8th Feb. 2012
a) Resurrect a saint briefly mentioned in history and proclaim him god. b) Attribute your conclusions to ancient scribes and sages also lost in chronology. c) Interposition yourself as the embodiment of whom you, via antecedent concoction and intercalation, define as supreme. d) Float it as a business to the Americans.  Once they understand that ultimate supremacy is available via proxy, your business is off and running.  That's it. 
What you have initiated is a cult with huge cash potential.  Give it time.  Since the concept is yours, supported by cocktailed reference to plagiarized doctrine, acceptance of authenticity will depend on propaganda.  If the market is strategically chosen, your 'philosophy' will attract many hot-dog demigods and kitchri converts who will assist in spreading your message while collecting donations.  No matter how twisted the climb to accomplishment, always remember there are thousands if not millions of potential recruits out there with enough brain to understand they are not part of the world's five percent elite.  Armed philosophically with the right to be good-as-bhagavan by disciplic succession, as claimed by you, and needing no qualification other than no qualification and existing disqualifications, they will believe anything you say, e.g, you have spiritually descended from Lord Brahma who rides on a swan that steers clear of colossal eagles laying giant eggs as they fly from planet to planet gingerly avoiding a sun that scoots across our solar system @16,004 miles per nano sec.  Don't forget to bling your blah with little gems like:- "Krsna told me last night he did not enjoy the chips...it was too salty," or "Lord Shiva was dancing with us," or "Narada Muni was sitting on that seat listening to my lecture."  However such divine revelations must be preceded with gaudiya goolgoolas like:- "You cannot see unless your eyes are tinged with the salve of love." As head honcho you can say anything.  They will drink your bath water, worship your socks and underwear, even collect and distribute your pubic hairs as relics.  Their bellies, egos, and rapidly increasing belief in god-by-proxy depends on you being the real deal.  Always, or whenever you can, enforce the subtle understanding that you are god because....god authorized it.  Here's a sample:
Prabhupada: "The conclusion is that an empowered spiritual master is authorized by Krishna and his own guru and should therefore be considered as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. (CC Madhya 10.136)
Whenever a serious question is posed in connection with your 'revealed in dreams' hist/ophy, refer to ancient texts adding your own purport as divine answer.  In due course the demarcation betwixt reality and you, will blur, even for you.  Your writings which are honed derivations of earlier derivations will identify you as disciplic alpha...an acarya...god (same difference.)  Pick your venues for public discussions carefully.  Remember that you are a 'holy man,' a status that demands respect even before you open your mouth.  If there is a smart ass in the audience shut him up quick, e.g., "How can Lord Brahma ride on a swan?" you answer- "Why are you comparing yourself to Lord Brahma?"  Your disciples will laugh.  If he persists, give your tongue cutting ksatriyas a nod, then continue explaining how your cult descended in an unbroken line from Brahma-  http://www.gaudiyadiscussions.com/topic_3530.html - this will convince everyone to accept the Bhagavad Gita- As It Isn't.
Evolution of the Original Gita
The current text of the Bhagavad Gita has only 76shlokas from the Original Gita in it. As we go along, we will study how the Original Brahmanic Gita gradually evolved into the Upanishadic Gita and then the Brahmanic Gita once again, and finally, the Bhagavatha Gita. Hidden in the Bhagavad Gita is the story of how the Sanatana Dharma of India evolved from polytheism (Indra, Vayu, Agni, etc.) of Brahmanism to monism (Brahman) of Upanishadism to montotheism (Lord Krishna/Parameshwara) of Bhagavathism and finally back to polytheism (Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha, etc.) of Hinduism. One can deduce from this that most of the shlokas of the Bhagavad Gita have absolutely nothing to do with Arjuna's predicament on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The real battle of the Bhagavad Gita was fought on palm leaves. On that battlefield, the allied forces of the reform-minded Upanishadic and Bhagavatha seers fought a theological battle with their orthodox Brahmanic cousins for the soul of the Sanatana Dharma. Even though the allied forces won the battle of the Gita as evidenced by the Original Gita's new title 'The Bhagavad Gita-Upanishad', they lost the war for the soul of the Sanatana Dharma as evidenced by the fact that the clever Brahmamic seers and Acharyas succeeded by means of interpolations of pro-Brahmanic shlokas, extreme editing and obfuscating and verbose commentaries in converting the very manifesto of the anti-Brahmanic revolution into the handbook of Brahmanism! Such is the genius of Brahmanic mind!
Don't be phased by quotes like the one above.   Spiritual business has little or nothing to do with reality, per se.  While minions attempt to disrupt your program by citing brahminical misdeeds, you throw them off by calling yourself a vaisnava.  Prabhupada: But if one takes to Krsna consciousness, automatically he becomes immediately a brahmana and above the brahmanas. A Vaisnava is above the brahmanas." (Lecture on Bg. 3.18-30: Los Angeles, 30 December 1968.)  Once you and your freshly converted HomoZapiens are established elitists, the doorway to kick-butt-promotion will swing wide open:  Prabhupada: " There is United Nations, but what they are doing? Let them study Bhagavad-gita, how to make United Nations. That will be perfect. Not these short-sighted men, with politics and diplomacy in the heart, they can bring all the nations united. That is not possible. Let them discuss Bhagavad-gita." (Lecture, Sept 7, 1973)

Whatever else your strategy, ensure your followers walk the streets and alleyways distributing your writings....books are the basis, preaching is the essence.  This will signpost the path to world domination, popularity, fame, expansion and money.  Insist your name appears highlighted on all printed matter and edifices built for your glorification....or god's (same difference.)  Since you are visible and your proclaimed god is not, they will find it practical to sacrifice souls on the altar of your ego.  Just in case they don't get the message, set up programs so worship begins and ends with you.   And if the remuneration is worthwhile, your American followers, who appreciate the money-for-jam scam, will cluster-bomb the idea home...Back to Godhead.  Within the space of a quarter century, all those who come to the Sunday kitchri-and-halva 'Love Feast' will be made to understand that you are empowered and palsy-walsy with god.  Then, as curious and hungry visitors get sucked into the bhajan-bhojan-bondage, your followers will identify YOU as god or good-as-god (same difference) because, being American, they will quickly spot the profit in a hierarchical god-by proxy inheritance.  Just a note of caution....you could get wasted in a murder-for-profit coup d'état.   But don't let that hold you back, you may have reached your goal as World Dictator or even a Noble Prize laureate, by then.

A,B,C,D and with a little premeditation you can become god.  Let's delve deeper into how it works and the concomitant contradictions. In explanation, we take an excerpt from a conversation between the founder of Iskcon, A. C. Bhaktivedanta (aka. Prabhupada) and a visiting U.N doctor. 

Doctor: Now when the Krsna mantras...

Prabhupada: Why do you say Krsna pantha?

We note here that Prabhupada mishears the word mantra (imagine that) for the word- pantha, meaning 'cult,' and then reacts.  It implies without explanation the need to promote your cult and creedo as mainstream.  For the enterprising cult builder such opportune lapses in hearing can subtly direct listeners to coalesce cult claptrap with mainstream acceptance.

Doctor: No, mantras. I have come to mantra. Klim krsnaya govindaya gopijanavallabhaya namah. Is that not a very powerful Krsna mantra?

Prabhupada: Yes.
In reading this excerpt we see a doctor already under cult influence.  So no genuine protest is being mouthed.  Simply a U.N doctor being used to authenticate Unverifiable Nonsense.  Myth bolstering myth to effect cult acceptance and future conversions.  The word "Klim" has no Sanskrit reference.  It is a gaudiya invention like most of Iskcon's cult issued gayatri.  Such mumbo-jumbo invocations are paramount to self promotion since it provides opportunity to introduce stanzas dedicated to yourself, e.g., "Klim Applepiedevaya namaha."  Sounds good...eh?  The more outlandish the better.  It is why J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas have millions of followers even after listing their work in the fantasy genre. 

Doctor: That is better than Hare Krsna.

Prabhupada: No. Hare Krsna is therefore called maha-mantra.
Having 'spontaneous' public discourses with passive audience members is pure fool's gold, especially a planted Dr. Dolittle who can talk sheep and dispence doctored dogma; compounded placebos of your divine doctrine.  So the idea behind success in the D.I.Y cult business is to establish nonsense by referring to nonsense with validation from a nonsense, preferred academic.  Also, all aspiring god-men must bear in mind the need to corral ovine by presenting a holistic acceptance; a universal religion.  An interfaith shingle will certainly expand the flock and shearers.  Here below is a quick e.g. 
Prabhupada: And even Muhammad, he's also a devotee.
Prabhupada: So I was invited in some priestly meeting in Melbourne, they asked me the question, "What is your opinion of Christ?" So I said "He's our guru."  
Prabhupada: Somehow or other, if people stop animal killing and accept Lord Buddha, then he becomes at least one step forward to God realization.
Prabhupada: Regarding Ganesa Puja, I have received some letters from persons requesting to also perform it. I have explained to them that ultimately it is not required, but if you have some sentiment to get the blessings of Ganesa in order to get huge sums of money for service of Krishna, then it can be done, but privately. I have instructed them that if they want to do it, they must send me at least $100,000 dollars monthly--not less.
If truth be faced, the maha mantra does not work other than as an old fashioned brain-screw applied repetitively all day commencing at  3.30 am, rendering the mind submissive to indoctrination.  Other than auto suggestive conviction from a pulverized jelly-brain, the mantra is moon cheese.  After forty years of parroting the magical 'sound vibration,' those who were declared by the founder himself as senior men, did, and still do, sex anything with an orifice.  Yet the fact is undeniable that those who remain are millionaire mantra-moguls living the high life...guru...good-as-god  (same difference.)  That is what building and/or supporting a cult delivers.  However, another fact exists for those who look closer:  most of the mantra-moguls (acaryas/gurus et al) soon transform from everyday people into scammers, slammers, perverts and confidence tricksters, more so after joining the cult than when they had never uttered a single syllable of the mantra.


Doctor: But I was told that the Sudarsana-cakra words, mahamala parakramaya maha patanivaya bhakta jane kalpanaya,(?) that is a very powerful mantra.

Prabhupada: Yes. Everything in relationship with God is powerful. But the name in this age is the most powerful. Kirtanad eva krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet [SB 12.3.51].
Once again we see reference to cult claptrap as clarification for cult claptrap.  Unwary seekers are being prodded into accepting fantasy as fact: concocted compilations and congeries of colophons touted as historical hard-copy.  The SB or Srimad Bhagavatam is undoubtedly interpolated and extensively so. 
Srimad Bhagavatam
"This book was made by Bobadeva whose brother Jayadeva wrote Gitagovind. He has written some verses in his book called Himadri to the effect that he was the author of shrimad Bhagvat. We had 3 leaves of that book with us, out of which the first one was lost. We have composed the following two verses of the same purport as those that were on the leaf that was lost. Whosoever cares to see the original verses should consult the Himadri.
"The Prime Minister Himadri said to Pundit Bobadeva, I have no time to read your book called the Shrimad Bhagvat or hear it read. Please make a brief summary of it in verse so that by reading it I may be briefly acquainted with the story of the bhagvat." There were altogether 10 verses on the leaf that was lost. The following verses beginning with No. 11 that are given below are all the composition of Bobadeva:-
11. "certainly the story of the Bhagvat, retold is as follows:- The five questions of Shaunaka and Sutas's answers (are given) in three (verses)." HIMADRI.
12. questions and (subject of) incarnations, Vyasa's disinclination for (writing) work, Narada's convincing speech supported by arguments and (an account of his) own birth.
13. Murder (of Arjuna's children) while asleep by Drona, protection of Paarikshaita while he was in his mother's womb by the Pandavas with arms, attainment of his position by Bhishmama, and Krishna's arrival at Dwarka.
14. The birth of Parikshita, who had heard Bhagvat read, Dhritrashtra's going away, Krishna's shuffling off his moral coil and then the Pandvas' departure for the Himalayas (have all been described in the Bhagvat).
15 Thus have 18 Chapters of the first Book of the Bhagvat been summarized in 18 padas* (of this summary) in consecutive order. The king (ydhishtra) renounced his extensive kingdom in which justice was meted out to all, etc.,**
This completes ( the summary of )Book 1."
Thus was a brief summary of the 12 Chapters of Bhagvat prepared by Pundit Bobadeva and given to the Prime Minister Himadri. Whosoever wants to see a detailed account of it should consult the book called Himadri." (excerpt:  Satyarth Prakash, by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.)
Bold and Underline by BIF.
The Bhagavata Purana (Devanagari:  also known as Srimad Bhagavatam, or Bhagavata) is one of the "Maha" Puranic texts of Hindu literature, Like all Puranas, the Bhagavata is a product of oral tradition, its extant version usually dated to the ninth or tenth century CE.[1][3]  The Puranas are a type of traditional Hindu texts that took form during the medieval period, often both informed by earlier material and undergoing later interpolations.[11] It is therefore problematic to assign a precise date to any such text,[1][3][12] The Bhagavata Purana itself is a typical case, a text transformed by oral tradition which reached its "basic final shape" at some stage during the Indian Middle Ages.[11]
Huh? "Prabhupada said"  the SB was 'written' 5,000 years ago by Vyasadeva.  But then Prabhupada also said....giant eagle eggs...and ten year old girls are ready for it... women have a small brain and enjoy being raped... Krsna said he was supreme and enjoyed sex with little gopi girls who were already married to his gopa friends, and Iskcon's 'vaisnavas' (above the brahmanas) translated those teachings into sexually abusing thousands of children in their care without exposing one cult krsna to secular justice.
Readers familiar with Indian philosophy will know Badarayana's (aka.Ved Vyasa) Mahabharata contained 4'400 slokas originally.  His disciples added a further 5'600, 10'000 in all.  By Vikramaditya's time it had swelled to double- 20'000 slokas.  When Raja Bhoja came to power he complained that in his father's time it had swelled to 25'000 and by the time of his manhood it had reached 30'000.  If it went on increasing in that way it would soon be a "camel load."  Now we hear it has exceeded a "caravan load" of over 100'000 plus verses.
Similarly Ved Vyas' commentary- Uttar-Mimamsa-Stotra, was further commented on by Shankarcharya, Ramanajucharya, Madhvacarya, and a host of others.  What eventuated was a disagreement in philosophical understanding resulting in divided schools of thought- Advaita (non-dualism,) Vishisthadvaita (qualified non-dualism) and Dvaita (dualism.)  With the introduction of the later banded Caitanya gaudiya school, a fourth interpretation added further division to rule.... Acinta beda abeda tattva (simultaneous oneness and difference.)   Finally the school of common sense was introduced and some smart alec presented the acronym- KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid.  But by then the gaudiya stories were bhagavati possessed and competing with Ripley's Believe-it-or-not.  The only way TRUTH could evict fiction was in practical presentation by a flawless personality.  With the advent in 1824 of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, the revelations began.  Please read his Satyarth Prakash, it is truly an eye-opener.
Doctor: And the word om has been praised in the Upanisads, but...`

Prabhupada: Om, veda, pranavah sarva-vedesu. Krsna says that raso 'ham apsu kaunteya prabhasmi sasi-suryayoh pranavah sarva-vedesu [Bg. 7.8]. Pranava is omkara. Sarva-vedesu, "That pranava I am." That is sound representation of Krsna.
After fifty years of fanatical propaganda and persistence to replace omkara with the maha mantra, we are forced by observation and experience to conclude the mantra to be no more than a cult tool for marketing and entrapment.  In verdict, it is promoted by a business that presents falsified documentation to exploit whomsoever by extracting the price of life and limb for an invisible, unauthenticated, unquantifiable product, with zero benefit and otherwise antithetical reactions.
In a past article "Grand Theft Atma," we have shown how these teachings: the attribution to sages and interpolations, are common knowledge to seekers outside the entrapment of gaudiya confines.  Only gaudiya writings claim Krsna said and did what they say.  When we understand the Bhagavad Gita to be the pre-battle pep-talk by a warrior prince to his friend/cousin; a situation specific dialogue consisting of a few stanzas versus 800 airy-fairy gaudiya invented verses peppered with purports demanding surrender to the cult and its representatives, we must ask why.  The answer is not as complicated as one would imagine.  If Krsna is the supreme being, there is only one way to reach him...through Iskcon which is the Internationally registered herald for gaudiyaganda.  Through Iskcon means through Prabhupada.  That is why he wanted the whole world to be Krsna conscious.  To be Krsna conscious means being Prabhupada conscious (same difference).  This consciousness facilitates the collection of homage adulation and world domination by proxy.
Prabhupada: "Therefore having a bona fide spiritual master and serving him and pleasing him and getting his mercy is essential. Otherwise there can be no advancement in Krishna consciousness."
Prabhupada: "I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this."
Advancing the creed of guru-equals-god is gaudiya.  Knowledge is given by teachers.  Diligently applying knowledge to life is what liberates not teachers/gurus, per se.  How that knowledge is delivered makes one preacher superior to another... but never a god.  A dictator maybe, but never GOD.  Many owe their existence and that of their families to educators.  But do we surrender our lives to a professor who taught us accounting?  Will we spend the rest of our days running up and down public streets selling Prof. Calculus' books and croaking "Jaya Mathapada!?"  The only reason cults persist is because faith is built on irrationality: fictitious characters endowed with miraculous powers manufactured by the paranormal interpretations of dream merchants who channel dictators as gurus and guru as Param Bhagavan.
"There is nothing wrong in punishing them; such men do not become gurus by virtue of possessing learning and other good qualities. They are false gurus who tie strings of beads round the necks of their (chelas) dupes, make marks on their foreheads called tilakas, and teach mantras (mystic words), etc., quite opposed to the teachings of the Vedas.
They are not gurus but shepherds, because just as shepherds keep goats and sheep for the purpose of obtaining milk, etc., likewise these so-called gurus have male and female disciples (chelas and chelis) in order to strip them of their money with which they enjoy themselves. It is said of them by some one: "The greedy."  (Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati)
In catechizing the Iskcon guru's concupiscence (elderly men tangled in libido where nature grants abstinence) the magic mantra has proven ineffectual.  In fact, quite to the contrary.  Not only are we shocked by the queerness of proclaimed and endorsed god-men, there is also an escalation in their experimentation and acceptance of the outré.  In annual conventiclers Iskcon's god-men "secret basket" reports of murder, rape, child abuse, robbery, fraud, and other serious felonies in contumacious opposition to laws of the land.  From whence did this contemn for governments and legislated laws originate?  Who indoctrinated Iskcon's god-men to imbibe and accept such anti-social behaviorisms?  No need to seek further, we have the answer at our fingertips.  Here it is, directly from the gaudiya get-out-of-jail-free gita:
"Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service,  he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated."
(Bg 9/30)
Based on the above irrelevant-to-Arjuna's-situation gaudiya gita stanza, known pedophiles whoremongers and rapists remain protected within the cult, and even promoted to higher ecclesiastical pretentions.  Distributing the founder's literature for donations and chanting the maha mantra is all it takes to be considered properly situatedipso facto devotional service by his canon.  To enforce such malefic codes which directly contravene legislation, the founder claims superiority to all humanity thereby threatening whistleblowers with expulsion and eternal damnation:   
Prabhupada: "There is no difference between the shelter-giving Supreme Lord and the initiating and instructing spiritual master (same difference).  If one foolishly discriminates between them, he commits an offense in the discharge of devotional service"
But is the guru/teacher non-different to the Supreme Lord?  NO!  Permit us to put in perspective the Vedic injunction as it is, and how facts have been misconstrued to promote gaudiya-vaisnava-guru = Param Bhagavan:

>>This expression Pancha Yajna or the worship of the five gods - has a very good meaning, but the ignorant fools have degraded it and construed it to mean something altogether different form what was originally intended. The worship of Shiva and the like gods has already been condemned. But we shall now explain what is meant by the worship of the five gods which is sanctioned by the Vedas.

This may be termed worship of gods that are truly worthy of reverence.

  1. "The first object of worship is the mother. It is the duty of her sons and daughters to serve this goddess with all their heart and all their soul, and keep her happy. Let her never be treated harshly."
  2. "Second object of worship is the father. This God should also be served like the mother."
  3. "The third object of worship is the teacher who bestows knowledge (upon his pupils). This God should also be served with utmost devotion."
  4. "The fourth object of worship is the altruistic teacher of humanity who is learned, deeply religious, upright, well-wisher of all and goes from place to place preaching the truth the thereby making the people happy."
  5. "The fifth object of worship is the husband for the wife and the wife for the husband."

These are the five living gods who bring a man into being and bring him up, and it is through them that he gains true knowledge, sound culture and is instructed into the righteous principles of conduct.<< (excerpt: Satyarth Prakash)

We ask readers to note the FOURTH worshipable 'god' on the table of dedication above.  Now ask yourself, how is it that the FOURTH worshipable god/teacher is claiming a "no difference" parity with the Supreme Lord?  The answer lies in a ruthless gaudiyaganda campaign against the three superior repositories identified.  Winning by default is a system of promotion whereby you don't need to be talented to win.  What you do is make your opposition look common.  Here we show how it is done:

Prabhupada: "....The krpanas, or miserly persons, waste their time in being overly affectionate for family, society, country, etc., in the material conception of life. One is often attached to family life, namely to wife, children and other members, on the basis of "skin disease." The krpana thinks that he is able to protect his family members from death; or the krpana thinks that his family or society can save him from the verge of death. Such family attachment can be found even in the lower animals who take care of children also." (Bg 2/7, purport)

Prabhupada: "No-one is actually a mother or father a family member or relative, everyone is just like foam on the sea water remaining in view for only a few moments." (Srila Prabhupada - Vrindavan Bhajan - circa 1958)

So that takes care of the first two 'more elevated' gods, now for the third:

Prabhupada:  "Materialistic civilization has made great strides in educating the masses; but the result is that people are more and more unfortunate, unhappy and frustrated. This is because modern so-called education is concerned only with material advancement, and neglects the most important aspect of life: spiritual wisdom. Real vidya, or actual education begins with the understanding that the Supreme Lord is the owner and controller of everything." (Sri Isopanishad Mantra 9. purport)

Prabhupada: "The Isopanisad says that those who engage in the advancement of such materialistic education will go to the darkest region of existence. Therefore the present civilization is in a very dangerous position because there is no arrangement anywhere in the world for genuine spiritual education. In this way human society is being pushed to the darkest region of existence." (Sri Isopanishad)

There is much more evidence of this win-by-default strategy in  operation, but we get the idea how it works and how every goddamned thief, pervert, dipstick, dropkick and pea-brain gutter-snipe is given sanctuary and a motormouth because "Prabhupada said" if he joined the cult, distributed books for donations and chanted the maha mantra.... "he is to be considered saintly," a guru = to GOD.

Okay, by now you should have your fingers in apple-pie and feet in panchamrita.  Please check the BIF site from time-to-time.  We hope to begin a series of articles shortly.  Before signing off, we present for your reading pleasure some historically (1875) noted vaisnava shenanigans investigated and revealed by the first, foremost, and possibly the only champion of the misguided, who dedicated much valuable time to exposing the good-as-god gold-digging-gaudiyas and other bogus denominations....Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati.  Sorry for any error in translation.

They named them Puranas (ancient books) and began to read out select portions from them: They began to practice wonderful frauds and trickery. One of these popes would take an idol made of stone, conceal it in a mountain cave or a secret recess in a jungle or bury it in the ground. After this was done, he would proclaim to his disciples that Mahadeva, Parvati, Radha, Krishna, Sita, Ram, Lakshmi, Narayana, Bhairava, Hanuman, or some other God or goddess had visited him in his dreams and informed him that he or she was in such and such place, commanded him to get him or her (out of the place), install in a temple and become his/her priest. If these demands were complied with, he or she would grant him his heart's desires.
The ignorant people who had 'more money than brains' would hear such stories and believe them to be true, they would enquire of him as to the exact site where the God or goddess was to be found. At this the pope would answer "The idol can be found in this mountain or that jungle, should you desire it I could lead you to the place." Thereupon those fools would accompany that scoundrel to the place, find the idol and being struck with astonishment fall at the feet of the Pope and exclaim "The God is indeed very gracious into you. Take the idol home and we will build him a temple wherein the idol may be installed, you shall be his priest and we shall also gain our hearts' desires by paying our adoration to him." When the trick played by one of the popes was successful, the others followed his example, had recourse to jugglery and imposture and installed idols with a view to earn their livelihood.
A man, who had worshipped Jaggan Naath for twelve long years, had then renounced the world and become a Sanyasi, came to Mathuraa and met us there. We inquired from him about all these miracles. He told us that they were all false. On reflection we are convinced that when the time for the god changing its body comes, a log of sandal wood is taken to the sea in a boat and then dropped into it. This is, then, washed to the shore by the sea-waves. Out of this log the carpenters shape idols.
As regards the miracles of the cooking pans, when cooking is done, none but the cooks are admitted into the kitchen and allowed to see anything there. Six round fireplaces are made in a circle and the seventh I made in the centre. Clarified butter, dust and ashes are applied to the bottom of six pans in which water and rice are placed. They are, then, placed on the six fireplaces, when the rice therein is done, they are taken of the fire and their bottom well cleansed. Now they put fresh rice and water in the seventh cooking pan.
The pans are put on the central fireplace, one on the top of the other and the seventh one in the centre of the lot. The mouths of the six fireplaces are then closed with iron sheets. The place is then thrown open to the visitors. Those among them who are rich are invited to see that the rice in the upper and lower pans is done, whilst that in the central pan is not at all done. Those who seem to have 'more money than brains' place gold and silver by way of an offering; some even promise to contribute something monthly Shoodras and other low class people bring eatables as an offering  into the temple. After they have been offered to the Jaggan Naath idol, these people eat a little of these eatables and leave the rest in the pans which are sent to the house of those who pay for them. All people - from the poor householders, Saadhus and mendicants down to the Shoodras and outcasts - sit in a row and eat together. When one set of people have finished eating, another set take their places and eat out of the same leaf-plates as the first one - in other words, they eat their leavings.
It is a most pernicious practice. As regards the third miracle, good many who go there return home without having eaten the leavings of others. As long as they stay there, they take the food prepared with their own hands. They never get leprosy and the like diseases in consequence. Besides, even in that town of Jaggan Naath there are to be found good many lepers who, in spite of daily eating and the leavings of others, cannot get rid of their disease.  
When Mahmud of Ghazni attacked this temple, it was razed to the ground, its priests and other devotees were humbled and reduced to a most wretched condition, and an army of hundreds of thousands of soldiers was put to flight by a force of 10,000 men. A pretty miracle indeed!
The popish priests offered presents to the god, worshipped and praised him and addressed prayers to him, thus "O god of gods! Do thou destroy this barbarian and take us under thy protection." They would tell their dupes - ruling princes: - "Do not be at all anxious. Rest assured, Mahaadeva is sure to send Bhairava or Virabhadra for your assistance who will destroy or blind all these barbarians." Or they would tell them, "Our god is sure to manifest himself presently. Hanumaan (monkey-God). Bhairava (the Indian Bacchus) and Durga have appeared to us in a dream and promise to do everything for us."
Those poor simple Rajas were easily taken in by these popes. They believed in all that they said and, therefore, did not resist the invader. Many popes, who were astrologers, said that that was not an auspicious time for them to fight, because one said it was the 8th moon while the other said that the Yoginee star would face them (when they go to fight) and  so on, they were altogether misled by the popes (and therefore they did nothing to defend themselves). When they were surrounded on all sides by the barbarians, they tried to escape from their miserable plight. Hundreds of popish priests and their dupes fell into the hands of the enemies. Their priests with folded hands implored the Mohammedans to spare their temple and the idol, and offered to pay Rs. 30,000,000 as ransom but the Mohammedans answered that they were not idol-worshippers but idol-breakers and off they went and began to demolish the temple.
When the roof fell, and he magnetic rocks were shifted, down fell the idol which, when broken, was found to contain Rs. 180,000,000 worth of diamonds. When the popish priests were flogged, they began to weep. They were told to point out where the treasury was. Through fear of punishment, they revealed everything. Thereupon the Mohammedans, having looted the treasury and thrashed the priests, made slaves of them as well as of their dupes.
They made them grind corn, cut grass and carry urine and faeces but gave them nothing but parched grain to eat. Oh! Why did these people ruin themselves by the worship of stones? Why did they not worship the Almighty God whereby they could have put the barbarians, to rout and gained victory over them? Had they worshipped heroes and brave men in place of all those idols, what a protection they would have afforded!
The priests worshipped those stones so devoutly and yet not one of them shifted from its place, fell upon the head of one of the invaders and broke it. Had they served a single brave man as they did the idols, he would have done his best to protect those who had served him and to destroy their enemies 
This practice of eating one another's leavings was started by Vaama Maargis as part of their Bhairavi circle. In proof of this may be mentioned that the idol of Subhadra who was sister to both Krishna and Baldeva, is seated in place of wife between the idols of the two brothers. Had it not been due to the Bhairave set, no such thing could ever have happened.
As regards the fourth miracle, it may be said that there must be some mechanism connected with the wheels of the car; when it is worked in the right way, the car moves, but when the midst of the gathering the mechanism is worked in the opposite way, the car stops. Thereupon the priests shout, "Give alms and do some meritorious acts whereby the god Jaggan Naath may be propitiated and allow the car to move and preserve our faith."
As long as the money keeps pouring in, they keep on shouting lie this but as soon as it ceases to pour in, a native of Braj nicely-dressed and wrapped in shawls, etc., standing before the car with folded palms prays, "Do Thou, O Lord Jaggan Naath, allow this car to move on and thereby preserve our faith." Then he kneels down, salutes the God and mounts the car, at that very moment the mechanism is turned the right way, the crowd shouts, 'Hail Lord! Hail!" Thousands of people pull the cord (attached to the car), forward and the car moves.
The same kind of trickery is carried on in the temple of Jaggan Naath. Hundreds and thousands of people go to pay their homage to the idol, but the place is so big and so dark that even in the daytime lamps have to be lighted up before anything can be seen. A curtain is hanging before the idol, the priest and popes stand inside. When the curtain is pulled from one side, it is in front of the idol
and hides it. Thereupon they shout, "Present your offerings. You sins will be forgiven and you will then be enabled to see the god. Make haste." Those poor simpletons are taken in by these scoundrels of priests. Then as soon as the curtain is drawn to the other side, the idol becomes visible. Thereupon all those foolish people shout. "Hail! Lord! Hail!!" After being hustled and jostled and put to various other indignities, they return home.
It is the same Indradaman whose descendants are still to be found in Calcutta. He was a great king. He was a devotee of Devi (goddess). He had this temple built at the cost of millions of rupees in order to remove vexatious restrictions in connection with eating and drinking from among the people of Aryavarta, but these foolish people never like to be freed from their shackles. As regards your belief that the gods built the temple of Jaggan Naath, there were no other gods but the builders who raised it.
A king, a priest and a carpenter do not at all die when the god changes body. They are all predominantly present there. It is very likely that in times gone by these three might have proved very troublesome to their inferiors who, in order to revenge themselves, might have poisoned them to death.
The interior of the Jaggan Naath idol is hollow wherein is placed another idol called Shaaligraam in a golden vessel. This is washed everyday with water and the wash is used for making what is called the sacred drink. Possibly they - the prisoners - smeared this idol with the essence of some poison at the time of evening prayers.
The next morning the sacred drink was made and given to those three persons - the king, the priest and the carpenter who died of it. Thereupon those slaves to Mammon might have given it out that the god, at the time of changing his body, carried away the three devotees along with him. Such wicked frauds are very often practiced (by selfish people) to rob others of their wealth.
Some Comments below.  We have removed names not because we were asked to but because we did.  Thanks guys for having the b...s to speak up, and intelligence to introspect.

Dear Sakshi Gopal das 

Thank you for posting recent articles concerning Srila Prabhupada and our books.  Though the truth may be painful to hear, especially for a devotee, without the truth there can be no improvement. 



Well said, Sakshi Prabhu, and thanks for helping me grow along the way. 

>>TRUTH is uncomfortable only when we attempt to remove the growth of lies around it.  However, after the operation what you get is YOU.<<

That seems to be what we have here. 

I read The Gita As It Was (Phulgenda Sinha.  Amazon Books) and the brahminical hold on Indian life through falsified sastra is clear.  Sounds like ISKCON all over again, and if ISKCON could have their way, we would be back there again. 

We try to separate Prabhupada from all this, the corruption in ISKCON, and so forth, and sometimes it is with blinders.  I have always wondered how it was that Prabhupada could have surrounded himself with such corruption at the top, and assigned them such high leadership posts.  As you said in one of your articles, he was a poor judge of character.  My mind says that Prabhupada had a heavy, draconian side that was abusive.  Of course women function as if they are less intelligent, if they are never given a chance.  It is simply a self-fulfilling prophesy. 

A lot of stuff in our books rings wrong to my gut, common sense, and intellectuality, yet I too defended it tooth and nail from vyasasanas here in the USA, for many years both in and out of the movement (no vyasasana however, post '81).  Part of the problem was that Prabhupada would make so much sense (like during a heart transplant the soul just changes seats, or we have a symbiotic relationship with the cow through milk) that we tended to just accept everything he said, point blank (like eagles lay eggs between Earth and Uranus or you should cut out the tongue of anyone who pisses off a Vaisnava). 

Everything inside signaled 'red flag' when Prabhupada said the 'off stuff', but we didn't want to throw away the 'on stuff' (and our immortal souls) by rejecting the 'off stuff'.  So we learned the art of verbal hokus-pokus. 

On the one hand Prabhupada said gulabjamins were ISKCON bullets and that we kill the demons with philosophy, and on the other hand he said 'BLAM'.  As devotees we are supposed to see no contradiction.  That is zombie. 

In many ways, we brainwashed ourselves of the knowledge we learned in school, but in other ways, because ISKCON means total emersion, we were swept along with a tide of similarly brainwashed yea-sayers.  Twisting the truth to make it fit and slipping in clever, comical assertions (the Earth is flat wherever I stand), got us through the hard parts of the philosophy, giving us room to drum into people the easily supportable parts - like life is suffering, the body is temporary, and the soul is different - and make converts. 

Anyway, thanks for babying me along the way.  In all honesty, it hurts, but removing a splinter always hurt.

best regards


It is not that I see Prabhupada in a different light, it is simply that the lights are going out.  What is quite amazing is that no one wants to believe it.  There is this overriding conviction that the cult is connected, respected, famous, mainstream, and 'Prabhupada said' the mission of 'Lord Caitanya' and the books will go on for the next 10, 000 years.

There are powerful folk who recognize iskcon to be a criminal cult, and they will produce more evidence than necessary to prove it.  They, unlike iskcon dependants, do not see the value in the existence of a cult that is criminal and has no practical benefit to society other than propagating its own importance with a view to survival.

Empathy with their perspective comes easy for me.  You may remember I had two gurus and they were both wankers.

If there is anything I would like to say to you in this note it is that there is a God and He has heard the cries of victims left in the forty-plus-year wake of the iskcon cult.  He is about to release His wrath. Don't wait for 10. 000 years, write me back in 10 months and we will go over this prediction.  All questions should be answered by then.