29th March, 2016


“The multitude of thoughtless clones has reached a critical mass.”

Creedal rigor has lost its worth, depreciated by a modern god...a god born from the collective knowledge of humanity. It reciprocates at a click, uses no threat of damnation, and maintains itself independent of donations. Where religions invest ten years to make a successful convert, Internet God takes ten minutes to reverse the process. Ten years to fabulate a fetcher and ten minutes to lose him. Religious indoctrination is no longer an orgasm in the dark without disquisition on the biomechanics or physiology... just turn off the lights and feel the love. Put simply, it ain’t gonna work no more. Just about everything Internet God proffers is kosher, halal, prasad, yum cha...a widow’s mite with in-depth analyses and extra dip....a researcher’s feast. Religious cults distribute free food to entrap, Internet God distributes free knowledge to liberate...with no hidden agenda.

Sure, sky-daddy’s star troopers will continue jack-booting the jobless...forcing down da luv...feeding dipsticks and dropkicks ‘free food’ to feel communal and ‘go collect’ for god. Sure, the feasting on donor dinners will continue. Prelatures and prelates have always been the hub of businesses, luncheon invitations, fashion and gossip: Sunday preludes to an eternity in Paradise. However, the truth is, priests are abandoning the ark to avoid drowning in the Holy See. Like canaries in a coalmine, they are singing out a warning to all bleeding hearts. Religion is a fossil fuel, they say, a pollutant containing criminals and dangerous perverts. Further they suggest.... theism must be modified to survive because it contradicts corporeality, i.e. cannot compute (read compete) in an info world permeated by Internet God. No matter what the remedy or how applied, the forecast is dire....twenty years from now religion will be nothing like the tax-exempt, fund-a-mental, suckcess story it has been heretofore.

Two insightful books- “Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Faith Behind” and “The Clergy Project” written as an outreach effort to “current and former religious professionals who no longer hold supernatural beliefs” are harbingers of a renewed consciousness. In brief, what the writers want to impress on disillusioned / closeted clergy, within all denominations, is that in order to survive this age of information and transparency theism will need to come to terms with reality and facts even if it means tuning down to a téte á téte....like a methadone substitute for heroin addicts... And we agree, wholeheartedly.

So why doesn’t theism compute with modern research and revelation? The answer is, and always has been, STUPIDITY: inherent primitivism and superstition. Without doubt, and even after the inevitable revolution to come, India will remain the last bastion of superstitious belief and ritual...a default presumption. The subcontinent is far too immersed, to a man, to reverse that fact. Crony babaism is part and parcel of the Indian political landscape. Yet the strongest analysts and critics of the Fund-a-Mental- mantrikas come from old India...with good reason. Back then (as now,) retards, dropouts (yes, dipsticks dropkicks) and dacoits, worked a scam made in heaven...religion. They formed cults (long before foreigners learned the business) and lived high on the hog. As an ex-cultist, let me tell you...there is no occupation on planet Earth eliciting more money-for-jam and jig-jig than the GURU gig: a king’s ransom extorted by ponzi pedlars pushing death insurance... collectable in the afterlife. Here, let Nilakantha Dikshita (a17th century bard) tell you about it:

“If you are not smart enough to learn anything you can always become a mantrika or a yogi or a sanyasi! If you bring results instantly you are hailed a success. If success is delayed, prescribe elaborate rituals and make money! The mantrikas are lucky - they gain from both the happiness of the rich people and the troubles of the destitute! Just remain silent when ignorant and display erratic behaviour -you will be hailed as a great mantrika!”
-Nilakantha Dikshita- 1
7th century.

The obvious question is...if religion and religionists have survived this long, syphoning and amassing wealth off society, why proclaim them mental? Hold that question in mind. First let’s deal with the undeniable reality of holy crime before the loonies scream laicism:

a) The tax-exempt, self-assessing liberty provided by governments to religious institutions (charities) has sealed a can of worms. New age gurus use financial invisibility to launder money and transact ignoble undertakings, employing methods that make the Mafia look novice.

b) Without restrictions as to who and how they recruit, religions prey on the young, gullible and destitute, in full knowledge that humanity has a breast-fed god-gene. To activate that gene cults prey on fear of mortality. Nowadays they have added management professionals who create strategies to trap troubled, stressed, confused, and unfortunate youths. Victims are then engaged in free-labour / street hawking,* or as interchangeable cogs in the cult wheel. Termed as- Devotional Service, it entails kissing guru’s tail, giving tail ** or being an institutional tail-wagger.

24th March 2016
“He explained that he was preaching to a person foreign to the United States and unfamiliar with the value of U.S. currency and convinced him to take one of Srila Prabhupada's books and give a donation. Once the person took out his wallet and the amount of money it contained was revealed, the prabhu engaged in what was known in those days as the "change-up."

8th March 2016
“I have dozens of reports filed over the last 6 years, of physical, sexual and emotional abuse to the children of the Vrindavana Gurukula. Many of these documents have been submitted to Gopal Krsna Maharaj, Sesa, Anuttama, Tamohara and Champakalata, but the situation has never been adequately addressed.

Hon’ble HRD Minister, Smriti Zubin Irani are you reading this? We updated you directly on this ISKCON aberration ... the unaddressed sexual and physical abuse perpetrated on Indian children in particular. Do you remember your earlier concerns and commitment to tackle this issue?

c) Cults, in India, seek out politicians (who also seek out cults) to establish camaraderie and piggy-back publicity together. There are other, not so public, transactions contracted where not even god bears witness. Cults help park and valet political black money and broker deals with the underworld. They are more than happy in their capacity as tax invisibles to play caretaker and mediator for dirty politicians feeding in the underbelly.

New age gurus purposely search out musicians, movie stars, business magnates, media barons, sporting identities and politicians to help build a public image; create an influential network to establish a recognizable brand, e.g., ISKCON. The strategy is easy to implement when understood that all parties involved use media to accumulate through expansion...and there is no better public platform than one that supports philanthropy, community, gods & goddesses, dancing, singing, chanting, flowers & incense, beans & curd, yoga, mystic powers and an afterlife haven for donors and adherents...as opposed to non-contributors: apostates, heretics, hedonists, agnostics, atheists, demonists, materialists, scientists, any non-cult conformist ...or KARMI.

I-HK, the ‘Windu’ Flat-Earthers

Okay, so much for the funding. Now let’s look at the mentals in our Fund-a-Mental. To do so it would be best to select an easily recognizable religious mental, which leads us directly to the internet (street & campus) group that boasts expansion via conversions in perpetuum, i.e. the Western (Hindu-Windu*- HinJew) cult using the ‘bhakti yoga’ buzzwords ...buttressed by Hindutva (govt. media, film, sport, business) support and complicity: the ISKCON- Hare Krishna (I-HK).

* Windu: Western or white Hindu.

First off, we offer this old devil... an I-HK Windu caught on video cam entering the “Bunny Club” in Bangkok’s red light district in the early hours. We hasten to add that this Windu practice is not surprising or new. Our team at BIF, and this writer in particular, donated thousands of dollars to “Bhavananda Goswami Vishnupada”, aka. Charles Bacis, an American Windu (ref. BIF article- “Heil Hilter” ...scroll down to the bottom) who was an original A.C. De (Bengali founder of I-HK) appointed guru...“descending directly from god Krishna”...only to discover that the man was a pansexual deviant...caught molesting a child in Mayapur- India, and later, sucking the penis of an Indian taxi-driver. To replace him the I-HK governing body introduced another guru- “His Holiness” Prabhavishnu Swami aka. Paul Barrow, an Irish Windu. Again this writer was defrauded into donating thousands of dollars to the new ‘celibate’ god-man (ISKCON swindled at least five million dollars of my family money...plus.) What the I-HK administrators failed to mention was that Barrow had been reported previously for frequenting prostitutes in Bangkok. He was caught again recently and forced to join I-HK’s team of forty-four gurus and swamis who were exposed... squeezing disciple genitalia, udinism, taxi-driver fellatio, prostitution, BDSM, CSA.....etc., etc.
If they were Indian gurus, their asses would be in a sling. Fortunately, for I-HK, Indian politicians / media love Windus....and greenbacks.

Here is the link to the mentioned video cam exposé of our latest Windu Bangkok-banger :

Next off the I-HK ‘gone mental’ cab rank is I-HK guru- His Holiness Satsvarupa das Goswami Maharaja, aka. Stephen Guarino- an American Windu. Like our previous god-men he was also anointed swami by the founder of the I-HK cult, A.C. De. Following De’ death Guarino became a powerful I-HK guru with oodles of Windu followers and greenback-ing. He is acknowledged within I-HK as a ‘Hindu’ celibate seer, poet, and visionary... reincarnated to specifically aid the spread of Gaudiya Vaisnavism (a backwater Bengali cult dabbling blue-god Krishna with yellow-god Chaitanya to merge with popular green-god Ram (Hare Krishna Hare Ram)...in a Windu / Hindu affinity scam).

After a quarter century of living like god on Earth, Guarino was busted for using psychotropic drugs and having sexual relations with a disciple’s wife. After much ado about nothing, the ISKCON governing body (GBC) went silent. Goswami Guarino continues business as a Windu guru. His art and writings (sample posted) show the heavy toll taken on his mind and the evident madness resulting from creedal rigors and sexual frustrations....another hapless victim of ignorant ideologues flogging discrepant information

The following excerpts are taken from a book authored by the CELIBATE, Goswami Guru Guarino. Titled- “Sanatorium,” the book published by Gita Nagari Press was (is?) used as an educational manual for I-HK adherents:

(excerpts- pages 360, 361 & 420)

"Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers. She embraced him and by now he had a half erection ... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals......... He didn't want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. He wanted Sandy. And he had heard from a Godbrother who worked as a physical therapist that a man could even have sexual intercourse with a paraplegic… It's not just a sticking in of a penis into a vagina. It's the being together in the touching and the embracing that lead up to the mechanics and the orgasm..."

In the book's acknowledgements section, Windu Guru Guarino writes:

"Most of all I acknowledge my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada… I pray that Sanatorium pleases him and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe."

The second ejaculation, is now old I-HK semen under a Hindu bridge...but relevant to current madness reflecting Hinduism as a whole. And why not? If India’s puranic govt. and cadre see nothing wrong with these Windus then Hinduism is funding the mentals. Here is Windu mental #2, who ended up being murdered...decapitated by another Windu:

“Jayatirtha (aka. James Immel, an American Windu)
...was revered as a fine guru, or spiritual teacher, a worthy successor (said some) to the founder-swami (Prabhupada). One woman disciple wanted to put his picture on a shrine immediately under that of the founder, Swami Prabhupada. To obtain the picture she followed the spiritual teacher at 5 a.m. from his bedroom at Bhaktivedanta Manor...[...]...

She knew Immel made his rounds chanting the "Hare Krishna" at this time every morning. And she probably knew he seduced any woman who was available and was a regular user of the drug LSD.... [...].... The woman who wanted Immel's photograph for her shrine was in luck. On this particular morning, his sexual peccadilloes were about to be revealed; he was chanting his way to an ancient oak behind which waited a young woman. He helped her to her feet, they danced, and as they whirled each other round, she slipped out of her sari, he let his dhoti fall to the ground. They stood naked for a moment, then she fell to her knees and took his penis in her mouth until he groaned with ecstacy, threw back his head and cried (said the observer later) like a vixen, a mixture of a baby crying and a dog howling. The couple fell to the grass where they made love.... [...]... 

Our third sample concerns the I-HK Temple Of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP) being constructed at Mayapur, Bengal. Indian businessmen and women... Beware! A couple of I-HK mentals are headed your way. They are carrying a pair of slippers.....god’s slippers. They want you to believe that god could not come but he sent his shoes to signify his desire to collect money for the TOVP, which has already swallowed 100 million USD but still remains incomplete. Apparently the previous collector, an Indian businessman, had a spat with Bhavananda das (yes, taxi-Bacis whose love for Bengali taxicabs has kept him in Bengal) and his long-time bum-chum and moneybags, Ambarish das (aka. Alfred Ford, an American Windu)....

However, it is not the donation collection slippers or the TOVP managerial problems that raise concerns. It is the utter MADNESS that is the TOVP itself, and the astounding amount of hard cash spent to enforce that madness as a reality. Please read our BIF article- “5th on the 5th” to understand how ignorant the sriMAD Bhagavatam is in respect to modern scientific discovery, and particularly in context to our solar system. Now, based on the caveman musings of that same tome and text (5th canto,) I-HK is constructing the TOVP... pouring zombie-collected donations into a ‘mental temple’ designed by poppy smoke and erected on a “Flat Earth” theory... in a land overflowing with elaborate edifices dedicated to aliens... and not a pot to piss in.

Here is a link that truly sits with the title of this article, and asks... who is funding these maniacs to the tune of millions?
The excerpt says it all....SriMAD Bhagavatam vs. NASA:
“...supporters of the flat Earth lend support to Srimad-Bhagavatam's description that Earth is flat land on a flat plane; it is not spinning in space like a ball...[...]... when I presented you with just one of the many videos analyzing just a few of the many examples in which NASA had faked the pictures of the Earth, you immediately lapsed into Stockholm Syndrome, defending your mental captors whilst stigmatizing a good Christian person (Rob Skiba) as demoniac simply because he wants to remove the delusion from the eyes of the world by exposing the massive deception that NASA has perpetrated against you and your 7.4 billion brethren:

...and here’s another I-HK crackpot...he thinks ‘Google Earth’ is the deceiver....

Okay. We leave our readers with just two more loony links. Please bear in mind, the man on video is an I-HK guru with disciples scattered across the globe. It is amazing, truly a miracle of lunatic proportions, how 21st c. humans continue to...Fund-a-Mental.


Here we present a few excerpts from a recent lecture (linked) given by Professor Meghnad Desai at the London School of Economics. It goes a long way in righting misinformation espoused by puranic pundits and uneducated pedagogues... like the I-HK cult founder-A .C. De- Prabhupada.


“The following propositions are at the core of the Hindu nationalist doctrine:-
India has always been a single nation since prehistoric times as Bharatavarsha or Aryabhoomi....[...]... The corollary of this xenophobia is to deny that the Aryans came to India from elsewhere. There is a tension about reconciling the Indus Valley culture with the story of Aryan incursions. The Hindu nationalists deny point-blank that Aryans were foreigners.


The stuff of bogus history

...[...]...What about the Aryans? Did the Aryans also not come from central Europe or the Arctic, as Tilak argued?

To say that the Aryans are foreigners would make Hinduism a foreign religion. The aborigines – tribals – would then be the only true natives, as some Dalit scholars have argued. That is why Hindu nationalists deny foreign origin of the Aryans. The Aryans have to be primordially native to suit the Hindu nationalist narrative which imagines a time when somehow instantaneously Hinduism was established across all of India thanks to the Vedas and the Brahmins performing sacrifices, etc. Sanskrit has to have the prime place as lingua franca of Hindu India for that reason.

This is the stuff of bogus history. The religion which Hindus practise has only a marginal relationship to the Vedas. The Vedic gods are no longer worshipped. Vishnu, Shiva and Kali appear in the Hindu pantheon at least 1,000 years after the Vedas. The slow spread of Brahmanism (as the religion should be properly called) from its Punjab heartland to Delhi region and then on to UP and Bihar has been well charted. The importance of Pali and Ardhamagadhi in the propagation of Ajivikas, Jainism and Buddhism from the sixth century BCE onwards is also known.

It took a thousand-year struggle between Buddhism and Brahmanism before the latter could declare a complete victory. India became a Hindu nation about the time the Adi Shankaracharya debated and defeated the Buddhists. If the chronology of Hindu nationalists is taken seriously, however, it should be soon after India became “slave” to Muslims.

The Hindu nationalist strategy is to deny any conflict between Buddhism and Brahmanism and claim that Buddha was an avatar of Vishnu. This assertion is not found till the seventh century CE in the Puranas, by which time Buddhism was on its way out. Hinduism is not enough to define India as a Hindu nation throughout its history.

Savarkar tried to square this circle in his essay on Hindutva. He was a modernist and not a devotee of religion. His idea of nation is derived from the then fashionable ideas of nationhood espoused by the newly born nations of Europe, many of them parts of the Habsburg Empire which broke up in 1918 – Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia. Nationhood depended on territory and those born in the territory were members of the nation.

His Hindutva is not tied to Hinduism. It says that anyone born in the land of the Indus – Sindhu – is a Hindu and part of Hindutva. There is a subtext that Hindus are more so than Muslims. But Muslims can belong to Hindutva if they are loyal to the land of their birth. Subsequent Hindu nationalists have adopted the notion of Hindutva but not Savarkar’s secular doctrine.


But ultimately there will never be “true objective” history. There never is in any nation. Debates and reinterpretations go on forever. Patronage to academia can be used to commission histories to buttress the official line. The sanctity of dispassionate research can never be guaranteed if the funding is public. India, however, does not have the tradition of private philanthropy for research. The government guards all the doors to higher education, thanks to the statist bias of the Congress which ruled for the first thirty years uninterruptedly. This bias has permeated the BJP as well.....”

Meghnad Desai is emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics and author of The Rediscovery of India and Development and Nationhood.


Recently I-HK weblogs have proudly displayed press releases of PM Modi accepting ISKCON- “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” from cult guru, Gopal Krishna Goswami (GKG).

It is not that Modi is ignorant of I-HK history or the history of GKG. We informed him indirectly through members of his cabinet. But we realize now via statements he has made in the press about India’s “Vedic” past, that Modi is a puranic Hindu....a Flat Earther who believes India once had “plastic surgeons” with ability to transplant elephant heads onto humans (Ganesh)...and create human life outside the womb (Karna).

Here you are Mr. Modi, Sir... In the Times of India and in yer face:

Even if we are to spare Modi his fiction what is he doing in public with GKG? Doesn’t he know the man came within a chair’s breadth of murdering his ex-wife?
http://www.b-i-f.com/JJYM.html ...and doesn’t the PM know that GKG is Director of the ISKCON Vrindavan Gurukula (India) wherein child sexual abuse continues as it did before and after we reported it directly to Modi’s HRD Minister. Instead of doing an official investigation into the plight of the children, the BJP sent Hema Malini to gopi-dance BJP support for ISKCON.

More children (NOT AGAIN!) have been poisoned by the I-HK free (lizard lunch) midday meal. ISKCON sexually abuses kids whose parents pay for food and education, how much care can they muster for freeloaders? The ‘free food’ program, as it is, is a govt. / I-HK collaborated ‘get fat’ easy money scam. We don’t believe an “inquiry” will change anything...not even a rupee.

Building temples has always been a big Indian business, with easy pickings, plenty food, housing and servants... all bought with someone else’s hard earned cash...donated in belief that there will be payback in the afterlife. It is why American I-Hk is gobbling up huge parcels of Indian lands, building temples, and converting ‘Hindus to Hinduism.’ Some Indians have spotted the leech:

Yes, some Indians have spotted the leech. If Hindi is not your tongue, or you are unable to translate the linked page, the gist is... Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswati has accused ISKCON, an American business, of misusing the Hindu religion to perform conversions in the pursuit of profit.


BIF Editor: ISKCON is a bunch of Mother Teresa’... beef steaks dressed as lamb chops

Looks like I-HK attempt to cut into profits of the wealthy Jagannath temple in Puri (India) is meeting with resistance. What the opposition doesn’t know is that ISKCON’s endeavour to build a temple nearby and lure pilgrims to the donation box is only one part of the story. De-Prabhupada (I-HK founder) predicted that one day the three painted tree stumps (the gods) would walk out of the famous temple and into the I-HK temple.....carrying their loot, no doubt. That is why I-HK mentals are attempting to build a temple close by so the stumps won’t have to walk...er..hop..er..roll the bullion too far.

HC orders stay on Iskcon's temple project in Puri town
Mar 22, 2016, 12.17 AM IST
CUTTACK: The Orissa high court on Monday ordered interim stay on construction of a proposed temple by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) in Puri...[...]... The court also allowed the intervention petition filed by one Bijay Panda. He has alleged forgery and encroachment of land by Iskcon at the project site.