At the time of his death in 2010, the 58-year-old bachelor had gone blind in one eye but still drove a 1998 Mercury Tracer worth $2,000.

Which is perfectly in line with the Iskcon's renunciation program for donors, but not for themselves. Here is what the founder of Iskcon had to say, and what is true of hare krishna gimme-gimme yoga.

>> Prabhupada: "If you give me a Rolls Royce to travel in, why shall I refuse it? It is my favour upon you that I accept this. The guru is the representative of the Supreme Lord. Krsna rides in a golden chariot. What is this Rolls Royce? Tin, rubber and wood. I say, 'Rolls Royce is not enough!'"<<

Though relatives knew Dhingra bought and sold property for many years, they were astonished to discover after his death that he had accumulated millions of dollars in real estate and overseen $27 million in bank and brokerage accounts for the International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Houston.

How sad it is that an Indian doctor who studied and sacrificed extensively through his youth, and worked all his adult life, ends up entwined with a group of international beggars who use madness they call philosophy to scare honest and learned Hindus into accepting inferiority.

It appears the austere doctor was a financial wizard who left behind one of the largest estates to be probated in Harris County in years - a fortune he had always intended to give away, said his nephew, Sanjay Khanduja.

"Give away?" Oh yes, Sir. Iskcon is always urging people to give it away. But, check the Gita first : donations should never be done in the mode of ignorance. Giving away charity must be done in the mode of goodness. That simply means donating to a Brahmana ... or to someone who is higher than a Brahmana ... like a Vaisnava... like Iskcon. It is how and why Iskcon builds its trap-door temples bigger and polishes its begging- bowl brighter than the cult next door.

But Dhingra's estate has remained mired in a legal mess for the last four years, complicated by an elaborate real estate swindle carried out by a man who claimed to be one of the doctor's friends.

A man who claimed to be one of the doctor's friends? Really?... Like friendly Iskcon?

In March, a Houston businessman named David B. Scheffler pled no contest to a felony charge of using deception to execute fraudulent legal documents - deeds - to steal properties from the estate.

Scheffler? Isn't that a Jewish name? (...ooops)

He admitted he had forged Dhingra's signature and had gotten fake signatures improperly notarized after the Houston doctor's death, according to Harris County records and Assistant District Attorney Valerie Turner, who prosecuted Scheffler for the crimes. Scheffler and his attorney declined comment.

Did Texan LEO ask Scheffler if he had any connections with Iskcon?


In most other cases, the victims were poor, elderly or absentee family owners with few resources to recover lost property and correct deeds even if scammers were caught and prosecuted. Though he lived simply, Dhingra died a multimillionaire, and Khanduja would like to use some of his uncle's fortune to fight back against deed crimes.

Oh please tell them about it. Tell those ex. Iskcon members who were chewed-up and spat-out ... who were left financially skinned and boned ; ejected on the footpath to destitution.... Tell them why so many gentle souls committed suicide... why so many are surviving on mental health benefits. Tell them why they were left with no resources to recover youth, energy, monies and stability ... Tell them why the Iskcon hare krishna cult continues to expand, under government protection, tax exempt, under endorsement of Indian politicians, Bollywood stars, and ignorance. Please tell them.

Courtesy Sanjay Khanduja

Dr. R.K. Dhingra, a long-time family practioner in Houston, died with a $30 million estate that has generously supported ISKCON Houston by giving property and funds used to erect an enormous new temple. But those generous gifts were delayed because Dhingra' estate was preyed upon in a deed scam that has led to a prosecution and civil lawsuits.

Nothing delays the Iskcon agenda to exploit. It is a well oiled machine. The money was liberated and the temple was built holus bolus... see the pic. provided. The current Dhingra family dilemma is not about temple funding, which has long been burnt and blown, but how to extricate the doctor's remaining funds from Iskcon's stranglehold on his estate via a mutual account into which the doctor "surrendered" his savings.

Lax Texas laws
Khanduja blames lax Texas laws that have made deed frauds too easy to carry out and difficult to trace. He said he plans to push for legislation to make it harder for anyone else to be victimized in Texas.

"We citizens find ourselves at the mercy of a deed recording system and bureaucracy that is completely dysfunctional and dated, with no checks and balances by the county clerk's office to block or catch these notary and investor criminal masterminds, that rob us of our peace and precious time," he said.

Thanks for making a valid point, Dr. Khanduja. However, lest we forget .... professionals are the high end of Iskcon's scam plan. The lower end are students, laborers and trades people who cannot donate large amounts. Their poverty and low funds make them easier targets than the rich. They are the ones who form the cult's machinery and facade. Once lured and trapped, they are exposed to intense ritual programming. With mind, name, and appearance completely changed, they enter the cult's rigorous labor force... without pay or IOU... They become slaves. And if / should they ever wake-up to the intense mind games and exploitation ... it's out on the street with all bridges burnt.


A major benefactor

Dhingra was a major benefactor, trustee and authorized agent for the International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Houston, according to probate and civil lawsuit records and interviews by the Houston Chronicle.

ISKCON, better known for the "Hare Krishna" mantra chanted by its followers, disputed Dhingra's ownership of the organization's bank accounts, probate records show.

And this is where the bulk of late Dr. Dhingra's estate has sunk. Once in the Iskcon web the sticky implants of guilt and heresy are difficult to overcome. And so victims of affinity fraud drop all charges in fear of an afterlife trial in an extraterrestrial court. What they don't see is Iskcon losing, quite frequently, court battles here on Earth. In its forty odd years of existence the cult has pleaded "No Contest" and missed total shutdown on occasion, and on very serious legal charges.

These days more than $20 million in bank accounts Dhingra controlled have been transferred to ISKCON-Houston, through a confidential settlement reached with Dhingra's estate in May 2011, according to interviews with Robert Moll, Dhingra's attorney, and Khanduja, the administrator of his uncle's estate. Probate court records confirm the size of the setttlement, though ISKCON leaders refused to discuss it. Records show other movement members and donors have formally requested that the organization provide more information about its finances.

Good luck with that. If anyone believes they can recover even one cent stolen by Iskcon, it would be better they sat on a mountain and waited for a UFO take them to Paradise. The only possibility for retribution lies in the future. Should the Indian Government get an overall view of the cult in action and decide that enough is enough, then governments and concerned citizens around the planet will know Iskcon is not endorsed or supported by India or Hinduism. Then and then only will the future be safe for many. We at BIF believe strongly that Jacobs and Shorty have sensed this, hence- Krishna West.


In May a new 24,000- square-foot temple constructed with donations to ISKCON and related nonprofits will open on W. 34th Street across the street from the home where Dhingra lived for the last decade of his life.

"Dhingra is dead. Long live Dhingra!" Affinity fraud is a self perpetuating crime. The temple that Dhingra helped build will expose other Dhingras to Iskcon's ishta devatas. Soon the new Dhingras will step through the trap-doors, fall down the holy hole, and another temple will rise from dirt.

ISKCON's long-time former president and ISKCON's attorney did not respond to telephone calls seeking comment about Dhingra's contributions to the movement.

Iskcon's legal sharks are also cult initiated frenzy feeders, and Iskcon has quite a few. The Iskcon method of defense is to say absolutely nothing unless one absolutely must .... and if one must speak, speak Prabupadism. It will justify anything, even felony.

Dhingra's tiny cinderblock house across from the temple already has been razed and the property donated.

Listen up Dr. Khanduja... Iskcon let your uncle keep the plot of earth in which his ashes were buried. What more do you expect?

Khanduja said he would like to see the movement publicly acknowledge Dhingra's contributions to the temple.

Sure. Why not. Here, let us write the public acknowledgement for Iskcon : Dear Dr. Dhingra, hope you journeyed well on the golden chariot we booked for you. We also hope that on your arrival you walked up the main street and took the first turn left, as instructed. The beautiful sparkling cintamani palace you see there is yours, donated by us in return for your 'bhakti yoga' here on Earth. Use any of the little gopas or gopis you see playing out in your garden. Yout choices are only limited by your desires. See, we told you we had it over the Muslims and Christians.... nudge nudge wink wink. So now Iskcon has paid up in full and with interest as promised. Try somehow to tell your nephew- Dr Kjanduja about the ecstatic life we have provided for you in Golok heaven and please ... please convince him to donate as you did. He can't take it with him, anyway. Kindly remember to visit us should you return, even if you are born a Hindu. Hare Rama Hare... Sorry. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.




This short section is keyed to expose hypocracy. As previously stated in this article, and several others, the founder guru of Iskcon- De abused and denegrated every aspect of Hindustan, Hinduism, and representatives of both. He mostly targeted the Hindu faith and its practicioners. We, at BIF, from reading his philippic purports (and reacting in kind,) understood his rage (albeit he never named the Swami) to be leveled directly at Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (1824 – 83) and his organization- Arya Samaj. Anyone who has read the writings of the Maharishi will understand why.

De desperately wanted India to raise him above all canonized Indian saints. He believed that if he could return to India riding on the backs of American "white elephants" all Indians would bow to him (if not, then to his American dollars) and burn the revelations of Swami Dayanand. It did not work. De got madder than hell. He stuck a wedge between his cult and the " mayavadi Hindus.' Not that Hindus give a damn. But what is notable, is that while ridiculing Hinduism and advising his cult members to keep away from (convert or abuse) Hindu mayavadis (a practice employed and enjoyed to this day,) De was openly and personally associating with the most overt sexual deviants on the planet.

"When the kaviraja saw Prabhupada's very discolored urine, he said the disorder was a type of gonorrhea." (TKG's Diary: 270.) Yes. It is worth a thought.

N.A.M.B.L.A. is acronym for North American Man / Boy Love Association, an organization based in New York and San Francisco. Its members practice / advocate pedophilia and pederasty. In its mission statement the organization's goal was to end "the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships." They work to abolish age of consent laws that criminalize adult sexual exploitation of minors. NAMBALA was founded at a time when pedophilia / pederasty was toted through public perception in the same basket as homosexuality. Now, the group, after being pressured by amendments to law, have gone political to penetrate (so to speak) the system. But in its heyday, one of the loudest voices and practicioners within the group was Allen Ginsberg ... a man (?) of Jewish birth (....ooops).

Ginsberg and De hit it off instantly and without any recorded public dialogue regards Ginsberg's sexual orientation. That relationship, at least on the surface, was documented by a now disenfranchised (druggie) De initiate named Satsvarupa dasa Goswami (aka. Stephen Guarino .. born to Roman Catholic parents) in a book titled- Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita.

Ginsberg toured with De, donated money, time, materials and his whacky reputation to help De get a foothold in America. They even appeared together on stage in a Grateful Dead rock concert to chant the krishna mantra. So when we consider that both men were ardent campaigners : spoke and demonstrated (see posted pics.) for their cause, the recorded conversations (and they spoke a lot) between the two bespeak what was not spoken, i.e. Ginsberg's promo of pedophilia hidden in homosexuality, which EVERYONE else knew about. This leaves us with the conviction it was done in private (confirmed in De's statement below) ... empathized with and accepted by De who abhorred Hindu 'mayavadis' for worshipping demigods but associated easily with a man who worshipped the backsides of little boys and hairy men. When De and Ginsberg parted ways, De made a statement in retrospect to his doting young disciples.. and anyone who may have suspected him of ass-twerking or grinding with Ginsberg :

De: "The hippies are nothing but a group of madmen, that’s all. A madman, they..., means publicly sex, that’s all. This Allen Ginsberg’s movement is that, homosex, public sex. Ginsberg was very proud that he had introduced homosex. He was telling me....[...]... When he first came to me he was very proud: “I have introduced homosex.” He thought very brilliant work it was."

Another character that De attracted ... actually anointed and appointed to swami status, was a homosexual / pedophile named Keith Ham (son of a Baptist preacher.) Ham, it was reported, stood outside toilet doors at the University of North Carolina soliciting male partners. He met Howard Wheeler (an English professor) at the university, they became lovers and moved to New York where both resided at Mott Street in a house full of homosexuals. Still together, the couple met De in New York. De moved in with the lovers while Wheeler helped edit De's- "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" from Benglish to English. De worked below while the lovers rolled around upstairs and edited his Gita between bouts of heavy breathing. Within a short time De hallowed the lovers for services rendered- Ham was anointed Kirtanananda Swami and Wheeler was named Hayagriva Swami (the horse incarnation....Hmmm.)

After De's death in 1977, Ham took the title- His Divine Grace Kirtanananda Swami Maharaja Bhaktipada. He went on with his pedophile activities and homosexuality in a cult with philosophy and tradition structured to convenience such activity. He made the mistake of adding murder, prostitution, racketeering and miscellaneous petty crime to his menu ... was exposed, fined, jailed and left Iskcon to die in India (2011) at the hospital in Thane. Wheeler faded from Iskcon prominence but continued bedding other men until his death from cancer in 1989.

What De's desperados should understand is that he abused Hindu mayavadis for worshipping demigods, but it was not the true reason for his trash talk. De hated Hindus and Hindustan because Hindus could NEVER .. would NEVER ... support Gaudiyaism : philosophy or practices.

From British colonials who, after witnessing the cult's sexual perversions, declared it to be- "Self evidently immoral" and on to Indian scholars / writers and Nationalists who openly accused the cult of - "Effeminizing the citizenry of Bengal" and on to men dressed like blue god-krishna (cudadharis) who have sex with boys and men dressed like krishna's gopi girlfriends (sakhi-bekhis) ... a cult practice that extends to include worshippers of Caitanya (a three-in-one transgender god) known as gauranga-nagaris.

When researchers get an overview of history, including sexploitation of little boys (gotipuas) and women (devadasis) in the sect's temples, it becomes clear as to why the belief system was in conflict with orthodox Vedism and, as such, failed to attract conservative / practicing Hindus. Moreover, it reveals why De toted the reject overseas and by a stroke of luck sold it with history omitted, and tradition Is-a-conned, to American hippies in a cloud of blunt smoke, Californian Sunshine and Purple Haze.

In closing this section, may we point to a glaring fact ... admittedly De did make some public denunciation of sexual perversion in a general context but, in camera, out of earshot of general public, in midst of his close disciples (many of whom were pedophiles and homosexuals,) De never chastised any of his followers exposed for sexual perversions. Why is it so? The answer is above ...De was part and parcel of a philosophy, tradition and ethos, that practiced deviant sex. De himself repeatedly penetrated an eleven year old girl. So don't give us no Iskcon mayavadi hogcrap. Practicing Hindus never did ,and never will, have anything to do with perverts. Chaitanyaism / Gaudiyaism / Iskconism / Prabhupadism should have been terminated long before it was inseminated anally.