30th August, 2011.

I. A Chair's Breadth from murder:
"Shortly after I received a letter dated 3 December 1972 from our guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, my then husband, Gopal Krishna Das--now known as Gopal Krishna Goswami-- in a fit of rage at my bravery for having written to our guru directly about discriminatory acts against women in the New York temple, threw a heavy wooden desk chair at my pregnant abdomen (I was 81/2 months pregnant ath the time).  This crime occurred in our rented apartment at 443 Hicks Street in Brooklyn, New York. Had I not stepped aside instantly my unborn son and I would have died on the spot: the chair was so heavy that it left a hole in the wall where it struck. Due to fear, extreme shock, and my condition, I did not report the incident to the police. I gave birth to my son on January 3rd, two weeks after the assault. Although these events occurred over 36 years ago, I still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result."  (Ekayani Devi Dasi, Gopal Krishna Goswami's ex. wife.)
Gopal Krishna 'Goswami' (aka. G. K. Khanna,) was given sannyas in 1981 by Jayapataka Swami: a suspect in the poisoning of Iskcon's founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  Soon after the passing of Prabhupada, these two were involved in an episode* lending heavily to a serial-criminal- mind-set which remains unchanged and unchallenged to date; a felony that glues-to clues a smorgasbord of brazen and flagrant contrivances belying virtue from any angle.
Our first alert to Gopal Krishna, was his answer to Man Mohan, a reporter from the Times of India.  The reporter approached Gopal Krishna because he was one of many co-defendants in Iskcon's child abuse law suit.  Gopal Krishna admitted there were some problems in American gurukuls but the problems had been corrected.  To us, who had seen the official Child Protection Office report from India, it became quickly apparent that Gopal Krishna was never going to mention the Indian kids who were also raped and degraded by his friends and fellow accused.  We knew that he had, black-skinned and all, bought into the crimes and criminality of his American aryan brotherhood.  Here below is the episode referred to in the paragraph above: 

Gopal Krsna Goswami (aka. Gopal Khanna)
and Ekayani Devi Dasi

In our attempt to uncover motive for the now generally accepted poisoning of Prabhupada, BIF was directed to Mr. V. K. Aurora.  Interviewing Mr. Aurora, a lawyer, while seated in the Collectorate Compound of the Mathura Court House, we discovered that he had been Prabhupada's legal representative for more than fifteen years.  When we explained the forensic conclusions along with audio documented evidence pointing to Prabhupada's poisoning, he was not surprised in the least.  With traits unbecoming a lawyer, he tearfully related an incident that confronted belief. 
He claimed that he was the one who attested the Last Will and Testament of His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada.  He also claimed that Prabhupada appointed ten disciples to oversee Iskcon's activities worldwide.  But when on a visit to New York he discovered that the Will, signed by Prabhupada and attested to by him, had been altered.  Our curiosity was immediately aroused.  How could it be possible if the Will was in the keeping of Aurora, an appointed lawyer?  Under pressure Aurora divulged a story he swore was true and would take oath to in a court of law, but only if the case was adjudicated outside India.  He was afraid for his life.  This is his story: 
One day, soon after the disappearance of Srila Prabhupada, two Iskcon devotees entered his chambers in Mathura.  One was Gopal Krishna and the other (an American) he only recognized years later to be Jayapataka.  They demanded he hand over the Will.  Aurora said that it was not legal and he had already registered (?) the Will with offices in Bombay.  It was then that Gopal Krishna produced a pistol and threatened Aurora.  After this point in the interview, Aurora shook his head and refused to talk further.  If BIF was prepared to take the matter to a US court, he would be happy to take the stand and give evidence, he said. 
For many years we considered Aurora's story to be borderline old age fantasy, but after reading revelations by Gopal Krishna's ex. wife, we are convinced the man is capable of anything.  Especially when we factor in-  his gold Rolex watch vs. his abandoned wife and child.  He did not pay / has not paid a cent in child support.   And now we discover he almost killed both wife and child.  Such acts are inhumane and bespeak serious dissociation from reality by a mental-case hiding in religion.  A schizoid who is now an Iskcon multi-millionaire guru; a successful member of the sociopath cluster.  Not bad for a potential lifer only a chair's breadth away from double murder.
II. Oozing of Toxin
Satsvarupa Das Goswami Maharaja (SDG,) a double-barrel title for an anorexic pill-pusher, was born Stephen Guarino in New York.  He, along with Tamal Krishna Goswami and nine others, claimed right by superiority (not bequeathed) to all of Iskcon's assets immediately after the founder's departure by poisoning.  To enforce usurpation as a hieratic right, SDG was elected as scribe by the claimants to literally justify reasons for the coup.  This he did with aplomb and without challenge or question, or until discovered using psychotropic drugs and indulging in creepy sex rituals with his physiotherapist. 
The question here is whether SDG is just another garden-variety Iskcon scammer.  The answer is a resounding- NO !!  SDG, along with Tamal Krishna, are the two Americans most blameworthy for the criminally chosen path decided upon, and joint architects in portraying their cabal as authentic followers of an Indian sect, and to have Indians Internationally attest to the mendacity by locking Hindu families into Life Membership, public endorsements, and financial support.  It is a sad fact that Hindus today continue to affiliate with these criminals even after the American and European diaspora have worked hard to identify, expose and denounce them. 
Here below we present a letter by SDG (in cahoots with his criminal buddies), written in 1978, very soon after the  poisoning of Srila Prabhupada.  It will give readers an opportunity to see for themselves how secretive and deviant the alleged poisoners and forerunners of the current Iskcon cult truly are.  If the Illuminati, First World Order et al. are the macro cosmos for world domination, Iskcon's GBC could easily be the micro cosmos for that inception. 
Comments by BIF.
>Dear GBC Member,
Right off the bat we see that although there are many GBC members, the letter is being addressed to individuals.  What this says is.... members are on a need-to-know basis.  Circles within circles.  A secret society.
>Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Enclosed is material for understanding the role of initiating gurus in ISKCON.  After most of you left Mayapur, there was a second meeting with Sridar Maharaja and that is recorded here. 
It is of serious importance that our readers understand an internal war has been raging since the passing of Srila Prabhupada regarding how he wanted initiations continue in Iskcon after his departure.  This secret letter by SDG, clearly indicates that Prabhupada's dictates were either not understood or discarded and replaced by device.  For the BIF team, who see this very issue as motive for Srila Prabhupada poisoning, consulting/negotiating with Sridar Maharaja was the last phase of a pre-conceived plan seeking 'traditional' endorsement in finality.  Further, the fact that two meetings were necessary to hammer out details indicates negotiation rather than consultation in a cut-and-dried tradition, that never really existed in the first place. -By My Order 

>I think we agreed the unedited transcription and tapes of these talks should be kept confidentially, for your own reference. The edited versions of the two talks should be widely distributed amongst the devotees.
Here it becomes alarmingly apparent that a secret hierarchy assembled in accord to deceive; unanimous in decision to doctor facts and complicit in deflecting any possibility of awareness, confrontation, suspicion of poisoning, and predatory takeover of assets pooled by the endeavors of others,.....murder for profit, and the ongoing benefits of a cult-worshipped God-on-earth.
>I have also enclosed a very relevant quote from an essay by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja.
Using quotes by recognized personalities in the sect's lineage is a popular method of seeking and gaining authenticity in all manner of ponzi schemes, scams, and debates.  This is an accepted part of sect tradition.  Whether the subject be God, dog, or garbage, an applicable quote gives the copy-and-paste-pundit a platform of right-to-reason.....A virtual Veda-base-Vyasa: the scourge of spiritual cyber space.
 >Copies of the resolutions to all the GBC meetings will also be distributed to all GBC's & temples.  Please let me know how I can serve you further.
When information is doctored prior to release, it is no longer information but propaganda.  Rank and file members of the cult (and even members of the GBC) should pay close heed to such revelations.  Iskcon has been manoeuvred and manipulated by smiling sociopaths, ruthless in design.  But, as Srila Prabhupada noted just prior to his departure- "Problem is, there is no brain."  Based on this observation, an application of intelligence should expose the ogre in organization every time. 
>your servant
Satsvarupa das Goswami
1978 GBC
Here below we post an eye-witness account (on the day before Prabhupada passed away) to the scamming of these criminals who, without lifting a finger in honest labor ever again in this life, set up for themselves-  free money, free food, free travel, indulgence of whatever quirky narcissistic imponderables imagined in their self fulfilling prophecies, and all this while feasting on cuisine devotedly readied and served by unpaid slaves who believingly and preparedly worship them as Gods-on-earth. 
" After the meeting, when it was concluded who was to be guru, Sudama prabhu, (who explained that he was present throughout the whole meeting), said that Satsvarupa Maharaja then addressed the assembly: "Before we go back, we had better conclude on one story to tell all of the devotees. The devotees are very smart, and if we have different stories, they will know something is wrong.
Satsvarupa Maharaj along with Tamal Krsna then put together the story that these leaders would tell the devotees. Satsvarupa Maharaja wrote it down and he and Tamal conferred back and forth with the other leaders in terms of answering all questions to make sure that there were no "loopholes"-  the EXACT words used by Sudama prabhu-  in the story, and that nothing could go wrong.

Sudama prabhu stayed on to the next day when Srila Prabhupada actually left. (This was the day immediately after the meeting in which our GBC leaders divided up the world.)  After Srila Prabhupada left the planet, Sudama prabhu immediately left the movement, knowing what had transpired in that meeting, and the material ambition and viciousness of these men.  He could foresee the destruction of the movement.
Your servant,
Ramacandra Das"


Off season is when Hindus are schmindus and Iskcon Vaisnavas are superior.  There is a constant barrage of concerns on web sites and forums about the imminent dangers of Iskcon turning Hindu, or....the Hinduization of Iskcon.  But whenever the 'Festival of India' comes around, it's time for Iskcon temples to unabashedly claim affiliation with Hindustan and herd Hindus to the hundi.  And not just the hundi, but to every money-grabbing scam short of setting up bingo tables and offering syndication in the Darby.
Bhaktivedanta Manor in England (where there is deep concern about Hinduization,) hosted somewhere in the region of 70,000 "British Hindus" at the recent "Festival of India" Janmastami celebrations. (For the holier-than-thou Iskcon pundits who may have forgotten: these Hindu schmindus were the same ones who bailed the Manor out in serious altercations with council and neighbors.)  Management at the Manor could not wait to tell the Hindu community via the British Press that Janmastami was "the most important occasion in the Hindu calendar," and birthed their own Hinduism by declaring - "More than 60,000 people have attended the first day of the two-day Hindu festival (at the Hindu temple?) in Hertfordshire to celebrate the birth of Krishna." 
To further identify with Hindu donors on Hindu Festivals, Iskcon lifts its investments by fronting its "World Hindu Leaders" such as the commissioner for Sulochan Das' murder- Radhanath Swami.  The Swami looks lovingly over the Hindu congregation and merges like a chameleon:- " Rather than fighting over sectarian views, if we understand the essence of our own religion we'll understand that essence within all religion."   Since Radhanatha is addressing a majority of Hindus (300/1,) the assumption is 'our own religion' must be Hindu.  That's right readers, on Janmastami the Iskcon chameleon turns Hindu. 
So how does this factor into the final total?  Okay, let us presume the British wing of Iskcon's pickpockets are the worst in the world; they only managed £10 per pocket, less the cost of a scoop of rice, dhal, subji, and halva.  Do the math.  A conservative estimate:-  Two million dollars in nett profit over two days?  Once the money is in the bank, Indians go back to being Hindu schmindus until the next 'Festival of India,' when the British Raj goes Hindu once again.
In Australia, Iskcon Sydney held its 'Festival of India' celebrations at the University of Sydney campus.  The temple room at Crow's Nest was not big enough to hold the golden eggs expected from the Hindu goose. 
The Melbourne temple however, hired security to herd the Hindus,... transcendental transhumance.  In past 'Festivals of India' the Melbourne temple authorities recognized the fact that herding was necessary, but doing it themselves may drop the mask of tolerance and affect future festival totals.  So security was hired to do the impersonals.  It is not that security was not instructed, quite to the contrary.  Pilgrims who queued four abreast and around the block were prodded towards the main doorway and then forced to run a gauntlet of several makeshift tents before finally arriving at the temple door heavy with unexpected shopping, but much lighter in pocket. 
Inside the temple pilgrims encounter a rarity...white-bodied Hindus!  These oddities request them with reverence and a promising smile, to take darsan and move on to the 'free food' stand (prasadam?)  With a gentler prod than received from security outside, pilgrims move to a vantage point and view deities dressed to loosen any pocket.  Meanwhile management-appointed-hustlers work the crowd and keep it moving.  Finally the transcendentally squeezed pilgrim arrives at the free food stand.  Ooops! He arrived too late.  All the subjis gone!  But that's what transcendence is all about, isn't it?  So the pilgrim accepts a little plastic plate bought in bulk at the local supermarket, a plate that cannot possibly hold enough to feed a fussy child.  On the plate is a spoon of rice a spoon of dhal, and just incase folks think that Iskcon is not a kitchen religion, there is also a spoon of ice cream.  For anyone doing an Oliver Twist---"More," is told to come back for seconds.  Sounds like a practical idea until it is discovered two hundred folk are in line waiting for firsts.  When the experience is total for the pilgrim (management will total later) he is released with his family and petrol money via the back gate.
The Kiwi news (Auckland) tells us: 
The Radha Giridhari Temple on Highway 28 would witness a beehive of activity on August 22 when Hindus drawn from a cross-section of the society representing perhaps as many nationalities as the world has ...." 
Yes Sir.  For Janmastami, the Iskcon crew in New Zealand converted the world (and themselves) to Hinduism.  That's how you do it.  Why quibble?  Radhanatha and the Kiwis got it right:  If the Hindus believe Iskcon were Hindu priests, at every Festival of India Hindus could be abhishaken 'til their pockets fall into the panch amrita transforming it into crore amritaquod erat demonstrandum.  Next day the Hindus can go back to being schmindus while Iskcon's parivars go back to worrying about Hinduization.
Sri Justyourmoney! Justmymoney! Justformoney Janmastami ke Jaya!
While booting the Hindu for his lack of spiritual understanding they use his donations for prostitutes in Bangkok, or buying film to photograph half-naked minors.  Failing miserably to meet even 'chandala' standards of self control (as evinced in the quote by Gopal Krishna's ex. wife above) they dance and sing in public performances with eyes closed in love of God like they are his chosen emissaries.  Such is the dark and secretive nature of Iskcon's crème de la crème.  They are capable of acts so inhumane, there is no gauge divine or demonic to determine the depth. 
Obtuse followers of criminals: murderers, potential murderers and child-abusers recondite in ivory towers of the Iskcon cult, should realize that excuses for plausible deniability is waning thin.  The Governing Body Commission (GBC;) paranoiac psychosis that formulates its laws, and the covenant employing middle-management-terrorists to enforce them, is now a visible cyber bone yard.  Further, the Iskcon chameleon of convenience, which claims affiliation with, and superiority to Hinduism, depending on the time of year, is being recognized for the sect it is not. 
Hindustan and the Hindus must realize the truth:  Iskcon is an American controlled organization.  Although Iskcon lays claim to its origins in the Gaudiya (Bengali) Math Sampradaya, that institution disintegrated soon after the passing of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Maharaja.
>>The man who began the fracture of the GM (Gaudiya Math) was Bhaktiprasada Puri Das Goswami, known before his renunciation as Anantavasudeva Das, the leader of the GM who was handpicked by Bhaktisiddhanta himself. His reason was precisely his own discovery of the fundamental flaw in the parampara of the GM. After a four-month long series of lectures on the Bhakti-sandarbha of Sri Jiva Gosvamin, begun in Bengal and completed in Vrindaban, he called all the members of the Math together, especially the sannyasis, and announced his own departure from the institution. He also informed them that their own efforts were in vain. Without the proper initiation of their teacher, Bhaktisiddhanta, the mantras he gave them in initiation were useless. The institution of sannyasa, too, the renounced order of life according to the system of asramas or stages in a exemplary Hindu life, which was instituted by Bhaktisiddhanta in Caitanya Vaisavism, was also groundless (since Bhaktisiddhanta had given it to himself). He advised all the sannyasis to go home and get married. Their pursuit of sannyasa was a sham and a waist [sic] of time.<<
A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, took the precepts of the sect to America and, with the help of Americans, revived it.  Just prior to his demise, he put eleven Americans in charge of his institution- ISKCON.  Subsequent to his passing the eleven Americans took over the spiritual leadership and assets of the institution.  Tamal Krishna- "But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance."  With this declaration and public rejection of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as Acarya in absentia, all aesthetic links to India were severed.  However, corporate Iskcon's American leadership found it difficult to maintain legitimacy in the West.  They then used Hindus and Indian converts to claim heritage/recognition/acceptance/support as a bonafide Indian mainstream religon.

The fact that Indians, even Bengalis, gave the cult little or no credence while in India, yet choose to finance and endorse the "American version" with its dark and continuing criminal history, wins kudos for the Satsvarupa/GBC's ongoing propaganda machine.
We are requesting Hindustanis who feel affinity with this institution to act quickly in either distancing themselves, or assisting American reformist in restructuring the system by removing the shady characters who have a stranglehold on its management.

By throwing a wriggling tale to Hindus, reproaching their lack of spiritual understanding (even while picking their pockets,) Iskcon management creates a diversion from recorded crimes of murder, child sex, homosexual perversions, and behavior from hell.  Crimes such as poisoning of the acarya, financial mismanagement / embezzlement, fraud, drug dealing, prostitution rackets, abuse of Indian children, enslavement, cheating the Govt. of India, illicit land deals, tax scams, illegal immigration rackets, child labor, and abduction, are yet to be openly investigated.  Indian citizens must seriously consider their role in supporting and fostering this nest of crime.  If a Hindu supports a criminal, he and his family must accept paap.

Here below is the latest Hindustan/Hindu bashing cyber post.  It will form part of our ongoing updates to Hindu samaags and sangas, internationally.  Should Indian officials view specific cyber posts or individuals as a security risk, please do not fail to contact us.  We have, or can secure, legal names behind the cult aliases used.