9th December, 2015


“If you dream of peace.... dream of a post theistic world”

Religion guarantees utopia... post mortem. Those who invest in that vouchsafe must abandon reality to couch sentience in magical thinking. Or to put it mildly...invest more in unrealism than actuality can afford.

How and why does a twenty-first century, info overloaded, university scholar, a modern millennial suck saxatile sacerdotalism like sodapop? Answers lie somewhere betwixt the rule of thumb (subjugation= easy profits) and ruling the dumb: converting Betty-boop and Bobo to Religio-Robo... moving them from location to dislocation and galvanizing them with gospel grease....a process made easier by heritable primitivism in journalism, performing arts, and pseudo-secular govern-mentals.

From the Middle East and down South, “Blasphemy” law is in effect.
Thirty-three years after a Jalandhar-born Punjabi passed a blasphemy law in Pakistan mandating a “Life Sentence” for desecrating holy scriptures, the Parkash Singh Badal government in Punjab recently approved a move to amend Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code...imposing life imprisonment for “committing heinous acts of sacrilege of the Guru Granth Sahib” ... the holy book of Sikhism.

History confirms such legislation (crazy as it is) as incumbent. Never will any elected pseudo-secularist declare it Dead Letter Law. Question is...when clubbing BJP, RSS, HVP, and Hindutva alliance with Punjab’s Shiromani Akali Dal... will India duly impose similar legislation to dissuade sacrilege (analyses / exposure) of its Hindu scriptures?

Hindu politicians, as do their Muslim counterparts, thicken gospel grease to garner votes. But when we hear a scientist come out in support of theological fiction as fact...there’s a dead rat in the lab. Or is it the smell of fear... a fear of being murdered like other free-thinkers: Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar, M M Kalburgi...and lesser knowns, unmentioned by press? Anyway, here he is...Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, A S Kiran Kumar, stressing that India’s pride resides in its glorious heritage....those glorious “Vedic Times” when India ruled the world. Okay, let’s hear what he has to say:

“Stressing that the country's pride resides in its glorious heritage, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman A S Kiran Kumar today said its ancient texts which could yield vital knowledge, if verified, studied and researched properly, should not be disregarded.

"The Vedic and ancient Greek writings constitute the core of ancient wisdom...the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Brahman Sutra, the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Mahabharata constitute the primary source of ancient wisdom," Kumar said.

Only in India can we find theistic fiction farcified as fact by an interstellar intellectual. It appears that India’s religious persuasion, en masse, has gripped academia by the short-n-curlies. Nevertheless, what ‘vital knowledge’ is the ISRO chairman referring to, without even dropping a hint? Why hasn’t he or others of his breast-fed pantheistic persuasion, after centuries of opportunity, failed to club, AS YET, ‘Vedic science’ with reality? He mentions the sriMAD Bhagavatam, so we must ask...What teases his thesis? Was it those fabled flower airplanes (pushpaka vimans) as big as cities and flown by magic mantras; underwater penance for ten thousand years; immortal beings... demons and demigods, dispensing benedictions and curses as they fought inter-galactic battles to impress earthlings petrified by mortality?

Fear of mortality is not as bad as its exploitation. Freedom of expression, in India, is a fledgling threatened by a millennial ogre...Brahman casteism.  Even as we write, India’s ruling government, backed by Hindutva religio-militia (RSS, HVP, and associated ‘panths’ *) has initiated debate in Parliament targeting the Indian Constitution...and only to address terminology like ‘Dharma Nirpeksha’ (non-religious) as a mistranslation of secularism.  Alternatively the Indian government wants Brahman rewired Bobos use the term- ‘Panth* Nirpeksha’ (non-sectarian) to promote, what is possibly, an upcoming amendment to the Indian Constitution....A return to the cave, which will include- the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Brahman Sutra, Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata...and anything else that subjects minorities while converting Dollar Bobo into Rupiah-Robo.

* (Editor’s note)... I have twice used an asterisk on the word ‘Panth’. The reason being, and it is important, the literal translation of the word panth, is- CULT.

Moving on.... How does a grease monkey maintain his Robos? Okay, here is a panth greaser doing the monkey:

Morning Walk -- June 29, 1975, Denver
A.C. De, aka. Prabhupada (founder of ISKCON- Hare Krishna (I-HK)) :
....”We Kṛṣṇa conscious people, we are taking advantage. (laughter) They have worked so hard, they are sleeping. We are taking advantage... Just see how foolish they are. They have worked so hard, and they are not taking advantage. We are taking. So our policy is that "You work hard, and we go and take from you."... This is intelligence, that "You work hard, rascal. You are foolish asses. And we take advantage." Our George Harrison, he is working hard, in England.... And he worked hard, and he gives a house, Bhaktivedanta Manor. We are not going to construct... it is intelligence, that "You work hard and give it to me. We enjoy"? This is intelligence....The capitalists, they are engaging these rascals, asses, in the factory, and he enjoys life. That is intelligence.... You know the story of the stag and the jackal? The jackal fell in the well water. So he was not..., unable to come out. So one stag came there. "What is the...?" "Oh, it is so nice. I am dancing. You see? It is very nice." So he also fell down. And as soon as he fell down, he got on his head and got out. So that is intelligence... "Let this rascal work hard and make a nice park for us, and we shall take advantage of it." This is intelligence. And it is called ajāgara-vṛtti. Ajāgara-vṛtti .....Los Angeles the storekeepers, they ask our men that "You do not work. You live so comfortably. And working so hard, we cannot live so comfortably." And as soon as we ask that "You also come and join," they will not. "No, we shall work like this." We are asking everyone, "Come here," but that will not come. And that is, they are envious.... That is their enviousness. They see, "They have got so many cars, their face is bright, they are eating nicely, and they have no problem." So they are envious.”

Ajāgara means... The big snake is called ajāgara. So this mouse, they make hole and want to live there. And they comfortably living. In the meantime, the ajāgara comes. He eats that mouse and lives comfortably. So our is ajāgara vṛtti. You work for the hole to live comfortably, but we take possession of the house and live comfortably.”

Room Conversation -- October 5, 1975, Mauritius
De: “So let this rascal manufacture motorcar. When we require, we take from them and ride away. We are not going to manufacture. There will be some rascals. Let them do that, mouse. We enter as snake. (laughter) That's all. We are doing that. We are doing that. I did not manufacture this house, but somebody, some mouse, has done. (laughter) And we have entered it, that's all. That's all. This is going on all over the world. You know George Harrison? He has earned money with so great hard labor, and he has given us a house in London, fifty-five lakhs' worth. Another boy, Alfred Ford, he's the great grandson of Mr. Henry Ford. He has given. He is giving still money. He is prepared with all his money. So those who are after money, material things, we have to induce them that "Spend for me," that's all, and let him earn.”

How much more publicly expressed and confessed must religious extortion be before governments wake up to ‘diplomatic’ complicity?

Bobos are suckered into hearing a “Calling” to serve god. As if earthbound and awaiting an extraterrestrial controller’s automation by voicemail. Realistically the “Call” is a not-so-subliminal message saturating cult literature sold on campuses and thoroughfares: a tabernacle tabanid (charity?) that has, since eons past, sucked freedom of thought out of humanity....a freedom of religion imposing NO FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.

Here are a few excerpted samples of the “Call” transmitted by I-HK audiologists via space mantra MHz on the blue-god frequency:

"we are eternal servants of Krsna"|"i am eternal servant of god"|"we are eternal servant of god"|"Our position is eternal servant of God"|"we are eternally servant of God"|"I am eternal servant of God"|"you are the eternal servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead"|"you are eternal servant of God"|"by constitutional position, is an eternal servant of God"|"eternal servant of the Supreme Brahman"|"A pure soul is the eternal servant of God"|"he is eternally servant of God"|"of being an eternal servant of God"|"God is one, all living entities are His eternal servants"|"thinks himself the eternal servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead"|"himself as the eternal servant of Vasudeva"|"Being the eternal servant of Lord Ramacandra"|"the position of the eternal servant"|"agree as eternal servant of God"|"living entity is an eternal servant of God"|"he is God's eternal servant"|"all living entities are eternal servants of the Supreme Lord"|"living entity is an eternal servant of God"|"his position as an eternal servant of the Lord"|"all others are His eternal servants"|"is to be the eternal servant of God"|"he is eternally a servitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead"

Just briefly....The I-HK founder knowing he was targeting ignorant, but connected, American hippies in 1966, deceptively translated Hinduism’s - “Sanatan Dharma” to mean- “eternal servitude.” Using a pedagogical approach, he referenced the enslavement manual of his two (father-and-son) predecessors to bolster his claim. Citing the “nitya savarupa” (eternal servant of Krishna) tenet from
Caitanya-caritamrta- (a cult literature- Madhya 20.108,) the old ajāgara rewired hippie Bobo to morph Religio-Robos en masse. And when finding it easy, aspired to rule the world- De:I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.”

Low-life take to the “Call” like faeces to a blanket. For them it provides a holy shroud under which they fornicate and loot as consigliores; representatives of divinity; gods by proxy. When upright folk “hear the Call” they have two options... believe it comes from space or walk away. Should the “Call” initiate the first option... intelligent people go stupid ...“Put the iron rod in fire and it will take on the qualities of fire”... Bobo is quickly clubbed with cult credo... thought reformed... rewired as Religio-Robo... hard-drive overloaded with extrinsic emoticons, wacko widgits, aps for other dimensional software and... alternative data streaming.

Fifty years after registering as a bona fide charity, I-HK is now an international byword in online misinformation, cyber-thuggery, hate, and misogyny, bolstered by India’s Hindutva agenda and with access to families, youth and businesses. All who post challenges are declared apostate by cult trolls. Weblogs are attacked, hacked, and rendered inoperable (like the “Breaking Free” forums.) No consensual character or facility for horizontal discussion remains... if there ever was. But, and the question is poignant... Is theism waxing or waning? Before presenting samples of gospel grease running thin, let’s note some interesting facts concerning 21st century theism in evolution.

Polls tell us that modern India is not the only country losing its Hindu pantheon prospectus (albeit its elders remain investors.) American and European churches are facing a similar skeptoid thrashing of pseudio sciences that infect sanity. A recent (“Pew”) study concluded:

arely a quarter of "millennials" (born between 1981 and 1996) attend church services on a weekly basis, compared with more than half of U.S. adults born before 1946. Only about 4 in 10 millennials say religion is important in their lives, compared with more than half of those who are older, including two thirds of those born before 1946....[...]...data suggest that the generational differences in religiosity could well endure. The oldest Millennials, now in their late 20s and early 30s, are generally less observant than they were seven years ago...If these trends continue American society is likely to grow less religious even if those who are adults today maintain their current levels of religious commitment."

Historic and ongoing religious wars, holy murders, the internet and a fast moving scientific world are cited as reasons for failing factotums. Maybe so, but we cannot ignore the growing army of rationalists and realists who are taking an active stand in liberating humanity from theistic shackles... magical thinking and primitive superstitions.

Whereas India’s pollies and Bollies continue pushing puranic metaphysics as perfection, world famous celebrities are jumping the theistic ship. Kiera Knightly, Julianne Moore (Best Actress, 2015,) Emma Thompson, Penn Jillette, Daniel Radcliffe, Billy Joel, Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, etc., etc., even Bill Gates, are all comfortable with the ‘atheist’ tagline. What it means is what could not be said before i.e. religion’s spooky physics does not compute. It fails the litimus test. And today’s adolescents are putting everything to the test...even gospel grease. Here are some blobs that just won’t lube.


Below we present excerpts from “Vishnu Purana” (VP).

Notably, the Puranas were never protected by copyright laws. As a result we have a glossographia of mistranslations, palimpsest, plagiarism and interpolation published free of literary criticism or consensus and by any narcissist with a Bobo bankroll. Thankfully that literary gravy-train is running out of steam. Recent research identifies the VP as source for the Bagavat Purana....a purport-pumped bloat, interpreted pressed and sold by I-HK as Srimad Bhagavatam. The tome is repeatedly rehashed in cyberspace (by sycophants) to maintain a
Folie à plusieurs for automated Bobos and rusting Robos.
To further understand what we are dealing with and considering the hordes, through eons, sucked by scammers, please read our essay- “MUNDACITY” (scroll down to para. 17) and the brief literary consensuses presented by
Rajendra Chandra Hazra, Prof. K.K. Shastree, and Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. Of course Bobo believes the sriMAD was written 5’000 years ago when a god-man sage dictated it to a half-man elephant...when True Writing was unknown. However, when it was written is not worth a wee-wee. What it beggars IS. And what it begs is more than belief.  
Okay let’s stick a finger in the grease:



The death of Kansa announced. Earth, oppressed by the Daityas, applies to the gods. They accompany her to Vishńu, who promises to give her relief. Kansa imprisons Vasudeva and Devakí.

This is what the ISRO Chairman was referring to as India’s “
source of ancient wisdom” ... A demonic king named Kansa who ruled in a mud-bowl called Mathura. Kansa once heard a voice from the sky warning him that the 8th born child of his sister would kill him*. So he imprisoned her and her husband only to watch them breed in prison and then kill ALL her progeny (SIX times! The seventh was a cacodemon cock-up) while waiting for the eight....and while her husband repeatedly impregnated her in full knowledge of the ongoing infanticide. Dumb? Caveman? Ya tink?

After their nuptials, Kansa, the increaser of the race of Bhoja, drove their car as their charioteer. As they were going along, a voice in the sky, sounding aloud and deep as thunder, addressed Kansa, and said, "Fool that you are, the eighth child of the damsel whom you are driving in the car shall take away your life!"

O’ that voice in the sky...Cult ventriloquism is amazing. Meanwhile “Daityas,” or gods from outer-space....extraterrestrials (?) were doing an H.G.Wells on earth. So Earth shape-shifts into a woman and after a parley they all headed off to see Vishnu. But he hides (which is what he does best in any denomination) and speaks to them telepathically (could have done that with Kansa but the theme wouldn’t thaw.) No one sees him but Robo tells Bobo Vishnu has four-arms and rides a bird named Garuda...like in Avatar, the movie.
Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Chewbacca were not there....Didn’t make the director’s cut.

Let’s grab a few more excerpts. It doesn’t matter which chapter or page. Everything ends up reading like a meth-overdosed blind-and-blasted Homer.

p. 493
PARÁŚARA.--I will relate to you, Maitreya, the account which you have requested; the birth of a part of a part of Vishńu, and the benefits which his actions conferred upon the world.

“...the birth of a part of a part of Vishnu”
was blue-god Krishna (Bluey.) ISKCON-Hare Krishna (I-HK) disagrees with the VP version i.e. Bluey is a part of a part of Vishnu. They flog Vishnu as a part of a part of Bluey whom they push as the param party of all particles. Confused? Allow us to confuse you some more. The excerpt below gives reasons why Bluey came to earth. If you are not cult rewired it’s going to be difficult understanding how the Chairman of ISRO, political leaders, movie stars and a wad of western Windus, gobble this grimoire as gospel. We read the excerpt below and wonder why the author is plugged as god when today he would be psychotropic soaked and zapped.  

p. 494
“At this present season many demons, of whom Kálanemi is the chief, have overrun, and continually harass, the region of mortals. The great Asura Kálanemi, that was killed by the powerful Vishńu, has revived
in Kansa, the son of Ugrasena and many other mighty demons, more than I can enumerate as Arisht́a, Dhenuka, Keśin, Pralamba, Naraka, Sunda, and the fierce Báńa, the son of Bali, are born in the palaces of kings. Countless hosts of proud and powerful spirits, chiefs of the demon race, assuming celestial forms now walk the earth; and, unable to support myself beneath the incumbent load, I
(Earth, morphed as a woman) come to you for succour. Illustrious deities do you so act that I may be relieved from my burden, lest helpless I sink into the nethermost abyss"

No readers, you have not nodded off and fallen down a hole chasing white rabbits. Albeit magic mushrooms, hookah-smoking caterpillars and hologram Cheshire cats are bent... Luis Carroll was, self-admittedly, a fiction writer. However, caste Brahmans
claim birthfrom the mouth of the creator, Brahma. Ergo all their dreams and instructs are ultra non-fiction... Godspeak!

Modern science has not yet caught up with these mammetry Mickey Mouths. A psychosis and paroxysmal study from a behavioural neurologic and neuropsychiatric perspective would certainly shed light on a myriad of mental illnesses encumbering pandemonic papacies and their postulants...puranic caste Brahmanism being a top contender.

In continuation: We now understand that Earth (in drag) is having delusions (schizoid paranoia)  Rather than see a shrink she outpatients with Vishnu. Who disregards standard psychiatric procedures by confirming Earth’s demonic infestations, and then...shoots for an even higher dose of lithium. He decides to pluck hairs- “...a small portion of his essence to establish righteousness below.” Which brings us back to Bluey...remember him ...the one I-HK believe broke off ... a small portion of his essence...to create Vishnu? Frankly we don’t really care who leaked or plucked first. That’s a Bobo boo-boo...he can deal with it or get plucked. Our question is...if god secreted essence, what did it do to ease Earth’s psychosis?

So... a small portion of his essence fell / floated to Earth with a mission. Vishnu’s part of a part was named Krishna (Bluey). Someone named him on earth...It wasn’t Vishnu, or Krishna would be referred to by name and not a small portion of essence. But now the name is flogged factitiously as mantra magic. Bobo Robo babbles and bunts it all day as afterlife insurance. Back to reason: Why did the Vishnu essence (black hair) float down, and what did it achieve as Bluey, besides mashing molls ...and the gorilla? According to Bhagavad Gita (4/8) the mission, in essence, was to 1) deliver the pious 2) annihilate miscreants, and 3) re-establish principles of religion.

On count one...no one has ever seen a Vishnu / Bluey delivery vehicle. Nor can anyone prove such a delivery service exists. Nor can anyone prove these deliveries take place (check our article- ‘Purananormal’ to collect $1m if you can gainsay... with proof.)
On count two...more dangerous ‘miscreants’ exist today than the Old Macdonald Farm variety Bluey mugged back when.....even if those Aesop-gone-bananas nursery yarns were true.
On count three- the principles of religion, and its tapestry of principals, are more torn tattered and frayed as fraud today than at any time previous. Organized religion is criminal, sub-human, and morally malefic. Even more than organized crime ever was. Here is a summing-up of the Bluey mission from our essay- “Whopper War”:

“...the pious were never delivered (just ask the Tamils, who wrote the nonsense) nor were miscreants annihilated, not even for a moment.... Villains, scoundrels, blackguards, rascals, rogues and knaves are eternally present, pre and post Mahabharata. They flourish unrestricted within the tabernacles of the cult itself. As for re-establishing principles of religion- the law struggles on a daily basis to enforce morals and ethics... and not least among cultists who hold little or no regard for national legislation or law enforcement, women, children, the elderly, or families outside cult beliefs; doctrine and dogma. So the conclusion that Krishna is god falls flat when we note that he failed to achieve anything outside the wholesale slaughter of two warring families in a fratricidal war.”
Even if that were true.

The only miracles religion can claim is... passage through time unhindered by checks and balances... endorsement by autocracies past...and tax-emption granted by current political kooks. As a consequence, when confronted by rationale, Bobo goes Robo-rigid and reinforces rather than reasons. So the lube spreads on and on- sentence after sentence...paragraph after paragraph...page after page...chapter after chapter of gospel grease.

Sparing our readership the need to straightjacket and curl up in a padded cell, we will copy-and-smear only a few more globules of grease from the VP....and only to show how rewired a Bobbo needs be to see heaven-in-a-hack. For those wanting more, despite our warnings, we post a link further below. Help yourself.   

"Celestials," said Brahmá, "all that Earth has said is undoubtedly true.”

Brahma, a four-headed manlike-god, is talking to Celestials, i.e. aliens.

“Come therefore, let us repair to the northern coast of the milky sea...[...]...Accordingly Brahmá, attended by the gods, went to the milky sea,...”

The milky sea is not the only sea on the VP holiday brochure. For the more adventurous there are oceans of honey, alcohol, sugarcane juice, and mango juice (sourced by gigantic mangoes falling off humongous trees.) Thirsty? Book your taste tour at the nearest I-HK temple, asap. It will cost you energy, assets, wife and life. Pay up and smile. You get a ‘tenfold’ refund when you’re dead. Hare Krishna will reincarnate you as an eternal ‘I’ and wedge you between the V and P to create an eternal...VIP.

"Glory to thee, the thousand-formed, the thousand-armed, the many-visaged, many-footed;..”

All that material bulk unavailable to a Grand Inquisition. What a waste.

“Behold me, Indra, the Aswins, Varuńa, and Yama, the Rudras, the Vasus, the suns, the winds, fire, and all other celestials,...”

Again...all that divinity hidden from humanity....other than the Bobo Robos. What a waste. But we do have Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Flash Gordon, and our favourite...Astro Boy. Comic creations, yet, bound by literary ethics and legalities....so why are theistic tale-tellers free to fraud?

“When Brahmá had ended, the supreme lord plucked off two hairs, one white and one black, and said to the gods, "These my hairs shall descend upon earth, and shall relieve her of the burden of her distress.”

“These my hairs...” ....the Hairy Krishnas? But...but...Vishnu was invisible to everyone. So what were the ‘Celestials’ looking at? Two hairs dangling in space? And....is the supreme lord pied...black and white? Nor did Vishnu name his black hair Krishna or white hair Balarama. So who did? And how did the black hair turn blue (Bluey)? And why does ISKCON promote Bluey as the source of Vishnu? Where can we find evidence revealing how / why / when Bluey plucked his curlies to create Vishnu? Or should we just let Bobo Robo boo-boo in bliss?

“Let all the gods also, in their own portions, go down to earth, and wage war with the haughty Asuras,..”

Raise your hands....those who (not you, Bobo) believe celestials (aliens...in their own portions or disproportionate) are, or ever were, a solution to earth’s problems? If you feel the slightest twitch in your bisceps brachii contact your local shrink, asap.

“Thus having spoken, Hari disappeared; and the gods bowing to him, though invisible,.....”

Are you reading what we are reading? That’s right, he disappeared though invisible i.e.  without ever making an appearance.  And I-HK sell this hokum as written by the literary incarnation of god... A god on his way to rehab, we hope.

“It is said that these, to the number of six, were the children of the demon Hirańyakaśipu, who were introduced into the womb of Devakí,...”
“Kansa shall take you, and hold you up to dash you against a stone; but you shall escape from his grasp into the sky, where the hundred-eyed Indra shall meet and do homage to you,...”

the hundred-eyed Indra mentioned above was covered not in eyes but vaginas until a VP wizard took pity on him and converted his lulus to lookies. Like we said...it goes on and on and on. Okay no more analyses. For those wanting more purana-normal ghost stories, like...
“Having slain Sumbha, Nisumbha, and numerous other demons....Propitiated with offerings of wine and flesh (eeek!) and various viands.... go, goddess, and execute my commands."
....here is the link. Help yourself:

Thank You for spending time with us.



Persistent in the face of legislation and judicial intervention and in full view of humanity, puranic-pedophilia continues regardless:
“A “Devadasi”, dedicated to temple services for rest of her life, is often put to sexual exploitation.”

Thanks to Facebook posters, we get a psychiatric look at Religio-Robo’s raptus:

“Psychosis and paroxysmal visions in the lives of the founders of world religions. [J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2014]”

Do you see the connection... ignorance to religion?

India is second most ignorant nation of the world: survey
“The survey also found that most Indians "hugely overestimate" the proportions of non-religious people in the country to be 33 per cent when the true figure is under 1 per cent.”

The army against cultism grows...with a healthy sense of humour.