18th Sept. 2014


1. A mercenary stockpile of bygone literary crock! Senseless preliminaries and stock phrases appropriated by a British raj-ke-naukar c a Gaudiya brown sahib. Phrases full of instants ultimos and proximos aped by a fake whose 'Letters' are now archived and referenced by cult spawn in an ipso facto claim to DE-vinity.

2. The iskcon hare krishna founder, A. C. De's desk book on the etiquette of social stationery is a Gungadin piracy of ceremonious British-raj drivel. If god-krishna dictated his books, as he claimed, then King George must have dictated his letters. Yet iskcon proclaims the colonial bum-kisser ... a good-as-god Gaudiya; holds the Catholic missionary replica sacrosanct, and strives rapaciously to acclaim him- Litterateur.

3. Are we biased in critique of textual evidence? Are we to fear death c retribution... miseryc attack by multi-armed gods and goddesses as we sleep c curses of Vaisnavas (other dimensional humans living on this dimensional welfare) because we challenge iskcon's acarya / messiah/ good-as-god gobbledegook? De himself justifies our stand in one, of many, oxymorons :-

De (Prabhupada) : gNobody requires university degree. That is a false thing. And brahmana should be very highly learned scholar.h

4. His letter-aping of British ballyhoo exposes a lack of self as seen in the preliminaries of his communication- gI beg to acknowledge receipt ...h gI am in due receipt of your letter ...h gI have duly noted the contents of your letter...h and the overused- gPlease accept my blessingsh ...(that is brought to you, because God has dealt graciously with me,) a Roman Catholic missionary stock phrase extract from - Genesis, 33/11.

5. All of which belies the fact- De was born the Bengali son of a street cloth vendor c a business so paltry in takings that it had no family inheritance or inheritor. De was forced to eke out an existence far from his father's 'footpath' business. Yet his autobiographed aristocratic birth, high education and royal connections, fairy godmothered by his American printing press, is cult drilled as an unquestionable reality.

6. His pretensions were imbibed by the criminal sanctuary he crafted c and progressively Am/Jew security coded by DEvising an ethnocentric argot : a fusion of Gaudiya isms and Yankee locution, which identifies its ego, its epistolary c its adherents c and (in memesis of its founder) its jargon.

7. To mentally install such a program requires total subjugation of the host. Part of how that process is implemented can be analyzed in quotes like the one cited above : A 'Brahman' should be very highly learned scholar but does not require a false university degree to achieve a very high education. What it says is what every cultist subscribes to, i.e. no education is valid outside cult. Translated simply, it means ... no research c no information c no confirmation c no validation c no opinion c no expertize c no truth c no consultation c no evaluation ... no respect c no contact (unless for profit,) is to be taken, given, credited or imbibed outside the cult compendieum, i.e., councillors carbitrators ... management c regulations c superstitions c gospel ... indoctrination.

8. Nonetheless, easy pickings under a charity tax umbrella did attract salvific sharks and ex-sabbatarians to the DEvised cult. So it is not atypical to read articulated postings where
impartial observers with ... no axe to grind c humbly offer c their expertise (reeking of cult rhetoric) to a cyber seam ... mother-lode of dupes.

9. Yet, when the LLB', MD', PhD', etc., are traced to internal cult mail outs, we discover the 'ism-detached' professionals addressing recipients as 'Prabhu' (master)c under request to PAMHO (Please Accept My Humble Obeisances) c followed by AGTSP (All Glories to Srila Prabhupada) c a dead giveaway, red-flagging predators gorging on cultivated prey.

10. And the prey, albeit classified by the founder himself as – papi tapi jatis (low life who constitute the bulk of his cult,) exercise publicly, in cyberspace, their guru-gifted magical / mystical intelligence : a Scarecrow brain planted in strawheads skipping down iskcon's Yellow Brick Road.

11. As a consequence of guru-brain over-stuffing, they come out to cyber bask in new found intellect. Here is one such basker in a cult forum:

Hare Krishna
(Please Accept My Humble Obeisances). AGTSP (All Glories To Srila Prabhupada).
As an impartial observer with no ax to grind, I would like to humbly offer a little food for thought. No offense intended towards anyone here.

(master) one must be prepared to back up to support it when and what ones makes such questionable comments that need the answers. That is exactly what I question you in my comments to which you do not seem to have supportive answer to your questionable comments.

Therefore, your questionable comments are not valid.
It is that simple.
Hari BOL.

12. Meanwhile cult gurus are directing computer literate disciples to act like whale pods in a cult-krill harvest. Here we show readers how the guru-gifted strawbrain comes programmed to obey DEception. Below is a leaked ordinance from iskcon guru (Radhanatha Swami, aka. Dicky Slavin, Am/Jew) disciples to lesser strawheads. It proves not only trickery malum in se but an iskcon secreting of ethnocentric argot (mentioned in para. 6) with intent to entrap:-


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13. Concernedly, it is not simply deception nor the borrowed phraseology of a dead cult founder c nor his assurance of a brain transplant for every scarecrow via the Gaudiya holy trinity- Hare, Rama, and Krishna c but a situation that grows ever more serious.

14. For reasons unfathomable, the Indian Govt. has paved the cult's progress down an Indian Yellow Brick Road : giving them free reign ... access to children ... oodles of land, assets and tax-free status. What has resulted by Govt. endorsement is an exploitation of humanity. Read on.

15. Whereas Iskcon wears an anti Monsanto mask publicly, in private the iskcon (Bangalore) Akshaya Patra operation has teamed up with the GMF / vaccine diablo. If you do not know who Monsanto is, just Google them up.

16. What was a regular serve-up of curried rats, roaches, lizards, scorpions and snakes in
Akshaya Patra's mid-day-meal to school kids, has now taken a Vamana Deva stride into the unknown. Here below are three links (important) showing Iskcon Bangalore, its management, and the Akshaya Patra link-up to Monsanto:-




17. This is certainly not the first time BIF has raised the question of how and why iskcon, a group with a treacherous past concerning children (arguably the worst on the planet,) has license to interact with Indian children on all levels. Below we post yet again (yawwwwn) current reports on Iskcon mid-day-meal mayhem and promises by authority (yawwwwn) who, for some inexplicable reason, appear to have difficulty dumping iskcon's pathogenic table d'hote.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/sdmc-deputy-mayor-finds-schools-lacking-basic-facilities/article6372024.ece?textsize=small&test=2

September 2, 2014
He also inspected the facilities of an ISKCON-run kitchen that supplies mid-day meals to schools around Aali. He said the cooking oil being used had no manufacturing or expiry date, leading him to believe that they may be past the use-by date.

gThe kitchen was using domestic gas cylinders instead of commercial ones. The puris had been fried in oil that had become black due to multiple use,h he said.

After the findings of Mondayfs inspections, the Deputy Mayor will submit a report to the Corporation on Tuesday and ask that action be taken against those responsible.


Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/lizards-found-in-midday-meal-for-south-delhi-school-children/article6378600.ece

NEW DELHI, September 4, 2014
Lizards found in mid-day meal for South Delhi school children

Damini Nath

Primary school students in South Delhi were saved from lizard-infested lunches on Wednesday as teachers at their municipal corporation school discovered the reptiles just in time.

Teachers at the South Delhi Municipal Corporationfs primary school in Pushp Vihar, Sector-3, Saket, were mixing rice and lentils for the studentsf mid-day meal when they discovered lizards in the food, Education Director C. Uday Kumar said.

Mr. Kumar added that a police complaint had been filed against Jay Gee Humanitarian Society, which supplied the meals. After getting the report, 15 other schools that received the same food were asked to discard the meals.

gWe will award the teachers who saved the children from the contaminated meals,h said SDMC Standing Committee chairperson Satish Upadhyay.

The Corporation has three contractors that supply mid-day meals to its 589 schools.

Jay Gee Humanitarian Society provides cooked lunches for over one lakh children every day in 183 schools.

At a meeting of the Standing Committee on Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition Farhad Suri said the civic body should also have taken action against Iskcon Food Relief Foundation because of cases in the past. Iskcon Foundation supplies mid-day meals to 61,337 students in 124 schools.

gIn the past, rats and wire meshes have been found in the food supplied by Iskcon. Why havenft we taken action against them? Are the Iskcon rats not poisonous,h asked Mr. Suri.

The Education Director said an inquiry on the incident would be done within 15 days. Mr. Upadhyay also asked the Education Department to present a report on the condition of all schools in the next meeting of the committee.

This is in the wake of Deputy Mayor Praveen Ranafs inspections of SDMC schools this week that found toilets and classrooms in poor conditions.

18. Not unlike Radhanatha's scarecrows, Madhu Pandit (Akshaya Patra boss man) also employs cyber shrills working internationally and around the clock. His reasons and strategies for assigning minions to his cyber defense are many. Not least of which is the legal war (sub judice for 13 years) over the letterhead monies and properties iskcon claims Madhu Pandit hijacked. Mr. Pandit's reason for seizing the property was, as he says, iskcon did not follow the dictates of the founder, De. As a consequence, instead of opening his own center, he did exactly what he accused his bosses of doing ... he usurped the Bangalore property and continues using the iskcon shingle to collect donations. The final Supreme Court verdict is due (yawwwwn) anytime soon.

BIF's badinage in brief:
De (Prabhupada) referenced and interpreted practically every Purana to proclaim himself good-as-god. The messiah concept was swallowed whole by his pre-primed targets c messianic Jews and Christians.

After De's death, it posed a conundrum for the hare krishna society because in order to authenticate his cult and garner mainstream support De had also propagated the Hindu system of gdisciplic successionh or gparamparahc which contradicts the guru-is-god concept in a monotheistic belief system, obviously. Besides, De's appointed leaders turned out to be bordello and bathhouse bunnies.
(De lied through his teeth c scroll down to para.36 and read the brown font).

Madhu Pandit used De's ambiguity and the sexual weaknesses of De's appointed leaders to advantage. Backed by messianics, he usurped the Bangalore temple and proclaimed it flagship for the cause c Prabhupadism i.e., De and only De is good-as-god.

There is a major problem with that credo. BIF knows it and so does the iskcon leadership. The cult's governing body cannot afford to invest in the good-as-god gush. Why? Because De was a dope who made some of the most ridiculous statements known to man. As a consequence of declaring De a god-man in today's world, the institution, the philosophy, the entire cult WILL quickly vanish down the gurgler (if it isn't sloshing, already.) Whereas brain transplants for strawheads by a
cadre of instituted anybodies was always a safer business proposition.

19. The MP splinter, over time, has formed a political wing calling themselves- Prabhupadanugas c like Christ' Christians. They are iskcon's Charlie Browns. Or as we know them- parampara param'panzees. This troop of primates operate several cyber sites. Some overt while others flog the- impartial observer with no ax to grind approach. In recent times the overts and coverts have come tumbling out the trees in a param'panzee melee. We were alerted to the fracas from inside the BIF circle.

20. Apparently, the akshaya patra boss-man is now muscling his way into the banana-box of lesser param'panzees in Jaipur, Rajasthan ... a group calling themselves Hare Krishna Community. Screeching and teeth showing went on for months before forum moderators stopped all further comments c but not before a couple of Madhu Pandit bum-chums were discovered and chased through the bush:-

gFinally the paramfpanzees have found a meaty butt to bite. Bobo-PADA-Puranjana-Tim Lee has been exposed as an interloper, an agent provocateur, a Madhu Pandit red-bum-macaque pretending to be a paramfpanzee. The entire barrel of ritvik monkeys has gone bananas.

Another butt being masticated in the monkey melee belongs to Mahesh Raja, who started out as a frog in the UK, but after croaking ritvik-ritvik-ritvik incessantly was kissed by Madhu Pandit and transformed into a copy / paste pal. He and Bobo have been exposed doing cyber tricks for Madhu Pandit plantain.

Now we hear Bobo is shrieking. He claims (Not Again!) that he is so important the other monkeys wont be satisfied chewing on his assets c they want to kill him. He feels its time to beam up old associates who live on the end of his hash-pipe c the FBI, CIA, NSA, Interpol, European police, German government agencies, CNN, St. Peter, Michael the Archangel, Jesus (his Colombian dealer) and officer Joe Sanchez.

Reports are coming in c Bobo has hung his red-bum out the trailer window and started beeping an S.O.S to inter-galactic law enforcement. Flash Gordon and Chewbacca are on the way.

If readers donft have time for Attenborough or a visit to the zoo, a quick study in primatology can be done here- gWho is TIM LEE- PURANJANA-PADA


21. Should the link suddenly disappear, readers may contact us for content. Now, as we alerted readers in the last write-up we did (2011) on this PADA (aka. Bobo) fellow - gOld Dogs Old Tricks", you may leave or scroll down to our Knots in a Thread because the posting gets pada- or gaseous.

22. BIF was rebuked by some readers for digressing into individual confrontation with lunatics. In our plea for understanding, we request leeway when exposing cultists like Bobo. Yes, we acknowledge his hypergraphia is schizoid related, but cyber dupes do not. Hell if this fellow said it was Monday, I'd need a second opinion. When a key player in cult politics (Madhu Pandit) uses a blogger like Bobo, it demands our attention. And if BIF appears unnecessarily accusatory when dealing with this monkey c just Google PADA for a consensus on this Hindu-hating, Madhu Pandit fed macaque.
Here below we deal with the Bobo letter, posted when his organ-grinder was exposed beating-up the Jaipur param'panzees:-

>>Friday, August 29, 2014
PADA Appreciation of Madhu Pandit Das

PADA: Over the years we have found very "far and few between" Krishna devotees who see the need for any legal challenges to the bogus GBC post - 1977 gurus. Madhu Pandit das is one of those very few rare people on earth who understands this point -- that we have to challenge the bogus GBC's gurus in court.<<

23. The legal challenge has NOTHING to do with gurus. It is a Property Rights case, which turned fraudulent when Madhu Pandit tampered with official seals c and then vexed matters further by implying that a respected member of the Indian judiciary (Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana) was bribed / biased.

>>And so, for quite a long time, it was mainly me and Sulochana who were publicly asking for a legal process to be used on these bogus gurus, and he was assassinated for doing that. Of course, why should we Westerners have to undertake the job of correcting any of the guru lineages of India -- at all?<<

24. Even if India was to coalesce the 'Laws' of every sect, cult, ism, and godman in India (Hell NO!) it would make no difference. iskcon's 'guru lineage' was registered in New York. Iskcon's crimes are American, ergo it is, and always has been a Yankee problem. Bobo (Tim Lee) is American, Sulochana (Steve Bryant) was American.

25. As for 'me and Sulochana' c the only association the two ever had was drug abuse. If in fact 'me and Sulochana' made a public appeal, where is the evidence to prove it? There is no mention of the two as appellants in any legal or public register. And why ask the public for legal process when felony investigations / prosecutions are state initiated, subject to complaint sui juris? Is Bobo an ADD monkey decorating himself with Bryant's ashes? But of course he is.

26. The only media opportunity Bobo ever had was in a recent TV interview. He advertized his upcoming debut like a casting-couch starlet. But what happened when they called for lights and action? ... He hid in silhouette, called himself gPatrickh and regressed into childhood. The end result ... ZILCH! His nasal drone didn't affect a blade of grass on planet iskcon. A useless waste of time.

>>Why aren't the India nationals themselves saying, hey we cannot have homosexuals, sexual predators, deviants, criminals, drug addicts and various fools posing as India's "tradition of of acharyas." Why are any of us Westerners even involved at all? <<

27. Again, the cult and its 'tradition of acaryas' was registered in America, and spread from there like a contagion ... by Westerners. The only Indian national (De) involved with the registration, openly declared the cult had nothing to do with Hindus. So why should Hindustanis put their fingers in cult feces? Those who crap and spread it around should clean it up. Yet, here we are, working because we know sinners can reform, madmen can medicate, but stupid is forever.

>>Why didn't India's own people like Sridhara Maharaja and Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri maharajas, Goplal Krishna swami, Bhakti Caru swami, Svarupa Damodar swami, Gaura govinda maharaja etc etc etc take this molester acharya's program down -- at the get go in 1977? Why did they wait for a few Western cranks like us to take this on?<<

28. None of the Indians mentioned above are guilty of breaching any statutes, or committed felonies malum prohibitum c Indian or International. If there is evidence to the contrary c produce it or shut up. Iskcon's crimes are committed by Western cranks ergo subject to Western law.

>>Why was the job of correcting these whacky acharyas handed off to a few cranks like me and Sulochana, and the mundane law enforcement of the West -- such as the Berkeley Police?<<

29. No one hands jobs over to cranks who hide from the light, and call themselves 'Patrick'. Nor has the Bobo crank achieved anymore than validate the iskcon governing body by default. And what in tarnation is mundane law enforcement? Is this Bobo fellow in contact with the dream-police? So blow another blunt and go get 'em.

>> At least to his credit Madhu Pandit das is one of the few rare Indian bodied folks who knows that having all these fools posing as India's saints is -- wrong, and it discredits the entire Vedic religion and India's cultural heritage, and therefore this deviation should be legally challenged.<<

30. Again! Iskcon is a New York registered cult with Yankee Doodle problems. Deal with it. Iskcon maybe operating in India but it is no more Vedic than the ISIS, the Amish, Benny Hinn, or the Kalahari bushmen. Here is a quote from De to prove it :

Prabhupada (De): "No... When we speak of Veda, Veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva.... Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is Veda. Veda means knowledge."

>>Why aren't the many hundreds of thousands of self-appointed "defenders of Krishna's and India's culture" in India saying, hey!, we cannot have deviants posing as the topmost representatives of Vedic culture, Vaishanvism, LORD KRISHNA's guru successors etc., -- and thus juxtaposing deviants with India's Supreme system of Acharyas and spiritual master's succession FROM GOD and messiah-like representatives. For starters, allowing deviants in this role impacts is how India's religion is seen by other nations and people's around the world.<<

31. Hundreds of thousands? c again the arithmophobia c cult brain petrified by propaganda. Yet the answer is simple : iskcon is a misrepresentation of Indian values and beliefs. It is a Christian chassis driven by a Taliban engine down a Puranic highway. Cadillac evangelism propelled by Islamic fundamentalism along a tarmac of obsolete caste Hinduism.

>>Of course this would never occur in the USA with our acharya here, Lord Jesus. If someone here were to say that homosexuals, sexual predators, deviants, criminals (and so on) are the GURU successors to Jesus, there would be immediate public opposition to this travesty, including public protests, lawsuits, if not riots and so forth. Juxtaposing Jesus with miscreants would never be accepted over here, it would be challenged by almost everyone. Its amazing to us that only a few people like Madhu Pandit are taking up that challenge in India?<<

32. If only this Christ-is-Krishna corkscrew was capable of pulling his cerebrum out his sect, he would notice his Lord Jesus jabberwock infested with sexual deviants, pederasty and bestiality. The Church reels ... Bobo rants.

33. As indicated by us in earlier paragraphs (and previous postings) c the param'panzee agenda is to merge Christianity with Hinduism using blue-god krishna as catalyst. And, in desperation to hold on to properties to which he had no right, Madhu Pandit prostituted his nationality to assist in the madness. The bulletin below is noteworthy:

gIskcon's 'feed the poor' program is not a feel good Sunday School activity. It is a treasure trove : a frikkin Aladdin's cave in donation potential hiding behind a good samaritan facade. A deception that MUST be torn down publicly and internationally. Every blog working to expose the cult should hit this targeth.

>>The juxtaposing of Jesus with criminal deviations would be VIGOROUSLY opposed here in the USA, so it is surprising to us that this almost never seems to happen in India. In sum, INDIA as a nation should NOT LEGALLY allow homosexuals and assorted deviants to be LEGALLY listed as part of the system of bona fide India's saints, messiahs, gurus and acharyas. <<

34. From the Vatican to Venice Beach, Jesus jargonauts are getting their rocks off with EVERYTHING from prostitots to pitbulls. Even the US military is raping itself. What is this monkey on about? Where is this LEGAL list of India's assorted deviants? The law is secular. It has no interest in saints and acharyas c not unless they are arraigned. Incidentally, India (for better or worse) DOES NOT PERMIT homosexual unions. America does. If Mr. Bobo smells feces he should check his own rear end.








There are literally hundreds of links to American trailer trash, like Bobo. Yet he spends his days scanning Indian media for negative reports to blog. Often tweaking facts to fit. Yet, for all his trying, Bobo cannot find anything near the depravity linked above.

>>Yes, this makes the entire nation look somewhat foolish, and worse, it mis-represents the entire VEDIC heritage of India to have miscreants LEGALLY listed as Krishna's guru successors and so forth. Then again, I am glad to know this is wrong, and to have been on the forefront of this issue. I would rather know this is wrong -- than to not know.<<

35. The entire nation doesn't even know iskcon, or knows them only as street beggars. Nothing to do with Vedic heritage. Iskcon's panarchy-propaganda addled monkeys believe India is now under iskcon raj. Here we have a vagrant, Bobo who lives on welfare (and Madhu Pandit plantains) in a filthy trailer in San Francisco. He only visited India once in '72 to smoke ganja, but writes about India like an Akshaya Patra appointed Indian Viceroy General. This is due to Akshaya Patra recruiting foreign pimps to solicit Western Johns.

>>It seems hardly anyone recognizes this "sanctity of the guru lineage" issue in India, apart from a very few people like Madhu Pandit das. OK, apparently some courts finally ruled that Sridi Sai Baba cannot be worshiped as a deity, but that is rare and almost never happens.


36. Tweaking facts to fit. Bobo proves us right. He writes above – some courts finally ruled – But the report clearly states it was a resolution passed at a Dharam Sansad convened by a fellow called Sankaracharya Swami. No court, no judge, no executive, no legislator, no bill, no vote. But that means nothing to the monkey. He translates peeth as court cswami as judge, and that is the law according to Bobo.

37. If everything Sankaracharya Swami says is law, then Bobo should research his guru further. He will discover his Swamiji declared Shridi Sai Baba not an incarnation because there are only TWO incarnations in Kali Yuga c KALKI and BUDDHA. How come Bobo didn't read that? His new guru does not believe in Gaudiya goo. Neither do 99% Indians.
De was a DEvil by comparison to Shridi Sai Baba. He was a cheat, child rapist and snuff snorter. Here's the fake in full flight:-

g ..[...]...Prabhupada looked at me and frowned and said, gNo. It is not like that. It is not like that at all. Why do you say like that? God speaks to His devotee. He speaks just like I am speaking and you can hear if you are pure.h And the reporter just couldnft believe what Prabhupada was saying. He said, gYou mean God is speaking to you?h gYes.h gYou mean he tells. you what to do?h gYes.h gYou mean, when you make decisions, like if you want to appoint somebody to a particular position in your society, that is because God spoke to you and told you to do it?h gYes.h It was very heavy. Prabhupada was revealing something that he very rarely revealed. He was revealing what his exalted position was ...h

38. Exalted position? Really? Every single leader appointed by De (God?!) was a dipstick and disaster. De wouldn't know what holy was if it jumped up and bit him on the ass. Worship of his idol should be stopped and his puppets sent back to America.

>>Meanwhile, in India, we can easily gather together 100,000 people in an instant to protest out front of a corporation that owns an industrial building that exploded. Yet if someone says homosexuals, deviants, criminals and sexual predators are God's successors IN THE GURU LINEAGE OF INDIA, we cannot see hardly even one person with a sign protesting this odious process at the Supreme court, where this very topic was brought in by Madhu Pandit das?<<

39. Secular law has NOTHING to do with GURU LINEAGE. Iskcon' LINEAGE (whaaaat?) has NOTHING to do with India. There never was a GURU LINEAGE OF INDIA, and never will be. gThe shoes of the fishermanh is a Roman Catholic (RC) concept of LINEAGE stolen by Gaudiya plagiarists Dutta Dutta & De. RC popes have always carried the 'popa' onus as 'servant of the servant.' Sounds familiar? However we look at it in the light of evidence, iskcon's claim to a popeish lineage is fake.

>>So this is really a job for Indian folks, they are the ones who should be saying they do not want homosexuals, deviants and criminals to be LEGALLY associated as Lord Krishna's successors, and worse, for these homosexuals, deviants and etc. to be listed ALL OVER THE WORLD as in the parampara of India's saints, successors, messiahs and acharas. Madhu Pandit Das is most rare, he has at least gone to court to try to give the pure parampara a say in the courts, i.e. to establish LEGALLY that deviants are NOT Lord Krishna's successors.<<

40. Bobo is blowing it out his butt. Homosexual intercourse is a criminal offence under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code since 1860. Again, it's a Yankee Noodle (oops) problem. Nor are there any openly practicing deviants and etc. Had there been, Madhu Pandit would have called it years ago. Or does Bobo knows something his plantain provider does not?

41. His (and iskcon's) tiresome
pure parampara parlance is just another Gaudiya pathological pork pie. Indians wouldn't have a monkey's uncle what a LEGALLY associated successor to Krishna is. Never heard such nonsense before. It is unique to cult pocket-monkeys. They steal cheat and lie with no respect for ownership sanctity or truth.

>>How did you guess, instead of helping MPD by protesting in front of the court with signs, saying MPD is correct, deviants and homosexuals are not Lord Krishna's successor acharyas: we find -- various GBC folks, including apparently all their Indian bodied gurus, along with The HKC Jaipur folks, Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad, Prabhupadanugas eu and others joining the GBC to chop off the legs of Madhu Pandit's protest in court, which of course will simply help the homosexuals and deviants continue to be LEGALLY listed as the successors to Krishna.<<

42. The list above is hardly a fraction of Madhu Pandit's detractors. The Supreme Court (whose verdict is due) and High Court (who found Madhu Pandit guilty of fraud) should be at the top of the list. There are also several Indian organizations who want the Akshaya Patra scheme stopped. And it ain't halfway done yet. Indian judiciary has brought a sui moto case against Mr. Pandit's confrere for insinuation – bribe/bias/slander/defamation against the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana. It is serious. Hon'ble Chief Justice Manjunath is awaiting his day in court.

43. It is an absolute pleasure watching param'panzees chased through the pleasure groves of Vrindavan by legal eagles.

>>Why do these people always want to check the court protest of homosexuals and deviants posing as God's successors? Why do these people always want to keep the GBC's status quo of deviants being legally linked as the successors to God? Why do all these folks always help the GBC gurus by curbing protests to the deviant acharyas? And now you know why this has continued for 35 years, the GBC gets help all along the way from all these assembled hand maidens.<<

44. The LAW is SECULAR. It deals with REALITY. Religion comprises a compendium of dream-merchants, or Luke Skywalker agents : fictitious entities who cannot be seen, cannot be registered, cannot be represented : prosecuted or defended, i.e. not TEMPORAL, i.e. NON-SECULAR space-cadets. Ipso facto, law does not recognize angels and acaryas c only plaintiffs and defendants. And how fortunate is that for iskcon. Just imagine De standing before the court with onus of proof- gGod told me ...h

45. Religion concurs because secularism provides it a license to say anything, sell anything, enslave, exploit and destroy lives c tax-free.

>>Forget the GBC's folks, even the Prahlad's folks, the HKC's Jaipur folks, Prabhupadangas eu folks, they are protesting that MPD is protesting the molester acharya's lineage in court at all. They want to chop off the legs of MPD's protest, so they can keep their favorite molester messiahs program legally listed as God's messiahs in legal court.<<

46. Let's cut to the chase. Madhu Pandit's public stand is that iskcon was usurped by De (god?) appointed and internationally accepted governing body. Then citing his conclusion as reason he went ahead and usurped properties to which he was appointed manager by that very same body. That makes it a Property Case c Nothing to do with acaryas, molester messiahs, or Mr. Spock. Furthermore, Madhu Pandit has involved iskcon in costly litigation exceeding 3'000 crore INR (USD 555.56 mil.) Madhu Pandit could very easily spell in a cell for a long, long time. Trailer trash trivia wont help change anything.


>>Now some HKC folks are saying the MPD program is Shudras. Right, we Shudras know that homosexuals and molesters posing as messiahs needs to be challenged in court, you do not know that. You want to check the protest and save the homosexual messiahs program as the bona fide legal entity. You have a long way to go to be as advanced as us Shudras. As soon as someone says, we need to challenge legally homosexuals posing as messiahs, the GBC, Gaudiya Matha, HKC Jaipur, and all these assembled folks come out to protest our protest. They want the status quo of homosexuals LEGALLY listed as India's succession of acharyas, plain and simple. <<

47. Bobo suffers a persistent illusion i.e what iskcon does affects India nationally. It does not.
(a) Iskcon is an insignificant gang of Artful Dodgers run by foreign Fagins.
(b) India does not have a
legal succession of acaryas. Never did and never will.
(c) There is no court in the galaxy where –
homosexuals and molesters posing as messiahs have been challenged legally.
No ism, sect or cult, is so obsessed with gurus or succession. It has triggered an opppositional / confrontational disorder; a neurosis unique to American iskcon's gangland Hinduism.

>>This simply HELPS the deviants REMAIN as the legal representatives of INDIA'S ACHARYA lineage. The GBC, Prahlad, HKC, posters on Prabhupadanuga eu and other folks even say its a waste of money to stop molesters and deviants from being legally listed as India's acharyas. So apparently, having homosexuals and molesters in the guru chain from Krishna is fine, because protesting "costs money."<<

48. India's acharya lineage? Legally listed as India's acharyas? What the hell is he talking about? India is a secular democracy with an extreme tolerance for non-secular practices c maybe too extreme. But that's where it begins and ends. In practicing our own right to opinion-- the sooner India's Govt. shuts down iskcon the better.

>>Of course all these people are complaining that MPD even has money, "why does he have money" they all complain. Right, because if he has no money he has no court case, so that means they want the molester guru lineage to remain, and that is why this lineage has remained for such a long time already, the GBC and these attack dogs for the GBC have suppressed legal action.<<

49. The question is not gwhy does he have moneyh but how does iskcon justify using a charity, tax-exempt status to collect monies for lengthy / expensive court battles? What do they tell donors the money is for? Billions of USD thrown around? How does iskcon cover it in audit? Are the books doctored? How does a charity possess such large wads of cash to engage in legalities while simultaneously purchasing lands, and building temples. in India and abroad? Is the Akshaya Patra program a public charity or a private laundry?

>>The GBC and their hand maidens have thus legally allowed deviants to be listed as the legal and so far at least, INDIA SUPREME COURT APPROVED acharyas of India. I am not even and India born person, but if I was there and a citizen, I'd be there with a sign protesting the courts for allowing homosexuals and deviants to be legally listed as INDIA's acharyas. It amazes me that the even HKC Jaipur folks, mostly India born folks, are also trying to stop our idea of having homosexuals, deviants, criminals and molesters NOT being LEGALLY listed as their nations's messiahs. Well if you want homosexuals and deviants to be legally listed as your county's saints and messiahs, and you want to block anyone who opposes that agenda, you get what you want. Don't complain when people think you are idiots and fools. ys pd

50. Indians would be flabbergasted to discover they had a list of INDIA SUPREME COURT APPROVED acharyas. Every Indian would be out there picketing the SC the Govt. and the lunatic asylum. No need for any prompting by a trailer park plantain-peeler. But first we need to see gPatrick'sh top-secret list of INDIA SUPREME COURT APPROVED acharyas. Until then c SHUT-UP! Monkey.




Cultists will say anything to get their kichadi and halva. Below we paste an excerpt from a to-be-released book by iskcon guru- Bhakti Vikasa Swami (British). We understand that iskcon books have run out of puff, so these guru wallahas are writing about anything and everything just to keep the holy-money rolling in.

Astrology (jyotiṣa) is described as "the eye of the Vedas." It (the Vedic version, not the Western type) is a bona fide science considered essential in Vedic society, so much so that even the Supreme Lord, although beyond all astrological considerations, nonetheless adheres to them while performing His human-like pastimes.h

BIF: Astrology is NOT Vedic. It is cult quackery : a non liquet channel for chicanery now used by footpath fakirs and fun-fair fakes c O' yes, and iskCON.

Buddha:- "Those that get a living by calculation of the stars by such art and other lying tricks are to be avoided"

Swami Vivekananda:- "Excessive attention to the minutiae of astrology is one of the superstitions which has hurt the Hindus very much. I think the Greeks first took astrology to India and took from the Hindus the science of astronomy and carried it back with them to Europe."

BIF:-Astrology is hogcrap.



We are tick-to-the-teeth with the gPrabhupada saidh idiocy. De was a dope and a traitor to his motherland. Face it. Here below is an email (written by a 'swami') forwarded to us at BIF. It is another DEception now ingrained as cult axiom c another DEpravity blamed on Vedic tradition. When in fact all De was doing was promoting sectarian customs while justifying the repeated raping of a minor:

gYou're pretty dumb (or crazy or both).
Don't you realize the culture at THAT TIME IN INDIA was that marriages WERE ARRANGED (as was Srila Prabhupada's) and women at SUCH YOUNG AGES GOT MARRIED to men of Srila Prabhupada's age.
This is THE LAST time I'm going to deal with such a JERK (and ASURA), you, who DESPITE having received SCRIPTURAL verses, can't seem to understand (anything).h

BIF: NO! and it should be voiced in no uncertain terms - NO! NO! Child marriage was NEVER condoned by Indian law or Vedic injunction! It was a lie foisted on drugged papi tapi jatis by a godman- De, who used Catholic missionary lingo to promote Gaudiya pedophilia to justify his Bedouin carnal desires.

Child marriage was, and is, an illegal bhakti sect practice* condoned by a fictitious blue-god's sexual exploitation of underage girls ... promoted ipso facto by sectists as god-condoned pedophilia, and reason to stock/trade prostitots, boys and girls (gotipua' and devadasi') in a lucrative, temple controlled trafficking of underage sex-slaves. Indian law does not agree with iskcon.

* http://www.deccanherald.com/content/429570/child-marriage-worse-rape-says.html

If in fact it was legal, as implied by DEfenders, then where can we find record of ANY Gaudiya exemplar - Chaitanya? Nityananda? Gadadhara? Advita? Hari Das? Murari? Damodara? The six goswamis? Bhaktivinod? Bhaktididdhanta? ANYONE? ANY Gaudiya of prominence (real or fictitious) who bedded an eleven year old causing multiple miscarriages before finally birthing a child at 13/14? No! It always was, and remains, a sectarian practice in small rural pockets.

NO! Chanting the iskcon business trinity ... Hare, Rama and Krishna, does not sanction the rape of minors. And it was NEVER a legal Indian CUSTOM to have sex with a child. Even amongst practitioners of Gaudiyaism, the custom was for the betrothed to spend two years in the home of one in-law (
sasur bari) and two years with the other, and only AFTER the girl had reached puberty. It was a period designed to give both prospective spouses an idea of how the other half was raised and what s/he was accustomed to. The girl was at least sixteen before marriage was consummated. But with a pedophile scripted god having 'conjugal' relationships with eight year old girls, there was always going to be a breach of civil and natural laws.

Why is it that iskcon cultists believe everything De said but refuse to believe his admission to never having read the Vedas. The point is not whether the Vedas are right or wrong so much as what De did and said could not possibly be 'Vedic' if he didn't even read the Vedas. It's just common sense. If you have not studied the Driver's Manual how can you drive within the law, and then ... wear the hat of an instructor? Besides, De was fully aware of the Arya Samaj and the campaign by its founder- Maharishi Dayanand to stop the inhumane practice of child sex abuse

Here are only a few quotes showing how Indians, outside the minority sect, are instructed on the matter of marriage and procreation. It proves that De and his pedo-pals were NEVER given a Vedic go-ahead to sex little girls and boys. And moreover, the license he provided his iskcon pedophiles (still upheld as cult law) is hideously wrong ... a transgression of all things sacred and civil:-

Rig Veda 3-55 : "Let girls who are virgins, resembling cows that have never been milked before, who have passed the period of childhood and are about to lead single lives, are well-educated and cultured, fit to bear all the responsibilities of married life, and are in the full bloom of youth, who, by the practice of Brahmacharya, have reached a state of excellence and wisdom, which only those of great learning and high values can attain, marry husbands of mature age and bear children by them."

"In his book Sushruta, the great surgeon, Dhanwantri forbids sexual connection between persons who are under the aforesaid ages thus:- "If a girl under sixteen conceives of a man under twenty-five years, she very often miscarries but if she does not miscarry and the child is born at full time he does not live long, but if he does live long, he is nothing but a weakling, never should, therefore, a man have sexual intercourse with a girl of a very tender age- " Sushruta Sutra sthana 10- 47/48.

Manu 9-90: "Let a maid wait for three years after she has begun to menstruate and then let her choose for herself a husband, who is her equal."

Maharishi Dayanand: " A girl menstruates once a month and, therefore, it is after she has menstruated thirty-six times in three years that she becomes marriageable but not before."

~ If our verses convey an impossible meaning, so do yours; because a marriage even at the age of eight, nine, or ten years is useless, for it is only at the age of twenty-five year, that a man's body is properly developed and the reproductive element perfected, and it is at the age of sixteen, that a woman's body is strong enough and her reproductive organs sufficiently developed to bear good and healthy children. The reproduction of children in a girl of eight years is an impossibility.

Here is the Indian perspective, free of cult:

"During her years of thralldom India was able to re-ignite some of her glory in some form of dignity and always free herself of foreign subjugation. This can mainly be to the credit of the divine motherhood qualities still practiced by virtue of her once glorious culture. As Dayanand boldly put it: 

"If the Hindu States have not yet been blotted out of existence, it is because the Hindu Ranis (Queens) are still patterns of virtue. But for this the debauchery of the nobles and chiefs would long have worked their ruin!?"

"Whatever optimum of sanctity the world holds today in society and family can be to the credit of women who are undeniably the epitome of ethics and morals. The incorrupt and moral quality of leadership, in comparison to their male counterparts, is always impeccable and incontestable and their role, as should always, be encouraged."

For more Vedic references, readers can go to BIF and read- "acBSp vs. Vedas." Scroll down.

Thank You for spending time with us.