6th May, 2016

DEVA BHASYA...and the devolving Deva

More people than ever before are identifying as atheist, agnostic, or otherwise nonreligious, with potentially world-changing effects.”

Reverently referred to as deva bhasya… the language (bhasya) of the gods (deva,) Sanskrit (meaning- refined speech) has been traced back to proto-Indo-Iranian and proto-Indo-European roots. Some historians place Sanskrit’s fons et origo in Syria / Turkmenistan. However none disagree that the language was tweaked in India from an early form of Sanskrit to Vedic Sanskrit to modern Classical Sanskrit ....a gospel language for Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and at one time the lingua franca of Greater India. Nevertheless, the language was not native to India....it was introduced. So if the bhasya was introduced were devas introduced as well? Was Hinduism an introduced concept…adapted…embellished and attributed to celestial beings for political pontification?

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"…Jones had concluded that the Sanskrit language originated from the same source as Greek and Latin, the classical languages of European civilization. He added that Persian, Celtic, and German probably belonged to the same family. European scholars were astounded. The occupants of India, long regarded as the epitome of Asian exotics, turned out to be long-lost cousins."
- David W. Anthony
(Author- “The Horse, the Wheel and Language”. Winner of the Society for American Archaeolgy’s 2010 Book Award)

The most archaic form of Vedic Sanskrit is preserved in the Rig Veda....India’s first textual compilation of Sanskrit. A language held dear, more so, because it was tongued (as claimed by casteists) between gods and humans. So if the language was used religiously what other foreign ideologies, social and political, were embedded and relayed in transference? We may never fully know or understand. But what we must seek out is how (by whom and why) interpretation of a foreign tongue produced the effect it had on indigenous India. It may also disclose why India’s current government, and cadres, are pushing for the resurrection of Sanskrit...now a dead patois, asphyxiated in loopholes closed by definiteness, mot juste, of advancing law and commerce.

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So who was India’s first literal interpreter of Indo-Sanskrit? Well...believe it or not... it was god. Compilation of the Rig Veda and subsequent categorization of all Vedas is attributed to Dwaipayana (island born) Vyasa (compiler) aka. ‘the literary incarnation of god.’ Historical research debunks the ‘one author’ claim, but no one argues with god and his deva delirium… a dangerous undertaking in India, to this very day. Whatever that ancient god’s political rationale or wherefrom his origins, he was linguistically proto-Indio-European with religious ties to Olympus:

"For example, the Greek god Ouranos and the Indic deity Varuna had strikingly similar mythological attributes, and their names sound somewhat alike. Could Ouranos and Varuna be reflexes of the name of some earlier Proto-Indo-European god?"
- David W. Anthony

….then there is Surya, the Hindu sun-god who rides on a chariot like the Greek sun-god Helios… Thor with his thunderbolt and Indra with his thunderbolt… powerful Hercules the half-god and powerful Bhimasen the half-god…the Iliad and Mahabharata….Krishna and Achilles, both killed by an arrow piercing the heel…Helen of Troy and Draupadi both triggered epic wars…Brahma and Zeus: Brahma shapeshifted into a swan to seduce Saraswati, Zeus shapeshifted into a swan to seduce Leda…Persephone and Sita were both abducted and wooed, and both eventually disappeared into the bowels of the Earth… Draupadi loved Arjuna but had feelings for Karna, Helen loved Paris but had feelings for Hector…  We can go on and on with these similarities; far too many to be coincidental.

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In direct relevance to this essay, we look at two significant translations / interpretations made by ‘god’ Vyasa (or impostors,) which initiated the division of Indian peoples into what is now defined as- “Scheduled Castes” – “Scheduled Tribes” and “Other Backward Classes.” The first translation / interpretation is the (thrice modified) word- ‘VARNA’.

Importantly, the word Varna is rarely used in the Rig Veda. When used in Vedic Sanskrit it was understood as- Colour and then as Class. With the introduction of modern Classical Sanskrit the word was translated as- Caste. Here is a brief explanation:

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“So what if not god ordained is the caste system?  From evidence based in revealed history (not Hindutva dictate,) god had nothing to do with it. The caste system was not a system at all but a definition of class, i.e., nobility, gentry, clergy / educators, peasants. The 'caste system' was never absolute during much of India's history. Historical evidence points to a relatively recent conversion of the word 'class' to 'caste.' Varna, now understood to mean caste, was literally translated as 'color'. Rare mention of the word is made in the Rigveda (1700-1100 BCE.)
From studies of that earliest of Indian tomes it becomes clear that social mobility was not restricted by caste encapsulated endogamy. Even with acceptance of varna translated as caste, Indian history (and now genetic science) does not
support ‘god’s’ segregation of the populace by birthright as decreed by caste Brahmins in their god-written, ‘eternal’ scriptures.”

Ah yes! BRAHMINS! Now that is an interesting plural. Its ‘Vedic’ introduction / interpretation is the crux to explaining India’s divisive unsocial order. Interestingly, and considering their influence over kings and subjugation of lesser tribes, this crème de la crème of India’s caste system i.e. the Aryan (noble) Brahmin, was conceived and promoted as the ‘god ordained’ master-caste based entirely on ONE SINGLE mention in the Rig Veda.

SOLE inference to the word- Brahmin is to be found in Mandala 10.12 of the Rig Veda. The hymn is called- “Purusha Sukta.” Here is the translation: “ The Brahmin was his (god’s) mouth, of both his arms was the Rājanya made.” By interpretation of that single (once only) mention, ‘Brahmins’ propagated the Aryan caste system and took position at its head….as the ‘mouth’ of god.

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Nor did the despotism end where the tyranny began. Linguists / glottochronoligists are in agreement with one easily detectable and unavoidable truth…

“This Purusha Sukta varna verse is now generally considered to have been inserted at a later date into the Vedic text…[…]… "There is no evidence in the Rigveda for an elaborate, much-subdivided and overarching caste system", and "the varna system seems to be embryonic in the Rigveda and, both then and later, a social ideal rather than a social reality".

Question is how could a group of popes and scribes work to fake a divine edict without being exposed… and then… impose the fraud nationally? If you think the culprits needed an empirical seal to accomplish the feat, you are right. Here is a short, sharp consideration:

“Legend has it that a Brahmin named Chanakya Pundit (maybe author of the political treatise-Arthashastra,) a religio-politico, was banished from the court of King Dana Nanda due to an altercation. He swore revenge. On his journeys, he overheard a young boy named Chandragupta* passing judgement on his friends. Chanakya was impressed. He took the boy under his wing and schooled him. After raising an army that defeated King Dana Nanda, Chanakya placed Chandragupta on the throne.
Chandragupta, and later his son- Bindusara, remained obligated to the Brahmin-guru Chanakya, retained him as Chief Advisor and remained under his sway.
With this history in mind, we get an idea as to where, how, when, why, and by whom, the Brahmin caste system got its “Purusha Sukta
royal seal of approval.”

*Candragupta Maurya, c. 321 – c. 297 BCE, was founder of the Maurya Empire and the first emperor to unify most of Greater India into one state. He ruled from 324 BCE until his voluntary retirement and abdication in favour of his son, Bindusara in 297 BCE.

Created in the name of an omniscient four-armed god with a supporting cast numbering thirty-three million demigods, the Aryan Brahmin caste system expanded its tribe (under royal decree) to overwhelm lesser indigenous tribes and claim India as Aryavarta (land of the Aryan Brahmins.) Numbers still reflect the takeover in India today wherein Scheduled Castes or Upper Caste Hindus outnumber Scheduled Tribes or Adavasis (literal translation: “Original Inhabitants,”) by more than two to one.

"Brahmin as a varna hardly had any presence in historical records before the Gupta Empire era" (3rd century to 6th century CE), and "no Brahmin, no sacrifice, no ritualistic act of any kind ever, even once, is referred to in any Indian text" dated to be from the first century CE or before. Their role as priests and repository of sacred knowledge, as well as their importance in the practice of Vedic Shrauta rituals grew during the Gupta Empire era and thereafter.”
- Abraham Eraly

So what did the caste system achieve? In order to answer that question we must look at the system of division that still exists in India today, i.e. the three main groups (the fourth being- “Others”).

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The first of the three main groups and the largest is referred to as- “Scheduled Castes”. This group of which Brahmins are highest (the mouth of god) is commonly known as- Upper Caste Hindus (UCH)…caste Indians who vehemently oppose the Aryan Invasion Theory, claiming instead to be Aryans themselves (minus the light skin and blue eyes).

Next on the unsocial ladder (without a rung to stand on) are the “Scheduled Tribes” (ST). Previously referred to as “Depressed Classes” (also repressed and suppressed,) ST is an official designation given to various groups of historically disadvantaged indigenous peoples i.e. Adavasi …or lesser tribes who lost to the UCH emergence.

Third and last of the main group is the officially designated- “Other Backward Classes” (OBC). This group contains much of India’s strugglers…the poor…the “Untouchables”…All of them…by birthright, considered backward and untouchable. OBC are found in every village and hamlet across India, from north to south. Please read our article- “BBB” for more info on India’s OBC.

"The name Aryan began to be applied to them, because the authors of the oldest religious texts in Sanskrit and Persian, the Rig Veda and Avesta, called themselves Aryans. These Aryans lived in Iran and eastward into Afghanistan–Pakistan–India. The term Aryan should be confined only to this Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family. But the Vedas were a newly discovered source of mystical fascination in the nineteenth century, and in Victorian parlors the name Aryan soon spread beyond its proper linguistic and geographic confines…[…]… I believe with many others that the Proto-Indo-European homeland was located in the steppes north of the Black and Caspian Seas in what is today southern Ukraine and Russia. The case for a steppe homeland is stronger today than in the past partly because of dramatic new archaeological discoveries in the steppes."
- David W. Anthony

Question is- does it really matter whether one is an Aryan or not? For most humans the answer would be a simple- No. However, with the murder and death threats faced by

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historians / realists / and academics in India today, there is now an aggressive attempt to whitewash history and claim Aryans as indigenous and exclusively Indian. The claim if won, would work well with Puranic poppy punditry, i.e., India once ruled the world…regardless of whether world history agrees or not. So who are the aggressors and what is to be gained? Let’s take a closer look.

One would imagine the Aryan past to be exactly that…an ancient history lost in time. That is not the case. The ‘Aryan’ past continues to be manipulated by politics, cause and cult… “In Russia some modern nationalist political groups and neo-Pagan movements claim a direct linkage between themselves, as Slavs, and the ancient 'Aryans.' In the United States white supremacist groups refer to themselves as Aryans.” However, none are more adamant in claiming Aryanism than the Indian Hindutva groups*…the UCH…now represented by India’s BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi… a pupil (some say puppet) of the RSS.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Bharatiya Janata Party, Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Bharatiya Vichara Kendra, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Hindu Vivek Kendra, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, Hindu Munnani, Seva Bharat, Vidya Bharati, Balagokulam, Vivekananda Kendra, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, Ekal Vidyalaya

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Since the BJP government’s two years in office the pressure to reintroduce Sanskrit and rewrite Indian history has caused turmoil in the academic world and a great deal of embarrassment to Indian intellectuals at home and abroad. Awards were returned in dignified protest as murder and mayhem became part of the ‘cleansing’ of ‘cultural pollution’ in India’s educational institutions. Meanwhile BJP’s Aryan mentor- the RSS, ignored by academia for their belief in ridiculous ‘Vedic’ stories / scriptures quilled by soma-homa-high poppy priests, are now in revenge mode.

Source:  http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/does-it-matter-now-if-someone-was-an-aryan-romila-thapar/

Not too long ago PM Modi made a statement at a house of surgeons confirming his unshakable belief in “Dreamtime” Aryanism:

We can feel proud of what our country achieved in medical science at one point of time," the prime minister told a gathering of doctors and other professionals at a hospital in Mumbai on Saturday. "We all read about Karna in the Mahabharata. If we think a little more, we realize that the Mahabharata says Karna was not born from his mother's womb. This means that genetic science was present at that time. That is why Karna could be born outside his mother's womb." Modi went on: "We worship Lord Ganesha. There must have been some plastic surgeon at that time who got an elephant's head on the body of a human being and began the practice of plastic surgery."
Source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/28/indian-prime-minister-genetic-science-existed-ancient-times

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19. Aryan plastic…hmmm? Must have been the by-product of crude mantras…ya tink? Then we hear the BJP Minister for External Affairs
Sushma Swaraj make public her desire to implement the Gita (a Mahabharata insert) as India's Bible*. She cited in support Modi's gifting of the Gita to a visiting dignitary as indication of the book's validity ipso facto concentric to attitudes and beliefs of ALL Indian voters.

* http://www.firstpost.com/politics/sushma-swaraj-wants-pm-modi-to-declare-bhagwad-gita-as-national-book-1838695.html

Recently the BJP’s Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD)
Smriti Irani (also an RSS product) stated in the Indian Parliament that she had requested all Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to teach Sanskrit.* Her reasons… “...to facilitate the study of science and technology as reflected in its literature.” What science and technology is she talking about that is not poppycock?... Is it the building of flower airplanes and how to chant mantras that fly them?...How to submerge oneself ten thousand years underwater in meditation?... Shapeshift?... Shoot arrows that mesh and dam the Ganges or black out the sky?... Shoot ballistic missiles (brahmastras) from a primitive bow?... Kill twelve-mile tall witches?... Climb a mountain in Mathura that is eighty-eight miles high?... Serve a king (Ugrasena) who had
38,800,000 tutors, ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards, and four billion personal servants?... How to be a maharata who can fight and slay, single-handed, thousands of soldiers charioteers cavalry and elephants?...Strategize an ‘Aryan’ war (Mahabharata) in which - ONE BILLION, SIX HUNDRED and SIXTY MILLION and TWENTY THOUSAND men (plus animals) were killed... A staggering approx. of TWENTY- FIVE THOUSAND (human) DEATHS PER 30 seconds (in 216 hours of action)….and all deaths caused by spears and arrows launched from chariots and elephants moving over uneven ground.

1 billion, 660 million, and 20 thousand men perished in the war. Only 240,165 heroes survived” (Mbh 11.26)

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*Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani on Monday told the parliament that she had ‘requested’ all IITs to teach Sanskrit…She said that the IITs had been asked to teach Sanskrit to facilitate the study of science and technology as reflected in its literature…Irani used the report of a panel that had suggested that IITs “may facilitate study of science and technology as reflected in Sanskrit literature along with inter-disciplinary study of Sanskrit and modern subjects to make her point….[…]…The Left and Congress too alleged that an attempt was being made to sneak in the agenda of the RSS, the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP.
Source: http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/declare-javascript-anti-national-aap-mocks-smriti-irani-on-sanskrit-in-iit-1399454

Besides asking where all those humans came from and how India housed and fed them we must ask what the CM of Delhi is asking….Where is PM Modi’s educational qualifications?

“It is being said that the PM has not obtained any degree from the Delhi University. According to sources, Delhi University doesn’t have any record of his admission form, his marksheet and there is no mention of his degrees as well as his name doesn’t figure in any other record,” the letter said.
Kejriwal suggested that the PM’s MA degree was “fake”.
Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/544654/put-pms-ba-degree-online.html

Modi’s protégé and HDR Minister Smriti Irani has already been caught out faking hers. She claimed to have completed a BA in 1996 from the Delhi University’s School of Correspondence (DUSC). In another affidavit, when contesting election from Gujarat, she stated her highest educational qualification was a B.Com (part 1) from DUSC, and then when people started calling her the uneducated Minister for Education, Irani countered with- “I also have a degree from Yale.”
Oh what an Aryan web we weave….Here read all about it:


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So what is the current situation of god’s chosen Indo-Aryans in today’s marketplace? Where has Sanskrit and sacred Vedic knowledge delivered them. Not that the PM or his Hindutva buddies will ever notice but the ‘Aryan’ elite- UCH are eking out an existence…pulling rickshaws and cleaning toilets to stay alive. Here are the stats:

#1. Upper Caste Hindus (UCH) constitute 30% of India’s population.
#2. On the caste ladder Brahmins are numero ono ...top of the pops.
#3. Caste Brahmins are fading to a minority.
#4. 53.9% UCH live below the poverty line.
#5. “Brahmins of India” by J. Radhakrishna, reveals that all purohits (Brahmin priests) today live under poverty levels.
#6. 70% of Brahmins are still relying on their hereditary vocation. There are hundreds of families surviving on just 300 rupees per month as priests in various temples (Dept. of Endowments stats.)
#7. 69.8% Brahmins and other UCH never went past 12th standard (matriculation).
#8. In the 5-18 year age group, 44% Brahmin students stopped education at the primary level and 36% at the pre-matriculation level.
#9. A large percentage of toilet cleaners, rickshaw pullers and roadside cooks are Brahmin.
#10. 50% of rickshaw pullers in New Delhi’s Patel Nagar are Brahmin.
#11. 75% of domestic servants and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmin.
#12. 70% of toilet cleaners for New Delhi’s 1783 public toilets are UCH.
#4. The last 400,000 Brahmins of the Kashmir Valley, the once revered Kashmiri Pundits, now live as refugees in their own country.

(For more info. Contact FACT- New Delhi-110003)

Yes, Aryans did exist in our historical past. They composed the Rig Veda and Avesta, but they were a primitive, non-literate, Bronze Age tribal peoples who were NOT exclusive to India. Indo-Aryans were spread across Iran, Afghanastan, and the northern Indian subcontinent.

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Of great significance is the fact that they participated in the ritual drinking of Soma (described in Hindu Puranas as ‘nectar of the gods’.) Soma was a heady concoction of Poppy (opiates), cannabis and ephedra. We have little doubt that hallucinations stemming from that cocktail, clubbed with imported legends of European gods and goddesses, is the creative force behind much of India’s ‘Aryan’ scribomania and interpolations.

It is both wrong and stupid to believe that historians / archaeologists / linguists / palaeontologists, have a dog in the fight. All they want to do is what they know best i.e. uncover the truth. Having said that, we leave our readers with two educated quotes:

"The recovery of even fragments of the Proto-Indo-European language is a remarkable accomplishment, considering that it was spoken by nonliterate people many thousands of years ago and never was written down. Although the grammar and morphology of Proto-Indo-European are most important in typological studies, it is the reconstructed vocabulary, or lexicon, that holds out the most promise for archaeologists. The reconstructed lexicon is a window onto the environment, social life, and beliefs of the speakers of Proto-Indo-European."
- David W. Anthony

"If Indo-European speakers were the first to have chariots, this could explain their early expansion; if they were the first to domesticate horses, then this could explain the central role horses played as symbols of strength and power in the rituals of the Old Indic Aryans, Greeks, Hittites, and other Indo-European speakers."
- David W. Anthony

Thank You for spending time with us.



We open this section with The Rediff interviewing of Harvard Professor Michael Witzel. The good Professor is alarmed that Hindu groups (Hindu American Foundation (HAF) et al.) in America are demanding Californian text book have Indian history rewritten in accordance with their understanding and sentiments. Professor Witzel is obviously under the impression that all Hindu groups speak for all Hindus. What he should appreciate is that Hinduism is a multi- branched belief system of sects and cults each with its own version of events. Brother vs. brother…together vs. the cousin… and all three against foreign intrusion. To get them on the same page with a straight story to tell…will require PM Modi transplant quite a few elephant heads.

If the video does not run on your browser please click here.

“The Rediff Interview/Harvard Professor Michael Witzel

'I am not a Hindu hater'
December 30, 2005

Professor Michael Witzel, Wales Professor of Sanskrit in the Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies at Harvard University, shot off a letter to the California Board of Education on November 8 after coming to know what he described was US-based Hindu groups's attempt to have sections of school textbooks relating to information on ancient India, Hindu religion and culture altered to conform to their views.
Source:  http://www.rediff.com/news/2005/dec/30inter1.htm


Here they are…India’s last hope… sparkling gems in the Hindutva crown…the last surviving blue-eyed boys of Aryanism…the living proof of Vedic achievement and inventive genius...those khaki shorts-wearing testicle ventilators…PM Modi’s glamour boys ...(drumroll)…THE RSS!!!...with …Get Your Cow Piss Coke Here!

India’s RSS makes Cola From Cow Urine as a ‘healthy’ alternative to Coke and Pepsi:

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS,) India's leading Hindu cultural group, has developed Gau Jal or Cow Water, at its research centre in the Indian holy city of Haridwar on the River Ganges, and hopes it will be marketed as a 'healthy' alternative to Coke and Pepsi......Hindus worship cows for their life-sustaining dairy products, but many also consume bovine urine and faeces in drinks and spice mixes for their "health-giving" properties.”


In Russia the ISKCON cult (an American/Jewish offshoot of Hinduism) is begging and hoping that India’s pseudo secular Prime Minister will trade off prime real estate in Delhi to secure the cult land in Moscow…for its Indian congregation, but of course:

ISKCON pins hopes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Krishna temple in Moscow
1 May, 2016, 02.49PM IST

Source:  http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/iskcon-pins-hopes-on-prime-minister-narendra-modi-for-krishna-temple-in-moscow/articleshow/52063307.cms

Meanwhile in India, under PM Modi’s Hindutva nose, ISKCON grabs land and muscles in on the ‘religious idiot’ donation market wherever and wherever it can:

Court reserves judgment on ISKCON land encroachment case, final hearing on May 5
Published on 03 May 2016
By Prameya News7


We have been heralding its inevitability. Now here come the “NONES” :

The World's Newest Major Religion is... No Religion

“As secularism grows, atheists and agnostics are trying to expand and diversify their ranks.

More people than ever before are identifying as atheist, agnostic, or otherwise nonreligious, with potentially world-changing effects.”


In bringing this section to a close we present random quotes from a thread somewhere out there. Proponents of the ‘Out of India Theory’ (OIT) had better get used to it. There is a lot more where it comes from:

"The only 'Brown Sahibs' are those wasting their lives supporting a political lie known as Out of India Theory."


"...Marxist scholars are no less native than your natives. You just don't like their politics, and you've thrown in with the desperate attempts to claim the Aryans for India."


"So you've explained nothing, only restated the prejudice. Indians, for all their passionate love of argumentation, are some of the worst and most unconscionable at it. Well, here's the rub: 'Out of India Theory' is a joke in the wide world of Indo-European studies. One can list its Western adherents on one hand, and at least two of those are no better than would-be gurus. We laugh at OIT as we laugh at Estonians pretending their national identity is based on a tribe called 'eesti' rather than a toponym given to them by the invading Teutonic Knights. In the same way literate Indians suffer this awful inferiority complex regarding their history; someone told them colonialism lives on in the scholastic legacy of Mueller, so the Aryans have to be indigenous, and the whole bounty of Indo-European culture is a gift of the Indians to the world. What they don't realize is that OIT is itself a reflex of Western 'colonizing metanarrative', but from the Western Left, which cannot tolerate substantive talk of Aryans or Indo-Europeans; the notion that the Aryans came from India serves a handful of pseudo-scholars in the West (mostly in the arch-leftist Netherlands) in a mini-crusade to downplay Aryan identity..."


"Wikipedia isn't 'perpetrating prejudice' against your native scholars; but when the facts are assembled in a more or less neutral forum, and kooks like Kak and Talageri very rightly come out looking absurd, your only recourse is to see 'prejudice' everywhere and flood the internet with self-serving queries like this one. Fact is that from the Indian side, Indian history has been hopelessly politicized, so that any scholarship coming from the West, or any Indian scholarship in agreement with the West, is, to the Indian mind, politicized itself, propaganda, part of an agenda to 'colonize discourse', etc. All this results from Hindutva, from brahmin meddling in letters, and from the conservative, anti-marxist Indian middle class. This is particularly unfortunate in that it forces the Indian Marxists (the only scholars who will admit that OIT is a rank petty nationalist fraud; e.g. Romila Thapar) into the arms of the Marxists in Western Indo-European research, or rather, threatens to further cement this ugly shotgun-marriage of cultural Marxism and Indo-European research. Fortunately there is Witzel, and that is exactly why the Indian fanatics never tire of slandering him. Indeed, the only prejudice, the only real slander has been from the 'empowered' Indians to the Westerners; the latter are always walking on eggshells for the Indians because they're white, and if they appear to bold about anything, but esp. discussing the origins of Indian culture, they're 'colonialist', 'perpetrating prejudice', etc. In short, the Indians have been infected by politically correct hypochondria and persecution-mania."

If the video does not run on your browser please click here.


"Subash Kak is obviously a kook, with little knowledge or expertise in physics, history, Sanskrit or indology. Instead of holding fringe and ridiculous figures like Kak or Koenraad Elst in high regards, we Indians should be more appreciative of genuine scholarship - by which I mean not only academics like Witzel, but also scholars at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Vishveshvaranand Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies etc."


"I'm surprised to see a comment like this. Bravo. Insistence that Western Indology is 'prejudiced' is nothing more than 'postcolonial' pettiness."