November 27th, 2013


By-  Abhayasraya dasa 

"Faith is believing what you know ain't so."
- Mark Twain





ISKCON has actually renounced Hinduism

"Sorry to say that many ISKCON authorities have violated all norms and the activities are bringing bad name to peace loving Hindus. (...) there is another ISKCON temple in the same locality in SITAPURA, better known for many things which we cannot discuss. Priority is for Mankind and for HMR, which is going to serve millions for hundreds of years." (...)

"I agree with you Dr Srinivasa. ISKCON has actually renounced Hinduism. Hence, we know not what they truly believe nor wish to impose on the unsuspecting public. Let them launch a national movement and see the filth that will come to the surface. What the poor Indians who attend the temples don't realise is that the top layer of ISKCON has only Westerners. Hence we can conclude that it is little more than a money-making scheme."


ONE ISKCON : Because ISKCON started in North America, the importance of the English language within ISKCON and the fact that many of ISKCON’s most senior devotees and leaders today are American or British, Anglo-American culture exerts a strong influence on ISKCON’s world-wide organization and society. If Anglo-American culture is influential in ISKCON, then so are the philosophies that underlie Anglo-American culture.



On Tulsi Gabbard

"She's lying. She's no Hindu; she's a member of a religious cult, The Science of Identity, an offshoot of ISKCON, led by Chris Butler, who is not only a bigot, but actually hates Hindus. He taught us that Hindus are backward and offensive to Krishna. Investigate, don't be so gullible."




Re: A.C. Bhakitvendenta Swami prabhupada is misogynistic

"To be honest, I wouldn't introduce anyone to Prabupada's teaching; that'll give them a negative view of Hinduism. He not only says these things about women but uses the word 'rascal' even while referring to spiritual giants like Vivekananda and Ramakrishna and Aurobindo! He's the Fred Phelps of Hinduism. His followers are no better."




"but iskcon is a christian organization which is trying to create rift between us all hindus and created confusion and destroy sanatan dharma.

"it is a plant by christians to do this. so beware.

"they r as fundamentalists as christians.

"let us promote the true sanatan dharma which is for all."




"...Prabhupada would simply deny the existence of a religion called 'Hinduism.' In his April, 1967, New York lectures he remarked, 'Although posing as great scholars, ascetics, householders and swamis, the so-called followers of the Hindu religion are all useless, dried-up branches of the Vedic religion.' ISKCON, he believed, was the only true exponent of the Vedic faith today. So you can imagine ISKCON's view of Hinduism in the very own words of its creator 'Srila Prabupadha'...!!

"ISCKON denies it is a Hindu sect when the going is good. It, however, asked for money from Hindus when it faced a court judgement in the US ordering auction of its temples to pay for child molestation. At that time it told Hindus about the threat to the Hindu temples.

"This also raises another question. Why should ISCKON worry about Vivekananda's misportrayal of Hindu dharma when ISCKON is not a Hindu sect?"



To me, that is definitely misogyny

"I happen to have a copy of the Bhagavad Gita as it is, and in his commentaries to the verses Prabhupada says something to the effect that women in general aren't very intelligent and in dire need of a man's guidance (I don't have the book with me right now, so I can't point to the specific verse, but that's what he wrote). To me, that is definitely misogyny."



ISKCON is not a Hindu organization

"ISKCON usually claims not to be a Hindu organization. However, I used to get appeals from ISKCON for donating funds to save Hindu temples, when it was threatened with a court order some years ago ordering the auction of several temples.

"So does it then mean that while ISKCON is not a Hindu organization, it runs Hindu temples?"



The 'H' word

"I went to the ISKCON temple in Brooklyn, NYC, with two friends. This was long ago when I believed ISKCONites were Hindus. I was explaining some story in Bhagavatam to them and in the process used the word Hindu couple of times. There was an elderly ISKCON guy, white guy there. He called me aside and asked me politely not to use the 'H word'. I was shocked beyond measure, usually we say 'N' word, 'F' word etc for expletives, and he was this guy telling me my religion was an 'H' word!! (...) Since that experience I never visit ISKCON temples any more. The article is actually the proud possession of many of them, regardless of what Jan here thinks about it. Most ISKCONites take pride in saying they are not hindus and putting down whatever little they know of other hindus. They are not sweet natured, innocent, 'horay horay' people. My intention is just to enlighten others here of that."



Iskcon is a cult with many names

"To all defenders of Hindu forum,

"Hindu forum is the bigger hypocrite of all.

"Hindu Forum's choice of chairperson (S bhatia) for Hindu Forum Europe is running a chain of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN shops.

"So the moral about reverence for life from Hindu Forum is: KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN GOOD -- BURGER KING BAD !!

"Ha !!! Don't believe me, eh .. google 'Fried Chicken Hindu Forum' ...

"I mean what the hell was Pujya Maha Guru Ramesh Kallidai (Or should I use his real ISKCON name ramopadadas) thinking by approving this guy.

"It is so obvious that the Hindu forum is a front for ISKCON and the I-foundation.

"Come on guys/gals do you really believe that ISKCON can speak for all Hindus

"Talk about supporters of Chicken Nugget dealers calling the Kettle black.

"Yea ... Right ... You really care about Shamboo ... Gimme a break

"Shame ... Shame ... (...)

"Shambles created over Shambo by Hindu forum makes us want to unpack the people who run Hindu forum. First there is the patron CB Patel who has been a devout Iskonite for many years. Then we have the spiritual head of Hindu Forum - Gauri das the head of Iskcon (presently being investigated by his own body for abusing children in India). Then we come to Arjan Vekaria who is also a trustee of iskcon for many years. Why does the VHP support Hindu Forum every time? Because secretary of VHP Kishor Ruparelia's son-in-law is a major player at Iskcon. What a bunch of interesting people all with iskcon background. Not only running Hindu Forum but also running Hindu Aid a body that Andrew Gilligan of Evening Standard was questioning for taking 140,000 pounds of government funds. Do Ramesh and Arjan share this loot equally ? (...)

"Iskcon is a cult with many names: One name is Hindu Forum. The bull story shows what they are capable of, demolishing Hinduism in a foolhardy manner. What are the other names this cult uses: We also have 'I' foundation a body that is run by only iskconites but pretends to be a comprehensive Hindu body and has managed to dupe the government to give it millions of pounds to run a Hindu school. Because it is not iskcon but I foundation the government can turn a blind eye to the child abuse scandals Iskcon is involved with in USA. What a clever ploy but surely the government only funded the I foundation and not iskcon?? (...)

"The real culprits who should be brought to book in the Shambo affair are those people who allowed this OPPORTUNIST (like all Iskcon chaps), to get in a position of power for that we can thank Brian Pearce of the Inter Faith Network. Brian is well-known colonial who likes to control people of other faiths by the adage of divide and rule. So he brought in Ramesh from nowhere and gave him credibility with the Home office. Ramesh suited his purpose, he had no real love for Hinduism and he was out for himself..."



ISKCON is anti-hindu

"After 24yrs of following Iskcon closely (i live on 5th Av.) I can tell u that iskcon and iskcon followers are anti-hindu. While the whole of India believes that krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, iskcon preaches total opposite that the krishna is the supreme godhead and that the soul and power behind vishnu is also of krishna's. And i have seen their swamis mocking other hindu gods like Shiva, Kali, Ganesha and others saying that they are not true gods cos they have too many arms or carry too many weapons or ride animals or look weird etc. Also some iskcon followers are some of the most arrogant people i have met in my life. They don't want to see beyond krishna and behave as if iskcon has the patent to Lord Krishna. Iskcon also matches Islam in extremism . Whereas Islam says 'There is no god but Allah' Iskcon is like 'There is no god but Krishna'. Also Iskcon followers won't go to a Shiv temple or Ganesha temple or Hanuman mandir saying that we have discovered the true god krishna so there's no need to worship false gods. All these things are against the basic beliefs of Hinduism. due to this i left Iskcon in the late 80s. And i think that in the coming decades we are going to see the militant side of Iskcon. If u want to see for yourself just say to a true iskcon follower that krishna is not a god but an Avatara of Lord Vishnu."



ISKCON: An Anti-Hindu CULT

"Some of you may be familiar with mi$$ionaries who regularly chant 'Hare Krishna' and sell books to innocent victims who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. These people have infested my college campus with their lies and propaganda. For those of you who don't know this organization, I will give you some details:

"ISKCON: International Society for Krishna Consciousness, founded by Prabhupada

"They appear to be a Hindu organization to many but are actually very un-Hindu and constantly corrupt Hindu dharma. They only worship Krishna and insist that one can only worship Krishna to attain liberation. That is un-Hindu and a lie. They corrupt the Vedas (Hindu texts) by saying that Krishna is 'Godhead' when actually Brahman is 'Godhead' and Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. They have completely corrupted the Bhagavad-Gita (part of Mahabharata) and the Srimad Bhagavatam (part of Puranas). They have adulterated these texts and placed commentaries all over them which the majority of Hindus would find unacceptable or just plain ridiculous. They don't even understand the atman/Brahman concept which is that the soul merges with God when you attain liberation.

"Worst of all, they spend a lot of their time preaching and converting others like Christian missionaries which is very against Hinduism. They are also like Christians in that they are strictly monotheistic, that they insist that only their God is correct, and that one can only attain liberation by worshipping exactly like they do. They are also like Christians in that they insult other religions and other Hindu yoga paths and ways of worship or traditions. This is disgustingly anti-Hindu and I am sick of them corrupting our Vedas and lying about them.

"They are constantly on my college campus blocking sidewalks during the day and trying to convert people. I was one of those victims as I was hurrying to my next class and I told them I didn't have time to deal with them. Two hours later I came back the other way and they were there and stopped me. It was as uncomfortable as being pulled over by the police. I told them that I am a Hindu, that I've read the Gita, that I'm reading other Vedic texts, and that I already have a tradition that I follow, but this man refused to listen. He claimed that my Gita was fake and only the ISKCON one was real. He criticized my way of worship and kept cringing at the word 'Hindu' and disassociated with any talk about Indians or India. The conversation was completely one-way. Everything I said was wrong and whatever he said was right because apparently he has had X number of years of service and devotion so that automatically makes him right. This man and every other one I came across kept trying to SELL me stuff. He tried to sell me Gita even though I had one as well as another one someone lent me. He tried to sell me all these ISKCON books but I told him that I already had access to them. It basically appeared that it was all about money and that's it.

"I talked to a man who said that years ago he was in a college class, when several Hare Krishnas burst through the classroom door and started chanting. They kept chanting while the teacher called 911 through when police cuffed all of them and took them all to jail. They probably chanted the whole way in the car and all the way to the jury and judge. These people are nuts. This person also said that one stopped him and after this man told the ISKCONite that he already had FIVE Gitas, the ISKCONite still insisted that only Prabhupada's Gita was correct. This is disgusting.

"Then they set up an entire tent with chanting, meditation, bhajans, etc. These people will only chant the chants that ISKCON chants and believes that all other Hindu mantras, poojas, bhajans, and everything else is completely wrong. I go to a State university. Amendment I says that you have freedom of speech but not right to be heard and that government will not endorse religion. When they boom their phony 'Hindu' chants all through the campus when people are taking tests and when they shout at students trying to study vocab on the way to class and then block sidewalks with their preaching, this is illegal and unconstitutional.

"I talked to someone who left their cult and she said that they got so corrupt. She said that they were abusive to women sexually and that they drained her of all her money through propaganda and brainwashing. She did not press charges but just left. I read on the internet how widespread child molestation has occurred by these people in India. These temples in America are also responsible for widespread sexual abuse and money laundering because they take everyone's bank accounts which supposedly goes 'to Krishna.'

"I think that all students at my college should sue these people and call the police if they don't stop harassing. When I get stopped by these people, I tell them once to leave me alone and if they continue I will call the police. I already had to call 911 on a fanatical Christian preacher who wouldn't shut up until the police put him inside the back of their Crown Victoria. I would advise anyone who has been abused by these people through intimidation, sexual abuse, or verbal threats to call the FBI now. I am sick and tired of these people's crimes and corruption of Hindu dharma. They are a cult and all of those who are stealing people's money through brainwashing and who are abusing women and children should be arrested and thrown into prison immediately."




Vanna White's problems with 19 year old son

"Vanna's adolescent son, Nikko, 19, is allegedly being 'brainwashed' by a very dangerous religious cult, and she is struggling to deal with this. Allegedly Vanna's son has joined the Hare Krishna cult after meeting a monk. Nikko is now living with this man and has been asking his parents to give the monk money for a new ashram."



22-year-old girl cheated twice on FB, godman held

"A 45-year-old self-proclaimed godman was arrested from Gujarat by the Malad police on Wednesday night for allegedly kidnapping a 22-year-old girl after he befriended her on Facebook. The girl, a college student, had met the godman, Gopal Jagdishbai Patel alias Gopal Prabhu, hailing from UP on Facebook about two months back. The police said that she approached him as she was in trouble. (...) He claimed that he was the president of Iskcon Temple in Vrindavan, UP. 'She confided in Patel. Patel promised to help her get back the money. She trusted him and they exchanged phone numbers. The two decided to meet in Mumbai.'

"The girl went missing on September 27. The Malad police registered a case of kidnapping a few days ago. 'His number was switched off. Later, we got a tip-off that the two were in Gujarat. Patel was brought to Mumbai and was arrested on charges of kidnapping,' added Chandrakant Gurav, inspector (crime), Malad police station."



ISKCON disciple who posed as CBI officer held

"A special team from the Pune traffic police branch on Thursday night nabbed a man who posed as a CBI officer to rob off valuables and recovered three stolen vehicles, including a fourwheeler, and seized a revolver with seven bullets from his possession.

"The arrested man, identified as Chandraprakash Bhegunath Pande (39), a resident of Kondhwa, is a disciple and a regular visiter at the ISKCON Temple on Kondhwa-Katraj Road.

"The private security agency deployed at the temple is in the name of Pande’s wife. According to police, Pande, a native of Uttar Pradesh, retired as a police inspector from the Border Security Force (BSF), Mumbai, and later, settled in Pune.

"Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic Branch), Vishwash Pandhare, said, 'Impersonating as a CBI officer, Pande had robbed an Innova car from the jurisdiction of Sahar Police Station in Mumbai, in January last year. (...)

"The special team comprising of constables Shankar Kumbhar, Amol Sarde, Gajanan Sonwalkar and Surendra Kolge spotted the car with a suspicious registration number near ISKON temple around 8 pm on Thursday. When the cops confronted Pande, he claimed to be a CBI officer and threatened to complain to senior police officers, if he was not released."



Australian Hare Krishna follower jailed for raping two 15-year-old girls

"An Australian Hare Krishna follower dubbed the 'guru of Valbonne' was jailed for 15 years this week for raping two 15-year-old girls in the south of France. (...)

"A court in the southern French city of Nice sentenced a 41-year-old Australian man to 15 years in prison this week, after finding him guilty of raping two 15-year-old female 'followers', according to local newspaper Nice Matin. (...)

"O'Neil himself had claimed he had been reluctantly servicing the 'unbridled sexual appetites' of the teenage girls.

"Prosecuting lawyer Katia Calvini rejected those claims out of hand on Wednesday, telling the court: 'He is a narcissistic pervert, he’s just trying to shift the responsibility for what actually happened.'

"Fusina agreed, telling the Australian expat: 'You are a sexual predator, who used the concepts of Hare Krishna for your own perverted ends.' (...)

"To the shock and visible upset of his victims, present in the court on Wednesday, O'Neil even went so far as to blame them for the apparent physical abuse he subjected them to.

" 'She asked me to to hit her, so I did, until my hands hurt,' a weeping O'Neil told the court in Nice, adding that he had had no choice but to engage in group sex with the girls.

"O'Neil was acquitted of the rape of a third teenage girl, but the court ordered that he be deported from France for life at the conclusion of his prison sentence."



Milk supplied by Akshaya Patra sub standard: KMF

"The Akshaya Patra Foundation, one of the NGOs associated with the Ksheera Bhagya scheme, allegedly violated government instructions in supplying milk to schools. The government also found that the quality of the milk supplied by the NGO is below standard.

"Following complaints from school teachers and Block Education officers (BEO), the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) tested a sample of the milk supplied by the Foundation at its quality control division. The results showed that the milk is substandard."



Dead mice found in midday meal at Gurgaon school

"Hundreds of students of a government primary school in Khedli Lala village in Sohna block were in for a rude shock when they found two dead mice in their midday meal on Monday afternoon.

"According to principal Chander Bhan Singh and teachers of the school, when they opened the lid of the food-cereal container, they found two dead mice in it. Several people soon rushed to the school to check on their wards. (...) Iskcon, which supplies midday meals, blamed the school for the episode, saying the food was fine till it reached the school and the mice must have fallen into the food on the school premises. (...) After being informed of the incident, Sangeeta Chaudhary, block elementary education officer, reached the school and called a team of doctors. 'We never tolerate this kind of food. We have sent the report to our seniors officials,' Chaudhary said.

"In July a dead lizard was found in a midday meal in a Palwal school. Here too, the food was supplied by Iskcon. District education officer Manoj Kaushik, said she would order an inquiry against Iskcon."



Dear Narendra Modi, You are Right on 'Toilets'

"Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remark on toilets reminds me Swami Vivekananda’s rocking statement, 'Better to play football than read the Bhagavad Gita'. Modi is absolutely right; India needs more toilets than temples now (...) 'Build toilets first and temples later!' This statement, made recently by main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, sounds reasonable on two counts. First, it could wreck the conventional ethos of religious fundamentalism and give new hope to the neo-middle class Indians.

"Second, it has given Narendra Modi a golden opportunity to showcase himself as a champion of the true Hindutva ideology preached by his philosophical 'guru' Swami Vivekananda and the founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr K B Hedgewar. (...) Modi’s message was crystal-clear; his idea of Hindu nationalism is not about mindless ritualism or religious hullaballoo. According to Modi, it's all about rural empowerment, superior governance, and giving better sanitation than age-old ritualism. (...) Modi is on the move!"



Swami Prabhupada: Founder Of Hare Krishna Movement, And A Virulent Racist, Anti-Semite

"For one thing, Prabhupada spewed vitriolic racial hatred toward black/African people -- repeatedly and explicitly. Examples of his racial bigotry are numerous and frequently recorded in lectures and private conversations by his many devotees and disciples over the decades.

"Even if some of his comments were taken out of context (as his defenders and apologists sometimes assert), the sheer volume and magnitude of his immense bigotry cannot be ignored nor sugar-coated. (...)

"The theme of black people as cursed by God and hopelessly beyond redemption appeared repeatedly in Prabhupada’s comments. (...)

"For a man who came from a country colonized by the British, Prabhupada made some rather shocking statements about imperialism, in particular as it pertained to the United States. In a discussion with a disciple named Syamasundara Dasa, Prabhupada seemed to equate the Native Americans (pejoratively called 'Red Indians') of North America with the Sudras... (...)

"Prabhupada apparently also deeply embraced the myth of the 'Aryan' super-race and linked the ancient peoples of India to Europe... (...)

"The Swami also equated the Dravidians, that is, the dark-skinned original inhabitants of India who now predominate in the southern part of the country, with black Africans. He also bemoaned that the Dravidians (black people) mixed with the Aryans (white people) throughout Indian history, including in his native Bengal. (...)

"A devotee named Gopagopisvara Dasa wrote that Prabhupada clearly embraced racism and eugenics."



Vanna White's teenage son is 'exploring a gay relationship' with Hare Krishna monk twice his age

"... Ms White, who is worth an estimated $40million, has refused to give her son $1 million he has demanded to build a new ashram for Hare Krishna followers.

"The TV star is said to be terrified about losing her son to the organization. The Hare Krishna movement previously has been accused of brainwashing in a lawsuit for false imprisonment, among other claims.

"Sophomore student Nikko reportedly met Mr Akinsanya, who is a freshman at the same university, last year.

"After Wheel Of Fortune star Vanna and her ex-husband and Nikko's father George Santo Pietro, refused to give the money, the Enquirer claims that the monk has been trying to cut his teenage housemate off from his family, advising that Nikko 'follow his own path'.

"Mr Pietro is a former restaurateur who is believed to be worth in excess of $20 million. The couple married in December 1990 and divorced in November 2002.

"A showbiz friend of Ms White (...): 'This man is clearly targeting Nikko for his family's money.' "



'Rat sambar' in mid-day meal - ZP CEO inspects Iskcon kitchen

"A day after a rat was found in the mid-day meal at Krishnapur government school, Dakshina Kannada zilla panchayat CEO Dr Tulasi Maddideni on Tuesday July 30 inspected the mid-day meal preparation unit of Iskcon near Urwa Market, which had supplied the food.

"Speaking to reporters after her visit, she said, 'The officials should ensure that there are no shortcomings or mistakes committed while giving mid-day meals to students,' she said.

"As a half-roasted rat was found in the mid-day meal given to Krishnapur government high school on July 29. The meal was supplied by the Iskcon centre. The ZP CEO inspected the kitchen of the meal preparation unit and checked all aspects in the kitchen including cleanliness and hygiene.

" 'Investigation will be done to determine how the rat fell into sambar and a report will be sent to the government,' she said.

"Nandanacharyadas, in charge of Akshaya Patra at Iskcon said, 'We do not know how the rat fell into the sambar. (...)"



Man smuggles guns inside Bhagvad Gita, arrested

"Mumbai Police Crime Branch Saturday arrested a man for allegedly trying to smuggle two illegal firearms hidden in a copy of the Bhagvad Gita.

"The accused has been identified as Sanjay Choudhary (37), a resident of Bandra.

" 'We received a tip off that one Rajesh Mahadik, an accused in an MCOCA case, would arriv at Bandstand Saturday to meet an associate. We laid a trap accordingly. A man fitting the description of the associate reached the spot around 12.50 pm. After our informant signalled us, we nabbed him,' said DCP Ambadas Pote, Crime Branch.

"Police said Choudhary had kept the Gita in a shoe box. A rectangular cavity had been cut into the pages, in which two country-made revolvers and eleven live rounds were concealed.

" 'Inquiries revealed that the guns and the ammunition belonged to Mahadik, who had given them to Chaudhary for safekeeping. Mahadik is wanted in a firing case in Thane in 2012. We will send the weapons for ballistics examination to check if either was used in that case. We are also trying to trace Mahadik,' said Pote.

"An officer said, 'Chaudhary told us that he hid the arms in the Gita thinking that no one would check it.'

"Choudhary has been charged under the Arms Act."



The 'Hindoo' Colonials

"Hindu Forum for example now has a rival Hindu Forum of Europe which does not even consist of Hindus but is in fact run by ISKCON (International Society of Krishna Consciousness, or Hare Krishna) as a front group for this group. (...) The variety of Hindu ideas and thought have been crushed as ISKCON put its anti-Hindu vice grip onto Hindu aspirations: even while the child abuse cases it has been involved in are constantly uncovered."

ISKCON Mumbai itself is in trouble with a Kolkata court issuing arrest warrants for its head Guru Jayapataka Swami and governing council member Dayaram Das on charges of criminal conspiracy - for falsely implicating a fellow devotee in a rape case. The warrants were later quashed by the Kolkata High Court.

Read more at:



...Selfish 'I am not Hindu' Gurus

"...not just non-Hindu, but actively anti-Hindu. It is for this reason that so many of the New Age gurus are keen to denounce the very label which describes the ancient culture which gave rise to those deep values in the first place. First among these was the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, ISKCON, also known as the Hare Krishna movement. Brought to America in 1965 by ex-pharmacist Swami Prabhupada, this narrow minded sect appealed to a generation of youth looking for meaning as they cast off age old cherished values of their parents. (...)

"Prabhupada openly disassociated his sect from Hinduism. This may come as a surprise to many Hindus, especially in the west whose racial inferiority complex makes them ditch all common sense when they see any non Indian in the garb of sadhus. But Prabhupada never hid his anti-Hindu rhetoric as he built his growing following on a recognizably Christian framework using a sugar coating of Indian spiritual terminology and borrowings.

"Iskcons 'The Bhagavad Gita as it Really is' fits in well with the organisation's highly sectarian and intolerant mindset. It is only in recent years where lack of money and a host of financial, sexual and other scandals have led the followers of the late Prabhupada to seek support from the very Hindus they once spurned. (...)

"What we have with individuals such as Prabhupada (...) is the diametric opposite. While they talk the language of spirituality the brutal reality is that is anything but that."



Suspect confesses to murder of Vrinda Devi

"Inspector Shyamlal Yadav of the Mathura Police comfirmed yesterday that Arvind Patil, otherwise known as Sahasranam Das, confessed to the murder of Bodhmatie Ori on the night of November 17th, 2011.

"Sahasranam Das (Arvind Patil), 40, is a former Vrindavan Gurukula student and disciple of Lokanath Swami. According to some, he is also a blood relative of Lokanath Swami, his nephew through a sister or cousin sister.

"He lived in the United States in the Philadelphia temple for some time in the mid-90's, but of late was based at ISKCON’s temple in Aravade, Maharashtra, which is also Lokanath Swami’s birthplace.

"According to some sources, Sahasranam Das was involved in the shooting of Kadamba Kanana Das (now Swami), then temple president of ISKCON Vrindavan, in the mid-90s. The case was not pursued.

"According to our sources, Sahasranam had been befriended by Vrinda Devi, who was also a Lokanath Swami disciple before leaving ISKCON. She had even made him a part owner of the Sheetal Chaya property and his name was on the deed.

"He had been trying to get her to sell the property but she had not agreed to it, but he had continued to make efforts to do so without her knowledge. This had led to numerous quarrels between the two and, evidently, the ultimate crime.

"Sahasranam had been seen in the vicinity of Vrinda Devi’s home near about the time of the murder and was an early suspect wanted for questioning. The trail led to him in Maharashtra as he was using her debit card to extract large sums of money from her bank account."



New Friends of Iskcon?

"In this melee nobody bothered to know whether the actual 'Gita' was on the agenda of the Tomsk court or some other book which was based on it. Only when the dust settled one came to know that the book in question in the Tomsk court happened to be a Russian translation of Gita with detailed commentaries on it, titled 'Bhagwad-gita As It Is' written by the founder of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada. (...)

"The controversial nature of ISKCON’s activities in and around Tomsk reminds one of another disturbing chapter in its history when the Hare Krishna organization was sued for alleged child abuse. Stories of child abuse started appearing in 1980s with cases dating back from mid 1970s onwards. In fact Prabhupada had exhorted his followers to send their wards - even 5 year olds - to the various Gurukulas which had come up in US and India where they faced abuse at the hands of teachers and other staff. A law firm which took up the case of the victims said that the abuse started in 1972 with ISKCON’s first school in Dallas, and continued in six other U.S. schools and two in India. According to its estimates more than half of the children in the schools were victimized."



VHP activists burn 'derogatory' book on Krishna

"The activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Friday burnt the copies of a book allegedly containing material that hurt the sentiments of Hindus. The book was apparently being sold at a 10-day fair organized by K T Foundation at Government Girls' Inter-College campus here in Civil Lines area of the city. They also lodged a complaint with the Civil Lines police station. However, no case has been registered.

"VHP's district spokesperson Pawan Srivastava claimed a book on Lord Krishna talked about his 'raas leela' giving it sexual undertones. The author has also written many other books, which criticized the Hindu culture," said Srivastava.

"The main organizer of the Book Fair, Dev Raj Arora, president of the K T Foundation, said he was not aware whether the books were actually bought from the stalls as was claimed by the protesters. 'The book in question was not supposed to be brought to the fair. The book is available in the market, but we generally don't bring such books to the fair,' said Arora, who has organized the fair for the fourth time in the city."









Rice scam in Bangalore ISCKON temple?

"The ISCKON temple in Bangalore stands accused of selling rice it was given free by the Karnataka state government, meant for the midday meal scheme for school children."



American woman molested at ISKCON

"A 28-year-old US national was allegedly molested at 3 am on Monday inside a room at a guest house behind the ISKCON temple in Juhu. (...)

"She has told the police that a stranger forced his way into her room and molested her. (...) 'We have booked a case under Section 354 of IPC (outraging modesty),' said Katkade. (...)

"Another officer from Juhu police station said, 'According to the victim's complaint the stranger pushed her on the bed and molested her. She screamed for help, but by the time some people from the guest house could arrive, he managed to escape.' ''




Moscow may lose its sole Hare Krishna temple

"The temporary site where Russian devotees of the Hare Krishna Movement or ISKCON pray is likely to be demolished,, a site run by Russian ISKCON followers said.

"The movement has faced several bureaucratic hurdles in its quest to have a permanent structure to conduct its religious activities. When the ISKCON temple situated near the Begovaya metro station (in the centre of Moscow) was demolished in 2004, the Moscow government allotted land for construction of a new temple at the Leningradsky Prospekt (north of Moscow). This land was subsequently taken away.

"In 2006, the Moscow government promised to build a temple in the Molzhaninovo district (10 km from the Moscow ring road) as part of the joint declaration signed by the Moscow and New Delhi governments. A Russian Orthodox Church has since been built in Delhi.

"Despite all clearances for the project for the temple to be built in Molzhaninovo, the Moscow government cancelled the project. The authorities of the Northern administrative district of Moscow have also threatened to demolish the temporary site where Moscow-based ISKCON followers pray."



Metro Rail to acquire Iskcon land

"The devotees of Lord Krishna and officials of Hyderabad Metro Rail, along with GHMC, are heading for a major showdown. The HMR authorities have issued a land acquisition notice to International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), located on Sardar Patel Road, opposite St John’s Church, in Secunderabad.

"The land is required for laying of elevated structure of the Metro Rail for Corridor-III that runs from Nagole to Shilparamam via Sangeet and Iskcon. The devotees of Lord Krishna are in mood to hand over the temple land, said sources. This is because there was a curvature on the roads and there was no other go, but to acquire the Iskcon land." (...)


"The acquisition of 2500 Sq. Yds Land of ISKCON Temple at Secunderabad, should be gone through without any compromise on the Curvature Design at the junction; god forbid if anything goes wrong, Citizens 'll take the Concerned Dept. & the Engineers to the courts. They have no business in compromising at any cost. Secondly the said land is a gift land, so what are the Temple people talking about." (...)

"You are perfectly right. There should be no compromise on passenger safety or else the Metro people should be taken to task. Iskcon can have its commercial complex cum temple elsewhere." (...)

"I don't think they should compromise on the land issue. They should take the land and build a safer rail road."



Hyderabad: Minister Danam, aides lock up temple

"...he locked up the main gate of the temple, and abused the on-duty sub-inspector. The minister alleged that the ISKCON-run temple and an adjoining 5-acre piece of land, leased to the Hare Krishna movement, were being used for anti-social activities. He demanded that the lease be cancelled and threatened to have the sub-inspector transferred.

"It all started when about 150 residents, mostly supporters of Nagender, of NBT Colony forced their way into the premises where temple functionaries were erecting a pandal for ISKCON’s Janmasthami celebrations. The mob ransacked the temple, damaged the pandal and threw away tulasi plants brought for the pooja while raising slogans against ISKCON. Minutes later, Danam Nagender arrived with his associates.

"They locked the main gate of the temple and the minister picked up a quarrel with sub-inspector B Ramesh when the latter’s posse tried to intervene. Nagender also levelled allegations against ISKCON members. 'They attempted to rape a minor girl in the locality and the case is still pending in court. The locals have been informing me about the illegal activities going on here in the name of god,' he said. Emboldened by the minister’s arrival, local people thrashed a Hare Krishna member."



Nagender hisses at Iskcon, temple locked in the name of poor

"After receiving some complaints from the local people, the Minister, along with his supporters, 'raided' the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) temple in Banjara Hills, allegedly abused the temple officials of misbehaving with local women, carrying out illegal activities and directed them to vacate the place at the earliest.

"While his band of followers prevented the priests from performing the rituals, damaged the generator and furniture, uprooted the 'sacred Tulasi' plant on the premises and threw it outside, the Minister became a law unto himself and locked the main entrance of the temple for more than two hours."



Danam Locks Temple!

"Labour minister Danam Nagender, known for aggressive talk and behaviour, created a flutter on Thursday, when he, along with his followers, attacked an ISKCON temple on the premises of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple on Road No. 12, Banjara Hills and locked it.

"The followers of Danam ransacked the premises, uprooted the 'Tulasi Kota', damaged the furniture and vandalized the office. Danam even abused the ISKCON (a sect of Lord Krishna devotees) members in filthy language and accused them of molesting women in the name of devotion. He threatened them with dire consequences if they did not vacate the premises."




Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant


"I absolutely love Hinduism, Indian culture, and vegetarian food. But I have strongly mixed feelings about Govinda's restaurant. I used to eat there a lot, for years, but no longer do. At all.

"During the years that I was a patron, I would notice a photo on the wall of a person called 'Prabhupada', the founder of the group that runs the eatery. They also had a statue of him in a curtained-off room that served as a small temple. I'm all for religious pluralism, so this did not bother me in the slightest. In fact, I found it interesting. Even somewhat endearing. That it, until I learned a bit more about this person.

"I'm not sure how familiar the visitors of this site are with this 'Prabhupada' individual, so I wanted to share a link to an article by Palash R. Ghosh:

"Please note that International Business Times is a respected publication. As far as I understand, it is now located in the financial district of NYC. Actually, right inside the old Newsweek office. Since they apparently bought out Newsweek in August of this year. It is also, supposedly, the fourth-most visited site, worldwide, when it comes to business newspapers.

"I assume that many, perhaps most, of the visitors to the restaurant are not aware of the vicious, hard-hearted, unapologetic, glaring and blatant racism of this 'Prabhupada' person. I certainly wasn't, when I first stumbled upon Govinda's. If I had been, I would have been reluctant to spend my money there. The seething racial hate that comes out of this man's mouth does not represent Hinduism, or Indian culture. It's deeply mean-spirited. No matter how seemingly friendly the server at the restaurant may be. Caveat emptor.

"I have not mentioned the food, but that is not the only consideration when it comes to spending money ethically and mindfully. I'm not looking to tell people what to do, simply to inform.

"Personally, I no longer frequent this restaurant. My conscience won't allow it. Sorry."



Blue Jeffrey Dahmer

"A surprisingly good article. Thank you for this, Kedar. The picture you paint with your words of Krishna as a terrorist egomaniac rings true. And your description of Krishna prearranging the Kurukshetra War, which (is said to have) resulted in so much death and heartbreak, reminds me of a twisted child, torturing insects and small animals for his own pleasure. That is just sick. There is nothing high or noble about it. When children torture animals, that is often a sign that they will grow up to be a serial killer. Krishna is sick in the head, and needs help. He needs to be protected from himself, and society deserves to be protected from him. And from his cruel and casteist book. Krishna's schtick about how no one is dear to him brings to mind the psychopath's cold affect, and his inability to form any meaningful bonds with anyone.

"We need to look to real heroes, not this blue Jeffrey Dahmer."



Commercial complex cum temple

"The acquisition of 2500 Sq. Yds Land of ISKCON Temple at Secunderabad, should be gone through without any compromise on the Curvature Design at the junction; god forbid if anything goes wrong, Citizens 'll take the Concerned Dept. & the Engineers to the courts. They have no business in compromising at any cost. Secondly the said land is a gift land, so what are the Temple people talking about." (...)

"You are perfectly right. There should be no compromise on passenger safety or else the Metro people should be taken to task. Iskcon can have its commercial complex cum temple elsewhere." (...)

"I don't think they should compromise on the land issue. They should take the land and build a safer rail road."




"My daughter said she felt 'alarm bells' when she met L's new bf, the way he stared, the strange vibe she got from him, but her friend was totally smitten by him, had explained that he was a gentle, spiritual man who was also a Hare Krishna.

"Well, this new man persuaded L to move in to his apartment only one month after meeting, and then, over the past few weeks, he had undergone a total change of personality. He was nothing like the person he had portrayed to her, and soon became abusive and even violent towards her. My daughter had stepped in to rescue her young friend and help her escape when the man had hit her on Monday evening and proceeded to go on a total psychopathic rampage smashing up the place. The 'spiritual' Hare Krishna guy ate a ton of meat and also had an alcohol problem. He was a complete fake.

"My daughter asked me if I would go and see L and talk to her. I found this most gorgeous, fragile young woman at her work place, I held her as she wept, she was in a terrible state. I told her 'look, I think this guy could be a psychopath. In any case, he is very dangerous. Stay away – NO CONTACT whatsoever!' "