17th Mar. 2013


Recently a Prabhupada (acBSp) initiated devotee, Mahasana Dasa like several before him who recognized the "Prabhupada said" gospel to be gobbledygook, logged onto the 'Comments' section of a cult cyber tabloid.  He raised issue on conflicting data presented by an article posted vs. a statement from the cult's bible- Sri-mad Bhagavatam (SB. aka Bhagavat purana).  The article entitled-  "ESO’s La Silla Observatory, Chile: Accurate size of the Universe," informed readers that previous method used to measure astral distance was superseded by a new discovery, ergo a more accurate calculation of distance: "Up to now finding an accurate distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), one of the nearest galaxies to the Milky Way, has proved elusive. As stars in this galaxy are used to fix the distance scale for more remote galaxies, it is crucially important. But careful observations of a rare class of double star has now allowed a team of astronomers to deduce a much more precise value for the LMC distance: 163 000 light-years." http://www.prabhupadanugas.eu/?p=34523

At first the moderator appeared to be neutral in providing space for an open debate, but when Mahasana Dasa pushed his point (with a tinge of sarcasm) he was chopped off while pro-cult comments continued to be posted, implying a defeat since there appeared to be no further challenge.  The thread (minus Mahasana Das' latest (erased) comment) is posted below between darts >>  << ....with interspaced comments from BIF:

cult moderator

>>mahasana dasa says: 7. March 2013 at 7:17 pm
"My dear King, I have thus far described the diameter of the universe [fifty crores of yojanas, or four billion miles] and its general characteristics, according to the estimations of learned scholars." (SB 5.21.1)
Note: That makes the universe less than one light day across. How could the LMC be 163,000 light years away? This is obviously Maya.
The only explanation is that the foolish scientists hate Krishna so much that they deride Him, even though they never heard of Him or the Srimad-Bhagavatam!!
Scientists need to stop cheating, put on wigs, and sell books. Otherwise, they will spend huge amounts of our money on projects like the Voyager spacecraft, only to have it hit the innermost wall of dirt that surrounds our 4 billion mile universe. <<

>>michael sandoval says: 8. March 2013 at 4:30 am
Hahahaha, You cultists are so funny. Even when facts smack you in the face, you still believe in fairy tales. <<

>>SG says: 8. March 2013 at 9:28 am
Ha Ha Ha Wait till Yamadutas come calling on you michael sandoval, then we’ll see who has the last laugh. Ha Ha Ha. HARE KRSNA.<<

What we have here is a sect whose founder understood that science, if inclined, could expose him as a caveman godman. So he drew a line in the sand-  believe in me and be saved or believe (rascal!) scientists and go to hell.  He made it clear to his bleaters that anyone who didn’t agree with his wolf-in-straightjacket doctrine was an enemy to guruganda and god.  As a result, we encounter lamb chops like Mr. SG Dasa who threatens perceived adversaries with cult Shreks…Yamadutas come calling.”  Yeah sure….and Cinderella just left in her pumpkin carriage.
Such hare-scary nonsense is exclusively cult centric. We are 100% sure no one has ever seen a Sri-mad Yamaduta bogeyman (not counting iskcon FDG bogeywomen ^..^). Only bhakti-bashed heads and eyes tinged with the salve of cult hash (oil) can see them.
What we do know is that ex. iskcon initiated men and women end up as schizoid paranoiacs on mental disability.
Yamadutas or men in long white coats? Cultist who see Yamadutas are shocked (pun intended) when they meet men in long white coats.

yamas r comin' !!

>>Pratyatosa Dasa (ACBSP) says: 8. March 2013 at 2:45 pm
michael sandoval says: Hahahaha, You cultists are so funny. Even when facts smack you in the face, you still believe in fairy tales.
Sadaputa Prabhu, our foremost devotee scientist, says that there are no conflicts between our religious scriptures and modern science. For more information, please read his books: http://store.krishna.com/Search.bok?custom1=sadaputa <<

BIF: If in fact there were no conflicts between our religious scriptures and modern science then why not explain it yourself? Why refer to Sadaputa (late) or anyone else. Anyone who isn't cult zapped can see that Sadaputa ..our foremost devotee scientist ... tip-toes through the minefield of explosive contradictions laid down by his guru, acBSp. He is careful to select areas of controversy which can be defused and sold at Bizarre Bazaar.  Even so, it requires a flood of oxytocin hormones to swallow his explications. Sadaputa follows the fairy dust diktat:- "Srimad Bhagavatam is the authoritative text which tells us about cosmology, and information gathered from any source should be in accordance to it."  The result is that he remains forever chasing ambulances: attempting to keep Rahu's head buoyant with hot-air interpretations; perpetually seeking that inconceivable oneness in difference (acintyabhedabheda) to help float Sri-mad outré with scientific fact.

moon cheese

>>mahasana dasa says: 8. March 2013 at 4:21 pm
That’s right, there is no contradiction. As a matter of fact, the Hubble telescope recently spotted a giant interplanetary eagle attacking the Rahu head. Luckily for Rahu, Narada Muni was flying by (he has great timing) and he bonked the eagle on the head with his vina. WHAT A SCENE! It was more exciting than Hiranyaksa knocking the club out of Lord Boar’s hoof! <<

>>mark says: 8. March 2013 at 7:49 pm
One never knows at which point the Supreme Lord has inserted some false material calculation into His Scriptures while proclaiming it to be true. Just to weed out the weak hearted baboons who don’t want to be part of His Bhakti Cult. Hey, some people would rather become “astronuts” to be liberated from their miserable material fantasies. Free will is King. Have at it you nutty baboons.<<

BIF: While over-using capitals to over-emphasize his sect subjugation, mark inadvertently tells us his god does not reside within the heart or possess abilities attributed to him so he forswears himself only to prove those with intelligence are baboons.  A sort of “Blessed are the stupid for they can read between the lines.” Mark’s abuse is common tu quoque fallacy. Literally translating as ‘you too’ this fallacy is employed as an effective red herring : taking heat off the accused having to defend and shifting focus back onto the critic. It is a time worn duct: introducing abuse to deflect confrontation of core issues, thereby decanting debate to a commode.

Hehehe!..just kidding

>>Pratyatosa Dasa (ACBSP) says: 11. March 2013 at 5.42 pm
This is yet another example of the rascal so-called scientist's trying to ram an unproven theory down our collective throats by repeating it over and over again as an established fact, similar to what they are trying to do with their preposterous evolution theory!<<

BIF: Mr. Dasa' (they are all called Dasa like all monkeys are called primates,) enclave education may find the rascal so-called scientist's  preposterous evolution theory... unproven, ergo unquantifiable, but just quickly, may we draw attention to the iskcon cult's 'Creationist Theory,' if only to evaluate it in terms of, not academic intellectualism, but perspicacity. It would be preposterous indeed if Mr. Dasa' statement - there are no conflicts between our religious scriptures and modern science - could find any scientific harmony with cult beliefs below:  

(1) A four-headed man (Brahma) created the contents of our universe while seated on the stigma of a cosmic-sized lotus flower that grows from a lake of sweat in the navel of an even larger cosmic-sized being. (2) An enormous egg came into existence with the permutation and combination of five basic elements. Brahma was born inside this egg. Brahma lived inside the egg. He then split the egg into two and created heaven and earth from the two parts of the egg (Brahma Purana). (3) Invisible oceans of a.o. liquor, milk, sugar cane juice, and yoghurt, all many times larger than this planet and part of a simplistic flat-Earth cosmology. (4) Trees hundreds of miles high, some with fruits that create rivers of juice when falling to the ground. (5) The existence of a vastly superior global civilization, complete with airplanes and nuclear weapons, before 3,000 B.C.E. (going back millions of years cyclically) with people of increasing size and life span, the emperors of which ruled the entire Earth. (6) Progenetors, unbelievable and unheard of outside cult doctrine, who birthed thousands of progeny: snakes, trees, aquatics, amphibians, arachnids and birdlife. (7)  The moon is further away from Earth than the sun (which is the ONLY source of light in the universe,) and the sun (which sits on a chariot driven by the morning star-  Aruna) is hauled across the welkin by 60'000 sages (Valikhilyas) who are no bigger than a thumb.....and there is much, much more. 

om namo...whaaaat?

Where can we find science, in any of its fields, corroborating the madness above?  Truth is, science does not differ with the Vedas.  However, even though iskcon claims to be Vedic, their doctrine is nothing more than Yankee-doodle-noodles peppered with unchallenged Vedic substantiations. It is why iskcon is referred to as a cult.... a backwater flow-off mainstream.

>>mark says: 11. March 2013 at 5:42 pm
Yes, that is what I was taught in Astronomy 101 in college. And even then I had my doubts, but since I wasn’t planning to become an astronomer, I just repeated what I was taught and got an A....

>>Modern telescopes are impressive I must admit.
Among the scores of occasions where Srila Prabhupada (acBSp) denies that modern scientists could possibly have gone to the moon, he ONCE conceded that they may have made it there.

108 A-plus

BIF: A score is twenty.  So scores of occasions is several twenties.  Which identifies acBSp as both pig-headed and dumb. In his booklet Easy Journeys to Other Planets, acBSp declared that the planets were inhabited-  and they are occupied by all types of living entities.  Further he predicted that all attempts by modern science to reach the moon by space craft and sputniks would fail. But when man got to the moon and found no types of living entities (and none on Mars, either !!) acBSp pooh-poohed the lunar landing.  It reveals a godman shit-cart driver twisting and swerving to maintain his load ; spuriously asserting god (Krishna) was confiding divine, detailed knowledge directly from within his heart about intergalactic civilizations, political landscapes, star wars and historical occurrences: acBSp: If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru.... 

>>Pratyatosa Dasa (ACBSP) says: 11. March 2013 at 6:57 pm
Srila Prabhupada tends to say different things at different times, depending upon his audience. For example, he might be very critical of spirit souls in women’s bodies in the company of his sannyasi disciples, but speak in a completely different way if one of his female disciples was present or especially if he was speaking with one of them directly.

BIF: He did not simply say different things at different times but said it from one end and contradicted it with the other.  acBSp was ambiguous and ambivalent.  Only those desperate to claim 'reincarnation' rights to an eastern identity and gurudom, regardless of the truth, would disagree.

>>Another example is the way he spoke to that infamous group of psychotic “I wanna be a guru like you, Srila Prabhupada” rascals on May 28, 1977. But his final written, signed order on the subject, on July 9, 1977, was quite different.

BIF: The May 28 conversation was so convoluted and indeterminate that its content is still being debated (by inconsequential factions) thirty-six years later.  As for the July 9th letter, it was never honored because it was never attested to as 'true copy' by any designated legal authority. The founder of iskcon, acBSp was uneducated in basic organizational prerequisites. We have shown in posted articles how he schemed clear of lawful process like a common criminal because he did not want secular bodies muscling in on his profits. He taught his followers to do things- "by hook or by crook." So after his death new management followed his MO. If that meant by crook ... c'est la vie.

>>As for the moon issue, any child with a 30x telescope can see from his own backyard that the entire surface of the moon is simply a barren wasteland! Also, after watching the movie, The Dish, I realized that to fake the manned moon landings was completely impossible! Besides, after more than 40 years, not even one of the thousands of people who worked on the Apollo lunar missions, even on his/her deathbed, has claimed that the missions were faked! And now that they’ve taken high resolution pictures of the Apollo landing sites, which clearly show the meandering footpaths of the lunar astronauts, no one but a complete madman could possibly still believe that man didn’t walk on the moon!
Show me even one person, who claims that the moon is further away from the sun, who has been able to use his “superior knowledge” to predict the exact date and time of a total eclipse of the sun! It’s never happened and it never will!<<

BIF: Here we see even Pratyatosa Dasa (who adds ACBSP on the tail of his name to show he is a direct initiate of acBSp) having difficulty with accepting his guru's nonsense. So what does he do when challenged?  He creates an invisible planet.  Read on. 

Candra loco Loka?

BIF:  That's right. Even after throwing every last handful of excrement at the lunar landing and the rascal scientists, these guys have invented a heavenly planet known as Candra Loka that is extant in a heaven yet undetected. No photographs, not a single shred of proof, not even an artist's impression to prove its existence....but we are expected to Rahu invisible Candra moon-cheese without seeing or tasting it.

Candra loco

>>mark says: 12. March 2013 at 5:49 pm
Dear Pratyatosa das,
...[...]... If you are going to preach to scientists and need to compromise a bit just to keep them in the conversation, that is admirable and OK by me. But you really should not try to hoist that stuff onto devotees on internet istagosthis.
(allow them to suck in Candra loco, undisturbed)
Perhaps you should create a public website to preach to karmi scientists and have a rule that you are the head preacher and everyone needs to follow your lead, or their posts will be moderated. (like what was done to Mahasana Dasa) Srila Prabhupada named 3 disciples to preach to scientists, (and they have, as informed by acBSp, trained pigeons to take iskcon on "Easy Journeys To Other Planets") and we know he used preaching technique (lying/pretending) (just like god does to weed out weak hearted baboons... eh?) in order to string someone along until he could zing them (god and guru...both deceptive cheats). I can appreciate that, but this is definitely not the place. (no it aint. this is the place for yankee-doodle dictum).

>>I have never looked through a telescope. (but I did get an "A" in Astronomy 101...remember?) And when I look at the moon, I see the beautiful effulgent Candraloka. (because I am a 108 A- plus orgasm, or organism..whatever).

astronomy 108

>>Will you need to actually see Lord Caitanya make a mango tree grow in 5 minutes in order to believe he can do it? (or when us bros create a planet and welkin in a few sentences, will those rascal scientists and baboons acknowledge it?)
From the way you talk, I am not sure if you understand the nature of illusiona created by demons and demigods. (remember Shrek? Cinderella's fairy godmother? The Wicked Witch from the West? The Wizard of...?) Maybe you don’t actually accept all the stories of illusions, including illusory weapons on the battle field, Brahma hiding cowherd boys, Indra changing his form, and instead honestly think they are just “allegories”, because heck you can’t do it, you don’t “know” anyone who can do these things, so why believe it? (read Sri-mad and believe it, then you can hide a few cowherd boys yourself, or even peacock strut like me... an A plus orgasm, or organism..whatever).

>>Illusions are not shimmery visions that suddenly pop when you get near them, as is the common misperception. They are “real’ to all of your senses, you can kick the tires, and will believe it is what it seems to be (you can also collect social security benefits and medical Candra loco off those shimmery visions that don't suddenly pop when you get near them. rascal karmi psychiatrists call it schizoid paranoia).
This is Kali Yuga and obviously there is a mass illusion cursed upon the 99.8% of faithless souls on this planet. (we are the lucky .2% who, like those realized incarnates claiming to be Napoleon, JC or gopis, can blow loco from Candra Loka).
Candradeva can lift his finger and say a mantra and the faithless will see and even EXPERIENCE exactly what he wants them to, with no time limit to the illusion (and when Candradeva lifts his leg and says a mantra...here comes Katrina). That’s the fact jack. Believe it or not (if your name aint jack... change it to mark, and you will believe). <<

108 illusion popper!

>>mark says: 13. March 2013 at 6:16 pm
....However, at least one or two sets of footage from other missions seemed hard to debunk (finally those NASA rascals managed to slip one or two under mark's Van Allen belt) So in those cases, if they made it through the Van Allen belts and into deep space, I refer to Srila Prabhupada’s assertion that the demigods diverted them to Rahu or Ketu, (oops... get the loco. he's gone off on another prabhupada / demigod / rahu / ketu... napoleon / jesus spike) or perhaps an illusory facsimile of Candraloka (darn demigods with their fax machines) or IF they actually made it to Candraloka, the area they were made to land was as Srila Prabhupada said (Houston, we have a problem. sri-mad space traffic control has diverted us to the green cheese planet... Candra Loka !!)  If you can understand the near supreme power of demigods, and the actual nature of so-called illusions, then it is very easy to grasp this... (yankee-doodle-noodle).

So where do these pagala pundits get the inspiration to drivel this nonsense?  Who has provided the combination of fantasy and folly feeding their madness and foolhardiness?  Here he is:-

750622mw.la Conversations
Bahulasva: ...yesterday that Indian gentleman, Dr. Singh? He had become very doubtful when you told him they didn't go to the moon. He was saying, "Do you think they really didn't go?" (laughter) He never thought of that before, that they might have just made a show.
(acBSp) : No. If we believe in our Bhagavata, they have not gone. It is above the sun planet, 1,600,000 miles above. How they can go?
Bahulasva: Srila Prabhupada, at night, when we see in the sky that moon, that is the same moon that is above the sun?
acBSp: Yes.
Bahulasva: Yes? So their miscalculations are due to their imperfect senses.
acBSp: Yes.

Candra goes sri-mad

We do not know the mot juste defining rationale for souls coalesced in penumbra cast by the acBSp Neanderthal.  Nonetheless we print what is commonly known and accepted as fact by humanity, if only to show how miles off-course cult aficionados have gone to seek identity and sustenance. 

Fact: The Moon looms above at an average of 384,400 km (238,885 mi) away.
Earth looms above the Sun at 147,098,074 km (91042505.6) at even the closest part of the year.
The Sun is nearly 400 times farther from the Earth and Moon (150 million kilometers) than the Moon is from the Earth (about 384,000 kilometers).

Furthermore, to be a 108 A- plus fully conversant in cult ecclesiology, one must accept that the sun god (Surya) sits on a chariot driven by Aruna (the morning star) and is hauled across the welkin by sixty thousand sages (Valikhilyas) who are no bigger than a thumb. To endorse this awkward cult centric knowledge, a perpetual spamming process continues in the background that spares no one, not even BIF team members.  Claiming that we are subscribers to their pagala prabhupada istagosti mailout, we receive many crazy letters from them and others of their ilk.  Here below is one such recent mailout coming directly from this pratyatosa fellow's 'istagosti' mob.  Just read it and understand how irretrievably insane the Candra loco puffers are:

Surya looking for his thumbies

Blind Balaji, Bob the skunk, and hologram Jesus

While I was touring the holy places of India, I ventured into Tirupati, where there is a self-manifested Live Deity. However, you have to wait for hours to get a few seconds, up-front glimpse of Balaji. He wears a mask over His eyes, because the people are so unbelievably ugly, in the Kali Yuga; as ugly as sin. So.....while they led me in front of the Deity, He extended His arm, shook hands with me, and said: "Hi'ya  Bob!"  Wow!! I was stunned. The Indian pujaris all saw this, and ran up to me, and said: "see, see, we got a live deity! Join us. Join us." I said that's not the first time I ever saw a live deity; but, it's  certainly the first time a deity shook hands with me.

I went off to an enclosure, and was thinking over the experience,  when Jesus Christ, in a hologram type of body appeared before me. He said all the living entities are covered over with hypnotic layers of ignorance, due to their sinful activities. It goes from 1 to 28 layers deep. Since you have been practicing yoga about 10 years, you have removed, or cleaned off several layers. This particular deity, Balaji, comes all the way up to the 12th level. You 

Hi ya Skunk !!

have uncovered down to the 16th level, and with hours standing and waiting in the sun, you temporarily cleaned off enough to see and feel Him, for real. Furthermore, yoga practice and performing austerities, cleans off these onion layers of sinful ignorance, covering your soul.
Now, at that point, Jesus left, but I recalled that was the Doctrine of the ''The Perfect Imperfection", which says:  "This is heaven, right here and now, and everything is and always was: perfect. You just gotta take a shower, and wash all the distorted levels off your consciousness; then you're back to normal again." Usually they wash with chanting, meditating, spiritual activities and austerities. Jesus didn't say this; but He knew I knew this.
Mr. Skunk
Thank You for spending time with us