19th Dec. 2013


1. They rape our children; call our daughters prostitutes; abuse our exemplars and system of government; continue to cheat Indians around the world by misrepresenting themselves as Hindu. Now Iskcon Gaudiya Mutt (IGM) are making public claims : the Indian National Anthem composed by Rabrindranath Tagore was written for "Lord Krishna" and not for Indian Nationalism. Disrespecting all other belief systems practiced in the vast Indian sub-continent, this money-swindling cult is implying that their fabricated god- Krishna tricked Indians into unanimously honoring him, ergo supporting the Am/Jew hare krishna agenda to "Krishnaize" India; collect donations like manna from heaven, and control the populace with Indian puppets.

2. Using the now tired system of circular logic.... a carousel to sell (referring to a lie to establish a lie,) IGM hare krishna cultist cite an Amazon published booklet ($1.65) by an Indian born author (Nihar Singh) to propagate the belief that ALL Indians, where the National Anthem is played, stand, accept and honor the cult fabricated and commercialized Iskcon blue god- Krishna. The understanding behind the claim is: All Indians, no matter what their denomination, have, knowingly or unknowingly, accepted and venerated above all divinity, the IGM blue god- Krishna. Subsequently Indians should accept the latest cult disclosed secret as a divine revelation to Hindus. Which, like all cult revelations, makes Iskcon the puppetmaster... and Indians.... the blockhead Pinocchio.

3. However when examining evidence (on just about anything) presented by IGM, a familiar stupidity staggers forth like a zombie on High Street. Where their crosswired brain sees a successful propaganda campaign, educated researchers find a deceptive misinformation program. This is not a new tactic. Rather it began with sect forerunners. We have identified the ruse in past articles. Circular logic is a tired and worn ploy used by IGM, e.g. "He is a published author ergo he is genuine. I quote him, ergo I must be believed." In the past, cult writers would simply sign off with the name of some previously accepted scribe. Today the cheats cite writings of sect members who switch alias' to appear as part of the literary world when in fact they are top-shelf cult zombies. Some have even managed a Ph.D. in philosophy, eked out of lesser known universities.... awarded on a "Gaudiya Chaitanya" thesis. Since no one knows much about the sect, or gives a horse's ass, a cheap Ph.D. in 'Vaisnav philosophy' awarded to a student attending classes dressed like a Hindu guru, is the way to go. When these Bhagavat academics are reviewed in the real world, their cult-sick beliefs soon set them apart. Nevertheless, it serves the IGM hare krishna purpose in fooling puppets, slaves, the unwary, and those who worship academia without asking where, which, what, who, why, when and how.

4. No longer is it possible to Google an answer to.... yoga, mantra, Indian philosophy, Indian cuisine, Hinduism, Vedic teachings or Indian temples without being mugged by one of these IGM doctorates, their lackeys, or paid Indian internet savants. Yet for those who ask the right questions in the right forums, the answers will surprise. We present two quotes below which gives clue to the internet wegotism warfare being waged by Iskcon hare krishna; its ever-growing presence in cyber space and its masked program to deceive and steal from governments and citizenry:

"Shambles created over Shambo by Hindu forum makes us want to unpack the people who run Hindu forum. First there is the patron CB Patel who has been a devout Iskonite for many years. Then we have the spiritual head of Hindu Forum - Gauri das the head of Iskcon (presently being investigated by his own body for abusing children in India). Then we come to Arjan Vekaria who is also a trustee of iskcon for many years. Why does the VHP support Hindu Forum everytime? Because secretary of VHP Kishor Ruparelia's son-in-law is a major player at Iskcon. What a bunch of interesting people all with iskcon background. Not only running Hindu Forum but also running Hindu Aid a body that Andrew Gilligan of Evening Standard was questioning for taking 140,000 pounds of government funds. Do Ramesh and Arjan share this loot equally ?"

"Iskcon is a cult with many names: One name is Hindu Forum. The bull story shows what they are capable of, demolishing Hinduism in a foolhardy manner. What are the other names this cult uses: We also have 'I' foundation a body that is run by only iskconites but pretends to be a comprehensive Hindu body and has managed to dupe the government to give it millions of pounds to run a Hindu school. Because it is not iskcon but I foundation the government can turn a blind eye to the child abuse scandals Iskcon is involved with in USA. What a clever ploy but surely the government only funded the I foundation and not iskcon??"

5. Okay, let's take a closer look at the Indian National Anthem scam : another IGM grab at teats of the puranic Hindu cash cow.
When we hear the name- Nihar Singh, it tells us he is Indian by birth. No! Not so. Since IGM converts do not acknowledge National, familial, or 'worldly designations'.... Nihar Singh is not Indian. He is an Iskcon cultist, being used by the AM/Jew administration to pose as a 'scribe' to herd Hindus into the IGM milking program. How do we know this? Because, when searching up Singh and his convenient conclusions, we end up at Amazon.com and his book - "Jana Mana Gana-- For George Or For God?" What strikes one immediately when looking at the cover... is the unrelated photograph of "Prabhupada".... mandriarch of the IGM hare krishna. Placing the picture of this.... women enjoy being raped... snuff-snorting ...pedophile... racial bigot... on all IGM publications, is the spoor of the hare krishna cultist....making him easily traceable. Let's take a look at Singh's reasons, besides obvious cult leanings, for publishing his nonsense. BIF comments in blue:

Source: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/11-13/news5139.htm

>>Tagore Wrote India's National Anthem for Lord Krishna

Nov 21, 2013 — HYDERABAD, INDIA (SUN) — Author claims to have proven Jana Gana Mana, India's national anthem written in Sanskritized Bengali by the poet Rabindranath Tagore (Nobel Prize Winner) was meant for Krishna.

Nihar Singh, a writer from Hyderabad, has shown that Rabindranath Tagore wrote Jana Gana Mana, India's national anthem, for Lord Krishna. <<

6. BIF: As readers will note.... this is a post by the author Nihar Singh (commenting on his own work) who then posts it on a cult site to make money and push a cult scam..... circular logic.

>>While the song is popular because of its use, these questions about its origin remain: What were Tagore's intentions when he composed this song? Whom did he actually write it for? After looking deeper into what had transpired at the time the song was written, and after analyzing the lyrics line by line, Nihar has established that Tagore wrote Jana Gana Mana for Lord Krishna; around the time of King George 5th's visit to India. This fact is not so widely known by the general public.<<

7. BIF: Realistically speaking, this fact was never known by anybody until now....and with good reason. As we will show, it is absolute bunkum. For starters, these IGM speculators are giving Tagore intentions he never intended. If Tagore had written India's National Anthem for the neatherd- Krishna, we would have heard the name at least once in verse. There was no reason for Tagore to employ subterfuge, or sneaky intent. That line of thinking is for IGM rogues.... not poets. Besides, Tagore was not a cultist. He knew then as we know today, India is diverse in communion of God.... including Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis et al. Even among 'Hindus,' the worship of Krishna as supreme god is cultic...smalltime...not mainstream. We will prove it as we progress with this report.

>>Nihar says that Tagore's greatness and his vision for India can be gauged from just two of his poems. In "Where the mind is without fear" he says that Tagore lays the conditions in which "India should awake" which were the last lines of the abovementioned poem.<<

8. BIF: Tagore's poems and writings identify him as a Nationalist. As a Nationalist Tagore knew that Krishna, historically identified, was an Aryan prince. Krishna never claimed to be god, a ruler or controller of India. It is why (cult illusions aside) we do not find the name Krishna mentioned even once in India's National Anthem. Krishna in puranic writings (for the incarnation junkies) was declared the eight incarnation of Vishnu. It is only with the invention of the press in Bengal that Gaudiyas Vaisnavas (a Bengali sect who manufactured yet another incarnation- Chaitanya) began pumping out Krishna-is-Supreme literature, and that Chaitanya was an AC/DC- dual-gender incarnation. Even so, It didn't catch on except for a minority in Bengal and Orissa. Tagore was fully aware of it. As we have pointed out in our posts- "Mumbo Jumbo Mango" and "Deus ex Machina" - none of Bengal's literati...Tagore, his father, predecessors, or peers, gave much credence to the Krishna/Chaitanya sect in Bengal. So then, why would Tagore connive artistically to impose a sectarian idol on India? The IGM, along with the entire krishna cult tree, are idol worshippers. We know that, and so did Tagore. His father- Debendranath Tagore was against idol worship (read below,) and so was Tagore's hero- Shri Maharishi Dayanand, founder of the Arya Samaj, an organization that was often abused by the IGM founder- Prabhupada, and his Am/Jew zombies. They continue to abuse and denigrate the Arya Samaj even today, because Maharishi Dayanand preached strongly against idol worship and bogus cults. Here is a short quote showing Tagore's respect for the great sage, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati:

"I offer my homage of veneration to Swami Dayananda, the great pathmaker in northern India, who through bewildering tangles of creed and practice, the degenerate days of out country, cleared a straight path that was meant to lead the Hindus to a simple and rational life of devotion to God and service to man." Rabindranath Tagore.

NOTE: Tagore (1861-1914) was born in Bengal in the same year Kedarnatha Datta aka. Bhaktivinod Thakur (BK) died (BK: was a dubious scribe and philosophical founder of the Gaudiya Mutt.... iskcon's mother ship.) Yet, and even though hare krishna proclaim BK to be a member of Bengal's literati, he, and his shady writings, were never once mentioned by Tagore or by Bengali reviewers or critics, or not until IGM Hindu street pedaled his nonsense as Indian history to unsuspecting pedestrians around the world.

 >>But in Jana Gana Mana, he says that Tagore literally describes the real ruler of Bharat, the unifying element of all the cultures of India, namely Lord Krishna. Nihar says that Tagore wanted the people of India back then to know for themselves that the real ruler of India was not King George 5th but someone who was reflected in the different cultures of India and who was their ultimate controller.<<

9. BIF: Utter nonsense! "Lord Krishna" NEVER ruled Bharat..... not when alive, and certainly not after death. The blue-god krishna that Iskcon piggy-backs and piggy-banks, is a character created by Odishan fantasy author- Jayadev (1150 CE) and propagated by an entrepreneurial movement known as Vishnuism...created to break the stranglehold of Brahmanism in the god stock exchange. With small shares secured, Vishnuism was floated as Vaisnavism. A bad move. Then along came a British colonial bum-kisser (Bengali) named Kedarnatha Datta (aka. Bhaktivinod Thakur. 1838- 1914.) He was caught 'insider trading' but succeeded (through the printing press of his son Bimal Prasad Datta) to rename Vaisnavism as Chaitanyaism. Another bad move. Not even Bengalis would buy into it.....and they still don't. Then, just when the Chaitanya shares looked like used toilet paper, Abhay Charan De (Prabhupada) a.k.a Snuffy.... a Bengali, follower of Bhaktivinod's son.... founded and registered Iskcon (IGM) in New York (1968.) Allegations have it that De was poisoned by Am/Jew disciples, resulting in the current god-market infestation by foreign rogues... evangelical Krishnaites, and their in-cult opponent.... Prabhupadanaagas.

10. What did Rabindranath Tagore have to do with this? Nothing. Unless Tagore was against the beliefs of his father- Debendranath Tagore (and he was not,) the Iskcon cult- from Vaisnavism through to Chaitanyaism to Krishnaism, and now IGM ethnocentric Prabhupadism, was not in line with Tagore's Brahmo Samaj sentiments: "Debendranath Tagore, the father of Rabindranath Tagore, revived the Brahmo Samaj, which had become dormant after Roy’s death (Raja Ram Mohan Roy) in 1843. He established the branches of the Samaj and spoke out against idol worship, pilgrimages, and rituals of Hindu society." To put it bluntly... idol worship pilgrimage and ritual is exactly what Iskcon sells. If these activities were banished, the cult would go bankrupt. So why would Tagore promote a sect and idol that conflicts with his persuasion and upbringing .... and to which he makes no mention ..... outside IGM hallucinations?

>>In Stanza 1 Line 2 of Jana Gana Mana, Tagore states that the name of the ruler of India must resound in the provinces of "Punjab, Sind, Gujaratha, Maratha, Dravida, Utkala Banga. Nihar states that upon reflection it is Lord Krishna's names that resound in these provinces as names of the people of India.<<

11. Cult stuffed sausage! Krishna's name is not 'resounded' anywhere in these provinces. Let's take a look at the provinces mentioned, from (a) to (g), to see if the IGM cultists are right, or once again... are creating false propaganda to convert and steal....which has been their modus operandi for years:

(a) PUNJAB: "Travelers are voting Golden Temple, Ram Tirath and Durgiana Temple among the best 14 temples in Punjab. Also popular are Tulsi Mandir (a Hindu temple; nothing to do with hare krishna) and Devi Talab Mandir in Jalandar, and Mata Temple in Amritsar." Note: No mention of "Lord Krishna" Vaisnavism, or Chaitanyaism, or Prabhupadism.

(b) SIND: Sindh's population is mainly Muslim (91.32%).
Oh yes, iskcon 'resounding' the name of Krishna on the streets of Sind.... We can hardly wait. Forced circumcision, castration, or even beheading. The possibilities are boundless. Q- How many conversion centers do the IGM operate in Muslim countries? A- ZILCH.

(c) GUJARAT: This Indian State has nearly 5'000 Hindu tax-free temples. The time has come for reflection in pursuit of sanity reality and stability. To this end, Aryavartha has produced a champion of common sense. Gujarat's thrice elected Chief Minister, and BJP candidate for Prime Minister- Shri Narendra Modi (a breath of fresh air) has publicly declared toilets to be more important than temples. BIF wholeheartedly agrees. Gujarat is the State where once-upon-a-time a city named Dwarka existed; a place where cult Krishna's 16'108 wives spawned 11 children each; a city that sunk into the Arabian Sea and beyond scientific research. Nevertheless, and with every IGM claim taken into consideration, hare krishna is a wake of cult vultures who use "Dwarka" to scavenge off Gujaratis, worldwide.

(d) MARATHA (Maharashtra) : Elephanta Caves Temple, Kailash Temple, Girijaatmaja Vinayak, Siddhivinayak Temple, Varadvinayak, Mumbadevi Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur, Balalji Temple, Kapaleshwar Temple, Muktidham Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple and Sai Baba Temple at Shirdi, are the most famous temples of the Maharati "Hindu" peoples. The Muktidham temple situated 7 km from Nasik, does display the writings of Bhagavad Gita....But, besides iskcon's internal squabbling and the meager coverage it gets, there is no 'resounding' name of "Lord Krishna" to be found in the State. The holy names connected with Maratha are- Shridi Sai Baba, Ganesh and Shiva. Muslims, Jains and Buddhists also have a presence in Maharasthra, stronger than the IGM cult in any shape or form.

(e) DRAVIDA: Drividadesh comprises the southern States of Aryavartha (India.) In these religious enclaves the presiding deities are- Kartikeya as Subramaniam (second son of Shiva and Parvati)... Ganesh and Mahesvara Shiva. The Vaisnav followers in Dravidadesh- (Madhava and Ramunaja sects consider themselves Hindu)- who also pay homage to other gods besides Shri Vishnu, view IGM as a foreign outfit with whom they have little or nothing in common. Where the IGM stakes its authenticity in connection with these two lines of the 'Brahma Sampradaya,' there is no acknowledgement of the IGM genus by either branch of South Indian Vaisnavism. In Dravidadesh, just like all over the Indian nation, Krishna of the Bhagavad Gita was an Aryan prince... and the OTHER "puranic Krishna" was the eight incarnation of Vishnu. Gaudiya Vaisnavism merged the two (with the newly invented press) to give historical validation and authenticity to their product.

(f) UTKALA (Odisha): This State is the home of Maa Kali worshippers. It does have Gaudiya sect influence, but concentrated mostly in the city of Puri..... also known as Jagannath Puri. As implied...the name that 'resounds' in Puri is "Jagannath"...not Krishna. Even though IGM hare krishna has used the media popularized Jagannatha Rath Yatra to promote itself as Hindu, they are not allowed to enter the temple at Puri because they were born meat eaters : beefsteak, hot-dog, hamburger and bacon gobbling Betty boop prom-bangers. The 'free pass' given them by their Bengali founder- Prabhupada, gets them nowhere in Puri..... or Vrindavan, the stronghold of Krishna cultism. Read our post- "Rather Runny" to know what the local Brajabasi' of Vrindavan feel about this AM/Jew cult. Scroll down to Part Two- "Vrindavant Garde."

(g) Banga (Bengal): Was home to Rabindranath Tagore, and also to this writer. Besides a concentration of Muslim brothers and sisters, Bengal is the undeniable domain of goddess Durga...."Durga Puja" is widely celebrated throughout West Bengal, where it is a five-day annual holiday. In West Bengal and Tripura, which has a majority of BengalI Hindus, it is the biggest festival of the year. Not only is it the biggest Hindu festival celebrated throughout the state, it is also the most significant socio-cultural event in Bengali Hindu society.

Chaitanya, a Bengali (homosexual ?) with his Radha-Krishna-gopi lila, never did catch on in Bengal.
When this Bengali traveler came across IGM members dressed as Hindus, dancing on streets in foreign lands; howling the name 'Krishna' and preaching that 'Harinama' activity was everyday ritual in Bengal, it was a surprise. Now we know... IGM thrives on false propaganda. They will say anything, do anything... cheat lie and cyber fornicate to deceive expand and gain.

No name of God is mentioned in India's National Anthem because it was written for the Indian Nation, i.e., a Nation which embodies several denominations and multiple practices within those belief systems. To understand the Anthem without taking it out of context (only to cheat Indians) we must understand Tagore's sentiments in regards to his land of birth. To do this we look to the writings of India's last Maharishi... an Indian sage to whom Tagore offered homage and veneration; a scribe whose revelations directly confront and conflict cult fraudulence. It is why the IGM founder- Prabhupada abused the Arya Samaj, while being extremely careful not to mention the name of its powerful preceptor. A trend his disciples continue, even today. Here are some excerpts from the writing of Shri Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, founder of the Arya Samaj :-

"There are no gods. The multitude of names like Indra signify not different Divine Beings but different aspects of one Absolute Existence."

"None of God's names are meaningless. They are all connotative, unlike that we see in the world, where a poor man is very often name Dhanapati- lord of ritches."

"He is called Brahma - the Creator* of the Universe; Vishnu - All-pervading; Rudra - Punisher of the wicked, whom he causes to weep; Shiva - Blissful and Benefactor of all; Akshara - Immortal, Omnipresent; Swaraati - Self-effulgent; Kaalaagni - Cause of the dissolution of the world and Regulator of time; Chandramaa - the true Source of Hapiness." KAIVALYA UPNISHAD.

"He is One, but the wise call Him by different names; such as, Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, Divya - One who pervades all the luminous bodies, the source of light; Suparnaa - the Protector and Preserver of the Universe, Whose works are perfect; Matrishwaa - Powerful like wind; Garutmaan - Mighty by nature. RIG VEDA MANDAL 1-22, 164

Q. Does God incarnate or not?
A - No; because it is said in the Yajur Veda. "He is unborn." Again "He overspreads all." He is pure, is never born and never takes on a human form." It is clear from these quotations that God is never born.
Q. But Krishna says in the Gita, "Whenever there is decay of virtue, I take on a human form." GITA 4: 7. What is your answer to this?
A- Being opposed to the Veda, it cannot be held to be an authority. Though it is possible that Krishna, being very virtuous and being extremely anxious to further the cause of righteousness, might have wished that he would like to be born again and again at different times to protect the good and punish the wicked. if such was the case, there is no harm in it; because whatever the good and the great possess - their wealth, their bodies, aye even their hearts - is at the service of humanity? In spite of all this Krishna could never be God."
Source: Satyarth Prakash, by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.

Thanks for spending time with us.



Cult beggars begging from complaining cult beggars at the ISKCON hare krishna cult temple in Vrindavan, India:

"Presently it has become the custom to hit (beg from) everyone up in the Vrndavana temple for any and all gurus' initiations as it is path of least resistance to effortlessly get handouts from anyone they meet at darshan times, or whatever, instead of working for it outside with the public, as did we all when we got initiated. It's gotten to the point that one can be approached by these starry eyed persons about 15 times an hour if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. It gets to a point that I personally smile back and respond with, "I already gave at the office."


ISKCON (IGM) going belly-up in Europe. Concentrates begging efforts in Asia:

"Right, ISKCON NA, ISKCON Europe, are presently kept as shadow wall, ghost towns.
What you cant see is that all those temples are mortgaged and simply used to finance projects at Hindu hot spots in Asia. Occasionally they'll send a paid peon to remove dust and empty the letterbox. In case you didnt notice no devotees live in those temples anymore.
All over Europe temples are closed weekdays, signboard says: Open for Sunday-feast only. GBC policy is to presently rearm the East, start things up there. Later on when having set up an efficient task force in Asia then return to the West and flood the Western countries.
This might take another 10 years. Meanwhile don't panic, agreed it looks disastrous but it is not what you think.
Prabhupada when finding out that he crash landed in India did something similar - he went to New York. Later on with American task force returned to India and captured all those previously unwilling rascals.
Now its vice versa, ISKCON crash landed in the West and relocated to Asia to build up resources which later on are released to reactivate the West. Hope that helps to get an overall pic.
Ragubhir das"


The Akshaya Patra scams continue.

Complaint against hotel for its ‘unfair trade practice’

A customer of a South Indian fast food chain has filed a case against the hotel management with the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.
Complainant T. Narasimha Murthy has alleged that the hotel owners are indulging in unfair trade practices by collecting Rs. 1 extra per dish from customers towards Akshaya Patra scheme of ISKCON. As part of a CSR initiative, though the Vasudev Adiga’s chain of restaurants is charging Rs. 1 extra per dish, there is no mention of it in the menu.
Mr. Murthy told presspersons here after filing his complaint with the forum seeking damages of Rs. 100 from the hotel owners that the issue is not just about Rs. 1.
“It is matter if principle. How can they force their CSR activity on us? If they want all the publicity for doing good work for society, then they should donate a percentage of their earnings to charity. How can it be called public service if they collect more money from their customers and hand it over to some organisation?”
The complaint points out that there are 21 branches of Vasudev Adiga’s hotel in the city.
“Even at the rate of Rs. 1,000 per outlet per day, each of the hotels is collecting Rs. 21,000 per day by charging Rs. 1 extra on each dish. And that totals up to Rs. 6.3 lakh per month,” he said.
The Managing Director of the hotel chain, Jacob Kurien, did not respond to repeated calls on his mobile phone.


Rats, cockroaches, lizards, and now worms. No catering business on the planet (feeding children!!!) could continue doing this- Read BIF's last posting "ISKPIONAGE." How many kids have already died or lie sick is anybody's guess. Every time dead creatures are found in the 'mid-day meal' iskcon offers an apology and life goes on. Anywhere else in the world and this group would have been sued and shut down ages ago. What will it take?


Mangalore: Worm found in mid-day meal supplied by Iskcon


Hindus are only good for donations and to deter authorities from 'upsetting Hindus,'..... or whenever ISKCON needs to be Hindu.

From the Arktos book “Hare Krishna in the Modern World”:

A researcher of ISKCON’s Philadelphia temple (…) found that 40% of the temple residents reported that they had no relationship with Indian visitors on Sunday other than acknowledging them by saying ‘Hare Krishna.’ 60%, including some devotees in the temple hierarchy, admitted to holding highly critical views of the Indians (Zaidman, 2000: 215). In recognition of these differences, a number of ISKCON communities worldwide hold separate Sunday feasts for Indian Hindus and non-Indian devotees.”


Chant HARE KRISHNA and murder your homosexual clients:


"The jury heard during the eight-day trial that Brennan, a cleaner at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, and gay escort, believed in voodoo, witchcraft, Satanism, paganism and latterly Hare Krishna. He had watched horror films repeatedly the night before he killed his victim.

"During the trial the court was told that as Mr Simons, a former married man with grown up children, lay either dead or dying and naked on the bedroom floor of a flat in Chelmsford on 4 May this year, Brennan ritualistically scored his back with a double-edged knife to release Mr Simons’ spirit and 'to liberate him into the next world'."

"Mr Simons had two stab wounds to the front of his chest and 22 on his back. He had also been hit on the head with a hammer.

"The victim died from 'ferocious' blood loss from the stab which penetrated his heart, said forensic consultant pathologist Dr Nathaniel Carey."


The court has already heard how Brennan dabbled in witchcraft and is a devout Hare Krishna follower.

"Police also say they found various religious messages scribbled on the flat’s walls after the incident on the night of May 3."


"Religious messages were found scribbled across the walls of a Moulsham Street flat where a gay escort killed his client, a court heard yesterday.

Chelmsford Crown Court was told how Michael Brennan, 23, of The Green, Melbourne, hates men.

"The Hare Krishna movement, a Hindu organisation, allegedly meant 'everything' to Brennan who is charged with murdering 54-year-old Paul Simons on the night of May 3.

"Jurors were provided a picture of the external face of the door of the bedroom where Mr Simons was found collapsed in his own blood at about 12.30am on May 4."


Source: http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=8090
Do You Know Anyone That Fits This Description?

Take a few seconds to look through this list and see if you can identify someone in your life that fits this list of traits.

  1. Glibness/superficial charm.
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth.
  3. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  4. Pathological lying
  5. Conning/manipulative
  6. Lack of remorse or guilt
  7. Shallow affect
  8. Callous/lack of empathy
  9. Parasitic lifestyle
  10. Poor behavioral controls
  11. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  12. Early behavior problems
  13. Lack of realistic, long-term plans
  14. Impulsivity
  15. Irresponsibility
  16. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  17. Many short-term marital relationships

If you did find out that someone that fits this description, you have a real life psychopath in your life.

There are only two types of people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone. Psychopaths are social predators that prey upon society for their own selfish needs. Chances are this person is responsible for that sick feeling you have in your stomach.

Chances are this person some how sucks the very life out of you every time they enter the room. If you are involved with one, the ONLY solution is to make a clean break and disassociate yourself with them immediately and quietly.

  • There is no changing them.
  • There is no rehabilitating them.
  • There is no getting them to see your way.
  • They believe they are smarter and superior to the rest of the world.
  • They will never seek help.
  • They destroy all in their path, just so that they are on top.

These emotionally hollow social predators are very hurt and deranged people. They are not Hannibal Lecters. They are more like slow acting poison that destroys all that is good in this world. They wear the mask of sanity and look like normal people, but underneath that normal facade lies an emotional black hole.

  • If you work for one- quit.
  • If you love one- dump them.
  • If you live with one- leave.
  • If you are partnered with one- get out.
  • If you shop at one- boycott.
  • If you invest with one- buy silver.
  • If you watch one- turn off the TV.
  • If you vote for one- stop voting.

NO AMOUNT OF MONEY OR GUILT should keep you involved with these people. They will put up a huge fight, because they know that their way of life is dependent upon your sacrifice and servitude. Have confidence, from someone who has personally made a few of these breaks, that the world is much brighter without them. By enabling them, you become responsible for spreading their poison by adding legitimacy to their world. Your association gives the appearance of sanity. By leaving them, you will not only open your world open to a truly happy life, but you will help turn back the world into a place where good people can live in peace.