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Posted January 3 2005


Hare Krishna to our Devotee family, Friends and Readers,

Pranams.  All Glories to His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada.

 We may have great news for you, or, it may be more GBC-junta gibberish.  From the ambiguous texture and flow of the information, our examination and conclusions identify the same sacrosanct slush with which we are oh-so-familiar.  Anyway, here is the crux of the communiqu�, let's see where it goes from here.

 Dhananjaya das writes:

>>From: "MVT (Mayapur - Vrindavan Trust, Vrindavan - IN)" <

"I received a phone call last night from Bhima who is the BBT trustee for ISKCON Bombay. He had very disturbing news to tell me..." regarding *******, your friend & husband of **********. He has filed a case ( using his legal name) along with another Australian devotee called ****** in the Allahabad High Court.<<

BIF writes:

We are terribly sorry to disturb you Prabhu, but this issue has been in the 'ecclesiastical' face of your confederacy for in excess of SIX years.  Where have you been?  At the last GBC meetings in Mayapur '04, it was decided not to publish resolutions passed on the "poison issue".  A decision was made and upheld to drop the resolutions in the "unpublished minutes" trash-can.  How is it, Dhananjaya Prabhu, that you have not been disturbed like us, or since the allegations became public knowledge in 1997?  Why are you only disturbed now that secular justice is in process?  Please visit WWW.B-I-F.COM and familiarise yourself with attempts to bring this matter to a conclusion, discreetly, internally, and with all due respect. 

 >>He has done the unthinkable & heinous act of demanding an investigation into the circumstances of Srila Prabhupada's disappearance in 1977 by the Mathura Court, acting under the Allahabad High Court, to begin procedures on Monday


 Your thinking is contrary to universal legislature and accepted norms. Where there is evidence to support an alleged homicide, it is "unthinkable & heinous" to refute it without thorough investigation.  Such dictatorial and tunnel-visioned inferences as yours may hold sway in a banana republic, but in a free world where justice is the right of all men, it is conspiratorial, at least. 

 >>I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a thing would happen. I have crucial information regarding Srila Prabhupada which totally destroys any argument or accusation that He was poisoned.<<

 And this is the statement to which we hold you liable.  WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?  Why have you withheld it from investigators and the devotee community?  Unless you make public your 'crucial information', consequences will be a direct result of your failing to do so.  On the other hand, should you comply with our request, the BIF team will, on verification of your 'crucial information', make a public apology, and positively use our influence to close down legal proceedings.  Otherwise, based on your posting, you leave us little choice but to involve you as complicit in withholding evidence and/or making false and misleading statements.

 >>If this court case is allowed to proceed, you may come to know in future that Srila Prabhupada's body was dug up out of the ground so that forensic tests may be carried out.<<

 And this is the statement that convinces us your 'crucial information' is false and misleading; invented to stall/pervert the course of justice:

After all, if you have "crucial information" as you say, which "totally destroys any argument or accusation that He was poisoned", then why do you believe Srila Prabhupada's body will be dug up for forensic tests?  Surely your "crucial information that will totally destroy any argument or accusation" would never allow such a thing to happen?  Or do you believe that the Indian Judiciary habitually allocates government funds for such purposes?  

 >>Do you want this to happen?<<

You, like others of your ilk, seem to have problems with digesting legal process and position of onus.  If you think that exhumations are there for the asking, think again.  FYI: an exhumation is not the prerogative of claimants, it is ordered by the judiciary based on evidence which demands conclusion.  Secondly, had the GBC in 1977 carried out desiderata, we would never have reached this juncture.  Thirdly, had the GBC subsequently accepted onus (it is their responsibility, really), the plaintiffs would not be exposed, as they are, to time, expense, and cult psychosis.  Fourthly, the liability of exhumation may never arise unless evidence is solid and, where suspects persist in denial. 

 For you to cast blame on those seeking the truth, is a disservice to the Absolute Truth and to Srila Prabhupada.  Albeit your sectarianism may excite party-liners into seeing fault where there is none i.e., it is an offence perpetrated by the plaintiffs; the laws of God and mammon are more holistic and all-encompassing.   

 >>Please, I am begging you to use whatever influence you may have over ******* & associate to demand them to immediately withdraw their case.<<

 Sorry Prabhu, but we have been making requests and demands to the GBC since 1997, without success.  Here is an excerpt from our last try :

"So this demand should be seen as an opportunity to keep the matter internal until resolved.  Failure to recognize what is being attempted here will place future blame squarely on your shoulders for an investigation gone beyond discretion, to media, membership, and under secular control." (Demand to Redress (D2R)- 11/21/03.)

Many demands and offers were made prior to taking legal steps (please check the BIF web site). The GBC chose to deny the existence of evidence and all pleas to redress the same.  They even had the gall to approach our lawyer, who infomed them, under instructions, to make direct contact with BIF.  But they have never, EVER written even one word to us in SIX YEARS.. Wonder why? 

 >>I have been sickened by this irrational behaviour...<<

 Your book on rational behaviour must be printed by the GBC, Prabhu.  Our guidelines say: He that cannot reason is a fool.  He that will not is a bigot.  He that dare not is a slave.  We cerebrate in different think-tanks, if not on different planets.

 >>...& I am appealing in the name of sanity that you please help stop this madness in any way you can.<<

 Why request others to do what can be easily accomplished by you?  Simply disclose the secret information you have hidden, and the rest should flow smoothly from there.

Seeking the truth is not insane.  Hiding the truth while professing to preach it, is the oxymoronic madness that has reduced the Society to factions of self-promoting poppycockers.

 >>Praying to eternally remain in the loving service of Srila Prabhupada,<<

 Accpording to audio evidence from everyone present at the time, Srila Prabhupada said that he had been poisoned and his poisoning was a possibility (T-44/A); the kaviraja agreed with this (T-45/B); Bhakti Caru agreed with this (T-45/B, or Con. with SP. Vol. 36, 367p) Tamal Krishna agreed with this (TKG's Diary, 340 p).  Every forensic test undertaken lends credence to Srila Prabhupada's plaint.  But now you are saying (after twenty-seven years of silence) that you have irrefutable evidence to the contrary, and you are claiming this in "loving service to Srila Prabhupada".  Okay, so we are ALL waiting for you to disclose the "crucial information regarding Srila Prabhupada which totally destroys any argument or accusation that He was poisoned."  On confirmation of your claimBIF will immediately withdraw ALL allegations, and have the writ annulled.  Please do not keep us waiting too long. Thanks.

 >>Dhananjaya das<<


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