14th June, 2016


“I'm completely in favour of the separation of Church and State... These two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.”
George Carlin

Doors to foreign dominion are once again prized open, as Indians, only recently freed from 1200 years of foreign domination, are religiously enslaved and fleeced at home and abroad by canny foreign cultists. Crafted by caveman casteism, easy-money-Brahmanism has proved irresistible to foreign swindlers. The “Bhakti Yoga” bonanza is ballooning and bankrolling Buckti yogis from Buckinghamshire to Brooklyn to Bulgaria and beyond.

Countering the previously upheld status quo of exclusivity- ‘Brahmin by birthright’, ISKCON- Hare Krishna cult (I-HK) (an American / Jewish enterprise) touts a backwater sect-coined axiom – ‘Brahmin by behavior not birthright’, to exploit India’s religious tax-exemption laws, demigod demagoguery, and godman / slave permit.

I-HK doggedly seeks out disgruntled Western youths from traditionally Christian and Jewish backgrounds to convert to I-HK’s Western Hinduism (Winduism) who then, in turn, dog Indians (OCI and NRI) to front, finance, and cultivate I-HK in foreign fields.

“…a Jewish American from New Jersey who as a young man, forty-seven years ago, took to an Indian spiritual tradition (ISKCON-Hare Krishna). Born Jay Israel, he now goes by the name Jayadvaita Swami.”

…and here’s I-HK Am / Jew Windu, Little Dicky Slavin (Radhanatha Swami) in action

Lululemon Lila
Source: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/05/talking-to-hare-krishna-leader.html

Cabereting rituals that capture India’s religious sentiments and beliefs, I-HK has curried favor and flavor with India’s current government; a government pushing majoritarian Hindutva identity at home and abroad. To achieve that end India’s BJP / RSS confrere engages every component in its administrative machinery. Not only does the BJP stress internal sources but also, by mutual exploitation, has engaged outsourcers. The Am / Jew I-HK cult is now co-opted by the BJP (and its Hindutva offshoots) to outreach and propagandize from street corners, pulpits, and press, its Aryan (we once ruled the world) nonsense.

Arguably the BJP, forestalled by democratic legitimacy, has not explicitly achieved much in evolving a majoritarian Hindutva logic. Nonetheless, and even though they overcommit and under-deliver, “acche din” has arrived for the I-HK if for no one else. With a government seal of approval the cult is now OFFICIALLY endorsed to dupe businesses, waylay Westerners and swindle OCI and NRI wherever they find them.

The unwritten proviso being: I-HK resolutely and rigorously conduits Hindutva casteism internationally. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, i.e. BJP endorses I-HK in India and I-HK distributes Puranic poppycock via their international begging routes. Quid-pro-quo. Albeit Windus will never sit (whether by birthright or behavior) at the roundtable of parivars in Hindutva’s Camelot, as long as the cult is Indian government approved, I-HK doesn’t give a damn. In return the BJP deludes voters into believing “Mahabharata” is being restored… while millions of Indians don’t have a pot to piss in. Most importantly it keeps the Out of India Theory (OIT) buoyant….a theory claiming Indian half-man-gods, who flew mantra-powered flower airplanes millennia ago, conquered and ruled the world.

Which brings us to one of the two important issues addressed in this posting.

In order for the BJP / Hindutva / Puranic / Aryan identity / logic to be accepted as historical fact, academically and universally, it must be proclaimed as such by educational institutions and, just like with any Indian venture seeking international recognition, it must be approved in AMERICA even when attempts in India hit a brick wall. O’ yes, regardless of media rhetoric, America has India by the short-n-curlies. It is why, no matter how many children I-HK abuses, no matter how many children are poisoned by its food program, no matter how much tax is syphoned off public coffers, no matter how much land is grabbed, no matter how many I-HK gurus are caught in sexual trysts, no matter how much money they extort under false pretenses, no matter what assets they amass under pretext of charity…the Indian Government will bend over for I-HK… with a smile. America mata ke jai!

Vishnu Hindu Sena offers prayers for Donald Trump victory

Unequivocally, for the I-HK propaganda machine to continue at optimum, India’s OIT requires academic acknowledgement and affirmation. Therein lies the problem. Although I-HK has a kennel of PhDogmatists none are recognized by premier institutions because they are cultists… ‘doctored’ to promote fiction. To convince the world India was its emperor requires academia abandon contra facts uncovered by archaeology, palaeontology, glottochronology, genealogy, and science in general. Ergo in a cogent bid to browbeat artiFACTS with philological fiction the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has initiated a campaign to force changes in the Californian curriculum. They demand American history textbooks be edited to align with fact-less fiction and fantasies of Puranic interpolators and fabulists… if only “to protect the self-esteem of Hindu American students.”

Apparently nothing will check the obsessive rhetoric oozing from the bigoted HAF, in spite of criticism drawn from a wide spectrum of the South Indian diaspora, including the South Asia Faculty Group (SAFG) as well as the South Asian Histories for All Coalition, which spans the interests of Indians from all belief systems : progressive Hindus, Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims, Ravidassias and Christians. Renowned Indian historians and American intellectuals, resident in the United States, have also called for a halt to what can only be described as an ‘ahistorical edit’ to history textbooks.

So why is the Hindutva movement extending tentacles into the American education framework in attempt to promote India as solely Hindu at the expense of several diverse religions : sects cults and traditions alive and thriving in the subcontinent? The answer is complex but literally explicable, which is where this catharsis… claiming to be non-fiction data, should be incorruptibly examined, debated, critiqued and classified.

FICTION and NON-FICTION are the two main genres from whence literary sub-genres stem, i.e. Comedy, Drama, Romance, Satire, Tragedy, Horror, etc. The elephant in the room is the ‘Third Genre’….FAITH: a literary license permitting religion to pen fiction as fact, without censure, without accost, and with absolute freedom to interpolate, palimpsest, improvise, adjust, in a legally approved / legislatively protected stronghold…A ‘right to believe’ criminally twisted, and government abetted, to pantopragmatise for profit.

What FAITH sells as NON-FICTION is not simply non compos mentis but provides for narcissists, sociopaths, war-mongers, misogynists and sexual predators, a platform to blackmail, denigrate, and prey on the populace. What FAITH offers as fact is mindboggling mindlessness permitted and protected by ‘democratic rights’. Allow us to briefly spotlight a few FAITH frauds in an ever-expanding, Constitutionally-protected, supernatural spectrum:-

Gods and goddesses of every colour and description, multi-armed / multi-headed devils, demigods, angels, guru-godmen / women, heavens, hells, miracles, prophecies, visions, auras, saviours, saints, virgin births, immaculate conceptions, resurrections, bodily ascensions, faith-healings, salvation, redemption, messages from beyond, voices from the sky…from Atlantis, omens, clairvoyance, spirit-signals, apports, spirit-possession, exorcisms, divine visitations, incarnations, reincarnations, second comings, judgment days, astrology horoscopes, flat-Earth theorists, psychic phenomena, psychic surgery, extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, second sight, voodoo, fairies, leprechauns, hobgoblins, werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, warlocks, ghosts, wraiths, poltergeists, dopplegangers, incubi, succubi, shape-shifters, palmistry, tarot cards, ouija boards, levitation, out-of-body travel, magical transport to UFOs, Elvis on a flying saucer, intelligent life on meteorites, invisible Lemurians in Mount Shasta, Thetans from a dying planet, mystic siddhis, the maha-ha-ha-mantra, blah…blah…blah.

All these beliefs have a common denominator i.e. there is absolutely no tangible evidence. No one can test or contest religious claims even when published and sold by FAITH as god-honest-hokum. The only truth is that it was “revealed” by prophets, godmen-gurus, astrologers, shamans, mullahs, mystics, mediums, swamis, psychics, soothsayers, Hindu Windus and Cinderella’s sriMAD Sanskrit fairy-godmother.

Hindutva HAF along with its ‘casteless’ pretentions and Aryan OIT hyperbole falls miserably short of historical truths. Such truths are being affirmed even now, as this article is keyed, by Indian archeological excavations (free of Western involvement or bias) in the Indus Valley. What is being revealed does NOT subscribe to a super-scientific civilization ruled by high I.Q. Aryan half-gods. Nor does the dig allay with belief that climate change caused a Harappan decline. Insurmountable evidence suggests that Hindutva demigods and their Brahmin freeloaders were as dumbass as any tribal primitive. They speculated on crop production, changed their subsistence strategy, and paid the price. You can read more about it, below.

N.B. For more info on HAF attempts to edit historical textbooks please read this (linked) comprehensive essay by-
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Abdullah Momin, Harjit Kaur and Anasuya Sengupta -
Source : http://indianexpress.com/article/blogs/california-education-board-erasing-tolerance-hindu-nationalism-targets-california-textbooks/#sthash.WUy5z8u0.dpuf|

ISSUE TWO: So how does the I-HK cult, relatively unknown in India until Americanised, become bum-boys for Hindutva Nationalism at home and abroad? Why are they given facility and acknowledgement by Indian legislators in spite of much publicised infighting and widespread criminal activity? Is it because of the cult’s profuse printing and distribution of Sanskrit* (translated) pulp fiction promoting Hindutva / Aryan gospel? Or is it I-HK’s elaborate temple rituals and extortion rackets that impress and parlay Hindu / Windu abetment? Or is it, plain and simple, a combined Advance Fee Fraud : a Hindu Windu Swindle-u in which both parties work in concert making victims vulnerable to cash advances for goods services and rewards warehoused in an afterlife. Citing god and government-goodwill the swindlers are internet-flogging make-believe to millions…and loot is flowing like the Ganges in monsoon.

*Why is I-HK pushing a dead Indian language (Sanskrit) when its Governing Body Commission (GBC) resolved in the recent (2016) Annual General Meeting:-
1. The GBC formally adopts English as its official language.
2. "Fluency in spoken and written English" is added to the necessary prerequisites for becoming a member of the GBC Body.

Truth is, when political pretentions are stripped away, not even India’s ‘Aryan’ Government gives a hoot about Sanskrit.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is mentor, advisor, and spiritual conscience to India’s BJP Government. The RSS’ religiopolitical arm in America is the- Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). Seeking to give Indians that elusive majoritarian Hindutva identity and a robust ‘Aryan’ voice abroad, the VHP works to amalgamate all Hindu organizations under its (RSS) banner. It is in this incubator that the Hindu Windu Swindle-u was bedded, conceived, birthed, and VHP / RSS / Hindutva nourished… albeit low-key in the US and UK.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhubaneswar/VHP-Iskcon-to-fight-against-ban-attempt-on-Gita/articleshow/12000925.cms
VHP, ISKCON to fight against ban attempt on Gita.

Kamal Lochan Das of ISKCON said the deep meaning of the name of the VHP was that they wanted to ensure that the entire world became Hindu. He claimed that the name of Russia was derived from the penance of 'Rishis' there. "Isnt Russia a Hindu Rashtra?" questioned the religious leader, while calling for Hindus to work till the entire world became a "Hindu Rashtra."

Is ISKCON, VHP and RSS built on Anglicized ideals?

I-HK’s Windu appeal to VHS poses no incredulity in contemplation…or as a financial viability. After all I-HK does run its holy business like a lottery sweepstakes where everyone wins first prize…but must PAY NOW to collect after death. Spicing the wager with a smattering of indoctrinated ‘subservient’ females (devidasis) adds tantalizingly to the prospect of an all-‘round male win-win spermatozoa. I-HK provides fake Hindu (devidasi) aliases to authenticate its international Hindutva caste romance / marriage scam…which tugs lucratively on heartstrings, credit cards and online bank accounts. Together the Hindu Windu Swindle-u (using one alias or another) mass-hacks honky headspace to introduce the Aryan Trojan. Once that nag is mentally stabled the swindlers shovel its dung (in articulated English) via campus programs, online shopping, classifieds, and telephone scams, to plant casteism and fertilize Hindutva ideologies in caucasian youths.

Once a bevy of door-knocking beggars soliciting donations as remnants of ‘Vedic Times’, I-HK is now an RSS / VHP / BJP bedfellow. With its beggar’s garb cast in the past, I-HK’s think-tank is over-flooding with Hindu Windu Swindle-u possibilities. Get ready for the… ‘Clickbait Phishing Swindle’… ‘Social Networking Swindle’… ‘Online Shopping for Salvation Swindle’… ‘Pay for a Prayer Swindle’… ‘Small Business Prospect Swindle’ … ‘False Billing Swindle’… ‘Business Directory Swindle’… ‘Domain Name Swindle’… ‘Office Supply Swindle’ … ‘Fax Back Swindle’ … ‘Holy Employment Swindle’… ‘God’s Golden Gifts Swindle’… ‘Charity Swindle’… ‘Medical Swindle’… ‘Miracle Mantra Swindle’ … ‘Vedic Weight loss and Health Swindle’… ‘Online Herbal Swindle’… ‘Money laundering Swindle’… ‘Order and Supply Swindle’… ‘Insider Dealing Swindle’… ‘Astrology Swindle’ … ‘Hospice Swindle’… ‘Yoga Swindle’ * etc.

* Source: http://theyogalunchbox.co.nz/a-compehrensive-list-of-yoga-scandals-involving-gurus-sex-and-other-inappropriate-behaviour/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork

All of the above is tooled from a toolbox common to modern con-artists. Here’s a short list of chisellers:

Tall Tales… Spin Doctoring… Info Harvesting… Counterfeit and official-looking texts and documents… Mirrored, fake websites and profiles… Whiz-bang mantras… High pressure sales tactics (citing gods, demigods, devils and death)… Malicious software when resisted… Victims are listed and targeted systematically… Several business fronts… Spear and whale phishing… Working with international money wires and staff transfers… Impersonating govt. bodies… Grooming… Playing on emotions and mortality… Made-to-fit, tailored and personal swindles.

The once-upon-a-time I-HK change-up street beggar is now an official Hindutva bedfellow… an Aryan gamaroosher. All sexual deviancy, swindles, and tall-tales told in gobbledygook glossaries rolling off the cult press is henceforth… officially, government endorsed.

Nevertheless, thwarting theistic twits is simple: DO NOT converse / engage with glassy eyed, god-gushing, grinning, neck-beaded, cap-wearing-ponytail-hidden, incense-reeking over-friendlies who show up by happenstance. Beware of these buzzwords:

Material World… Spiritual Enlightenment… Vedas… Vedic Knowledge… Karma… Yoga… Kali Yuga… Devotion… Devotional Service… Prabhu… Supreme personality of godhead… Vrindavan… Ecstasy… Temple program… Transcendence… Transcendental Knowledge… Meditation… Controlling the senses… Consciousness... Taking Shelter… Acharya / Guru… Devotee… Pure Devotee… Free Vegetarian Feast… Deities… Mantra… Krishna… Haribol… Bhagavad Gita… Food for Life… Starving children in India… Mode of Goodness / Passion / Ignorance… Any and ALL parroted Sanskrit or Bengali gobbledegook.

Furthermore… Always be aware of spiritual scams… DO NOT accept invites for ‘FREE Vegetarian FOOD’… Be alert to mention of temples or an audience with ‘Swami’… DO NOT accept offers to ‘YOGA’ discourses / seminars… Ask yourself who and what you are dealing with… DO NOT allow ‘by Krishna’s arrangement’ happenstance weirdos to control conversations or push your god-gush buttons… DO NOT divulge personal details… DO NOT donate or commit to suggested charities or ‘god-said’ impositions.

Anyone in knowledge of India’s socioreligious structure, i.e. casteism, can understand why I-HK will never find par with Hindutva sangh parivars (Governing bodies of Hindu Nationalists). Yet I-HK’s conversions and fund collection techniques, which disregard protocols and etiquette upheld by traditional Hindus, aligns with the Hindutva Ghar Wapsi * agenda. Ergo a consensual mixture of Hindu Windu procreative juices…one in sentimental hope of rebirthing a ‘Vedic’ myth and the other screwing that sentiment for all it’s worth.

*Ghar Wapsi (Hindi, meaning "Home Coming") is a series of religious conversion activities, organized by Indian Hindu organizations Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), to convert non-Hindus to Hinduism which became the subject of public discussion in 2014.

When BIF directly, and by posts on our website, apprised members of the current Indian government regards I-HK crimes, and its world domination agenda, we did so in reciprocal belief that, at least, crimes investigated and substantiated * would be exposed and prosecuted in due course. Further, we were given to believe I-HK literature was pursued by investigative scholars for inflammatory and extremist statements. The idea behind the perusal was to eventually expunge all offensive and derogatory statements made by the cult founder- Prabhupada. Two years have passed since the BJP government took office. We know now that whatever final decision was made on the ‘cult issue’ was made in favour and flavour of a Hindutva ‘Aryan’ identity…which I-HK propagandizes internationally.

*Here is a list of crimes investigated and confirmed by (Confidential) mail to the
Editor@B-I-F.COM. The mailer is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable Ministers within the current BJP Government. A truly good and honest man. We fervently hope he will lead India someday, soon:

Spreading of Anti-Nationalism wave.
Defamation of The Government of India.
Defamation of The Freedom Struggle of India.
Defying and Failure to comply with The Constitution and The Laws of The Republic of India.
Kidnapping of minors.
Sexual acts against The Minor Citizens of India.
Practicing of unnatural sex.
Failure to pay Income Tax (as the organization has no tax exempt status).
Defamation of The Former Presidents and prime Ministers of India.
Laundering of illegal funds.
Providing shelter to illegal Immigrants without a written permission or concern of The Government of India.
Using the name of The Republic of India without a written permit or concern of The Government of India for collecting funds for personal use.
Falsely Representing The Government of India and It's people abroad without any written permit or permission from Indian Mission Offices abroad for propagating personal philosophy and collecting of illegal funds.
Illegal smuggling of narcotics.
Human Trafficking.
Defaming the Democracy of India.
Intent of forming a self -Government in India.

Still further, BIF received mail (Confidential) from yet another powerful Minister in the current Indian Government. Here is what she had to say:

“I have myself found many reports of child molestations on children in West Bengal and Vrindaban. I have forwarded these reports to ****** and waiting for some feedback regarding this issue. i have submitted them to Shri ******* and Shri **** ****** as both of them are still practicing Lawyers with the Supreme court. I just want to know what the Indian penal Code says regarding this act.”

…and still more from a major BJP connected bender-and-shaker:

“I would like to raise a few issues regarding the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This cult/sect has been using the social sector for the last thirty five years or so. Normally in situations like this the Govt. of the day never pays so much attention to the rules, regulations, and principles of such cults.  For the last four months I've been monitoring this cult. I have a series of Anti-Indian, demeaning Hinduism, false slanders against Indian leaders, Indian saints, and Indian Democracy.”

We have a lot more on file concerning CBI investigations of specific members operating within the cult, their crimes, issuances of warrants, raids to be conducted, PMO involvement, CJI involvement, military intervention if necessary, etc. etc. So why didn’t anything eventuate? The answer can be given in just two words…Primeval Minister. After years of endeavour… time, energy and money spent, we arrived at this final hurdle… “… I will have to seek Bhai Narendra Modi's permission. Now these reports will be read out at the meeting if completed by then or not but i am sure getting permission from him won't be a problem at all.”

In fact ‘getting permission from him’ was not just a problem, it was fatal. India’s Primeval Minister is RSS bent, which is more bent than any Windu-aping-Hindu cult on the planet. Besides making public statements about elephant-god Ganesh being the result of a ‘head-transplant’ performed by Indian ‘plastic surgeons’ … and claiming the birth of a Mahabharata character…a half-god-man named Karna (born from the ear) as ‘in vitro fertilization’ performed by Indian surgeons 5’000 years ago, Primeval Minister Modi has done it again, this time on his recent visit to the US:

The prime minister believes that 13-century Sun Temple shows 'modern fashionable girls wearing skirts and carrying handbags’.
Source: http://scroll.in/article/809468/modi-is-confusing-madame-tussauds-for-konark-temple-twitter-gives-prime-minister-a-history-lesson

Good news is I-HK is on file and on record. Those files must wait for the Hindutva madness to abate. Meanwhile, we have no doubt the cult is being milked like a cash cow for its existence in India, and authentication abroad.

Profit, sex, adoration and distinction is desired by most. Only two professions provide fulfillment for such desires, and associated mental disorders, without any need for higher education, high I.Q., intensive labor, or profundity that is not pre-chewed. Religion and Politics offer the idiot, the sociopath, the sexual deviant, the scammer, the narcissist, the social reject, a Costitutional and legal arena in which to fulfill such desires… along with whatever concomitant hidden madness’s otherwise considered immoral, socially unacceptable, laughed at, scorned, in need of psychiatric treatment, commitment or / and prosecution.

When religiopolitics is combined in common cause the situation is always potentially explosive. As a nuclear capable nation being led by a PM who believes unflinchingly in multi-armed, multi-headed green blue and yellow gods… monkey-gods… elephant-gods… fish-gods… snake-gods… boar-gods… lion-gods… and a Mahabharata war-of-the-worlds initiated by visitors from outer-space involving the mass-murder of…ONE BILLION, SIX HUNDRED and SIXTY MILLION and TWENTY THOUSAND... A staggering approx. of TWENTY- FIVE THOUSAND DEATHS PER THIRTY SECONDS IN AN 18-DAY WAR (they slept at night, so only 9 days (216 hrs) of action)” … and now that very same PM is seeking membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, you gotta stop and ask yourself, WTF?

Thank You for spending time with us.



Yoga is one of the most bastardized words, ever. From politics to perversion, Prime Ministers to paedophiles… yoga provides platform and penetration for every pollie and screw. Time to return yo-ga-ga to the retrogrades…Throw it back in the cave. Toss multi-choice Hindutva euphemisms out. Apply instead the correct terminology- ‘Workout’. Along with yoga the word ‘temple’ should be replaced with- ‘gym’. And the word ‘guru,’ which stinks like the carcass of a dead rapist, should be tossed for- ‘Personal Trainer’. Everything else is sect, cult, conversion and mind-control.

When we fail to understand the logical semantics of imported buzzwords; the spectrum of presuppositions and implications involved, we could never understand the lexical semantics. Certainly not well enough to do a meaningful analysis: correct its misuse and block dangerous misinterpretations / introductions. Here is an example of what we mean.

Squeeze into your lululemons…“Baby Yoga” (practiced in India and recently introduced to Russia) is coming to your ‘gym’, soon:


I-HK is constructing 108 temples in India’s Andhra Pradesh, adding to the gazillion that already exist. The venture is financed by donations taken from Indians who should be using money to build toilets.

Fecal contamination (coliform bacteria) of drinking water in Andhra Pradesh, caused by outdoor defecation running into water tables (626 million outdoor crappers) is wreaking serious health issues. ISKCON doesn’t give a shit. Unless the Indian government permits the Yahoudis to build toilets at a dollar-a-dump (by Krishna’s arrangement,) they have no interest. Toilets are for turds... Temples are for tallage.

“The Iskcon started construction of Golden temple with a cost of Rs 200 crore. The phase one works which began few months ago are expected to complete within two years. It is said that the temple will be a cynosure of all eyes after the completion of construction and will attract tourists from far and wide.

Source: http://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Andhra-Pradesh/2016-05-27/108-mini-temples-coming-up/230700


HELL NO! They are NOT descendants of Aryan demigods spewed from the mouth of a four-armed omniscient being. Caste Brahmanism, Hindutva, and ALL related Puranic sects / cults are the spawn of hit-or-miss Harappan speculators. If anything, they are droppings from the anus of evolution…the last turd to plop being the copycat Hinjew-Windu ISKCON Hare Krishna (I-HK):

“Our study suggests that the climate was probably not the cause of Harappan decline,” the researchers said in a statement. “Increasing evidences suggest that these people shifted their crop patterns from the large-grained cereals like wheat and barley during the early part of intensified monsoon to drought-resistant species of small millets and rice in the later part of declining monsoon and thereby changed their subsistence strategy.”
Source: http://qz.com/694925/the-indus-valley-civilisation-is-2500-years-older-than-previously-believed/

Thanks to India’s Hindutva BJP government I-HK is now in a ‘Hindu’ position to exploit the conscientiousness and hard-work of OCI and NRI in a myriad of situations.
Source:  http://www.gainesville.com/article/20160521/ARTICLES/160529961


Reader’s Comments:

I saw on TV that small herds of mastodons survived on some isolated islands long after the mainland herds had vanished. So I googled it and found that they were around long after when Krsna threw elephants and jackasses into palm trees.  Here is one article dating the last mammoth to around 1500 BC.
I couldn’t find any references for whirlwind demons or talking super-gigantic titanoboas, but mammoths were around when the Lord performed his porno pastimes with top-heavy third graders.”

“Yup, the stuff he omitted from his writings (i.e. his private pensees) shocks the hell out of his followers. They just don’t want to see it, hear it, or speak it, because it is not the Prabhupada they know and love, and gave everything too. They know and love an actor. He was presented as soft as a rose and hard as a thunderbolt, the benevolent dictator.  Because many of his followers were hippies, they/we chose to advertise the rose part and minimize the thunderbolt part (you MUST not eat meat, etc.). We saw him as a grandfather overseer and the ultimate flower senior. But like all actors, the real self comes out eventually, and our grandfatherly flower child “liberal”, turned out to be Donald Trump on steroids.

That picture of Prabhupada does not fit the image we were fed day and night as temple devotees and the image we told everybody else about. When we hear him go off in private (and sometimes public and in his books too), the obnoxious know-it-all redneck, we cringe, get angry, and rationalize our way back to Prabhupada the rose. Those who really love him, never met him, for to know him is to doubt him. How else can you go on chanting and sacrificing for a redneck pretending to be a rose? That’s partly why devotees don’t want to read your stuff - because it destroys their world and their status as special, chosen by God’s causeless mercy, and more knowledgeable than every holy man and every scholar, past, present, and future, including Einstein.

B-I-F (you) is the elephant in the room that devotees must pretend isn’t there, but can’t help but see, even in their efforts to nullify.”