5th AUGUST, 2012

1. BIF is not a team of web-dwelling keyboarders.  To visualize us as bloggers with ambition only to key a better yarn than the last, is incorrect.  Our goal is to heighten government awareness to cults; the criminal element it fosters.  When we extend our concerns to Iskcon (an international cult claiming non-secular benefits and considerations because they represent Hindu culture)  we believe that no statecraft is better educated, equipped, responsible to act, or democratically balanced between secular and non-secular understanding than the Governors and custodians of Bharatvarsh.  Having said that, we must inform our readers that India (the largest democracy on the planet) is governed strictly (contrary to the 'easy bribe' slander propagated by envious cult bigots) by laws and legislature.  So, we request our readers, and those burnt and broken at the hands of god-men and goons, to be patient as the wheels of justice turn in motion.

Caste Vaisnava

2. Rhetological fallacies are conclusions derived from a premise based on the conclusion, e.g., god is a person, to relate to god one must be a personalist, ergo those who do not are impersonal and inferior.  On the surface it may not appear overly contentious but when circular logic is presented as device to split a belief system,... fallible it may prove under scope, even calamitous where applied and allied,...yet there can be no denying the profiteering it provides unscrupulous thugs.  God fablers are the most prolific users of this carousel to sell.  "Vasinavism" is case in point of rhetologic applied to exploit. 

3. Originally Hindustan (India) was Vedic, or followers of the ancient Vedas.  Under Vedic injunction there was/is no margin for criminal profiteering.  With realization that religiosity could be exploited for unquantifiable profit, unscrupulous profiteers interpreted the Vedas to define status by birth as decreed by god, thereby creating a caste system of exploiters and slaves.  Calling themselves Brahmins ( teachers- direct descendants of Brahma, creator of the material universe,) they pointed to Kshatriyas (administrators) and Vishyas (traders/producers) as god-designated suppliers to their upkeep, and Shudras (laborers) as slaves to the three 'upper' castes.  All of which benefited the Brahmin exploiters.

4. "Thus when the laity became bereft of knowledge, the popes who had read a little of the ritual became haughty, they combined together and declared before the kings and others in authority that it was unlawful to punish a Braahman or a Sadhu, and such texts declared "let no Braahman be killed".  Braahman and Sadhu, was applied to themselves by the popes. They also wrote books containing false statements whose authorship they attributed to the great sages and seers of the past in order to stamp them with authority.
These books they passed off as the writings of the great Vedic seers and read them out to the people. Thus under the cover of these great names they succeeded in getting themselves out of reach of the Law and did whatever they liked, in other words, they have framed such strict laws that no one durst sit or stand, eat or drink, come or go, sleep or wake without their permission.
They instilled into the minds of the rulers that these so-called Braahmans and Sadhus, who were really popes, might do whatever they liked. They should never be punished. The rulers should not even ever think of punishing them. When the people became so ignorant, the popes did and made others do whatever they wished."  (Shri Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, 1824-83).  

Caste Brahmins

5. However, as in all profiting enterprises there are those who see untapped wealth in the tailings:

Ironically it was the son of a prostitute (more on him below) who saw the potential.  He turned fantasy into fact, greedily accepted by those tired of a Brahman monopoly.  The word 'Vaisnav' was born.  Although coined initially to imply the sect were followers of Vishnu (so as to maintain a 'Hindu' profile as they do to this day,) it was no more than a group of entrepreneurs covertly establishing an identity for profit.  The 'Vaisnav' sect was born.  Very quickly the sect pointed to its own interpolated scripture (rhetologic) as instruction superseding those of the Brahmins.  Using a 'personalist' dictum to contend what they pointed to as Brahmanical 'impersonalism,' the new cult muscled its way into the lucrative god market.  How did they do it?

6. To answer the question without falling foul of current vaisnav lies and propaganda, i.e., Prabhupada and his ISKCON (Hare Krishnas,) we must turn pages back to pre-ISKCON investigations on the vaisnav sect compiled by an investigator who was awarded the title of India's last great Maharishi, not by any sect (using rhetologic) but by Bharat's custodians and exemplars.  His revelations finally caused his death by poisoning.  The memory of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati is held in such high esteem that even to this day no swearing in of political or legal office is done without his image looking down on ceremonies.  From his 'unchallenged' revelations recorded in the Satyarth Prakash we find the genesis of the vaisnav cult.  Information from his records best answers the question- How did they do it?

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati

7. King Bhoja (aka. Bhojadeva, 1000-1050 CE,) declared that the Mahabharata was being noticeably tampered with by scam artists.  The Bhagavad Gita, an inclusion in that epic, was spoken by Krishna.  The Gita itself beggars belief in today's world when noting the account was narrated by a remote viewer/hearer who viewed/heard Krishna speak the Gita from 158 km (98 miles) away.  Whatever the facts, Krishna's explanation on yogic practices inspired groupies to form a cult.  From that fan-club came some of the tallest tales known to literature.  The cult (as cults do) did not amount to much, or not until scriptwriters decided to record the fables.  All the Krishna script needed was artistic cohesion and compilation to dramatize impact.  Enter brothers- Bopadev and Jayadev (1100 CE.) 

8. Inspired by the druid-like bhakti stories, and by using artistic right to build on supposition and fantasy, and by mimicking ancient grammatical style of scriptural presentation, the poet brothers (attached to the cabinet of Odyian Chief Minister, Himadri) compiled a dramaturgic work promoting an obscure cult concept of Krishna as a god.  Four thousand years after the Mahabharata, Krishna's childhood, unknown before, was scripted explicit under artistic license and detailed with erotic sexual exploits, including adultery, pedophilia, homosexuality, and erotic foreplay.  A list of underaged adulteresses or 'consorts' appeared for the first time, with the name Radha being given favor as chief consort.  Krishna, an Aryan prince, who (until picked by the brothers for special artistic treatment) known primarily for his discourse on yoga and politics, was now a juvenile adulterer and sexual exploiter of minors who grew up to star in a bedroom bonanza of 16,108 wives, and in siring 11 children to each.....The story of a god who played the part of a man who played the part of a god with a libido X-factor.  The compilation by Bhopadev (claimed by him in the Himadri, HERE) known as the Bhagavat purana (now the Iskcon bible-  Srimad Bhagavatam, written by 'Vyasadeva') circled the production traps without any bites, or until it caught the attention of Shathkopa, the son of a professional prostitute.

Bopadeva & Jayadeva??

9. Whether the story of Krishna and the prostitute Kubja caused his maudlin, or whether entrepreneurial skills inherited genetically from an unknown father was cause, or both, Shathkopa initiated an advertising campaign to promote as fact, fiction created by the Odishian brothers.  Prostitution under god, with god as an example, began to take hold as temples were staffed not only with 'personalist' priests but with little girls and boys who provided a 'personal service' to paying clientele.  Shathkopa had exculpated his mother's profession before god and mammon.

10. "Crossdressing boy dancers, known as gotipuas, also have a long tradition in Puri and were especially popular during the reign of Maharaja Prataparudra. In the gotipua tradition, beautiful male youths were trained in various dance techniques such as the bandha-nrtya, wherein they dressed up as devadasis with colorful saris and heavy makeup. Unlike the devadasis, gotipuas performed mostly in public but were also connected with several important temple ceremonies. In one of the most popular, a selected young gotipua performs a seductive dance before the Deity of Sri Baladeva. The gotipuas were devoted to Jagannatha but lived outside the perimeters of the temple. In ancient times the more accomplished gotipuas would serve as dance instructors, male courtesans, and act as liaisons to the devadasis. In a time where all public entertainment was centered on temple festivals and ceremonies, the highly talented devadasis and gotipuas were the celebrated luminaries of their day." 

Gotipua boys

11. Current vaisnav 'history' points to gods and untraceable characters (outside cult records) as lineage.  In fact, it is only when researchers begin delving into history of the sect that they realize authenticating vaisnav truths is like investigating Mafia who present facts with reference to existing texts written by Mafia under different names...rhetological deception conspired in a rogue's gallery.

12. "In the reign of Raja Bhoja some Pundits wrote the Markandeya and the Shiva Puranas and gave out that Vyasa was the author thereof. When this was brought to the notice of the king, these Pundits had their hands chopped off by way of punishment. Further he issued an order that all works on poetry and other subjects should bear on their title pages the names of the authors and not of sages and seers [of yore]." ........"The authors did not publish these books in their own names, but instead fathered their publications on sages, and seers like Vyasa fearing that no one would attach any weight to what was published in their own name. These books should appropriately have been named Navina (i.e., of recent date)..... (Shri Maharishi Dayanand Sarawati.)

13. Raja Bhoja's orders were carried out only until his death.  How could it continue in all honesty when we discover the next vaisnav god-man to be the son of a scavenger.  His name was Munibanan.  Whereas brahmanical culture required birthright to overlord, Munibanan's ascension proved any Jack-off-the-street could be king of the hill; god-man, ordained by god, a gopi groper.  The prospect filled the temples (as it does today) with congregation from upstairs downstairs the crawlspace and every crack in-between.  They came from all denominations, one hand fingering a cowrie bag the other between the legs, anticipating libidos delights.  Next up on the 'parampara' (a vaisnav term meaning lineage) was a Muslim called Yavanacharya.  His ascension to the vaisnavasana was proof that traditions practiced and preached by brahmanas, had been successfully breached and compromised by the new standover order.


14. Researchers will note the three names mentioned as the original vaisnav sires are missing from current records.  Instead, what we get is the next successor as the sect's founder-  Ramunaja is the man given credit for propagating vaisnavism.  Why him and not the other three?  Well, Ramanuja was born in a Brahmin family.  He had the respect of birth as understood by all Hindus.  His involvement gave credence the sect needed for acceptance and promotion to a larger audience.  The world's first adult literature was made legit, condoned by god, starring god; distributed and excited by erotically sculptured temples providing prostitutes and children to satiate the libido it erected.  All entertainment centered around the temples, and so did business. Google 'Erotic temple sculptures' (images).

15. "Vaishnavism came into existence 150 years after Raja Bhoja.  It was taught first by (1) Shatakopa who was born of a Kanjar (low caste) family.  It was after him preached by (2) Munibanan, born of a sweeper family, and then by (3) Yavanacharya, born of a Greek or Moslem family, then by (4) Ramanuja, a Brahmin by birth, who gave it a great impetus." (Satyarth Prakash. Chapter XI).

16. With all brothel-born schemes in place, the sect still stumbled.  As in any cult, there are exploiters and exploited.  When the exploited discover reality is not perfect like fantasy, they protest, someone hears, the cult vanishes for a spell before making a comeback for no other reason than it makes profit.  Vaisnavism was never really a threat to established Hindu practices even when authentic Vedic texts were interpolated by scammers.  Nonetheless the sect found ink in small markets when literature began surfacing in Bengal claiming a new vaisnav hero named Chaitanya (a previously unheard of Bengali saint.)  Under the 'Chaitanyaite' banner, and under the prolific pen of Kedarnath Dutta (aka. Bhaktivinod Thakur) the sect gained recognition in Bengal and Odisha (where Bhaktivinod worked/lived) as the "Gaudiya Vaisnav Sampradaya"...HERE. 

Gaudiya Vaisnavs

17. Kedarnatha Dutta died in a hail of controversy.  Several of his writings, which he attributed to sages of yore, were identified as fakes.  Finally, after his death, his guru (or god...same difference) disowned him for falsifying evidence.  With the guru parampara chain broken, it was left to Dutta's son Bimal Prasad Dutta (aka. Bhaktisiddhanta) to re-forge the vaisnav link.  He did it via the magic of press and propaganda.  Not only did Bimal occlude his father's guru (Bipin Bihari) from his newly published list of '108 vaisnav acaryas', but included his daddy's name (injected numerically among others, a larger percentage of whom have no record of existence outside Bimal's printing press.)  By publishing the list of foggy-fogies, Bimal took his father's lies over the heads of contenders (beggars and babajis,) thereby establishing an appeal to anonymous authority his father's accusers could not possibly overcome.  The strategy simultaneously had the potential to immortalize his pappy and to promote his gobble as gospel.  However, to make it work, it needed a dictator who could pitch it for profit. 

18. Even with the power of a printing-press at his disposal, and the opposition unable to counter, Bimal knew his propaganda campaign would not relay.  He was right.  After his death his band of bhakti soap-boxers called it quits: 

"Ananta Vasudeva, elected as acarya after the death of Bhaktisiddhanta, considering Bipin Bihari's rejection of Bhaktivinod and also the irrational claims made by Bhaktisiddhanta as to both his initiations, came to conclusion that the parampara of Bhaktisiddhanta was not bona fide.  After he came to this conclusion, he instructed the gaudiya sannyasis to go home and get married.  He then renounced his sannyas and also his initiation from Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati". 

19. Whatever else, Bimal Prasad Dutta knew (and after eight centuries of trying) the sect would never take hold in a Hindustan fully knowledgeable of god-men and their sociopathic alter-egos.  He prayed for a Hitler or Stalin who would take his rejected bundle of bhakti and open it overseas in....America; the promised land.  Some believe his prayer was answered by God, others....by the Godfather.  His plea took form as Abhay Charan De (aka. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, aka. acBSp) founder of the vaisnav cult-  ISKCON in America. 

Bimal Dutta with his mob

20. Prabhupada or acBSp, a Bengali, carried the vaisnav title of Bhaktivedanta, albeit by his own admission he had never read the Vedas.  The gospel he took to America was the controversial bhang over-dosed mumbo-jumbo interpolated fantasy of brother Bopadeva/Jayadeva, authenticated by Kedarnath Dutta's horsedung, and his son Bimal's list of foggy-fogie acaryas winding back to god- Krishna.  Following in the footsteps of his three-man lineage, acBSp printed books with the vaisnav acarya list.  There were two new introductions to the list : acBSp added the name of Bimal (Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati,) and at the tip of the tail he added his own name- Bhaktivedanta Swami.

21. Whatever his mission when first arriving in America, acBSp morphed from beggar to bigot with first indication of megastar possibilities.  He contacted Hindu organizations in India, including politicians and businessmen.  Those who accepted his success as endorsed by god he subjugated and exploited to promote himself and his society  Those who denied him, were demonized.  When forced to accept that Hindustan, its Government and organizations, were not impressed by his American gurudom, he became verbally abusive.  acBSp then resorted to rhetologic in belief he could split the Hindu system.

22. Using circular logic, acBSp initiated propaganda to disassociate the word Hindu from ancient Vedic teachings.  He pointed to absence of the word 'Hindu' from the Vedas, and further confused the issue by claiming the word itself was crafted by foreigners.  To distance the Vedas from Hindustan and Hindustan from the Vedas, acBSp referenced his vaisnav hacks: a band of exploiters who sexually abused women and children as they interpreted and interpolated the original Vedas.  They did this dirty work while Hindus were busy fighting and dying to rid Hindustan of her oppressors.  No vaisnav/Chaitanyaite is recorded in history as having done anything worth a pinch of salt.  Hindustan and 'Hindu' are ancient words, not neologisms coined by Mughal invaders.... HERE  

acBSp with his mob

23. Most important to his dictatorial ambitions, acBSp needed to be perceived as god...'Because guru and Krsna are the same.'  To advance an initially established svengali relationship to a full-blown god-over-man domination, acBSp began dismantling all 'material' emotional crutches.  He denigrated governments, education, institutions, scientists, doctors, religious leaders, religions, Hindus, humanity, his own vaisnav mob; anyone who opposed him '...cut out the tongue of the vilifier and kill him,'..., anyone who refused to believe in his nonsense...'Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them,....anyone who did/does not share in the belief that Krishna/guru is god...Anyone who does not believe in Krsna, Blam! (laughter)....You will get government... you turn all the people Krishna conscious, then you become President..... I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this....I don't think Hitler was so bad a man. What do you think?  (laughter). 

24. 'Kill' was a word acBSp liked and used often.  However, in the excerpt below, readers will see how his world domination fantasies pushed him to the abyss: giving his cultists instruction to commit patricide (murder one's own father) if the father is perceived as a challenge to Krishna (guru?)  We ask our readers to bear in mind three important points before going into the excerpt.  AcBSp has been recorded repeatedly stating that guru is non-different to god... he is to be accepted as guru and worshiped exactly like Krishna (god)."  So what we get is:-  i) God is Krishna, ii) guru is non-different to Krishna, iii) acBSp is guru.  Ipso facto, god=Krishna=guru=acBSp.  Okay, now let's take a closer look at the acBSp/god dictate:

Lecture, August 5, 1973 : 730805BG.LON.

"So Krsna has enemies. Arisudana. And He has to kill them.  Krsna has got two businesses: paritanaya sadhunam vinasaya ca dushrtam [Bg. 4.8]. Miscreants.  The demons who challenge Krsna, who want to compete with Krsna, who want to share with the property of Krsna, they are all enemies of Krsna, and they should be killed.....


What enemies?  Krishna has been dead for 5,000 years.  There is not a single deed in existence showing title to any property under his name.  Who are these enemies that are 'competing' with Krishna?  Why does Krishna have to kill them?  Is this why Iskcon, under instruction from acBSp, cheated Indians off their lands?  Is this why human bodies were dug up in bunches on the Iskcon property in W. Virginia?  As it is, the cult is a piddling pool of pundits who still believe empathically that acBSp is god.  But what happens if they are permitted (even protected) by governments while expanding surreptitiously under such dangerous ideologies? 

.....So killing business is all right here for the enemies, not ordinarily......

NO! Killing business is NOT all right under any circumstances.  And why does he pretend empathy for animals yet stands prepared to butcher humans?
Any government or legal body reading this will see the formation of a self-ruling cult in operation under a dictator with sociopathic tendencies.  If you remain unconvinced please read on.

....Then the next question is, "All right enemies you can kill, admitted.  But how do you advise me to kill my Gurus?....

Observe closely how acBSp maneuvers to destroy the strongest challenge to his superiority by suggesting patricide.

....Guru ahatva.  But if for Krsna's sake, if there is need, you have to kill your Guru also that is the philosophy.  For Krsna's sake.  If Krsna wants that you have to kill your Guru, then you have to do it.  That is Krsna consciousness.....

So how does Krishna tell someone to kill their Guru?  Does he whisper it while we sleep?  Does he speak as the deity in the temple?  How does the order to commit murder come down? 

....Of course, Krsna will not ask you to kill guru, but...Because guru and Krsna are the same.  Guru-krsna-krpaya [Cc. Madhya 19.151].....

Now isn't that a relief ?  So then, what is this all about, and we still want to know how Krishna (god) gives the order to kill.

....We get Krsna consciousness through the mercy of guru and Krsna.  So real guru is never to be killed, but the so called guru has to be killed.  The so-called, pseudo guru, false guru, he should be killed....

Here we identify the source and order to kill as coming directly from acBSp; founder of the ISKCON cult.  But...but...why would anyone need two gurus; one who is Krishna (acBSp,) a real guru, and the other who is so-called, pseudo, false?  And why- he should be killed?  Read on.

....Just like Prahlada Maharaja.  While Prahlada Maharaja...He was standing.  Here is, Nrsimhadeva is killing his father.  Father is guru.  Sarva-devamayo guruh [SB 11.17.27].  Similarly, father is also guru, at least, official guru.  Materially he is guru....

Okay, so now we understand the so-called, pseudo, false guru, at least official guru, material guru is a biological father.  Nrsimhadeva, for those who don't know, is one of Bopadev's creations in his Bhagavat script.  And here we see use of Bopadev's dramatic blood-and-guts murder scene as an acBSp issued license to murder one's father.... For Krsna's sake.

Prahlada's dad gutted

....So how Prahlada Maharaja allowed Nrsimhadev to kill his guru? His father. Everyone knows that Hiranyakasipu is father.  Would you like that your father is being killed by some person and you'll stand? You will not protest? Is that your duty?  No that is not your duty....

To answer the first question...it was part of Bopadev's drama script.  Who has ever claimed in reality to have seen a lion half-man, an elephant half-man, a monkey half-man, or any half-man jump out the wall and attack a human......What?  Even centaurs are admittedly storybook myths.  The second suggestion... Everyone knows...is untrue.  Only the vaisnav sect know and sell this boogeyman tale as truth.  The second part of the statement shifts from suggesting patricide to protesting it.  Why? 

...When your father is attacked, you must protest. At least, if you are unable, you must fight.  You first of all lay down you life:  "How is that, my father is being killed in my front?"  That is our duty....

What started out as an order to kill a father/guru who challenges god/guru/acBSp appears to have reversed.  Why is that?  The answer is simple.  In a few sentences acBSp has shifted from murdering a father who does not accept his authority to protection of himself as 'spiritual' substitute.  His intent is to clarify differences between material (father) guru and himself...god (father) guru.  He is fully aware that in his wacky world, wacky instructions are easily misunderstood.  In his next few sentences he further explains the difference.

....But Prahlada did not protest.  He could have requested---he is a devotee--- "My dear sir, my Lord, you can excuse my father."  He didn't.... 

And that's it right there....he is a devotee.  What acBSp suggests is that....only a devotee has the vision to differentiate between a material father/guru and god/guru/acBSp.  Which, when exercised... If Krsna wants that you have to kill your Guru, then you have to do it....compels a devotee to commit patricide because it is god's will.  Dangerous?  You bet it is.  And if god's will is not enough, acBSp brings justification down to an earthly level.....  

....But he knew that "My father is not being killed.  It is the body of the father."....(end)

With that, the father's body is devalued to disposable.  Comparatively, other relative bodies are even less valuable (except acBSp, who is god/guru.)  So raping little children, bashing women, entrapment, enslavement and using the bodies of others for guru/god's agenda, is justified.  Now we understand why acBSp/god, the want-to-be dictator, spread anti-National propaganda against Hindustan and Hindus, defamed the Government of India and Governments worldwide, devalued the struggle for India's Independence and Heroes lost in that struggle, preached against Constitutions, defied and failed to comply with Laws of elected Governments and Legislatures, defamed and slandered former Presidents and Prime Ministers of India, defamed the Democracy of India,  defamed other sects and organizations- their leadership, used and continues to use 'India' as a brand name to collect funds, permitted the practice of unnatural sex, kidnapped minors, laundered illegal funds, sheltered illegal immigrants, trafficked in narcotics, prostitution, and murder, encouraged tax evasion, land grabs, lied* and left behind an infestation of liars cheats and perverts, failed to report serious crimes, formed an illegal self-government and 'Ministry for Justice.'  He did this without respect for anybody, and based it on fairy-tale 'philosophy' scribbled by playwrights and pimped by dubious entrepreneurs. 

FBI dig up bodies at Hare Krishna temple 

26. * Yes, acBSp/god did twist the truth to promote his agenda.  One particular section of the Vedas was targeted by him as justification for subjugation.  Varnashram is the natural division of humanity based on birth: father to son legacy and inheritance, e.g., in the varna system the son of a baker inherits the business of his father and continues baking, in the asram system the son of a priest continues the tradition of his father's preaching profession.  As explained in paragraph 4 of this article, the brahmins used this section of the Vedas to promote themselves as superior to all others. AcBSp, in line with his gate-crashing vaisnav sect, wrestled the right for exploitation from the brahmans with his one-upmanship propaganda-  "But if one takes to Krsna consciousness, automatically he becomes immediately a brahmana and above the brahmanas. A Vaisnava is above the brahmanas." (Lecture on Bg. 3.18-30: Los Angeles, 30 December 1968.)  When researchers seek out verification for acBSp claims, the results show a tin-pot dictator doing narcissistic acrobats to claim superiority.  Here is only one example:

VARNASHRAM in the Bhaktivedanta purports 

Unlike the earlier Bhagavata commentators, who hardly ever, and if at all, then only briefly, mention varnashram in their glosses, Bhaktivedanta Swami gives this topic great attention. Of the 113 purports in which he discusses it in his Srimad Bhagavatam, only 13 coincide with occasions where earlier commentators interpret certain words as referring to varnashram. Most of Bhaktivedanta Swami's purports that discuss varnashram appear in a context where the topic had not been mentioned either in the text of the Bhagavata Purana itself or in any of the commentaries that he is known to have used. There are also cases in which Bhaktivedanta Swami backs his varnashram elaborations with references to earlier commentators that factually find no support in their original glosses.  Here is just one example "According to Viraraghava Acharya such protection means organizing the citizens into the specific divisions for the four varnas and four ashrams. It is very difficult to rule citizens in a kingdom without organizing this varnashram dharma." Viraraghava however does not mention varnashram dharma in his commentary to this particular verse or in his commentaries to the directly preceding or following verses.



27. Trickery and lies work, but only to a point and under constant combat-  defense and retaliation.  Here we reveal an internal email by a guru/member (late) of the 'vaisnavas are superior' Iskcon cult administration, which shows the cult to be cutthroat and dangerous even among themselves:

Bhakti Tirtha Swami to Members of the ISKCON Governing Body Commission:
"If we just go back and reflect on our last Mayapur meeting. Our major problems that we all had to deal with were all leadership oriented For example, abuse of philosophy; abuse of financial resources; abuse of children; abuse of women; abuse of cows; spiritual weaknesses; lying; and yes corruption.  Some of you remember, at one point in the meeting, I brought up that just writing in one hour's time, I listed approximately 15 terms we were using in our discussions that were all battle tactic terminology...such terms as, wiping out the opposition, attacking them first, destroying them once and for all, our second plan of attack, eliminating the competition, getting something on the person, etc...we were spending most of our energies in a combative mentality."

It is due mainly to this immoral sect and its introduction of concocted texts and deviations from aesthetic teachings that schisms crept into Hinduism, fractionizing India's Vedic identity and splaying National unity.   All this only to facilitate the psychotic cravings of man-gods; their addiction to self worship and sexual perversions.  No sooner had they taken hold than "god's" uncontrollable sexual desires manifested in temple prostitution and pedophilia; an ongoing exploitation of women and children that lasted until recent legislation banned it totally  This has not stopped the unscrupulous sect from finding other avenues, manifest today in its spread off- shore and alliances with international hoodlums and perverts.

Cultists have always believed their leader and themselves to be god's chosen.  The truth, however, is that god's chosen sit in the House of Parliament and in the Supreme Court.  They are the ones who wield god's powers.  Democratic Governments, such as that of Hindustan, are tolerant of all denominations to a fault.  But when cults are found to be dangerous, criminal, deceptive and exploitative, there is no option but to act decisively and with immediacy.  With that we refer readers to our opening paragraph and suggest you keep an eye on this site for the unadulterated TRUTH. 

Thank You for spending time with us