27th. March 2015

"Many come for some kind of spiritual adventure. Some of them are high on drugs and keep the company of babas in ashrams."

“Windians: cult indoctrinated white Indians, with a superiority complex. ”


Ekadasi is a practice originating from, and unique to, Gaudiya- Bengali Vaisnavism. It is a religious infix, which comes loaded with promise of eternal life, perfection, fulfilment of all desires, wealth, and access to Heaven. Everything and anything ... even putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. The Ekadasi eldritch has been street-flogged internationally, over the last forty years, by an American branch of the sect- ISKCON (and its offshoot ... Science of Identity, in Hawaii,) registered in New York by a Bengali expatriate.

This essay, like several others posted on our pages, is keyed to bring under scope yet another lunar loony cult implant polarizing ‘god-seekers’ in an ‘other dimensional’ acceptance of raptorial beliefs devised by cavemen caste poppy-priests and plied by cult charlatans, today.

Realistically, in today’s world, Krishna, the blue neatherd god sold as “ The Supreme Personality of Godhead” by the Hare Krishna cult- ISKCON, would be arrested on sight and prosecuted for paedophilia, polygamy, engaging prostitutes, sex with a gorilla, inciting war (just so he could blah 700 verses of “aham”) resulting in death and destruction. His only defence would be insanity: boasting he had sexed 16’108 women (plus milkmaids, gorillas, hunchback whores and homosexuals,) fathering 11 brats to each. His plea for clemency would rest on facts: he painted himself blue and claimed to be an extra-terrestrial etc., etc.

Yet, inexplicably, the immoralities impossibilities and irrationality embedded in the philosophy surrounding Hare Krishna cultism, and the right to debauch degrade and defraud it offers practitioners, remains a Hindu habilitate Area 51 for pragmatists.

Bazaaring the bizarre.... bogus bhakti shaktis doing buckti sharkti ... bamboozling bozos with tabernaculor tales told in tabloidese cultmeme. Orcs, trolls, ents, fairies, elves, witches, warlocks and necromancers outsold by ISKCON eidolism ... a cult-claptrap bogeyman collection of bhutas, pretas, pramathas, guhyakas, dakinis, pisacas, kusmandas, vetalas, vinayakas, asuras, brahma-raksasas, yamadutas, yatudhanis, yaksas, kotaras, revatis, jyesthas, putanas, matrkas, unmadas... and Papa purusha (Pp) who, as folktaled by cult pundits, was especially wired and Frankensteined by Vaisnav Vishnu (VV) to scare unbelievers into accepting the only exorcist on standby..
"But all such ghosts and evil spirits cannot remain where there is chanting of the holy name of God," ... the Hare Krishna maha ha-ha mantra: hurry Krishna hurry Krishna or my derriére is diablo dungpunch.

So then, if the mantra dispels all VV haunters, why did he create yet another bed wet - Pp? And who da heebie-jeebies is Papa p? Is he related to Mario and Luigi? Researchers would expect to find the answer in a Nintendo nungament. But that would be wrong. It lies mentally untreated in a Vaisnav parapraxis- the Padma Poorana: -
"For the purpose of punishing the evil human beings, Vishnu created a personality whose form was the embodiment of the worst kind of sin...Papa Purusha." Apparently war, old age, disease, suffering and death isn’t enough for whip-yer-ass-VV who works endlessly in his anime lab designing monsters and mayhem to manage man. But Pp and his pals are defeated by the cult mushroom- hurry Krishna hurry Krishna, which protects and propels blockheads to godhead... where they live eternally as cult cultivated village kids who assist blue-god Krishna (aka VV- the transformer) get down ‘n’ dirty with the eight-year-old wives of his cowherd homies.

To understand why VV created Pp, we must first introduce Pp’s counter ego, a dostinct personality- Ekadasi: another Delphic skewer in the cult-brain shish kebab. However, before we grind the Pp / Ekadasi masala, it is necessary to identify the ISKCON tandoori (Indian) who used excerpts from the Padma Poorana to cook-up an English paperback titled- “Ekadasi The Day of Lord Hari” (EDLH)...and who, by dint of his compilation, claimed authorship and subsequent ebullition of the Ekadasi practice, internationally.

So who is this fellow ... what is his claim to divinity ... and why has his compilation of the outré been instituted and flogged as cult canon??? ... as belief, as explanation, as practice??? ... as a hide-and-seek ritual initiated by a titanic transformer to evade a discarnate monster created by that very same titan to torture an already suffering humanity, and only to demand homage? O Great Zeus, save us.

In his bio, readers are informed that the ‘author’ was born, Balaram Sharma (in India) to a family of pure Gauḍa Brahmana Vaiṣṇavas. For those who are unfamiliar with Vaisnava scribblers ... you will never meet one without genetic wiring to VV’s anime lab. Balaram Sharma leaves us with no doubt as to his anime abiogenesis. He claims descendancy from “... the progenitor Kaśyapa Muni one of seven spiritually conceived sons of the first created being in this universe, Lord Brahma”... Yes, the same Brahma who had four heads (plus an ass’ head that fell off later) ... who was born on a cosmic lotus (wait for it.....) that grew from an ocean in the navel of titanic VV. While seated on the lotus and waiting for breakfast to fly past, Brahma produced human beings from his mouth, chest, arms, legs, and homosexuals from his anus. Anyway, now that we have a brief cerebral genesis of the author, let’s move on to more startling revelations.

After running into Bhakticaru Swami (Bengali) of ISKCON (read our archived article- Las Vedas,) Sharma was converted to Hare Krishna cultism, and secured his monopoly dream : a get out of poverty green card to the US. In 1975 he was initiated into the cult and given the name, Krishna Balaram Das. Some years later he was identified as a quacking quisling (like Bhakticaru Swami) and given swami-ship to aid cult conversion of Hindus in India. His new identity – Krishna Balaram Swami. For our uneducated readers ... swami is a title giving right to hoodwink anyone ...white, Indian or windian.

Not long after the ISKCON founder’s demise, Krishna Balarama Swami surfaced with his own double-barrel title, which is no more than a Vaisnav beggar’s fairy-pumpkin ride to royalty. His new name was even longer than his ancestor’s pet- Tyrannosaurus Rex. Krishna Balaram Swami morphed into- His Divine Grace Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Krsna Balaram Swamiji. When asked which tombstone he took that off, he claimed the title was given him by his colleagues at the “Bhagavat Dharma Samaj”. So we bounded off to the Samaj and discovered, lo and behold, that he, just like his ISKCON guru (and his guru before him) had bestowed the title on himself!! The Samaj was founded by Mr. Krishna Balaram Sharma himself. Here is the address and link:

His Divine Grace Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Krsna Balaram Swamiji
Founder-Acharya Bhagavat Dharma Samaj
: http://www.krsna.org/index.php

Adding curry to conundrum, His Divine Grace Swami has now broken away from ISKCON because of a divine disgrace ... He tried to use his U.S. green card as a condom but it didn’t work. Now he faces open allegations that he, a vowed celibate, collecting donations under that pretence, impregnated an American ISKCON devotee and fathered a son. Here is the gossip, which we post below * to raise the question:
If revelations of ‘godhead’ can only be understood by those who purchase, read, and conform to instructions imposed by cult press...why are cult scribes proven time and time again to be liars cheats and serial deviants? Is there no shame in destroying lives for a theistically speculative, scientifically unfounded, logically impossible outré afterlife, which promises underage sex with a blue-god in exchange for protection from monsters he creates and cult propagates?

* Anonymous
"Krishna Balaram Swami was staying in Los Angeles in the early 90's when a white woman accused him of having her child with her. He denied it, but the child came out half Indian. So the local GBC asked him to take a simple DNA test to see whether he was the father, or not. He said he would rather bloop and not serve Prabhupada than be subjected to such suspicion, so he left."

James Walker 
I visited Krishna Balaram Swamiji today and asked him about him having a half Indian, half Western child, as quoted by the anonymous ISKCON GBC devotee. Swamiji simply laughed and told me to post the following message:
"...There are no real devotees in present day ISKCON. They have incurable spiritual brain cancer. Whoever believes that there are true devotees in ISKCON, their head needs to be examined. I can prove quoting all the Vedic Sanskrit scriptures of India that all the Gurus of present ISKCON and their disciples are going to become ghosts after suffering in hell, and no one can prove otherwise on the basis of the original Vedic scriptures. It is best to reform before death."
Swamiji waits for his DNA to be taken because he wants that child to come and help him in his mission.

Hmmm ... So he does not deny it. Instead the now estranged Kinky Balaram Swami has taken to broadcasting his views of ISKCON on popular free media. And ISKCON, as usual, keeps its bizarre ‘ecclesiastical face of god’ masked by Hinduism.... “We are protected by Indian law, ergo unimpeachable. We shall continue pretending to be Hindu and thereby convert Hindus. We will bloat on Indian blood and Indian lands, regardless.”

Krishna Balaram Swami vs. ISKCON

Back to the Vishnu created line-up of menticide monsters and in particular- Pp, or ‘sin personified’. But first we introduce Ekadasi.

Researchers, casual surfers, and those targeted... cultivated by ISKCON, would have noticed several Vaisnav sites promoting the twice-a-month cycle of Ekadasi. There are twenty-six Ekadasi’ in a year. All have names and ridiculously eerie, archaic (for want of a better word) narrations promoting brahmin caste ordinances, which, besides a babbledom of brah-manic Beetlejuice, curses unbelievers and nonconformists to reincarnate as dogs, rats, roaches, cats, and anything they drag in.

The compilation of Ekadasi quotes depicts a wildly fanciful era of kings and dynasties unknown to any history, including Indian. Framed in other-world landscapes haunted by bogeymen daunted only by breast-beating caste Brahmins with superhero characteristics ... the work is penned by remote mind readers. All of which points to poppy addicts and narcissists with a totalitarian agenda. Here are three extracted examples:

“.... that cave was ninety-six miles in diameter and had only one entrance ....[...]... The demon followed me into that cave and seeing me asleep, started thinking within his heart, “Today I will kill this slayer of demons, Hari.” (EDLH, p-18)

A cave that is ninety-six miles in diameter ....whaaaaat!!? The writer must use the same pipe used by the 88 mile-high-mountain-in- Mathura storyteller. And what about ...
seeing me asleep, started thinking within his heart.... It isn’t enough that reading minds is speculative at best, but to do it while sleeping!!? Don’t tell us Hari is VV who is god therefore he knows everything because that would be contradictory to statements in paragraph 11, below.*

b) “Whoever feeds qualified brahamanas nicely on these five days has in effect fed all the demigods, all human beings, and even all the demons. Whoever donates a pot of drinking water to a twice-born brahmana during this five-day fasting period will gain merit equal to that gained by donating the entire planet earth in charity. (EDLH, p-158)

Obviously, and throughout Vaisnav text and tome, we see these caste promo ads. quilled by bumptious brahmanas high on bud.

c) “O lion among kings, there is one sudra (lower caste) who is unlawfully performing the rites of austerity and penance in your kingdom. This is why there is no rain in your land. You should punish this labourer with death, for by so doing you will remove the contamination and restore peace to your subjects.” (EDLH, p-101)

Brahmanic barbarity, pundit-pressed, threatening death by royal decree to any chiseller working the god-goose bazaar without a caste issued license. And that is how bumptious caste Brahmanism maintained its status quo.

Origins of Ekadasi:
The story goes that once VV made a cordial visit to the Lord of Death, Yamaraja. While the two were jawing over a cappuccino, or pipe, mainlining, snorting, or whatever gods do to get their kicks, VV heard ...
“very loud crying sounds from the southern direction.” He looked over at Yama with a grin- “You eat Hare Krishna free food?” No, that’s not what he said. What he said was- “From where is this loud crying coming?” Yep, he phrases and speaks with an Indian accent because he is Indian. So you Levi denim cowboys had better tune in, convert, and start doing the Hare Krishna windian, pronto.

“Yamaraja in reply said, ‘O Deva! The different living entities of the earthly planetary systems have fallen to the hellish regions. They are suffering extremely for their misdeeds. The horrible crying is because of suffering from the inflictions of their past bad actions.”

* Here we find VV (Hari) who is the creator of the entire shebang cosmos; who is capable of reading minds while asleep; who designs monsters to do his mayhem, but doesn’t have a monkey’s uncle about the cruelty he dreams up. He finds out second-hand, and from a guy stuck in a morgue 24/7 365 dealing with death en masse caused by VV who frivols away in his anime lab designing a battue of torture and death to keep his buddy busy. So what does VV do when told about the crying caused by his wracks, stretchers, and toenail pullers?

“He suddenly manifested from His own form the deity of the lunar day Ekadasi. Afterward, the different sinful living entities began to follow the vow of Ekadasi and were then elevated quickly to the abode of Vaikuntha.”

That’s it. He didn’t even go to his anime lab or ask Brahma to use his armpits. He just pooof! ...blew Ekadasi out his bubble-blower. No one knows what Ekadasi looks like. It is a formless vow. A mayavadi. And we cannot understand why ISKCON sells this crap. Hare Krishna cultists don’t want to go to Vaikuntha. They want to play milkmaid with Krishna in Goloka Vrindavan, which is a cosmic lotus-petal away from VV’s veggie plot. Okay, so now we introduce Papa Purusha ... or Pp, and then the relationship between Pp and twice-a-month Ekadasi.

Origins of Papa Purusha (‘sin personified’):
One day VV was sitting in his lab cursing those who refused to feed priests or hand over their children as hierodules to caste sex-slavers, so ...
For the purpose of punishing the evil human beings, He created a personality whose form was the embodiment of the worst kinds of sin (Papa Purusha).

VV is not only a mind reader, he is also crystal-ball gazer. So he gave Pp a copyright twist that would leave Tolkien, Rawlings and Lewis begging to reincarnate as brahmanas. VV decarnated Pp so that ...
His head was made of the sin of murdering a brahmana, his two eyes were the form of drinking intoxicants, his mouth was made from the sin of stealing gold, his ears were the form of the sin of having illicit connection with the spiritual master’s wife .... Most importantly, Pp was created morally blind to caste polygamy, caste overlording, caste degradation, sexploitation of women and children, and the blatant lying about non-existent realities for scam and profit.

And what does Ekadasi have to do with the Pp pandemonism? We are glad you asked because if you didn’t then cult reality is like the fart of a dinosaur: immeasurably irrelevant. So here is an excerpt from the Padma Poorana which, like the rest of it, is written high on opiates:

“Following the ascension of Sri Ekadasi, that personality who is the form of sinful activity
(Pp) gradually saw the influence that she, Ekadasi, had. Thus, he approached Lord Vishnu with doubts in his heart and began offering many prayers, whereupon Lord Vishnu became very pleased and said, ‘I have become very pleased by your nice offerings. What boon is it that you want?’

We now know VV created Pp to haemorrhage the hedonist but when informed about the torture Pp was imposing he poofed a contrariety- Ekadasi. A god in a quandary, ya tink? We ain’t finished yet. When the Pp fertilizer discovered it was being used to grow lunar Ekadasi mushrooms, it was pissed. So Pp gatecrashed VV’s hangout. Although it is scribed that not even demigods can see VV or enter his domain, cult canon is ad hoc: relevant to indoctrination, ex cathedra.

On arrival at VV’s pad, Pp did a song and dance. He bawled:

“I am your created progeny, and it is through me that you wanted distress given to the living entities who are very sinful. But now, by the influence of Sri Ekadasi, I have become all but destroyed ... [...] ... O VV! If you want these eternal pastimes to carry on, then you please save me from the fear of Ekadasi. No type of pious activity can bind me. But Ekadasi only; being your own manifested form, can impede me. Out of fear of Sri Ekadasi I have fled and taken shelter of men; animals; insects; hills; trees; moving and non-moving entities; rivers; oceans; forests; heavenly, earthly and hellish planetary systems; demigods; and the Gandharvas. I cannot find a place where I can be free from the fear of Sri Ekadasi. O my Master! I am a product of your creation, so therefore very mercifully direct me to a place where I can reside fearlessly.”

If readers are expecting a reason why Pp, VV’s personal hoon, was intimidated by a formless Ekadasi ...there is none. Other than- “If god’s enforcer is afraid then every reader should be petrified of no-one-knows-what-it-is Ekadasi.” This leaves us with no basis for the cult-broadcasted bi-monthly escape from sin. What we end up with under analysis is- To avoid Pp and not piss-off Ekadasi readers must bow to pooranic punditry irrespective of rationale. This, in conjunction with the composite cult library, exposes parasites feeding off a ‘death by demons’ dogmatized diaspora.

19. We cannot leave our readership hanging on the Pp v. Ekadasi conflict without keying the decision made by the guy in the lab... whack ‘em Vishnu. VV pondered the problem and realising that Pp had ...
taken shelter of men; animals; insects; hills; trees; moving and non-moving entities; rivers; oceans; forests; heavenly, earthly and hellish planetary systems; demigods; and the Gandharvas... but ... but ... but hadn’t mentioned ... grains !! So VV, tongue in cheek, and being the all-knowing god that he is, came up with a Pp diaper ... while imposing yet another caste-control implant.

 “After this, Lord Vishnu, observing the condition of the Papa-purusha, with laughter began to speak thus: ‘O Papa-purusha, rise up! Don’t lament any longer. Just listen, and I’ll tell you where you can stay on the lunar day of Ekadasi. On the date of Sri Ekadasi, which is the benefactor of the three planetary systems, you can take shelter of foodstuffs in the form of grains. There is no reason to worry about this any more, because My form as Sri Ekadasi will no longer impede you.’ After giving direction to the Papa-purusha, the Supreme Lord Vishnu disappeared and the Papa-purusha returned to the performance of his own activities.”

Consequently, everyone was satisfied. VV was happy, he hit it on the head without having to ask Yama. Pp was happy, he could get back to his god-ordained torture. Ekadasi was going ahead with the Schindler List ... if adherents fast from grains twice a month. The only ones with a problem, as always, are those who believe this hogcrap. For them Ekadasi is just one more addition to a lengthy list of do’s and don’ts drafted by caste brahmins to deregulate the metabolism, to weaken resistance, to gain mental control. Let’s hear it from a true expert cult-buster, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (1824-83,) born in Gujarat, India:

“These are all fasting days according to the Puranas and it is written everywhere (in these books) that whoever partakes of food or drinks on these days or dates shall got to hell. It is incumbent on the pope and his dupes that they should not take on any day or date, otherwise they shall have to go to hell. To Nirnay Sindhu, the Dharma Sindhu, the Vratarka and other such books as have been written by lunatics have played such havoc with everyone of these fasts that the Shivites fast on the 11th day of each lunar month, while others fast on the 12th holding it to be the 11th.
What a strange state of affairs has been brought about by popish practices that people quarrel even over fasting! The object of instituting a fast on the 11th day (day of every fortnight of a lunar month) could be nothing else but selfish gain on the part of the popes. There is not a trace of fellow feeling in them. The pope says, "All sins reside in food on the 11th day (of every fortnight of a lunar month)." Now this pope should be asked whose sins reside in food? Your sins or those of your father?
If it be true that all sins reside in food on the 11th day, no one should suffer from and be afflicted with pain on that day, but such is not the case. On the other hand, there is a great deal of suffering on account of hunger and thirst. Pain or suffering is the result of sin, hence it is a sin to fast. The popes have declared fasting to be a meritorious act and many a simpleton is taken in by hearing some such sill stories as the following:-
"There was a prostitute in heaven (the region of Brahma). She did some wrongful act; thereupon she was cursed and hurled back on earth. She praised (the God) and begged to be told how she could re-enter heaven; she was told that she would regain entrance into heaven whenever someone gave up the reward of a fast on ekaadashi (11th day of fortnight of a lunar month) in her favour. She came down in her airship to some town on earth. The

king of that place asked her who she was. She repeated her story and said that if someone renounced the reward of fasting on ekaadashi she could go back to heaven.
The king had the whole town searched for a person who had kept that fast, but none could be found. One day a man and his wife, through anger had not taken her food for the whole day and night, and it happened to be ekaadashi on that day. Upon being questioned by the king's messengers she answered that she had not knowingly kept fast on that day but had only accidentally gone without food.
They brought her before the king who ordered her to touch the airship she did as ordered and instantly the airship flew upwards." When such is the reward of fasting unknowingly one ekaadashi, that of keeping a fast willingly on ekaadashi can have no bounds. O you blind people! if what you say be true, we should like to send a betel-leaf to heaven. It is a thing which is not be found here. Let all who fast on ekaadashi renounce the consequent reward in our favour. We succeeded in sending one betel-leaf to heaven in this manner, we shall also keep this fast; on the other hand if one betel-lead failed to reach heaven, we shall save you from fasting and the consequent pain and suffering.
They (i.e., the popes have given different names of the 24 Ekaaadashis (of the year). One they have called Shanada or "bestower of wealth", the other Kamda, i.e., one that gratifies one's desires, another Putrada or bestower of sons, another still Nirjala or waterless. Many a poor, needy or childless man has kept the ekaadashi fast all his life and grown grey and even died without obtaining wealth, the object of his desire or a son.
The popes have instituted this waterless ekaadashi fast in the bright half of the month of Jyeshtha (corresponding to June) when it is so hot that it is enough to overpower a man if he goes without water even for one hour. Those who keep this fast suffer terribly from hunger and thirst. the widows of Bengal especially are indeed the greatest sufferers from this fast. The heartless butcher - who instituted this fast - had not got the least pity, otherwise he could have called it Sajala (with water) instead of waterless, and in its place could have named the Ekaadashi of the bright half of the month of Pausha (corresponding to December) waterless. Had he done so, it would have been a little better. But what had this pope to do with feelings of pity and compassion. He acted on the proverb "Let a man live or die, but either case he should feed the pope well
." (Satyarth Prakash. Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati). 

So what ISKCON advertises as bi-monthly Ekadasi is based on excerpts taken from the Padma Poorana, compiled by a cult Casanova. And what the excerpts offer is an afterlife bag of goodies for those who accept the excerpts as reality and surrender to its authority- ISKCON hare krishna, and its increasing offshoots.

What we are asked to accept as cult gospel is ... god-Vishnu cre / voked a personality to punish mankind- Papa purusa. When Vishnu heard the cries of pain inflicted by his created sadist he conjured an alternative- Ekadasi: a bi-monthly fast for souls being tortured by Papa, who, Vishnu decreed, could hide twice a month in grains because of his (who knows why) fear of Ekadasi. The ratiocination being that sinners (he who has not sinned....) wanting to escape Pp in an afterlife must fast from grains in this life on bi-monthly Ekadasi.

What the excerpts do not reveal is the added mental gymnastics imposed by cult i.e., the increased chanting of the maha ha ha hare krishna mantra, which, when combined with fasting, sleep deprivation and intensified indoctrination, lowers resistance to implants that come loaded with ghosts, demons, witches and necromancers that can only be repelled by surrender to ritual under cult direction- enslavement.

It is truly astonishing to note that cult litteratures, its primitive codes of belief, fail to mention Constitutional Rights, existing laws, penal codes legislated and enforced in a civilized world. The fact that cult claptrap vindicates a holy felon because
Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination.”(Bg-9/30), while everyone else is Pp pee, reveals a pre-democratic, pre-Constitutional, hagiarchy causing cachexia.

Nevertheless, and no matter how much cult persistence in a juxtaposed dimension where mantras, gita, Pp, ekadasi and demons dominate destiny, in the real world no one gives a hoot. Holy criminals, as our next segment will note, are judged by legislated law and pounded under the judge’s gavel regardless of beads books beliefs or brahmin bulldust.

Thanks for spending time with us.



When ISKCON endorsed officers are caught with genitalia exposed outside cult precincts, its board of commissioners follows standard procedure i.e., disregard the Bg-9.30 verse, disenfranchise the flasher, and deny knowledge on all levels.

March 9, 2015
Fake Australian guru forced four teenage girls to live as naked slaves in his French Rivera home

ISKCON devotee held for assaulting kids.

Agra: A devotee of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) temple in Vrindavan was arrested on Friday for allegedly assaulting children studying at the society-run Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school.
TNN | Feb 14, 2015, 10.05 PM IST
Source:   http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/agra/Iskcon-devotee-held-for-assaulting-kids/articleshow/46246724.cms

"Meanwhile in the northern town of Polotsk, police detained two Hare Krishna devotees on the street on 28 December 2014, accusing them of disorderly conduct and using obscenities in a public place. The records of an offence were drawn up against both under Administrative Code Article 17.1. This punishes 'minor hooliganism' with short term arrest or a fine of 2 to 30 base units. The cases were sent to courts in the devotees' places of residence, in Minsk and Orsha, Vitebsk Region.”
Feb 4, 2015
Source:    http://www.forum18.org/archive.php?article_id=2035

No rational human can accept the incredulous claims of extraterrestrials, demons and dumbfounding dogma pumped out by Iskcon hare krishna; not without hallucinogens. Not many in the cult realize that the little bush, in a flowerpot wearing a satin skirt, they worship every morning and eat, is loaded:

“Alright, so is anyone familiar with the slightly psychedelic effects that manifest after consuming large amounts of the herb Holy Basil? there are old threads about it on this site.

i've been drinking a lot of the tea lately (has tremendous health benefits,) and i recently received a pound of the herb in the mail, so i have a lot to play around with. i'm thinking of trying a heavy dose orally as i do indeed find that even smaller amounts of this herb to indeed have some psychedelic characteristics.”

Source:  http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/15493221

"I drank the tea."
"The mandalas came, the fractals. I saw purple grids in the sky. Red orbs. A beam, in a perfect geometric figure, like the structure of a tunnel, opened up as I gazed at the Pleiades. Something was being transmitted to me. I closed my eyes."
"My eye lids came down, and I saw geometric structures, again in purple and red. There were Light beings present, and I became aware of an option that struck fear into my heart."
"The men observed as I stood, moving closer to the ocean. I was practically singing at this point. I chanted Hare Krishna, with joy."
Source:   http://www.lreachtorres.com/2014/10/my-second-dmt-ceremony.html

"Inside the clapboard temple, the gnostic Shamanists had all their bases covered. Glittering posters of the Hindu deity Krishna hung next to paintings of Jesus Christ and drawings of creaturesque statues from a pre-Incan civilization."
"With that, he dipped a wooden cup into the pot of hallucinogenic yagé tea and passed it to me."
"These mixing plants contain the psychotropic compound N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which can trigger sounds and images in the brain that many perceive as manifestations of past lives, ethereal truths, and voices of supreme beings. The yagé itself protects and activates the DMT-carrying plants as they enter the body, where our guts are wired to identify them as toxic and to get rid of them."
"The founders married a belief in gnostic Christianity, indigenous plant worship, and Vedic philosophies from India with permaculture farming and communal living."
"They sang 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama' while working throughout the day..."
" 'Alejandra,' Manque Runa said to me with the group’s characteristically soft tones and piercing eye contact, 'you have to believe.' Then everyone grabbed an instrument from a pile in the corner and we sang 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama.' "
"In the evening we gathered in the temple, women on one side of the room, men on the other."
"Everything around me was vibrating. A voice distinctly feminine and not mine introduced itself as the plant and told me it was a friend."
"I took down the lukewarm liquid in four big gulps. It was rusty-brown and had the taste of bitter coffee and stomach acid. I returned to sit on the floor while everyone pulled out fans of dried Huayra leaves and shook them around their heads like tambourines. They chanted in indiscernible languages in which I could only make out 'Kriiiissshhhnaaaaa' and 'yaaaaagéééé.' Then, silence. After about 40 minutes, I took off running from the temple in my socks with the intense urge to heave."
Source:   http://munchies.vice.com/articles/i-drank-hallucinogenic-tea-with-colombias-shamanists

Is the ISKCON SriMAD Bhagavatam’s 5
th Canto (source of knowledge for the cult’s multi-million dollar Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur, India) a copy of Islam Quranic belief?

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Subject: "Prabhupada gives the impression of being a silly ignoramus..."
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3.0 out of 5 stars A comic anachronism, March 22, 2009
Ashtar Command "Seeker"
This review is from: The Science of Self-Realization (Hardcover)
When the Hare Krishna movement (a.k.a. ISKCON) first came to Sweden, they created something of a moral panic. I mean, dropping out of college, shaving one's head, donning orange robes, and dancing in the streets wasn't exactly the Swedish way of life. It still isn't. Today, however, the Hare Krishnas are no longer seen as threatening. Rather, they are a tiresome, pathetic anachronism. Nobody takes them very seriously any more. They are ugly, too. How can anyone still believe that you can get anywhere by shaving your scalp, don ochre robes or a really ugly sari, and chant on main street? They feel like a throwback to a time long gone, a time...40 years ago.

This book contains a number of conversations with the founder of the Hare Krishna movement, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Or rather a number of extensive monologues. Prabhupada comes across as a particularly ignorant Hindu fundamentalist. His message is almost comic. He denies the Moon landing, since the Vedic scriptures supposedly rule out journeys to other planets. He claims that Krishna and Christ is the same person (proof: Krishna and Christ is the same name!). His view of Heaven is extremely literalist. Prabhupada actually thinks Heaven looks like an Indian pastoral, in which the blue-skinned god Krishna plays the flute for his consort Radha, who in turn gives a holy cow a garland of flowers. The ISKCON guru also claims to know the exact number of species of living organisms (the figure escapes me at the moment of writing) and says that all of them have co-existed on Earth since time immemorial. So how come scientists can't found human remains in Precambrian rock? Or dinosaur fossils in Quarternary strata? Well, they haven't been digging literally everywhere, have they? Prabhupada graciously allows that he isn't God (thank you) but does claim to be God's representative, which apparently entitles him to certain privileges above ordinary mortals. For starters, he is always surrounded by silly Western "disciples" who open his books for him! Finally, he defends slavery and claims that all the world must become Krishna conscious. Or else?

It's extremely difficult to take any of this seriously. Indeed, it's difficult to understand how anyone else can take it seriously, either. Prabhupada gives the impression of being a silly ignoramus, who nevertheless speaks with great authority, as if he actually had something worthwhile to say. His movement comes across as a more exotic version of the Flat Earth Society. His divine grace is questionable even from a Hindu perspective. He seems to suggest that only his own sectarian followers will reach Heaven. In all of his writings, Prabhupada constantly attacks Advaita Vedanta, an otherwise respectable tradition within Hinduism. He also condemns unnamed sex cults. Since Prabhupada's own tradition, the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, contain esoteric and Tantric elements, this is in effect a condemnation of the original version of it. Apparently, Prabhupada feared teaching the esoteric, "sexual" doctrines of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in the West! Instead, he fed his followers a diet of absolute literalism.

"The Science of Self-Realization" comes across as a relic of the hippie age, one of its more curious relics, to be sure. The world has moved on since then. Today, we have other fads. The book can be read as a nostalgia trip, or even as entertainment. But real seekers of the truth must look elsewhere.

And now, I'm off to Govindas for a vegetarian meal...