5th. August 2014


In response to our latest article- "DE-ME-GOD," our good friend and fellow cynic- Matt-ji has worked his abacus to calculate cult arithmophobia : an Iskcon hare krishna neuro numerology weirdness unparalleled by god-hawkers anywhere else on planet Earth ... a madness the cult prints and street sells as twenty-first century reality.

Where would we put the toilets? – by Matt-ji

Śrīla Śukadeva Gosvāmī informed Mahārāja Parīkṣit that he had heard from reliable sources that simply to teach the children of the Yadu dynasty there were as many as 38,800,000 tutors, or ācāryas. If so many teachers were needed to educate their children, one can simply imagine how vast was the number of family members. As for their military strength, it is said that King Ugrasena alone had ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards. (Krishna Book)

The total land surface area of Earth is about 57,308,738 square miles (below links).





One square mile is equal to 27,878,400 square feet.

Therefore the total land surface area of the Earth in square feet = 57,308,738 X 27,878,400 = 1,597,675,900,000,000 square feet.

10 quadrillion soldiers = 10,000,000,000,000,000 soldiers.

Dividing 10,000,000,000,000,000 soldiers by 1,597,675,900,000,000 square feet of land surface = 6.259 soldiers per square foot of land.

Simply stated, for 10 quadrillion soldiers to fit on the Earth�fs land surface we would have to pack a little over 6 soldiers on each and every square foot of land (even the Sahara desert and Siberia).

To get a picture of this statistic, imagine a floor tile that is one square foot (12 inches by 12 inches). Now imagine 6 soldiers standing on that tile. Now imagine the whole land surface of the Earth completely covered with these tiles with 6 soldiers standing on each and every one of them. That is what the Earth would look like if there were 10 quadrillion soldiers on it. If we were to include their wives and children, civilians, animals, plants, and buildings, the square foot tiles would even be more densely packed than 6 soldiers on each.

Here are a few visuals:

A regulation boxing ring (below) is 18 feet on a side (the ring is actually a square) or a total of 324 square feet. Packing 6 soldiers per square foot into the ring means that the ring would have accommodate 1,944 soldiers in a world of 10 quadrillion soldiers.

 1,944 soldiers in the ring.

A regulation pool table is 4.5 feet by 9 feet or 40.5 square feet. Such a pool table would have to support 243 soldiers on it in a world of 10 quadrillion soldiers.

 243 soldiers on top of the pool table.

A toilet seat, averaging about 1.5 square feet, would have to accommodate 9 soldiers on it in a world of 10 quadrillion soldiers.

 9 soldiers on the toilet.

If we were to include the oceans of the Earth (not just the land surface), we would now have approximately 200,000,000 square miles (see above links) or 5,575,680,000,000,000 square feet of surface to accommodate the 10,000,000,000,000,000 soldiers. That equals 1.79 soldiers standing on each and every square foot of Earth's surface, including the oceans (and the north and south poles too!!).

Editors note: The figures above do not include King Ugrasena's 4 billon 'personal servants' or the 38'800'000 tutors for his family. Nor do the figures include talking snakes, twelve mile tall witches, Shreks or transformers, animals, trees or other civilizations. Nor does it include the 1 billion, 660 million men plus elephants and horses who came from ??? ... to fight in the Mahabharata war just so Iskcon could flog the Bhagavad Gita as it wasn't.
We expect that when King Ugrasena did his census, all other realities (and hare krishna fabulations) were hanging off the edges of Iskcon's flat Earth.



Scared students skip midday meals

B Sridhar. TNN Jul 26. 2014, o1.34 PM IST

JAMSHEDPUR: Several students of the government primary school in Bada Gamharia in the adjoining Seraikela Kharswan district are refusing to eat midday meals provided to them.

Earlier this week, dozens of pupil fell ill after consuming the midday meal served to them and, subsequently, a dead lizard was found in the food.

On Friday, the students at the school collected MDM packets on insistence from the faculty members, but several of them refused to eat the food.

"Our parents have asked us not to eat the meal served at school for at least a few days," some students said. Until Thursday, scared students and their parents even refused to accept the MDM packets, but a few agreed to taste after repeated requests from the school teachers.

The authorities, on the other hand, said that students have agreed to eat the meal after they were convinced by parents and teachers. "The meal was also served to several parents and faculty members present on the campus to weed out the fear about contamination from the children's mind. Our exercise was fruitful and we managed to convince the students that the food was safe to consume," said district education superintendent S C Ghosh.

Sources in the block education office said things are returning to normal in the school and attendance is gradually increasing. Gamharia sub-divisional officer Chandrabhushan Singh informed that investigation into the incident is underway and the probe report will be available soon.

investigating team will probably submit the report on Saturday," he said. The mid day meal is supplied to the school by an Iskcon Food Relief Foundation (IFRF)-run centralized kitchen at Bistupur in Jamshedpur.


Source: http://post.jagran.com/16-students-fall-ill-after-having-midday-meal-1405959309

16 students fall ill after having mid-day meal

Publish Date: 21 Jul 2014, 09:45 PM

Jamshedpur: About sixteen students fell sick after having a mid-day meal in a government basic school, in Seraikela-Kharswan district on Monday, official sources said.

By : Jagran Post News Desk

Some of the students started vomiting and complained of stomach ache after eating the mid-day meal, which was being served from ISKCON-run Central Kitchen here, said Deputy Development Officer of the district, Raymond Kerketta.

Kerketta, who visited the primary health centre in Gamariah, said the students were immediately rushed to the primary health centre but were discharged after they were provided the first-aid.

Following the incident, all the 93 students of the school were made to go through medical check up and found to be alright, he said.

One of the student spot a lizard in his plate and complained to the headmaster, who had himself tasted the food before it was served among the students, Kerketta said.

Kerketta said a four-member team headed by Additional Collector, Sandip Doraiburu has been constituted to probe the incident while assuring that the action would be taken against the responsible persons.

Source: http://www.avenuemail.in/region/parents-return-midday-meal-vehicle/53031/

Parents return midday meal vehicle

Kolhan July 25, 2014 , by Desk

Gamharia: In protest against the students of a government middle school at Bada Gamharia in Seraikela-Kharsawan district, falling ill after consuming midday meal, the parents of the students on the fourth day returned the midday meal vehicle of ISKON.

Parents gathered at the school campus and forces to return the vehicle. Seraikela-Kharsawan district superintendent of education (DSE) Suresh Chandra Ghosh was informed by Headmaster Nawal Kishore Singh.

The centralised kitchen of Iskcon Food Relief Foundation at Ramdas Bhatta in Jamshedpur has been supplying midday meal to government schools since 2012 following an MoU with the state government.

Today (Monday), the students were given rice, dal and mixed vegetable.

Last updated:Friday, July 25, 2014


4) Ironic : a beetle upstaging a Beatle. Even a tribute to "Hari's son" is nothing more than bug-crap in this world of ass-kicking reality.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/tree-planted-in-tribute-to-george-harrison-killed-by-beetle-infestation/story-fni0b7je-1226998130026?nk=b48248f9beb31b089dfe513c810df86d

Tree planted in tribute to George Harrison killed by beetle infestation

Tribute tree ... A pine tree planted in honour of George Harrison has been killed by a beetle infestation.

A TREE planted in memory of George Harrison has died after being infested by beetles.

The pine, which was planted in Los Angeles' Griffith Park in 2004, was a tribute to Harrison who died at his home in the city in 2001.

"In memory of a great humanitarian who touched the world as an artist, a musician and a gardener," a plaque on the tree read. It also featured a quote from Harrison: "For the forests to be green, each tree must be green."


5) Reader's comment:

What the Hare Krishnas believe in is beyond idiocy. There are sixty thousand saintly persons named Valikhilyas, each the size of a thumb, who are located in front of the sun-god and who offer him eloquent prayers or glorification. SB 5.21.17 

It is said that Indra, the King of heaven, is very lusty. Once he had sexual intercourse with the wife of a great sage, and when the sage learned about this, he cursed lusty Indra with a curse that
put vaginas all over his body. Being very much ashamed, Indra fell down at the lotus feet of the great sage and begged his pardon. Being compassionate, the sage turned the vaginas into eyes; therefore Indra possesses hundred and thousands of eyes all over his body. Just as Lord Brahma and Lord Siva have many faces, the King of heaven, Indra, has many eyes. Madhya 21.68 purport.

Here is a description of the lower heavenly planets. The inhabitants of those planets enjoy life in a pleasing atmosphere of clear lakes filled with newly grown lotus flowers and gardens filled with fruits, flowers, various kinds of birds and humming bees. In that armosphere thy enjoy life with their very beautiful wives,
who are always sexually stimulated. Nonetheless, they are devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. SB.5.17.13 

Yet.... De (Prabhupada) got it wrong for the closest "planet", the Moon (which he said is farther than the Sun and TWICE as big).

Still, devotees believe in all of the above, in spite of the absurdities and contradiction. Is it any wonder why De DErided philosophers, scientists, historians, and the educated as "demons", "offenders", and "blasphemers"? [Actually the modern educational institutions are different grades of slaughterhouses, (68-01-11. Ham)] That is how he dealt with anyone who could unmask him.

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