30th May. 2012


Jurisdictions of law, its ambit, has been advanced through centuries of amelioration.  Legal process, above all else, demands adherence to res judicata: research and analysis required to determine what the law is in a given situation.  A compilation of evidence and ascertainment of the same, is only the first step in process dependant on precedents: statutes and prior case studies.  Further, an extraction of principles, analogies, judicial assessments and statements made by various courts are of relative consequence to legal conclusions.  To an end, adjudicators note all follow-up decisions determining how higher courts or legislatures would rule on a similar case given the facts.  With all lines ruled, reasons given, parallels drawn, and integrations made, laws are applied accordingly to reach a verdict. 

Holding powers of justice and wielding it is the responsibility of the legally learned, involving a lifetime of dedication and consultation.  Even so, and evolved as the judicial process may be, administrators are avowed to guidelines and open to censure when failing to honor precedents.  So heavily bounded is the legal arena that a trial court judge cannot venture outside the parameters (precedents) set by an appellate court, even if s/he intuits a 'bad law' in application.  The Latin- 'Stare decisis et non quieta movere' (stand by decisions and not disturb the undisturbed,) cements the groundwork for legal procedure: meting equal justice sui juris

One Finger of the Law

Every nation is governed by a compilation of legislation: a proclamation of citizen's rights.  Citizen's wrongs are determined under its corpus juris (body of law.)  Some may disagree with legislated laws, governance, and/or the judicial system.  For such grievances provisions exist in recourse, appeal and review. These are house rules for democracy: a system of governance by the people for the people; a freedom wrested from the heavy-handed god-on-earth autocrats of old.  Yet there are those who still have dictatorial aspirations.  Such god-men, disabled by evolved governance, find crawl space in a democracy facilitating non-secularism.  There, under myth, propaganda halos, and government granted liberty to financially self-access, cult dictators amass tin-pot armies, adopt their own laws, and grow pompous on begging-bowl wealth.

Unlike revolutionaries who risk life and limb to establish dictatorships, godmen slither on scaly covenants, expanding unchecked into every sector of society while remaining constant in a gnawing dissention of democracy (demoncrazy.)  Ironically, cults point at god and mumbo-jumbo philosophy to carp the only system of governance permitting them room to germinate, e.g., prior to Russia's demokratizatsiya no cult existed, now they proliferate like vermin.  Quaeitur : Why are there no soul-saving pick-pockets in North Korea?

Rockethead to Godhead from N Korea

Outrageously criminal in its short history, and characteristically so in its dictatorial policies, no cult is more adept at flying under legal radar than the epitome of begging-bowl-banditry-  the INTERNATIONAL Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON,) a.k.a Hare Krishnas, a.k.a Iskcon Gaudiya Mutt (IGM,).... registered in New York (1966,) under- Founder Acharya, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp,) who, aided by American editors, brandished his name on un-copyrighted works of Indian fablers to promote his commentaries as ancient scripture; establishing himself internally as equal to god and his IGM cult as eleemosynary-  sua sponte tax-exempt.  Comical if it were funny, this group claims its founder's purports to be 'law books for the next 10, 000 years'. 

A scanty log of IGM criminality, both adjudicated and alleged, is visible on this site- www.b-i-f-com- as on several others.  In challenging advocates of the devil, crime within the cult is legally retroactive and ongoing.  Current IGM criminal cases in the news involve, as it always has, the highest echelons of spirito/management:- a) Jayapataka Swami (guru,) cited in a rape case, b) Bhakti Caru Swami (guru,) involved in an Indian Government land/money scam, now in the hands of the Lokayukta, M.P, India, c) Gopal Krishna Goswami (guru,) embroiled in an homosexual investigation, Delhi, UP, d) Prabhavishnu Swami (guru,) recently confessed to expending donations on Bangkok prostitutes, e) Paramgati Swami (guru) exposed-  sexual encounters with male disciples, f) Umapati Swami (guru,) admitted to sexual episodes with at least seven of his male Chinese disciples.  g) Indradyumna Swami (guru) has been ousted for his vast photo..graphic collection of semi-nude little girls.  The list is active, in continuum....since the cult's conception.  


Bhakti Caru



Gopal Krishna

Param Gati


Quaeitur-  how does a monster look human....maintain credibility....feed and grow for forty-six years....unrestricted, while believing itself a universal bender and shaker...god's chosen?  To answer the question one must delve into the realms of unconscionable sociopathy where denunciation, surrender, allegiance and compliance are strictures closely monitored to assure loyalty beyond norms, legal, civil, or humane.  Recognizing the IGM's unhindered growth in crawlspace bounded by cult canon, ergo obscured from legal purview, we at BIF, who have been part of and observing the movement since encountering its founder (acBSp) in 1971, frame his dictatorial aspirations as cause and effect. 

Structurally, the cult roots in the sanguine sands of sentiment.  Beginning with acBSp himself, and on to his pot-grown Hibernians, the elements of crime and confusion remain constant, propped up on all sides by oaths and promises of eternal bliss.  From the very beginning criminality was obvious when acBSp translated the works of Indian writers and appropriated them as- 'my books.'  He claimed the system he introduced to be 'disciplic,' then foisted a package of deity & hymns dedicated to himself and installed his worship in every temple.  Yes, a deity of himself.  A practice unheard of prior to acBSp the begging-bowl dictator.  

When asked how initiations should continue after his departure acBSp was vague.  He mumbled something about appointed men initiating on his behalf.  Even in death he did not want to let go.  Besides, and evidentially, his 'disciplic' example did not show him dancing and singing to a made-in-Asia idol of his teacher or initiating on his behalf.  As a result of his hypocrisies the IGM is a segregation of sociopathic devas and servile doormats.  But is that the only reason or is there some nunc pro tunc effective retroactivity?  Let's take a look.

Archaic preceptors of gaudiya cultism, confronting crime ejusdem generis, understood the facility and scope hierarchical organizations offer sociopaths.  The fact that early anti-behaviorists loomed the covers of cult camouflage, is not a recent discovery. Acting on evidenced immorality, sect perverts ventured philosophically and psychologically to justify crime and protect the head : preserve the fish from rot.  To this end, Indian scriptures, under which 'disciplic' sociopaths masked themselves, were interpolated.   India's Bhagavad Gita, of which there are now several versions, has the supreme moralist Shri Krishna saying:-  "Even if one commits the most aboninable action, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated." (Bg. As it is, 9/30)....Henceforward referred to as... Bg. Law.


*Thus when the laity became bereft of knowledge, the popes who had read a little of the ritual became haughty, they combined together and declared before the kings and others in authority that it was unlawful to punish a Braahman or a Sadhu, and such texts declared "let no Braahman be killed".  Braahman and Sadhu, was applied to themselves by the popes. They also wrote books containing false statements whose authorship they attributed to the great sages and seers of the past in order to stamp them with authority.
These books they passed off as the writings of the great Vedic seers and read them out to the people. Thus under the cover of these great names they succeeded in getting themselves out of reach of the Law and did whatever they liked, in other words, they have framed such strict laws that no one durst sit or stand, eat or drink, come or go, sleep or wake without their permission.
They instilled into the minds of the rulers that these so-called Braahmans and Sadhus, who were really popes, might do whatever they liked. They should never be punished. The rulers should not even ever think of punishing them. When the people became so ignorant, the popes did and made others do whatever they wished.
(SP. Ch- XI)

When Shri Krishna (god,) forgives sua sponte 'the most abominable action',.... every criminal has found his Vaikuntha.  All that remains is for sociopathic dictators to define the ambit of cult law, e.g., "But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstances".  (TKG- HKSMU p297). 

FYI.  TKG- an acronym for Tamal Krishna Goswami (late,) asBSp's secretary; the man who allegedly poisoned acBSp to death.....but remained protected under Bg. Law in spite of prima facie evidence warranting further investigation.

With god's consent, and dictatorial rights established, all that remained was to barricade the brotherhood of 'disciplic' sociopaths from secular intervention, a simple matter of internal legislation:-  Law No: 12.8 " Resolved that when a person becomes a member of ISKCON or assumes an office within ISKCON, he does so upon the condition of submission to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of ISKCON; and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of a civil court but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and/or his membership in ISKCON terminated, (88)".

Zero Tolerance

So what comes out the end, no matter how altered in appearance, was introduced in the beginning: an inherent disregard for elected legislators, law, or enforcers- 
acBSp: So they, the government, they'll be rogues and thieves...[...]...Organized burglars, organized gundas.
acBSP: We don't very much like this so-called democracy. What is the value of this democracy? All fools and rascals. They vote for another fool and rascal and he becomes prime minister, or this or that. That is not good for the people. We are not for this so-called democracy because they are not trained."
acBSp: I have never given vote. Since we have got this sva-raj, Indian independence, as soon as the vote question comes up, I go away. I think, Why shall I give this nonsense person my vote.  None of them are liked by me. So I avoid it. I don't believe in it.
acBSp: I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.
acBSp: So we can bring in such dictatorship, provided that dictator is perfectly Krsna conscious.
acBSp: Dictatorship can be good provided the dictator is spiritually developed.
Disciple: So after ten years we have gotten so many devotees and so many houses, so I can't imagine how big this movement will be after ten thousand years. acBSp: Yes. You'll get the government.

Unknown to a secular world, acBSp cult adherents dance ceaselessly to a symphony in requiem:  "For ten thousand years my books will guide the world"... "Prabhupada's books are the law books for the next 10,000 years"...."The golden age of Krsna consciousness".... ..."That is also stated, that for ten thousand years Krsna consciousness movement will increase."...."Yes. You'll get the government."  All of which prompts analytical research to ground legislature in a cult predicting world domination over the next 10,000 years

Yes. You'll get the government.

What becomes quickly apparent is that the books have no 'body of law' per se.  Other than believe-it-or-not spiritual fiction followed by interspaced verbosity (purports) of a cult dictator, there is no listed body of law.  Contrarily, when delving into the taped recordings labeled "Conversations" (available from cult archives,) it becomes clear that acBSp could/would/should have been arraigned by the Indian Government had they known of him and his criminal incitings.  Polygamy, pedophilia, homosexuality, degradation of women inter alia, are considered crimes in many countries, and most certainly in India, the dictator's homeland.  Furthermore, being privy to and withholding evidence of a crime is actionable-  misprision of a felony.  We will show proof below, where acBSp and his honchos stand guilty as charged. 

Polygamy is illegal.  AcBSp condoned it because he believed Bopadev's (11 CE) account of ksatriyas with harems and Krishna marrying 16,108 women with whom he had 11 children...each!  AcBSp practiced pedophilia because he believed Bopadev's wet-dream fantasies of Krishna having sexual intercourse with underaged girls.  AcBSp permitted the degradation of women because he believed in Bopadev's misogyny: his account of Devahuti's abracadabra husband Kadamba Muni, expanding himself nine times because she craved a "ten some" orgy (for many, many years) to satisfy her insatiable sex desire. Here it is:-

"After coming back to his hermitage, he divided himself into nine personalities just to give pleasure to Devahuti, the daughter of Manu, who was eager for sex life. In that way he enjoyed with her for many, many years, which passed just like a moment." (SB. 3.23.44)

And here is an excerpt from the pedophile acBSp's purport on the pedophile Bopadev's implications that Devahuti, like all women, was a nymphomaniac (note acBSp's opinion underlined below) who needed a gangbang to get her kicks.  Or is it self-therapy: degrading women to justify the molestation of children?*

 ".....in order to satisfy her sexual desire, Kardama Muni expanded himself into nine forms. Instead of one, he became nine, and nine persons had sexual intercourse with Devahuti for many, many years. It is understood that the sexual appetite of a woman is nine times greater than that of a man. That is clearly indicated here. Otherwise, Kardama Muni would have had no reason to expand himself into nine."  Surely, without his own lusty desire Kadamba could not have expanded even an inch.  Further, according to acBSp's 'age of consent' Devahuti should not have been more than 10/12 years old.  Nine times more lusty than a man?....A pedophile pin-up snuff dream. 

* acBSp: Anyone who satisfies her desire for sex at that age becomes a great object of satisfaction. It is a psychological fact that when a woman (?) at the age of puberty meets a man and the man satisfies her sexually (10/12 year old ?) she will love that man for the rest of her life, regardless who he is.

Additionally, homosexuality/pedophilia past and present within the cult, its practice and acceptance sotto voce, cannot be gainsaid in lieu of gaudiya/vaisnava history as revealed in our article GENDER BENDER DESCENDER.  

In dearth of corpus juris or any visible law books for the next 10,000 years, or even an Abstract of judgment,  researchers are forced to dig into archived 'incidental fragments' to determine legal jurisdiction and adjudication.  Bearing this in mind, BIF brings to view three cases smothered by the acBSp junta and its Bg. Law, the only visible law in its otherwise invisible body of law...for the next 10,000 years.

acBSp Street Peddler

CASE ONE (Underline and Bold by BIF) :

Dear Prabhus, My name is Bhagavat Das. I am twice initiated by Srila Prabhupada and I have been around since 1970. My wife Radha and I were licensed foster parents for 9 years. We took care of close to 70 children in our home during that time, many of them physically and sexually abused. My experience with these children as protector, counselor, and guide has put me in a position of understanding to some extent the plight of the Gurukulis. I deeply sympathize with their dissatisfaction with the way ISKCON has handled their situation. If the leaders of ISKCON would follow the first example Srila Prabhupada set for them in dealing with child molesters they would, at the very least, make an important statement to the children that they did not tolerate child abuse.

Ah, this is interesting.  A view into the courtroom of the man who authored law books for the next 10,000 years.  So then, what was the precedent set by this godman who superseded all commandments and all world accepted legislation when dealing with child molesters ?.......

I was in Allahabad in January 1977 when Srila Prabhupada was at the Kumbha Mela. During that time one of the first known child molesters was caught in Vrndavana and brought to Allahabad to be judged by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada curled his lips in disgust and shook his head in great disbelief as he was told how this disciple of his sexually molested practically every child in the Gurukula. Srila Prabhupada was so disgusted that he told the GBC and others who were in the room that this boy, on his order should never for any reason be allowed in any of our temples ever again.

That's it !!?  A pedophile infiltrates a school run by acBSp then sexually molested practically every child, and cult law tells him to walk... go molest somewhere else?  Without notifying law enforcement (misprision of a felony) or informing parents that children were raped, acBSp releases a monster in the playground.  And his sentence..."Don't come here no more."  Is this law to supersede all other legislation, and for the next 10,000 years?  Let's see what else flew over the cuckoo's nest. 

When questioned about the severity of the sentence Srila Prabhupada said on occasion the boy could come to a temple for the Sunday feast and eat prasadam.  Unfortunately, after Srila Prabhupada left this child molester found his way back into ISKCON'S temples.  I would always complain whenever I saw him somewhere but usually to no avail. "He is doing service prabhu" is what I was told as the authorities disregarded the words of Srila Prabhupada. I finally told some grown up Gurukulis the story in Alachua and the next time he came around he was warned to leave ISKCON and never return or else. I heard recently he is in ISKCON temples in India, some things never change.

Severity of the sentence?  What severity?  Who gave acBSp the right to withhold evidence on a serial CSA needing medical assessment and treatment?  Who gave him license to hold court without education, jurisdiction and in breach of international law?  Who gave him right to withhold information from parents, shutting them out from seeking their own course of action?  AcBSp acted surreptitiously for gain and to maintain his own status quo, in breach of law, in breach of human civility.

The children were stolen away by the asBSp dictatorship,* as were the lives of all who fell haplessly under his driven ambition.  Covering-up serious crime to secure his dream of world domination is what set the precedent for pedophilia in Iskcon, finally exposed in the Dallas Court House and only after victims reached adulthood and fought for themselves.  Even so, justice was thwarted because, as disclosed earlier, the cult is rooted in sentiment.  Although the number of victims were staggering, there were no ex parte claims; claimants were corralled; several victims did not come forward, and those who did were philosophically cheated by cult advocates and holy peer-pressure sentiments.  

*acBSp: "If you take charge of the children of our devotees and give them nice education strictly on Krishna Consciousness principles, it will be a great help to the preachers (who street-peddled his book,)  just like our six students, husbands and wives, who are preaching in London. One of them has got a child and as soon as she is at least two years old, she may be sent under your care."  http://mysite.verizon.net/vze4x2q7/id5.html

Evidenced above, the cult reporter, like his fellow members, besotted and looted of decency by the godman/dictator, sees no civil obligation in notifying the law to apprehend a dangerous predator who sexually molested practically every child .   To the cultist, the dictator/godman is god-on-earth.  No matter how garbled his philosophy or criminal his activity, his every pubic hair is a worshipable relic. 

CASE TWO (Underline, Bold, and comments (in blue) by BIF) :

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation  June 26, 1975, Los Angeles

Devotee (2): Is that correct, Srila Prabhupada? I want to know very clearly that every word that anyone whom you have appointed says is completely correct on all things?
Prabhupada: Yes. If they are authorized, it is correct.
Here is the crux of a dictatorial perspective.  No consequence is more relevant to a dictator than acceptance of his power and vestment.  Hitler felt this way and so did Stalin, as do all despots.

Heil Hare!

Devotee (2): If they are authorized by you to be temple president?
Prabhupada: There is no reply.
Devotee (2): Then when (name witheld) said to me that he wanted to have homosexual affair with me, I should have said, "Okay. Whatever you say." Is that correct?
Prabhupada: So how to answer these questions?
Faced with complaint of a direct homosexual proposal in his 'celibate' cult, acBSp hedges.  He shows no concern, viz. if there is one homosexual member and he directly approaches someone without reserve, there could be a proliferation of transgender members within the cult (a gaudiya tradition? Read our Gender Bender Descender.)  Let's take a closer look at the precedent he set on homosexuality in his law books for the next 10,000 years.

Devotee (2): That is what he said to me. And he was a sannyasa. He is sannyasa and he said to me, "I want to have sex with you." Does that mean that Krsna was saying I should have sex with him? 

 OKAY!  So the hooker is a honcho, given high religious status by acBSp, himself. 
Jayatirtha: So you have to see whether it is according to our principles.
Jayatirtha was later exposed as a drug/sex addict who was eventually murdered (decapitated) by a disciple with whose wife he was fornicating.  According to our principles.... Krishna had an affair with Arjuna/Arjuni in the forest; Subal was in there somewhere, and Chaitanya cross-dressed flashing a gopi bodice which he then stripped to suckle male associates... All this on a transcendental platform of course....., just like this Iskcon sannyasi below-

'He continually tried to penetrate me anally either with his penis or with his finger and would become frustrated and angry as I would begin bleeding.  Whilst this was going on he would have the door locked and would be saying things to me like, " I am a sunnyasi and I am doing this, why are you not wanting to do this?'  (excerpt, Child Protection Office files, ISKCON)

Devotee (2): I'm asking you on a very practical... No. That is not what he said. He didn't say that. He said absolutely, and this is...
Upendra: Then you should listen to everything he said.
So Upendra wanted the homosexual sannyasi be heard in full.  Why?  Did he feel the listener would convert and agree to....what?  Only time would tell, and it did-  "Upendra...[...]... was saved at the end and cared for by a new ISKCON generation as he died of AIDS." http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/01-11/editorials6993.htm

Devotee (2): I am. Because if I can judge then, if I can say, "Oh, at this point he is wrong," then that is what we are talking about, Srila Prabhupada. That is the issue. If they are absolutely right all the time and they can make no error, they wield absolute power over our lives.
They did. They do....Unknown to the world, and in spite of Iskcon's holy propaganda, the souls of innocent people have been stolen and employed in a dictatorial program of enslavement and exploitation that must be stopped.

Prabhupada: Where is (name witheld)? Where is (he)?
Satsvarupa: He is across the street.
Finally, the culprit has been located.  Now we can expect some judgment defining a precedent for the 10,000 year law books.
Prabhupada: Has he said like that?
Devotee (2): Yes. I have witnesses.
Why bother with what he said?  Haul him in and find out what he did... and continues to do; his exploited victims, his connections, and the extent to which the cluster is in operation.  The fact that this basic desideratum is ignored reveals more than anything said. 

Upendra: But he's admitted his error.
What error?  That he propositioned the wrong guy....otherwise homosexual rape/coercion is an accepted cult practice, permissible and protected under Bg. law

Devotee (2): That's beside the point.
Revatinandana: That's all right. But that's not the point here.
Upendra: The point is that Prabhupada, that if you come before Prabhupada for your own spiritual advancement, then it doesn't matter what other people are thinking...
Albeit no precedent on homosexuality is forthcoming, yet another dangerous precedent formalizes as we anatomize the conversation: complainants table their pleas in camera and pro se (appearing as party in person,) pleading to a sitting that may be dangerously psychosomatic-  psycho/sexual pseudo/masochistic practitioners, in collaboration to render a genuine plaint 'fluency circumstantial.'.... an internal kang-guru session with serious retributive posssibilities for whistleblowers.  Which proved later to be true-  Read the book "Monkey on a Stick." 
Devotee (2): That's not the...
Devotee (1): That's not the crux of the matter at all.
Revatinandana: The point here is not to criticize (him).
Here we note Ravatinandana (swami) asking the complainant to fall in line with Bg. law.  But the swami himself fell prey to the paranoia of the dictator, as eventuated later: acBSp: "Now, the Revatinandana and this man and Syamasundara is making a clique. I can understand. What they are planning, that also I know. But I don't wish to disclose it. So if these things come, then how this movement will go on? Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating, these are the general qualification of the western countries."  We see here the dictator's intelligence network in operation.  Don't EVER tell us at BIF that acBSp was not informed.  He was up to speed on everything. FYI. Ravatinandana has since left the cult....'blooped,' as they say. 

Devotee (1): No. We did not come for that at all.
Revatinandana: That wasn't the reason. The point is that anyone, (name witheld) or anybody else, he may be a sannyasi, but if he's doing all kinds of nonsense, how can we say that he has absolute authority? Because he was in charge of the place, etc., and he is also in an authoritative position, yet he breaks the principles.
While waiting with bated breath for a precedent in a test case, we note the judge does not bring his court/chamber to order.  Instead he appears content in allowing his subordinates to adjudicate the case.  Or is it that we, and the complainants- Devotee (1) & (2), are ignorant of homosexuality being historically synonymous with Chaitanyaism, ergo a precedent set sotto voce 500 years ago?  We don't know.  Let's read on in the belief we could be wrong.

Devotee (2): His personal servant, when he came... His name is (name witheld). (He) instigated a homosexual affair with him. This boy came to surrender to Krsna and surrendered to (him). But (he) told him to do that.
Whoops! Now the case solidifies beyond demurrer ; it cannot be whimsically dismissed.  Corroborating evidence is introduced demanding further investigation to probe the depth of criminality-  sexual exploitation and breaches of spirito/fiduciary obligations.  Will the bench defer the case to initiate a full investigation, or will the cult's dictator/Chief Justice bring down a verdict setting a precedent for his predicted corpus juris spanning the next 10,000 years?   

Upendra: But Prabhupada...
Devotee (2): Wait. I am not speaking with you. He said he did that and he did it in the name of his authority as a sannyasa. So if you say, Prabhupada, that everything that they say is absolutely true, then they will have absolute power and can do anything that they want, and anything that they say and any opinion they express is taken to be the same as yours, then it becomes implied that you agree with and condone such things, because they do them with absolute license. And we don't believe that to be true. So we think it is some kind of mistake.
Prabhupada: They say like that?
Good god!  A cult claiming purity/celibacy and a mandate for humanity at large, is being raped from within by the dictator's henchman and all he cares about is his public image.  Under law the charge of sexual exploitation covers unconscionable conduct, but when perpetrated by a 'swami' faking a 24/7 profile on public exhibit, it reveals insidious characteristics common to sociopaths.....and the case files burgeon as the cluster of sociopaths ad seriatim come to view. 


Devotee (1): Everyone says like that.
Devotee (2): They do, Prabhupada.
Satsvarupa: No, they don't. Srila Prabhupada has said these things don't apply to you. Don't worry about them because you are not following the principles.
Of retrospective relevance:  Satsvarupa (swami), one of the eleven 'inheritors' of the dictatorship (post acBSp,) was discovered googly eyed on psychotropic drugs, playing leap-frog with a cult member's wife....They were following the principles which lead them to the bedroom.  That's right, just like the Jayatirtha (swami) fellow.  Yep, they were all anointed 'Goswami' (controller of the senses) by the dictator.  AcBSp further appointed them law-keepers for the three worlds-  Iskcon, Disney, and Wally's.
Devotee (1): But they do say, and we are following and you don't know what we're doing, Satsvarupa, because you haven't known me for two years. So you really don't know what I'm doing. You're not around.
Satsvarupa: But our society is going nicely. It's not...
Is this another crawlspace law for slithering cults? -  "But our society is going nicely."  No matter what the nature of the imposition or crime, it is irrelevant because the society is going nicely, i.e, court is closed.  Nothing surpasses the need to expand unnoticed by secularism other than with begging bowl in hand...or begging books:  mumbo-jumbo manuals jelly-brain interpreted to read-  law books for the next 10,000 years, further scrambled by a snuff-snorter who tells us pigeons can be trained to carry people into outer space.  His laws (if that is what it is) can be found scattered across our site.  Just cruise through and shudder at the prospect of humanity existing under the IGM mental menagerie.  acBSp: Yes. You'll get the government.  O' Lord, save us from your followers. 


Devotee (2): In some respects it's going fine. But these are problems which can be dealt with amongst us, and they are affecting all of us. And for some people these are problems though they may not be for you. I think, as far as I know, your conduct has always been very honorable. But for some people who it's not and where these misconceptions apply, it's a real problem and we're trying to deal with it because it affects our lives.
Once again, retrospectively, in the case of Satsvarupa Das Goswami Maharaja (full title,) his conduct was not honorable, as already disclosed.  He was just another one of the sociopathic cluster with which the dictator surrounded himself.  In all justification, given the evidence, without conniving sociopaths the cult could never have travelled under the radar as far as it has.  And Devotee (2) is just one of many who continue to believe there is conscience within the Krishna conscious cult....There isn't.  What moves the monster is unconscionable belief and conduct, from horns to spear-tipped tail.
Upendra: The strength to deal with those problems comes from following sadhanacara.
Devotee (2): We are also attempting to follow sadhanacara. And if we are imperfect....
Sanskrit terminology like the word sadhanacara, was introduced by acBSp as 'deva bhasya,' a language used by demigods, which subtly implies divine reincarnation to facilitate cult expansion, e.g., sect preceptors are manjaris : reincarnated gopi girls who have an eternal sexual relationship with Krishna.  Unfortunately for Upendra, who is here hiding his own sexual orientation whilst mitigating a serious complaint, his sadhanacara gave him aids and death.  A tangled web, indeed. 


Prabhupada: Anyway, if he has said so, that is wrong.
Devotee (1): But is that then applying to everyone. Does someone who is in the adminis... (end)
Here the recording ends, and with no judgment passed other than...if he said so, that is wrong.  In lieu of the facts, i.e., not even a basic investigation was initiated to prove or disprove the allegations, we must assume ipso facto homosexuality/rape/pedophilia was ongoing and tolerated, at least.  Hence no official precedent was set, nor is there one visible in the cult's law books for the next 10,000 years, other than stories of Krishna's serial pedophilia and adultery.  Nonetheless, an unwritten precedent is plain for all to see.  It lies visible not in what was done, but in what was not.  As a result of acBSp's indifference, sex crimes are nolle prosequi in the ambit of cult jurisdiction.  To this day, not a single sex criminal has been handed over to the law.  To the contrary, they have been defended and harbored, safe under Bg. Law 

...for the next 10,000 years?

AcBSp handed over a packaged business to unscreened drift-ins.  It did not bother them that the package was a bundled mixture of fairydust and bulldust.  All that mattered was the assurance of unquestionable authority and safe harbor the deal provided.  They would promote the provider as god, and he would dispense proportionate power to them.  Whatever else, they knew that every peccadillo penchant and perversion was already adjudicated free of retribution...by god, guru and gaudiyaism.
In introducing our final case, it is important our readers understand that long before the poster on display below was conceived, acBSp and his honchos were fully conversant with the predator's escapades.  He was caught, genitals exposed, sexually penetrating an underaged child in the temple barn.  AcBSp received an immediate report and advised the monster take a cruise whilst the incident phased out.  People spat on him when his twisted life began to unfold.  AcBSp knew about it-  acBSp: Loke gaye thuk thuk diyeche (People spat and spat on his body. T-46.It also became known that he was a homosexual club member in the U.S prior to his enrolling in the IGM.  None of this knowledge was shared outside the cult elite, and certainly not with unsuspecting Australia where he was posted as "His Divine Grace Bhavananda Goswami, an intimate disciple of His Divine Grace  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada" (acBSp), and touted as a "Bona fide Spiritual Master" representing "a succession of spiritual masters that originated with Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."  After a few years, he was caught once again, this time performing fellatio on an Indian taxi-driver.  He was obviously prostituting himself, and more than possibly...abusing children for years while playing god-on-earth.  It also became known that he was surrounding himself with other sociopaths (clusters.)  But it was all too late for hundreds of recruits who had given up whatever monies they had, jobs and family to be enslaved by the sociopath and his IGM monsters claiming universal rights to....law books for the next 10,000 years.  FYI. After some years on the Sydney homosexual scene, he has returned to Mayapur, W. Bengal.  For some reason they all end up in India.
We leave you with the poster (below) which appeared in just about every Australian / New Zealand city town and hamlet in the early 1980's.
Thank You for spending time with us.