23rd Feb, 2014


Krishna: The Dark Lord 


by A Concerned Reader


BIF did an article in July of 2013 that mentions ISKCON cult leader Bir Krishna Goswami's initiates Jayalalita devi dasi (Jillian Hoy) and Jatayu dasa (white supremacist Joshua Caleb Sutter), and their connection to extreme politics.


In October of 2013, BIF mentions and links to Kedar Joshi's "The Satanic Verses of Bhagavad-gita".


In a move that echoes Joshi's article, Bir Krishna Goswami initiate Jayalalita devi dasi had submitted two texts to the neo-nazi occult e-publication "FENRIR: Journal of Satanism and the Sinister". 


The magazine is associated with the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) organization, about which Wikipedia has the following to say. Bolding added for emphasis:

"The Order of Nine Angles (ONA; O9A) 'represent a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism' and first attracted public attention during the 1980s and 1990s after being mentioned in books detailing fascist Satanism. (...)

"Author Nick Ryan has asserted that Anton Long, the author of the ONA's public tracts, is a pseudonym of David Myatt, a person who was involved with the neo-Nazi movement in England. This assertion is repeated by both Senholt and Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, with Goodrick-Clarke writing that David Myatt – who had previously acted 'as bodyguard for British Nazi Colin Jordan' - codified 'its teachings into a fully developed system of initiation and training for adeptship'.


"According to Senholt, 'the role of David Myatt is paramount to the whole creation and existence of the ONA', and 'Myatt's life-long devotion to various extreme ideologies has been part of a sinister game that is at the heart of the ONA'. This claim is supported by Per Faxneld who writes that 'the ONA despises ethical behaviour, and its main ideologist David Myatt has actively participated in violent neo-Nazi and Islamist terrorist groups..."

There's an article by Myatt in the same issue of FENRIR that Jayalalita devi dasi contributed articles to.


I'm copy/pasting Bir Krishna Goswami's disciple's neurosis below:



I was outwardly a complete atheist throughout my teen years, but I had a strong, internal, secretive mystical bent which I kept entirely to myself. I had an attraction to Lilith, but this was in no way connected to any Satanic or occultic influence; I had no interest in such groups, and did not inquire into them. My interest and intent was very straightforward: I wanted to be one of Lilith’s cohorts, a succubus. I respected Lilith as a demonic figure, vampiric and destructive by nature, and I wanted to be likewise destructive: selfish and without self, feeding without hunger, a cold creature of controlled chaos. Totally immoral and predatory, no philosophizing about it. It was about physical and psychic domination, to please and disturb and confuse and enthrall. I did not care about being beautiful or feeling physical sensations; those were unnecessary, extraneous. I wanted to be powerful, to conquer, overwhelm, and abandon.


This did not make me sexually attractive; quite the opposite. I pursued boys, and was viewed with dread and revulsion. This filled me simultaneously with pleasure and disappointment; I wanted their fear as much (or more) as their desire, but I did not anticipate I would favor the terrible side so heavily.


I see Lilith worship in vogue these days, and people conceptualizing her in ways which are very different from my own understanding. I wonder what they hope to get out of a relationship with such an entity? I was very young when I had my interest, and it was neither a very educated nor disciplined connection, more instinctive and personal. Can I say there have been lasting effects, well after the fact? I am childless, isolated, disinterested in family life, and am likely to remain so. I have an automatic, visceral urge to manipulate men I come into contact with, regardless of attraction or purpose, but this I can control, though I find this persistent response in myself both amusing and disconcerting.


I see Lilith worshippers who seem to be at heart interested in mundane, happy-go-lucky lifestyles, cuddling young relatives, going to weddings, hanging out with friends, snuggling their partners, so warm and loving and sunny. What is there to love about Lilith? What place has love in her engagements? Where is the taste for the demonic?


Jayalalita devi dasi



I do not worship Kali as a mother. Kali has no children. Her body is not a vessel of reproduction; it is a tool for terror and destruction. Kali does not carry a child; she carries a sword. Kali does not feed an infant; she feeds herself, on blood shed by her own hand. She may be viewed as beautiful, but she may also be viewed as grotesque; she is raw, naked, radiant, wild, and inspires both awe and horror. Her role is not inherently subservient, gentle, or nurturing. She kills, she fucks, she feeds, she screams. I worship Kali because I feel an affinity for Kali, I feel a desire within me to be among her witchy cohorts who slaughter, laugh playfully and terribly, and inspire fear. I’d sooner bear a weapon and take down life than bear life within me. I worship Kali as a goddess who is not confined either by her beauty and desirablity, nor by her fertility and maternal qualities. She is no goddess of love, nor of motherhood.


Even Parvati, who is indeed a wife and mother, is more than a benevolent “mother” goddess. She is an ascetic, who undertook extreme austerities to win the attentions of her husband, Lord Shiva, whom she now joins in a life of empowered renunciation on Mount Kailash. Her children, Ganesha and Kartikeya, are not the product of ordinary conception and impregnation. Kartikeya was born from six flaming droplets of Shiva’s spilt seed placed in the Ganges, producing six children which Parvati combined into one. Ganesha was made by Parvati as she was bathing, by scraping the sandalwood paste from her skin and forming it into a child. She utilized external resources and her own internal potency to shape and create these very powerful entities. In her role as Parvati, she is instrumental in bringing these demigods into existence and influencing them so that they may engage in the divine activities set out for them. But she engages in her own divine activities other than motherhood when there is need, by taking one of her many forms, and in the meantime she meditates on Kailash, still, potent, and ready.


This is why I turn to the Hindu understanding of female divinity (and divinity in general) most readily: it is thorough, encompassing the many aspects of power and pastime, rather than trying to pigeon-hole this understanding into limited, generalized definitions. There are many goddesses exhibiting many attributes, just as there is broad variety in the appearance, abilities, and personalities of human women. A goddess may be worshipped as beautiful, but another goddess may likewise be worshipped as ugly. You may worship a youthful goddess, or an elderly one. You may propitiate a martial goddess or a maternal one, according to her pastimes and yours. You may ask a goddess for health or wealth, for knowledge, for domestic comfort, for inhuman strength, for vengeance. A goddess may be gentle in nature, or she may be stern. A goddess may be compassionate, or she may be bloodthirsty. A goddess may be earthly, or she may be cosmic. There are any number of forms, and behind all of these forms is power. It is not superior to worship power without form anymore than it is practical to try and harness electricity without proper appliance. A goddess is not just an idea, a figure to be conceptualized and boiled down into some more easily comprehended notion: this is a “mother” goddess, this is a “war” goddess. Divine femininity is not a notion to wrap up female power into terms of sex, beauty, chastity, motherhood, &c., nor should these aspects be denounced or denied in favor of one over another. There is power in beauty, there is power in wisdom, there is power in rage, there is power in birth, there is power in austerity, there is power in desire, there is power in cruelty, there is power in calmness, there is power in effort, there is power in charity, there is power in struggle, there is power in labor, there is power in contemplation, there is power in harshness, sweetness, action, and inaction.


Kali may be a mother to one man, and a fright to another, and she may be turned to for protection from the horrors of everyday existence, or she may be sought out for benediction in enacting brutal duties. She offers solace with one hand, and blood with another. This is not conflict; this is completeness. I admire Kali as a being unto herself, and worship her in a sisterly mood, as the sister of Krishna, and a sister I would wish to have of my own. There are those who turn to her and love her for reasons other than my own, and she has the capacity to satisfy these relationships, just as an ordinary, individual human woman may play many parts to many people, yet always remain essentially herself. Kali has a female body, but she does not produce children, yet she is found to be nurturing by those who ask it of her. She is by her nature fierce, but she has the capacity for compassion. This is power. The potential for one form of power, without necessarily utilizing it (childbirth), the inherent, essential power of one’s nature (ferocity), and also the willingness and ability to assume forms of power deeper than or beyond one’s inherent nature (compassion). For me, Kali is about violence, wrath, and lust, but I love her all the more that she may also convincingly play the mother while her blade hovers threateningly. Such is the truth of divine femininity.


Jayalalita devi dasi


In another issue of FENRIR, an article by a different ONA-affiliated author quotes Gita 17.5-6. The quoted translation uses the word "Supersoul", which is a total Prabhupada-ism. 

Here's how the nazi occult magazine quotes the text:

"Those who undergo severe austerities and penances not recommended in the scriptures, performing them out of pride and egoism, who are impelled by lust and attachment, who are foolish and who torture the material elements of the body as well as the Supersoul dwelling within, are to be known as demons. (Bhagavad Gita 17:5-6)"

Here's how Prabhupada's (original and unedited) Gita translates those same two verses:

"Those who undergo severe austerities and penances not recommended in the scriptures, performing them out of pride, egoism, lust and attachment, who are impelled by passion and who torture their bodily organs as well as the Supersoul dwelling within are to be known as demons."

Same wording as the article in the nazi occult mag. Even the article itself is called "Severe Austerities", which is more straight-up Prabhupada jargon. 


But the Hare Krishna nazi-nuttiness, doesn't end there. 


Frank Morales, a disciple of Prabhupada's cult-brother Sridhara Swami, who now calls himself "Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya", was recently interviewed by the "White Nationalist" website Counter Currents. Quote below is taken directly from Frank's website, where he flaunts his connection to Gaudiyaism:


"Sri Acharyaji was formally ordained in India as an orthodox Vedic brahmana (a spiritual teacher and Hindu priest) in 1986 by his guru, the world famous Vaishnava Acharya Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhara Swami."

Below Frank's interview at Counter Currents, one of the listeners writes: "Himmler actually carried the Bhagavad Ghita at all times, i've read." They interviewed Frank because Arktos has published one of his books, which has the disturbing subtitle "A New Vision for Global Transformation". 


When Palash R. Ghosh's article about Prabhupada's hateful racism hit the Internet, normal thinking and feeling people rightfully reacted with shock and disgust. Contrast that with the "White Nationalists" at Counter Currents, who were intrigued by the article. It gives you a feel for what that website is all about. One Counter Currents commentator writes:

"Does anyone here who appreciates Devi know anything about a man named Swami Prabhupada? I ran across this article was immediately intrigued. Apparently, he founded the so-called Hare Krishna movement, but wow. Take 2 -3 minutes to read this article and learn his views on matters racial including Jews and Hitler.

"From what I can gather, Pradhupada saw his mission as winning/converting white people to the ancient beliefs of their ancestors."

BIF has previously written about Arktos, shining the spotlight on the ISKCON/Arktos connection. Here's some of what the anti-racist magazine Searchlight has to say about Arktos:

"It is absolutely clear given these types of individuals behind the scenes at the publisher and some of the authors it has published that Arktos is no ordinary 'traditionalist' publisher. One can discern a clear agenda to develop and publish extremist and racist ideas while using the fig leaf of 'alternative viewpoints'. John Morgan, who is editor-in-chief at Arktos, has been coy about revealing the publisher's links with the Swedish extreme right."

And here's what a reader posted in the comments section of the same Searchlight article:

"No white power books from Arktos? Really????

"How about blood drenched Corneliu Codreanu, the leader of the Romanian Iron Guard who was so anti-semetic it bothered Hitler? You have 2 of his books."

The Hare Krishnas' nazi-fetish was fed and nurtured by Prabhupada himself. In 2013, Krishna.org published a 1981 interview with Prabhupada disciple and BBT manager Ramesvara dasa. Here's some of what Ramesvara had to say:

"I remember once, instead of going for the morning walk, it was raining. So Prabhupada decided that he would like to see all the rich homes in Los Angeles. So we got in the car and we drove through Beverly Hills and then we drove through Bel Air. This was either in ’73 or ’74. Most of the time in the car he was silent, but there was a conversation going on just before we got in the car and just as we began to drive off about Adolph Hitler and how history, especially due to the British, had completely wrong information about him. Painted him as the arch demon of the 20th century when Prabhupada indicated that there was some other side to Hitler that the British have completely distorted and covered over. Again, one of those astonishing things by Prabhupada. Because it was just something that everyone took for granted about Hitler. (...) Prabhupada said that the stories of all the violence and the murder in the concentration camps was all propaganda and exagerated. You know, he was saying things like that that are very far out."


Former "zonal acarya" Hansadutta tells us that Prabhupada went even further in his praise of Hitler. Much like nazi mystic Savitri Devi, and "Esoteric Hitlerist" Miguel Serrano, Prabhupada claimed that Hitler was no less than an incarnation of God! WTF?! Here are some of Hansadutta's words:

"Another time, he said Hitler was a saktyavesa-avatar. I said 'A saktyavesa-avatar?' 'Yes,' he said. 'Saktyavesa-avatar means one who descends with special power.' Empowered to do something. (...) Because I was German, maybe that's why these things were triggered off, because sometimes he would say...yeah...he told me that...uh, the Germans were very fond of Vedic culture, and in fact that the Germans were the greatest Sanskrit scholars in the world, even greater than the Indians."  

Compare the above to this portion of text from the Wikipedia article about Savitri Devi:

"Savitri Devi was (...) a proponent of Hinduism and Nazism, synthesizing the two, proclaiming Adolf Hitler to have been sent by Providence, much like an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu."

And take at look at the following, from the Wikipedia page about Serrano:

"Serrano (...) followed Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an avatar (a divine incarnation) who battled against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga. (...) In 1984 he published his 643-page tome, Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo Avatara (Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar), which is dedicated 'To the glory of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler'. In this arcane work Serrano unfolds his ultimate philosophical testament...

Prabhupada and his followers fit in very neatly with these nutjobs.