16th Sept, 2011.


Polytheism in definition is a belief in multiple deities, a pantheon of gods and goddesses each and all surrounded by mythology and ritual.  Historians date this form of worship to the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and up until the Axial Age, wherefrom a gradual development of monotheism or pantheism and even atheism took shape.  Monotheism in pantheistic mode has birthed a multi guru circus of centertainers, each employing whatever means necessary to outdo the other in a bid to collect what is god's....everything, and....tax free.  In the current milieu of theistic promotions, humanity is under siege by salivating saints in a recruitment- program-overkill to convert the world, and each to his own. 

Even the devout atheist is not spared by the accosting believer in the street with his soap-box, his guitar, his cymbals, his drum, and.....his doctrine.  Not only has theism moved away from the rituals and beliefs of the past, modern theists have added miracles music and mustard to their hot-dog evangelical endeavors.  No more a simple rock altar on a high place, edifices today define a corporate god, investment believership, and suggested success between the two.  The bigger the blessed.  Further, in a monotheistic free market, projected wealth not only identifies denominational success but allures votaries; an essential in any corporate continuum: unwary converts converting the unwary in an accumulating/legitimating/capitalizing/monopolizing expansion program. 

Albeit theism has civilized in ritual from sacrificial altars of the Bronze Age, in order to win a share of the market, monotheists each point to their own philosophy in identifying the 'one true god.'  As a result, those who do not agree, form their own philosophical societies and promote their ideas in a non-secular free-market.  To confound the issue further, Buddha is slant-eyed, Jesus has blue eyes and flaxen hair, Krishna means dark, Allah would quite possibly wear a red beard and Mrs. Allah a burqa.  Jews, and divisions in Christianity, do not wish to physically define god at all, which is just another share on the stockmarket of theistic belief.  It would appear that monotheism is a radically evolved concept that can only hold firm in segregation: an umbilical believership citing natal theory to identify an indigenous god.

Throughout the evolution in creed and ritual affecting humanity in the northern hemisphere, polytheism continued unchanged in the Indian sub-continent.  The historical and legal definition of "Hindus" as "Indian Pagans" is clear-cut, easy to use, and it has the law and historical primogeniture on its side.  Yet Hindus remain content and devout in the belief that there is no reason for any improvised theories.  Since their ism does not require development in techniques to compete for the holy dollar, they remain atmaram, self-satisfied in the belief that Hindus are born, not converted.  Not only do modern day Hindus feel secure in their religious convictions, they have demonstrated their security by permitting other isms to practice freely and unhindered within Hindustan and within the bounds of civility.  Even India's ongoing issues with Pakistan in no way hinders the practice of Mohammedism in India.  The rub begins when invitations to practice are misinterpreted to mean freedom for sects and cults to denigrate Hinduism, to target Hindu youth, causing abnegation/conversions which affect Hindu families and trick them into funding and supporting bogus foreign institutions.

Historically speaking, there was no ism on the planet more pressured to conversion than Hinduism. From 1526, when Babar entered India and imposed Mughal rule, which lasted until the battle of Plassey in 1757, Hindus were under pressure to convert.  When Mughal rule ended with the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857/58 and with it the stranglehold of the East India Company, the British Raj took over.  Christian missionaries travelled the length and breadth of India seeking converts without much luck (even though this writer is ever grateful for the educational facilities they left behind.)  Not even the Mughal emperor- Akbar, who married a Rajput princess, gave high office to Hindus, and attempted to bring Islam and Hinduism together in his religious doctrine- Din-i-llahi, met with any success.  After many centuries of pressure by invading armies and occupying forces Hindus have remained what they were long before the Bronze Age.....Hindu. 

But now, as attested to by the video readers will view below, there is a foreign cult, ISKCON, which has come to the attention of the Paropkarini Sabha, the Arya Samaj's intellectual body.  The Samaj is Vedantic in ideology, and is allied to Hinduism by Vedic influence permeating polytheistic belief.  Founded during the British Raaj, the Samaj protects Hinduism from the onslaught of Christianity and Islam, they have allied with the BJP, RSS, and Visva Hindu Parishad et al, to form a force that identifies and protects the Hindu persona; its precepts and proponents nationally and internationally.  There is no lack of academic qualification within the ranks of the alliance nor is there a shortage of intel.  Among its members are several young and senior academics led by Hindustan's well known crusader for human rights and social justice, Swami Agnivesh (Ph.D). 

Arya Samaj also has active intel. that covers the globe in its capacity as protector.  On the domestic scene, its militant faction the RSS is a force to be reckoned with on any given day.  Under guidance of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (later PM of India,) Arya Samaj's left wing the RSS, demolished Babri Masjid.  The Samaj was also involved when Dhag Rampal of the Satlok Asram in Rothak Haryana, began slandering personalities like Swami Vivekananda of the Ram Krishnan Mission, and Swami Dayanand.  On July 14th 2006, after Rampal declined three invitations to debate, local villagers accompanied by CRPF forces and led by a thousand brahmacaris from the Arya Samaj, marched into Karonth village destroyed the ashram and took Rampal into custody.  He is now ruing the day he was born and asphyxiating under a mountain of criminal charges.

So called American gurus of the Iskcon cult, carried away by misconceptions of their own self importance, are liable to mistake this Hindu alliance to be a group of tinhorn, backwater bobos.  In the event of there being an escalation in pressure by Nationalists to retaliate, such a mistake would prove disastrous for all members of the cult who travel to Hindustan as anything other than tourist, dressed and behaving as such. 

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) generally denies that it is Hindu, in spite of practicing purely Hindu rituals and a purely Hindu lifestyle in the service of a purely Hindu god.  That this policy is guided by petty calculations of self-interest is clear from the cases where Iskcon exceptionally does claim to be Hindu, viz. when collecting money from Hindus.  A former Iskcon member explains: that ISKCON is non-Hindu "is clearly evident in the writings and lectures of Srila Prabhupada, Iskcon's founder, as well as in the day-to-day preaching statements of its members and current-day leaders." (De-Hindu). What is especially troubling is that Iskcon periodically does claim to be a Hindu organization.  Unfortunately, these claims on the part of Iskcon occur when, and only when, it serves the legal and financial interests of the sect.  Thousands of unsuspecting Indian Hindus have been persuaded to contribute funds to the group with the reassurance that they were supporting 'Hinduism', 'Hindu' temples and the printing of 'Hindu' books.  Additionally there are concerns at Iskcon's attempts to convert by default.  This procedure involves verbal attack on Hindu establishments like the Ram Krishnan Mutt, et al.  The Iskcon group has been operating in breach of civil and religious codes for sometime now without any accountability to date. 

It is a well known fact that the society has claimed affinity with Indian culture and its people to establish legitimacy and solicit funds worldwide.  There was no problem with this when the cult's Indian founder was at its head, but after his alleged poisoning by the current American regime, there can be no further justification for claims to Indian heritage or the exploitation of Hindus and Hindustan.  As mentioned before, Hindustan is liberal in its views on practicing isms within the bounds of civility.  The Iskcon group does not comply with these views.  They make bogus claims, are callous in their recruitment/conversion programs, are using Indians nationals to form trusts and monopolize on lands, religious rights and exemptions, and, most concernedly, there is a shocking criminal history in the cult's short existence.  Yes we have heard the claims to a five-hundred-year (American?) succession, but that just isn't true. 

Furthermore, Shri Agnivesh Swami, who is the voice for Indian children nationally, and in the UN, is now well apprised of Iskcon's child abuse track record; the fact that the victims were not compensated adequately; perpetrators are still active within the cult; Iskcon claimed bankruptcy while its gurus spent lavishly on themselves and personal projects, and last but not least:- although abuse took place extensively in Hindustan by Iskcon foreigners and their varlets, not a single Indian child was invited to make a claim.  What is of great concern is that the Iskcon administration moved the predators from temple to temple to avoid exposure, and since the abuse case was lodged in the US, the abusers have now concentrated on Indian soil.  Here below is an excerpt from a letter posted by one of the gurukul teachers which gives Samaj members an insight into what they are dealing with:

>>Until there was the threat of a lawsuit, the ISKCON leaders didn't do anything except harass, threaten, and lay guilt trips on the victims! At the same time, they were shuffling the perpetrators from one ISKCON temple/gurukula to another where they molested even more helpless children! Why did they let the abuse go on for year after year until several hundred children were sexually molested/raped? They should have immediately brought it out into the open. They should have immediately provided funds for much needed counseling for the victims. They should have immediately put the perpetrators in jail, informed the parents, and educated all of the teachers and gurukula headmasters on how to prevent such a horrible thing from ever happening again!  (Pratyatosa Das)<<

The alliance has also been informed of 'guru falldowns' and cult laws that justify sexual perversions and misconduct.  They are also fully aware of murders, scams, and the fact that the cult is run by Americans using Indian converts to wear a Hindu face and operate under a charity tax-exemption umbrella internationally when they are in fact not eleemosynary but a religious business.  Why must Hindus and Hindustan wear this disgrace?

Finally and before presenting readers with the video, we remind benders and shakers in the Iskcon cult that monies they have collected by exploiting the Maha Mantra; money that has been used for all manner of personal extravagance, must now be explained in India (we will go into detail further down this post.)  The fact that pictures of 'gurus' sitting on huge thrones (vyasasans?) dressed in shining silks and wearing gold watches (behaving like pick-pockets at the top of their game,) were used to motivate Muslim terrorists to attack and kill in the Taj Hotel, Mumbai, brings to fore Iskcon's decadence, misrepresentation of Hindu beliefs: asceticism, and immediate concerns for the cults' activities interfacing issues of National Security.

Now we present the video which was heard by about five-thousand assembled members and broadcast to millions more on TV.  The speaker targets modern gurus, their cult, and their usage of the Maha Mantra.  There is no cult other than Iskcon in the speaker's crosshairs.  Our informants tell us that what is being addressed publicly by the Arya Samaj's Paropkarini Sabha, is privately a matter of growing concern.  Iskcon has made a great deal of cash, conversions and Life Members by using the Maha Mantra.  The time is quickly approaching when they will need to defend their rights to everything Indian.


What BIF suggests is traditionally Hindu in addressing such matters: challenge the Paropkarini Sabha to debate.  To attempt a private resolution/defrayal will only promote further Iskcon's incongruous approach to spiritual tradition.  We can arrange the debate to be televised nationally.  Our only stipulation is that the Iskcon contingent be authorized GBC commissioners, and preferably, gurus themselves.  Also prior to debate a contract must be entered into by both parties forbidding the abandonment of polemics afore the agreed date of conclusion.  Laptops loaded with veda-base and research assistants will be permitted.  Further submissions will also be considered.  The "Challenge to Debate" could be sent to BIF, or any one of the Arya Samaj offices in India.  How much easier could it get? 

The importance of such an opportunity to convert millions cannot be overlooked.  Conversely, should the GBC neglect to take the first step initiative, there will surely be an escalation in anti-cult sentiments which will culminate in a challenge being issued by the Hindu alliance.  Should the challenge be ignored thrice, and after media coverage, action will be taken just as in the Rampal case depicted above.  There is no need for that to occur.  We request all those who are in a position to reach the ivory towers, to petition the Iskcon gods to ACT NOW.  Here is the (short) video.  Note the cult drip in the comments section: http://youtu.be/Ba_lbbIjxtU

....and here once again we present a translation made from a similar address to Indian listeners by Dr. Ved Arya (Correction- Rajiv Dixit):

"So this is the concern, that Europeans and Americans have a very good understanding of Indian sentiments and weakness'.  Just imagine Americans coming here and opening up temples because they understand that the offerings are abundant. My greatest fear lies in this sector because temples filter through all services. 
They have opened churches but some people go and some people don't go, so there is not much profit because this country is not Christian based.
But just think if they made a temple to Hanumanji and lets say an American company has made it. Then Indian people will say "Just see what bhaktas these people are, they have made a temple to Hanumanji..... come on lets go!" And their hard-earned money they will give to the temple and that will go into American accounts.
In India everyone knows that if someone constructs a temple to Hanuman or Santoshi mata or Durga mata, as much of the offering they want to take away, they can take away. The poorest people will make donations.  Even the poorest village will donate 10-20 lakhs to the making of a temple. Now with them exploiting this sector just think if there is any dispute, and our people end up going there, then we will have to say to them "Please go to our local mandirs" (laughter.) Now these foreigners are lining up overseas based temples in India. My claims are not bogus but based on fact.
Have you heard of this American organization operating in India? True or not? I'm not talking into thin air. There is this organization called Iskcon operating in India who have built temples to Lord Krishna and these temples are their biggest sources of revenue. These temples don't pay any income tax and all of the profits are transferred into American accounts.  Do you know that? Of these Iskcon temples Iskcon Bangalore makes such a big profit that they can send abroad more profits than the American company Colgate does in a year. The American Colgate company after all their sales and nett profit that they send to America, three times that amount Iskcon Bangalore temple can send to America yearly.
 And bigger than Bangalore temple is the Iskcon Delhi temple and even bigger than that temple is Bombay and even bigger temple than that is the one built in Mathura.....right on Bhagavan Sri Krishna's chest (laughter.) Over there the offerings are coming in from left and right and the one's making the offerings are us.  It is our brothers and sisters who are members in that temple and they're being taught bhakti there. They (foreigners) don't even know how to say Hare Krishna or Hare Rama correctly, but they are teaching citizens of India all about bhakti.  And the Indians are saying " Just see so many bhaktas are there. They have come from Europe.  They are white skinned and used to living in A/C comfort but they are living here and taking Lord Ram's name and Lord Krishna's name". This is the problem with Indian people, we always accept others as our own.  All they have to do is play the game.
So now we have financed these temples and we are making donations from our pockets for them to enjoy.  So currently all these Iskcon temples have certain restrictions, but in the new year the markets are going to open up and just imagine how many more foreigners will flood into India with intentions to loot. What to do!  They'll take lakhs of crores of rupees away, you can't do anything about it, and it is all totally income tax free for them.  They don't have to pay any taxes.  So this service sector is so big and vast that anybody American or European can enter and can do whatever they want to make money and take it away from India....."
There can be no excuses entered into later by the Iskcon GBC.  They have been forewarned.
Thank You for spending time with us.