone settled down, we went back into Srila Prabhupada’s sitting room. He said, “Sometimes, these snakes mission is to kill a certain person. They will not stop until they succeed. Particularly at the end of the snake’s life, sometimes, the snake grows wings. He has a particular person that he is to kill. The snake will kill that person and then it goes off to die.” I remember a few times in Mayapura in the quiet of the evening, Srila Prabhupada would point out a sound, “Hear that sound. That is the snakebird. It has a special sound.” All the devotees present would become very quiet for a time in hopes of hearing it again. I became a little frightened wondering if I was next.

From the Srila Prabhupada Uvaca by Srutakirti Dasa

Maybe Prabhupada's snakebirds had a cockfight with Mahaniddhi's snakebird... Whadda ya tink?
BIF: Thanks. We are trying not to.