21st Mar. 2012

Hewn from stone age know-how and stained with base erotica, the lures spun by cult dictators are crude crass contrivances of deception.  With eight hundred years to improvise a philosophy they claim is five thousand years old, but quite possibly stolen from Neanderthals, proponents of the Iskcon Gaudiya Mutt (IGM) apply primitive psychometrics to enslave naiveté, like cavemen hunting woolly mammoth.  Up close and personal the 'Movement' is an intellectual vacuum, yet it continues professing sanctified succession rooted in the dinosaur ditties of Fred 'Bhaktivinod' Flintstone and on to current day Iskcon Quixotes galloping at windmills.  Nevertheless, while an indifferent world digs in its pockets for loose change to repel cult beggars, its zealots plot in anticipation a new world order establishing IGM as theistically consummate, or even....God's terrorists. 

Incase of IGM victory, break glass

Arcye visnau [break] when it will teach military art, with tilaka, soldiers will, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna (laughter) We want that. Marching with military band, Hare Krsna. You maintain this idea. Is it not good? ....[...]...
When there will be military march of Krsna conscious soldiers. Anyone who does not believe in Krsna, Blam! (laughter) Yes. The same process as the Mohammedans did, with sword and Koran, we'll have to do that. Do you believe in Krsna or not? No, sir. Blam! Finished. (laughter, Prabhupada laughs)...[...]... What these communists can do? We can do better than them. We can kill many communists like that. (laughter) Then it will be counteraction of communist movement. And you think like that. Why you are sitting idly, no employment? Come on to the field! Take this plow! Take this bull. Go on working. Why you are sitting idly? This is Krsna consciousness movement. Nobody should be allowed to sit down and sleep (Morning Walk March 15, 1974, Vrndavana)
Once restricted to hovels and back alleys of Bengal, the IGM, careered by dictatorial aspirations of A .C.Bhaktivedanta (aka. Prabhupada,) now infests society's dysfunctional alternative mind-set, internationally.  Nowhere near numbers claimed by Hare Krishna propagandists, nonetheless, considering puerility pundited, any growth is a confounded miracle.  Wheeling and dealing for forty years under the nose of a canny albeit tolerant populace, cults like IGM must surely feel celestially endorsed when strewing hocus-pocus as divinity without any qualms.  Not that intellect falls foul of these cymbal clanging street solicitors.  It is always the ne'er- do- wells, head-in-cloud Bobos (papi-tapis) who forfeit life and limb to 'vaisnava' god-men and goons.  Enforcing the ''Bobo" inference we turn for affirmation to the gaudiya asymptomatic carrier himself:

Prabhupada:....[...]... This is our movement. We have to select men from the worst class. Papi tapi jata chilo. Nobody will come here after passing M.A., Ph.D. The most fallen we have to select....[...]... This is our position. We have to select our worker from the worst class of the society, papi and tapi...[...]... That is the movement. You trace the history of everyone. All worst, third class. And they come here. And that is Krishna conscious movement. How many Doctor Svarupa has come? If we speak frankly, all from the worst class. Those who were finished....[...]... This is the test of Caitanya Mahaprabhu?s movement, that how many papi-tapis have been picked up.... (May 27, 1977, Vrindavana)

Maybe it is time for educators, law-makers and enforcers to take a closer look at this growing cult phenomena which dangles abstinence yet flagrantly schools sexual predation, supremacy, and terrorism.  Of all the cult traps and baits tossed across eight inconceivable centuries of slave trade and dictatorial yearnings, the most visibly invisible lure is, and always was....SEX:  child sex, sexual enslavement, and....homosexuality.
Revelations in our last article- "Gaudiyawood" spotlighted the pedophile lure:  Shri Krishna, a divine incarnation of Vishnu, was scripted and framed by an eleventh century writer as a lewd minor luring eight-year-old girls into sexual promiscuity, informing us....they enjoyed it.  Seeing the potential in expansion via recognition and a quick buck, 'bhakti' cultist promoted the dramaturgic efforts of the playwrights (Jayadeva and brother Bobadeva) as historical fact, and accredited the 'history' to a sage and associate of Krishna-  Vyasa Dev (4th /3rd BC.)  Progressively the intimate sexual relationships of Krishna and the gopi girls took on personal aspects two millennia after the hero passed away.  Iskcon, the current cult representation, as a result of such promotion is creeping with uncastrated pedophiles.
CommentPedophilia is of such a serious concern that clinical psychologists working closely with pedophiles have mutually agreed to castration as solution.  Yet the IGM has not exposed even one of its international clusters, or even one pedophile to due process.  The gopi-groping cultists actually believe they have a drop-down cure-all mantra which, when chanted repetitively day and night, will eventually transform gropers to gopas.
With pedophile proxemics in place; condoned by mammon and impervious to decency, the next bhakti lure manufactured was polished pundited and posted for the pleasure (and pocket) of a principally heterosexual populace.  Our brief coverage of the 'Devi Dasi' temple prostitution racket can also be read in- "Gaudiyawood". 
In recent times the founder of IGM-  A.C. Bhaktivedanta, insistently titled his female disciples- Devidasi, even when fully aware of Indian Government legislation outlawing the prostitution racket and eradicating derogatory Devadasi implications.  Is this not an indication of his own conviction that all women are insatiable prostitutes and should be clubbed, dragged by the hair into a cave and reused for that purpose?  Prabhupada:  "Women are nine times more lusty than men". 
Yes we hear protest at suggestion, but none can deny prostitution in the IGM has been sotto voce operational since conception.  No defense can be mounted in this regard.  Prabhupada:  The woman is beautiful when she remains as a slave.....Woman is not equally intelligent as a man.....Similarly, woman. If you become lenient, then she will be troublesome. So in India still, in villages, whenever there is some quarrel between husband wife, the husband beats and she is tamed (laughs)....
How strange it is he points to Indian villagers.  Does his 'pure devotee' attributes not extend to memorizing his own observations i.e, We have to select men from the worst class. Papi tapi jata chilo?  And did he not understand how dangerous it was/is to indoctrinate such individuals, informing them that god and guru enjoy sex with 8/11 years old girls, and leniency should be curbed when she is tamed by beating so she remains as a slave?  Is it any wonder that Iskcon is (if the title existed) the Guinness Book record holder for most children abused in any single institution?  Is it any wonder that elderly members of the institution are in perpetual heat taming the fifth/sixth wife/slave and continue to use bogus philosophy and the acBSp honorific to do so?  Otherwise the vaisnava IGM, according to its founder, positions women as sexual slaves, pregnant barefoot and in the kitchen, or intellectually incapacitated temple hookers....Devidasis. 
Wikipedia: "Recently the devadasi system has started to disappear, having been outlawed in all of India in 1988. However, devadasis still exist in India today, as shown in a 2004 report by the National Human Rights Commission of the Government of India. According to this report, "after initiation as devadasis, women migrate either to nearby towns or other far-off cities to practice prostitution" (p200). A study from 1990 recorded that 45.9% of devadasis in one particular district were prostitutes...."
Familiarized with pedophile and heterosexual lures spun by the IGM, we now descend to the epicenter of this posting-  Tritiya Prakriti, the Third Gender (TG).  We cannot even pretend to understand the complexities of TG preferences.  Still, we have all had occasion to associate with this very talented section of homo sapiens.  In India, they have highly perfumed names like- Gulabi. Champaka and Kush Kush, dance and dress to wonderful exaggeration, but maintain a dignified council without imposing on other 'straight' folk.  Also we remember classmates and friends with feminine qualities who worked at being macho to avoid conflict.  Restricted by whatever, the closet doors flew open at end-of-year drama presentations when Portia was certainly more feminine than Portia playing a man, and then again at fancy-dress get-togethers where crossdressing made Munroe and Harlow look mellow.  Crossdressing, Yes Sir, it's what brought Les Girls to a venue near you.  With that, we trace the IGM's extreme TG lure....the Gender Bender Descender.
Just as Shri Krishna's childhood was juiced-up to sanctify pedophilia by divine participation, similarly a god-lure was designed to hook and scale TG folk who, at the time, were a recognized but unexplored tarn of potential.  To drag (no pun intended) this hidden reservoir, gaudiyas quarried a saint named Caitanya and declared him half-god-half-consort incarnate, or the supreme Ying Yang: a lure designed with specific intent.  Quite possibly an attempt to resurrect the glory days of the Brahmans who controlled entertainment and chiseled the public, from king to commoner:

"Crossdressing boy dancers, known as gotipuas, also have a long tradition in Puri and were especially popular during the reign of Maharaja Prataparudra. In the gotipua tradition, beautiful male youths were trained in various dance techniques such as the bandha-nrtya, wherein they dressed up as devadasis with colorful saris and heavy makeup. Unlike the devadasis, gotipuas performed mostly in public but were also connected with several important temple ceremonies. In one of the most popular, a selected young gotipua performs a seductive dance before the Deity of Sri Baladeva. The gotipuas were devoted to Jagannatha but lived outside the perimeters of the temple. In ancient times the more accomplished gotipuas would serve as dance instructors, male courtesans, and act as liaisons to the devadasis. In a time where all public entertainment was centered on temple festivals and ceremonies, the highly talented devadasis and gotipuas were the celebrated luminaries of their day." 

Now we bring to view excerpts from a variety of texts and conclusions including the publication-  Tritiya Prakriti: People of the Third Sex, and the lately established- Gay And Lesbian Vaisnava Association (GALVA). Emphasis, comments and interjects by BIF:
 "In Lord Caitanya's crossdressing pastimes at the home of Candrasekhara..... Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parades acquainted the world with the crossdressing fetish common to a large sector of its membership known as Drag Queens.....The Lord dressed up as the Supreme Goddess. Nityananda Rama as Paurnamasi [Yogamaya in the form of an elderly woman], Gadadhara Pandita as Rukmini, Brahamananda as Her elderly female companion [Suprabha].... Not only did Caitanya do the Supreme Goddess in cabaret but his associates also kicked the Can Can.... Once, the sense controlled great Lord with His moonlike face and smile of nectar dressed Himself in sublime women's attire....  What in tarnation is sublime women's attire? Victoria's Secret lingerie?


Comment:  Caitanya, according to gaudiya historians, accepted a wife in conformation with social custom.  She died from snake bite.  He then accepted another with whom he had little or no association, finally abandoning her when undertaking a vow of celibacy.  No children were born to either woman.  Caitanya only kept the association of men, banning women from his presence as an obligation to vows.  When he noticed one of his group (Chota Haridas) ogling a woman, he exiled him permanently.  Later when Caitanya heard that Chota Haridas had committed suicide because of his banishment, he smiled and said it was the best atonement for such a sin
(Cc Antya 2.165). 
...Like a gopi, He wore a beautiful bodice on His chest, bracelets made of tiny conch shells, and a saffron dress around His very slender waist. He danced with sweet lotus feet, celebrated by tinkling ankle bells.....  
A beautiful bodice?  Really?  Cone shaped metallic pointers with bells hanging off the nipples like Madonna's?  The author is detailing drag and feminine attributes vis-a-vis thespian ability.....Why?  Not to cast Caitanya as gay, surely?  And was it okay for the boys to leer without having to atone....suicide like Chota Haridas?
.....Then, the Lord, who is known as the annihilator of the armies of the demons, gave breast milk to those most exalted of godly men. And, as they gazed upon the Supreme Lord, whose beautiful eyes were filled with tender compassion, His associates felt joy. (Sri Caitanya-carita 2.15-16)....
Did he suckle them on his lap?  On the floor?  Standing up?  Was the milk pumped and bottle-fed, or did they fight like puppies?
......In the mood of a mother, Visvambhara affectionately breast-fed everyone. The Lord personally manifested as the mother of the universe in the form of Kamala, Parvati, Daya, and Maha-Narayani. The Lord confirmed His statement in the Bhagavad Gita (9.17),  I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grandsire.  All those Vaishnavas, who had been most fortunate for millions of lifetimes, now blissfully drank milk from the Lord's breast. By drinking the Lord's breast milk, their feelings of separation were mitigated and they became greatly maddened in the mellows of ecstatic love.
(Sri Caitanya-bhagavata 2.18.203-208).....
We have already revealed in previous posts how the Bhagavad Gita was interpolated.  Now we see reference to those interpolations in marketing Caitanya as a breast-feeding maha-goddess.  Anyhow, the clarification is...drank milk from the Lord's breast.... it was a lips-on-tit suck.  We now have a mental image as to why they...became greatly maddened in the mellows of ecstatic love.... Fortunately for the author he penned this stuff far from the Inquisition.
....Sri Gadadhara Pandita's crossdressing dance and inner identity as Sri Radha are also described very nicely as follows:
Gadadhara danced wonderfully in the dress of Rama [Rukmini], the Goddess of fortune, as his companion sang appropriate songs....
So Gadadhara does Radha, George does Georgina, and Steve does Eve.  Drag is drag is drag.  What's the big deal other than luring TGs with a promise of acceptance and assimilation which (we will show below) was reversed once accomplished.  And who is Radha anyway? Click on this LINK to know more.  If she never existed what can be said for the rest of this hokey-pokey?
....Who would not become overwhelmed and cry on seeing the dancing of Gadadhara?  Drenched by tears of love flowing like a river from Gadadhara's eyes, the earth considered herself fortunate. Gadadhara appeared like the personification of the Ganges. In fact, he is the potency of Lord Krsna. Lord Caitanya has repeatedly declared, "Gadadhara is My consort in Vaikuntha"  The sound of crying in ecstatic love for Krsna was heard everywhere as the son of Madhava [Gadadhara] danced in the dress of a gopi. (Sri Caitanya-bhagavata 2.18.112-119)..... 
Very interesting...My consort in Vaikuntha...Hmmm.  How would that translate at a gay bar and into the night?  Can't help but wonder at the author's implications.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but what happens in Vaikuntha is a gaudiya gossip rag.  We asked around... Who would not become overwhelmed and cry... our consensus:  gay men intoxicated on breast milk may tear-up with groin-cramp.
....One day Lord Gauranga, entering the mood of a cowherd damsel, dressed up as a gopi.  He wore a bodice, sari, golden ankle bells and conch shell bangles.  His eyes swam in rasa.  His waist was very attractive and slim as a fist.  The unparalleled beauty of the Lord's gopi dress enchanted the three worlds. The effulgence of His bodily limbs was transcendental.  The fragrant malati garlands swinging from His golden neck looked like the celestial Ganges rushing down golden Mount Sumeru.  Gaura Nataraja, the king of all dancers, relished various ecstatic moods of prema [divine love] as He danced.  (Sri Caitanya mangala 2.9, p. 186).
Okay, so we get it.  And the idea is hammered home in all visual representations of Caitanya.  What every gaudiya artist latched onto is what the author wanted every TG to believe i.e, Caitanya was gay even if he bankrolled the Gaudiya Mutt and not the Gay Mardi Gras
TG manipulations were not exclusive to the 'pastimes' of Caitanya.  Gaudiya interpolations infused with sexuality were presented initially as commentaries and later melded into the bodies of ancient texts.  Here below we are drawn into inferences of homosexuality between two of India's greatest heroes-  Krishna and Arjuna:

[Arjuna, after being transformed into the beautiful woman Arjuni and worshipping Sri Radhika] saw Krishna whose shiny, curly, fragrant hair was tied with the finest plume of an intoxicated peacock.....[...].... His every limb seemed to be that of the god of love, satiated with the pleasure of rasa
On seeing Radhika humbly offering a betel leaf to the One with the charming smile, Who seemed to be to Her left, Arjuniya was overcome with desire. Seeing her in that state, the all-knowing Hrishikesa [Krishna] took her hand and indulged in all the sports in the forest. The Great Lord sported with her secretly, at will. Then putting His arm on her shoulder, and coming to Sharada, He said:  "Quickly bathe this slender, gently smiling lady, who is exhausted with play, in the western lake."
The goddess Sharada took her to the western lake and said: "Bathe here," and the tired one did as she was told. She who entered the water was transformed once again into Arjuna, and rose at the spot where the Lord of the gods and of Vaikuntha stood. Krishna, seeing that Arjuna was depressed and heartbroken, touched him with His magic hand, so that he became aware of his nature.
Shri Krishna said: "O Dhananjaya, I bless you, my dear [male] friend. There is none equal to you in the three worlds, as you know My secret. O Arjuna, you will curse Me if you talk to anyone about the secret which you wanted to know and have experienced." 
(Excerpt from Same-Sex Love in India, p. 92-93, quoting the Padma Purana 5.74.60-198)
As outlined earlier, the gaudiya agenda was to use sex in a three-pronged accumulation through expansion program:  endorsement of pedophilia via the a) Krishna/gopi lila, b) usage of Devi Dasis as lures for heterosexual votaries, and c) Caitanya lila for third gender entrapment.  It worked.  Drawn by the invitation to a god who was understanding to their situation TGs joined the movement but remained, in accordance with strictures of the time, gender incognito.  Progressively Tritya Prakriti battled its way out the closet to enlighten a homophobic world of an existence that was God engineered.  Here is the spokesperson for GALVA, Amara Das: 
"The recognition of a third sex in ancient India and Hinduism is highly relevant in many ways. Our own modern-day society has only recently begun to understand sexual orientation, transgender identity, and intersex conditions, and our legal and social systems are just beginning to catch up with and accommodate such people in a fair and realistic way, yet ancient India had already addressed and previously resolved this issue many thousands of years ago in the course of its own civilization's development. Indeed, there is much we can learn from ancient India's knowledge regarding the recognition and accommodation of a 'third sex' within society."- Amara Das Wilhelm
At the time A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada toted gaudiya 'teachings' to America, a revolution in consciousness was underway.  Equality, political correctness and a sense of 'Fair go for all' had gripped the US of A.  TG folk came out the closet in droves.  Current day gaudiyaism- Iskcon, needed to balance the heavy gaudiya overtones of sexual promiscuity-  god endorsed pedophilia, heterosexuality and drag parties with respectful abstinence.  No juggler was more ambidextrous in tossing up ambiguity than the IGM 'Pure Devotee'- Prabhupada, founder/acharya of Iskcon.
Hauling himself and his institution onto high ground, Prabhupada pointed to his Bhagavad Gita As It Is:
"I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all. But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him." (Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, 9.29).
He did not just leave it there.  His first American disciple (Ham) was a TG, in co-habitation with another TG (Wheeler) whose services Prabhupada needed as editor for his otherwise unintelligible manuscripts.  Also, the Iskcon body membership came from the 'hippy' hang-outs, several of whom were 'gay' activists.  One such leader was Allen Ginsberg.  To win favor and possible expansion through such alliances, Prabhupada made it plain and public his Hare Krishna movement (Iskcon) was non-discriminate in its membership just as in his Gita quote above.  Here is an excerpt from a recorded conversation:
Prabhupada to Allen Ginsberg:  "...we are accepting everyone into this movement, regardless of sex, caste, position, or whatever.  Everyone is invited to come chant Hare Krsna.  This is Caitanya Mahaprabhu's munificence, His liberality." (Prabhupada-Lilamrta)
Comment:  Caitanya Mahaprabhu's munificence ??!  A few paragraphs ago we read how Caitanya was in drag wearing sublime women's attire.  He had a saffron dress around His very slender waist and wore a beautiful bodice on His chest, which he then stripped to breast-fed everyone.  His boys got into the act Gadadhara danced wonderfully in the dress of Rama [Rukmini], the Goddess of fortune.  We are informed that the 'Goddesses' were sexually connected on another plane-  "Gadadhara is My consort in Vaikuntha".  So what's with the munificence cop-out?   Isn't it time to 'come out' i.e, Caitanya is a gaudiya god sold in art as feminine and in word as a crossdressing drag queen...a gaudiya TG lure? 
Publicly when dealing with the TG issue and privately when one-on-one with homosexual members of Iskcon, Prabhupada spun the Caitanya lure with the 'God loves everyone' tolerance line.   When approached by one of his earliest disciples in 1974, who openly disclosed his TG orientation, Prabhupada instructed him- "Then just find a nice boy, stay with him and practice Krsna consciousness." (Amara Das. Chakra discussions.  Oct. 17th 2004).  However, there was (and still is) a large section of American people who were intolerant of practicing homosexuals.  Several campaigners, especially when the "Gay Movement" first came to notice, were militant and carried the heavy hammer of church and Catholicism in protest.  "Turn or Burn" was the slogan.  Through it all Prabhupada maintained the high ground of divine forbearance while artists under his instructions churned out portraits of Caitanya....more gay than Paree
Subsequent to the establishment of an Iskcon membership, Prabhupada, a man who had never restricted his own sexual appetite prior to old age impotency, demanded a psychological castration program citing abstinence.  We have shown in previous articles how he dealt with pedophilia in his cult by not dealing with it at all.  With heterosexuality he advised- "All right, you are attached to vagina-licking. Do it up to fifty years. Then give it up."   His stand on homosexuality remained publicly tolerant but internally the juggler juggled: -  Prabhupada: It appears here that the homosexual appetite of males for each other is created in this episode of the creation of the demons by Brahma. In other words, the homosexual appetite of a man for another man is demoniac and is not for any sane male in the ordinary course of life. (SB 3.20.26.)  And in private conversations:-  Prabhupada: Nobody thought that a man could be married to another man. What is this? And the priests are supporting it. Do you know that? So what is their standard?  And here:-  Prabhupada: The priests, they are sermonizing this man-to-man marriage. Just see how degraded they have become. 
Meanwhile cult pedophiles remain protected and unexposed.  Why?  Because, according to gaudiya scripture, Krishna was a pedophile, and by admittance, so was Prabhupada.  The direction given by the IGM founder to lick vaginas but stop after fifty, fell on deaf genitals.  His now aged disciples (acBSp's), with one leg in the funeral pyre, one on a banana skin and.... the other on Viagra, continue to woo-&-wed girls fit to be granddaughters, satisfy themselves and then move on to the fifth or sixth 'wife.'  Through it all TG souls hooked on the IGM lure point helplessly to interpolated scriptures....Krishna and Ajuna in the forest....portraits of Caitanya....his silk skirted slim waist....his troupe of breast feeding high-kickers, maddened with ecstasy.....all to no avail.  Yet TG devotees must surely recognize from ongoing exposés that sexual activity in all its variations is rampant within the cult; a rut in perpetuum
Where the internet information freeway is in peak hour with sexual escapades of IGM god-men, BIF has selected only four links that highlight the spiritual carnage left by lure-hook-and-enslave gaudiya interpolators....All four links spotlight Iskcon gurus, Governing Body Commissioners and senior Prabhupada disciples (acBSp's), the current inheritors and propagators of gaudiya teachings: 
Footnote:  The entire 'gaudiya vaisnava' lure was contrived in dream-schemes to profit the prophet.  For enlightenment in this sphere of knowledge, BIF offers homage to our lodestar and hero, India's courageous Champion of TRUTH, Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati (1824 - 1883) who was poisoned to death for his brave efforts in this arena of inquiry and revelation.  
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati: "They named them Puranas (ancient books) and began to read out select portions from them: They began to practice wonderful frauds and trickery. One of these popes would take an idol made of stone, conceal it in a mountain cave or a secret recess in a jungle or bury it in the ground. After this was done, he would proclaim to his disciples that Mahadeva, Parvati, Radha, Krishna, Sita, Ram, Lakshmi, Narayana, Bhairava, Hanuman, or some other God or goddess had visited him in his dreams and informed him that he or she was in such and such place, commanded him to get him or her (out of the place), install in a temple and become his/her priest. If these demands were complied with, he or she would grant him his heart's desires.
The ignorant people who had 'more money than brains' would hear such stories and believe them to be true, they would enquire of him as to the exact site where the God or goddess was to be found. At this the pope would answer "The idol can be found in this mountain or that jungle, should you desire it I could lead you to the place." Thereupon those fools would accompany that scoundrel to the place, find the idol and being struck with astonishment fall at the feet of the Pope and exclaim "The God is indeed very gracious into you. Take the idol home and we will build him a temple wherein the idol may be installed, you shall be his priest and we shall also gain our hearts' desires by paying our adoration to him." When the trick played by one of the popes was successful, the others followed his example, had recourse to jugglery and imposture and installed idols with a view to earn their livelihood."
They then filled the temples with young girls and boys.....The rest we have explained.
With that we leave you.  Thank You for spending time with us.