27th. September 2014

"The way to deal with superstition is not to be polite to it, but to tackle it with all arms, and so rout it, cripple it, and make it forever infamous and ridiculous. Is it, perchance, cherished by persons who should know better? Then their folly should be brought out into the light of day, and exhibited there in all its hideousness until they flee from it, hiding their heads in shame."
- H L Mencken, "Aftermath" (coverage of the Scopes Trial) The Baltimore Evening Sun, (September 14, 1925)


... or Frequently Unasked Question, deals with the same cult cadaver dissected in our DE-ME-GOD posting i.e. “A bona fide spiritual master is in the disciplic succession from time eternal." The question is-  Why has the iskcon hare krishna claim to authentication by almighty god ... in disciplic succession .. and gurus in lineage from time eternal ... never been challenged or openly debated since 1914, when truth splintered the sect?  Proof positive strips iskcon of bona fide HUMAN disciplic succession, so how have they managed to flog themselves as direct disciples of a supreme god ... since time immemorial ? The DEception is now a published ebook. Please read on.

1. In the first section of our posting BIF is a reluctant astranaut. Generally, and for obvious reasons, iskcon casteist keep their looping emails far from our orbit. However, and however much they try, every now and then one flies over the cuckoo's nest and into the BIF mailbox. Which leaves us perusing and confronting, yet again, cult-bloated Dasa' and Dasi' whose doors of perception are slammed shut on philosophical hinges hewn from dinosaur bones. Notwithstanding, to simply dump the email would leave unsaid one of the most DEceptive iskcon flogged god scams.

2. It would be amiss to simply rewrite DEception of the cult's founder- A C. De (who died thirty-seven years ago) without targeting his
parampara proponents : those who advance De's fraud as an intimate associate of god... a messiah in disciplic succession ... those who live, sell his goo as gospel and subserve him between ears bereft of rationale … those replicas and beneficiaries of a philosophical DEvice designed to impose a narcissistic DEspot ... a DE-vine grace, lord and master birth after birth. They are the ones who now enable the scams which enslave and exploit the unwary. It is them … the banana-bending Zippos within iskcon's chimpanzee cult of the param'panzees
who should be the focus of research and exposure, moreso than the thirty-seven years DEad DEspot De.

3. So, without further ado, we draw attention to the email (with link to an ebook) confirming iskcon' fraudelent claims to being a religious order in 'DE-sciplic succession
' all the way back to blue god-krishna.

4. What readers will discover (a few pages into the ebook) is that the author himself is deeply steeped in ism. Yet, the deception initiated by - Kedarnatha Dutta (aka. BhaktiviNO Thakur,) eleborated upon by his son- Bimal Dutta (aka. Bhaktisiddhanta,) and sold as direct god-revealed-truth to Americans by A.C. De (aka. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada,) is so intolerably obnoxious that it nauseates even a genuflecting aficionado.

Email (and responses) are posted between
>> <<
darts. BIF comments in blue font.
We begin with our reply to the poster:

BIF: Thanks for the link, Tim.

"Having intellectual courage to live with open-endedness and uncertainty, trusting to reason and experiment to gain us increments of understanding, having the integrity to base one’s views on rigorous and testable foundations, and being committed to changing one’s mind when shown to be wrong, are the marks of honest minds." A C Grayling.

>> ----- Original Message -----

Tim Engert

To: makhanchor@verizon.net ; ajata.satru@yahoo.com ; patolucas77@yahoo.com ; mukunda.dasa@prabhupada.org.uk ; tattva108@yahoo.com ; tamoharadasa@yahoo.ca ; rishi505@yahoo.com ; brahmabhuta@hotmail.com ; jamesgalloghly@hotmail.com ; sun@harekrsna.com ; harbo_06@hotmail.com ; naveenusa01@gmail.com ; madhuhadasa@gmail.com ; adikurma@gmail.com ; roupamanjaridevidasi@gmail.com ; ameyatma@16108.com ; ramana_kumar@dell.com ; upadesamrta@googlemail.com ; frank-n-style@hotmail.com ; muktipada108@gmail.com ; pedromicho@gmail.com ; josephbonomo108@yahoo.com ; sgcd@iskconbangalore.org ; rs.madhusudhan@gmail.com ; ravi_tp@yahoo.com ; rudrani_dasi@yahoo.ca ; govindadasa@hotmail.co.uk ; acarya_dasa@yahoo.com ; mahadhana108@gmail.com ; colinlearn@yahoo.com ; vgupta@realtyim.com ; kumudavana@aol.com ; kailasacandradasa@yahoo.com ; olga.plchova@gmail.com ; krsnabalarama@hotmail.com ; angel108b@yahoo.com ; pg1944@netzero.com ; nikunj.pankaj@yahoo.com ; aishwarya@iskconbangalore.org ; shyamasundara@disciples.com ; ccr2k@yahoo.com ; makevrndavan@gmail.com ; mahesh_agtsp@yahoo.co.uk ; pandu.bms@gmail.com ; nityanandaram108@gmail.com ; sharma.vipan@yahoo.ca ; navadvipa.dasa@shaw.ca ; pss108@juno.com ; krishnamayi@gmx.com ; bartbagel@yahoo.com ; vyasasan@gmail.com ; nemaipandit@yahoo.com ; steviedreamer@gmail.com ; tulasimaharani@yahoo.de ; theharekrishnamovement@gmail.com ; radhavallabha@yahoo.com ; mausert@mac.com ; tnbrip@yahoo.co.uk ; charu@ecoagri.in ; nimai51splitter@yahoo.com ; tulsi@planet1.info ; ugresa108@gmail.com ; omgaind@yahoo.com ; rgswami108@yahoo.com ; frontdesk.dhananjaya@hkm-group.org ; pragosh@videotron.ca ; govinda@b-i-f.com

Monday, August 11, 2014 3:07 AM

True History of Bhaktisiddhanta

The True History of Bhaktisiddhanta


Author's bolg: <http://truehistoryofbhaktisiddhanta.blogspot.com.au/HYPERLINK "http://www.mediafire.com/view/e3717aola66h1d8/True_History_of_Bhaktisiddhanta.pdfIn" >In this eBook, you will learn about:

-How Gaura Kishore Dasa Babaji never actually gave diksa to Bhaktisiddhanta and thus ISKCON-Gaudiya Math's parampara is not bonafide
-Mayapur is not the real birthplace of Caitanya Mahaprabhu and how Bhaktivinode was rejected by his guru Bipin Bihari Goswami for falsifying evidence in relation to this
-How offensive Bhaktisiddhanta was towards the Gaudiya Vaisnavas of Vrindavan
-Bhaktivinode Thakur was eating meat and fish
-Comments made by Lalita Prasad Thakur about his brother Bhaktisiddhanta (Lalita Prasad Thakur was the older brother of Bhaktisiddhanta. They were both sons of Bhaktivinode Thakur).<<

5. The first response to Tim's email came from a woman (American) who claims the oddball distinction of being the only sannyasini
in Am / Jew iskcon. She places the adopted honrific- acBSp after her Indian alias to advertise her initiation by De- the iskcon hare krishna founder. However, when searching official cult records, there is no mention of her receiving an official 'swami' gravy ticket. Further investigations reveal she claims the title was authorized by a De empowered (convicted) felon, Kirtanananda Swami [late] - another acBSp original. A brief search on Google reveals the man to be guilty of crimes that would sicken a dog. Okay let's take a poke at her email:

>>On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 1:55 PM, B. Radha-Govinda Swami (ACBSP) <
rgswami108@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hare Krsna Tim.

Sadly for you, despite seeing the results from His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada's preaching efforts through His books, and tireless efforts made in bringing Caitanya Mahaprabhu's mercy throughout the world, you are not realizing Who is Srila Prabhupada, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, and our Guru Parampara.<<

6. Sadly for the swami, who exists in a cult-blown hyperspace of arithmophobic propaganda and fractured identities, she has no access to reality, e.g., iskcon v. Johnny Walker : are a billion drunks throughout the world right? Proffering 'throughout the world' as ipso facto to maintain a fraud, wont hold water for an ism wilting under scrutiny. Nor will her assumed paranormal vision ... 'Who is...' (and awe-demanding capitals) impress any other than another parampara param'panzee. Because all three persons named are DEcievers. And that is exactly what the ebook reveals … a fraud … a faked Guru Parampara.

>>You wrote,
Bhaktivinode Thakur was eating meat and fish. This was part of His past (whether by lila or otherwise). In his Vaisnava grhastha life, he wasn't eating meat and fish.<<

7. The word lila is a term used to mitigate every bare-ass cult felony. It oozes from two neuro-embedded implants - 1) aparadha (ethnocentric offense) : an observation / research / revelation / critique disabilatating implant, and- 2) Bhagavadgita as it is- 9/30
– (an ethnophaulic implant) proclaiming all cult conformists, propigators and propagandists, to be 'well situated' no matter what their crime.

8. What the '
swami' fails to note is that BhaktiviNO Thakur was not just anybody. He, according to cult gospel, was an ETERNAL consort of blue god-krishna : god's private underaged prostitot. So why was this INTIMATE (hands
knees and boomps a daisy) tittilater of god-krishna ejaculated into a meat-eater' womb to live with and feed off fermenting corpses for ten months?

9. Millions of Indians who never had sex with god-krishna take birth in families that are not salvitating on goatheads and fishtails. We read in the memoirs of BhaktiviNO that he enjoyed devouring carcasses to the point where he …. a krishna bush-bootie-babe ... developed ulcers :

"I ate a lot of fish in Chapra, but it was not very good. Therefore, I ate more goat meat. After the prolonged eating of food of this kind combined with red chillies and mustard seed pickle, I developed a bleeding ulcer."

10. Not only was this god-girlfriend born ugly ...It was said that of all my brothers I was a little ugly ...
and stuffed in a womb alongside dead bodies, he was also an opium user. Here's another excerpt from the god hooker's diary:-

363...[...].... At this time I began to take half a grain of opium on the advice of the doctor and Bholanatha Kaviraj.

11. Note his words- I began to take. This confirms it was not just once but continual. When we consider two important factors 1) opium is addictive, deadly from the first dose, 2) He does not speak further about his intake or dosage, or how he broke the hold of a powerfully addictive narcotic … the possibility of an ongoing addiction was more likely than not. Read our article "BhaktiviNO Thakur".

>>Did you ever hear of Valmiki Muni? He also had His past.<<

12. Valmiki or Mickey the demarcation is ism chasmed. When foreigners accept Indian identities to escape dystopia only to flog non-compos-mentis guru and cult, all validity is lost. Madness does not know it is mad ... e.g. … The moon is further away than the sun. It is a heavenly planet with rivers of nectar …One can train pigeons to carry one into outer space … Giant eagles fly from one planet to another, and while flying they lay eggs … The moon is further away from Earth that the sun … The sun goes around the earth, not vice-versa … Man did not go to the moon … In Africa there is a class of men who make a festival of killing their great grandfathers … A woman given freedom means a prostitute …
and we wont even mention King Ugrasena's gazillions, or witches warlocks hobgoblins and shape-shifters.

Only a pietistic
param'panzee would reference a 5'000 + year-old (???) Valmiki to vouch for three cult Mickeys involved in an ongoing, current day fraud.

>>Hopefully despite our mleccha pasts, through the mercy of our Vaisnava Acaryas, beginning with Srila Prabhupada and His MERCY!!!, we will be brought to the platform of pure Vaisnava.<<

13. As with all evangelists in whose hearts lie the wreck of a car salesman, the swami sidesteps courage, clear thinking, honesty, and the crux of the issue, which is to address the ebook revelations. Ignoring allegations ad seriatim to persist in our , we and 'His MERCY' as the only argument necessary, is a bonhomie groupie presumption that adherence to confrérie nullifies DEception, gullibility, and instituted fraud.

>> It might be noted, that when one accepts Krsna consciousness into their life, what they have done in the past, is not to be considered unless it is in glorification of such a Vaisnava.<<

14. The truth is NOT what might be noted
by hearsay, but by observation, research and reference:
What has resulted from the hare krishna business is a miscellany of deprived and shattered lives. It is a fractionated movement of irreconcilable differences. A cursed cult wherein the debarred malcontent have retreated to soapboxes in cyberspace from whence they piss into the wind … savage each other … and, along with likewise disenfranchised decarnates, hurl abuse at ghosts of their infernal leaders- iskcon's governing body.

15. The
param'panzee circus is there for all to see as they swing through the dead zone between should-be and never be while scaring idiots with retroactive doom in a proactive hell.

>>And as to this which you wrote:

Comments made by Lalita Prasad Thakur about his brother Bhaktisiddhanta (Lalita Prasad Thakur was the older brother of Bhaktisiddhanta. They were both sons of Bhaktivinode Thakur).

Did you ever think of why Lord Siva was fighting against Lord Krsna, or why Bhismadev and Arjuna were fighting against one another, or why it was Lord Balaram and Krsna appeared to disagree with one another as to which side in regards to Duryodhan or Yudhisthira Maharaja?<<

16. Does the sacralgia swami ever think of why Elmer Fudd shotguns the wabbit … why the Queen of Hearts screamed- "Off with their heads!" … why Popeye needs spinach to beat-up Sailor Dan …. or how iskcon was brokered on the Shabbat by a Gaudiya golliwog who shat on apple pie … or what Lord Siva, Krsna, Bhismadev et al have to do with a fraudelent parampara fabricated by cheats, and promoted by current crims who, under false pretenses, exploit, enslave, and amass money in an orchestrated scam ????? … even if the swami abets the swindle by postulating her cult degree honoris causa in Indology.

>>More can be said, but it might be a waste of time. Hopefully you'll be able to understand things better...

Be well.<<

17. We would also say- be well to the swami. But she is seriously unwell, and saying anymore would be a waste of time.

Your servant,

B. Radha-Govinda Swami

------- (end) ----------

14. The next respondent to the email, unlike the American swami, is a corporate iskcon ceritfied Hungarian guru / swami - Sivarama Svami <srs108@mac.com> (Peter Letai). His short email, unfortunately, did nothing to address the book. He resorted to abusing the messenger, and even conjured up that scary cult shackle – burning to ashes … a yogic idiom that means nothing without accelerant in these dark days of apostasy and dystopia. Here is his highly intellectual, god-realized input:

>> Whoever you are idiot, keep your trash to yourself. It will help you burn to ashes any trace of devotion you ever had. Fool. <<

15. To which Tim Engert responded, highlighting further the ongoing DEception that is iskcon:-

How foolish are all of you? THESE are your cult leaders. A bunch of idiots who cannot reply philosophically to serious concerns. I truly feel sorry for all of you, who are so blind and stupid as to follow people like Sivarama.

Sivarama lacks such integrity or character that he blasphemies the very people who he plagurizes his "rasika" sastras from. Where do you people think Sivarama got his little rasika "Krishna in Vrindavan" books from? Some he plagurized from Narayana Maharaja and the rest from the babajis of Vrindavan.

16. The next respondent was in litany with the Hungarian guru / swami Sivarama, but with a little more froth-and-bubble. Padmagarbha Das <
padmagarbha.das@gmail.com> as readers will note, totally sidesteps the ebook. He also resorts to abuse and does the same dumbass as the first swami by referencing the very liars and swindlers ... protagnists of the ebook in focus, the three guys who initiated the iskcon god-scam. A fake parampara persistently referenced by param'panzees, and in spite of the revelations.

>>Mataji, this vile piece of scum should not be responded to!!!!!! He deserves no attention whatsoever, other than the attention an executioner would give to a condemned. Any argument you present is only "throwing pearls before swines". The only follow-up should be the "publishing" of this creatures former "initiated" name, if it has one, along with it's place of residence so it, and ALL those who associate with it on ANY level can be shunned.

Kindly consider these words by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami: "May I never see the wicked face of that evil person who maligns [deceives/plots against] the lotus feet of my Sri Gurdeva, or ANY ONE who countenances [approves] such a slanderer."
"I do not want to see the faces of vile persons who criticize my Gurudeva, or who support those who criticize him. They are the cause of all in-auspiciousness". <<

But ... but ... Bhaktisddhanta never did have a guru. He initiated himself in a dream. Tim Engert retorted:

You sound like a complete psychopath. Why don't you go join Boko Haram or ISIS? A religious fanatic nutjob like you would fit in very well with such people.

17. There were two other responses. One by an inconsequential – Mahesh Raja (No! Not another cult raja!) who is (possibly) an initiate of the Hungarian swami Sivarama Letai. His copy-and-paste param'panzee repetetions should not be foisted on anyone, and cetainly not our readership. So we'll thrash his guru blah and move on.

18. The other poster is a typical cult character : righteous until unmedicated, and then invokes a dissociative personality to deal with delusons. Here is Tamohara dasa mailto:tamoharadasa@yahoo.ca ] – He is an American who also carries the acBSp tag, and in another defect calls himself - vanaprasta. Which means he is finally out the closet. BIF has had interaction with this fellow in the past- Who Let the Dogs Out. Here are a few of his switch-personality quips from that delusion:

...suck my dik punk. you have no idea who you're screwing with, kiddo.
...now you're fucked, punk.
you are surely an agent of the CIA
...you're cooked now, punk!
...Sri Nrsngha, please Dear One, kill the enemies of Srila Prabhupada

….. and here, in cult persona, he responds to the Tim Engert mailout:

I read some of the file quoted, laughed at the caste conscious inanity, was disturbed by the rigidity/obsessive compulsiveness, saw indirect rascist implications as well as outright ill intent with consequent Vaisnava aparadhas, and so left.<<

19. He laughed ... and so left without addressing prima facie evidence of fraud and DEception used to promote iskcon and guru ; ad damnum under public scrutiny for mispresentation as a traditional (Hindu) Vaisnava, mainstream, eternal, direct-lineage-from-god

20. Significantly, exposure is coming from inside the sect, not because of looting, exploitation or slavery, but because of NO RESULTS or ADVERSE RESULTS to spirito / commercial avers made by iskcon's fake Am / Jew marketed Hinduism. And this Tomatohara fellow, after FORTY years of using the product, is only one in an adverse result pandemic.

>>This little treatise might be fit for a first year religious studies paper on Indian brahmanas trying to enforce their superior caste position or ideas on others, maybe, but the writer seems to among them? That nonsense did not stop us in the seventies, and it sure isnt going to even slow us down now.

Hare Krsna ! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada !

paraphrase; "One who thinks the Deity is made of stone and considers Vaisnavas in terms of birth or bodily condition, are residents of Naraka loka (Hell) ".<<

21. What every respondent to the posting pretended not to see was the crux of the ebook i.e., Dutta, Dutta & De were cheats frauds and liars. As a result the param'panzee parampara they initiated is spiritually impotent, and of greater concern, is destroying minds and lives by imposing crass methods of subjugation.

22. YES, the deity IS made of stone (or metal). If not then WHAT? But then again, you can't trust your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Anyway, there are open alleyways in India where tourists can observe the dolls being made by bidi-smoking, testicle scratching clay and marble workers.  And yes, we do agree that Vaisnavas should not be referred to in terms of
bodily condition
… It is a MENTAL condition.
================ end ====================================

23. This next news item deals with yet another old acBSp turkey-choker. Readers may remember him from our article- ISPORN. His name is David Bruce Hughes .. and his Hindu alias is Bhakti-sarvabhauma Sri Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji.

24. When we posted the article and 21 pictures of Hughes involved in what he refers to as
erotic boondage (just plain turkey choking) with a same sex participant, he posted explanatory videos on Youtube (now removed by him,) linking his erotica to Krishna and the gopis. Never once in 2011 did Hughes mention anything about the exposures being a blackmail / extortion plot. No names, letters, proof of fact, was ever posted or hinted at by Hughes. Conversely, Hughes proclaimed proudly his elevated understanding of Vaisnava hare krishna tantric, 'pansexual' eroticism:-

"The essence of Tantric Vaisnavism is intense energy, spiritual erotic ecstasy and visionary creative consciousness. Tantric Vaisnavism is a sex-positive, pansexual spiritual practice that is open to the erotic practices of all orientations without judgment. It uses consciously directed sex energy to manifest states of advanced spiritual consciousness." (David Hughes)


25. Now, three years later, this acBSp param'panzee has developed a complex about what he once espoused as visionary creative consciousness. It maybe that the ropes he used to strangle his turkey finally did the job. Anyhow, Hughes cited copyright infringement- "B-I-F,COM Hosting Revenge Porn", and asked the pictures be removed, which we did without counter because our purpose was served, and three years old.

26. Below is a copy of his letter to the Copyright Department. Please note his reasons for how and why the photographs entered the public domain. And if you are reading this Mr. Babaji Hughes, post facts to back up your
blackmail / extortion / revenge porn
allegations. Otherwise you will remain on our pages not only as a genital-strangler and scrotum stretcher but as a liar, as well:

Subject:Subject: Re: DMCA Complaint: B-I-F.COM Hosting Revenge Porn - [Incident ID: 23595559]
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 10:23:18 +0530
To:copyrightclaims@ ….

To: Copyright Claims Department

From: David Bruce Hughes, Producer
Skillful Living Network

Re: DMCA Complaint: B-I-F.COM Hosting Revenge Porn

Item 1 Signature:

Signed with electronic signature of copyright owner:
David Bruce Hughes

Item 2 Identification of the copyrighted works:

21 photos taken at various times and places, mostly in India in 2011, portraying pastimes of erotic bondage including myself and others. The photos portray nude or mostly nude men, bound with ropes in various positions.

Item 3 Identification of the infringing material:

The page
http://b-i-f.com/ISPORN.html contains a montage of images from the series (NOTE: to view the images you have to click the To Vomit (Click Here) link near the bottom of the page). These private works were stolen and used in an attempted blackmail/extortion plot. When that failed, the perpetrators posted them online as Revenge Porn. This site is one of a network of related sites linking to and displaying this illegal Revenge Porn.

Item 4 Contact Information:

David Bruce Hughes, Producer
Skillful Living Network
Calle Barcelona 4 1er


27. When they are not strangling the turkey with ropes, they are having coitus with dogs cats and possums:

Source: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/ex-hare-krishna-followers-sex-attacks-21700/

Ex-Hare Krishna follower Sean Keen from Canterbury facing prison over string of sex attacks in Ashford

11 August 2014

by Paul Hooper

A former Hare Krishna worshipper is facing a lengthy jail sentence for a series of sex assaults.

Bullying Sean Keen - who spent 10 years in a temple learning to be celibate - was convicted of three sex attacks and four cruelty charges.

The sex-starved 50-year-old has now been remanded in custody while probation reports are prepared before his sentencing next month.

The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court

A jury at Canterbury Crown Court heard sex accounts involving a dog, giving a child a "love bite" and raping a woman repeatedly.

The Krishna religion - known officially as International Society For Krishna Consciousness - forbids sex unless it is to create children and bans drinking alcohol.

But prosecutor Christopher May told how many of the attacks happened when Keen, of London Road Estate, Canterbury, had been drinking.

Many of the incidents happened many years ago in Ashford and one of his victims claimed he had used her "like his toy", treating her "as if she were a prostitute for his pleasure".

On another occasion, the jury heard how he ripped off his victim's underwear, held her wrists and raped her - despite claiming he was "a Hare Krishna devotee who was going to be celibate".

Mr May revealed how on another incident during a rape, two puppies began licking his testicles - "but he still would not stop the attack".

And in another rape, the victim told police Keen grabbed her around the neck and pushed her against a toilet door.

"He was really angry and he had her by the throat," Mr May said. "She kept saying 'No'.

"She struggled with him and they ended up on the floor. He really scared her and said he could snap her neck like a twig."

His victim revealed that during a violent assault, "He looked so evil... as if he was somebody else."

Judge Adele Williams at Canterbury Crown Court

In another incident, a witness revealed Keen had grabbed his female victim "and began humping her from behind" at an Asda store at the Outlet Centre in Ashford.

And four years earlier, he had tried to get a dog to lick his penis, the jury was told.

When Keen was quizzed by police, he admitted being an alcoholic and downing five cans of strong lager every day and added he wished he had "followed his faith to a 'T'".

Keen was remanded in custody until September after Judge Adele Williams told him: "You have been convicted on clear and compelling evidence of grave offences.

"But before I determine what your sentence will be, I need a report. But you need to know that you face nothing but a lengthy prison sentence."



Source: http://www.dailynews.com/general-news/20140820/federal-appeals-court-affirms-begging-ban-at-lax

Federal appeals court affirms begging ban at LAX

By City News Service

Posted: 08/20/14, 2:14 PM PDT |

A federal appeals panel Wednesday upheld a city ordinance that bans begging for funds inside the terminals, parking areas or sidewalks at Los Angeles International Airport.

The city and the Hare Krishnas have been battling over the issue since the Los Angeles City Council adopted the ordinance in 1997.

In its opinion, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena determined that because the law is limited in nature and leaves open alternative channels for the Krishnas to raise money, the ordinance acts as "a reasonable restriction on protected speech" under the First Amendment.

The decision follows the appeal of a 2012 ruling by a Los Angeles federal judge that found the law to be constitutional because, among other things, LAX is not a public forum as defined under the First Amendment; the ordinance was "viewpoint neutral"; and any restrictions placed on freedom of expression at LAX were reasonable under the circumstances.

Major airports, such as LAX, "have a legitimate interest in controlling pedestrian congestion and reducing the risk of fraud and duress attendant to repetitive, in-person solicitation for the immediate receipt of funds," Judge John T. Noonan wrote for the circuit court.

The International Society of Krishna Consciousness filed suit more than 17 years ago challenging the law banning the solicitation of contributions at LAX and other airports.

The ordinance has been enforceable since a ruling by the state Supreme Court in July 2010.


29. For all you Indians out there, Iskcon 'foreign Hindus' are coveting your lands:


Published on Jul 18, 2014

In the name of famous ISKON foundation illegal land scam is noticed at Banjara hills Hyderabad. Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple land is misused by fake ISKCON foundation. This temple has 400 years of history.


30. Bribing a HC judge in India is another "Prabhupada said" nonsense. The cult must learn its lessons the hard way.



HC records statements in contempt plea

Bangalore, Aug 13, 2014, DHNS

The High Court on Wednesday recorded statements of evidence against two advocates and the secretary of Iskcon, Bangalore, in a criminal contempt petition for making reckless allegation of bias against a High Court judge in 2009.

A division bench comprising Justice N Kumar and Justice Rathnakala began the trial by recording statements of Registrar General of High Court and two advocates S A Srinivasan and Shekhar Shetty.

The bench had framed charges against the secretary of Iskcon, Jaya Chaithanya Dasa, and two advocates, Ramesh Babu and S A Maruthi Prasad in the case. Dasa has been charged with filing an affidavit seeking recusal of Justice K L Manjunath from hearing the plea related to the dispute between Iskcon, Mumbai and Iskcon, Bangalore.

The advocates have been charged with approaching Srinivasan and Shetty, who were colleagues of Justice Manjunath prior to his appointment as the judge. The advocates wanted Justice Manjunath’s colleagues to appear on behalf of Iskcon, Bangalore, so that the judge, Justice Manjunath, would become ‘disabled from hearing the plea over the dispute.’

The High Court, in 2009, had initiated suo motu criminal proceedings against them.


31. Is the iskcon party coming to an end in India?


Swami Mohanananda Lal Baba said, "Foreigners come here professing to engage in bhakti, but then they open temples and start NGOs, making a business out of religion. They may be doing volunteer work and so on, but they are getting their hands terribly dirty."

"We are communicating with the Home Office and the Foreign Office to rid us of the foreigners who are creating a disturbance and interfering with the work," they said. "If necessary we will start Public Interest Litigation to this end."


32. Again … is the iskcon party coming to an end in India?


"It has come to notice of the central government that foreign nationals are buying immovable property illegally in some parts of the country. Many organisations and social groups have also made representations to the central government expressing their serious concerns in this regard," the Finance Ministry said in a statement.


33. You may have one of these guys in a temple near you:

Source: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_26276010/elite-colorado-unit-nabs-hundreds-parolees-lam-first

Aug 5, 2014
FAU agents found fugitives in every conceivable circumstance: one on death row in Texas; another living as a woman in Arizona; another buried 6 feet under in an Oklahoma cemetery; a repeat child molester staying in a Denver motel room with two kids; and a paroled robber communing with a Hawaii branch of the Hare Krishnas."
Robber Jeffery Drury absconded from parole on June 29, 2013. FAU agents called Honolulu police on April 18 and told them where they could find a man going by 'Mathura.' He was inside a compound living with many other Hare Krishna adherents.


namaste boro dar. dekho ektu nuton site. tomar sathi.
(Hi … look, a new site … an ally).



35. Ninety seconds video: Shastra Das from Mira Road ISKCON claims to women devotees that they owe him money for their home deity service for a year. He goes to their homes to harass when the women are alone in the house. He tried to break the door when the ladies tried to protect themselves. This shows one more crime against women in a city like Mumbai. ISKCON devotees must watch


Published on Jun 6, 2014


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