4th  Dec.  2011
So you thought the Hare Krishnas were holy beggars, vegetarians who believe in non-violence; who wear extra large diapers/nappies, rubber thongs, are heavy on beans, curds and flowers; who make a racket on the street by hopping around and howling in a language even they don't understand while pushing literature for a buck.  Well....please allow BIF to introduce you to the 'eerie zone' not seen by outsiders; a place where cult psychopaths move freely, unhindered.  It is a zone where murders were/are (?) committed, where people disappear, children are abused and women beaten.  Here once again is an inside look at how dangerous it can be for anyone who dares speak openly about the cult on issues that a hidden psychopath may consider threatening in his chiaroscuro.
We ask our readers to not see the article below as a response to a response to a response.  No, this in no knee-jerk reaction to an ego problem.  What we reveal here are cult hyenas yapping to psychopaths hidden in institutional shadows, about a threat that has entered the kill zone.  Again we request our readers- please do not allow yourself into believing this is a tit-for-tat debate....you may miss the crux.  Simply approach the dissemination with a clinical perspective and you will see the kill zone. 
Before identifying the tocsin of cult hyenas, allow us to first demarcate the kill zone: who spoors it, defines it, and gives license to kill.  If our readers think we are being melodramatic, please read through the pages of our site, and specifically the book on our Home Page- "Monkey on a Stick."  And bear in mind: this is only what is known.  There are those who have entered the kill zone and disappeared without trace, and for whom the bells will never toll.   Okay- here we go.

SB 4.4.17
PURPORT by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami (aka Prabhupada)
The instruction set forth here in Srimad-Bhagavatam is that one should not tolerate at any cost the activities of a person who vilifies or blasphemes an authority...[...]...If one happens to be a ksatriya he has the power to punish any man; therefore a ksatriya should at once cut out the tongue of the vilifier and kill him.
Here we see a distinct demarcation for the kill zone, the spooring by its alpha, and the license to kill.  But who is a ksatriya in ISKCON?  Prabhupada did not identify his licensed 'ksatriyas' who have his ordinance and the permission of God (scriptures) to "cut out the tongue of the villifier and kill him."  So we go on reading and discover only five texts later who can be a killer...
SB 4.4.22
PURPORT (Prabhupada)
.....no one should tolerate blasphemy against Lord Visnu or His devotee.
So NO ONE means EVERYONE who thinks he is a ksatriya is hereby licensed to cut out tongues and kill  ANYONE who expresses an opinion contrary to the cult's; specifically its literature, which represents the ALPHA, aka. Prabhupada. 
SB 4.4.17
"If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, he should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer's tongue and kill the offender,......."
Here the order to kill challenges the ability of the cultist to either act as ordained...with force, or put his tail between his legs- "unable to punish" - and run away.
Madhya 15.261
If the man who blasphemed Sri Caitanya is killed, his sinful action may be atoned.
And here is scriptural validation being used as endorsement to incite psychopaths to violence in protection of cult codes and creeds.  Is it any wonder the Chief Minister of the Diamond State (Gujarat,) has banned this dangerous literature?  And here again......
SB. Lecture 5.5.3 Vrindavan Oct. 25th 1976,
When Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu heard it, He immediately came, and He was so angry, that " I shall kill these two men immediately.  Bring My cakra."  Nityananda Prabhu said, " My Lord, You have promised not to take weapon (sic) in this incarnation, so kindly be merciful upon them. "No! They have insulted Vaisnava!"
What this says to the ksatriyas, or ANY brainwashed cultist, is that killing someone for having a difference of opinion is God's way of doing things..God's laws for outlaws.   And who is it that orders the kill by citing these homicidal injunctions......
Prabhupada: "A person who is a liberated acarya and guru cannot commit any mistake."
(Letter to Janardana dated 4-26-68)
When we look at the date of the letter above, and realize ISKCON was only a fledgling cult and its hippies still struggling with what 'acarya' and 'guru' constituted, it becomes clear that Prabhupada, the issuer of the license to kill, was saying that he was perfect, and that his words and instructions were infallible.  Ergo killing at his behest incurred no repercussions... no mistakes.  He was no easy going sadhu either.  Prabhupada was ready to insult anyone who asked questions he did not want to answer...  "When guru speaks, you cannot argue. This is not the process. You should accept a guru who is infallible. Otherwise, it is useless." (Lecture of 10-3-76 Vrndavana, India).  What readers may not know is, although he claimed eating chocolate and chewing digestive spices (supari- beetlenut) was unacceptable , he used heavy and large quantities of snuff.  He was also given to throwing anger tantrums, once hurling a paperweight at the head of a disciple which narrowly missed.  Here is the true 'liberated acarya' in private conversation...
Prabhupada: "If we remain silent, then whatever he says, that means we are accepting.  So we should not allow this man to grow popularity.  We must make propaganda wherever meeting is there. I can kick on the face of this (indistinct).  I can urine (sic) on the face of...What can he do.  Let them. Let them come...[...]...When I go kick on his face, let him stop me, then I shall accept that he is God...[...]...You just kick on his face,....(Discussion about Guru Maharaji August 13, 1973, Paris).
But then In ISKCON's Caitanya-caritamrita Adi. 1.47, we see this...
Prabhupada: "There is no difference between the shelter-giving Supreme Lord and the initiating and instructing spiritual masters.  If one foolishly discriminates between them, he commits an offense in the discharge of devotional service"
Prabhupada "The conclusion is that an empowered spiritual master is authorized by Krishna and his own guru and should therefore be considered as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.? (CC Madhya 10.136)
What we are bearing witness to here is: If anyone else claims to be god, kick and urinate on his face because I, Prabhupada, who initiated you and continue to instruct you with my books, is god.
For the forty years since its inauguration, the ISKCON cult has not been under secular scrutiny.  Albeit the cult has been caught out in the limelight on a few occasions, they have maintained the belief that media will only carry a story so far, after which the public forget and go on with their lives.   Nonetheless, the socio/psychopaths have not gone anywhere.  While waiting for a kill they have turned upon themselves.  The in-fighting has factionalized the cult into a dog's breakfast.   However, and through it all,  one axiom is held highest in every shard vying for superiority..."Prabhupada said."
To this point in time, no one has challenged the axiom, ergo no one has publicly challenged the ordinance to kill.  BIF walks the kill zone in its challenge.  Will the cult licensed psychopaths commit homicide, or will they be "unable to punish" put their tails between their legs and run?  Will the killers come out the shadows of the cult?   Here are THREE hyenas barking for a coordinate to kill.  They are prowlers for different reasons and for different scam pods.  We will not name these cult dogs of the Iskcon prairie.  They are nothing.  On a scale of one to none, they are scavengers begging a bone from the pride:
The first hyena is a loner who was once part of the main Iskcon pod.  He was ostracized for abnormal pack behavior and now howls in hope that his alarm will bring recognition and reinstatement:
NB. The name "SAKSHI" belongs to this writer.  I am BIF's editor, and perceived challenger who has entered the cult's kill zone.
The hyenas yapping in red font will be darted thus >><<
>>A spy is in our midst and attacking devotees.
I have received no reply as to why "Sakshi" is on an elist of our beloved and good devotees, when he says that his intent is to destroy Gaudiya Vaisnavism?<<
Readers, take note of the phraseology..."A spy"..."attacking devotees"... "our beloved and good devotees"..."his intent is to destroy Gaudiya Vaisnavism"...All cult code to attract psychopaths.  Here's what's missing in this hyena's post.... "Our infallible Prabhupada said he should have his tongue cut out and be killed."  .
>>I have received no thanks nor response either from Mahasana Prabhu nor RGSwami for letting them know that their interviews were used by this demon to try to attack Srila Prabhupada and our disciplic succession.<<
Note the word "demon."  It is used extensively in the cult to identify a "vilifier" or target in the kill zone. "Attack Prabhupada and our disciplic succession" is a real humdinger.  If that one doesn't get the scavenger a remnant piece of my carcass, nothing will.
>>This Sakshi-asura  person says he has the ear of many important and rich politicians and ex GBC supporters in India. He told me he intends to destroy all Gaudiyas, as we are a bogus cult, and Srila Prabhupada is a cheater. He told the world in his articles that he wishes to send violent Hindu  groups to physically kill the devotees, and that he and his cronies have done so to others in India already.  The C.C. has already been banned in Gujarat,  as the politicians say that it leads to criminal behaviors, and these demons claim credit for instigating that attack on Srila Prabhupada's books. You are associating with him, with them, at bif, and Prabhupadanuga NEWS almost daily.<<
Yeah sure.  Only one email ago he said Sakshi was with the CIA (In fact, you are surely an agent of the CIA whose job is to destroy Vaisnavism. Instead, you will yourslef soon be destroyed by your sins, mark my words.)  Then someone told him Sakshi is Indian and can't possibly be CIA.  He then googles for a para Indian agency.  When he cannot find any, he says I told him (he is in Canada so I would have written) but produces no proof for his howling nonsense.  So then he carpet bombs with "Indian Politicians" - "supporters in India" - "violent Hindu groups"- "he and his cronies" -  He then applies the "vilifier" catch codes to wake the psychopaths- "asura" - "intends to destroy all Gaudiyas""Prabhupada is a cheater" - "to physically kill devotees" - "his cronies have done to others" -   Why did he not send my e-mail to the police?  The reason he did not is because I never spoke to this dog.  Cannot.  I don't speak Hyena.  Alternatively, why does he not explain why his Prabhupada has said these terrible things in printed proof, that are violent and degrading?  Here, read it again-  ELEPHANT in the ROOM.

From: *****
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: crap shoot

Your bif site is total shit and lies. For example, you say Srila Bhaktivinode wrote Caitanya Caritamrta. everyone knows Krsna das Kaviraja wrote it, showing that you are a know nothing fool. In fact, you are surely an agent of the CIA whose job is to destroy Vaisnavism. Instead, you will yourslef soon be destroyed by your sins, mark my words.

>>This is their way of dealing with the exposure of their cheatings. This is the extent of their nasty intelligence and rascaldom. They are exposed and defeated, so like snakes they come out with total abuses of simple persons in order to sway your minds with their big lies, like nazis in Germany. How often have they used this same tactic to lie to us about Gour Govinda, and who knows how many others? Where there are liars and abusers of pure devotees, everything quickly goes to hell.<<
You can use whatever abuse you like Mr. Barker, and to whomsoever is hiding in the shadows of your kill zone.  It will not make one iota of difference to the fact, and that fact is etched and dried in ink spread all over the world.  Iskcon, in all its sharded factions, is dangerous because it follows literature that is extremist, derogatory, and abusive.  That is your forty-year-old beefcake sampradaya, and it can never be changed or erased.
>>The devotees are one, not ritivks versus GBC slaves. We must unite and throw off both GBC globalists goondas and blood sucking reactionaries trying to put the lies to our sampradaya.<<
NO LIES! Everything is referenced.  And what's more, we have not even begun to analyze the depth of disquiet being discovered in the cult's literatures.
Why include quotes?  Why not simply send readers directly to the BIF web site to read for themselves?  We have noticed the caution of all three hyenas in avoiding displaying the BIF address in their mailouts.  Are they worried?  But of course they are.  Not only do they hurl abuse and attempt to sidestep the issues being raised, they make no bones (no pun intended) about the fact their barking is to raise group violence; a call to psychopaths lurking in the shadows, because they themselves are brainless COWARDS!! 
Here is hyena number two.  He is a Hong Kong hyena who may or may not know it (giving him the benefit of the doubt) is being used by a pedophile, and his associate pedophile cluster to throw a diversion into our investigations.  This group is already on the files of  Action Pour Les Enfants, and their members caught in Cambodia and prosecuted (On file. Hard Copy.)  BIF has made a promise to smash this cluster no matter what it takes.  They should go to bed with this thought in mind every night.  Hence the barking of hyena #2:


>>BIF, Sakshi Gopal das Blaspheme Lord Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita. BY: A GROUP OF SRILA PRABHUPADA DISCIPLES AND FOLLOWERS<<

Note how the cowards hide behind a group cover.  This is the way of the pedophile.  Their only bravado comes in the exploitation of little children.  And where do they get it from?  They get the order to sex little babies from the same source that gave ANYONE the license to kill-  Here it is:

>>In his second equally blasphemous article, "Elephant in the Room", also available on BIF's website, written on 21st November 2011, Sakshi Gopal quotes Srila Prabhupada's statements on different issues, such as intelligence of women, marriage, relationship between husband and wife, sex life, rape, servants, violence, etc, and takes them completely out of text by interpreting them according to his own personal mundane, sexually perverted understanding.<<

No! There is NO misinterpretation.  Here is ELEPHANT in the ROOM, if you have not read it already,  and here is the Government of Russia banning Iskcon literature-  http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/11-11/news4066.htm  And here is Iskcon's literature being burnt on the public street in India http://www.indianexpress.com/news/vhp-activists-burn-derogatory-book-on-krishna/880796/  And, here is our report on Iskcon's Caitanya-caritamrita being banned in Gujarat.  And the fireworks have not yet begun.  Misinterpretation eh?  That is what we have been trying to say since our article "Debate."  Iskcon's literature is being used to analyze the behavior of the cult and its sordid history.  Didn't your Prabhupada say- "They will judge me on how you behave?"  Well, he was right. 

>>Failing to understand the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada's actual detachment from all mundane issues, and unable to fathom Srila Prabhupada's deep spiritual purpose behind the above mentioned statements made only out of spiritual compassion to benefit and teach the fallen conditioned souls, Sakshi Gopal das mischievously pokes his nose into the Acharya's statements.<<

Cult explanations are a joke.  And this is the symptom of a cult hyena, that has never faced any threat to his sampradaya-hole-in- the-ground.  Even when someone is repeatedly saying that the hole is in unholy ground, the dog cannot fathom the truth.  Instead it turns to predators hidden in the darkness and howls- "Here is an enemy- come quickly and kill him!"  Stupids! 

>>On the whole, Sakshi Gopal das behaves in a most shameless manner by catering to the Karmis: materialists, imposter spiritualists, bogus gurus, yogis, etc., who have no understanding of the whole philosophy of Krishna Consciousness from actual spiritual authorities and bonafide spiritual scriptures. He does this in a most desperate attempt to prove to everyone that Srila Prabhupada was wrong in even bringing up the above mentioned issues in the first place.<<

Okay, seeing that his course of argument will not address the key issues of concern manifesting globally, and this cowardly hyena who has lost his name and merged himself with a pack of rapist supporters and child abusers, and is now abusive, let us bring his nose down to the stool.   Here, this is what your Prabhupada said-  "....a girl should be given a child as soon after she reaches puberty as possible. That is generally 12 years, but could even be 11.....even 10."  So are you letting your pedophile friends in there?  Do you have a ten year-old girl in your family who is ready for it?  Maybe your group of pedophile friends may want to have a go at her.   Let your friends rape her.  Your Prabhupada said they liked it when they get raped.  Here you go-  "Anyone who satisfies her desire for sex at that age becomes a great object of satisfaction. It is a psychological fact that when a woman at the age of puberty meets a man and the man satisfies her sexually, she will love that man for the rest of her life, regardless who he is."  So don't give a damn about who is raping, just throw her to your dog friends.  She'll love it.  If you don't believe me believe your guru, here you go- "Although rape is not legally allowed, it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape."  Here you go again, you bloody cowards- When a husbandless woman is attacked by an aggressive man, she takes his action to be mercy."

What about your mother? Sister? Cousin?  Are they fixed-up (whatever the hell  that means) or are they prostitutes?  Here is your guru again-  "What is this prostitute? She has no fixed up husband. And free woman means this, daily, new friend."  And again- "A woman given freedom means a prostitute." 

So you, your Hong-Kong-Johnny with his penchant for leather, and all these other "Prabhupadanugas"  (whatever the hell that means) are going down, because you are not preaching to the cult choir any longer.  Cultist will nod their heads in agreement at those tired and worn out explanations, but a thinking world will not..  And make it clear to your friends.....Your barking will not deter us in the least.  We will get them and lock them away. 


Now we look at the final hyena.  He is an old hump-back, toothless doggie who is confused between Christianity and Am/Judeo/Gaudiya cultism.  He learnt to read English from pizza delivery orders.  He is an unemployed kindergarten dropout with nothing else but time, some food stamps, and a blister of welfare hemorrhoids on his backside.  We explained in our last posting that this howler saw everything through a haze of marijuana which he takes as medication for his blistered backside and....a recent lobotomy.  His howling is used by a pod who scam Indians for money in the name of god.  They use his loud mouth as a diversion so they can continue unnoticed with their chiseling in the background.  Our appeal to the Indian Govt. to stop Missionary / Preacher visas was specifically to do with this group who are into carrying black money out of India for percentages.  Yes this mob is also connected to the pedophile cluster linked to the last hyena.  Anyway this fellow thinks his barking will call the psychopaths, but everyone knows he is a rabid marijuana-blown-bobo.  Here is his weak whelp to the darkness.  We only put it up because we need to finish on a fun note.  We call him Bobo the bone-licker.

>>OK since you openly support homoerotica pedophile incarnations of God, we will post that,.....<<
Sure Bobo, if that's what floats your boat, you post it.  Just don't post your food stamps by mistake.  You've already eaten all the flora (bushy stuff)) from around your trailer. Watch out Bobo, you're gonna grow rabbit's teeth.... to go with your hunchback and bulging red eyes. Scary.
 >>and we may also post that in Australia to Australian government, local newspapers, you local churches and neighbors there, hee hee. <<
Oh yeah.  That's a good idea.  Don't forget to send some of those "documents" to the Indian Supreme Court.  They hang on every word you write.   And then there's ET.  No! No! He's coming back.  And then there's Jesus, you can send him a few copies.  No, not Jesus Christ, you idiot.  I meant Jesus, the Latino guy....Jeez!  Your dealer!   And if you are going to send copies to the church, could you pleeeease send it to a Cathedral (the big church.)  I just love them big Jesus buildings.  Yeah, Jesus Christ.   Anyway, my neighbor would love to get a copy.  He doesn't like me.  Thinks I'm a crazy Hare Krishna who wants to chop up kids and feed them to the dogs; starve the akshya patra children, have sex with men women and children and worship bogus homosexual pedophile gurus and rape thousands of kids, like you.  Ha, ha, ha.  Just joking.  You only rape "husbandless women."  You aggressive tough guy, you. 
>>We are doing a complete investigation of you now. <<
Okay.  I am wearing red underpants,  blue shorts and a white t-shirt and....  No. no, Bobo.  I am not with Iskcon.  If you want to do that sort of investigation you had better run off into the forest with a hairless Hari and have a hair-raising experience.  I don't do the Hollywood Hari thing.
>>You want to worship vagina licking and child grabbing genitals incarnations, people need to know that, and lock up their kids.<<
Don't bust a hemorrhoid on that one, Bobo.  After you guys raped two thousand kids...and counting, the world has locked up its kids.  But you know that already.  It's why your "Prabhupadanugas" are travelling to Cambodia and doing the Asian circuit.  As for me, I can't even say hello to a kid before the parents are asking- "Are you a Hare Krishna pedophile?"  Lordy, even the neighbors cat thinks I'm with you guys.  All I gotta say is -Pussy, and its gone like a shot. 
>>You think pedophiles are incarnations of God, people need to beware of you.<<
They are Bobo.  Every time I walk down the street they see me and are bewared.  They say- beware, he thinks pedophiles are incarnations of God.  But they don't run away because they know I don't think babies should be raped because they like it, or that independent women are prostitutes, or what YOU ARE SAYING ABOUT OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN BROTHERS-  "The blacks were slaves. They were under control. And since you have given them equal rights they are disturbing, most disturbing, always creating a fearful situation, uncultured and drunkards. What training they have got? They have got equal right? That is best, to keep them under control as slaves but give them sufficient food, sufficient cloth, not more than that. Then they will be satisfied..... A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class negro.  Yikes pilgrim!  Gotta tell your bros from the hood about this.  They might wanna talk to you.  Why are you spreading this Ku-Klux-Klan racism, Bobo?  People need to be aware of you.  You are a sexist racist pig.
>>I am looking into forums that I can post there right now. I will also be sending a warning the the Australian child protection office etc, that you are training chidlren that pedophiles are incarnations. ys pd<<
Aww, forums cannot appreciate this important stuff.  Try the Hare Krishna forums and....mental institutions.  Hmm.  But that's the same thing....Eh?  Anyway, regards training the children-  I did fill in the "pedophiles are incarnations" training forms, but it was rejected.   They said that you Hare Krishnas had won exclusive rights for that program after raping thousands of children in the name of  God's incarnations.  They then asked me if I had studied Prabhupada's "Ten Point Plan for World Domination,"  I said no, and that was that. 
>>Poor baby, You said you supported people like Ramakrishna mission, are you sad that your little boy's genital grabbing and man-boy  lover's "God incarnation" club has been exposed by us? Hee hee. Go ahead and expose me, for what, not worshipping pedophiles as God incarnations? Great luck with that mate! ys pd<<
 A serious moment, Bobo.  Who, or what I support, is not the issue.  My preferences are irrelevant.  Pointing to me and hoping for a kill will create no diversion from, or solution to, the cult dilemma.  Nor will it free the kill zone for Iskcon and its factions.   I can understand the difficulty you guys are having with digesting what is being said.  I also understand you think it is I who is creating a storm in a tea-cup.  But if you knew me, and you should, then you would understand that if I was attacking Iskcon's literature, there would be a lot more analyses on display.....and most certainly nothing in comparison to what is in Government hands, and....literature has nothing to do with cult crime, a legally separate issue.  Put down your pipe for a moment and think about it, Bobo.  The night of the Iskcon hyena and predator has reached its nemesis.
Thanks for spending time wit/with us