21st Nov. 2011

Namaste to All respected Matra Shaktis and Purush Bhavas, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Parampita Paramatma ke jai! Jai Maa Bharat!
Prior to any congruity or dissimulation with cultic conjecture, it should be understood that BIF is Indian and very proud to be so. Yes, we have heard Iskcon's disseminations on the bodily concepts of life. We see the dictum as nothing more than just another cult key cut to open safes internationally and steal the hard-earned savings and lives of unwary transients.

Below we present a letter (and our reply) sent to us by a concerned adherent of the Iskcon cult. Generally we have no interest in dealing with rank and file Iskcon foot soldiers who hold no power other than a keyboard.
However this cult victim is different. He is a good man who was born in a Sindhi family; deserted his family beliefs for initiation by an Iskcon cult guru; was dejected and joined a reform movement; was dejected and worked briefly with the BIF effort to expose the poisoning of the cult's founder; was dejected and joined another branch of the reform movement, and from his current mail to us, is seeking position as a jouster for his new group. 
We are not interested in belittling him or any other subordinate victimized by Iskcon, its creed and enforcers. Hence we have removed all names. Our exercise here is to expose the blind faith cults instill in their victims, and even in those who, by everyday standards, are adroit, honest, and hardworking.

His letter to us is in connection with our article-
Grand Theft Atma. In that posting, as in preceding posts, we have attempted to draw attention to a looming crisis quickly approaching the Iskcon cult. Whether lost in a vendetta instigated by pedophiles (there are many in the cult), or even lost in propaganda that engrafts conviction of infallibility asserting Iskcon's divine empowerment to take over the world, the fact that its forty-year history is now under microscope by powers greater than any cult, is unacceptable to him. Unable to comprehend the magnitude of what is being posted, he attempts to mitigate reports with - they say this...but Prabhupada said that. Over the last forty years it has been Iskcon's mudball-method of contention, so it is undoubtedly difficult for them to accept the change in venue....it is no longer the same ball-park. What we are saying is....if BIF were posting just to play 'devil's advocate' then cultists need have no worries. That just isn't how it is.
Anyway, let's deal with the letter. BIF's answer in blue.

Dear *********** Prabhu
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Why is ********* Prabhu quoting and seeming to agree with all the offensive statements (listed below) to both Lord Krishna & Srila Prabhupada in his article Grand Theft Atma on his website? Am I misunderstanding something here or is this just ******** style of writing, ie getting too much carried away playing the devil's advocate and forgetting that he is a devotee? Why has he not clarified at the end, his position of accepting Srila Prabhupada's and Krishna's version that.......

"Seeming to agree?" So there is some initial doubt. That's good. But then quickly the preamble changes to an outright critique of the BIF writing style and a demand for explanation. We have taken the writer's "offensive statements" seriously. To that end we will list some statements at the bottom of this reply that will give readers and our blinkered buff a good look at the elephant in the room: what the world will be looking at pretty soon... and what is considered "offensive" by God, man, and the Laws of Governance.

(a) the Bhagavad Gita does NOT have only 84 verses, but indeed 700 verses,

(b) that the Mahabharat was indeed written 5,000 years ago and NOT otherwise,

(c) that the Gaudiya Math until the time of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati Thakur were the most authorized and genuine spiritual movement that contributed to distributing the original Vedic teachings on Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead with all the genuine historic dates of His appearance, and the time and dates He spoke the Bhagavad Gita, etc , further reconfirmed by Srila Prabhupada in all of his books.

(d) that Bhaktivinod Thakur in his grhasta life was indeed a full on magistrate as told to us by Srila Prabhupada so many times, so much so that he was given the most prominent position during the Ratha yatra Festivals to bring his child (Srila Bhaktisiddantha Saraswati Thakur) before the Dieties.

that as mentioned in the Krishna Book and the Srimad Bhagavatams by Srila Prabhupada that Krishna is indeed the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That Krishna is not an incarnation of Visnu, but Vice-versa. That Krishna and Balaram indeed did go to the forest with the wives of their cowherd friends; that Krishna did rubb his feet on the naked kum kum covered breasts of 7/8-year-old cowherd girls. That He did steal their clothes and made them come before Him; that He did marry not only thousands of wives , but 16,108 to be exact, and produced many thousands of children from them which led to his family as having billions of family members. All this in detail is confirmed in the Krishna Book and the Srimad Bhagavatams by Srila Prabhupada repeatedly.

Hope to hear your viewpoint on this

*********** das

Without reiterating what we have clarified in our "Grand Theft Atma" posting, in which we are "seeming to agree" with academics and researchers of the Truth, we will point to one very dangerous fact being espoused by the cult and agreed to even by the writer above...pedophilia in the cult is condoned by God and Guru. Is this why the cult attracted and harbors the greatest number of predators on the planet, and holds the record for most abused children ever (final total yet unknown) Quite possibly. We will show in the listings below how Iskcon is the only ism on the planet giving sanction to pedophiles.

Before listing (only some) of the quotes that investigators will publish, tying conclusion up with cult psyche, we take this opportunity to explain ourselves:
BIF, all its members, serve the TRUTH. We never signed up to be cultists. We, all of us, helped Iskcon with large amounts of money, time and energy. We opened our eyes to the elephant in the room, cut our losses and walked away. Just because our friends and fellow victims remain behind does not in anyway make us beholden to them for doing so. To the contrary, and even if they misunderstand our position in reporting the TRUTH, we must say our goodbyes. It was not easy for us to get rid of the mental baggage, but we did, and we aim to keep it that way.

So our cult crusader above, basis his firm convictions on nothing more than what he claims is
"confirmed............by Srila Prabhupada repeatedly." Definitively BIF is interested in crime, and specifically in pedophiles within the cult who use "Missionary/Preacher visas" to travel in and out of countries buying children for sex, and moving black money across borders. Every Hong-Kong-Johnny should know this and be afraid. The Indian Government has responded to reports by promising to remove the visa before 2012. Our own interest in reporting on the literatures was only because of sanction within it, as noted by investigators, promoting pedophilia and misogyny in Iskcon. Technical descrepancies will pose a separate issue, highlighted and posted by qualified scholars.

Now we will disclose only some of what the world will see as originating from the same source pointed to by the letter writer. Readers should note, BIF is not doing an analysis. We are simply presenting what is recorded, published and acknowledged by Iskcon's Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Please read on.

Prabhupada: I was married, my wife was eleven years. I was 22 years. She did not know what is sex, eleven years girl. Because Indian girls, they have no such opportunity of mixing with others. But after the first menstruation, the husband is ready. This is the system.

Prabhupada: As soon as a woman attains the age of puberty, she immediately becomes very much agitated by sexual desire.......Anyone who satisfies her desire for sex at that age becomes a great object of satisfaction.....It is a psychological fact that when a woman at the age of puberty meets a man and the man satisfies her sexually, she will love that man for the rest of her life, regardless who he is .

Prabhupada: Every woman especially must get married. If the women outnumber the men, some men can accept more than one wife. In that way there will be no prostitution in society. If men can marry more than one wife, illicit sex life will be stopped.

Srila Prabhupad said there is no maximum limit. An 80 year old man can marry a 16 year old girl.
He has also said that a girl should be given a child as soon after she reaches puberty as possible. That is generally 12 years, but could even be 11.....even 10 ten years.

Views Promoting the Idea that Women Enjoy Being Raped
Purport SB 4.25.41
Prabhupada: In this regard, the word vikhyatam is very significant. A man is always famous for his aggression toward a beautiful woman, and such aggression is sometimes considered rape. Although rape is not legally allowed, it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape.

Purport SB 4.25.42
Prabhupada: When a husbandless woman is attacked by an aggressive man, she takes his action to be mercy. A woman is generally very much attracted by a man's long arms. A serpent's body is round, and it becomes narrower and thinner at the end. The beautiful arms of a man appear to a woman just like serpents, and she very much desires to be embraced by such arms.
The word anatha-varga is very significant in this verse. Natha means husband, and a means without. A young woman who has no husband is called anatha, meaning one who is not protected. As soon as a woman attains the age of puberty, she immediately becomes very much agitated by sexual desire. It is therefore the duty of the father to get his daughter married before she attains puberty. Otherwise she will be very much mortified by not having a husband. Anyone who satisfies her desire for sex at that age becomes a great object of satisfaction. It is a psychological fact that when a woman at the age of puberty meets a man and the man satisfies her sexually, she will love that man for the rest of her life, regardless who he is. Thus so-called love within this material world is nothing but sexual satisfaction.

Morning Walk May 11, 1975, Perth
Prabhupada: Yes, that is law always. Rape means without consent, sex. Otherwise there is no rape. There was a rape case in Calcutta, and the lawyer was very intelligent. He some way or other made the woman admit, Yes, I felt happiness. So he was released. Here is consent. And that's a fact. Because after all, sex, rape or no rape, they will feel some pleasure. So the lawyer by hook and crook made the woman agree, Yes, I felt some pleasure. Now, there is consent. So he was released. After all, it is an itching sensation. So either by force or by willingly, if there is itching, everyone feels relieved itching it. That's a psychology. It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.

Hardcore Smaranam
Prabhupada: "Never was there a moment when I have not thought of Krishna in this life."
Prabhupada: "Come on, here is vagina, open. This is their standard of happiness."
Prabhupada: "The same woman, same vagina, and that is their pleasure. Bas."
Prabhupada: "So the human society is like that. They're smelling the vagina of the girls, that's all. Everyone is doing that."
Prabhupada: "You require vagina; take one vagina. Be satisfied. And lick it. "
Prabhupada: " "All right, you are attached to vagina-licking. Do it up to fifty years. Then give it up." This is our civilization. "You are so much accustomed to the vagina-licking business-up to fifty years, so long you are young. Then give it... Don't do it anymore."

Subordination and the woman's brain
Morning Walk March 19, 1976, Mayapura
And our Vedic civilization says, nari-rupam pati-vratam: The woman is beautiful when she remains as a slave to the husband. That is the beauty, not the personal beauty. How much she has learned to remain as a slave to the husband, that is Vedic civilization.

SB 4.4.3 purport
Prabhupada: Generally, separation between husband and wife is due to womanly behavior; divorce takes place due to womanly weakness. The best course for a woman is to abide by the orders of her husband.

Lecture on BG Hawaii, February 3rd, 1975
Prabhupada: To understand Brahman is not the business of tiny brain. Alpha-medhasan. There are two Sanskrit words, alpa-medhasa and sumedhasa. Alpa-medhasa means having little brain substance. Physiologically, within the brain there are brain substance. It is found that the brain substance in man is found up to 64 ounce. They are very highly intellectual persons. And in woman the brain substance is not found more than 34 ounce. You'll find, therefore, that there is no very great scientist, mathematician, philosopher, among women. You'll never find because their brain substance cannot go.

Artificially do not try to become equal with men. That is not allowed in the Vedic sastra. Na striyam svatantratam arhati. That is called sastra. You have to understand that woman is never given to be independence. Independence means just like child has to be taken care, similarly, woman has to be taken care. You cannot get your child go in the street alone. There will be danger. Similarly, according to Vedic civilization, Manu-samhita, woman should be given protection. In this way, acara, this is called acara. So the demons, they do not know. The demons, they do not know what is what, how one thing should be treated, how? They do not know. In the Western countries there is no such distinction between man and woman. But there is.

Television Interview July 9, 1975, Chicago
Woman reporter: But you say women are subordinate to men?
Prabhupada: Yes, that is also natural. Because when the husband and wife are there or the father and daughter is there, so the daughter is subordinate to the father and the wife is subordinate to the husband.
Woman reporter: What happens when women are not subordinate to men?
Prabhupada: Then there is disruption. There is disruption, social disruption. If the woman does not become subordinate to man, then there is social disruption. Therefore, in the western countries there are so many divorce cases because the woman does not agree to become subordinate to man. That is the cause.

Morning Walk March 19, 1976, Mayapura
Prabhupada: Adi-purusam. Govindam adi-purusam, that purusa. Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami. We are worshiping that supreme and original person. And the women are declaring, independent. They are begging door to door to a man, Please give me shelter. Give me a child, and they're independent. One American woman, was. She was speaking that. In India the woman are treated as slave. We don't want. So I told her that it is better to become slave of one person than to slave of become hundreds. (laughter) The woman must become a slave. So instead of becoming slaves of so many persons, it is better to remain satisfied, a slave of one person. So she was stopped. She was the secretary of that Dr. Misra. You know that? And our Vedic civilization says, nari-rupam pati-vratam: The woman is beautiful when she remains as a slave to the husband. That is the beauty, not the personal beauty. How much she has learned to remain as a slave to the husband, that is Vedic civilization. Kokilanam svaro rupam. The cuckoo, it is black bird, but why people love it? Because of the sweet voice. Kokilanam svaro rupam vidya-rupam kurupanam. A man may be ugly, black, but if he's learned, everyone will respect him. And nari-rupam pati-vratam. And the beauty of woman is how much she is devoted and obedient to the husband. So it is very difficult.

Lecture on SB 1.2.2 Rome, May 26, 1974
Prabhupada: The duty of Vaisnava is to reclaim these fallen souls. Just like Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita, mam hi partha vyapasritya ye pi syuh papa-yonayah. Find out this verse:
mam hi partha vyapasritya
ye pi syuh papa-yonayah
striyo vaisyas tatha sudras
te pi yanti param gatim
Krsna says, Anyone who comes under My shelter, never mind he is the lowest of the low, lowborn The striyo vaisyah. Formerly, even the woman and the mercantile community and sudras, they were also considered as papa-yoni. Papa-yoni means whose brain is not very developed. That is papa-yoni. Blunt-headed. What is that?

Morning Walk January 9, 1977, Bombay
Prabhupada: I condemn everyone, that You are all dogs and hogs. And United Nations a pack of dogs barking. That's a fact. And in Chicago I said, all women, You cannot have freedom. You have got only thirty-four-ounce brain, and man has got sixty-four-ounce. I told them. So I became a subject of very great criticism.
Trivikrama: Women's liberation.
Prabhupada: I denied, "No, you cannot have." I told them. One girl in the airship, she was seeing like (makes some gesture-laughter). I asked her, "Give me 7-Up." "It is locked now." So I frankly said that "No, no. You cannot have equal rights because your brain is thirty-four ounce." Actually that?s a fact. Where is woman philosopher, mathematician, scientist? Not a single.
Dr. Patel: Apart from that, I mean, they are made for a particular mission.
Prabhupada: How they can have equal rights? Up to date in the history there is not a single woman who is a great scientist or great philosopher or great?
Dr. Patel: Madame Curie was a?
Prabhupada: All bogus. (laughter)
Dr. Patel: You are getting too harsh on them because?
Prabhupada: No, no. How can I give you equal rights, because your brain is less substance.
Dr. Patel: We cannot degrade our mothers that way.
Prabhupada: It is not degrading. It is accepting the actual fact.

Press Conference July 9, 1975, Chicago
Reporter (3): (a woman) Where Do women fit into this social structure? You keep referring to man.
Prabhupada: Woman is not equally intelligent as a man.
Reporter (3): Equal in intelligence?
Prabhupada: Not equal intelligence. In the psychology, practical psychology, they have found that the man?s brain has been found up to sixty-four ounce, woman? Sixty-four ounce, man?s brain. And woman's brain has been found, thirty-six ounce. So therefore woman is not equally intelligent like man.

Lecture on SB 1.3.21 Los Angeles, September 26, 1972
Prabhupada: And it has been found that a woman does not have more than thirty-six ounce of brain substance, whereas in man it has been found that he has got up to sixty-four ounce. Now, this is modern science. Therefore generally, generally, woman, less intelligent than man. You cannot find any big scientist, any big mathematician, any big philosopher amongst woman. That is not possible. Although in your country, you want equal status with man, freedom, but by nature you are less intelligent. What can be done? (laughter)

SB 1.7.42 purport
Prabhupada: Women as a class are no better than boys, and therefore they have no discriminatory power like that of a man.

BG 1.40 purport
-According to Canakya Pandita, women are generally not very intelligent and therefore not trustworthy.
-As children are very prone to be misled, women are similarly very prone to degradation.

Conversation New York April 12, 1969
Prabhupada: Yes. That is Tulasi dasa's remark. So in many passages of his poetry he has not done very justice to woman. And another poetry, he writes, dhol gunar sudra nari. Dhol gunar sudra nari ihe sab sasan ke adhikari. (?) Dhol gunar pasu sudra nari, ihe sab sasan ke adhikari. Dhol, dhol means drum, mrdanga. Gunar, gunar means? What is called English? A fool, fool. Illiterate fool, what is one word?
Brahmananda: Buffoon?
Prabhupada: Maybe buffoon. Buffoon is sometimes troublesome. But gunar means he doesn't understand very nicely.
Brahmananda: Dullard.
Prabhupada: Dull, dull. Dhol gunar, dhol means drum and guar means dull. Sudra, and the laborer class. Three. Dhol, gunar, sudra, and pasu, household animals, just like cows, dogs.
Brahmananda: Pet.
Prabhupada: Pet, like that. Dhol gunar sudra pasu and nari. Nari means woman. (laughs) Just see. He has classified the nari amongst these class, dhol, gunar, sudra, pasu, nari. Ihe sab sasan ke adhikari. Sasan ke adhikari means all these are subjected for punishment. And what about the guest?
Govinda dasi: Oh, the guest It's coming.
Prabhupada: So sasan ke adhikari means they should be punished. (laughs) Punished means, just like dhol, when the, I mean to say, sound is not very hard, dag-dag, if you beat it on the border, then it comes to be nice tune. Similarly, pasu, animals, if you request, My dear dog, please do not go there. Hut! (laughter) No, my dear dog. Hut! This is the way.(?) Similarly, woman. If you become lenient, then she will be troublesome. So in India still, in villages, whenever there is some quarrel between husband wife, the husband beats and she is tamed. (laughs) In civilized society, Oh, you have done this? Immediately some criminal case. But in uncivilized society they don't care for court or civilized way of.

GIRLS...are servants.
Morning Conversation April 29, 1977, Bombay
Prabhupada: So far gurukula is concerned, that also, I have given program. They have given the name of girls. We are not going to do that.
Tamala Krsna: What is that?
Prabhupada: Girls. Boys and girls. That is dangerous.
Tamala Krsna: Gurukula.
Prabhupada: In that article.
Tamala Krsna: Oh, oh, oh.
Prabhupada: Girls should be completely separated from the very beginning. They are very dangerous.
Tamala Krsna: So we're... I thought there were girls in Vrindävana now. They said that they're going to have the girls gurukula behind the boys gurukula. Gopala was talking about that.
Prabhupada: No, no, no. No girls.
Tamala Krsna: It should be in another city or somewhere else.
Prabhupada: Yes. They should be taught how to sweep, how to stitch?
Tamala Krsna: Clean.
Prabhupada: clean, cook, to be faithful to the husband.
Tamala Krsna: They don't require a big school.
Prabhupada: No, no. That is mistake. They should be taught how to become obedient to the husband.
Tamala Krsna: Yeah, you won't learn that in school.
Prabhupada: Little education, they can?
Tamala Krsna: Yeah. That they can get at home also.
Prabhupada: They should be stopped, this practice of prostitution. This is a very bad system in Europe and America. The boys and girls, they are educated-coeducation. From the very beginning of their life they become prostitutes. And they encourage.


Morning Walk January 21, 1976, Mayapura
Prabhupada: Still, if you say, 'You are mudha', they become angry. Such mudhas, rascals, they are in the government service. And if you say that, 'You are mudhas', he becomes angry. Upadeso hi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye: If a mudha is advised nice instruction, he becomes angry. He does not take it. Payah-panam bhujanganam kevalam visa-vardhanam: If you give milk and banana to a snake, you simply increase his poison. One day he will come-(growls). You see I have given you milk and you? Yes, that is my nature. Yes. You give me milk, and I am prepared to kill you. This is mudha. We have to kill this civilization of mudhas. That is Krsna consciousness movement. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam [Bg. 4.8]. Those who are actually human being, you have to give them Krsna. And those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas and give Krsna to the sane man. Yes. That will prove that you are really Krsna's. We are not nonviolent. We are violent to the mudhas.

Room Conversation February 25, 1977, Mayapura
Tamala Krsna: Gradually some of the people are beginning to understand what you're up to, Srila Prabhupada. Some of these big demons in America especially, they are beginning to understand that you are the most dangerous personality in the world to them.
Prabhupada: To kill demon-crazy, LSD. (laughs) Yes, that is my mission. That is Krsna's mission, paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam BG 4.8 , to kill all these demons, crazy demons. I have no such power; otherwise I would have killed them. Either establish Krsna conscious government or kill them- bas, finish. I would have done that, violence.
Tamala Krsna: Yes, when good argument fails?
Prabhupada: Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them, twenty-one times

Morning Walk March 15, 1974, Vrndavana
Prabhupada: Arcye visnau [break] when it will teach military art, with tilaka, soldiers will, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna (laughter) We want that. Marching with military band, Hare Krsna. You maintain this idea. Is it not good?
Hrdayananda: Yes, Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: When there will be military march of Krsna conscious soldiers. Anyone who does not believe in Krsna, Blam! (laughter) Yes. The same process as the Mohammedans did, with sword and Koran, we'll have to do that. Do you believe in Krsna or not? No, sir. Blam! Finished. (laughter, Prabhupada laughs) What do you think, Madhudvisa Maharaja? Is that all right?
Madhudvisa: Yes.
Prabhupada: (laughing) What these communists can do? We can do better than them. We can kill many communists like that. (laughter) Then it will be counteraction of communist movement. And you think like that. Why you are sitting idly, no employment? Come on to the field! Take this plow! Take this bull. Go on working. Why you are sitting idly? This is Krsna consciousness movement. Nobody should be allowed to sit down and sleep.

Room conversation April 19, 1977, Bombay
Prabhupada: That's all. Murkhasya lakutausadhi(?). When a person is fool number one, beat him. That's all. Dhol gobara(?) Tulasi dasa has said, dhol gobara sudra pasu nari, ei saba sasana ke adhikari. Dhol, drum, you have to bring it to the tune by beating, tung, tung. Gobara. Gobara means fool person. Pasu, animal. Dhol, gobara, pa, sudra, and nari, woman. They should be punished to bring them into order. Ei saba sasana ke adhikari. Otherwise they will spoil. A barking dog, you cannot pacify him, My dear dog, don't bark. It will disturb him: No! Dhol gobara sudra pasu nari, ei saba sasana ke. So anyone who is denying the existence of God, he is a rascal number one and beat him with shoes. Bas. He is being beaten with shoes by nature.


Room Conversation Varnasrama System Must Be Introduced February 14, 1977, Mayapura
Prabhupada: Sudra is to be controlled only. They are never given to be freedom. Just like in America. The blacks were slaves. They were under control. And since you have given them equal rights they are disturbing, most disturbing, always creating a fearful situation, uncultured and drunkards. What training they have got? They have got equal right. That is best, to keep them under control as slaves but give them sufficient food, sufficient cloth, not more than that. Then they will be satisfied.

Room Conversation January 21, 1977, Bhuvanesvara
Ramesvara: That's the trend, then, everywhere, because unemployment is increasing.
Prabhupada: And especially in your country it will be dangerous because these blacks, if they don't get employment, they will create havoc, these blacks. And they are not civilized. They want money, and if they don't get money, then they will create havoc.
Gargamuni: Money and liquor.
Hari-sauri: Yes. If they do get money, they just buy it.

Room Conversation October 5, 1975, Mauritius
Prabhupada: This is Vedic civilization: plain living, high thinking. And poor thinking, poor in thought, poor in behavior, and living with motorcar and this, that, nonsense. It is all nonsense civilization. A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class negro. This is going on. You'll find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class negro. That's all. Is it not?

Lecture on SB 1.16.4 Los Angeles, January 1, 1974
Prabhupada: So here, this man was cheating. Because here it is said: nrpa-linga-dharam. He was dressed like a king. Just like king is very gorgeously dressed. But his bodily feature, he was a black man. The black man means sudra.

Room Conversation August 2, 1976, New Mayapur, French farm
Prabhupada: Dravidian culture. Dravida. They are non-Aryans. Just like these Africans, they are not Aryans. Now they are mixing up with Europeans and Americans. In India, it was, one from the higher section, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, they will be fair complexion. Sudras, black. So if a brahmana becomes black, then he's not accepted as brahmana. Kala bahu (?). And if a sudra becomes fair, then he's to be know that he's not pure sudra.

COMMENT: There is discussion underway as to whether the above statements be passed on to the Union of Black Episcopalians, NAACP, IRAAM, BIG, BCC, CA, CBCF, and NABJ.

Discussion with Syamasundara dasa about John Dewey
Prabhupada: Sudras have no brain. In America also, the whole America once belonged to the Red Indians. Why they could not improve? The land was there. Why these foreigners, the Europeans, came and improved? So sudras cannot do this. They cannot make any correction.

His Views Supporting Dictatorship as a Preferred Form of Governance

Lecture on BG 1.4-5 London, July 10, 1973
Prabhupada: So up to that point, Maharaja Pariksit, the whole planet was very nicely governed by dictatorship. So we can bring in such dictatorship, provided that dictator is perfectly Krsna conscious.

Room Conversation August 21, 1975, Bombay
Prabhupada: I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.
Prabhupada: Mahatma Gandhi was practically a dictator, but he was a man of high moral character, so people accepted him. Dictatorship can be good provided the dictator is spiritually developed.

Random quotes
"Women are less intelligent"
"Women are nine times more lusty than men"
"It is a fact that they (men) did not go to the moon"
"The moon is further away than the sun. It is a heavenly planet with rivers of nectar."
"Free woman means prostitute."
"One can train pigeons to carry one into outer space."
"Indira Gandhi is not a leader, she is a prostitute; her son is a gunda."
"A woman given freedom means a prostitute."
"Giant eagles fly from one planet to another, and while flying they lay eggs."
"What is this prostitute? She has no fixed up (iskcon initiated?) husband. And free woman means this, daily, new friend (sexual partner.)"
"The sun goes around the earth, not vice-versa."
"Thus the sun-god travels through the universe for a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas (760,800,000 miles) at a speed of 16,004 miles at every moment."
"Vivekananda (Ram Krishna Mission) is a rascal."
"Hindus are hodge podge and have lost their own culture."
"In Africa there is a class of men who make a festival of killing their great grandfathers."

Do you see the elephant? ....and we are not even talking about criminal activities.
Where there is crime, cult ecstasies are a helium-balloon-high. All it takes is one prick. Ask Koresh. Ask Rajneesh. You will need a medium for that. Both were shot. Rajneesh too. Not poisoned...shot.

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