Dhananjaya's "crucial evidence"

Posted January 30 2005


Dear Dhananjaya Prabhu,
Pranams. All glories to His Divine Grace.

 Since the prima facie evidence surrounding Srila Prabhupada's poisoning stands prepared on this hard drive, Mandapa Pr. has requested BIF to enlighten you concerning the facts.  Albeit you have neglected to address the points in our last letter (now posted on www.b-i-f.com), we are grateful for the opportunity to enlighten you on this grave matter. Since none of your confederacy accept our invitations to debate their indifference to this issue, it is invigorating for us, and the hundreds of devotees on our mailing list, to have you here.

 > > Regarding your concern, I met & spoke at length with an American "devotee" named Jagannath a few years ago. He lives in New York State & he worked with Nityananda in making a tape which became infamously known as the "poison
tape". He & Nityananda made this tape in his sophisticated recording studio at his house.<<

 Jagannath (aka. Geoffrey Giuliano. aka. Puripada) is familiar to us (VNN 4699- Sept. 10/99) ("Who is Puripada?" Chakra.org).  Dhananjaya Prabhu, Mr. General Manager, you are gambling with monopoly money.  Seems like you, as do the ISKCON leadership in general, will accommodate any fake who peaks your peccadillos rather than research the truth for what it's worth.   

 > > He admitted that he doctored the tape adding things that were not previously there, mixing it, etc.<<

 NB:  We never used tapes "doctored" by Giuliano.  All audio evidence compiled, was sourced directly from BBT archives.

Tampering with evidence in a homicide investigation is a serious criminal offence.  Based on his confession, you should have recognised it as such.  Instead, you use Giuliano's admission as "crucial evidence" to request a withdrawal of the Writ. Furthermore, you stack his criminal admissions against reports of eminent forensic scientists who are active in the field, and then you accuse the Plaintiffs of having an ethical/moral problem. 

 > > He first thought it was kind of fun to do it & compared what he was doing to what many people did in the 60's with the famous Beatles Album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.<<

 Doctoring serious allegations made by the subject in a fatal poisoning, just prior to his demise, is not "fun".  The Beatles were not poisoned- forensic evidence reveals that Srila Prabhupada was. This is a homicide investigation not a Magical Mystery Tour.

 > > At the end of the album, people would use their record players to play the last few grooves backwards & many were convinced that they heard John Lennon was going to be killed or whatever.<<

 We give you expert conclusions and you give us Giuliano's grooves.  Audio forensics is an accepted science, not a drug induced stupor.  Or are you implying that C.A.E, O.I.I, and H.A.Caffrey Ph.D., CCC/A, are time-warped flower children?  Where does ascendancy stop and reality kick in?

> > So he did the same thing with Srila Prabhupada's voice & conversations, thinking he was doing something really cool. He "doctored" the recordings. Later on he realised his folly & now he's totally ashamed he had anything to do with it.<<

 Had we, per chance, used the 'doctored' tape, Giuliano would be more than ashamed.  He would be facing charges for criminal interference; attempting to pervert the course of justice.

> > So, you may ask, what about tests done on Srila Prabhupada's hair samples that reveal high traces of arsenic & mercury?<<

 Actually we are not asking, we already know.  But your revelation above- "high traces of arsenic and mercury", is new to us.  We had no idea about the "high traces of mercury" that you have discovered in Srila Prabhupada's hair samples.  Please supply us the proof.  Where did you get this "mercuric" information?  From Giuliano?  Or is this your own fun/cool- ISKCON General Manager- can-say-anything- and-expect-genuflection discovery? 

> > As you may already know, in West Bengal, & especially in Nadia District there is naturally occurring detectable arsenic levels in the groundwater & we have carried out professional ground water tests in Mayapur which have turned out positive proof of higher than average arsenic levels from our drinking wells.<<

 When you say "we have carried out professional ground water tests in Mayapur", you must mean the tests carried out by Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti, under Satadhanya's instructions in the late 90's.  We did an interview (taped) with Dr. Chakraborti.  It is our contention that your statement above is both incorrect and misleading.  Although the good doctor found traces of contamination in the Mayapur area, the wells within the Temple grounds were relatively uncontaminated.  Just think about it: if the wells had "higher than average arsenic levels" as you say, then there would be an epidemic of symptoms to prove it.  But there were/are none.  So here is an excerpt from our interview with Dr. Chakraborti.  If you require more fact, or can tolerate more fact than fiction, please read our publication- "Judge for Yourself":   

BIF:  What are your accepted levels of arsenic?

Dr. Chakraborti (Dr. C): We take microgram solutions.

BIF:  How much is it in ppm?

Dr. C: It�s 0. 01 ppm. (Note: This concurs with Dr. Muzamdar, Dept of Sanitary Engineering. Govt of Bengal:      min 0. 01 to 0. 05)

BIF: Tell me.... how can someone living in Mayapur, come up with 2. 6ppm?

Dr. C: Oh, he will be...he will be finished!

BIF:  He will be finished?  Red Alert?

Dr. C: Yes.

 NOTE: There has been some speculation from GBC supporters on the theory that His Divine Grace �may have been poisoned� by well water while in Mayapur.  We wish to point out that although Srila Prabhupada�s stays in Mayapur were only brief, Balavanta Das, while acting as investigator for the GBC, tested all relevant drinking water wells in ISKCON Mayapur (Appendix 1). The well in the Lotus building (used for all Srila Prabhupada�s cooking and drinking needs) was especially targeted. ALL WELLS PROVED TO BE UNCONTAMINATED.  Further, Srila Prabhupada�s travel profile and the sources of water used for his cooking and drinking needs, present no possibility of exposure to such high and abnormal levels of arsenic. (Excerpt- Judge for Yourself, 5p)

 (end of quotes)

 > > Everyone living & staying in Mayapur, including Srila Prabhupada, drank groundwater from there.<<

 Srila Prabhupada's hair relics, according to experts, reveal an average "twenty times higher than normal"**.  You attribute this abnormality to drinking water at Chaitanya Chandradoya Temple, where Srila Prabhupada visited only briefly.  Yet, no permanent inhabitant has developed chronic symptoms of arsenicosis.  With respect, don't you find your diagnosis....dozy?

 ** "The arsenic concentration found was 2.6 micrograms arsenic per gram of hair (or 2.6 parts per million i.e. 2.6 ppm). The concentration is approximately 20 times higher than what I would consider a normal average for unexposed individuals living in the United States..."  (Dr. J. Stephen Morris (Ph.D.) Lauder, Nuclear Analysis Program. University of Missouri-Columbia).

  >> Regarding mercury levels, Srila Prabhupada would take an Ayurvedic medicine made by the Sadhana Aushadalaya called Yogendra Ras. The medicine relieves brain fatigue & is principally made from purified mercuric oxide. Srila Prabhupada would personally mix this medicine with honey & he was taking it while translating the Srimad Bhagavatam.<<

 Are you alleging that His Divine Grace poisoned himself with mercury?  Again, we request you to supply us proof.  If you say, as you have, that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned with mercury, please supply us with forensics: analyst and screen reports.  It will be clubbed to our dossier of prima facie evidence supporting an investigation.  We await your data in anticipation.

> > I have nothing else to add....<<

 You have added nothing.  We expected you to send us your "crucial evidence" in support of withdrawing the Writ, but sadly, you have sent us nothing.  You can certainly help by producing your reports re. Srila Prabhupada's "mercury" poisoning.

 >>.... except that there is no doubt in my mind that Srila Prabhupada was not poisoned by his disciples.<<

 Don't trust your mind, Prabhu.  Just like most minds in authority, it floats in its own liquidity.

 > > When asked if he was leaving because he was upset with his disciples, just like Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, Srila Prabhupada answered that he was leaving because he was satisfied that ISKCON would continue to grow & expand after he left.
I request that you please consider the facts that have been mentioned above.<<

 It's your mind, again.  Here are the facts, as recorded in BBT archived tapes, transcripts and publications, and further confirmed by Tamal Krishna (TKG's Diary): 

         Tamal Krishna: I said , "We cannot allow anyone else to cook for you." Prabhupada agreed.  I mentioned that one Sankaracarya had been poisoned.  Prabhupada said- "My Guru Maharaja also (was poisoned). "You were so merciful," I stated.  "You took prasadam cooked by so many different people." Prabhupada warned, "That should be stopped." (TKG's Diary, 336p) 

 Tamal Krsna: "But the astrologer said you could live beyond the six months."

Prabhupada: "That depends on Krsna's desire."

Tamal Krsna: "Do you have any indication whether Krsna wants you to live?"

Prabhupada: "The indication is that He wants me to live." (TKG's Diary 153p)

 Prabhupada: "I want to live a little longer to make more perfect everything." (TKG's Diary, 180p)

 Tamal Krsna: "We don't want.... you can't leave us now."

Prabhupada: "I don't want, but if there is force...." (TKG's Diary, 246p)

 Kaviraja:  Look this is the thing, that maybe some raksasa gave him poison." (T-45/B)

 Prabhupada: (10th Nov. 1977) "The Ravana will kill and the Ram will kill.  Better to be killed by Rama.  Eh?  That Marica-if he does not go to mislead Sita, he�ll be killed by Ravana; and if he goes to be killed by Ram, it is better." (T-46/A)

 (end of quotes)

> > After all, one of the 4 regulative principle which all ISKCON devotees are meant to follow & which we often neglect is no gambling & mental speculation.<<

You are gambling with Giuliano's guff, and speculating with mercurial-moonshine.  Speak for yourself, Prabhu.

>>Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Dhananjaya das
General Manager
MVT Vrindaban<<

 Truth above religon....and General Managers.


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