21st April, 2016


This article is dedicated to the memory of six ‘Freethinkers’ (secular bloggers) murdered in Bangladesh over the last 14 months by religious conspiracists:
...and to the memory of murdered intellectuals- Dr. M.M. Kalburgi, Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar...and to the memory of OBC (Other Backward Class) caste slaves who are beaten, raped, burnt, dictated to, and murdered, by stone and tree worshipping Dravidians claiming to be Aryan....Dravidaryans.
NOTE: None of the killers have been brought to justice.

Let’s face it...the Viking vicegods
lie vagrant in Valhalla... Zeus and his Olympians can’t find a Hollywood producer...and now the time for Hinduism’s pantheon is at hand.

Incited by a religio-political government, and its cadres, casteism in India has overstepped its boundaries. Puranic Brahmanism is under challenge, in earnest, by Freethinkers and anti-casteists. The bhagavans of bhakti blaque are
being birched bare-ass back to la vida Veda.

Nor can monotheism survive the current evolution in consciousness. Allah is performing halal on his own Hadjis* (Islam has begun its implosion) while Jesus rapes his little lambs (and Christianity its public degradation.) After all said and done, religion doesn’t stand a moral chance in Hell...or on Earth....nor should it.

JEDDAH: The country’s youth are in danger of becoming atheists or rejecting religion if nothing is done to counter militant and extremist ideas, said Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Saleh Al-Asheikh recently.

NO! Not even allegorically...can religious raconteur be permitted entry as theistic righteousness. What humanity knows now is what was always suspected, i.e. religion is a fraud; a fink; a dangerous game of narcissism; a slave-trader’s open sesame....and they murder to maintain treasure-troves of theistic thralls.

Humanity is forced, even from the womb, to follow theism’s taphephobia and dark tacenda. After birth, after education, and before anything else, moral compasses must display a religious North in compliance with hagiarchy and Heaven... or a heretic South: apostasy and Hell. Yet the truth, as history and modern media document it, uncovers religion (ALL religions) as cesspits of antihumanism, shame and iniquity... Hells on Earth.

Undoubtedly Freethinkers have always existed alongside superstitionists, introspective, even in caves of mammoth hunters. Lacking accessibility to research never stopped the ancients from rejecting existence of an omnipotent omnipresent omniscient voyeur hiding in the clouded heavens of theism. Albeit presenting such a truth has always been a red rag to religious bulls chewing gospel cud.

Discussion on religion is, as it will remain for sometime longer, a hover between shouting matches and stalemate debates. Debunking the convictions of one’s ancestors has always been a tip-toe through the tulips. In the case of teat-fed-theism...tip-toeing through the despotic dreams of poppy priests, as well. And as we can verify in India via revelations of modern media, murder is on the agenda. If that threat doesn’t reopen closet doors to retreat....welcome to BIF and the rocketing number of anti-religion (okay...atheists) sites being launched off the internet.

Yes, the closeted anti-theist is out. The mouse roars. Realists, Freethinkers, Atheists...call them what you will, have had enough. With an ancestral history of monies, assets, and lives stolen away by temple and church...young men and women are determined to stop god and his hoods from sucking another drop of human blood. Those who have been traditionally abused and bullied by god-goons, or watched others being beaten and murdered in the name of an invisible gourmand, are now listening... agreeing... and joining the libertarian queue. No the movement is not organized, yet. But when it is... thuggery-thickened-theism will find itself dangling by fingertips off the edges of a flat earth.

Here is a link to the “Atheists Sites Directory.” It will lead researchers to many links and sites in a rapidly expanding, momentous, modern phenomenon. And, for the first time EVER, even in the face of immense danger and death threats, we see Indian “Freethinkers” and an “INDIAN ATHEIST” weblog. Like scores of others, it is not yet registered on the link to links provided below...but as we said, the movement is not yet organized.

Source: http://www.atheistsites.net/#GW

In addition we have....

Bangalore Freethinkers
Chennai Freethinkers
Delhi Freethinkers
Hyderabad Freethinkers
Kochi Freethinkers
Kolkata Freethinkers
Mumbai Freethinkers
Pune Freethinkers

Even the Iranians have joined the fray:
Iranian atheist/agnostic movement

BIF is, and because we are genetically Indian with an ancestry of Puranic indoctrinated mothers, astounded by Hindutva hypocrisy on exhibit in India...i.e., the ‘Bharat Mata ke Jai’ dictate being imposed by the BJP Govt., its cadre and hoons.

Ridiculous?! But off-course when considering an Indian mother, under puranic Brahmanism, starts life as an unwanted foetus...spared abortion only to be trained for in-house labour... impregnated by the earliest bidder...which leaves her uneducated, dependant, barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant in the bedroom, for the rest of her life. And then...’Bharat Mata’ has created division among her offspring: some are low-caste ‘Untouchables,’ permitted interaction with superior siblings only as master and slave....while others are ascribed powers to blow off mountaintops with a single mantrafied fart. Who else besides a puranic politician would ‘jai’ a twisted mother like that? No mother divides her offspring by caste.


Monday 18 April 2016
“More than 20,000 housewives took their lives in India in 2014”.......Bharat Mata ke Jai.

Heretofore there has been no protest to India’s puranic misinformation program and in spite of Hinduism’s blatant Bollywooding of historical facts. No one denies India’s right to seek an identity after twelve hundred years in slavery. Indian academics fully understood the psychosis...and even abetted, by never challenging India’s ‘Mahabharata’ claim. That silence has birthed a monster...fed by Hindu Nationalism and religio-politics triggered by the current Government.

Yes, the multitude of thoughtless clones has reached a critical mass. As hordes are apt to do, they use violence on anyone challenging their ideologies. Their mission is to enforce a saxatile belief in casteism by referencing caveman credo punditry...and using nationalism as nexus.

Wielding key political figures (who are alumnus,) and under leitmotif of Hindu nationalism, Hindutva is infiltrating faculties in India’s most prestigious educational institutions. The idea is to re-educate young Indians about their imaginary ‘Vedic’ past wherein India ruled the world...led by half-gods who flew around in flower airplanes and fired ballistic missiles hidden in puranic mantras....all lost due to slavery, but redeemable under caste Hinduism and possibly...a revamped Constitution.

On the flipside of rising militant Hinduism comes rising atheism and the umbrage of threatened academia. What academic (historical) truth says about the ancients does not portray a religious humanity pottering around in temples worshipping randy gods who fornicate with humanity. Instead we get a picture of resistance to belief in extraterrestrial influence on terra firma (e.g. the Epicureans.) Books such as “Battling the Gods” * penned by an Oxford professor, is only one in several current publications dealing with ancestral atheism.

* “A thousand-year history of Ancient Greece and Rome from the perspective of people who resisted religion, or didn't believe in gods."

Just as resistance to religion disappeared from historical records with the arrival of imperial Christianity in the West, Atheism was threatened into obscurity by triumphant Brahmanism (over Buddhism) in India, and then overwritten (palimpsest) with a new ‘puranic’ narrative that identified Aryans as Indian natives... Brahmanic Hindus... caste-confirmed by “god written” storybooks (viz. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad this and Srimad that) ....and the scribamanic quills of creed crazed cranks.

Any resister to, or non-complier with, the introduced Hindu / Aryan caste concept was denounced as a heretic (as it continues, with devastating effect, in India today.) Hindu offshoot cults like the International Society for Krishna Consciousness- Hare Krishna (I-HK) still believe Hitler’s vision to introduce a blue-eyed, fair-skinned race of Aryans was because he studied the Vedas and wanted humanity to be Hindu...under a Hindu swastika.

“If the swastika isn’t “originally” Indian, we must look for it elsewhere and ask ourselves what it “meant” to them; we find the earliest examples closest to the Celtic heartland, i.e. Bohemia, which is precisely where the Nazi Party had its origin. So who has a “right” to the swastika?”

Hindutva socio-politicos are unshakable in preserving the Aryan myth. The main concern being...if Aryans were in fact invaders from the North then the entire Puranic pantheon and backup literature is either a foreign introduction or a native concoction. We go with both... i.e. Aborigines appropriating a false (blue-eyed, blond haired, fair skinned, European) ‘Aryan’ identity, supported by an adapted concoction of foreign beliefs, to create a hagiarchy that corrals and divides by caste...to enslave and exploit lesser tribes.

In closing this section of our essay we ask those blue-eyed Indian ‘Aryans’....BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal...the Sangh Parivar, to not tell us about the great scientific achievements of their half-god ancestors in ‘Vedic Times’. They should accept instead the reality of India’s dependence on a sane planet. Here is a only a short list:

1. Silk invented by China.
2. Tea, and porcelain tea cups,...also from China.
3. Toilet bowls (when you can find one in India,) also a Chinese invention.
4. Toothbrush and toothpaste, a British introduction.
5. Piped water and sealed roads...British.
6. Railways...British.
7. Shaving razors and lather....American.
8. Soap...French.
9. Wheat ...Iraq.
10. Roti...Turkey.
11. Apples...Kazakhstan.
12. Milking...Persia and Iraq.
13. Mirrors... Lebanon.
14 Coinage...Turkey.
15. Shoes...Egyptian.
16. Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton....British.
17. Paper...China.
18. Printing...Germany.
19. Bullshit and cow urine...India.

“While I was performing my daily ritual of reciting the Gayatri mantra, my wife suddenly thrust a book into my hands. This book with the impressive title, ‘The Arctic Home in the Vedas’, and written by the great scholar and freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak, says that the Aryans originally lived in the icy wastes of Russia. Does this means that the Gayatri mantra that I recite in intense religious ecstasy was a Russian mantra? How can I question the views of such a great scholar and a patriot to boot?”

Here are a few knots in a thread:


"Aryans migrated all over the place; you should acquaint yourself with some real scholarship in this field — to take one of many, Anthony’s 'The Horse, The Wheel and Language'. It’s time to get your head out of internetland and into the books. Real ideas, real history awaits."

"Sure, India has seen many inhabitants: negritos, Mongoloids, Dravidians (Elamite or Mediterranid), various tribes and waves of Aryans, Huns, and so on. What you mean to say is: you learned from your college textbook, or some pandit / Hindutva website, that the Aryans 'came from India'..."

“Yes, the Rig Veda is full of topographical imagery whose source can only be to the north; this has been borne out by archaeological and, more importantly, genetic research (introduction of genetic sequences associates with steppe / LGM Refuge Europids). But you’re not asking for proof, really, nor would you accept any."

“.... But there are these strange men called 'scientists', who arrange themselves in even stranger little subsets — of 'linguists', 'archaeologists', and the most arcane group of all: the 'geneticists' — who are empowered to peep into and interpret the past. Sounds incredible, I realize."

"I understand that you feel threatened by confronting someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. All I can say is, you read some books too. Anyone can do it. It isn’t hard, and you learn cool things which you can then bring to bear on idiots like you used to be."

"You need to read more books. Start with John V. Day’s Indo-European Origins: The Anthropological Evidence."

Not only is the Aryan myth wrapped in farfetchedness but it is also marketed as aesthetic spirituality...a divine people with yogic connections to theoretical physics—unified field theory—nuclear fusion...a collective phenomena attained by mantras and meditation as depicted in superscribed accounts of Aryan half-gods and goddesses. However, the entire language of mammetry mantra and meditation has proved profoundly misleading...and damaging to many. No qualified physicist would endorse the ‘spiritual’ claims made by yoga marketers without knowingly committing fraud.

Yoga is no longer a puranic story about god-Krishna meditating on gayatri mantra... it is a multi-billion dollar market, worldwide. To maintain a high income, some yoga gurus take control of everything, right down to matters of food, sleep, shelter, marriage and child rearing. Devotees find themselves isolated from the world they once knew, and end up accepting rigid, authoritarian control in exchange for security wherein all internal conflict, doubt, even all genuine emotion, is stifled and covered with an Aryan rebirth illusion.

Yoga as an exercise comes laced with spiritual mind-implants that stimulate delusions and hallucinations. Back in July of 1990, The Washington City Paper reported on a ‘yogic flyer’ named- Diane Hendel. What Hendel had to say is not atypical of yoga practitioners with minds possessed by spirito / psychs claiming Aryan descendancy.

“The Washington City Paper reported (July 13, 1990, p. 14) that former TM teacher and yogic flyer Diane Hendel:
. . . "saw little creatures with wings" during intensive meditation periods. . . . They were like my pets. They'd tell me things." Hendel was encouraged to believe that these winged beasties were "devas" -- Hindu spirits of nature. "I began not to be able to tell who was a person and who was a deva," she said. Hendel sought counseling, eventually quit meditating, and left the movement.

Dr. Otis urged TM to "publicly recognize that problems may be engendered
by meditation and so instruct potential initiates as well as to provide guidelines to both the general public and the psychotherapeutic profession for their amelioration."

Yet the truth, as always, will out and, as the world bears witness, the Aryan pretender is dragged into courtrooms of the world...because he believes that his Eastern philosophy and beliefs supersede the Constitution in regards to Child Sexual Abuse... Rape...Sexual Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Laws.

Thank You for spending time with us.




a) We begin this section with what is now a familiar format for fabling fraud...a stock letter from the ISKCON governing body, that follows the exposé of yet another fake I-HK guru (now 45 of them) inducted into the Hall of Humpty-Dumpty by I-HK administration. Also posted below is the letter of admission by the pornstare guru, himself.

So here we go again...Gunagrahi Maharaja (legal name unknown...American Jew) joined I-HK in 1969... after chanting the Hare Krishna maha-ha-ha mantra for 46 years, and selling it to others in a ‘celibate’ guru-collection scam, now admits to watching porn (masturbating?) He makes his confession because of advanced prostate cancer, and in belief that if he does not he will surely miss out on afterlife porn i.e. watching blue god-Krishna rasa-lila the gopis.


Letter posted by I-HK governing body (GBC):

Letter by “His Holiness Gunagrahi das Goswami, Guru Deva, directly in disciplic succession from blue-god Krishna”... Certified to collect donations (religious tax) by the infamous I-HK GBC...just like their other 44 exposed ‘guru’ scrotums.


Caitanya Holt was an (I-HK) ISKCON-Hare Krishna who died in a paddy khud outside a Goan vllage (calling him an ex-US soldier maybe true...but really). The incident was hushed up. However, it may not be for reasons his US buddies at I-HK believe. Let’s see how the petition and inquiry unfolds.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 1:19:20 PM (IST)
“Petition seeks probe into death of ex-US soldier
Panaji, Apr 19 (IANS): US-based ISKCON devotees have started an online petition demanding a probe into the death of a former US airman and Hare Krishna devotee Caitanya Holt, who died in mysterious circumstances in a Goa village in January.”


The utterly unashamed behaviour of the Hindutva ‘Sangh Parivar’ is exposed by Desai-ji in this spotlight on BJP hypocrisy. When the UN announced the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (principal architect of the Constitution of India,) PM Modi (who openly affiliates Indianness / Hindu nationalism with caste based Puranism) was seen on world media garlanding a statue and lauding the great ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar’...who spent his entire life struggling to erase the Hindu caste system....in which he was born and branded an “Untouchable”.

Meghnad Desai on Babasaheb Ambedkar, Gita and caste:
“Now lo and behold, poor Babasaheb is being claimed by the BJP/RSS as a great Hindu!”

Meghnad Desai:
Out of my mind: Being a Hindu
No one should be surprised that many Dalits left Hinduism. Indeed the puzzle is that so many remained.


India is rumbling like a grumbling volcano. Indians are still waiting for the Modi pre-election promised 15 lakh rupees to every poor citizen. Now they understand it was puranic pork-pie....and they must continue to ponder his promises in an open field...Modi hasn’t built any public toilets like he promised...just more useless temples.

Nor does it appear that the Modi government, swept into office by a gypped public, is doing much good. To the contrary, the ball of dissention and depression has begun to roll, and it is picking up speed....


Comment from a BIF reader and friend…and direct disciple (ex) of the I-HK founder (De-Prabhupada,) Mahasana dasa ACBSP (aka. Matt-ji):

“The Earth must be flat and here’s how it all works:  the dwarf God Vamana kicked a hole in the gazillion mile thick coverings of the Universe.  This created a leak in the coverings for Causal H20 to enter the Universe. (FYI, the water turns to steam when it goes through the fire layer, but fortunately turns back to water when it cools in the dirt layer  – jus’ sayin’.)  Anyway, the water leaks through the toe hole to the Pole star (400 light years away) and is carried from the Pole star to the Moon by celestial airplanes (birds) and finally to the Himalayas as the Ganges.

Here is the important part.  The Ganges flows into the Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal) and off the edge of the Earth!  Otherwise, New York and London would get flooded!!!  The water falls off the edge of the Earth and into the Gobbledygook ocean below.  It is very simple to understand.  Our Universe works exactly like a leaky flush float in a toilet tank.

The difficult thing to understand is why the leaky flush float (our Universe) doesn’t fill up and sink to the bottom of the tank (Causal Ocean) - which tankfully it doesn’t.  My speculation is that there is a handle on the outside of the Universe and God flushes the water out now and then.

That’s the Vedic conclusion in a nut shell.”


Just received from a concerned reader:

I-HK grooming camp with a creepy pedo name
What parent in their right mind, after doing a little research on the Internet, is going to send their kids to an ISKCON residential summer camp? It's a bad enough idea to let kids anywhere near anything ISKCON-related. But a residential ISKCON camp? Are these people insane?
And can you guess the name of the section of the camp for the youngest age-group of campers? "Divine Touch". I shit you not. Creepy as fuck.

Here's the quote: "ISKCON’s Divine Touch School is organising a summer camp for the little ones aged between three and six years at its school premises (...) a number of fun-filled activities are in store for children."

Yeah, ISKCON has a rich history of lawsuit-inspiring "fun-filled activities" for children.

Editor: Students 16 to 35...brain-washed...Students 3 to 16...butt-dirtied.

Full article below

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Visakhapatnam/iskcon-to-conduct-summer-camps-for-students-from-may-1/article8485619.ece


Surprised at how people wallow in religious hogwash? Don’t be. Religions struggle like jackasses to make lunatics believe in lunacy. Can’t help but wonder why. The world is full of loonies ready to eat donkey-dung:


1) A UFO crashed at Roswell – 65 million people
2) Vaccines are linked to autism – 62 million people
3) The moon landings were faked – 21 million people
4) Bigfoot exists – 43 million people
5) The government controls people’s minds through their TVs – 47 million people
6) Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 – 15 million people