"The presumption that Gaudiya Vaisnavism is sectarian and superior to the spiritual standards adhered to by Hindus is promoted even today in a spirito/academic propaganda campaign by Iskcon.  It does not seem to matter to Iskcon, which has a caucasian leadership with a history of crime and perversion, that the Gaudiya mutt (West Bengal) whom they point to as 'sampradaya,' disintegrated because of their own crimes and criminal activity.  This has in no way stopped Iskcon's supremists from rebuking Hindus and accusing them of a sub-standard understanding of Krishna Katha and their own spiritual indoctrination: the Vedas.  Words such as "Mayavadi," "Kanistha," and "Karmi" were not invented forty years ago with the birth of Iskcon, but have been part of the Hindu vocabulary for eons and used to identify invading armies, occupying forces, and white Christian missionaries who all tried to convert Hindus and destroy Krishna lila...without success.  These words are now being used against Hindus by a cult struggling with its own criminal reactions in a blame game called "Hinduization." 
Not only do we see spirito superiore applied to achieve Indian subjugation and donations, but a constant misinformation campaign to degrade Indian life and standards are part of that campaign.  Photographs of "starving Indian children" and advertisements for the feeding of "starving Indians" are still applied to extort monies from wealthy Indians, expatriates, and unwary foreigners abroad who remain oblivious to India's wealth and capabilities.  If the truth be told, there is only one Iskcon temple doing anything in the way of community service, and that temple is being cannibalized by infighting."    
15th June 2011
One would imagine those days to be long gone when caucasian imperialistic rule leveraged tribute and imposed superiority on a subjugated Indian populace. This could not be further from the truth.  Albeit the British Raj is history, the great white god is still devouring large tracts of Hindustan, and quaffing Indian Rupiahs like a blood-thirsty raksasa.  Only the technique of looting and plundering has changed.  Whereas in the past Hindus were looted by shot and shell, today's methods are more subtle and in keeping with the symbols of peace and harmony.  In recent past, war was the given and accepted modus for the supremist to achieve domination over his "lesser species," so he donned the uniform of a soldier to justify his superiority complex and legalize his aberrations.  With the introduction of peace as a rule, it would appear that the great white god has donned the garb which best symbolizes the times yet facilitates the continuance of his greed and narcissistic traits: the habit and posturing of a Hindu monk. 
In this article we will post comments and 'diagnoses' of caucasian leaders and members within the Iskcon cult who reside in western temples*, who unabashedly extort Indian donations by promoting "Hindu Festivals" and Hindu rituals, but take bigoted pride in pointing at "Hindus" as being spiritually immature- "Kanistha"- and detrimental to the maintenance of Vaisnava purity by a threatened influx of "Hinduization."  How the oxymoron works is a study in itself.
*The subject has been tactfully avoided in Iskcon's Indian temples.  However, it seems that the Hindu-shmindu-kitchri-worship jokes and degradations practiced by Iskcon's firangi wing, has finally caught the attention of ksatriya rastra sangas and samags in HINDUstan, where Iskcon, claiming to promote Hindu culture, is in possession of ekads of tax-exempt Indian lands, monies, and International Indian support. 
BIF is uncovering excerpts from two posting and an audio which we believe to be heralding the de- Hinduization of Iskcon.
One of the two short articles included for study was posted by an Englishman raised on steak-and-kidney pie (now an endorsed Iskcon 'guru' and using the title of a "Hindu" holy man) who uses "sastric tools" he claims were given him by Srila Prabhupada (a holy man from "Hindustan") to define Hindus as: "Puffed up and cannot see their own spiritual level. Being puffed up by their own ceremonial worship they are proud and cannot imagine that anyone is more pious or religious than themselves. They are not even aware that other devotees are more advanced and cannot understand the madhyam or uttama-adhikaris position and are simply trying to transcend the material boundary to reach the spiritual plane."......and he makes many more derogatory statements that leaves us wondering - should Mahavisnu be renamed- Mahamonkey ?
Before we go into the article written by Mr. Mahavisnu we will first present some quotes, and an article, posted on a popular Iskcon related web site.  Underlining and Bold emphasis by BIF:
1) Quote by Progasa das.  Ex. Chairman for the Iskcon GBCThe Indian diaspora - sudras working in the US for the most part - are of no importance to this endeavor as you seem to imagine.
2)  Hinduism is a Polytheistic religion that at it's root doesn't understand the subtle moods that are present within the worship of particular deities. When we start losing sight of our established sampradaya's direction and adding a variety of deities to the altar and mantra's to our programs - the best way to describe this is the "Hinduization" of a temple... It does come across as offensive maybe for some Indian devotees and I think it's an unintentional side effect of the use of this label - maybe we should just call it the increased presence of mayavadism?
3) I said specifically we should make sure they (Indians) have a proper understanding of Gaudiya Vaisnavism. You can chant 64 rounds a day and follow the 4 regs and still not properly understand our theology. Old habits die hard - look at all the "Guru's" who've fallen down or are misrepresenting our philosophy - what example and inspiration are people like this giving to these new Hari Nam initiates? What other name for what's happening in SP temple's would you prefer than Hinduization?
4)  I'm not upset by Indians being involved on any level, but I feel our future in the West is to cultivate Western devotees - that HAS to be the goal of Western preaching programs or what are we doing there?
5) Srila Prabhupada didn't come to the West so that Indians could have a place to practice their beliefs when they "upgraded" to the Western lifestyle. He wanted that this movement be spread and inundated into Western culture because we were an...
6) Yes, they (Indians) have the money now and what better way to use it than engage in KC activities....[....]...I have been to many temple and also see what .....is seeing, for instance in the Vancouver, BC temple other demigod deities have made a clear presence and I think that's the "Hindu" he was referring to. At the Seattle Cultural Center there are now festivals that clearly don't have anything to do with Vaisnavism and I can honestly say that the "Hindus" in my family don't see any difference between Krishna and Ganesh and lump the whole of mayavadism with Gaudiya Vasnavism - not such a good idea! It's not really about a brown or white issue, but alot of Indians really don't know all that much about the religions of India and Gaudiya Vaisnavism in particular. And of course we shouldn't bash them but we should band together and teach them - nicely. Otherwise you will be seeing many more demigods in the temples.
BIF Comment:  After defending Sri Krsna Lila and Bhakti through millennia against invading forces, occupying armies and Christian missionaries without converting, Indians have now fallen spiritually dependent on instructions from the recently emerged bully-beef GBC-led homosexual regime with its closeted child-abusers, murderers, ganja-khors, cheats and rascals.
7)..... that's exactly the point I was leading to - while we should offer our respects to all the demigods as pure Vaisnavas, to see any of them on the altar in a Gaudiya Vaisnava temple is a huge misunderstanding of our philosophy...

  I think because of the potency of maya, one must be ever vigilant in staying one-pointed. What are Srila Prabhupada Saraswati Thakur, Srila Swami Prabhupada, Srila Bhakti-Prajnana Kesava Maharaj, my Srila Gurudeva Srila BV Narayan Swami and all the Acarya's trying to give us? Radha-Krsna-Mahaprabhu. Our system is simple - we chant Hare Krsna! We have our initiation process, which is vital, but nowhere does it say "If you need money and the only people who will give it are followers of Ganesh and Shiva and Durga and consider those demigods to be the same as Krsna, then take it no problem" - Offenses at the lotus feet of a Vaisnava is called "aparadha" or apa-radha: to go against Radha. This can uproot the tree of Bhakti. The second highest offense is to consider the demigods the same as Krsna. We're guilty of both because it's an aparadha to our Acarya's to allow this to take place in our temples.

Is ISKCON Shrinking or Growing?


Apr 03, 2011 — MOSCOW, RUSSIA (SUN) — A reply to the April 2011 ISKCON News article by ******* das (ACBSP).

The American history of ISKCON's deviation and change of ISKCON's direction and practices for Indian financial support to an unauthorized Hinduized American/UK ISKCON

Recently I came back from the 2011 Mayapur Festival and as usual, it was packed with devotees. As a matter of fact, it was overcrowded, with mostly Russians and Indians (from India). I almost didn't get a room for me and my family. But as with my previous visit to ISKCON in Mayapur, in 2008, I was hard pressed to see any real showing of American, EU, UK and non-Indian devotees there. So that's the situation -- a lop-sided membership in ISKCON in the US.A and UK and elsewhere. No one seems alarmed! Even Kavichandra Maharaj openly remarked at the English parikrama (the parikrams were divided into 3 groups): ''All I see is Indians." In other words, 'Where are the Western devotees?' Almost nowhere, that's where!

If that's not a clear indication that something is wrong, ...[...]...


As I have said, ISKCON is growing, but in the wrong direction. A Society in denial of this grave problem is sleeping, or cannot or will not fix it due to monetary reasons (Hindu $$$). This is clearly dysfunctional, and devotees are suffering!

Indian donations have spoiled ISKCON in the West, so much so that even a senior devotee like '***** das can't have the backbone to admit something is seriously wrong in ISKCON in the UK and USA, where there is almost no preaching to the locals anymore. Lip service only, and temple devotees are on salaries. Unheard of in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON Movement.

****** das does not talk about this in his article because he is making a living off the Indians, and that's a fact. How honest and biased is that?

In the United States of America, where we once made bhaktas, we can see vanishing Hari nam programs and diminished book distribution, a dying brahmacari ashram and no meaningful Bhakta Program to encourage people to surrender and move into the Temple anymore. In his article, Kripamoya das would have us believe that no one would move into an ashram anymore. But the fact is, no temple has the conviction to have the revival of a real Bhakta Program, which would in affect take the center of attention off the Indian's version of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON in the West. They could even then point out the mistakes and, God forbid, return ISKCON to its proper position as a NON-sectarian movement.

****** has the nerve to call 'all of us' who complain about the sad state of ISKCON in the West simply embittered former members of ISKCON.

[.....]..... These are our Godbrothers and Godsisters, prabhus who are upset at the institution of ISKCON for copping out and compromising it.

[....]...****** das, you should visit all the American temples and see for yourself that the real state of ISKCON is not what Srila Prabhupada intended. There are many empty ashrams. The Dallas Texas ISKCON didn't even bother to have an ashram when it re-built itself for the Indian Community $$$$.

Why don't you speak honestly with those of us who are alarmed at the deviations of ISKCON, from Srila Prabhupada's society to an ISKCON Hinduized for money? Is it endangering your financial situation as a 'brahmin Hindu priest' who gets his support from the Indians in the UK?

You say in your article that OUR temples are bustling with Indian families, but again, how is this a measure of success ? It's twisted logic. To say that devotees not joining the ashram is a trend in the future is correct, but you forgot to mention that this trend is by design... No attention is given to the Bhakta Program by Indians to locals. Locals don't fit in their version of ISKCON, so ISKCON West has killed the brahmacari/brahmacarini ashrams in the UK and USA, and that's a crime! It's Sinful. ISKCON, although non-sectarian by Srila Prabhupada's design, has purposely gone down this dangerous path, disobeying the instructions of the Spiritual Master and going 'Hinduized'.

In this month's ISKCON news, we see that the Utah temple celebrates Holi in a big way and proclaims this is a grand success. Then why didn't Srila Prabhupada celebrate Holi or have it in His temples? Even this year in ISKCON Mayapur, guards strictly did not allow this on ISKCON property, and won't allow it. How ironic that ISKCON India will not go Holi Hindu, but America's so-called ISKCON temple in Utah flaunts it. WHY? It's all about the MONEY -- not about following Srila Prabhupada's exact instructions on how to manage and preach in ISKCON temples in the West!

Sadly, the public remains ignorant of what is Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON, and the GBC who are supposed to protect ISKCON let this go on and on for money, money, money. But the end is in sight. It's called Economic Depression.

However you cut it, changing, compromising and deviations to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON is wrong and offensive to Srila Prabhupada. There will be reactions from Lord Sri Krsna for this aparadha. America is already on the way downhill, with more economic woes and illegal wars and disasters, as the demons want all control over the sheeple people. How can ISKCON save the day when it refuses to address its own compromises and deviations from Prabhupada's instructions?

Reactions are coming fast now. ****** das should wake up and realize this. When the US dollar crashes along with Wall Street, the truth will be known. The Indians will lose their homes and jobs, and the money flow -- not based on Srila Prabhupada's instructions -- will DRY UP!

The solution for ISKCON -- follow Srila Prabhupada and stop changing things.

Real pre-requisites for ISKCON's growth:

1. Stop the Hinduization of Prabhupada's temples


Now to address another related topic… how ISKCON USA deviated to go for money and got Hinduized.

This month was an eye opener for me. By Lord Krsna's mercy and arrangement I met with and spoke to many wonderful godbrothers and sisters. All were upset at the direction ISKCON has gone, to a Hindu ISKCON. What's new to me is the explanation of how ISKCON went way off in America, and who is to blame. One sincere godbrother who was in Dallas, Texas during the 1980s dropped the inside story to me, as he was there. If we don't know the truth, we will not ever come to gripes with the problems in ISKCON and fix them, once and for all. The world is suffering now greatly.

[....]....What came to the rescue was a program of preaching to local Indians -- even though it was well documented that Srila Prabhupada specifically warned us NOT to only preach to Indians for donations, but rather to focus on the local population and support the temples by book distribution.

Srila Prabhupada's preaching program worked. However, the new gurus and the GBC knew better... hence we have today the results: a Hinduized ISKCON. But this is just another quick fix, before it falls through, like the oils paintings and sale scams all did.

Not Following Srila Prabhupada's exact instructions will bring a curse to America, England and elsewhere if not checked and corrected ASAP. [....]... 

After having read the above, we ask the thousands of Iskcon donors who took birth in Hindustan, speak Hindi, and are called Hindus, why they would choose to finance and support a 'western' organization that is obviously disturbed by their presence and who place the blame for failure squarely on 'Indian' shoulders:-

1) Aap ye firangi wallo ko keu madad dehte hein?

2) Ye gora chamra chor aap ke paisa lai ke aapiko baadlam karti..... unka gaalat ke leya.

 3) Jao dekhlo unka web site, wo kaise Hidustani logh ko gaali dehte hein. 

 4) Gora bolta ke Hindu ke pooja "kitchri" pooja hein aur Hindu wallo bhakti bilkul nahi samajhta.

5) Aapna mandir aur sanga mein keu nahi jati, aur gora wallo Iskcon aapna business chalena do. 

6) Aap sochte hein ke Iskcon ko dana dena mai punya paige.  Ye links pudhlo aur samajhna theek se ke Iskcon aap ka saupna thaamake punya dena sambhav nahi...sirf paap.


http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/themes/turley-case.htm  This case was filed only on behalf of western children. There is no case yet for Indian children abused in Iskcon schools in Mayapur (W.Bengal,) and Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh).

http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/black/Bhakti-Vidya-Purna.htm  This man is the Principal of the Iskcon school in Mayapur (W. Bengal).

http://www.harekrsna.org/pada/ks/sulocana-murder.htm The murder of Sulochan Das.  Also available on BIF- "Slavin, Stein and the Shylocks of Iskcon." 

http://www.prabhupadanugas.eu/?p=12740 Lokanatha (guru) Swami's sexual advances to a minor. 

http://www.prabhupadanugas.eu/?p=19472 Umapati (guru) Swami's homosexual activity in China.

http://gurupoison.tripod.com/support/jfy.htm  The poison murder of ISKCON's Acarya, Srila Prabhupada. The book "Judge for Yourself" is available for free download off the BIF Front Page.

http://www.b-i-f.com/Evangelical%20evaders.html  Tax scams

Okay, now as promised, we present excerpts from  the "Diagnosis" by Mahavisnu (guru) Swami of the kanishta (Indian) devotees.  Underline and Bold emphasis by BIF:

HH Mahavishnu Swami: Kanistha ISKCON – Diagnosis

Part 1- Kanistha ISKCON – Diagnosis.
Ineffective tools
Hridayananda Maharaja in his New Year’s message had written that:-”For me, the greatest and most inspiring challenge in the coming year is to strengthen IS86KCON in the western world ” He goes on to say that “I believe that ISKCON can fulfil Srila Prabhupada’s and Lord Chaitanya’s vision only as a truly international society that presents Krishna consciousness as a non-sectarian, non-ethnic spiritual science.” I humbly suggest that such concepts as “non-sectarian,
non-ethnic” are ineffective tools to help us get to the root of and treat ISKCON’s weakness.
Previous Acharya’s critical tools
In this essay I want to try to diagnose ISKCON’s weakness. I will use the transcendental critical tools given by our previous acharyas . If we discover that we are now living in “kanistha ISKCON” it could explain many things such as what is inhibiting the spread of Krishna consciousness amongst the local people in East Africa and the whole world.
As this topic is a sensitive area amongst ISKCON devotees it was not easy for me ,an emotional neophyte ,to avoid hurting any feelings .I really regret I have done just that whilst developing this campaign .I stand justly admonished by my seniors. But is our defensive self-whitewashing tendency useful in the interest of spreading the sankirtan movement? Surely a critical appraisal of our performance is much more useful? So despite my trail of destruction and at the risk of being even more unpopular, I am going to press on regardless, as much as possible using only Prabhupada’s words, sastric tools and sastric references as a basis, just to minimise the fallout. Hopefully this endeavour may be helpful to strengthen ISKCON worldwide.

A pure devotee criticises others? How?
Prabhupada was clearly an uttama adhikary (”one who is not interested in blaspheming others, his heart is completely clean” NoI Txt 5 purp ), but to preach Prabhupada had to make distinctions like a madhyam-adhikari.(“even if a devotee is in the uttama-bhagavata status he must come down to the second status of life, madhyama-adhikari, to be a preacher,(CC Adi 7;52)). His sharp words were to push Bhurijan to preach Krishna consciousness to the Chinese locals in Hong Kong and to do so he describes how he had preached to Brahmananda in Nairobi, East Africa, about the unfavourable qualities of the Indians there. Srila Prabhupada was making critical distinctions for the sake of spreading Lord Chaitanya’s Mission.
Obviously from a neophyte level we cannot imitate Prabhupada’s direct critical attitude without being degraded by our offences. But we can try and see what scriptural support there is for Srila Prabhupada’s direct criticisms of the Indians. Could it be that Srila Prabhupada was acting as though he was “disgusted with the limited vision and activities of the kanistha-adhikari” (SB 11-2-49 purport) to spur on his disciples to the madhyam platform? Could it be that Indians in general tend to be infected with kanistha-adhikari consciousness? Could it be that it is this kanistha grade of devotion which is disqualifying the ISKCON devotees from preaching to the locals successfully? Could it be that it is the kanistha-adhikari attitude which prevents the devotees from forming meaningful inter-ethnic relationships based on love and trust?
Although Srila Prabhupada does not explicitly use the term “kanistha- adhikari” in these quotations above, he is obviously WARNING his preachers (madhyam-adhikaris), like Bhurijan, Brahmananda and others. Srila Prabhupada points out that Brahmananda “was mixing only with those Indians” for their money and “neglecting his real work of preaching to the black Africans”. Prabhupada was WARNING his disciples to be aware of the lower level of the Indian community’s devotion which was “show only or sentiment or custom “. He tells his disciples frankly “never mind wasting time with so many nonsense Indians” in East Africa because they were “not very much interested to become devotee”. He told Bhurijan they will donate immense funds in Hong Kong for Chinese preaching because of their interest for improving their business (5) – not for spiritual reasons. On leaving India to preach in USA Srila Prabhupada also had expressed that ” I was not at all encouraged” by the Indian’s association and regretted they were so fruitive that they could not even spare one of their sons to be trained as a brahmana by him.

So let us look in sastra at a summary of the characteristics of the kanistha-adhikari and see if Srila Prabhupada would be considered justified in warning his would-be preachers, (madhyam-adhikaris) to beware of being too entangled with the Indians because of their unfavourable kanistha-adhikari characteristics. Some of these details have been taken from the ISKCON commentary on the Srimad Bhagavatam 11th Canto which quote Sripad Madhvacarya, Jiva Goswami and Srila Bhaktissidhanta Saraswati Thakura.
1) (Indians) ”Useless for practical preaching work”.
They are useless for practical preaching work because of their limited vision and activities. Because the kanistha-adhikaris’ faith is unfirm, rudimentary and not actually based on the statements of Vedic literature and theological science they cannot understand the exalted position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead within everyone’s heart and therefore they cannot actually manifest love of Godhead, offer all respects to others or see to the interests of the mass of people.
As they do not even know how to properly respect other devotees how can they feel for the interests of the mass of people or ordinary living entities who are not even devotees? They can even criticise a pure devotee who is preaching and instead be infatuated with and glorify the material qualifications of so-called great materialistic persons.
2) Bodily concept of life.
They have a bodily concept of life with its extended self-interests of family, caste, ethnic community and nation.( yasyatma-buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke sva-dhi kalatradisu bhauma ijya-dhi….A human being who identifies this body made of three elements with his self, who considers the by-products of the body to be his kinsmen, and the land of his birth to be worshipful….is to be considered like an ass or a cow.(SB 10.84.13)
3) Karma -misra bhakti is the ultimate.
They think that karma-misra bhakti, or devotional service mixed with material endeavor, is the ultimate in spiritual life. Thus they think that material work in which a portion of the fruits are offered to God forms the highest platform of human life.Though they like dovetailing their material occupations for Krishna’s service they mistake their own material expertise to be the sign of their advanced devotion.
4) Institutionally blinkered.
They have no idea that the Supreme Lord has the power to exist outside an establishment like a church, mosque or temple,(or an institution like ISKCON),and are attached to ceremonial worship.
5) Puffed up and cannot see their own spiritual level.
Being puffed up by their own ceremonial worship they are proud and cannot imagine that anyone is more pious or religious than themselves.
They are not even aware that other devotees are more advanced and cannot understand the madhyam or uttama-adhikaris position and are simply trying to transcend the material boundary to reach the spiritual plane.
6) Sympathy with materialists.
In the name of compassion or kindness, they tend to approve of the non-devotional welfare activities of materialistic men and resent that such organisations are criticised by advanced devotees. Because they are ignorant of the higher realms of devotional service and the unlimited transcendental bliss of Krsna consciousness, they see devotional service merely as just one religious aspect of life but think that life has many enjoyable and worthwhile non-devotional aspects like family, social, business and political affairs.
7) Speculative tendency.
Such a materialistic Vaisnava is still affected by the speculative understanding of the karmavadis ,Mayavadis, and those who are dedicated to sense gratification and impersonal speculation about the Absolute.
Process of elimination
Please excuse me, but for the sake of complete clarity, I am going to have to labour to prove the obvious here. I can only use the process of elimination because it is not recorded that Srila Prabhupada ever labelled the Indians as “kanistha-adhikaris”.
If the Indians at that time in Nairobi were actually madhyam or uttama-adhikaris why Srila Prabhupada called them “nonsense Indians” and warned his would-be madhyam-adhikari preacher Brahmananda Swami from being “entangled” with them and their money? If they were either uttama or madhyam-adhikaris why did Srila Prabhupada frankly tell his preacher that these people were not very much interested to become devotees and their devotion was “show only, sentiment or custom”? If the Indians were uttama or madhyam- adhikaris why did Srila Prabhupada admit that “the Africans and the Asians will not like to mix” and “no, the Indians, they do not like to sit down.” with the Africans? Uttama and madhyam-adikaris would have had no problem with mixing with any ethnic group as Srila Prabhupada showed himself.
If the Indians were uttama and madhyam-adhikaris in India why did Srila Prabhupada say that he tried to start his movement in India but “I was not at all encouraged “? If the Indians were uttama and madhyam-adhikaris then Srila Prabhupada’s comments make no sense whatsoever. Why would he warn his preacher disciples against being “entangled” with uttama and madhyam-adhikaris? So by the simple process of elimination we can safely conclude that although. Its true there is no record ,I know so far, that Srila Prabhupada ever specifically labelled the Indians as “kanistha-adhikaris”. But by the process of elimination what else could they be? What other “adhikari” is left?
Concluding the diagnosis.
Without any pejorative overtones an ISKCON which is sold out to any kanistha-adhikari community’s money and influences can safely be called “kanistha ISKCON”. Who can take offence from our using our previous acharyas diagnostic tools? This diagnosis nicely explains ISKCON’s present weakness in local preaching.
Substantiation of a correct diagnosis.
Recently I received a startling letter from members of the ISKCON Kampala Congregational Committee. It proves the point that a kanistha ISKCON cannot preach well. It contains many details of irregular management dealings in a setup where the Chairman is a very cultured wealthy uninitiated Gujarati businessman who displays all these favourable and unfavourable kanistha characteristics above. The result is that the local preaching has been effectively disempowered to date. I have sent this letter to the GBC and Regional Secretary of East Africa and if the GBC discussion is interested to hear some actual nitty-gritty details they can request them to forward them these details. I suggest that the GBC discussion try and get these practical details as they of relevance to all concerned with the progress of ISKCON local preaching globally. Such heart-breaking details stand as poignant evidence that an ISKCON temple run by a kanistha-adhikary cannot spread Lord Chaitanya’s Movement to the local people.
In Part 2 “Kanistha ISKCON -Treatment”- I will suggest treatments for ISKCON’s preaching malaise based on sastric statements.
Thank you Mahavisnu swami and others who have contributed to the collection of comments posted.  Keep 'em coming and help us de-Hinduize Iskcon.  So after reading the above, we again ask our padhne waalas; our Hindustani nagarvaasis:  Ye gora ko keu dana mana karti hein?  Bharat ke paisa Bharat mein rakho. Dana Mana Buund Karo!!  Kabhi??  Abhi!!  Vande Matram!
Finally, as promised earlier, we present a three-minute-excerpt from a lecture given on Indian TV to millions (?) of listeners by a very well known and respected doctor, scholar, and philanthropist-  Dr. Ved Arya.  Hindi translations by BIF:
Audio: Click Here

"So this is the concern, that Europeans and Americans have a very good understanding of Indian sentiments and weakness'.  Just imagine Americans coming here and opening up temples because they understand that the offerings are abundant. My greatest fear lies in this sector because temples filter through all services. 
They have opened churches but some people go and some people don't go, so there is not much profit because this country is not Christian based.
But just think if they made a temple to Hanumanji and lets say an American company has made it. Then Indian people will say "Just see what bhaktas these people are, they have made a temple to Hanumanji..... come on lets go!" And their hard-earned money they will give to the temple and that will go into American accounts.
In India everyone knows that if someone constructs a temple to Hanuman or Santoshi mata or Durga mata, as much of the offering they want to take away, they can take away. The poorest people will make donations.  Even the poorest village will donate 10-20 lakhs to the making of a temple. Now with them exploiting this sector just think if there is any dispute, and our people end up going there, then we will have to say to them "Please go to our local mandirs" (laughter.) Now these foreigners are lining up overseas based temples in India. My claims are not bogus but based on fact.
Have you heard of this American organization operating in India? True or not? I'm not talking into thin air. There is this organization called Iskcon operating in India who have built temples to Lord Krishna and these temples are their biggest sources of revenue. These temples don't pay any income tax and all of the profits are transferred into American accounts.  Do you know that? Of these Iskcon temples Iskcon Bangalore makes such a big profit that they can send abroad more profits than the American company Colgate does in a year. The American Colgate company after all their sales and nett profit that they send to America, three times that amount Iskcon Bangalore temple can send to America yearly. (BIF: Maybe that's why Madhu Pandita Dasa is fighting to keep the money in India.)
 And bigger than Bangalore temple is the Iskcon Delhi temple and even bigger than that temple is Bombay and even bigger temple than that is the one built in Mathura.....right on Bhagavan Sri Krishna's chest (laughter.) Over there the offerings are coming in from left and right and the one's making the offerings are us.  It is our brothers and sisters who are members in that temple and they're being taught bhakti there. They (foreigners) don't even know how to say Hare Krishna or Hare Rama correctly, but they are teaching citizens of India all about bhakti.  And the Indians are saying " Just see so many bhaktas are there. They have come from Europe.  They are white skinned and used to living in A/C comfort but they are living here and taking Lord Ram's name and Lord Krishna's name". This is the problem with Indian people, we always accept others as our own.  All they have to do is play the game.
So now we have financed these temples and we are making donations from our pockets for them to enjoy.  So currently all these Iskcon temples have certain restrictions, but in the new year the markets are going to open up and just imagine how many more foreigners will flood into India with intentions to loot. What to do!  They'll take lakhs of crores of rupees away, you can't do anything about it, and it is all totally income tax free for them.  They don't have to pay any taxes.  So this service sector is so big and vast that anybody American or European can enter and can do whatever they want to make money and take it away from India....."
BIF contacted Bangalore's Sri Sri Radha Krishna-chandra Mandir, who have been fighting legal battles for the last twelve years against ISKCON's American GBC, controlled in the background by Jayapataka Swami (aka. John Gordon Erdman, of American /Jewish ancestory) and Radhanath Swami (aka. Richard Slavin, of American / Jewish ancestry).  We asked if they wish to respond to the statements of concern expressed by Dr. Ved Arya.  We received a reply from one of the Mandir's GBC members: Sriman  Satyagour Dasa Prabhu.  We have posted his response for our readership.
"I would like to respond as follows to the note I received today from BIF:

Madhu Pandit Dasa the President of ISKCON Bangalore, an alumni of IIT Mumbai, is waging a war against these foreign self made gurus in ISKCON for the last decade. The foreign gurus of ISKCON Mumbai are unable lay their hands on the monies of ISKCON Bangalore and legal battles are fought from high court to Supreme court on the claim of ISKCON Mumbai that the funds of ISKCON Bangalore society, which is a legally separate society  should be controlled by them as  their branch . Madhu Pandit Dasa says these foreign gurus are exploiting the devotional sentiments of the Hindus in this country and are stacking away crores of money from Indian disciples. He has banned these self made gurus from coming to Bangalore temple to do their "guru business". Srila Prabhupada never allowed them to adorn themselves as gurus and accept disciples and even then forty of them have fallen from grace over the years into illicit sex, drugs, child molestation and other immoral acts.  He has demanded the ISKCON self made gurus surrender  all their assets to the ISKCON  temples and to voluntarily declare their assets rather than keep in their personal accounts , that too those claiming to be sanyasis. One sanyasi,  Radhanath Swami of ISKCON Mumbai , who got a donation of 150 crores from a disciple did not even put the money into ISKCON account . How much of it is still  left in India , Krishna alone knows."

Satya Gaura Chandra Dasa
Member, Governing body of Iskcon Bangalore