23rd Jun. 2013
1. Missionaries arrive in foreign lands with holy books.  Ere long, natives have the books and missionaries the land.  History holds imperialism and colonialism responsible for introducing conversion corridors to impose religious doctrine and validate hostile acts of barbarity.  Today, the crusading isms of old, those who used sword and gun to introduce a superior god, have themselves split into factions. With evangelical fervor and a crusader complex still dominating the psyche, they consume each other, practicing overt and covert cannibal ism.  What's more, to satisfy uncontrollable perversions, they turn on each other inter-tribally ...gender on gender... adult on child.  Yes pedophilia, now exposed as a popular priestly perversion, comes to us with a holy-water neologism.... intergenerational preference.. to help heaven-or-bust halfwits accept tot-torture as tabernacle trad.

2. Attracted by the din of angel-devouring-angel and the opportunities it presents, an unholy scavenger has announced its arrival.. CULTS are building in numbers; spreading unrestricted under a free assessment and self-government permit sanctioned by democracy and indifference.  This serious oversight... crime in religion... has opened doors to non-secular predation in pandemic proportions.  Not that cults have only recently emerged or begun patrolling the parameters of 'mainstream' religious conflict: exploitation and dejection.  They have been in existence for eons, but never as prolific in number, or bold in theft, as in the current era of.... freedom to practice. 
3. Indians, albeit exposed and converted to doctrines of past imperialists and colonialists, and indeed to entrepreneurial breakaways from aesthetic Vedic teachings, have never taken to outré cults.  UFO, Neo-Nazi, Paranormal, Occult, Psychological, Self-Power etc., weirdo-populars in the northern hemisphere, have had no luck in the Indian sub-continent.  So when we note the expansion of an Am/Jew pretending to-be-Hindu cult in India... the Uncle Samkirtan hare krishna (iskcon,) which embraces and inculcates all of the above plus holy horse dung, we just have to ask.... "What yoga position is that?" 
4. How truly confusing it is when researchers discover Rajneesh was shot in the head, Nityananda has been arraigned, Rampal's ashram was recently raised to the ground, yet iskcon,... an organization responsible for sexually abusing thousands of children (many of them Indian; unidentified and uncompensated,) and for crimes too numerous to mention here; a cult whose founder openly advised his following (when expanded enough) to shoot all unbelievers and to drop atom bombs on any country that did not sign on to his doctrine,.... is being allowed to exploit Indian Government policy and people, unhindered and unchecked, and with a doctrine that screams- Unhinged!  Here is a sample:-
Prabhupada (founder of iskcon) :- “Arjuna was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Bhima was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Dhruva Maharaja was a Vaishnava, and he was killing. Parikshit Maharaja was killing. Prahlada Maharaja was killing. Rama was killing. Krishna was killing. Practically speaking, Vaishnavas are killers.”
5. Watching the hare krishna using Indian endorsement to access mainstream status,... bleeding, battered, exploited victims of the cult shake their heads in disbelief.  Even when reminded that criminal ability to cover-up has facilitated the cult's fly-by-night success, ex-members remain unconvinced in rectitude or retribution as imminent.  However, while waiting expectantly on the winds of change, an ageless denominator, just as it did in days of yore within belief systems of all conquering isms, has incited factionalism and cannibalism even within the beggarly iskcon cult.  Allow us to explain.
6.  Below we present a letter openly published on cult web pages.  It is keyed by Ambarisa Dasa (Alfred Ford,) great grandson of Henry Ford (Ford Motors.)  Ford's family consequence spotlights him as pin-up boy for hare krishna claims to acceptance, which is then translated into propaganda to extol the founder's teachings and simultaneously extort money from Indian donors.  The letter addresses a meeting Ford had with Madhu Pandit Dasa in a bid to cease legal hostilities sub-judice for thirteen years in Indian courts. 
7.  Madhu Pandit Dasa (MPD) is the Temple President of Iskcon- hare krishna Bangalore (HKB).  He is also involved pancho ungli ghee mein with the NGO siphoned 'akshaya patra' food distribution program in India.  MPD, for those who are unaware, was appointed Temple President by the hare krishna cult's Governing Body Commission (GBC) back in 1984.  In 1998 he came under fire from the GBC over undisclosed finances and, according to GBC advocates, was on the brink of replacement.  It was at this point MPD proclaimed himself an adherent to a floating belief that the founder (late) of iskcon appointed eleven proxies (ritviks) and not gurus to perform initiations.  Whether right or wrong (protocols were never legally registered by iskcon's uneducated founder- Prabhupada,) MPD used the argument to commandeer the hare krishna Bangalore property and associated assets.  However, those in the know know that MPD's war with iskcon is over money, which began when he did not submit books for scrutiny.  They say his 'ritvik' stand is nothing more than a front and rearguard to cannibal chieftainship.
The letter below is an attempt by Alfred Ford to once again hogtie MPD to the GBC totem pole.  The reason, for those in the know, is a lack of funds for Ford to complete the 'Vedic Planetarium' being constructed at the cult's center in Mayapur (Bengal,) .... a project for which Ford has taken onus.
Comments (in green font) by BIF.
>>Ambarish Das writes to GBC on ISKCON-Bangalore dispute
To respected ISKCON GBC members and members of the bureau,<< 
Above and below we see exhibited a standard etiquette in cult cannibaloney.... Whether addressees are being peeled or roasted: the secret to differentiation lies in the capital 'P' for prabhus being skinned, and a small 'p' for those already on the spit.
>>Dear Maharaja and prabhus, please be informed that on DayaramaPrabhu's request, RadhaJivan prabhu and I met with MadhuPandit Prabhu and Chanchala Pati Prabhu, in my hotel in Bombay on the 3rd March 2013.<<
Dayarama is the GBC representative in litigation against MPD and his brother-in-law, Chanchala Pati (CP).  These two assisted initiation of another breakaway faction in the US (Long Island), now calling themselves Iskcon Inc.,  To this group we add the Direction of Management (DOM) splinter.  MPD and CP also initiated / financed yet another breakaway faction known as- Prabhupadanaagas (or NUTS), but not before MPD's created / supported the initial breakaway group- Iskcon Reform Movement' (IRM.... now going RIP.)  After embedding these carcinogens deep within the iskcon body, MPD withdrew visible support to all or most, leaving in his wake a cannibal cult..... a nut-zombie noshmare.   
>>MadhuPandit Prabhu explained his entire case to me, which all of you are familiar with. The meeting lasted for five hours.<<
So why would it take five hours for Ford to understand what all of you are familiar with?  Ford is more familiar with than most.  He is an insider to GBC decisions strategies and agendas and fully knowledgeable of battle positions on all fronts?  His name and money bought him access to the GBC 'secret basket' from the moment he threw his banana in the cult's artificial (sacrificial?) fire.

Ford (2nd from left), Bacis (jockey cap) & Federof (khaki kurta)

What Ford attempts in this letter is to appoint himself as chemotherapist in process of eradicating the source of carcinogenic cannibalism
.....  while (incidentally) recouping vast sums of money accumulated by MPD, who used the iskcon shingle to collect it....  money Ford needs to re-employ his buddies... Bhavananda et al, to complete the "Vedic Planetarium"...  a dream now lying forlorn on cult snatched farmlands in Bengal's desperately needed prime produce zone.
>>In his conversations he explained that this fight, has become dirty and has been brought to the streets.<<
The fight is dirty because cannibals need to eat.  It is interesting to hear MPD complain about the fight being dirty when his cyber hookers (yes there are quite a few,) pimped and postured by him (obviously,) screw honesty and dignity to suck GBC brains for breakfast.  One of his earners is the Bangalore madam- iskcon truth.  We present two links below showing this MPD cyber Lola- 1) hacking a private letter between opposition members, only to then stupidly expose MPD's unconscionable conduct, and 2) a report on Iskcon GBC attempts in Haryana (India) to appear charitable (like MPD does with his akshaya patra program) through its 'Annamrita' food distribution program.  The report references an article from India's Hindustan Times roasting iskcon GBC shortcuts and inadequacies.  However, no one would be surprised to know media informants came from MPD's bitch harem.  In response to MPD cyber STD (scripturally transmitted? but of course,) iskcon GBC infects have responded with a site dedicated to- "Madhu Bandit."  It has been linked below as #3.  
#1  http://www.iskcontruth.com/2013/05/varada-krsna-dasas-e-mail-to-dayaram.html
#2  http://www.iskcontruth.com/2013/05/hrd-ministry-report-roasts-govt-over.html
#3  http://www.madhubandit.info/tag/madhu-pandit-dasa/

Madhu Pandit (MPD)

When Ford writes- which all of you are familiar with he tells us he is also familiar with MPD's hoop-la already in the public domain.  So we must conclude that his desperation to build a planetotem for his own tribe of headhunters (by liberating MPD's loot) overshadows all other emissary purpose.  That fact gushes as his letter progresses.
>>The general masses of India are so ready to accept Krishna Consciousness and Srila Prabhupada; .....<<
NO! They are not!  Indians are becoming more secular than any other race on earth.  The doorway that remained open to religious scammers for centuries has finally come under Indian security concerns.... and hopefully, under legislation in the near future.
>>... but they are being victimized by losing their faith watching us fight.<<
Indians began losing faith in vaisnava cultism long before iskcon showed up. But we do agree, Indians are tired of hare krishna beggars wasting money extorted in charity from Indian families.... and surprised at the cult's excesses.  Besides, the crazy mind-set of A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and the criminal escapades of his cannibal cult internationally, is now known and spreading among the general masses of India.  Our advise to iskcon operatives in India is-  keep return tickets and passports handy.... you may need to move quicker than you ever did before.

time to run...Bobo

>>He claimed he is sick of fighting any further and therefore wishes to make a settlement. For this he is willing to surrender his 3000 crore properties to ISKCON Bombay and work under ISKCON management.<<
3'000 crore properties!? And this does not include cash or movable assets!  How is it that a cult begging arms in the name of 'CHARITY' and publicly selling a yoga image of  RENUNCIATION, has a SINGLE center, accumulating properties in India alone (not including other countries) to the tune of HALF A BILLION American dollars???  We ask our Indian readers to be alert to fact that iskcon Bangalore is only ONE of EIGHTY iskcon temples / centers in India, and certainly not the largest or most affluent.  Shriman Rajiv Dixit (late) made mention of iskcon Bangalore in a talk he gave.... VIDEO.  Here is an excerpt:-
"There is this organization called Iskcon operating in India who have built temples to Lord Krishna and these temples are their biggest sources of revenue. These temples don't pay any income tax and all of the profits are transferred into American accounts.  Do you know that? Of these Iskcon temples Iskcon Bangalore makes such a big profit that they can send abroad more profits than the American company Colgate does in a year. The American Colgate company after all their sales and nett profit that they send to America, three times that amount Iskcon Bangalore temple can send to America yearly..... And bigger than Bangalore temple is the Iskcon Delhi temple and even bigger than that temple is Bombay and even bigger temple than that is the one built in Mathura....."
>> However, he wishes to maintain his philosophical stance at this time.<<

holy hole

It is obvious from the above statement that Alfred Ford, after discussions, believed MPD's 'ritvik'  philosophy was only a 'stance at this time,' meaning... changeable in future?  He confirms it below in the next paragraph of his letter.**  But then, the question must be raised-  If MPD has waged a thirteen year court battle to cannibalize properties and associated assets, how did Ford, in only a FIVE HOUR meeting, convince MPD to repent and return, and, more importantly, recognize MPD's philosophical stance to be nothing more than.. at this time?
>>I humbly wish to make my request to you all as Srila Prabhupada's followers and sincere well-wishers of ISKCON society, that a settlement be made at this time since the fight has gone on intensely for a very long time.<<
But surely, if MPD is willing to surrender his 3000 crore properties.... it's all over bar the victory celebrations.  And if we are to believe Ford in that MPD's philosophical stance is only subject to time..  what more is necessary?  Ford should be needling the veins of Bangalore Life Membership to begin Vedic Planetarium transfusions, already.  Instead he is flogging in public what he claims was negotiated in private and needed only to be announced as a settlement by both parties... a done deal. 
Although we have difficulty understanding why MPD, the initiator of the cannibal virus, would sell short the cells he germinated, it is becoming obvious that he would betray all for independent and uninterrupted use of iskconpatra to fill his own akshayapatra.  The scuttlebutt is that MPD has moved money out of India in quantities large enough to maintain his suzerain ambitions.  When his akshaya patra 'starving Indian kids' program (and "India Heritage Foundation Trust") is added as license to garner donations worldwide ..... he can create new cells and build his iskcon using iskcon tactics in quicker time than iskcon did.

"For the starving kids"

>> If however, the settlement brings further problems in the future, they can be dealt with, then.<
No matter what further problems in the future may bring, they will be too late to reverse Ford's financial exploitation of MPD's life membership list.  For the hungry cannibal it is simply a matter of eating.  If the victim is well cooked there should be no after effect.  If there is, it could well be someone else's problem.  If there is any doubt in who Ford wants to capture now and cook instantly, read the next statement.
>> ** I recommend the GBC should take their chances with the settlement at this time since there is every chance that when a more friendlier atmosphere is created in the future, MadhuPandit Prabhu will be open to an agreeable philosophical debate once a working relationship is restablished.<<
Everyone and anyone observing the hare krishna menagerie knows the philosophical debate has been going on for donkeys ears without a conclusion in sight.  Thanks to its uneducated * founder and his salivating followers.  Yet, here is Ford openly pointing to MPD controlled properties as convertible liquid assets, and his philosophical stance at this time to be changeable once MPD is head locked and skewered in open and agreeable philosophical debate, which, when lost by MPD on any level, will leave only two options-  grill or tandoor?

grill or tandoor?

*There is misinformation among cult followers that its founder- A.C. De (Prabhupada) was educated in multi complex fields of study.  However the truth is, and his own daughter confirmed it, he did not sit for any degree.  If he did, it would still be available for collection at St. Xaviers College, Kolkata.  There was never any degree awarded to a student by that name.  In fact, we would sincerely like to see a posted copy of his HSC certificate, or any confirmation of high school graduation.
Prabhupada letter to female disciple (16th Feb, 1972, Calcutta):
My Dear Chaya dasi,
There is no question of academic education for either boys or girls-- simply a little mathematics and being able to read and write well, that's all, no universities. Their higher education they will get from our books.
Is this the directive of an academic, or a despotic dinosaur driveling drool?
>>I believe on friendly grounds people are more willing to see each other's points of view. It is absolutely imperative that we diffuse the situation without further delay.<<
Pulling the dispute out of court and onto GBC sacrificial altars where MPD, ritvikism, properties, assets, adherents, and agenda to resurrect a dead Prabhupada to replace a bunch of bushwhackers... cannot possibly be viewed as friendly grounds.  Ford's desperation to exploit akshayapatra to fill his planetariumpatra is reason for his public stance.  Otherwise, why did he take this long to play mediator?  The excerpt from an interview below along with our next two comments will provide the answer:
" ....chairman Ambarisa Das (Alfred Ford) has contributed $30 million to the project, he is now running out of funds. .....After three-and-a-half decades of struggles to make Prabhupada’s vision a reality, the superstructure of the TOVP has been completed. But in order to have the temple ready for the Deities in 2016 as planned, another solution is needed to raise the remaining $30 million of the temple’s $60 million cost." 
We do believe Ford made contribution to the project, but the $30 million attributed to him is not entirely correct... It was money he collected from several sources by using the Ford fortiori.  Nor do we agree with the remaining cost i.e., $30 mil.  There is reason for confliction when in a recent statement we read- "The temple which will be completed in 2016 will cost approximately $75 million."   Unless $15 million (plus 'over budget' unsighted costs) is loose change to this bunch of charity beggars, there is a gross underestimation in calculation.
>>It might seem to be a compromise, giving in, or diluting our philosophy, but eventually I have firm faith that we will come out winning; influencing his heart, and the hearts of his 300 men by this act of love and trust....<<
When Ford says- we will come out winning, it means someone is coming out losing.  Do we need to guess who?  Here is how Ford finished up an interview not so long ago- "We ask one last question as we rise to leave—why did he take such a long time to fulfill Prabhupada’s dream of the temple? “Because I wasn’t in charge. When I take charge, things move,” he says with a smile."  Now he wants things move by removing things obstructing access to Bangalore money.  Truly, this is why Ford donned the mantle of mediator.
>>We have the example of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, when dealing with Prakashanada Saraswati: Mahaprabhu took the humble and tolerant stance and was able to eventually win over Prakashanada's philosophy and make him a disciple along with his 10,000 men.<<
Cult cannibaloney: ineffectual quotes taken from unverifiable dreamtime stories and used in perpetuum without any result other than to identify debaters as tribal cannibals from a splintered totem.
>>I am writing this note to you after considering all aspects of the present situation. After deeply contemplating the pros and cons of this long battle and its effects on our society. Although not the ideal option for us, a settlement is a very wise and sober option; for which there will be blessings from Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna for making the maximum effort to maintain peace in our society.<<

pamho prabhu

Ford knows, but so does everyone else (and most certainly- Mr. MPD,) that skewering and cooking MPD will simultaneously roast ritvikism in a hot short term.  Also, Bangalore's surrender to GBC control will peter out ritvik factions and centers worldwide.  Ford's attempt to take advantage of a staggering thirteen year litigation is not so much head-hunting as hopeful scavenging.
>> As Srila Prabhupada mentioned your love for me will show as to how well you co-operate with each other and also he said, no one can harm this society from the outside, it can only be broken from the inside.<<

That chain of cooperation, if it ever existed at all, was broken when iskcon raped its children, murdered its dissidents and promoted perverts as gurus and saints in direct lineage from god, *** allegedly poisoned its founder, kidnapped minors, ran drugs, prostitution rackets, money laundering scams, cheated, sold gaudiya gobble as gospel, etc.
The three stars above *** is explained below.  It confirms what researchers (outside the cult misled internet) have always known, and that is.... Bhaktivinod Thakur was publicly declared a cheat and forger by his own guru (Bipin Bihari Goswami.)  Because of that public disclosure and disownment, Bhaktisiddhanta (Bhaktivinod's son) publicly abused Bipin Bihari, which made bad matters worse.  So Bhaktivinod disclaimed his son- Bhaktisiddhanta.  Now we have confirmation from his own brother (Lalita Prasad) that Bhaktisiddhanta was also a cheat and forger like his father.  Which, in the grand scheme of sect thievery, shows iskcon claiming succession all the way back to a blue god in whose name men women and children were/are used, abused and exploited...... a blue god with a name that means black, and used by some of the blackest perverts hiding in humanity.
*** Steve Bohlert, a.k.a Subal was an initiate of A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami, founder of iskcon and author of Bhagavad Gita As it is.  BIF has always maintained that the 'parampara' list of acaryas presented in that book, is bogus.  Now proof emerges from within the cult.  The following excerpt is taken from “Saffron”, Subal’s autobiography.  Here Subal recounts a meeting with Lalita Prasad, the brother of Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada's guru (Bhaktisiddhanta). Subal relates what Lalita Prasad told him (emphasis added):

“The line that your guru maharaja (A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami- Prabhupada) listed in his Bhagavad Gita was made up by my brother Bhaktisiddhanta. He was rejected by our father Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur and his guru who was Bipin Bihari Goswami. Bhaktisiddhanta spoke against Bipin Bihari from the stage of a large public gathering in Calcutta. He called him a caste Goswami and a sahajiya (a cheap cheater).
“When our father heard about this, he said, ‘You should keep out of religious affairs. It would be better if you went and lived in Mayapur alone. Chant Hare Krishna and pray for Lord Chaitanya’s mercy.’
“But when our father Bhaktivinode Thakur died, I went to my brother and said, ‘Who will carry on our father’s teachings now that he is gone? You are the oldest.’ I was working for the government like our father did, while he was doing his spiritual practices and was a scholar. ‘You’re the one to do it,’ I told him.
‘How can I do it when I’ve been rejected by our father and his guru?’ was his reply.
‘You’re smart. Make up a disciplic succession. Who will know?’ He did it. When he went to Vrindaban to preach, the babajis there knew he had made it up.” It did not jive with known historical facts and relationships between the personalities mentioned.

ganja goli

>>Jaha Sumati, Waha Sampati nana aha kumati taha vipati vidha
Where there is peace there is all good fortune. Where there is disturbance there is only calamity.<<

In what meat space does Ford operate?  What peace is he talking about when suicides and mental disorders keep coming out the iskcon slave development program?  How deeply is he involved with misrepresentation of the cult's ultimate agenda?  How can he be hobnobbing with iskcon for so long.... in an administrative capacity, as a pin-up boy, without understanding that his guru, preceptor, and founder of iskcon, was not about PEACE?  Prabhupada was a dictator who wanted to kill all who did not bow down to him (in krishna's name.)  He always had a VIOLENT agenda ("Not now, but later when we are more powerful") to hack, shoot, and bomb the world into submission (emphasis added):-

piece from prabhupada

Prabhupada: "It is not that because Mohammed  used a sword, we also must use a sword, No ! - we can use a Gun. We will ask -...You like Krishna ?? No -- Booom.. You like Krishna ? No > Booom .  we can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB FOR KRISHNA !!
...and again..

“Arjuna was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Bhima was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Dhruva Maharaja was a Vaishnava, and he was killing. Parikshit Maharaja was killing. Prahlada Maharaja was killing. Rama was killing. Krishna was killing. Practically speaking, Vaishnavas are killers.”
...and again..

Prabhupada: Oh, yes. Why not? Kill them.
Prabhupada: acBSp: Oh, you must kill them. Tit for tat. As soon as we detect that "Here is deprogrammer and kidnapper," kill him. Finish!
Prabhupada: We have to kill this civilization of mudhas....those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas..

Prabhupada: Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them, twenty-one times.
Prabhupada: What these communists can do? We can do better than them. We can kill many communists like that.
Prabhupada: "If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, he should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer's tongue and kill the offender,......."

What goddamned peace is Ford talking about?

>>I beg to remain a simple servant of all of you esteemed devotees.
Ambarisa Das<<
Sounds humble and submissive, but every cult member understands iskcon deva cannibaloney.  Ford's money bought him deva status from day one...but only amongst beggars.  Looking from outside in, he is just another zombie in a godman suit.  Like our dear grandmother would say, "Money don't cure dumb."
As we conclude this article a report comes to desk informing us of further escalation in legal wrangling between iskcon Bangalore (MPD) and iskcon GBC (the Alfred Ford fatwa)  "Iskcon Mumbai (GBC) misused Bangalore's annual accounts to aid their litigation- ICAI."  To this accusation the GBC representative in the case has answered-  http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/06-13/news4872.htm
And so it continues....the legacy of a (Kill all them) dead, deadhead dictator who is still viewed by his tearjerker followers as directly empowered by a babe-hustling blue god named krishna.
In the melee of maha mantra madness, cultists cannot see how quickly hare krishna iskcon has splintered-  (1) iskcon GBC (2) guru factions within the GBC (3) iskcon Bangalore (4) iskcon reform movement (5) iskcon inc. (6) dom. direction of management (7) narayan maharaj breakaways (8) gaudiya mutt breakaways. (9) prabhupadanaagas with factions-  hard/soft ritvik divisions, (10) outspoken dissenters that have no affiliation with any of the above.  To this lot we add what is not yet recognized or identified by cult connections:...  Attracted by the varnasrama"white brahmin... I don't think Hitler was so bad a man... blacks are low class slaves... " precepts advocated by the cult founder- Prabhupada (HERE), which falls perfectly in line with their own neo-nazi ideologies, white supremacists have infiltrated the cult and begun to work hand-in-glove with core leadership and pop pundits.  More on this subject if we are permitted to proceed.
Thanks for spending time with us
Knots in a Thread
This thread is posted to apprise protectors, legislators and law enforcers of the Indian subcontinent, where the iskcon cult is growing rapidly by using political figures and media to validate their existence and right to expansion.  The thread is not only startling in its revelations but equally disturbing in how the founder's instruct to violence is received and revered by cultist.... and in the case of Hansadutta ex. swami/guru (aka, Hans Kary) acted upon by discharging automatic weapons in a public place.  It is this fanaticism that makes iskcon a national security threat.  If not now, then most certainly in the near future:-

Hans Kary

" Hansadutta went out in his Toyota Jeep with four loaded guns and he shot out the Cadillac dealer's plate-glass windows, and then he shot out the windows of Ledger's Liquor store. Both buildings were occupied at the time and the patrons "hit the deck." A policeman stopped Hansadutta's Jeep shortly thereafter. And officer Joe Sanchez told me later, "That officer shit his pants when he saw four guns in the front of that Jeep. He thought this guy in the Jeep is whacked and he has another gun hidden somewhere and he is going to use it on me." A bottle of liquor was found on the floor of the Jeep, and Hansadutta was carrying nearly eight thousand dollars cash on his person. Hansadutta was arrested for firing a gun at occupied buildings." http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/themes/hansaga.htm 
(emphasis added)
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 23:07:58 -0700
From: hansadutta@hansadutta.com
Subject: walk tapes are edited SECOND DRAFT, READ AGAIN
This DONKEY  brained Rameswara and DONKEYS LIKE HIM  (Think Jayadvaita etc. )  is so stupid, arrogant and offensive, IT CAUSES ONE TO MARVEL HOW HE AND THOSE LIKE HIM,  HAVE INSERTED  THEMSELVES LIKE  TICKS ON THE BODY OF ISKCON. (Causing it to have Lyme disease)
He has missed the importance of Prabhupada. Guru means HEAVY, HEAVY WITH KNOWLEDGE. So when Prabhupada says we will kill the demons in our future Krishna consciousness government, he edits this  HEAVY part out.
The European came to this continent and immediately began to exterminate the native Americans, kill all the  Buffalo, cut down all the trees, pollute all the rivers etc.... that is fine, but when Prabhupada suggests a Krishna Conscious Government and killing demons, THAT IS HEAVY and MUST BE EDITED OUT.
It is RAMESWARA  that should be deleted, edited out, eliminated and discarded to the rubbish heap, not Prabhupada.
I was there in Vrindaban for those morning walks, he said " It is not that because Mohammed  used a sword, we also must use a sword, No ! - we can use a Gun. We will ask -...You like Krishna ?? No -- Booom.. You like Krishna ? No > Booom .  we can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB FOR KRISHNA !!.
according to Rameswara's logic when Krishna says get up and fight to Arjuna... I have already put them to death, they are not returning home. Then this statements and others encouraging war and killing of demons, should also be edited. In fact one day at a darshan Srila Prabhupada was musing about Krishna, Balarama and the devotees, he said " Krishna was Killing, Balarama was Killing, Arjuna was killing, Druva Maharaja was Killing Rama Was Killing, Rama, Hannuman, Bhishma, Bhima, Parasurama all of them were Killing." Then prabhupada chuckling and smiling said " <Practically speaking VAISHNAVAS ARE KILLERS >"
He (Rameswara and Company) is such a Buffoon, his teeth should be kicked in, or as Prabhupada would say, " MY BOOT IN YOUR FACE " ... I KICK ON YOUR FACE WITH BOOTS "
Prabhupada says VAISHNAVAS ARE KILLERS, and Rameswara and Company, wants to delete this prominent characteristic of Vaishnavas activeties. The  Vaishnava's leader Sri Krishna says " I come to kill-destroy the miscreants, to protect the devotees and to re-establish Law and Orders (Religion= DHARMA ) in human society." However this donkey man, wants to delete these HEAVY comments by the ACHARYA and KRISHNA. He is a demon, obviously. Someone should delete him and get some ajana-sukriti. Because of him (Rameswara and co. Jayadvaita donkey man ) all of prabhupada's books have been contaminated, as a bucket of fresh milk is contaminated by one drop of URINE, or a meal of spagetti is contaminated by finding one cockroach in it .  Because if you find one  cockroach, you know there must be many more, although you do not see them
This Rameswara and Company want to sanitize Prabhupada, emasculate till you have nothing left except a quaint old man from India with peculiar Ideas of women, diet and unnecessary austerities.... make him a Gay rights activist. Stupid fools, someone kick on his            (Rameswara's) face and teeth with BOOTS .... Prabhupada's boots.
From a facebook post by Bhakta Peterg
Varnasrama Walk Tapes Are Edited:
Prabhupada said that in 1974 on the varnasrama walks in Vrndavana. Those varnasrama walks are very heavy. When I published that book in 1974 called the Varnasrama Walks, I edited out statements that Prabhupada made about Vaisnavas having to kill demons, Vaisnavas dealing with blacks or other minority races, because they are very heavy statements. Also, Krsna Kanti was releasing the tapes. So I told Krsna Kanti, 'you can keep the master, the original but you have to make a new master for duplication with the same editing that I am doing on the walks. You can't release this even on a tape. It's too heavy.' And I had remembered that Prabhupada said, 'If they knew what I was thinking they would have me killed.' And someone else had told me Prabhupada once said, 'If they knew what I was thinking they would put me in jail.' So having that in my mind, the general tapes that were distributed to the Society on those varnasrama walks in about four places are edited. Things were taken out. Just a few sentences here and there, about four places. So that means there were two masters, one the original and one for the duplication. So I don't know which versions Gurupada and the biography staff has to work off of. Probably the second version. Prabhupada had revealed a lot of very heavy things at those varnasrama walks about a future Krsna conscious government, an army under a Krsna conscious government, conquering the world for Krsna. He revealed very heavy things in addition to his vision for varnasrama.
Jun 13
Re: Fwd: walk tapes are edited SECOND DRAFT, READ AGAIN
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Sriman Hamsadutta Prabhu
I have some connection with the Vrndaban Varnashram Morning Walk tapes of 1974 also.  Before Bharadraj came from India and started FATE (he arrived in LA in Sept of 74), I had just started to work with Krsna Kanti at the Bhaktivedanta Tape Ministry (Golden Avatar).   Besides helping with duplicating the cassettes for distribution, he also trained me on receiving the original tapes.  When the original tapes
came in, the lecture, morning walk tapes, etc., he showed me how he would take the tape (they were small 3 or 5 inch reel to reel tapes)
and put them on one deck to play them while recording onto another deck with 7 or 10 inch reels.  So, we immediately made a Master copy
of the Original tape.  While we were doing that we also recorded a number of cassettes at the same time.   So, he taught me to do this,
and so I did this for the next shipment of tapes that came in. That was the Vrndaban Varnashram Morning Walk Tapes.  I put the originals
on the deck and recorded the Master and some cassettes and listened to the tapes.
As I listened I immediately understood that the instructions on these tapes was very important.
I heard the part of the Bang Bang.  He said that in the future there will be armies marching to the tune Hare Krsna Hare Krsna...   And like when the Muslims took sword and went door to door, "Do you accept Allah as God?"  NO - Off with their heads.  He said in the same way in the future devotees should go door to door, "Do you accept Krsna as God?"  NO Bang Bang.... Shoot them. He said, "You should think like this". HEAVYplus a ton.
Krsna Kanti took the tapes to Ramesvar - and a few days later KK told me that Ramesvar said we had to edit that part out. EDIT
Prabhupad's Tapes? What???? I asked Krsna Kanti How can we do that?  This is what SP said, who are we to EDIT what he said?
Krsna Kanti told me he also didn't think it was right, but, that Ramesvar told him for Prabhupad's disciples it is ok to hear this, but that the ministry tapes were being sent to University professors all over the world and since they aren't Prabhupad disciples they won't appreciate or understand and would be turned off by statements like this. It would harm our preaching to the academic world.  So, Krsna Kanti went ahead and edited what Ramesvar told him to edit out.  I was totally dismayed by this.  I was also doing art work painting and Deva Huti, whom I very much appreciated her association (she was like grandmother), told me that Bharadraj was coming to LA and she advised me to work with him on the Doll Museum Project.  So I did. So, receiving those Varnashram tapes,   and making myself a copy of the originals, was about the only real service I did for the Tape Ministry.
Ameyatma das
One more comment,  on these same conversations, SP says "Now I have got the facility of the talking in microphone, and... So why should I not take it? It will be recorded. It will be heard by so many others. I am speaking to four, five men. It can be heard by a big crowd of four hundred men."
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk  "Varnasrama College" -- March 14, 1974, Vrndavana
SP spoke these things with microphone and recorder so that we can all hear exactly what he said.