6th JULY 2011
Q.  Why does BIF place the fault of one individual on the entire GBC.  Surely you cannot feel justified in blaming all for the mistake of one.  And why choose words that are offensive or apa- Radha?
Firstly, one cannot mount an offence without being offensive.....Duh?  As for doing 'apa-Radha,' we do not have ANY fear of repercussion in that department since we are 200% sure we are dealing with a mind-set more offensive to Srimati Radhe and Her devotees than a mangy bhoga-stealing rat threatening spirituality with a saffron plague. 
 Law prosecutes the individual.  So you may be justified in asking why BIF chooses to take an entire GBC to task for the crimes of individuals.  Our answer is that the Law does in fact prosecute groups when they operate as a business and represent said business as individuals. This Law is known as respondeat superior: "Let the master answer," a key doctrine in the law of agency, which provides that a principal (employer) is responsible for the actions of his/her/its agent (employee) in the "course of employment." Thus an agent who signs an agreement to purchase goods for his employer in the name of the employer can create a binding contract between the seller and the employer. Another example: if a delivery truck driver negligently hits a child in the street, the company for which the driver works will be liable for the injuries. 
Since the GBC is engaging and endorsing individuals as representatives of the 'ultimate authority,' they must be held accountable for the actions of their endorsements.  To simply show unity in success and disenfranchisement via voguish cult incantations when individuals are ousted, does not meet the transparency or standards of honesty demanded by civility; certainly not in a secular world. Furthermore, for the GBC to say that the "guru business" is not a business would be incorrect based on the fact that there is no fiscal transparency, and in spite of the theatrics displayed by the GBC in 2000, when they came teary-eyed before the deities after the AGM and swore to stop eating too much and disclose personal accounts, it never happened and it never will.  'Gurudom' is not only a business but a business in which the GBC is losing control over individual franchisees who, because of administrative decisions to individualize accounts and diddle the tax-man (and plaintiffs?) by fiscal opacity, are now free to push the envelope as far as they please and still negotiate their own contributions.
The GBC and its blind 'heaven bent' following should understand that had they not facilitated, promoted, maintained and concealed criminals, crimes would not occur, or certainly not in the same frequency.  Every time a "guru falls," it should be understood that the man has been living off the earnings of others: a life of excessive luxury and self indulgence without a day's honest labor in years.  And he has successfully perpetuated the swindle via endorsement by the GBC.  So who do we blame?  Let us turn to the Law once again:
Sine Qua Non: (see-nay kwah nahn.) Latin for "without which it could not be," an indispensable action or condition. Example: if Charlie Careless had not left the keys in the ignition, his 10-year-old son could not have started the car and backed it over Polly Playmate. So Charlie's act was the sine qua non of the injury to Playmate. 
When a guru backs up and runs over believers, and off with the money they contributed because the GBC endorsed him, after claiming that they, in turn, were empowered by a pure devotee to do so, we must accept that the bogus GBC put the swindler in a recognized Iskcon driver's uniform and handed him the keys, thereby implying to the public that the guru was a certified driver.  They then collected percentages from their appointed imposter for utility of the Iskcon vehicle and logo, ergo, they are responsible for the crime and for the discredit of the pure devotee they claim gave them office
Two points of concern are stark staringly obvious :  1) The GBC don't give a hoot for any of Srila Prabhupada's administrative guidelines other than-  " The GBC is the ultimate managing authority."  Nothing else "Prabhupada said" as a dictate is worth a cracker.  More and more we see the exhibition of finely spun silks, gold watches and personal (hidden) bank accounts that identify representatives of the king rather than those of a monastic bent.  The simplistic profile of a renounced monk has been superseded by glitter 'n' glam swamis who feel vindicated in choosing 'rishi rich' profiles based on proof of Iskcon's expansion.  Caitanya Dev and his Goswami associates have been relegated to an era of restricted expansion because of their inability to dovetail materiality in devotion. 
It was Tamal Krishna who said to this writer:- "We now have more members in Iskcon than when Prabhupada was present," as if it signified Sri Krsna's personal approval for the usurpation of Srila Prabhupada's mutt and bastardization of its tenets.  Tamal Krishna made no bones about the path he believed was best for Iskcon and there can be no doubt that the path outlined by him met with tacit agreement.  Srila Prabhupada had been physically removed all that remained was to remove him by general consensus, so Tamal Krishna wrote:- "But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance."  (HKSMU: p297)
The second point of concern are the fanatics who form a guard-dog-vest around the criminals in Iskcon and those who endorse them.  By maintaining this belt of bow-wows, Iskcon's criminal elite feel no need to deal with any direct contact from beyond the guard-dog cordon.  Like tunnel-vision canine, the bow-wows keep eyes fixed on parameters and ears tuned to an us-and-them indoctrination while their masters stack skeletons in the closet.  It is this sector of fractured personas that check and nullify any possibility of balance within the cult.  We will deal with them as the article progresses.
Bhavananda in Meccapoof:
The 'Swami' suffix should be replaced with 'Caligula.'  The GBC acronym should also read:- Gender Bender Caligulas.  Caligula was also known as Gaius, and if we put a little twist on Srila Prabhupada's words: "They are not hippies they are happies,"  we can understand that they are happy=gay=Gaius.  Of course Gaius did not restrict his sexual appetite to gender or age but neither does the GBC grabber/stroker/smoker.  They will stud anything that eats, defecates, urinates or grows an appendage, and is classified human (unless the neighbor's dog starts talking.)
We see on the internet that Ambarish has once again teamed up with Bhavananda (aka. Charles Bacis) in a promotions scheme for Mayapur.  These two were doing tours in the past along with an entourage of 'happy chappies,' before Bhavananda traded his danda for a taxi-walla's.  This writer remembers well Ambarish's presence being a huge endorsement of Bhavananda's 'Visnupada' status.  In fact it was Ambarish's presence that helped project limp-wrist gaiety as a quirk associated with advanced vaisnavism, unique to Iskcon.  When we saw 'Visnupada' walking around with his American entourage, all of them with enough wriggle in the hips to allow both hands to swing and fan the regal butt.  We tried the walk and roll-over limp-wrist gestures, but as they say- hips don't lie.  And then, when cornered in the brahmacari asram and propositioned by one of Bhavananda's entourage, we realized that the happy boys were really Charlie's Angels.
Seeing Ambarish and Bhavananda together in photographs, has sparked memories for one BIF correspondent.  He has requested a brief story be included in this posting to which we have obliged.  Here it is:
>>In the early eighties, a dear friend of mine, and a very fixed-up sadhu, Puri das (aka. Paul Sullivan,) died in a "Visnupada marathon."  We had been locked in competition to see who could win the favor of Bhavananda (Visnupada.)  The marathon was for two weeks.  We always worked together but decided to split up on this particular challenge.  Puri went off to Tasmania to do his "pick," and I headed for the East Coast.  We were neck-and-neck after the first week.  In his typical dedication to service, he raised the bar.  Working through the night without sleep, he made a wrong driving decision in attempting to overtake a car on a lonely mountain highway. The car he was driving was a small Honda and the oncoming vehicle was a fully loaded timber truck.  He didn't stand a chance. 
There are no words to articulate the rage felt when it was announced that the man- Bhavananda "Visnupada,"  for whom Puri das gave his life, was using our money to pay filthy taxi drivers so he could perform fellatio to satisfy his perversions.  This lollypop-lila-laalach is back in Mayapur with the endorsement of a like-minded gbc, pretending nothing ever happened.<<
After it became universally known that 'happy' Bhavananda was actually a pervert, he was given shelter and support by a doting Australian yatra.  Even after it was reported that "Charlie" was swigging alcohol out of brown paper bags on the street, and had also been caught having sexual intercourse with a man in Sydney temple toilets **, he was still given support by the GBC (Tamal Krsna and the poison cabal?)  
** PADA (1/9/2000), "When Bhakta J and Ray got together later, they discussed Bhav's (Bhavananda) attachment for Bhakta Jeremiah. It was then that Ray dropped the bombshell. On a weekday, when all the others had gone on 'sankirtan,' Bhakta Ray (was late) dashed into the temple toilet for a wee. He noticed one of the cubicle doors were closed (there are only two cubicles), so he entered the one with the door ajar. Voices in the adjoining cubicle caused Ray's ears to cock up. He could hear them clearly, it was Bhavananda and Bhakta Jeremiah moaning and groaning.
Following Bhavananda's appointment as manager of Govinda's Restaurant in Sydney, two BIF contacts went to check it out.  Dressed in 'karmis,' they took a seat to watch the show.  Within moments Bhavananda arrived at their table.  Wriggling his hips and backside in their faces to a song that went:- "I am Dracula and I want to suck your...." he invited them upstairs. "Upstairs" was like a segregated mardi gras taking five to watch old movies. There were bodies strewn over cushions and against the wall.  It was mano-a-mano, not even a girlo-a-girlo combination in sight.  "Govinda's" was referred to as "Gayvinda's" henceforward, and now that Bhavananda has returned to Bengal, some Aussies are calling Mayapur... Meccapoof.
PRABHAVISNU ex. Swami (Why not?)
Why is Iskcon's GBC refusing to accept what everyone already knows? It is no secret that Prabhavisnu Guru/Swami/GBC was caught with prostitutes in Bangkok.  The matter was reported to the GBC by Gurukrpa Das, who saw him.  Everyone is aware of the ousting, so why are the GBC pretending nothing happened?  It is becoming very clear that the GBC does not want to disturb the Russian Yatra with anymore scandals and lose the rubles that are being mined there under false pretenses.  Russian people have always shown favor to the Indian way of life, and like the Indians, they are being exploited by organized religion.  Okay, for the benefit of the old fascist jackbooting GBC, we are re-posting an excerpt from a previous article regarding a member of their collectively endorsed confederacy, who is just another swindler practicing as a 'holy-man.'  Here it is:- 

"Now, fresh on the grapevine, we hear that long time Asian stopover guru, Prabhavisnu Swami, has been (finally) exposed for his celeb(r)ating with prostitutes in Bangkok.  The GBC, we hear (?) are in the process of suspending him: no initiating for ten years, and he will undergo the GBC introduced, traditional, "e"-rectification process.  That's right, the GBC claim that tradition demands they become acaryas, but they didn't give a damn about tradition when they introduced the guru rectification balderdash.

RIP. Prabhavisnu (aka. Probably Visnu) DAS.

Prabhavisnu Swami (Prabhavisnu Svami; born as Paul Barrow; 24 Sept. 1950 Belfast, Nth. Ireland) Initiating guru and member of the Governing Body Commission of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He supervises the activities of ISKCON in Russia (Far East and Southern region), Abkhazia, Latvia, India (Bihar, Jharkhand and Sikkim), Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand."

If the GBC need to understand why BIF has made this a personal mission, here is a short note from one of our members.  If Prabhavisnu feels compelled to defend himself in anyway, please encourage him to write BIF.  We will be sure to post the exchange on this site for all to see.

>>Prabhavisnu Swami (PVS) set many 'services' for me, all of which required oodles of cash.  I will not list them here, but will mention one particular 'service' that should identify the 'guru' scam and its methodology.
In the early nineties PVS approached me requesting money to purchase land for a proposed temple in Nepal.  Without much ado I handed him AUD 70,000 CASH, and a small gold bar for his personal ...whatever.  He later sent pics of the temple under construction and a letter of thanks, which is here somewhere in my collection of regrets.  Years later I had reason for writing to Mahavisnu Swami (UK).  Knowing that he was coordinator (or something relevant) for the Nepalese temple project, I introduced myself as the buyer of the land on which the temple was built.  Mahavisnu's immediate reply was that no foreign money had been used, the entire project was financed by locals.  When I visited Vrindavan, in about the same time-frame, and saw that PVS was building for himself a very comfortable palace behind KB Mandir, I did have some concerns about the direction of cash flow.  After my corrospendence with Mahavisnu S, I had no doubts that PVS was on the take, in the name of Krsna and Prabhupada.
So while my family slept on the cold floors of rented apartments, PVS had his own palatial quarters in Vrindavan to go along with the room I had purchased at Mayapur's Lotus building.  And I do remember him getting me to fill out forms for purchase of a private apartment in a city somewhere, but I was also involved in a AUD 60, 000 purchase of a house on the farm at the time, which PVS had requested I do as service to the deities, so the purchase of the apartment was put on the back-burner.
Gurukripa prabhu noticed Prabhuvisnu Swami in Bangkok, walking down the street wearing 'karmis.'  He followed him to one of those "Happy Houses," and caught him engaging in illicit activities with prostitutes.  What can be said here other than to accept that money I had deprived my family of, and had contributed for the expansion of Srila Prabhupada's mutt, was being used to engage whores.<<
We have little doubt that Mahavisnu's lip marks will soon appear on the GBC backside if/when they choose to deny the truth.  Notwithstanding, the GBC must understand that the PVS scam should be exposed and dealt with.  We don't give a damn about corporate concerns or Russian rubles.  Our campaign on the issue of Prabhavisnu's exposure and 'e'-rectification will escalate and overflow should the GBC resort to the old duck-n-weave.
Radhanath Swami tells New Vrindavan: "Go Frack Yourself."
It is not simply an issue of murdering one devotee any longer.  Radhanath (RS) has raised the bar in his secret war to work against the direct instructions of His Divine Grace and destroy devotees and devotion with his envy and greed.  In his quest to be the ultimate reigning Don, RS has surrounded himself with a bow-wow of barkers that would shame the K-9 squad.  The idea of hiding behind this thud-belt of barkers is twofold- 1) It permits him to say and do anything behind a rabid wall of protection that absorbs any impact in retaliation, and 2) he uses them like barking hydras to justify his criminality without need for personal involvement: defense or accountability, just like his daddy did for him in the Sulochan murder investigation.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.
Regardless of information available, information that has never been countered by a Radhanath-on-the-run, or his GBC franchise, we continually encounter his private stable of bow-wows prowling the net, barking his glories and spraying saliva in an attempt to bite those who disagree.  Below is an example of a guard-dog with an ostrich syndrome, implying that whatever RS says about anything is true because he is a pure devotee who has NO MONEY! is simple, very austere, very gentle and polite: 
>>Radhanatha Swami says his disciples may have money but he does not. My own experience with him is he is simple in his living, very austere in his habits, and very gentle and polite in his dealings with others.<<
When the other party involved disagreed, the RS bow-wow took the high-ground and started baring his teeth:
>>All are able to find fault always and everywhere. No one prevents any one of us from being pure devotees and teaching others. Be perfect then point out others flaws, this is a positive quality. Krishna is not pleased with us if we are absorbed in the faults of others.<<
This is the incantation that is steroid-pumped by the GBC to provide a criminal haven for swindlers and pedophiles still at large within its confines.  Soon a new contributor joined the thread and we discovered that the bow-wow (who uses the famous ACBSP after his name) was in fact a GBC-duta with a recorded criminal history of drugs and pedophilia, who depended on the ignorance of others to imply that his ACBSP status entitled him to endorse Radhanath as a 'pure devotee,' ergo himself, by association.  And this is just one example.  What follows is a typical forum debate. This thread concerns the fracking fracas at New Vrindavan:
recent facebook posting raving up the radhanath /obama meeting, moderated by a "bhaktin", have been forced to delete Srila Prabhupada because he turns the Radhanath camp of earth rapers at NVC into cowprotecting heroes, of a world class order.  consider these postings:
Tim Lee commented on Bhaktin Carol's photo.
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Bhaktin Carol: President Obama and Radhanath Maharaja spoke for some time. [President] Obama took Radhanath Maharaja's book and promised to write back with his impressions.
[from forwarded mail from Badrinarayan pr.]
17 hours ago · LikeUnlike Bhaktin Carol: I'm sorry, I don't want to disturb anyone, but comments that are critical of individuals who serve Krishna and Krishna's devotees will be deleted.
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Loading...Bhakta Mark well done!!
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14 hours ago · LikeUnlikeDwijamani Das: Please take a look at what's happening here at New Vrindaban with full approval of Radhanath Swami.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-About-Fracking-Gas-Drilling-at-Iskcon-New-Vrindaban/152438404807870?v=wall Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) is taking place at New Vrindaban, regardless of the many environmental and health risks associated with this process. Please 'Like' this page and tell your friends. Thank you.
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Loading...Devadeva Dallas: fracking has been proven safe. anyone saying different is subscribing to voodoo science. we take many things from mother bhumi and this is the nature of material life. one who stops living in a house made of wood, driving a car or using electricity may have an argument with dubious weight.
10 hours ago · LikeUnlikeTim Lee: Fracking is putting drano-like chemicals, methane and other toxic chemicals into the drinking water table, I am glad Devadeva is a voodoo. ys pd
9 hours ago · LikeUnlikeDevadeva Dallas: you're kidding right? read something other than liberal scare mongering nonsense.
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?@Devadeva, Tim fracking is what it is...only Krishna knows the truth of fracking and why it is...do not be deceived by the abuse of the term liberal...do not condem the Hare Krishna movement nor Srila Prabhupada by condemning liberality......Liberality is a requirement of our government from the foundation of this US nation in reality...Liberality is not defined by confused party politics and is what Krishna used to enable the Hare Krishna movement and clear the way for Srila Prabhupada... falseness is not liberality...truth is not conservative...falseness=falseness...truth=truth..."Chant and "Be" Happy"!...
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2 hours ago · LikeUnlikeTim Lee: Fracking uses drano like chemicals, according to the web sites run by the fracking companies, and causes people to have methane coming out of their sinks etc, the town I came from in New York has banned fracking due to "chronic toxic seepage into the water table," the town is not liberal at all, they do not want their water supply poisoned. ys pd
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but the bhaktin, in her defense of Radhanath's position, keeps deleting Srila Prabhupada's instructions on the matter, which we include herein:
From the above exchange, which is everyday fare in the life of a shady cult, it becomes dangerously clear how a man who only just managed to sidestep prosecution for murder, can be empowered by franchise to influence others to 'frack' themselves in lieu of warnings revealed from ongoing research and recorded fact.  Further, the exchange typifies how self-confessed collared dogs of the guru/GBC digress matters of deep disquiet into pit-bull battles, forcing consensus to a two way prerogative....the cult way or the highway. 
So, for the benefit of our readers we present a recent report on fracking.  There has been no response on this exposé to date, but we do believe that just as the GBC has its K-9 division, the frackers will produce their litter over time:
And now, for the benefit of Radhanatha and his growlers, we present Srila Prabhupada's warning on this very issue (not that it matters to them.)  Emphasis (bold) and Underlining by BIF:
My Dear Hayagriva,
Please accept my blessings.
I am so glad to receive your note dated August 13, 1968, with the copy of lease agreement and I have gone through it carefully. When you were here I suggested to purchase the land out-right. But I think it has not been possible. But on the face of the lease, it appears as good as sale document.
But the clause, "Excepting and reserving however, all of the coal within and underlying said property, and subject to the mining rights and privileges set forth in the deed conveying said coal, made by Joseph E. McCombs, et al., dated March 30, 1903, recorded in said Clerk's office in Deed Book 98, at page 185," has caused my headache. I do not know what is written there in the Clerk's office in Deed Book 98, but on common sense, it appears that the area is coal mine or oilmine.
Under the circumstances, if in future coal industry is developed and if it is required, the government may at once ask us to vacate and no law can stop it. Even if the government does not acquire our land, if in our vicinity some such industry (coal or oil industry) is started, the whole idea of Vrindaban will fade away.
Vrindaban conception is a transcendental village, without any botheration of the modern industrial atmosphere. My idea of developing New Vrindaban is to create an atmosphere of spiritual life where people in bona fide order of social division, namely, Brahmacaris, Grhasthas, Vanaprastha, Sannyasis, or specifically Brahmacaris and Sannyasis, and Vanaprasthas, will live there independently, completely depending on agricultural produce and milk from the cows. The life should be simplified without being hampered by laboring day and night for economic development, without any spiritual understanding.
The New Vrindaban idea is that persons who live there will accept the bare necessities of life to maintain the body and soul together and the major part of time should be engaged in development of Krishna Consciousness. The whole Vedic principle is to develop Krishna Consciousness, without creating much botheration for the program of sense gratification. Industrial development (or mining industry) in the neighboring places will mar the whole idea. Now you have to consider, yourself, looking forward to the future, of the land, and then decide, what to do.
I do not like to have New Vrindaban with industrial or mining areas. I have got experience of them in India, that the mining areas are simply next to dungeon. The workers in the mines are considered to be residing in the hell. And we can never expect any good behavior from such workers. So we must think of the atmosphere around Vrindaban. In India also our present government, they are trying to develop industries in the vast tracts of land around Vrindaban, and creating a hellish atmosphere.
So I shall request you to be assured of the future of the land, and then do the needful. The summary is that the face of the lease agreement appears to be all right, but I am thinking of a spiritual development. I hope you have received my previous letter and I am expecting your reply as soon as possible.
Radhanatha Swami, chor ke karmi?