15th April. 2013

" The problem with ISKCON is Aesop."

1. Painters writers and thespians have a recognized gift which when applied professionally as a craft permits portrayal of fact be sprinkled with exaggeration to entertain or market an idea. That's art: a sphere of human indulgence which urges the cogitation of subjects from a myriad of perspectives and more often than not, from the edges of fiction. Moving mundane reality to a mental oral or visual challenge is what artistry strives to accomplish: opening doors to perception for an audience. Visual art, for most part, invites interpretation. On the other hand, when figurative art exhibits without a curator: left unexplained, misunderstood and unchallenged, its symbolism can and does distort in the eye of the beholder, for copious reasons, as it transits in odyssey to posterity.
2. Ravan had ten heads.  No! He did not!  Ravan was reputed to be so wise that his wisdom was symbolically equivalent to ten heads. An artist thought so; conceived and birthed the concept. Believers saw a sketched demon wearing ten heads. The image fit their definition of what epitomic evil challenging good would/should look like. At the behest of propagandists, and most probably for mercenary purposes, the artistic abstraction of Ravan sprouting ten heads off one neck was fait accompli fabulist to credo, the accepted (cult) reality it is today.

3. So how does an abstract vignette translate as realism i.e. portraiture, and in spite of the obvious? In visual art, the more shrouded its relevance in mystery the better. Interest and value lie in variance of interpretation. However when art enters the realm of realism, and specifically iconography, explication is designated ecclesiastically to revered custodians. Whereas in most iconography the message is self evident, religious art does waltz with symbolism, tentatively pushing believers to reflection if not genuflection. It is in this area of soulful immersion that perception can be distorted enough to merge fantasy with dogma. When explanations are offered that purposely aid a misconception: the pointing to iconic symbolism as realism and metaphor as gospel, and to an already CULTivated congregation, it acts as a denominational accelerant carried on the winds of fanaticism. Wrapping ancient (symbolic) iconography in scripture to create spiritual psychosis is a cult ethnocentric implant procedure. If not identified as such...it should be.
4. A good example can be seen in our article- "KNOTS in a THREAD." It shows clearly the success of a guru (custodian) in using cult fait accompli to implant the ridiculous. The e.g. shows targets going beyond indoctrination by taking innovative steps to a new level of cultification.  Where their guru made a statement in Sydney (4/1/72) to emphasize dogma as reason to deny the moon landing....
"So they never worshipped Chandra, and how can they go to the Chandra planet, or moon planet? Then Krishna is false.  Krishna is imperfect. They become perfect. They are defying Krishna's instruction. They have gone to the moon planet.  Then our whole propaganda, Krishna Consciousness, becomes bogus.".....

....his followers created an invisible decoy planet in an undiscovered sky to substantiate and bolster his defence of a scripture and god that has all the earmarks of cult interpolation and iconic distortion.... 

Pratyatosa Dasa (ACBSP) says:
12. March 2013 at 4:44 am
>>mark says:
You are insane if you think that the heavenly planet known as the Moon or Candra loka is a barren wasteland.<<

I don’t think that we really disagree on anything, so why be so truculent?
I’m not saying that there is no such thing as a heavenly planet known as Candra Loka, but that’s not where the Apollo astronauts were trying to go. They were trying to go to the barren wasteland that any child can see through a 30x telescope in his own backyard, and that’s exactly where they went! Do you, Bhakta Mark Prabhu, have the spiritual vision necessary to see Candra Loka when you look at the moon through a telescope?<<
5. Now, having set the ambiance, we move to the pith of this essay.
With no dearth of iconography: multi-armed and multi-headed gods, archers that dam rivers and blackout the sky with arrows, progenitors delivering progeny like multi-rocket launchers, talking reptiles/birds/animals, and a magical 'maha mantra' CURE ALL with only three words but sixteen syllables, etc., etc., we turn our attention to a king-sized, cult gorilla goof-up. 
6. No ism goes over the top like the 'personalism' of Chaitanya gaudiya bhaktism. This group of twaddlers (represented as iskcon Hare Krishna) leave no stone unturned or dream made lucid in quest melding megrim as megafact. So detailed are accounts of god-Krishna's personal life, that not enough room remains for one more drop in the begging bowl of belief. Yet, for all the excitement and anticipation to meet Krishna in the bushes at midnight, his transitional gopis make gross curatorial and custodial corrigendum with the already misconstrued iconography of predecessors. One such jumbo, or should we say- Jambavan cock-up, appears in the iskcon publication- Krishna Book Chapter 56- "The Story of the Syamantaka Jewel."
7. In his rendition of an already incredible yarn, A.C. Bhaktividenta (acBSp) the iskcon guru (late,) informs readers that Krishna fought Jambavan- "The news was received by the gorilla king, Jambavan,..."  Hang on a minute.  Is this the same Jambavan who lived long, long ago in Treta yuga, the one who helped Lord Ramachandra find his wife Sita and fought her abductor, Ravana? Of course it is! Here is acBSp confirming it ... "Jambavan had been a great devotee of the Lord since the time of Lord Ramacandra..." So Jambavan remained alive for eons (only to give Krishna credence by tying him in with Ram?) and still had the mojo to fight god-Krishna ceaselessly for a month... " ..the fighting continued for days, both in daytime and at night, without stopping....In this way the fighting continued for twenty-eight days."  


8. If you think the absurdity lies there, you are wrong. We did state in our opening paragraph- symbolism can and does distort in the eye of the beholder, for copious reasons, as it transits in odyssey to posterity. Jambavan was not the gorilla king.  Actually, he was not a gorilla at all. Jambavan was a BEAR!! At least that's how he was penned in Treta Yuga (The Ramayana) and all other pre-iskcon bhakti-bonanza publications. Somehow, Mr. acBSp got the wrong animal cracker in his soup. We have noticed post iskcon Krishna Book attempts to cover up with statements like..  Jambavan is sometimes referred to as a bear.  But really, it doesn't crack the mustard. For a fanatical 'personalist' cult to spin yarns about a blue god and not know whether he mugged a gorilla or a bear... then married the daughter of that hairy beast, what can we believe? Below we have posted links from five sites claiming Jambavan was a bear. If it does not suffice, Google up some more:
* Jambavan understood the whole situation, and to satisfy the Lord he not only immediately delivered the Syamantaka jewel, but he also brought his daughter Jambavati (gorillina or bearella?) who was of marriageable age and presented her to Lord Krsna.
1. He (Krishna) searched in the forest and found the truth about the death of the prince. He found the jewel in the cave of Jambavan, the bearhttp://dwarakdesh.tripod.com/id15.html
2.Jambavantha (also known as Jambavan or Jamvanta) is a bear in Hindu mythology and is believed to have lived from Treta Yuga to Dwapara Yuga. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_sacred_animals_of_Hinduism
3.Jambavan also known as Jamvanta, Jambavantha, Jambavat, or Jambuvan the King of the Bears, is a sloth bear in Indian epic tradition.
4.Jambavantha (also known as Jambavan or Jamvanta) is a bear in Hindu mythology
5.In Hindu mythology, the black bear Jambavantha (also known as Jambavan or Jamvanta) is believed to have lived from Treta Yuga to Dvapara Yuga.
9. Did the goof go gospel? ... the cock-up go credo? But of course it did. Everything acBSp said (as evidenced in the letter further down) morphed from s..t to sandesh by cult alchemy. But first let's deal with the 'gorilla' obsession plaguing this foreign gaudiya iskcon cult. What is it about gorillas and cult belief in that they are sexually turned on to Indians? It's mind-boggling when understood that gorillas were never native (fauna) to India. Yet we have Krishna mating with a gorilla (or was it a she-bear?) to produce ten hairy sons. Then there's Dvivida Gorilla (Krishna Book Chapter 67- "Deliverance of Dvivida Gorilla") who is still being exported by the cult as part of Indian 'Vedic' scripture. Dvivida gorilla enjoyed harassing the neighbouring kingdoms and polluting (raping) women of respectable families. He also- insulted the girls by making odd gestures with his eyebrows, coming right in front of them, and showing them his anus. In a rehashed format, Dvivida, like the gorilla, Jambavan uprooted trees to fight Krishna's alter-ego Balaram so he could get in on the action with Balaram's underage consorts.
10. Q. What have these fairy tales to do with reality?  A. Outside selling bestiality as bhakti.....NOTHING. However, permit us to present readers with a probable case scenario: .... recess macaques and langur monkeys, common to India, could never grab the imagination as macho challengers to cult colossuses Krishna/Balaram in a hand-to-hand... tree-to-tree bagarre lasting a whole month, ergo gorillas were teleported from Africa to muscle the miracle. So then what is the truth vis-a-vis monkey-ing around with Indian history by fabulists? Let's take a look.
11. Critter totems... attribution/acceptance was common to tribal communities (now mostly popular in sporting arenas). From the northern hemisphere we get the Chakchiuma (crawfish people)... Erie (cat people)... Arikara (elk people)... Ahtena (ice people)... Cocopah (river people)... Huchnom (mountain people). Similarly, some Indian tribes were (and some still are) identified as Naga (snake people)...Gidur-logh (jackal people)... Gowallah (cow men)... Oontwallah.. (camel people)...and Vanaras (forest men). The vaisnava bhakti cult (Hare Krishna iskcon), believe and sell their gorillas: Jambavan, Dvivida, Hanuman et al, as belonging to the Vanara or forest people.


12. The glaring difference between tribes of the northern hemisphere and Vanaras is that cat people never grew tails; lobster people grew no claws; elk people no antlers, nor did the ice people end up in refrigerators, but the Indian Vanara forest tribe went ape (humanoid)... Why?  Oddly enough the Indian jackal folk didn't run around looking like Scooby doo. The Indian Oontwallahs bumped no humps, nor do the current Nagas of Nagaland (India) crawl around on their bellies. So again... why were the Vanaras cartooned into monkeys? Well, can you imagine the supreme god-Krishna fighting battles with armies of lobsters? camels? jackals? snakes? He could, but it would be too outré.. no anthropological evidence in support..  whereas cult Vanara stories find genus in ape fossils with human traits (Australopithecus Sediba).

13. For all the mythology Greeks introduced to India along with Aesop (c. 620-564 BC) blockbusters i.e. talking manimals, there was no Br'er Gorilla. Cult artists were quick to correlate a unique Indian characterization with an already popularized European literal concept. The result of the amalgamation was a horde of forest tribals running around as monkeys. In an historical context, the valour and bravery displayed by forest-dwelling Vanaras in support of a righteous King Ram, more so than any caste brahmin, was reduced by cult artists and scribes to pet shop partisanerie. In process, they also denigrated Indian intellect by Disneyfying history and citing Aesop’s concepts as Vedic TRUTH. Now India carries the corruption as reality to an astute, modern world.

Q. "Do Hare Krishna still believe monkeys were men and vice-versa?"
A. Albeit they don't believe in Darwinism and evolution, they do believe gorillas have a desire to mate with humans (Dvivida gorilla). They most certainly believe god-Krishna married and produced progeny from a female gorilla- Jambavati (Lord Krishna and Jambavati together had ten sons. They were- Samba, Sumitra, Purujit, Satyajit, Sahasrajit, Vijaya, Chitraketu, Vasuman, Dravida and Kratu).

Jambavati...Is that you?

14. On the surface, cult activity appears Hindu or Vedic. Belief in reincarnation, karma, dharma, fire-sacrifices, dress, mantras, vegetarianism, musical mimicry, temples etc., etc., all represent yogic practice. Nevertheless when bedrock beliefs are examined the cult shows itself to be in a twilight zone; having nothing to do with reality. And they dimly accept it to the point of implementing a no-change policy. Every conceivable and inconceivable implant was used by acBSp to bring his hippy following to submission; implants that remain embedded like tar in a hash pipe. Democratic it may be in granting right to belief, but by using such rights to scam the world, scam Indians, and by deliberately misidentifying cultism with Vedic teaching, reveals a criminal method in madness. Furthermore, the rigmarole raga of the Hare Krishna movement has created a horror-house persona for Aryan India that may prove difficult to readjust in the eyes of the world.
15. The head-hunters have long gone, so have the cannibals, so have the human sacrifices, so have the Druids, so too the Spanish Inquisition. Even the Greek gods were removed from imagination as the light of progress lit up corners of the world. Taq-da comes out his forest home in the Amazon on weekends to discuss world politics with friends downtown. All that remains unchanged.. is Jambavan, Dvivida, demons that turn into tornados, twelve-mile tall witches, giant snakes with mouths the size of caves; antediluvian artistic abstracts promoted as Aryan apropos and published undercover as Indian Vedic thought, belief and heritage: "His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp) is uniquely qualified to present this English translation and commentary on Bhagavad-gita. He is the world's foremost Vedic scholar and teacher, and he is also the current representative of an unbroken chain of fully self-realized spiritual masters... (Intro to Hare Krishna Bhagavad Gita aii).
16. It would appear that cultists are a species apart. Like dung-beetles, they are bedazzled by banquets of BS. Yet unlike dung beetles the Hare Krishna perform no useful service to society other than a food program for 'starving Indian school kids' which, when inspected closely, is just another pick-pocket ploy. Now, as stated in paragraph eight, we arrive at a recent posting sent us by a reader. The authors name has been removed to show that our interest lies only in the effect of mass ethnophaulic implant and not in any one dupe. Posted on a site that claims to have thousands of hits daily, we are sure the editor and staff saw enough cult keyed substance to give it air. The article is darted thus >> << BIF comments are in blue font:

>>Jambhavan, and Hairy Bipeds Today 

Apr 03, 2013 — BRAZIL (SUN) — <<

BIF:  Before entering the bizarre world of  'guruspeak godspeak' permit us to reiterate: Jambavan, according to the original storytellers, was a BEAR...a hairy quadruped, not a hairy biped. However, we do understand how visualizing god having a gladiatorial contest (for 28 days) with a talking bear and then ending up having sex with its cub may prove a little difficult to digest even for xxxx connoisseurs. Taking god from underage milkmaids to gorillas... though kinky as hell, does meliorate the bear sex mental scenario.

>>In the Krsna Book by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, there is a narration from the Tenth Canto of the Bhagavat Purana, a.k.a. Srimad Bhagavatam concerning Jambhavan, who is defined as the "King of the Gorillas." The narration explains that Jambhavan had found a lost jewel (or killed a lion for it) known as the Shamantaka Jewel, and had given it to his young child to play with as a toy:<<


BIF: Continuous claptrap like this shows the litterature up for what it is. Jewels to Jambavan are like pearls to Porky. Yet here we have a bearilla cub with a playing attachment to jewellery. Just imagine the cub of a nomadic foraging species holding on to a ruby (navaratna) for keepsake ... and when it was time for beddy-bye the jewel was put away in his toy box so he could show-and-tell at kindergarten. Bearilla bling BS.  

>>"… Satrajit's younger brother, in order to display the opulence of the family, took the jewel, put it on his neck and rode on horseback into the forest, making a show of his material opulence....<<

BIF: Jewels are worn at upper echelon social gatherings, or even to bingo. What sane individual wears rocks to flash on a ride into the forest... in order to display the opulence of the family? Everyone knows... you need a goddamned gun in the jungle. NOT BLING!

>>While the brother of Satrajit, who was known as Prasena, was moving here and there in the forest, a big lion attacked him, killing both him and the horse on which he was riding, and took away the jewel to his cave.<<

BIF: Told ya. You need a goddamned gun in the jungle not jewels. Still, if the guy was moving here and there in my forest I'd spray lice killer. Anyhow what we have now is a big lion who knows enough about gemology to tote the rock back to his cave... in his briefcase... to stick in his 'king of the jungle' crown.

‘ey. what yer got there Leo

>>The news was received by the King of the Gorillas, Jambavan,....<< He heard it on the bananavine.

>>....who then killed that lion in the cave and took away the jewel...<< For King Kong who (read below) did not take the Valuable jewel as  something he very much needed.... the Krishna Book author first gives his gorilla information that is useless to any self-respecting monkey, but the ape then swings off and kills a jewel-collecting lion so little gugu can play with a rock. Who wrote this crap... Swami Capone? 

>>Jambavan had been a great devotee of the Lord since the time of Lord Ramacandra, so he did not take the valuable jewel as something he very much needed. He gave it to his young son to play with as a toy." << 

BIF: The gorilla tracked down and killed a big lion for a toy!?  Was he with Swami Capone in Chicago during the ‘20’s? We assume this took place before baby gorillas discovered Donkey Kong... Nintendo Wii, Play Station, X-Box with kinect adventures and... Toys -R-Us.

Al Swami Capone

>>And the narration goes on to explain, among other things, that Shri Krishna:
"…knew that the inhabitants of Dvaraka would be afraid to enter the tunnel; therefore He asked them to remain outside, and He Himself entered the dark tunnel alone to find Rksa, Jambavan....<<  Even after witnessing Krishna slaughter everything that wasn't cult approved, his homies still didn't trust him. Why the hell should anyone else?

>>After entering the tunnel, Krsna saw that the very valuable jewel (carat certified by Tiffanys of London) known as Syamantaka had been given to the son of Riksa as a toy, and in order to take the jewel from the child, He went there and stood before him (a gorilla king with no guards is one dead monkey.. Confucius). When the nurse (gorillina wearing the pink see-thru outfit) who was taking care of Riksa's child (he hated day-care) saw Krsna standing before her, she was afraid, (Rape! she screamed, but then remembered the certificate from Tiffanys) thinking the valuable Syamantaka jewel might be taken away by Him (... her chastity was not the issue). She began to cry loudly out of fear." <<  (She cried out of fear whenever the kids toys were being nicked. It's a gorilla thing).

Eeek!... Cave robber!

>>Well, it is already of interest for us to know that this "gorilla", Jambhavan, was known as a king, that he had a nanny to take care of his child, and that he would do things such as give his child a toy....<<

BIF: Sure, sure. They don't make gorillas like they used to.  It's Darwinism in reverse. Only iskcon maintains retrospective with its gorillakul project.

>> But then it is explained that Jambhavan had at first fought with Shri Krishna, and then, realizing who Shri Krishna was, it's explained that Jambhavan offered very eloquent and philosophical prayers to Him. (This is unusual for a gorilla. By the way, the term "king" implies a kingdom and subjects.)

BIF: Gaudiya-Krishna (g-K) fighting a gorilla that prays, is unusual to say the least. Nonetheless Stuart Whitman did fight an ape in "Sands of the Kalahari." What doesn't quite compute is g-K bedding a gorilla's daughter and later- 16’108 wives. It conjures up mental images of g-K’s direct involvement with the AIDS rumour, and a GP looking down with confessional solemnity asking  ...'Does it burn when you....?' 

>>At current times, in the same general geographical region of the planet as the Jambhavan narration, we have information of hairy bipeds known as almas, and even as abominable snowmen. At other parts of the globe, their sightings have been reported and they are variously called yowies, big foot and sasquatch. More technically, they are called hairy bipeds.<<

BIF: Note how ethnocentric implants take root. What readers are witnessing here is validation by hearsay to enforce guruspeak. Without even a shred of evidence abomination is endorsed to hard-copy outgroup homogeneity. Truly, the Ahirs/Yadavis would be thrilled to hear this. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and all the way to Nepal, museums display ancient historical relics. Yet, and unlike Hare Krishna litterature, they have not sexed, killed, stuffed, or produced a single Vanara bearilla for National Geographic to date. Maybe iskcon can send a few 'Dicksha progenitors' into quickly dwindling forests and revive this ultra-elusive sriMad bhagavatam species?

>>They are described as being as tall as seven feet, extremely muscular, hairy, and that they walk on two feet. So it is not surprising that they are equated with gorillas, but there are actually characteristics of these creatures that are described as being quite human. For example, in Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo, pp 615 - 616, there is the account about Zana: <<

Hare Alma

BIF: Then there are the ones with big eyes in oblong heads who use probes. Don’t get excited Cindafella devi dasa. It's a joke .... Duh.
A popular reference technique for gaudiya cultists is to point enquirers in the direction of other gaudiya writers who write under aliases and spend every spare moment in 'devotional service' i.e. justifying the BS of their guru acBSp.  NB. It is not advisable for any scholar to work in isolation, especially today, when multi-disciplinary approaches are needed to remain on the cutting edge of knowledge.

Michael A. Cremo (born July 15, 1948), also known as Drutakarma Dasa, is an American initiated disciple of acBSp... a freelance researcher who identifies himself as a "Vedic creationist" (again the ‘V’ word) but is also branded a "conspiracy theorist". Here have a read without any BIF interruptions:


We are posting below the entire tirade from Cremo, citing as proof, 'hairy biped' existence. Through it all we remind readers that the 'testimonies' Cremo, his kith and kin provide dates back to the proverbial primordial soup. Even so, and now, with circling satellites, GPS, mapping of the most remote locations, sonar, radar, gas mineral and oil exploration; overpopulation to the point of animals leaving forest habitats in search of food, we have no more evidence than what archaeology provides and what conspiracy theorist, table-rappers, alien abductees, Loch Ness scotch-drinkers and cultists employ a fortiori :-  drawing inference that because a certain thing is true, then another must be true as well. And what is that truth being proffered as evidence? Let's take a look.  

>>"We shall now consider reports about the almas from the Caucasus region. According to testimony from villagers from Tkhina, on the Mokvi River, a female almas was captured there during the nineteenth century, in the forests of Mount Zaadan. (It is now the twenty-first century. The Mokvi River and Mt. Zaadan area are no longer pristine wildernesses. So where are the wild men hiding?) For three years she was kept imprisoned, but then became domesticated and was allowed to live in a house. She was called Zana. Shackley stated 'Her skin was a grayish-black color, covered with reddish hair, longer on her head than elsewhere. She was capable of inarticulate cries but never developed a language. She has a large face with big cheek bones, muzzle-like prognathous jaw and large eyebrows, big white teeth and a fierce expression.'" <<

Zana’s daughter Raya

BIF: Humans do go feral, but do such extreme rarities make a case for an entire sriMad manimal species that somehow regressed from regal to invisible? Why pick Zana to justify gorilla men in India? What about humans who not only look like animals but also behave like them, e.g., does it mean children raised by wolves in Godamuri, India, originated from an ancient species of Red Riding Hood grandmothers? Here have a read:


There have been a few rare recorded case of humans gone feral. Does that make the sriMad right, i.e., humans and animals crossbred to birth species now reclusive? Here below is a case list of recorded rarities for perusal.  Take a look under 'Documented/alleged cases' :


>>And further accounts:
"In the Caucasus region, the almas is sometimes called Biaban-guli. In 1899, K.A. Satunin, a Russina zoologist, spotted a female Biaban-guli in the Talysh hills of the southern Caucasus. He stated that the creature has fully 'fully human movements'" (Shackley).<<

BIF: Yeah sure... It picked up his fourth bottle of Vodka, ran off, and hasn't be spotted in... 114 years.

"In 1980, a worker at an experimental agricultural station, operated by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences at Bulgan, encountered the dead body of a wildman: 'I approached and saw a hairy corpse of a robust humanlike creature dried and half-buried by sand. I had never seen such a humanlike being before covered by camel-colour brownish-yellow short hairs and I recoiled, although in my native land in Sinkiang I had seen many dead men killed in battle .... The dead thing was not a bear or ape and at the same time it was not a man like a Mongol or Kazakh or Chinese or a Russian. The hair on its head was longer than on its body'" (Shackley 1983, p. 107).<<

BIF: So it was not a bear or ape. There goes our bearilla aspirations. Let's move on.

>>"The Pamir mountains, lying in a remote region where the borders of Tadzhikistan, China, Kashmir, and Afghanistan meet, have been the scene of many almas sightings. In 1925, Mikhail Stephanovitch Topilski, a major general in the Soviet army, led his unit in an assault on an anti-Soviet guerilla force hiding in a cave in the Pamirs. One of the surviving guerillas said that while in the cave he and his comrades were attacked by several apelike creatures. Topilski ordered the rubble of the cave searched, and the body of one such creature was found. Topilski reported (Shackley 1983, pp. 118-119): 'At first glance I thought the body was that of an ape. It was covered with hair all over. But I knew there were no apes in the Pamirs. Also, the body itself looked very much like that of a man. We tried pulling the hair, to see if it was just a hide used for disguise, but found that it was the creature's own natural hair. We turned the body over several times on its back and its front, and measured it. Our doctor made a long and thorough inspection of the body, and it was clear that it was not a human being.'" <<

BIF: Guerrilla gorillas are common in Afghanistan. The sriMad does not mention them. However back in Treta Yuga (not satya) they were known as Gorillaban. Now they are known as-  Taliban. Anyway Mj.Gen. Topliski went home and straight to rehab like most Russian soldiers who injected Afghani poppy fields and fought their own personal Gorillaban.

Gorillaban goggles

>>In the 1800s and early 1900s, there were not a few reports of hairy bipeds across the continent of North America. Here is one from Jerome Clark's book Unexplained! It is a significant report in that it took place within a cave setting, not on the surface where the hairy bipeds sometimes scavenge for food.<<

BIF: Seen a few scavengers at the dumpster behind MacDonalds in Hope St. LA. ...  Hey! Just got a flash :- "Iskcon Food for Life. Feeding Hairy Bipeds." Imagine the loose change that would generate.

>>"Near Vernon, Indiana, circa Spring 1891: 'Recently, Alexander Shepard and a friend from Vernon, while strolling through hills in that vicinity, discovered the opening of a cave, and providing themselves with a lantern, they explored the interior until they found themselves confronted with a form resembling that of a gorilla or wild man, covered with a rough coat of brown hair. The strange creature looked at them for a second and then ambled off, and the gentlemen were too much alarmed to follow. While retracting their steps the explorers found a storeroom partially filled with potatoes, corn and wheat, with bones of fowl, etc. Farmers in the vicinity have frequently complained of the loss of farm products, and it is believed that a clue has been found to the thievery.'" (Galveston Daily News, Texas, April 10, 1891)<<

BIF: Funny how the farmers who lived there for generations knew nothing about the potato pincher but an ex. politician strolling through hills finds the beast and made the news. That was back in 1891. Even though Vernon is 122 years older (pop. 6,687) and just about everyone totes a gun with a hair trigger, not a single... Billiwack monster... Booger... Buenafoot... Cannibal Giant... Dwayyo.. Eastern bigfoot... Fluorescent Freddie... Goatman.. Goonyak... Grassman... Lake Worth Monster... Manbeast... Manimal... Momo... Old slipperyskin.. Old yellow top... Ole woolly... Orange eyes... Precambrian Shield man... Taku he... Wejuk... Wood devil... Wookie... Woolly booger... or Yeahoh, can be seen outside Halloween, or a ghee soaked pakora at the Hare Krishna Sunday feast.

seen aplenty.. married one

>>Back to the account from the Pamir Mountains in Afghanistan:

"'The body,' continued Topilski, 'belonged to a male creature 165-170 cm [about 5 1/2 feet] tall, elderly or even old, judging by the greyish colour of the hair in several places. The chest was covered with brownish hair and the belly with greyish hair. The hair was longer but sparser on the chest and close- cropped and thick on the belly. In general the hair was very thick, without any underfur. There was least hair on the buttocks, from which fact our doctor deduced that the creature sat like a human being. There was most hair on the hips. The knees were completely bare of hair and had callous growths on them. The whole foot including the sole was quite hairless and was covered by hard brown skin. The hair had gotten thinner near the hand, and the palms had none at all but only callous skin.'"

"Topilski added: 'The colour of the face was dark, and the creature had neither beard nor moustache. The temples were bald and the back of the head was covered by thick, matted hair. The dead creature lay with its eyes open and its teeth bared. The eyes were dark and the teeth were large and even and shaped like human teeth. The forehead was slanting and the eyebrows were very powerful. The protruding jawbones made the face resemble the Mongol type of face. The nose was flat, with a deeply sunk bridge. The ears were hairless and looked a little more pointed than a human being's with a longer lobe. The lower jaw was very massive. The creature had a very powerful chest and well developed muscles .... The arms were of normal length, the hands were slightly wider and the feet much wider and shorter than man's.'"

The medical doctor who accompanied Topilski's unit certainly lent authority to the report.<<

BIF: It was Barky, son of Orc who mated with an Ent. He was caught stealing the Symanataka ring from Bilbo Baggins, was killed by an elf and his carcass thrown out of Rivendell. The whole story will be out in the new canto of the revised sriMad.

Barky, son of Orc

>>The fact that Zana never developed the ability to speak suggests that the hairy biped race of the region has suffered the same kind of degradation that human beings suffered at the beginning of the Kaliyuga.<<

BIF: Totally disregarding  any researcher or analyst taking note, the writer ties one Zana (hearsay with no physical or skeletal evidence) to a hairy biped race of the region. The second half of the statement indicates a disturbing and reoccurring cult implant which doctors the victim to view progress like a vehicle on film: going forward with wheels spinning in reverse.

>> In the previous yuga, the Dvarapa, it is described that human beings were nine to eleven feet tall, had photographic memory, and lived as long as a thousand years. We are merely a shadow of our former selves! And so are the hairy-biped descendents of Jambhavan, because Jambhavan was described as offering very articulate prayers, although Zana never developed the ability to speak.<<

BIF: Again... Jambavan was, by verdict of all other cult fabulists ... a BEAR. Which makes the entire similitude inane. Still this dissection is to show readers the extent to which cultism can carry a distortion. So, albeit we have given both exaggerations half share, there is no such thing as a talking bear or gorilla, ergo no bearilla. As for Dvarpa yuga and 9/11' tall men (Hare Krishna sriMad bashers also claim that Bhima was 18' tall and Arjuna 16') only the puranas (written by ganjakhors, mudhakis, chandu chokers, bhang bangers, and snuff snorters) put out this unverifiable nonsense. The biggest no-brainer being ... the sri-MAD purana.

The way we were

>>Why should we assume that the hairy bipeds so often sighted in the Hindu Kush and the Caucasus are of the same species as Jambhavan?<<

BIF: Where are these fantastic reports (even tongue in cheek) of  hairy bipeds so often sighted in the Hindu Kush? The last report was a Hollywood production titled- "The Abominable Snowman". If anything moves in the Hindu Kush (Pariyatra Parvata) that is not immediately recognized as friendly it will get its ass blown off. That's how it has been, up there, for decades. Frankly we don't give a monkey's uncle whether the hairy bipeds are the same species as Jambavan the quadruped, or just Hairy Krishnas. To take liberties by hyperbolizing nonsense to exalt even more nonsense and then post it on a cult web site, claiming thousands of hits daily, is an abomination indeed... of integrity.

>>Well, first of all, they're from the same region. And second of all, the almas are not typically seen, only once in a while,...<<

BIF: ... not typically seen, only once in a while? Can we atypically see them all the time? What is 'typical' anyway... a methamphetamine derivation?

>>....but when they were encountered and when they made a stand and fought, they were in a cave. How telling this is! <<

BIF: Really! How telling is it? We see dead bodies of every ‘important’ kill made by American hit-squads. Yet we have not seen one broadcast (besides Halloween and You-Tube) of a Jambavan bigfoot bearilla dead or alive in the hairy flesh up close and personal. How telling is it?

>>They are dwellers of the deep cavern systems below, just like Jambhavan was; his cavern existence was described as being very deep, through "a great tunnel." This explains why the almas came forward to face the incoming rebels who were running from the Russians; they, too, were dwellers of the cavern worlds below and were defending their turf. They are from the same region as Jambhavan indeed; from the inner worlds below!<<

BIF: So why didn't the Russian Govt., Afghanis, Americans, National Geographic, David Attenborough, any academic/anthropological/archaeological group mount an exploration to confirm existence of those dwellers of the cavern worlds below? Sounds melodramatic, and it is. May we suggest why no one gave a bear's butt about the guerrilla bearillas?.... They took one look in the eyes of the liar and knew he had bought a sriMad bhagavatam from a cult street weirdo..

wanna buy a sriMAD?

>>The Sanskrit word used in the Bhagavat Purana to describe Jambhavan is riksha, and this term has been variously translated as 'gorilla' or 'bear'. To tell the truth, it doesn't seem that this riksha Jambhavan exactly corresponds to what we define as gorillas or bears on the surface.<<

BIF: Nope. On the surface he was a Hairy Krishna. In all other bhakti litterature he is a bear.

>>Even before the advent of the Kaliyuga, before the cloud canopy fell, (40 days and 40 nights of rain), ("The animals went in two by two... The alma and the bigfoot too... Ooops.) neither bears nor gorillas were described in the puranic literature as having enough intelligence to act in anything similar to a civilized manner and compose eloquent prayers! (the only sect left practicing extreme caveman credo is iskconism with its bogy-yogi bhagavatam. Intel. files and erases data with progressive knowledge in mind. Iskcon belongs with the dodo.)  As a case in point, in the same canto of the Bhagavat Purana as this narration involving Jambhavan, the hand-to-hand combat between Dvivida Gorilla and Shri Krishna's brother, Shri Balaram, is written; and this gorilla not only showed little intelligence, but he behaved himself just like one would expect a monkey to behave. <<

BIF: We beg to differ. Dvivida showed more class than current honcho, iskcon Mayapur resident- Bhavananda, who was caught masturbating a taxi driver. On the other hand (ooops) Dvivida was-  polluting women of respectable families. That would take him on par with god-Krishna who got hairy with a gorilla princess and produced ten kids. The mind boggles.

not with my babes you don’t

>>This lends credence to the interpretation that Jambhavan could have been an ancestor of the hairy bipeds of the Hindu Kush, who have facial characteristics akin to a man's, except that they have hair and fur all over, including in the facial area; and who have humanlike movements.<<

BIF: It may lend credence to the interpretation, but that's all it does. What every loan expects is payback with interest, and after decades of ill costumed hairy biped pranksters, we have no more than a bank full of cult cranks.

>>Back in the Dvapara Yuga, they could have been endowed with enough intelligence to live in a civilized manner and compose eloquent prayers because they are/were almost human.<<

BIF: It is with some interest we note the suggestion- they could have been endowed with enough intelligence. Why make nebulous what has already been asserted as gospel? Are we now being coaxed to accept the ridiculous?  Let us assume readers accept the possibility. The very next question would be- 'Where did that intelligence go?'  The answer- the cloud canopy fell, (40 days and 40 nights of rain). Yep. Bigfoot's intelligence was washed away with the rain as it pattered down on Noah’s ark.... Ooops. No one saw him there. 

>>Hairy bipeds have typically been sighted all over the world. In North America, for example, Theodore Roosevelt had an up-close encounter with one when he was traveling in the Idaho-Montana region. But their social units, their tribes, have never been found, nor their habitats.<<

BIF: Again we confront a common deceptive cult trait; unconscionable conduct paving pathways to distortion. Teddy Roosevelt NEVER had an up-close encounter with one....in the Idaho-Montana region. . He NEVER had an up-close encounter with one anywhere. Roosevelt, in his book- "Wilderness Hunter," relates a story told him by a "grizzled, weather-beaten old mountain hunter, named Bauman" that occurred near the Salmon River between Montana and Idaho. Here read it for yourself. We promise you will quickly find the writer using Presidential efficacy as catalyst to morph reality:-


>>How can they exist out and about but not have a place where they can live, where they can breed? Their camps or settlements or colonies have never been found, but we can easily surmise that they are deep dwellers; scripture has described these beings as living in the cavern worlds below.<<

Meanwhile ... at the cavern

BIF: NO! They do not breed, colonize or dwell deep in the cavern worlds below. Dictators playing guru use bogus doctrine to embed such beings deep within the mental caverns of cult slaves, along with bogeymen and fears of eternal hell and damnation. The bearilla concept took shape creatively in the excavated bones of primitive man. Fanatical Creation theorist were ill advised from the onset in presenting artistic abstracts to argue and enforce a belief system. Religion itself is sliding down the back hills of human progress because of dictators, uneducated mediums, and rabid fundamentalists. Those who grow with such belief systems will present a growing threat to stability and sanity worldwide, if not eradicated by law. When confronting restriction or defeat they will resort to what all cults share in common... violence.

 (Room Conversation February 25, 1977, Mayapura)
Tamala Krsna: Yes, when good argument fails?
acBSp: Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them, twenty-one times.
SriMad bhagavatam 4.4.17
"If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, he should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer's tongue and kill the offender,.....
acBSp: .We have to kill this civilization of mudhas. That is Krsna consciousness movement. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam [Bg. 4.8]. Those who are actually human being, you have to give them Krsna. And those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas and give Krsna to the sane man. Yes. That will prove that you are really Krsna's. We are not nonviolent. We are violent to the mudhas..
 (Room Conversation February 25, 1977, Mayapura)
acBSp :....kill all these demons, crazy demons. I have no such power; otherwise I would have killed them. Either establish Krsna conscious government or kill them- bas, finish. I would have done that, violence.
(August 13, 1973, Paris)
acBSp: " We must make propaganda wherever meeting is there. I can kick on the face of this (indistinct).  I can urine on the face of...What can he do.  Let them. Let them come...[...]...When I go kick on his face, let him stop me, then I shall accept that he is God...[...]...You just kick on his face,...”
Okay. Back to the Jambavan bearilla story:

>>(There are various sources of testimony to the effect that not only caverns, but entire cavernous worlds, exist below our feet within the Earth's crust. These cavern worlds are reported to have omnipresent illumination, water and lush vegetation. They are different than the Hollow Earth, which is known as the Madhyasthan in the Bhagavat, where the city of Shambhalla is located.)<<

BIF: Only a couple of articles ago (Knots in a Thread) we dealt with Hare Krishna who claimed the real moon was hiding in an invisible cult sky. Now we have more of the same... telling us to go suck eggs in Shamballa??? ...... Where do these guys get off?  

>>Is it important that the half-human bipeds are descendents of Jambhavan? To the degree that this lends substance to the puranic version, yes.

But there is something else that has just been substantiated, and it is the fact that the puranic narrations are interwoven with story lines that are defined as taking place in subterranean worlds. This is so in the Bhagavat Purana, certainly in regards to this narration about Jambhavan; and it is much more obvious in other Puranas. For example, the Bhagavat Purana relates the pastime of the Sons of Sagara in two verses; the Brahmanda Purana relates it in a rather long chapter as involving their trips in and out of the hollow world in search of the sacrificial horse, and how they finally found that horse there, in the hollow portion of the Earth, in the hermitage of Kapila Rishi.<<

OK...so you found me

BIF: For those who may not know it, the Bhagavat Purana is the sriMad bhagavatam. No literature written since the dawn of intelligence demands more donkey from its readers than this hackwork hardback.

>>The Gaudiya Vaishnava community makes one of its principal presentations from the Bhagavat Purana, and stands by the overall puranic version. The fact that members of Gaudiya Vaishnavism aren't aware of the descriptions of pastimes in subterranean worlds and that they cannot explain or substantiate them is dangerous for their work of promulgation - the issue is a time bomb.<<

BIF: God Almighty! Finally some sense!  Now, step back. The fuse is lit.

>>What is going to be people's reaction when they read the Bhagavat Purana? How are devotees going to react when they finally confront themselves and face the fact that their dearmost Bhagavat, and other puranas, are replete with hollow-earth and cavern-world lore? Will their faith be suddenly shaken?<<

BIF: Fear not. The concern was addressed in paragraph 16. We reiterate:- It would appear that cultists are a species apart. Like dung-beetles, they are bedazzled by banquets of BS.  Our concerns turn to Australopithecus sediba, or the one cultists refer to as Jambavan, Dvivida, Hanuman.. etc. If any of those Australopithecus to Neanderthal  had even a breath of air wheezing through their fossils.. we are sure they would roll the sriMad thin ‘n’ long and give the hairy krishna cupcakes something to squeal about....

>>When the British first went to India and translated Vedic literature, specifically the historical narrations of the puranas and itihasas into English, they came across narrations that were too incredible to fathom.They read about arrows which followed their prey, flying vimanas, weapons activated by mantras and telepathy such as Sanjaya possessed; so preposterous was this to their limited understanding that they branded the Vedic literature as an absurdity.<<

cor blimey... governor!

BIF: Once again we point out the distortion in transition. There is NO absurdity with VEDIC literature. Misrepresenting sruti with cult smriti... all those idiotic, brain-dead, dopey stories, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, interpolations and outrageous claims, is what humans (not dung beetles) find absurd. Thinking up the impossible and making it seem possible is what writers do. However, the obvious difference in genre cannot be swept aside by religious swindlers. Whenever complicated achievements are made possible (mind to manufacture) the progress from concept to finality is recorded in detail. That is how it is and how it has always been. So where are the relics, blueprints, prototypes, samples, achievements, sales and service records for manufactured items noted above?. Don't worry about mantra flying vimanas... let’s hear a mantra that can make a leaf fly. Shove the sriMad hearsay!...Suck up the drivel!... Show us the money!

>> Nowadays, we actually see radar guided missiles, all kinds of flying vehicles including UFOs, voice-activated weapons systems and telecommunications. So the puranic version has been vindicated but, alas, a bit too late; the Hindus have already been humiliated and estranged from their culture and scripture.<<

BIF: Like we said- there are diagrams, documents, and a visual history to verify every step from concept to achievement. Otherwise dreamers come at a bushel a bagful.
Yes, Hindus have been humiliated, cheated, robbed; sons and daughters criminally removed from families, from education, and from their spiritual roots. We have taken our plight to the most honourable in the land of Aryavarsh. When retribution comes the toll extracted will be too heavy for any dung-beetle organization to bear.

>>In a similar way, after the Apollo landing there were very few voices that were raised in protest. And one of those voices that was raised, that of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, was silenced because the Bhaktivedanta Institute simply dropped the subject after his passing away. Later on, many others took up the cause and now the message that Apollo was a hoax is simply everywhere; it is all over the Internet and there are images available that have been analyzed down to the pixels, there are videos and quite a few very revealing books on the subject. It's a shame that ISKCON could not have spearheaded the truth on Apollo and could not have seen it through; this would have brought ISKCON much credit with the people in general. Now it is too late.<<

BIF: Hare Krishna guru, acBSp jumped on the 'moon landing hoax' because of what he was told which then gave him, at least, some ammo to defend his sriMad bhagavatam blather :- acBSp: "So they never worshipped Chandra, and how can they go to the Chandra planet, or moon planet? Then Krishna is false.  Krishna is imperfect. They become perfect. They are defying Krishna's instruction. They have gone to the moon planet.  Then our whole propaganda, Krishna Consciousness, becomes bogus." (Lecture Sydney 4/1/72) Then later, when cornered by an LA Times reporter his tune changes- acBSp: "First thing is even they are successful, according to our principle, it is simply waste of time. Because we are not concerned even with the moon planet....[...].... So even there are, people are successful to go to the moon planet, what connection we have got there?" (Interview with LA Times Reporter About Moon Trip, Los Angeles, 12/26/1968)
More one-two and sidestep- acBSp: "It is a fact that they did not go to the moon ....They might have gone.  Most probably they have not gone." 

Okay, back to the Jambavan jokers: 

>>The Hollow Earth Theory is different in that it has been around for a long time. The ancient Nordics were familiar with the Arctic orifice and with the beings that lived within; their folklore is full of tales about Indo-European giants with incredibly long life spans and mystic abilities, such as the Santa Claus (santa = holy) tale (don't forget Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer and...). The Scotsman Smithson bequeathed his wealth to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., in order to fund an expedition to the hollow earth and to build a museum to house any artifacts and fauna brought back. But the expedition never took place (go figure).<<  They did, and figured they were not dung beetles.

Arctic orifice Santa

>>This writer was the first one to present the descriptions of inner worlds in the puranic literature to the Gaudiya community in the original VNN around the turn of the millennia, and in his book Hollow Earth in the Puranas; (adi Hollow Earth devyam?) it didn't catch on immediately in any venue, anywhere, but now the awareness of inner worlds and of the hollow nature of planets is spreading like wildfire. (real sorry your book didn't start the fire). The hollow nature of planets is currently found all over the Internet, there are several fine satellite images which reveal the existence of the orifices, and the polar evidence has been extensively written about. It's just a shame that the Gaudiya community was presented with evidence of inner worlds from its own scriptures back when not many people were aware, and just went along its merry way, (maybe the gaudiyas are in a big enough orifice already... Eh?) showing nothing but a Churchill reaction: "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had ever happened." (which can equally be termed a prabhupada reaction. acBSp: "First thing is even they are successful, according to our principle, it is simply waste of time." )

>>We should try to defend the fact that planets have inner worlds, just like we have to defend the fact that the Moon is inhabited, full of opulent structures (seen on analyzed Apollo clips), and greenery; because this is the puranic version. If we can't do so, then the Vedic philosophy and religion become vulnerable; after all, who will accept the Vedic version if the Vedic and puranic descriptions are deemed to be ridiculous and pathetically absurd? But those descriptions are there, and nobody is going to remove the shlokas. Can the reader defend them, or even understand them?<<

BIF: Again, VEDIC has nothing to do with this nonsense. The dung is exclusively pooanus. Listen buddy, and any Hare iskcon Krishna out there... Do yourself a favour. Go back to paragraph 15, read it and understand the implications. There is no place in this world for primitive caveman cults. The sriMad and all those other tall-tales-but-gospel must be stored with the stolen potatoes with the alma in Vernon. India is not a third world nation any longer. Don't expect them to tote this crap onto the world stage because it brings in a few religo-rupees. Only crazy cultists walk around with these implants in their heads. A civilized, evolved, modern world cannot afford to. Face it... the fate of the caveman bearilla is where the iskcon Hare Krishna cull is headed, and pronto.  

>>Some readers may feel that the comments about subterranean worlds are nebulous. For example, some confusion exists about the term "subterranean", that it only refers to worlds which exist below the orbital plane of the planets of our solar system. For these cases, this writer can point out the Brahmanda Purana description in which it is stated that the Sons of Sagara went to the northern ocean and descended into the hollow world through the orifice with great delight. And there is no doubt in the minds of the Gaudiya community, nor in the Hindu community at large, that the Sons of Sagara pastime took place on the Earth planet (and in it).<<

Verne and Sagara

BIF: Jules Verne never claimed his novel “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” was fact. If he did, every historical society on the planet would have proof of confirmation. The gaudiya sriMad; a piddly little backwater sect’s book of manimals from long ago, makes the most outrageous claims, like the samples below, without the least concern for ethic and certainly without even a skerrick of evidence. These quotes are taken from sriMad and other Ripley puranas the Hare Krishna sect flog as indomitable truth:-

Daksha's wife Asikli gave birth to five thousand sons...The Prachetas performed tapasya under the ocean for ten thousand years.... "We are completely confused. We have heard that Daksha was born from Brahma's toe." ....  Instead, she went to the land known as Uttara Kuru and started to live there as a mare... Surya found out that Samjna was in Uttara Kuru in the form of a mare. He joined her there in the form of a horse...Sumati gave birth to a gourd. Inside the gourd there was a lump of meat... from the lump of meat were born sixty thousand sons... We can go on and on with this gurgler gobble. If you can bear more, help yourself ...  HERE.

>>Also, the description of King Ritudwaj in the Datta Purana goes as far as to describe a "deep" cavern world within the crust, only arrived at after "some time" by a Vedic king on horseback on his way to rescue a damsel in distress, that was cavernous enough to hold the opulent palace of a rakshasha and that had enough space for a demon army, no less, to fight it out with the king. And that king was an earthly king, too; it wasn't described that he was wandering around on horseback on the planet Mars that day!<<

BIF: Why continue tagging the word Vedic to Hare Krishna madness? Iskcon founder and  dictator, acBSp admittedly never read the Vedas. He only read/commented on bhagavad gita and sriMad bhagavatam. Both, heavily and repeatedly interpolated creations and confabulations. These fables have nothing to do with the Vedas...  or Vedic understanding.

Let's cut to the chase. Unless we are being made to understand that a 40 day/night deluge caused mudslides that filled-in previously existing cavernous kingdoms, no evidence remains to support the fable. Now if the Hare Krishna are convinced (as attested to in this posting) by oracle claims of caves leading to underworlds ... why don't they go on expedition. There is preaching to be done, life members to be made, and untold wealth in donations. There will be signature and countersignature; certainly more valuable than fifty years of pakora propaganda. So what the hell are the Hare Krishna waiting for... the Pied Piper of Hamelin?

C’mon...hurry hari 

>>By the way, when Jambhavan attacked Shri Krishna and fought with Him at his home, which is specifically described in the Bhagavat as being "at the end of the great tunnel", and at a place in the proximity of Dvaraka, it is described that they uprooted tree trunks to use against each other as if they were clubs. Practically no deduction is required to understand that the subterranean environment surrounding Jambhavan's home was possessed of vegetation, light and water.<<

 BIF: Hang on pundit! Let's be practical... if not deductive. You can't get to the vegetation before the tunnel.  First present the tunnel. Then iskcon can set-up a tramcar service for tourist, life members and... bearillas. Then, and only then can vegetation be put in plastic bags for an underworld Dum maro Dum sequel. Anyway, double back and have a read. According to the quote selected by the writer..  there was a  lighting problem in the cave. Here we are... “He asked them to remain outside, and He Himself entered the dark tunnel alone.”

>>Once again, the theory of inner worlds is revindicated in the puranas!<<

But.. really!?

BIF: And really, that’s what it's all about. Here again we pull down a statement made earlier to explain:- "A popular reference technique for gaudiya cultists is to point enquirers in the direction of other gaudiya writers who write under aliases and spend every spare moment in 'devotional service' i.e. justifying the BS of their guru acBSp." 

For those who wish to read the- 'Jambavan is a gorilla butt who may have been a bear's butt but we don't give a monkey's butt 'cause we sell the crap anyway,' you may do so at this link: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/04-13/editorials9981.htm

Conclusion: Aesthetic teachings of the Vedas as enunciated by great rishis such as Maharishi Dayaynand Saraswati, are easily identifiable in harmony with conscience: the clarity to differentiate as directed by Shri Paramatma from within the heart. Failing to apply intelligence in guidance by, and in prayer to the Supersoul, cannot be substituted with loud proclamations of personalism, sidewalk storytellers, gurus, poppy priests, graven images of googly eyed-gods; history books on affinity or polemic interactions between humans, manimals and extra-terrestrials. These are places from where souls can, and more often than not, end up at the start hoping to throw a six.

Thanks for spending time with us