Wednesday, 26th March 2011

"KRSNAPADA's"-   Brahma- hatya.
Hare Krsna, B. Radha Govinda D,

Namaste aur Pranam. All Glories to His Divine Grace.

Thank You kindly for agreeing to inform us and our readers on a matter of grave concern. We, like you, acknowledge Truth to be higher than religion or corporate concerns. Wherever we find pretenders criminals and murderers lurking in Srila Prabhupada's matha, we must expose both culprits and milieu at any cost, if only for truth and posterity. Once again, thanks for being brave and forthcoming with your account of events related below. 

It has been whispered through the years that the (late) Bhakti Tirtha Swami (BT), was having sexual liaisons with women inside and (possibly) outside the Iskcon cult. What we did not know, or suspect, was that BT indulged secretly in drugs. In your post to us you write:

>>I found out a few years ago, that the GBC KNEW that BT was sexually involved with OTHER women, AND, that they KNEW that BT was TAKING DRUGS!!!

By 'other women' you make the inference that there was one woman in particular?

>>In terms of the statement I made above regarding the GBC: No; not one, but... "other (devotee) women".

We will address that issue further down this post. Allow us to first probe related areas in your statement. It has already been noted that you knew BT better than anyone else:

>>In regard to this- "... you knew BT better than anyone else,"  BT said to me in 1996 in a conversation (in the US), (paraphrased) "Don't tell anyone what happened," and threatened me with death, I told him, "I know you would put a hit on me. Do it. Go ahead and do it. When you do, tell them to do it with a gun, and tell them to make sure it works, because I don't need to be any further maimed or crippled, so tell them to make sure it works. Actually, you would be doing me a favor if you have me killed, because you'll put an end to my suffering. So do it. I know you would do it. I know you better than any devotee in this movement, including all of our GBC, sannyasi and guru Godbrothers." BT then with a lot of soberness, said, "It's a fact, you do know me. You do know me better than anyone in this movement, including all of our GBC,guru,and sannyasi Godbrothers."

1) a. Did YOU know prior to GBC discovery, BT had engaged in sexual activity with several women?

>>No. I knew directly only about BT's relationship with Hladini prabhu. Some Nigerian devotees questioned me regarding the possibility of BT's being involved with another (Nigerian) female devotee, their thinking he might be having a relationship with her. This could have been a possibility, but I did not know if he was or was not having a sexual relationship with this (devotee) woman (who was BT's disciple). So in terms of what I knew about, was BT's relationship with Hladini prabhu.

b. Why did you not make it public earlier?

>>In regards to Hladini prabhu, I did, and because of doing so, I got "hell" from many ISKCON devotees for "daring" to "blaspheme" Krsna's "pure devotees."

c. Did BT confide in you (or did you observe) specifics of his partners, i.e, were they his disciples / married / single / names / ages?

>>He, and later, Hladini (when she was fed up with him), confided in me; neither of them knowing the other was coming and confiding to me. Other than BT's confiding in me regarding Hladini, he did not confide in me regarding his having any relationship with any other woman. Hladini prabhu was our Godsister.

If you mean by "observe specifics..." see BT and anyone else having intercourse with him, no. BT did on different occasions have the other Nigerian female disciple, (mentioned above), in his room with closed door, and he extended greater mercy to her, than he would to other devotees; meaning in terms of his not addressing just "letting go" on offensive things she would do to cause disruption to many devotees, that he would have "dealt with another devotee" differently if they had done the same things. Other than this disciple and BT's being in his room with a closed door - in terms of what was or wasn't "going on" in the room - I know nothing else. That disciple was married but separated from her husband. She was younger than BT.

In terms of his interactions between himself and Hladini prabhu, there was definitely some "unusual stuff" between them, including their being for a long time (hours) in his room, BT's chasing her around (inside) the Lagos temple building, beating her with a newspaper. Both he and she were showing me (separately) some of the (very) weird!!! letters they were writing to one another. On one occasion BT called for both of us to come to his room, the whole time spent in BT's yelling at Hladini prabhu. During this "session," BT besides other things he was yelling, called her "an insubmissive G-damned, f..king bitch." (The whole situation going on between BT and Hladini prabhu was so insane! that I begged permission on many occasions that BT allow me to leave so that I wouldn't have to continue to travel with them, my asking that he let me go back to the service (traveling by myself and preaching) I had been doing, but BT insisted that I "had to stay" his saying, "You have to stay, to protect me; to keep me from falling down with her."  So I stayed.) I begged his permission on many occasions to allow me to leave. He never gave it.

2) a. Did you also know (prior to GBC discovery) BT was taking drugs?

>>No, I did not know. Although his behavior was at times bizarre, it never occurred to me that there might be a possibility that this could have been linked to drug taking. So I never knew. I only heard of his taking drugs years after I was away from serving under him.

b. How did you know this? Please disclose if possible- type, suppliers, dosage, method of consumption.

>>I came to know from being told by several devotees, including one who BT was doing drugs with, and another who saw him and had been invited to partake - but didn't. (First was cocaine, 2nd pot.)

c. Did he ever attempt introducing you, or anyone you know, to drugs?


d. Why did you not make this public earlier, or inform law enforcement?

>>See 2) a

What you declare in your next statement, is what we confess to having heard sometime ago. BIF has written to Sivarama Swami in the hope he will either confirm or deny it. Whatever his reply (if indeed he replies at all), will append this post.

>>BT asked Siva Ram Maharaj - who was the GBC chairman at that time - to make a GBC resolution that ISKCON sannyasis be allowed to have sex once a month.

Could you please elaborate on this statement with any available specifics?

>>Originally this was told to me in 2005 by one Godbrother who was and still is very good friends with Sivaram Swami, his telling me the circumstances under which it was that Sivaram Swami told him. I emailed Sivaram Maharaj, reminding him who I was, since we had met years back, so he would know who it was asking the question, and explained why it was that I was asking him the question: "When you were the GBC chairman, did Bhaktitirtha Swami ask that the GBC make a resolution that ISKCON sannyasis be allowed to have sex once a month?" Sivaram Maharaj did not email me back, so I resent the email a few times. The question asked required either a "yes," or "no" answer. When Sivaram Swami replied, he basically said, "Since BT has departed, there is no point in discussing this." I wrote back to Sivaram Maharaj, (paraphrased), "I'm sure if the answer was no, you would have written that, so I'm accepting that what X prabhu told me is correct, yes?" Sivaram Maharaj did not reply to that email, although I resent it a number of times after the first send.
Sivaram S. also failed to acknowledge our query, requesting a simple yes or no.  This leaves no doubt, the answer must be- YES.

Now we come to the crux of this post; an incident that shook us to the core when the news was broadcast. No matter how we approached the facts of this horror, it never made sense. Only after reading your account of background activity, did the brutal murder of Hladini Devi Dasi (HD) show motive. In her memory, we thank you for making available the facts for those concerned.

>>ONLY after being pushed and pushed by Yamuna, did I tell her that BT and Hladini were improperly involved with one another.

By 'improperly involved' you are saying that Bhakti Tirtha Swami (a 'guru' appointed by the Iskcon GBC, who had full knowledge of this history), had compromised a young woman via his position, to perform sexual acts at his behest? 

>>Regardless of his being a sannyasi, gbc, guru, by "improperly involved" I mean that he was having an illicit (sexual) relationship. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "young woman," Hladini prabhu was 41 years old.

3) a. When and how did you first discover this?

>>In late 1989, shortly after BT and Hladini came to Nigeria together, BT started confiding in me. A month or so later, Hladini prabhu started confiding in me, as well. Both were confiding in me, neither of them knowing the other was. 

b. Were you a perspective witness to intimacy between the two, or did you simply deduce the relationship to be more than infatuation?

>>In terms of my "witness to intimacy between the two," I did not see anything in terms of kissing, being sexually united, or anything like that, although at times when they were together, there was definitely very "weird" behavior between them. On these occasions, when I had to be with the two of them together, I felt very uncomfortable.

I'm replying with the above to specifically answer this question, but it was in both BT's and Hladini' prabhu's coming (separately) to me, expressing their frustrations with one another, their saying to me what they did, (which included putting the blame on the other person for "creating" the problem.) BT used the words "seducing," "seductress," and "purposely pulling me down," to explain his position. Hladini, on the other hand, said BT "was forcing'" her, which made it clear what the problem was.....they were breaking the "no illicit sex" principle.
Yes. We agree with you.

c. Did Hladini confide in you BT's techniques of seduction, 

>>In direct answer to your question, Hladini did not speak anything in regards to "seduction techniques". She did say to me: "BT chastised me about the hair on my legs, and told me I should shave them." She also told me that she was "Fed up with BT's controlling, and trying to control over her." She showed me some of his really weird letters to her. He had also shown me some of her very weird letters to him.

.....or did she view you as competition / opposition?

>>Did she see me as "competition / opposition"? (if you mean in terms of the possibility that BT would be "attracted" to me bodily): I have to smile, and say "definitely not." My body is very unattractive; very ugly, and crippled, whereas Hladini prabhu was possessed of what would be considered an attractive body, so there was no way that Hladini prabhu could or would have "viewed me as competition / opposition."

d. Did BT confide in you his desires or intentions re. Hladini?  Please feel free to give details on this crucial area of.... motive.

>>Did BT tell me he "wanted to have sex with Hladini prabhu"? No! Did he tell me he "wanted to marry Hladini prabhu"? No!

However, BT was quite obviously "taken" with (absorbed in) Hladini prabhu.  At times it looked like he was going crazy over her. BT used to call me to his room, his being in utter frustration, crying, getting very emotional and becoming very crazy expressing his upset in these regards. (It's very difficult, hellish, for me to have to think about and "relive" this in terms of being asked, and now writing this.) To give one example: On a few occasions, BT would be so upset, that he (physically) grabbed me by the wrist, insisted I come to his room, a few times his even pulling me, and with heavy anger, or in tears or both, he would rant about Hladini. One time, in the Calabar temple, BT's (frantic) ranting went like this: "Is she a goddess who has come to pull me down? Has she been sent to seduce me? Who the hell is she? Why is she doing this to me? Has she been sent by some demigod to pull me down?"  There were other times (besides this incident in Calabar), that BT would call me to his room, insist I come to his room, grab me by the wrist and pull me to his room; all over Hladini.
It was so insane for me being in this situation with them, that I begged BT several times to give me permission that he allow me to leave.  I even told him on at least one occasion, "This is so crazy. Please let me leave. Both of you are crazy, and this is so  insane. I don't want to continue being around the two of you. Please let me leave and go back to the service I was doing." But despite my having asked several times, BT would not grant permission for me to leave, his insisting I continue to travel (in Nigeria) with them. 

In fact, because of what happened - BT's involvement with Hladini, her coming to hate him, when she realized that not only was she breaking the principles, but was so angry that he was trying to control her, and thus refusing to be involved with him anymore.

4) a. Why do you say that Hladini (was so angry) developed hate for BT? Can you substantiate this statement with incident/s of proof?

>>Hladini would tell me how much she hated BT, she giving as her reason, her disgust with "his trying to control me." Other than what she was telling me, there were also times she would be running away from BT in the temple building; his running after her, telling her to stop (and calling her names), and trying to catch her. Hladini told me of one incident which she said happened in Cote D' Voire to give as an example of how she reacted in anger to his trying to control her, Hladini prabhu told me how BT-  "Took my (Hladini's) passport, so I (Hladini) ran into the street with my Gaur-Nitai Deities, and chanted at the top of my lungs, until he finally gave me back my passport."  Hladini told me she "couldn't stand BT," couldn't stand "how he's trying to control me," and expressed the hatred of him that she was feeling.

b. What indications were there that BT was trying to control her, and that she refused to be involved with him anymore?

>>BT's overall actions, words, everything: There were many incidents I saw directly, my giving the above example of BT's running after Hladini, not just once but many times. There were other crazy actions; not just the "running after Hladini."  It was so obvious by dint of everything altogether, which also includes what Hladini would tell me; one example given above, the Cote D' Voire incident Hladini prabhu related.
Of course BT had his "explanation" for all of the above saying that he "had to do all these things, to 'try to keep her under control' because Hladini was so insubmissive... and..."

BT was a "control freak": Dependent upon how he related to a person, his desire in terms of the way he wanted to (keep a) control over them, was manifested. Regarding other "indications" - example by specific incidents - I will reply below.

....Were there verbal confrontations to which you were witness,....

>>Yes, I was a direct witness to many verbal confrontations he had with Hladini both in his room and elsewhere. I was also witness to BT's running after, chasing Hladini (a number of times) in the Lagos temple, his insisting she "come now," (even calling her some names, "You f..king bitch," "G-damned bitch" and other things while he was chasing her).

One time (in the Lagos temple), BT sent for me, through another devotee who told me, "Srila Krsnapada wants you to come to his room now." So I went and knocked on his door.  It wasn't "a room," but a "suite," with various rooms in the suite. In Lagos, when we went to see him, we knocked on the door of his suite, that either he, his servant, or whichever devotee was there, would open the door to the suite to admit the person who was at the door.

I waited outside the (closed) door to the suite, (since I had been told that Srila Krsnapada wanted me to come), and heard "sharp" sounds, with Srila Krsnapada shouting at someone- "You f..king bitch. You f..king woman..."  I did not know whether I should leave or stay. The door opened suddenly and Hladini came out, she left leaving the door ajar.  I then called out to BT who was inside, "Do you want me to come in?" BT answered, "Yes, come in."  He got up, walked to the door shut it and then returned to his sitting place. It was very obvious that BT was extremely angry. 

The first thing he said to me was, "Did you hear me hitting her with the newspaper?" I was embarrassed, but replied, "Yes, I did." Then BT went on a rant, going on and on about how "f..king insubmissive" Hladini was, how she "has been going to the brahmacaris with her letters." "She's so 'f..king independent,' and will not listen to me." "That bitch won't take any instruction from me," and, and and... At the conclusion of his upset, BT said, "I'm going to make 'that woman' (Hladini prabhu) be  submissive to me. I'm going to strip 'that woman' of her sannyas" (which she took from Kirtanananda.) BT did strip her of her sannyas title a few days later in Lagos.

BT called both of us into his room to tell us what he was going to do in this regard. BT was so furiously angry; really ticked!!! He shouted at Hladini prabhu all kinds of heavy things, (many times using the word "f..king" in what he was expressing), and then told her, "I'm taking away your sannyas." (Hladini prabhu's sannyas name was Hrsikesh Maharaj.) "You're going to put on white. That might help you become more submissive to me. I'm making you put on white. You're going to put on white." All the time this was going on, besides wishing that I had left (a long time ago), I felt horrible having to be present to hear all of this. 
BT then softened in his voice (his obviously trying to regain control over himself), and turned to me saying, "I'm sorry I'm going to have to be doing this to you, but if I make 'her' take off saffron, I'm going to have to ask you to do this too, because if the devotees see that she's (BT's never using Hladini prabhu's name - either Hrsikesh Maharaj, or Hladini prabhu) in white, and you're not, they're going to know something is wrong, and it will hurt the preaching." So at that point, BT asked if I would agree to take off the saffron and put on white cloth, so I said "Yes," and did so.

.....or secret confidences that Hladini Dasi shared with you? Can you share them with us now that both parties are deceased?

>>I've "shared" what I've said/written. Hladini prabhu was killed Sept 13, 1990, so whatever I've "shared" I could not do so in terms of her "being alive" for such "sharing." But I did say some things while BT was alive, when things could have been addressed at least during his lifetime. I think what I've "shared" above is enough.

>> BT then realizing that someone might "spill the beans," and if so..., so BT arranged for a situation in which Hladini (and other devotees, who BT wanted "gone") to be "gotten rid of." <<

In your statement above- "someone might spill the beans"- you are implying that others may have known of the affair between BT and HD.

5) Who else, besides yourself (alive) can confirm the sexually intimate relationship between HD and BT?

>>Although other devotees had suspicions, I was mainly referring to Hladini prabhu. I don't want anything to be misunderstood, because I myself did not "see" them "sexually intimate." This conclusion is based on what both BT and Hladini told me.

...and when you say- " BT arranged for a situation...." you leave no doubt that BT engineered the murder of Hladini, along with the other devotees in Liberia.

6) a. Did you arrive at this conclusion via deduction or is there evidence: Perceptive witnesses? Corroborative evidence? Supportive evidence? Circumstantial evidence?....Hard Copy?

>>All of the above: In beginning,1991 there was evidence. I sent hard copy evidence to the GBC "Ministry of Justice" through three of their representatives, Avirama prabhu, Ganapati Swami, and I don't remember the name of the third person. Nothing was ever addressed.
Comment: It is interesting to note that not only did the Iskcon GBC fail to investigate this matter, but they rewarded BT by absorbing him into the Iskcon 'guru franchise business' after his band of breakaways (Kirtanananda Swami, Radhanath Swami, et al) were disbanded and faced charges for ordering the murder of Sulochan Das in the USA.  The GBC did not only absorb BT, but further expanded his field of administration and exploitation. 

>>BT purposely instructed for these devotees to go to Liberia, when he knew there was a horrific coup going on. Although I brought this up, and tried to address it to the GBC, for the years BT was still alive, it never got addressed.

BT also had connections (through certain African devotees) to "engineer" and "get things done". There is much more to be said in these regards. The problem is that (now), 20 years later, it would be my word against one of the main devotees BT used to engineer this through, as well as other African devotees who would lie to support BT and this devotee. This "main" devotee has already lied over the years to keep his and BT's part in this murder covered up. Other African devotees have also lied in these regards. This "main" devotee knew the coup leaders Yormie Johnson and Charles Taylor (as well as Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone.)  
b. Why would BT want other devotees be "gotten rid of ?" What do you believe made them targets for such an extreme elimination process?

>>I already explained about "why" Hladini prabhu. Regarding the African devotees: Either because someone (Satananda prabhu) "knew too much" or (Caranaravinda prabhu) "did something wrong" for which BT "did not want them around." (Caranaravinda prabhu left the temple in Nigeria, and had stolen the temple vehicle. He later came back to live in the temple and returned the vehicle.) There were devotees that BT "liked," and those he "did not like." BT himself told me "My African disciples are monkeys." 

May I note here, that certain details presented in Yamuna (SDG) prabhu's book, "Legacy of Love A Servant's Quest" (pgs 174 through to and including 178, as well as what Varaha wrote on pg 176) regarding what happened prior to and including Hladini prabhu's and other devotees' murder, are not correct, although I believe Yamuna prabhu did her best to present what she did with what was available to her. It should also be noted that while BT was alive, I tried for many years to address what happened through the GBC and in writing to BT. (I've been told by some devotees that a few of my direct emails sent to BT - regarding my calling him out in terms of his hand in Hladini and other devotee's murders - are on the internet.) 

She wasn't "abandoned" (to such horrors): BT PURPOSELY ARRANGED that Hladini go to Liberia so that she WOULD GET KILLED!!! there.

7) Can you give us any clue how BT "PURPOSELY ARRANGED" that HD go to Liberia?......and.... how the 'arrangement' culminated in murder?

>>BT, while in Nigeria, instructed Hladini, other Nigerian devotees, and me as well, to go to Liberia, when BT knew there was a vicious, bloody coup already in progress for months. All of the devotees, including me, did not know that there was a coup going on in Liberia. (I did not go to Liberia at this time.) Things were "engineered" in such a way so no blame could be put on BT by devotees, Hladini's parents, or anyone in general who had no knowledge of the circumstances involved.

When you say that you "even had proof and submitted it to the GBC"....

8) a. Do you have the submitted document of proof on file?

>>See 6) a: "In beginning 1991..."I submitted to the GBC people mentioned in 6) a. (hand written on paper) 1990 letters that Satananda prabhu had written. 

b. Can it be submitted to BIF for publication with this post?

>>No. I don't have them now.

The reason BT wanted Hladini prabhu dead was because for very long - Hladini prabhu told me that it had been for many months - BT and Hladini had been involved with each other.

9) a. Is it possible, ad verbatim, to inform us what HD told you in regards to her 'involvement' with BT?

>>See what has been written in various statements above. Hladini explained that her relationship with BT had been going on for so many months prior to their having come to Nigeria, she expressing her beginning to feel disturbance with BT even before their coming to Nigeria. When they came to Nigeria, it was at this point that Hladini prabhu was getting "disgruntled" (and "disenchanted") with BT, and did not want to continue on in the relationship. BT became angry, when she refused to allow herself to continue to remain under his control. (Hladini actually got to a point of "independence" and such insubmissiveness which caused BT to get super-frustrated and angry), ....

10) a. When you say - "Hladini actually got to a point of independence"....What exactly do you mean? 

>>Hladini prabhu (as expressed by herself), didn't want to "be controlled" any more by BT, and did not want to listen to him. She expressed that she was fed up with him,  and his "trying to control over" her. I gave the example(s) above, including of her running away from BT in the temple building, with him chasing after her his yelling at her, trying to catch her, etc.

>>Was she enslaved previously? Why do you believe she was enslaved by BT?

>>I haven't used this word, "enslaved" and I don't know if Hladini prabhu would use it, but she expressed her disgust with BT's "trying to control her." As to exactly what extent his control over her was "manifested" prior to their stay in Nigeria, I don't know, other than my giving the example of the passport situation Hladini prabhu related, regarding Cote D' Voire. I wasn't present for whatever was going on prior to their coming to Nigeria, when, by this time, Hladini prabhu (expressed her being) fed up with BT. 

Okay. Let us summarize the history vis-a-vis motive so far, and then we can look at process, you imply, was put in place by BT to rid himself of a threat (i.e. HD.):

>>BT was involved with Hladini, felt he had to keep this hidden, and "arranged" - what he thought was - "the necessary." Whether it was "to his expanding notoriety and wealth as an ISKCON endorsed guru" I can't say if (all or some of) these specific things were in his mind. Obviously BT didn't want it known that he had been having an illicit relationship with Hladini prabhu.

To this point we understand that Bhakti Tirtha (Swami), had used his position to seduce Hladini Devi Dasi (BT and Hladini were improperly involved with one another.)

>>BT and Hladini were improperly involved with one another. (It's possible we both have a different understanding of what you mean by your words, but I have not said that he "used... to seduce HD."
Comment: If BT was in a position to take away her passport, hit her with a newspaper, call her a f..king bitch to her face, chase her around the temple grounds...and eventually send her to her death...the 'swami' was the controlling abuser. Stands to reason, doesn't it? 

Continuing the summary:
After some time (Hladini prabhu told me that it (the affair) had been (going on) for many months)Hladini became hateful and angry when she realized that not only was she breaking the principles, but.....that he (BT) was trying to control her. She became disgruntled, independent and in submissive. As a result, BT became super-frustrated and angry. But BT also realized that someone might "spill the beans." Not wanting a situation that would call for his standing accused before his peers, with HD as principal witness, BT arranged for a situation in which Hladini was- to be "gotten rid of." Is this summary correct?


Now we can look at the process used by BT to place Hladini Devi Dasi, with other victims, in the wrong place (Monrovia, Liberia) at the right time. 

From published records on the murders, we heard that "Prince Johnson", a warlord who had initially helped devotees with rations for prasadam distribution, was antagonized by a letter he received, written by a devotee. The letter said in effect- "You are a great personality, so you should stop conducting yourself in such a demonic manner and stop killing people. This will benefit you and all humanity." We read further, the warlord, who was later certified insane, took the devotees to a river side and shot them (seven men and HD).

There is obscurity and trepidation as to what the devotees, who were acting under the direct instructions of BT, were doing in a war zone. Of even greater interest, is who actually penned the letter to Johnson, and under whose advice was it done. You say:

>>Hladini was the person who wrote the letter. She was always writing crazy letters, some of which BT when in Nigeria (with Hladini) would show me.

Based on internet reports (uncontested):
 "There were seven African men and an African woman, plus Hladini devi dasi.
 We agree with you. Why would anyone else write the letter when there was a senior, American devotee, available to write the letter in English? 

>>It's not a question of "a senior, American devotee, available to write the letter in English" Anyone having any knowledge regarding Africa and especially in this situation would know that 1) no African devotee would ever write such a letter to a frenzied warlord. 2) I was given direct information from Hiranmaya prabhu, that Hladini prabhu wrote the letter. But there was a lot more going on than that letter. It's pretty "intricate" to write out what happened, and why......

BT was involved with the Kirtanananda, Radhanath, New Vrindavan breakaway group at the time. Was this causing complications, or were the 'intricacies' solely sex / drug related?

>>My writing what I did in terms of "intricacies" above your statement here - regarding K, R and NV - had nothing to do with what you're writing. My statement "pretty intricate," was in reference to something that was going on in Africa, which I've been hesitating to fully disclose because of how "entangling" it would be to prove it, given the details themselves, and those involved. I wasn't even aware of this "breakaway group." The weird thing though, is now that you have written what you did, and taking other things into consideration, there is a possibility that BT could have consulted with K and R, and could have made his final decision with possible input. I've never thought of this. Only in your writing this, am I thinking there could be such a possibility of BT's asking for their input in some possible way. I'm not saying that he "did." I don't know.
FYI. No one, NOBODY, working under the Kirtanananda Swami (Keith Ham), New Vrindavan (NV) project, did anything without his consultation.  Given that BT was one of Ham's sannyasis, there is no way that NV management (including Radhanath) would not have known of BT's sexcapade, or plan for a final solution. 

>>...... how it was arranged; but BT wanted Hladini dead, and made a perfect arrangement for it, in such a way, that unless someone was there, and knew exactly what was going on, they would not know that BT arranged it. But I was there, and I knew.

You were there. You were a perceptive witness to arrangements and methods employed by BT. You know exactly what went down. You were the first one to disclose an affaire de coeur between BT and Hladini Devi Dasi. You were/are the only one to link her death to an arranged murder-to conceal. Only you know the whole truth. We request and urge you to clarify in detail your statement above, for posterity, and in the understanding that the opportunity to do so is now.

>>I was "a perceptive witness" to certain arrangements and methods employed by BT." I don't know "'exactly' what went down." Ultimately only Krsna "knows the whole truth" in terms of every detail involved. I've given much of what I know. There are some things I'm not saying.

BT was falling down with Hladini, who no longer wanted this to continue. BT did not want anyone to find out, so he sent Hladini prabhu to Liberia where he knew there was a horrible coup going on for some months. Hladini knew nothing about this coup.  There was an African devotee who BT used in this situation, whose name and other details in this regard, I am not revealing now though I have in replying to 6) a., said a little in regards to his knowing these coup leaders above named. I feel the information I've given is sufficient.
Not being able to count on those devotees from Africa who know things, including those having involvement, who will deny what they know in wanting to keep such covered up, I'm simply going to put it this way:
An intelligent person would ask, especially those devotees and other friends of Hladini prabhu who know that she was not in Liberia during the start of this horrific coup, how or why is it that although Hladini prabhu (as well as other African devotees,) who were never in Liberia prior to the coup's beginning, "ended up" in Liberia so many months AFTER this coup had been going on?  If someone "calculates" the "math" involved, they will come up with the equation, "something isn't right."
For intelligent people it's very simple: BT was always up and up on all the current events (news) around the whole world, especially Africa. Any devotee who knew BT, knows he read through a minimum of three different newspapers every day.
BT knew that a horrible coup was already in progress for many months in Liberia, its having started Dec 24, 1989, in which many people were getting killed. Yormie Johnson and Charles Taylor's men were literally cutting out people's hearts while they were alive;  The killers often cut apart the bodies, taking the various organs and using them for eating and/or rituals.  A lot of "crazy stuff" was going on, and BT knew!!! all!!! of this!  So WHY then would BT send devotees to go to Liberia!!! when there was such a crazy coup going on? Just that in and of itself is a proof that something wasn't too "kosher."
While BT was alive, solid evidence was provided to the GBC in 1991, but was ignored.

I've already had to deal with "the (nasty) results" of speaking "impalatable truths" in the ISKCON world, where (in terms of my own limited personal experiences I've found that) very few devotees will accept such truth(s) when it comes to their "heroes." Even when solid proof is provided, many people get angry (even violent) with the person providing the proof, and continue on with their "belief" that their "hero," is a "pure" (and "spotless")  devotee.

It is no longer a betrayal of confidence. Guilt is not the issue, TRUTH is. Hladini DD., would want the truth be known. She, like you, spent years in trying desperately to establish the truth, only to be cheated by a pretender. 

>>The problem is that many devotees do not want to hear / find out the truth. Hladini prabhu (and other devotees) was (were) made to leave her body (their bodies) at so early an age. Krsna allowed this to "go through," for whatever reasons. I tried addressing this in the "ISKCON devotee world" while BT was alive, but no one would address it. I've submitted what I have here. I believe intelligent devotees can "put things together" from this information submitted. I've lived through "hell" because of what I've known and told. 

Your servant,

B. Radha-Govinda
Hare Krsna

"....Hladini's body also drifted in. Her sari became entangled with the structure of the bridge and remained there for several days, rising and falling with the tide."
In service to His Divine Grace