18th Feb. 2013

Good governance is the prophylaxis of rort and rot.  Let it never be said of Government that it was unsighted, for no authority can exist not responsible to the people.
1. The monster grows daily.  No more does he loot and pillage with garrison and gun.  Gone is the Redcoat with his bayonet and military bark.  Now he operates with impunity as a saffron-garbed sadhu......determined, even more than before, to subjugate Indians to his will.  He wears garlands and silk robes.  An awkward combination of mimic and muni, he charades complete with danda and title-  Goswami...Swami...Maharaja...His Divine Grace...His Holiness... Gurupada... Acaryapada... Acaryadeva... etc.  Squaddie John Brown remains an imperialist but now masquerades as a gaudiya endorsed donation-collecting guru who exploits the sentiments of Hindus and infects Hindustan with carcinogenic cultism.  His modus operandi has changed but his conceit and arrogance identifies his foreignness.  He preys on trusting natives by parroting Sanskrit from falsified Hindu puranas, and they, cowed by his evangelicalism and promises of emancipation, garland him, worship him publicly, build large elevated thrones from where he acts out his 'divine birth' pastimes and enforces his guru-equals-god paradigm... a cult inherited concoction.  His native converts understand his need for money.  They translate everything he says as- Open sesame, and proceed daily to storm the doors of hardworking Indian families with Life Membership forms and promises of palaces in paradise. 
2. Iskcon, the Hare Krishna sect is a deus ex machina: a robotic god, programmed and lowered onto the Indian stage by a colonial bum-kisser who sought revenge on Hindus and Hindustan for blunting gaudiya world domination aspirations, accepting instead the investigative aide-memoire of the saint-  Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. 

3. Flagrant in its inattention to Indian pride and progress; brazen in its dissent of India's legislated laws; obtrusive and ostentatious; more bizarre in its beliefs than the most whacky cults known to man; radical beyond any ism and determined to impose its outré beliefs on Hindus as 'Vedic knowledge' while convincing the world it is a sui generis (Brit/Am/Jew) Hindu organization, iskcon is now an enclave encompassing vast tracts of Indian lands, Indian slaves and Indian monies ruled and banked by cult sovereignty.  The Hare Krishna juggernaut is no longer a Ziegfeld Follies group of foreign converts.  Once accepted as hippies with a love for all things Indian, iskcon (its history available to researchers) has been identified as both dangerous and criminal.  With no further possibility of contaminating their own, and where OCI and NRI money is the only lifeblood, iskcon has now concentrated operations in Hindustan and Russia. This article will disclose to our Legislature, Governors and Judiciary why, as it grows, iskcon,(Hare Krishna) by devitalizing the core of Indian society with its spiritual germ warfare, becomes potentially more detrimental and dangerous to Indian progress and Nationalism than any perceived enemy or radical organization on the planet.  We ask our Governors to remember the words of the late Shriman Rajiv Dixit:
"Have you heard of this American organization operating in India? True or not? I'm not talking into thin air. There is this organization called Iskcon operating in India who have built temples to Lord Krishna and these temples are their biggest sources of revenue. These temples don't pay any income tax and all of the profits are transferred into American accounts.  Do you know that? Of these Iskcon temples Iskcon Bangalore makes such a big profit that they can send abroad more profits than the American company Colgate does in a year. The American Colgate company after all their sales and nett profit that they send to America, three times that amount Iskcon Bangalore temple can send to America yearly.
And bigger than Bangalore temple is the Iskcon Delhi temple and even bigger than that temple is Bombay and even bigger temple than that is the one built in Mathura.....right on Bhagavan Sri Krishna's chest (laughter.) Over there the offerings are coming in from left and right and the one's making the offerings are us.  It is our brothers and sisters who are members in that temple..."
Further, we remind our Leaders of the work done by previous exemplars in exposing this pseudo religious sect in Bengal.  With history archived beyond easy access or purview, the cult grows unchallenged and unrestricted once again. Here is a reminder from a previous BIF posting:

Iskcon Mathura

"Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay recognized immediately the gaudiya interpolations leading to lethargy, sexual promiscuity, and an overall mood of indifference to Nationalistic pride and independence.  As a well known writer and thinker, his opinions, when made public, stirred immediate response.  Unlike Raja Ram Mahun Roy, who acted only to stem the flow of bogus vaisnava scripture detrimental to Indian ideals and ethics, Bankim Chandra worked to preserve the historical figure Shri Krishna by denouncing the immorality and sexual indulgence attributed to him by cultists.  He was wholeheartedly against the erotica and perversions defined as Prem (love) by Chatanyaites-  SONAGACHI.  Bankim Chandra felt that Bengal and its people were belied in the eyes of the world due to vitiation of the religious precepts preached by Shri Krishna; portrayed by cultists as a god of doubtful antecedents.  His concerns were made clear as to the effemination of Bengal by Chaitanyaites at a time when men were needed to establish an Indian identity (as opposed to pedophilia, homosexuality and cross-dressing.)  His widely published views exposed and occluded the cult in Bengal, ipso facto its spread nationally." 
4. Before going any further, permit us to identify four cult Dons operating in Bharat:-  a) Jayapataka Swami (aka. Gordon John Erdman II, AM/Jew,) b)  Radhanath Swami (aka. Richard Slavin, AM/Jew,)  c) Bhakti Vikash Swami [BV] (British Jew (?) aka. untraceable,)  d) Madhu Pandit Dasa (aka. Madhusudan S.? Sth Indian.)  Erdman controls/operates out of Mayapur Bengal.  Slavin controls/operates out of Chowpatty Mumbai, Madhu Pandit controls/operates out of Bangalore, and BV operates out of Tamil Nadu.

Iskcon Bangalore

Iskcon Mayapur

5. What we know about BV is what his disciples post.  But they are guadiya, with a rich history of poor honesty.  Anyhow, what we do know is that he is concentrated on converting Hindu youth who don't have an inkling about nitty-gritty issues like Chaitanya: his gopi-bra striptease and breast sucking episodes; the enslavement and abuse of little girls boys and women as temple sex-slaves, or the curled lips of British colonials (ironic isn't it?) as they declared the sect to be 'self evidentially immoral.'  Nor are they aware of Indian exemplars coming out in protest of Bengal's effemination by a lethargic cult with no aspirations to progress or to build or fortify National identity and pride, or to encourage any activity outside its own gluttonous consummation of everything in god's name.  Yet, the agasura lies where Maharishi Dayanand found it hidden under a jumble sale of spiritual superficiality (read para-15.)  The crux of its belief system (acBSp updated with 'mayavadi' counters) under examination screams unbelievability, out-of-the-ark obtuseness, and compels postulants to accept (or be damned) ethnophaulic and ethnocentric implants.  By the time educated Indians discover cult core credo to be caveman calculus, they are in over their heads.

Erdman & Slavin. GET A ROOM!

6. In line with gaudiya confrere, two of the above cult gurus pen fiction as fact- Slavin and BV.  Erdman is incapacitated by stroke so his activities are limited (sigh).  In the Foreword (written by BV) of a recently heralded publication entitled- 'Who is Supreme?' cult leeches are tempted with this essence of fresh Indian blood:-  '...elaborate Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter.  Useful for preaching in India, or to Indians.'  So who is BV, really?  Here is an excerpt from his bio: Born of British parents in England...[...]...Giving up studies at an early age, he joined ISKCON in 1975...[...]...is an initiated disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp) ...[...]...first came to India in 1976...now preaches mostly in India...[...]...he lectures...[...]...specializing in reaching the educated youth.

BV in Erdman's lap
w'at's 'e reaching for 'ere..eh? 

7.  Useful for preaching in India, or to Indians?  Why?  Why would a group who claim to be Hindu, need to convert Hindus in Hindustan?  Convert them to what?  Why would Hindus need to be converted (to whatever) by a Christian born Englishman who made his first trip to India in 1976.  Why isn't he converting in England?  India has been Hindu for millennia and through centuries of occupation, why is an uneducated Englishman, who gave up studies at an early age, now specializing in reaching India's educated youth?  A dropout targeting educated youth? Why? Is it because youth is under pressure to achieve ergo vulnerable to alternative lifestyle suggestions?   Why is it that the iskcon cult, even when seeing India's religious commitment through the centuries, continues in a western evangelical vein to disrespect established socio-religious practices only to expand a cult already exposed as undereducated, self-centric, realistically lethargic, beggarly, inconsequential to economical military or scientific progress, or progress of humanity in any sphere outside schooling the world to be gaudiya-Krishna (g-K) erotic bush bunnies? 
8. Let's take a closer look at iskcon's plan for India's educated youth...WHAT? HOW? WHY? 
WHAT: We bring to notice only two excerpts (of many) from cult sexercises that are sexplitive in the direction iskcon wish to herd Indian youth i.e, to become voyeurs and participants in the illicit/adulterous sexual activities of g-K with eight year old girls...and eventually with Indian youth who dutifully 'surrender' to cult processes and its gaura gurus.  The Hare Krishna platform of surrender can only be achieved after abandoning education outside cult indoctrination; work opportunities outside cult designations; family must also be dropped unless donating and compliant.  Prior friendships relationships and National obligations are of even less consequence on the road to sex with g-K.  To give our readers a text-book understanding of the WHAT, we have not only presented the excerpts below but also provided a literal translation of the key words applied: 1) rasa= relationship, 2) madhurya rasa= intimate sexual relationship, 3) conjugal= marital sexual relationship, 4) parakiya rasa= Illicit or adulterous sexual relationship.

Hare Krishna erotica

"Although all the rasas are on the transcendental platform, madhurya-rasa is the supreme transcendental mellow. Consequently, it is concluded that the worship of devotees engaged in the Lord's service in madhurya-rasa is the supreme spiritual activity. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and his followers mainly worship Lord Krishna in madhurya-rasa...It is he only who distributed love of Krishna while exhibiting the superexcellence of loving Krishna in the conjugal rasa." 
"The relationship between the gopis and Krsna is called parakiya-rasa. This parakiya-rasa is ever-existent in Goloka Vrndavana in the spiritual sky." (Srimad Bhagavatam 10/29)
9. What becomes immediately apparent is emphasis on sex...sex with g-KAnd since it is ever-existent in the spiritual sky it is commonly understood, without option, cult graduates will participate in the minor mash.  In fact it is preached as the highest goal.  Actually the progress of practitioners is gauged on that platform of acceptance and understanding.... "Krishna is purusha (the enjoyer) and you are prakriti (the enjoyed)." ..." When Krishna wants to enjoy, He expands as the supreme enjoyer and the individual soul is meant to be enjoyed by Him, so she (that means everybody) is prakriti or female."  When that concept is stretched to 'guru equals god'...everyone is guru's lap dancer.

10. And this sexual baloney is said
to have been inferred and intimated (in writing!!) by the sage Vyasa 5'000 years ago.  Then targets are told that the gaudiya saint- Chaitanya, proclaimed by BhaktiviNo Thakur to be god, interpreted the writings of Vyasa to arrive at the "god expands to enjoy" theory.  So now the iskcon cult Englishman, BV Swami wants youth to accept that they are not Indian but spirit soul.... g-K's playboy prakriti.  Which drives us to take a closer look at Chaitanya and why he felt us guys (Indian youth or any youth) could be turned on to orgies with god.  What we know is what our gaudiya tall-tale-tellers-tell.  Here it is:  
"Once, the sense controlled great Lord (Chaitanya) with His moonlike face and smile of nectar dressed Himself in sublime women's attire.....Like a gopi, He wore a beautiful bodice on His chest, bracelets made of tiny conch shells, and a saffron dress around His very slender waist. He danced with sweet lotus feet, celebrated by tinkling ankle bells.....Then, the Lord, who is known as the annihilator of the armies of the demons, gave breast milk to those most exalted of godly men. And, as they gazed upon the Supreme Lord, whose beautiful eyes were filled with tender compassion, His associates felt joy. .In the mood of a mother, Visvambhara (Chaitanya) affectionately breast-fed everyone....All those Vaishnavas,....blissfully drank milk from the Lord's breast. By drinking the Lord's breast milk, their feelings of separation were mitigated and they became greatly maddened in the mellows of ecstatic love." (Sri Caitanya-bhagavata 2.18.203-208)

Chaitanya, the dairy dancer?

11. BhaktiviNo was not the only one to excite homosexual readers with cross-dressing gender-bender drool.  Here's the Caitanya Mangala (possibly the same author endorsing his poppy fantasies by forging collaboration) ...."One day Lord Gauranga (Chaitanya), entering the mood of a cowherd damsel, dressed up as a gopi.  He wore a bodice, sari, golden ankle bells and conch shell bangles.  His eyes swam in rasa.  His waist was very attractive and slim as a fist.  The unparalleled beauty of the Lord's gopi dress enchanted the three worlds. The effulgence of His bodily limbs was transcendental.  The fragrant malati garlands swinging from His golden neck looked like the celestial Ganges rushing down golden Mount Sumeru.  Gaura Nataraja (Chaitanya,) the king of all dancers, relished various ecstatic moods of prema [divine love] as He danced."  (Sri Caitanya mangala 2.9, p. 186).  Liberace, eat your heart out.  Is it any wonder Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhayay (1838-94) blamed the entirely fictional accretion squarely on the shoulders of the gaudiya sect and Chaitanya movement, arguing that the cult was responsible for the effemination of Bengal..... defined in Kolkata street vernacular as- Hidjra, or the more vulgar- Gandu.  


12.  HOW:  Any self respecting human would conclude the above lay-out to be sexually promiscuous if not openly homosexual.  Furthermore it equates cult advocates to bling blah pimps in silk suits, ivory handled canes and pink Cadillacs, who promise barflies eternal titillation in a ménage à plusieurs with a randy gender-bender they call god- g-K.  In truth, with a few superficial changes, that is the pitch.  But not all in one over.  Initially targets are recruited to a purification 'bhakta program' which involves close monitoring combined with sleep deprivation, ghee saturated food, chanting repetitively a minimum 25'000 (plus) syllables of g-K's name along with airbags of garbled mantras in foreign tongues, and deflective directives to saturate the mind with repetitive reading/hearing of cult concocted literature and the infernal ear-plug ravings of its founder- acBSp.  Early recruits are warned to not read the 10th canto of the cult's Bhagavatam risqué rasa until graduating progressively.  Here is an excerpt from an earlier BIF article which may help in explaining initial interface: 

"Targets are primed, 'cultivated' and stung either instantly or over a period of time depending or their willingness to "surrender": a word that stretches all the way back to past lives and resultant "karma" therefrom.  The indication of a soul's evolution on the path back to God is gauged by his / her surrender to the organization and its infrastructure.  Any member who transfers trust from "material attachments" to episcopal heads of the organization is deemed to be 'advanced'.  The more rapid the transfer the more organizational endorsement the renouncer receives,...[...]... In the event that one manages to see through the smoke and mirrors and concludes that he / she has been stung by corporate "Affinity Fraud", there is very little they can do against such well-oiled criminal machines.  In most cases the victim has already been compromised by participating in a ponzi scheme set up early in the sting for that very purpose.  Even if the victim feels angered enough to seek restitution, he/ she would have nothing more than an alias linked to a ghost, who could be on the other side of the world setting up the next scam.  On the flip side, should the victim decide to join the organization, whether in knowledge of the sting, or in belief that it was God's arrangement, management makes an assessment and the prospective 'full time' applicant is placed in one of three categories- a) Gullible  b) Smart but Gullible  c) Leadership material.

Applicants in the Gullible classification are important to the scheme in that they are cosmetic: giving the organization a facade necessary to convince outsiders of the missionary agenda being espoused.  The Smart but Gullible group, are those smart enough to understand how the sting works but gullible enough to believe God gets the profits.  The third classification extends from Middle Management all the way up through Temple Presidents, Regional Secretaries, Zonal Managers, Deputies, Executive Commissioners, Governing Body Commissioners, and finally to the Episcopal heads, or ecclesiastical face of God on earth.  The a) & b) brackets work the direct line of contact to prospective targets.  They assess status, wealth, family and connections, in consultation and under supervision of lower Middle Management, whose job it is to keep an eye on a) & b) and tie them through established rituals to a member of the episcopal head; a method of control that is both philosophical and psychological.  All categories are equally important to the crime of Affinity Fraud, the only difference being that the first two classifications a) & b), will remain doormats; impecunious and enslaved, while their episcopal bosses, whose victims were told to detach themselves from materiality, see no law against riding in Cadillacs if they prefer not to ride in Volkswagens."

13. WHY:  We begin addressing this question with aid from the Hare Krishna cult founder himself-  acBSp: This is our movement. We have to select men from the worst class. Papi tapi jata chilo. Nobody will come here after passing M.A., Ph.D. The most fallen we have to select....[...]... This is our position. We have to select our worker from the worst class of the society, papi and tapi...[...]... That is the movement. You trace the history of everyone. All worst, third class. And they come here. And that is Krishna conscious movement. How many Doctor Svarupa has come? If we speak frankly, all from the worst class. Those who were finished....[...]... This is the test of Caitanya Mahaprabhu's movement, that how many papi-tapis have been picked up.... (May 27, 1977, Vrindavana).  Heretofore there has been no challenge to this admission ipse dixit by the cult founder, himself an academic failure.  What it reveals ab inito as confirmed by acBSp, is that iskcon aficionados are predominantly lowborn and uneducated (papi,) mimicking Indian culture (tapi jatis) because they have no culture per se of their own.

gaura guru lila

14. Under the circumstances there is little wonder postulants jump on board.  Approached by an organization that offers food and lodging with no specific demand other than surrender to its agenda; an international organization that appears, at least on the surface, to be enjoying god given wealth and benediction; an organization that asks for no resume or referees, requiring only disqualification and dysfunction as qualification to function on parity with god....a guru,  with foot servants, love, adoration, and jet flights to tropical destinations where disciples wait with bated breath, hang on every word and attend every guru itch...it's an offer too good to refuse.  Even religious Indians, who know nothing about Gurudeva's beef-steak and kidney-pie past, or that night with Betty-Bo... her sister...and brother, will donate heavily to every whim including guru's trip to Bangkok.  And should an enlistee get even a fingertip sense of intuition...realizing the twelve-mile-tall-witch story inter alia is nothing but cow patties from Nanda Maharaja's 900'000 bovine,... swindling Indians is always a better option to swatting barflies in Birmingham.

15. Now, as promised, we bring to fore what was highlighted by Swami Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati: the utter madness of gaudiya cult belief which is once again being imposed on Indian youth and Indian society.  The list of quotes below is not even a smidgeon of what there is.  Nonetheless it begs the question- Who, other than those with no amour-propre (zombies lunatics and criminals) would peddle antediluvian flights of fancy as god-penned gospel?  A high percentage of what is listed below is extracted from the cult's Srimad Bhagavatam (SB).

a) After making a decision, the saintly persons and sages churned the thighs of the dead body of King Vena with great force and according to a specific method. As a result of this churning, a dwarf-like person was born from King Vena's body.

Vena thigh churners

Are these the same saintly persons who churned chocolate and marshmallow to make the house Hansel and Gretel found in the woods?

b) Krsna and Balarama jumped from the top of Pravarshana Mountain down to the ground--a distance of eighty-eight miles....[...]... Jarasandha concluded that the two brothers had been burned to ashes and that there was no need of further fighting. Thinking himself successful in his efforts, he left the city of Mathura and returned to his home in the kingdom of Magadha (KB, Ch- 52.) 

ganjakhors, chandukis and madhakis

An 88 mile high mountain in Mathura?  Really?
The cult claims this stuff was written by god.  Researchers say it was written by Nambudiri brahmins from south India who had no idea of northern geography or demographics.  BIF is more realistic in critique.  We ascribe these pipe dreams to ganjakhors, chandukis and madhakis, i.e., schizoid paranoia triggered by excessive drug abuse.

c) Jarasandha: The king of Magadha (Bihar, India) was born in two halves to separate mothers. A witch named Jara stuck him together, He was again torn in half by Bhima (lengthwise) and under g-K's direction, the pieces were thrown in opposite directions.
d) Krishna and Balaram butchered 110 million soldiers (SB. 10.50)....after birthing eleven children each to 16,108 wives (and spending his youth leap frogging with gopis,) where did g-K find the time or inclination?
e) One Billion 660 million and 20'000 men have fallen in this battle. Of the heroes that have escaped, the number is 240,165. (Mahabharata 26.9.10)
f) As for their military strength, it is said that King Ugrasena alone had ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards. (KB Ch-90)
g) King Ugrasena had four billion personal servants.

Then along came the Pied Piper of Hamlin and lured Ugrasena's quadrillions into the caves of 88 mile-high Pravarshana Mountain where they filled out papi tapi jati consensus forms before evanescing. 
Factoid: Statistic world population estimates put the number of world inhabitants (3'000 BC) at less than 100 million.  The current world population stands at 7.066 billion.

25'000 killed per minute?

640 million combatants
were killed in 18 days of fighting at Kurukshetra SB. 1.8.46.... (25'000 deaths per minute!?)
i) Dvivida Gorilla was powerful as 10,000 elephants... set fire to the towns, villages, industrial and mining areas....churned the ocean with his hands causing flooding in cities and villages... kidnapped and hid people in caves and sexually defiled the women of aristrocratic families.

Are you aristocratic....hmmm?

Presumably, Dvivida would first do a family check at local council offices and then ask- "Are you aristocratic?"-  before doing his gorilla.  Dvivida was a classy monkey with more culture than an iskcon guru, who wouldn't give a damn if a gorilla was ignoble...Chinese or even a taxi driver. 

j) Balarama being angered by the demon's activities engaged Dvivida in combat and after leveling a mountain and a forest killed the demon with His bare hands....The leveled area was then floated by iskcon in illegal land trusts.
k) Lord Balarama seized Dhenuka by his hooves, whirled him about with one hand, and threw him into the top of a palm tree...Yeah. That's how palm nuts originated. 
l) Thoroughly enraged by the death of Dhenuka, the remaining ass demons ran to attack Krishna and Balarama. As the demons attacked, Krishna and Balarama easily seized them one after another by their hind
legs and threw them all into the tops of the palm trees....Their calves are now in a witness protection program.  Surnames have been changed from Gadha to Gaudiya.
m) Holding the elephant by its tail, Krsna began to pull it, and with very great strength He dragged it for at least twenty-five yards, just as Garuda drags an insignificant snake. Krsna pulled the elephant from this side to that, from right to left,.... The WSPA filed cruelty charges.
n) Then, falling down on the ground, Krsna placed Himself in front of the elephant's two legs and caused it to trip and fall....
This technique is now used by Hare Krishna street peddlers.
o) The elephant then rushed madly towards Krsna. As soon as it came within reach, Krsna caught hold of the trunk and pulled the elephant down. When the elephant and caretaker fell, Krsna jumped up on the elephant's back and broke it and killed the caretaker also.... a jumbo overkill. 
 Lord Balarama's wife Revati was born in a yuga previous to the yuga that Bala was born in. Therefore when they met she was taller than He. Lord Balarama took his plow and pushed Ravati down with the flat of it, thus making her short....
her head...Eh?  Could be reason why iskcon's founder- acBSp deduced women have only half a brain?

I like mine short and flat

16.  Besides the heavy sexual connotations in Hare Krishna litterature, the above (and more below) concoctions could never claim sanity or sobriety in today's world.  In fact it screams bananas at writers who signed god to work they could never remove, rework or refresh.  Under a saffron cloth, and when exotic swamis were a la mode, acBSp pushed gaudiya hookah hallucinations to hippy-like Chaitanyaites in the US.  They inhaled deeply and began flogging god's 5'000 year old writings (with acBSp picture on the front page.)  Just like any Fagin controlling a pod of pickpockets, acBSp and iskcon made untaxed profits from unpaid street pushers.  Several who were steamrolled by cult malum in se; confidence trickery, false promises, guruganda and guruswollop, have had time to stand back and take a long look.  What they see is what appears on web sites and blogs like BIF.  Here is such a soul: an ex. cult member who gave much time and effort to highlight BV Swami's core belief re-educational program for India's educated youth : 

1. A four-headed man creating the contents of the universe from aspects of himself while seated on the stigma of a cosmic-sized flower that grows from a lake in the navel of an even larger cosmic-sized person.

one Brahma..one sun..one moon..one cult..iskcon

2. A family employing 38 million school teachers for their children and an ancient king with 30 trillion personal attendants.
3. Ancient battles in which tens of millions of soldiers are slaughtered in a matter of hours, with individual generals killing tens of thousands singlehandedly in mere minutes using mantra-infused arrows.
4. Virginal birth, birth from clay pots, and other incredulous types of birth.
5. The existence of a vastly superior global civilization, complete with airplanes and nuclear weapons, before 3,000 B.C.E. (going back millions of years cyclically) with people of increasing size and life span, the emperors of which ruled the entire Earth.
In reality, the earliest known contemporary civilizations (Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, Toltec, Nordic and alike) nowhere acknowledge the existence of these emperors, let alone their rule. To date no tangible evidence has ever been found anywhere on the globe to support this claim.

Research suggests that all cradles of civilization emerge around the same time period of approximately 8,000 to 6,000 B.C.E, including that of the Indus Valley. Archaeology in India shows that going back further in time does not reveal advanced civilizations with airplanes, but cave dwellings, paintings, and stone tools much like in the rest of the world of the same time period.

Ugrasena & fly. Waiting for the pushpa vaman to gay Paree

6. Invisible oceans of a.o. liquor, milk, sugar cane juice, and yoghurt all many times larger than this planet and part of a simplistic flat-Earth cosmology. 
7. Sin entering grains and beans on the eleventh day after a new moon and full moon, requiring fasting.
8. The true existence of cannibalistic demons, ghosts, witches, magic powers, curses, talking animals, shape shifters, flying mountains, eagles capable of interplanetary flight, and other fabled entities and abilities.
9. The existence of pious higher beings named suras, in charge of the cosmic administration, and their less fortunate half-siblings the asuras, whose quarrels and lives affect the entire universe.
10. Trees hundreds of miles high, some with fruits that create rivers of juice when falling to the ground.
11. The Sun being closer to the Earth than the Moon and being the only source of light in the entire universe.
12. The existence of 28 planets that make up a hell in which sinners are tortured beyond belief for millions of years for even trivial transgressions.
13. The inherent mental and intellectual inferiority of women and their need to be controlled and dominated by men at all times.
14. Evil influences exerted by solar and lunar eclipses that occur when the Sun and Moon are swallowed by the disembodied head of a demon (sometimes representing an invisible planet), requiring people to either stay home or bathe in a sacred river.
Summary: Was it opium that compelled BhaktiviNo Thakur to ghostwrite god?  Was it snuff convinced acBSp that BhaktiviNo's mush was mantra with dictatorial possibilities?  Is it ghee soaked pakoras, sense deprivation and indoctrination that subjects papi tapi jatis (ptj) to believe the unbelievable?  Whatever the answer, acBSp employed the forgeries of BhaktiviNo to swing his notoriety and eternity monkey.  He used a gaudiya invented- g-K, to elevate himself, minimize education and destroy human relationships.  Given his low  standard of education, there was really no alternative.  He also needed to silence voices of past and present opposition in India.  He saw American subjugation as a double-barrel shotgun with which to shoot down history and simultaneously silence gaudiya factions who challenged his self-authorized "Prabhupada" appellation.  However, to collect and exhibit his group of 'dancing white elephants' he opened the doors to jackals and monkeys as well.  Perverts, socio/psychopaths, cheats and swindlers were told that performing 'devotional service' (selling acBSp books) and following cult dictates (opening up to ritual indoctrination) would elevate a ptj to the platform of vaisnava,...above the brahamanas.He further assured his honky-haris (he didn't like homeboys) that no matter what the crime, g-K had a nolle prosequi policy because cult criminals are 'properly situated' i.e., above the law of man. **  Still further he guaranteed guru status *** to all ptj who accepted his BS unconditionally, and fed his narcissistic obsession...guru equals god.

papi tapi jati 

* "But if one takes to Krsna consciousness, automatically he becomes immediately a brahmana and above the brahmanas. A Vaisnava is above the brahmanas." (Lecture on Bg. 3.18-30: Los Angeles, 30 December 1968.)
** "Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service,  he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated." (Bg 9/30).
*** "But a person born in a family of a lower caste can become a spiritual master if he is a Vaisnava, or Krsna conscious." (Bg 2/8 purport)
"But that does not mean I am God, but I am equal to God. Or at least you should see like that. (Lecture Melbourne- 27/6/74)
Conclusion:  What India faces today is the same old parasitic cult, confronted and ousted by past Indian exemplars.  Except, now it has resurrected with varied nationality and new strategic angles to insurgency.  Clutching in hand a ticket given by a man who would say anything...HERE...a violent cultist...HERE....his inheritors campaign aggressively in India, among Indians, to enforce forgeries of the gaudiya poppy- pundit, BhaktiviNo Thakur.  The iskcon founder's program to subject Hindus continues as his deus de machina rumbles on without ability to self-access outside its own programming.  Meanwhile the infestation spreads through populace and cyberspace as cult cogs beg, bicker for ligitimate rights to loot; each seeking promotion for himself and to boost the gaura guru...good as Hindu god fatuity.

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