12 August 2011

Staking false claims
Citizens of Bharat, we present you with a caveat: savdhan raho.  If you continue to remain blind to what is transpiring around you and continue giving money and support to firangi sadhus, you will be sucked dry of everything legally inherent to your children.  Our old videshi dushman is back.  Be warned.  He is wearing Vishnu tilak, haldi rang kapra, calling himself guru, svami, maharaj, acarya, etc., and claiming rishta via praxis. 
After cheating raping and exploiting whatever opportunities there were in his own desh, and destroying its economy with paap, he is now fully concentrating on filling his guts with Indian money children and land.  By professing his superior intellect in Vedic standards (and studying the Indian psyche extremely well) he lures Indian donors to his tandoor; roasts and eats them like murgas; spits out the bones, and cleans his teeth like a crorepati with hazar rupiah notes.


Having spotted the opportunity presented while looting their own desh, a group of American Jews seized upon the Vedic teachings and relevant cosmology to exploit and destroy adherents in their own lands.  After being exposed as murderers, child abusers and fakes in an economy that can afford them no longer, they have concentrated efforts on devouring India and Indian repatriates.  Exposed and denounced by their own; their centers for business in the US now rat and cockroach infested, they have moved operations to India.  With no credence in their own country other than promoting "Festivals of India," and being maintained and supported by the largesse of home-sick Indians living abroad, they have systematically duped Indians in India to aid them in stealing prime agricultural lands from villagers and donating it to them in the name of God.  We will present more on this issue further down our report.
This team of Am/Jews are expert in camouflaging who they are and their criminal activities.  No public, municipal or State government, can see these malicks hiding in the shadows and controlling gulams (or as they say- goyim) from behind the scenes.  In his plea to the District Court in Dallas (2000) on behalf of Iskcon's abused children, attorney Windle Turley exposed them to the world, and that declaration was never challenged because it could never be countered.  Here it is (Bold & Underline by BIF):
" 1. The Governing Body of ISKCON (herein, "GBC") is the ultimate administrative and governing body of the movement.  It was established in 1970, at the direction of Prabhupada, the movement's founder.  The GBC initially consisted of eleven high-ranking leaders in the movement.  Although the primary activity of the GBC is in the United States, it governs ISKCON worldwide."
NB. Whereas the initial eleven high-ranking leaders were not all Am/Jews, the nucleus was, and did exert superiority over the others.  Their figures have since risen to control all facets of administration within the cult.  Please read our article, "SS and the Shylocks of Isk."
 In the recent and ongoing Bangalore vs. Mumbai Iskcon case, which was publicized by Karnataka TV, viewers saw only Indians involved in the fracas.  Not a single caucasian figure of authority was spotted in the melee, even though we know who governs ISKCON worldwide.  This is not new.  In every country where this International group conducts business, and when trouble raises its head, native slaves are thrown forward to deflect any sense of foreign involvement.  Meanwhile the Iskzion jewry hides behind a screen of pretentious sanctimony and pull strings like a doll-dancer on a Chowringhee Road footpath. 
The doll-dancers in the Mumbai vs. Bangalore puppetry are pitting their puppets against Bangalore management in an attempt to take over temple/land/properties while making the Indian people believe it is an all-Indian ruckus for rights.  The two puppet masters controlling this takeover bid are 1) Radhanath Swami, aka. Richard Slavin, Am/Jew from Chicago, USA,  2)  Jayapataka Swami, aka. Gordon John Erdman, Am/Jew from Wisconsin, USA.  They have used Indians (indoctrinated to believe they are not Indians but atma) to forcefully evict Indians from an Indian temple established on Indian land.....and what's more, the Indian Courts are forced to go along with it.  This is the depth of deception and manipulation Indians are facing. 


The modus operandi under which these virudh wallos think and function may be genetically imbibed or developed by a group sense of megalomania, or even attraction to a cluster of like minded sociopaths.  We cannot really tell.  What we do know comes from a controversial script for world domination entitled- "The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion."  Here below we post an excerpt from a sub-section- "Secret Societies #5."  It perfectly identifies the ethic and strategy behind Iskzion's Jewish puppetry: 


5. The class of people who most willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their wits, careerists, and in general people, mostly light-minded, with whom we shall have no difficulty in dealing and in using to wind up the mechanism of the machine devised by us. If this world grows agitated the meaning of that will be that we have had to stir up in order to break up its too great solidarity. BUT IF THERE SHOULD ARISE IN ITS MIDST A PLOT, THEN AT THE HEAD OF THAT PLOT WILL BE NO OTHER THAN ONE OF OUR MOST TRUSTED SERVANTS.

What we see within the Iskzion cult fits the above strategy like matzah at a Passover:-  A jewdical system exercising jewrisprudence applying corpus jewris

Whereas they preach an 'interfaith' acceptance : projecting a tolerance of spiritual globalization, their activities and secretive natures indicate differently.  Whereas doctrines globally believe in absolving iniquities that move from periphery to core, in Iskzion one needs look no further than the core to witness the reverse.  Bharatvarsha should immediately move to expel this kabbala playing tabla.  

Before presenting the land-scam revelation as promised above, permit us to take a closer look at the central figure in the scam, who just happens to be one of the two puppeteers in the Mumbai vs. Bangalore land grab.  Here below we present a recent posting on his web page, which explains why Jerusalem needs a Wailing Wall.

Bold, Underline Comments & insertions by BIF.


>>The JPS
(JayaPataka Swami) Office at Mayapur has now been restructured. It is currently being led by Acintya Caitanya dasa as its Supervisor assisted by Adidevi devi dasi as the Interim Manager who does the hands on work at the office along with other staff members. I have instructed Acintya Caitanya dasa and Adidevi devi dasi to function under and be answerable to a committee of my senior disciples, the JPS Seva Committee.

The above paragraph tells us that the writer (Erdman) has a Worship Committee dedicated not to God but to him.  Not only does Mr. Erdman from Wisconsin USA have a worship club of his own, but the club keeps his lesser servants in line.  If any Indian official cares to visit Mayapur in Bengal, they will see hundreds of Indian boys running behind this fellow and doing everything except wash his behind (...or maybe?) 

>>The JPS Seva Committee is constituted of:

>>Vijaya Venugopal das(Chairman), Prema Vikash das (Vice-chairman), Srivallabha das (Finance coordinator), Maha Varaha das and Simhesvara das (Personal Servants coordinators), Marici Das (Travel coordinator), Iksvaku das and Prema Caru das (Health coordinators).

...."Personal Servants coordinators".  Not just one coordinator but several, and just to coordinate Personal Servants.  So maybe he does have a backside washer..Eh?

>>Acintya Caitanya dasa and Adidevi dasi are voluntarily contributing their time and services. Adidevi devi dasi will shortly be replaced by a permanent manager.

Indian officials should bear in mind:  no employees, whether temporary or permanent, are contracted de jure.  As a result of waving contract agreements both parties fly under the tax-ex. radar.  Gordon Erdman is an Indian-donation-made-multi-millionaire who has also used Indian slave-labor for decades, and has never paid a paisa to our tax department.  Further down, we will also show him illegally grabbing prime Indian farming lands.

>>Ratnavali dd and Vaikuntapati das are no longer accepting correspondence on my behalf or for my office.

This is how the Iskzion jewdicary works when caught corpus delicti.  Immediately a scapegoat is selected and the skeleton hung around his neck.  Looking like boneyards they are removed from the "Personal Servants" circle and evanesced, like the lost tribes of Israel.

>>I also want to emphasize that the functions of JPS office are purely spiritual in nature. This office has not been authorised by me to conduct directly or indirectly any financial schemes, marketing ventures or other commercial enterprises to facilitate any of my services to Srila Prabhupada's mission or for any other reason. Such activities go against the very spirit and purpose of this office.

No.  This incident has nothing to do with the land-grab we are referring to.  Here Erdman is making denial of his involvement in an unethical money-making scheme in which his office was directly involved.  What he expects investigators to understand is that although he has a "Supervisor" who is assisted by an "Interim Manager" assisted by other "Personal Servants" and "staff members" who answer to "Senior Disciples" known as the "JPS Seva Committee" who consist of a "Chairman," a "Vice Chairman," a "Finance coordinator," "Personal Servants coordinators," "Travel coordinator" and "Health coordinators," he still has no knowledge that his staff are involved in shonky operations.  Sucks...don't it?

>>A recent development has thrown light that some members from my office might have been involved in some such schemes, in their personal capacities. I have never condoned nor do I ever condone any such activity either on my behalf or on behalf of the office. Even if they claim that I have condoned such activity either on my behalf or on behalf of the office, please know that it is not true. Neither I nor the office is responsible for such activities. Please do not get involved with any such schemes even if my disciples claim to be doing them only to help me or if they claim these schemes to be authorised by me; rather immediately inform Acintya Caitanya dasa or Vidvan Gauranga dasa whenever any such activity comes to your attention.

Your well wisher always,
Jayapataka Swami <<

And with these believe-it-or-not words of authority, corpus jewris is enacted.  The scapegoats will surface on some other Erdman held estate where they will hold higher office and face less opposition in their capacity as JPS Seva Committee officials.  Meanwhile Iskzion's puppets remain content with their fresh dunking in Erdman fertilizer, and return to the darkness where they will continue to extrospect with ecstatic smiles whittled on anxious faces.  Everything will go on as it has for thirty-four years...Hebrew to Gurubrew.  But will it continue unchecked and unabated? 

Now we arrive at the article posted by the Temple President of Sri Sri Radha KrishnaChandra Mandir, Bangalore. 

Madhu Pandit Dasa was, for many years, considered a party-line adherent to the Erdman/Slavin Iskzion exploitation of India.  An intelligent man, his dedication when prompted by emerging facts, demanded a rethink.  Having no recourse he decided to remove the Deities and unequivocal exploitation of Indian membership from under the disgraceful sexual history of the cult's foreign masters.  What resulted is an ongoing twelve-year embattlement of Bangalore temple by Jews who use Indian puppets and deploy Indian monies they secured in donations while pretending to be Indian holy-men.  This is NOT racism, it is a FACT.  What is also a fact is that Madhu Pandit Das' breaking away from party-line subjugation has given insight to a land-scam/grab operation affecting all Indians.  We have taken only an excerpt from his article which is available in its entirety on: 

ISKCON GBC making illegal land trusts


ISKCON Mayapur, ISKCON Mumbai and ISKCON Delhi also have several trusts functioning in their premises engaged in commercial activities. ISKCON Mayapur floated several trusts, nearly fifty of them, foolishly for the purpose of illegally circumventing the land ceiling laws of the West Bengal Government, where no single trust can hold more than about twenty acres of land. In fact, all the Mayapur lands, except a few acres surrounding where the temple is being built, are all now under the control of the West Bengal Government. The Government has found out that they have bought these lands in the name of these trusts just to circumvent the Land Ceiling Act. It is a big mess.

All the millions of dollars of BBT money that went into buying about 500 acres of land in Mayapur is under threat of seizure, if not already seized on paper by the Government. It is because of this goof up that the main temple is being built in the clear land in the name of ISKCON, the old fountain and park area, and not where it was planned.
Are the worldwide devotees aware of this failure of the GBC body in practically losing millions of dollars of BBT money donated to Mayapur during Harikesh's time to buy these lands, just by their foolish strategy? You cannot float trusts as a strategy to evade state laws. Sooner or later one will be caught. Even the source of funds for these lands are under scrutiny by government authorities
Madhu Pandit Dasa
Frankly, we here at BIF do not give a hoot for the loss of cult monies.  The money belongs to the Indian Government anyway; stolen hand-over-fist by trickery and by foreigners.  It is not even a fraction of money looted via tax exemption schemes and other criminal activities, such as the case in point.  Our concerns rest with the citizens of India, and in particular the State Government of Bengal and farmers who have lost prime agricultural lands located near the Ganges.  India is supporting a population of a billion plus, we cannot afford to be diddled by foreigners devising criminal scams to breach our Land Rights Act.  It is disgusting and worthy of nationalistic concern, investigation, and prosecution to the full extent of the law.  
Gordon John Erdman (aka. Jayapataka Swami,) is in control of the Mayapur division of Iskzion.  He is the brains behind this deception and against the Indian people who have supported him for all these years and permitted him to stay as a friend and guest.
Thank You for spending time with us.