Dated: 30th Sep 2010

Hare Krsna,

Namaskar aur Pranam. All Glories to His Divine Grace.
Here below, and once again we expose the malignancy of Ravana's poison as it seeps through Iskcon's GBC and their appointed Officers for Life.  Placing themselves in a position above State and Federal Laws, they concoct canon to cover crimes, criminals and criminality within their ranks, and use these vile laws to bind, gag, threaten and excommunicate devotees who recognize them as thieves stealing the wealth of the Deity.    
 Iskcon Law No: 12.8  ".......and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and / or his membership in ISKCON terminated.(88)." 



Sep 27, 2010 — UK (SUN) —

In 1971, HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada wrote the following letters…

"On the whole our account should be kept very nicely because we are dealing with the public's money".
SPL to Jayapataka Maharaja July 28th.
And again on Oct 9th to Karandhara…

"You can advise to all the branches that such accounts should be kept very nicely so that the public may know that we are very clear in our dealings".
And yet again Oct 16th to Ksirodakasayi…
"My only point is that we are dealing with the public. They are paying us money and we should handle them so carefully so that they may think of us as spotless".

There are many more such instructions to be found in Siksamrta Vol. 3, 'Temple management, accounting'.

In early December 2008, an ISKCON UK director (Viswambhara das) approached me with allegations of financial discrepancies.

He was so disturbed he wanted some direction on what to do.

He even wanted to take the matter to the police.

On at least two separate occasions he repeated his story of at least £50,000 cash being kept in the Treasury on behalf of Prana bhandu das (See Not Wanted).

The problem was that the then Temple President, Gauri das, did NOT know about it.


when it was brought to Gauri das's attention by Visvambhara das, he (Visvambhara das) was told to keep it quiet by Gauri das.

At that time Visvambhara das was insistent and wanted to go to the police, so I knew I couldn't go empty handed, and that under pressure from ISKCON management, Viswambhara das would either deny everything or "back peddle".

I encouraged him to tell at least the GBC, Praghosa das.

The following conversation was recorded for the benefit of the police, who still have an original copy: Audio MP3 or Zip file with .amr format audio file (download, unzip and open with Quicktime player).

Of course... when the police requested an interview with the Manor accountant, it was refused.

I heard that this incident did go to the GBC in Mayapur but not so strangely, nothing else was heard about it.

Well not quite...

On the 1st of April 2009 I received my exclusion letter.

Included in it were the following lines justifying my expulsion:

"Reporting Bhaktivedanta Manor to the police fraud office about alleged accounting malpractice"

Yet... to date, almost 18 months later, not one member of ISKCON UK management has ever asked in any way, shape or form, any information relating to or regarding "my" allegations.

To date… I have never heard of any report from the GBC, the same key players in this little drama are all in their same respective positions (except for Gauri das, who has been moved sideways).

As a footnote may I add these words, included on my expulsion order from Bhaktivedanta Manor:

"It is important to note that although non of the above actions were successful in their aims, each one in it's own right would be enough for us to request you to find another place to worship. We now feel we have been collectively remiss in not taking action sooner. This behaviour is unacceptable and we have no option but to take steps to protect the temple."

And so it goes on.
Another point of interest is that several of the key players, Pranabhandu das and Shyamasundara das, are
the signatories of that letter.



Sep 29, 2010 — UK (SUN) —

My thanks to Bhakta Harry for his transcription. It was almost the same as the police version. However "Jason" is actually "Jyesta", who just happens to be my wife. Also "banned" is actually "banked". But otherwise, Harry's transcription is reasonably accurate.
[Corrections now made to original transcription. Ed.] Thank you for giving your time, Harry prabhu. I have been receiving feedback from other concerned people.

the society is NOT allowed to have £50,000 in petty cash.
the question begs to be asked…
just how long has this been going on?

Please remember that the UK ISKCON National Council quite categorically stated after an official internal enquiry…
"There is NO black economy at Bhaktivedanta Manor."
This was in reply to a previous query of mine (please read "The Sorry Saga", Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.)
The police also have the original copies of that correspondence.
So... the next question that begs to be asked is... just where did all that cash come from?
And thirdly…if £50,000 was found…how much more has been funneled through the same channels?
Before or after. And... perhaps most critically…just where was all that cash going?

I have been told that the same players in this little drama, i.e., the Accountant, Rukmini Ramana das, the Director of Finance, Prana bhandu das, and our beloved GBC director, Praghosa das, are still in their respective positions. It would be very interesting to see any of the official explanations from ISKCON UK. Or even the report from ISKCON Mayapur.

I have sent copies of "Lend Me Your Ears Again", with the attached MP3 sound file, to all the Bhaktivedanta Manor management and to those ISKCON UK directors whose e-mail addresses I have. I have sent a copy to HH Sivarama Swami, whose disciples are involved.
To date... I have received NO reply. Now why is that?