24th. Oct. 2011.
Gurus within the ISKCON sect are renowned for murders,  raping children, stealing millions of dollars from disciples, cover-ups, and sexual encounters.  So when we inform the congregation of these aberrations as they come to light, it barely raises an eyebrow.  Why is this?  Well, the strange truth is that although crime within the cult is acknowledged, and even sometimes admitted by the ISKCON Governing Body Commission, the matter stays within the non--secular jurisdiction of cult administration.  Crime was never reported to authorities by the cult's founder, a policy that permitted his own poisoning death to go by uninvestigated.  Still, it remains the adopted policy to date.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Notwithstanding, the activities of these ISKCON god-men are so outré, that even their closest confidants gag on visuals, sometimes regurgitating in exposures captured on film, as presented in the addendum to this article. 
Bhakti-sarvabhauma Sri Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji (aka. David Bruce Hughes,) an American, is an initiated disciple of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (ACBSP), founder of ISKCON.  He states in his bio that he- spent over 30 years at the feet of his exalted guru, studying the esoteric Vedic wisdom in the most sacred places of pilgrimage in India.  After three decades spent at the feet of his exalted guru and touring the most sacred places, Babaji opened an 'ashram' under the noses of Hindus in Sanskaardhaani (Jabalpur) in Mahakaushal region of Madhya Pradesh, where he began engaging in "Bondage Erotic Sex" with his male disciples.  
Even the American, dissidents of ISKCON, are becoming annoyed at the Hindustani indifference to this dangerous cult, who have been telling the world for four decades that  India and the Holy Vedas are the cause of deception and erotica that has no equivalent in the libido of dogs or demons.  Yet, to date, not one Indian has come out fighting against this deception.  Quite to the contrary, Indians are the financial backbone for the cult's continuation and propagation of transgressions.  ISKCON temples are packed to the rafters with Indian donors around the planet, all of whom dig deep to keep the cult buoyant and mainstream Hindu.  ISKCON's Hindu congregation are now being cited as cause for the endangerment of morality, the fostering of crime, and for aiding and abetting in the fraying of social fabric worldwide. http://krishna1008.blogspot.com/2011/10/dear-naresh-prabhu-foreigners-support.html
There can be little doubt that the cult's administration and mouthpieces will disown this freshly excreted member of their brotherhood.  They will do what they have always done: wave a hand and declare the offender- "once a member of ISKCON."  But none can deny, he was the special guest of Jayapataka Swami ("Acaryapada") at the cult's Mayapur complex only last year- 2010.  He was seen intermingling with godbrothers and receiving honor and attention given to those who display the honorific- acBSp- after their names; plugging direct initiation by the founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  Nonetheless, it stands to reason that one would not be invited/welcome as a guest unless the host had at least some background knowledge about the character.  Undeniably Babaji made no attempt to disguise his titillations, posting it on web sites for anyone and everyone to peruse:
"The essence of Tantric Vaisnavism is intense energy, spiritual erotic ecstasy and visionary creative consciousness. Tantric Vaisnavism is a sex-positive, pansexual spiritual practice that is open to the erotic practices of all orientations without judgment. It uses consciously directed sex energy to manifest states of advanced spiritual consciousness."  (David Hughes)
Differentiation cannot be argued under the circumstances.  ISKCON touts its brand of Vaisnavism as Vedic.  Albeit they have not publicly declared their interpretations of Vedic teachings to be 'Tantric Vaisnavism,'  ISKCON's history is peppered with homosexuality, pedophilia, udinism, and other forms of sexual perversions we cannot even begin to explain, or understand.  In this case, just as in several prior exposés ad seriatim,  the glaring evidence of orgy by association becomes clear for all to see. 
It should be noted at this point that Bhakti-sarvabhauma Sri Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji (aka. David Bruce Hughes) has fled India.  Here is the email posted on his site yesterday: 
Dear Devotees,
Hare K???a! Please accept my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Well now I can reveal, we have closed the Jabalpur asram and all the Western devotees have left. Over the next few days I will be posting the whole explanation. I am in Sjøberg, Norway with Kanai and Maha-marga; Uddhava and Mother K???a-sakti are flying to Miami tonight, and Marka??eya and Mukutesvara are leaving in a few? days. October 16 at
11:06am · David Bruce Hughes
caran999 1 day ago 21st Oct. 2011.
Before posting the album of photographs as revealed in our first paragraph, we wish to make a statement to the Government of Hindustan, and to the Hindu members of ISKCON:  Your continued support and contributions to the ISKCON cult is exhausting all efforts to bring its crimes to justice.  If Hindus continue to support and finance the cult, they will beat all attempts, legal and civil, to hold them accountable for crimes, and for the abuse of sacred Hindu scriptures, and for misrepresentation of the great Rishis who presented the sastras as Divine.  Failing to recognize Jewish/American cults who feel no remorse in pretention; whose membership will say anything to steal money* ; who see Hindustan's current economy as candy in the hands of a religious baby, will create a populace of schizoids, crack addicts, sociopaths and drive-by-shooters.  A carbon-copy of life on American streets.
*David Hughes, writing about himself: In 1985 he wrote Sapta Svarah, his thesis for his Bhakti-vaibhava degree (the Vaisnava equivalent of a Doctor of Divinity) on the correspondence between the esoteric Vedic musical system and the mathematical laws of Quantum Mechanics. He was also instrumental in creating the Usenet forum alt.religion.vaisnava, the first international Internet conference for Vedic bhakti-yogis.
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