Memo to Iskcon' GBC:

1) There has been no response to our "DEBATE" post.  Why are we not surprised? The Three Monkeys tactic adopted by your corporation has not changed in thirty-seven years, nor will it, or until your confederacy is forced to face public confrontation and the world media. 

2) How much longer will your commission promote whoremongers like Prabhavisnu Swami, in an effort to hide the truth from Russian donors?  Will you remain forever unconscionable in matters of civil desideratum?  Should we tell the Russian Orthodox Church, or will you?

30th Sept.  2011


No one will believe a sixty-six-year-old 'guru' woke up one morning with a Bugsy Siegel itch.  No Sir, Bhakticaru Swami was always a gambler.  He took the vow but kept his penchant for punting.  In spite of Prabhupada's words- "All business is monkey business,"  Bhakticaru Swami never upheld the principle- "No gambling."  Even when he nursed his own Guru who publicly disclosed his mind that someone had poisoned him, Bhakticaru tossed the dice, punted on side with the poisoners and hid the truth.  As a result he raked in the chips, enjoying rapid notoriety and status as an Iskcasino high-roller.

We were always given to understand that of the four regulative principles gambling would be easiest to wrestle to the mat.  But in recent revelations (and others before) we find our Blackjack-Bugsy embroiled in Las Vegas Vaisnavism: gambling donations collected under a charity proviso tax ex. umbrella.  We can just see Cagney holding a sub-machine gun going- "Ya dirty"  Why didn't Bugsycaru just get into online machines like his asli guru...the Mafia?  How can anyone claim to be God-conscious or conscious of anything other than money when he has racked up a debt of ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS???  How can he save lives by ripping off life savings?  These questions would be extremely relevant had spiritually been a factor, but, as we all know, Iskcon's GBC are mainlining the same scams.  They are too flushed and rushed to give a damn. 

Without even the least concern for breaching sacred vows, or public opinion, Bugsyguru shamelessly works the system by chiseling deeper to support his gambling buzz.  There is no reason to doubt the debt actually exists, but using cult endorsement to shake pockets is not just unconscionable.....It's criminal.  Bugsy's franchise is a privatized, non-secular, tax free, god-approved, heads-I-win tails-you-lose, guru goldrush.  For him to hang on to his stash while petitioning others to pay for his erratum, is typical guruganda.  Having the gall to make such an appeal reveals his certitude in the dipsticks, dropkicks, airheads and Peter Pockets, who comprise harem-scarem Iskcon today.  

Not just the sentimental schlobs, but Iskcon's entire meatspace is about to embark on a journey of discovery.  No matter how tight they close their eyes or how high they kangaroo-kick in kirtans, the fact that gurus are investing donations and living the high life is overflowing into secular space.  America's Washington Post was chasing Bugsyguru to interview him about his surveying sojourn in Iran.  Had the journo caught up with him, his financial mess, along with Iskcon's charity status, would have gone far beyond the rounds of cyber-circulars.  The fact is, Iskcon's padas are steroidcharged financially and viagracharged sexually.  When the cult domino falls, promises of Vaikuntha and Godhead will be for deadheads and buttheads.  Across the globe street-smart spiritualists are embracing an evolving phenomena: the disenfranchisement of institutionalized religion which gives facility to criminals en masse. 

Okay, let's take a gander at Bugsycharu's "Bankruptcy Appeal Committee" posting.  (BIF's comments in blue):

Bhakti Caru Swami Bankruptcy Appeal Committee


There have been reports on Internet websites regarding questions of His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami engaging in business activity.

His Holiness is investing donations collected under a non-profit charity pretext.  That, my dear Appeal Committee members, is downright unholy, and you are requesting others to aid and abet. 

It is well known that he had engaged in the manufacture of yogi bars and his cinematic endeavors with the video series on Srila Prabhupada. However, this is not the limit of his business efforts. Some years ago, he purchased a Canadian aerial survey company, McPharr Geosurveys, in Toronto, Canada.

McPharr too far.  It appears that even God cannot tolerate the jump from Yogi bars to fracking Ma Bhumi.  Bhakti Caru Swami, as per sastra, is pimping his mother for dollars and cents. 

This business involved many devotees in its management including but not limited to Bhagavan dasa and Dayarama Prabhu from Mayapura. Unfortunately, throughout its history, the company never fared well.

No  worries.  The company will fare well on its farewell to Kumbipaka.

McPharr Geosurveys engaged in aerial surveys searching out mineral deposits. This is done by sensitive machinery and senors (sic) being flown over specific geographical areas gleaning data which is later analyzed as to the area's existing mineral content.

We agree, the machinery and sensors used to locate the deposits... are sensitive.  It is the frenzy, greed and insensitivity following discovery, that turns the guts of most, what to speak of devotees who worship Bhumi as mother.

The business is technical and the investment required is high. Various industry members have told members of the Committee that novices getting involved in such a sophisticated and expensive industry is ill-advised. However, the amounts of money churned is high and therefore intoxicating. As a result, His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami found the attraction irresistible.

Here we have an unmitigated confession to lust for money.  Bhakti Caru Swami is fully aware (read below) of this appeal committee posting.  He continues shamelessly to harvest funds for his Hustle-Krishna-Roulette-Rama program and in spite of the fact that he screwed followers and banks for millions without disclosing his Canadian bankruptcy status.  How much further must we stretch our imagination, clubbing prima facie evidence, to envisage his greed in murder for profit? 

McPharr ran into constant problems in both technical and financial challenges. The company leased planes to assist their survey work, which led Ambarisa dasa, an investor in the company, to purchase a plane to do their flying. A plane was purchased and a new company, Skyvision Exploration Inc. was started and held title to the plane.

One cannot help but draw parody to a famous battlefield-  "O King, I see a phalanx of limp-wrist, butt-wiggling snowflakes led by the wealthy Ambarisa Caracarya.  At his right-hand, seated on a steed (no double-entendre) is the infamous powder-puff, Bhavananda, who looks ferocious, holding his mighty bow like a taxi driver's gear stick.  To his left, is the leery Bhagvan Onceagod, who fell off an altar and between the legs of a minor.  Completing the phalanx, off the deep end, is Dayaramapataka, Jayapataka's toy-boy.  In the welkin above the doodle dandies is Bugsyguru Deva flying Ambarisa's recently bought airplane.  Bugsy wants to throw flowers on the assembled heroes but only has rocks from Skyvision Exploration Inc.  Will he throw them?  We hope so."  Is it any frikkin wonder the punt and plane didn't fly? 

It is said that the money used was earmarked for the Mayapura temple project and Ambarisa was convinced to have the money be put to work to produce more profit for the temple.

Sounds very noble if not brahmanical.  So why is it that the 'earmarked for Mayapur project' got an eleven million dollar bootmark up its rear end?   Why didn't His Divine Grace sanction the venture?  Is it because there is no force?  Is it because the shakti left behind by Srila Prabhupada is finally ebbing?  Is there a possibility that the ecclesiastical GBC will eventually cause the loss of temples and lands in India?  We warned Ambarisa several years ago about his misplaced sentiments... eventuates from here on in will most certainly be exploited ruthlessly by BIF. 

To cut a long story short, His Holiness' company fell on bad times. McPharr was forced into bankruptcy in order to escape their creditors and a new company was started, AMG India, to continue on the work of McPharr.

To cut a long story short, His Holiness Bugsy, like his shot company, is full of holes.  And then 'in order to escape their creditors' bankruptcy was declared.  Once his creditors (families whose hard-earned money was skittled by Bugsy) and Canadian Law could not touch him, he opened a new company...Is this what Iskcon is offering the world?  Business Bhagavatam Solutions? Or is it from the Rg Veda?  The Atharva Veda?  Las Vedas?  Or is it from Bugsy's new book on gopi bhava- "Life comes from Debt?".......Ya filthy

In the end, as of 2010, Bhakti Caru Maharaja's debts totaled just under eleven million (11,000,000.00) to nearly 150 creditors.

The Maharaja solicited loans from many disciples to purchase a property in Ujjain, India. Taking this as collateral, the Bank of India issued a line of credit to AMG for approximately five million dollars. Millions more were also borrowed from disciples for the McPharr enterprise.

According to industry sources, AMG is also now in the red for about eight million dollars. As a result of the approximate six million dollars in loans from disciples, the near eleven million dollars in debts listed above and the large debt owed by AMG, His Holiness has dug himself a very deep well of debt.

So from opening a new company we come very quickly to 'in the end.'  Let's wind back and take a look at what our committee friends are shy to affirm:  From the disclosed amount we can conclude that Bugsyguru made his declaration under Division 1, Part III of Canada's Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, and this declaration was presented before the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and its trustees, a federal agency.  Are we right, Bugsy?  Following his declaration "in order to escape their creditor," Bugsy then hopped off to India.  In India he pointed to the sky, when his disciples looked up exposing their jugulars, he sunk his fangs in and sucked them for millions.  With their blood he bought a property in Ujjain (Malwa. MP,) then, without declaring to the Bank of India that he was a fresh belly-up bankrupt from Canada, he snorted a line of five-million dollars......of Indian money!!  Who is this Bhakticaru fellow, really?  Who in hell allowed this guy to sit on a Vyasasana and play pocket-billiards?  The answer comes in a three letter acronym-  TKG.  Why?  For keeping his mouth shut about the poison.  To say it was Prabhupada who squatted Bugsy on a Vyasasana and his photograph on an altar, is veritable hati mata aparadha.

There has been further action to raise loans from other disciples in the hope of paying down these debts. Unfortunately, to date, these efforts have fallen short and the debts to the devotees will not be repaid.

Hang on a minute.  Using ACBSP, His Holiness, and his GBC Guru endorsement as resume,  Bhakti Caru, alongwith a slimeball Bengali sidekick named Sudipto Mookerjee, chiseled a Canadian devotee named Krishna Das for two hundred thousand dollars.  The money, unlike Bhakti Caru's easy pickings, was from sale of the family farm.  When Krishna Das tried to get the money back, he found himself involved in a court case.  With the collapse of Bhakti Caru's exploration company, Krishna Das and his family were financially in the fire.  Now, on this page, we see the vampire seeking more blood to satisfy his lust.  Is this something new?  Certainly not!  When this writer was requested by an ACBSP to give money for the purchase of land to build a temple, we handed Prabhavisnu Swami seventy-thousand dollars while simultaneously shoveling finances to his other priorities, and while our young family slept on the cold floor of a rented apartment.  We later discovered the money was invested in personal real estate for this now identified love-you-long-time Bangkok Banger.  Indradyumna 'the baby cuddler' to whom we had already made donations, requested a loan of five thousand dollars promising it would be returned in a month.  Fifteen years have passed, we are still waiting.      

So, in the mood of trying to help the Maharaja out of his business mess, with this article, we would like to open up the canvassing effort to the international community of devotees. BCS has preached actively throughout the world and it is likely that many devotees will enthusiastically chip in to help out the poor swami. Why should the whole responsibility of repaying these debts fall on the shoulders of his disciples. Especially, when some of them have been so generous in the first place.

So in the mood of trying to save the few dollars cult members have for family emergencies, we wish to say:  After all the revelations of sexual perversions, filth, criminal activity, cover-ups and BS, if there are jivas out there (and there are) who think that surrender, or sastric quotes, or "Prabhupada said," is the correct process for dealing with this mess, you need a psychiatrist not a guru.  For those who have cottoned-on to the truth, the next question is- Is this really what Prabhupada wanted?  If the answer is NO, then why is it that despots, tyrants, monarchies and governments have fallen for the betterment of the people, but we remain impotent to remove this GBC cluster of sociopaths who are blocking the pathway Home for humanity?  The question is not whether more donations should be made to Bhakti Caru's dead fund...throwing good money after bad, but how to remove him and his buddies; get them the medical attention they need, and give ISKCON back to His Divine Grace.  This should be the prime responsibility, not bailing out those who walk into scams without first googling guru.  It is why we take time to key these articles.

In this regard, a committee has been formed to solicit funds to assist Bhakti Caru Swami's bankruptcy.

A committee formed to solicit funds to bail out a gambling guru?  You guys are undoing the good work of Elliot Ness and his team of Untouchables.  Murder, gambling, pedophilia, rape, money-laundering, deception, confidence trickery, standover tactics, alleged poisoning...., what is needed is a committee of red-flag spotters.   Apparently the cult has contracted an ancient affliction....Blind Bhakti.

Our committee's goal is to assist the Maharaja with his financial difficulties so that he can realign his focus one hundred percent back to preaching, as he is obviously a better preacher than businessman.

Bhakti Caru has just ripped the guts out of those who trusted him as a preacher, NOT AS A BUSINESSMAN.  He used his "guru" resume to strangle Iskcon disciples, not businessmen with acumen.  Why is this committee claiming that he is a better preacher?  In his bio we read- "After thoroughly studying the Vedic scriptures, His Holiness became aware of the need to find a spiritual master who could lead him on a sound spiritual course."  That was back in the 70's.  In 2011 we read-  After thoroughly studying the Form Guide, His Holiness  became aware of the need to have  flutter on the fillies."  Now that "His Holiness" has been caught in the bookmaker' ring with his kaupins 'round his ankles, the explanation is-  he is obviously a better preacher than businessman.  Who was it that said "Don't shoot the messenger?" 

This effort has not sought the endorsement of BCS, though he has been informed of its inception, as we realize that the Majaraja's (sic) humility will not allow him to accept any financial assistance.

The "Maharaja" has already ripped off eleven million dollars that never really belonged to him.  Don't talk about his humility.  Most of us out here in the real world know what it takes to keep Bhakti Caru and his GBC buddies afloat...humility has nothing to do with it.  

So, please help, by making a pledge to help put to rest the debts of the devotees and hopefully those of the two bankruptcies. We will follow up on all pledges and guarantee that 100% of the funds will go to retire BCS's business debts. Nothing will be taken for administrative fees, etc., other than bank fees, if necessary.

He should have stopped after the first bankruptcy.  Two bankruptcies in quick succession suggests conduct and character that is illegal and criminal.  He is ruthlessly destroying the financial stability of families both inside and outside the cult.  If Bhakti Caru Swami has dug himself a hole, he should consider early samadhi.  Why waste a good hole. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Your servants,

The Blind Mice Committee. 


Bruce Jacobs (aka. Bir Krishna Goswami,) could be the first of his confederacy to face incarceration.  Jacobs, as Minister for the Interior, investigates reported criminal activity within the ISKCON cult.  He is the source of post investigative conclusions released infrequently for rank and file.  His reports ad seriatim show total disregard for incontrovertible evidence and the intelligence of readers.  It has been noted that during his long tenure, and in spite of admitted crimes falling under Federal and State jurisdictions, not a single felon has been exposed by his office to secular justice.  His outrageous belief that ISKCON is a spiritual enclave, functioning within a secular society yet divinely situated beyond State and Federal laws, is nothing short of narcissistic lunacy.  Beliefs are tested, and this one may soon have its day in court.

We were recently reminded of a note BIF posted on the PADA Newsletter Aug. 12th 2000.  Here it is:

"Recently, a two-year-old Indian baby-girl was taken to hospital. She was bleeding. Brisbane Temple's vice TP informed hospital staff the little girl had ruptured herself while playing. However, stories leaking from the emergency center hinted at penetration. Some fingers point at the head pujari. We know that many people are aware of the rumors, and that some bhaktas have walked away in disgust. Would someone from temple management please come forward and clear up this story."

Someone did come forward.  We discovered that the matter was investigated by none other that Bir Krishna Goswami.  In the BIF article- "S.S & The Shylocks of ISKCON,"  our report states:-

"We were witness to his investigative tactics when our agents in Australia were alerted to a pedophile 'temple devotee' who had (according to hospital records) digitally penetrated a two-year-old* girl child.  BIF talked with the distraught migrant parents who were advised by us to take the matter to the police.  Temple authorities stopped the parents from proceeding outside ISKCON's jurisdiction by informing them that Jacobs, who happened to be visiting Australia was on his way to investigate the matter fully.  On his arrival Jacobs called the parents into a room and 'interviewed' them.  When they emerged there was no more talk of going to the police.  Agents inquired from the parents why their mood had changed and received a short reply concerning migrant status: the fact that the family was dependant, sponsored, enslaved by the temple and were in danger of losing their migrant status.  Blackmail.  The pedophile 'devotee,' servant, slave, was quickly dispatched to another temple....."

*The age is confirmed.

Now we discover that Jacobs, who was named as a co-defendant in the Turley child abuse case, is continuing to protect pedophiles from the law.  This time however, his villainy has reached the ears of law enforcement in Orange County NC, and all the way to India.  Thanks to the efforts of Pratyatosha Dasa.  Furthermore, like Bhakti Caru Swami, who had a narrow escape from the Washington Post, Jacobs is being pursued by journalist Beth Velliquette of the Herald Sun, NC. 

To make sure Jacobs does not see India as a safe haven, BIF has petitioned powerful Hindu families and law enforcement ad vericundium to stop him from entering Hindustan.  Our information tracks him from his Vyasa puja celebrations on 2nd Oct, via Fiji to New Zealand to Australia, and then to India.  Should the Orange County Sheriff' Office fail to seize Jacobs' passport prior to departure, we are planning an "Indian" birthday party for him.

For those who are not familiar with the case and subsequent GBC censure against Jacobs, here are the details.  Contact #'s for law and media are at the bottom:

"A devotee from Mauritius named Nathabara moved to the devotee community in North Carolina, after being expelled from the Alachua temple over sexual misconducts of some sort. When I was growing up in Villa Vrindavana, I clearly remember Nathabara coming to stay for a while in Italy, with his wife and daughter. Already back then he was notorious for taking advantage of women, disregarding his and their marital status.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, on more than one occasion this man had also sexually molested an 8 year old girl in Mauritius. When his victim (by then grown up) came to know that Nathabar was living in North Carolina, she filed a detailed report of the shocking incident with the CPO.
A copy of this report was given to Bir Krishna Maharaj, the local GBC; Krishna Priya dasi, the local Temple President at the time; Goloka dasi, the local CPO representative at the time; and to Nathabara and his wife. Bir Krishna Maharaj ordered, I quote: "Let's keep this to ourselves."
For 13 years, nobody else was informed that the local GBC and temple authorities had knowingly exposed the children in the community to the attacks of a known paedophile, by giving Nathabara shelter and unrestricted access to the kids. These facts only came to light in recent times, when it was discovered that Nathabara had sexually abused a 2 year old girl in the community in North Carolina.
When the father of the victim and other devotees from the community confronted Bir Krishna Maharaj, he claimed ignorance, stating that he had no recollection of the above mentioned report about Nathabara's history of abuse in Mauritius.
The parents of the victim then filed an official complaint with Champakalata Prabhu, the current CPO Director. Champakalata proved unprofessional and completely unsupportive to the parents, she shared their private correspondence with Bir Krishna Maharaj, and refused to keep them updated on the progress of the case, claiming that doing so would compromise Bir Krishna Maharaj's position. After evaluating the evidence, Champakalata concluded that, given the circumstances, Bir Krishna Maharaj had done everything he could have.
The conclusion of this case is that this year, at the annual Mayapur GBC Meeting, Champakalata was reprimanded and Bir Krishna Maharaj was given censure; which means that he was forced to apologize to the parents and to the community. It was felt that his apology lacked in substance and authenticity, coming more from a necessity to fulfil an obligation rather than a genuine sense of remorse."

308: Letter of Censure to Bir Krishna Das Goswami

"Dear Bir Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Due to the reasons stated below, you have been censured. A censure expresses disapproval of your conduct. A censure is an official note of caution.

Please take due notice thereof and rectify the situation.

In 1996, as GBC of ISKCON Hillsborough, North Carolina, you received a credible allegation that a member of the congregation had committed sexual abuse of a child some years earlier in another country. While some investigation was done, and some cautionary steps taken, you failed to properly report the incident to local authorities, or later to the CPO. Most significantly, the local community and householders were not notified or made or aware of this potential threat, contrary to ISKCON Law

This put the community at risk and created serious potential exposure to repetition of these incidents.

Your servants on the GBC Body"

1) Orange County, North Carolina Sheriff's Dept. <>
919-644-3050 -
2) Sgt. Tina Rimmer  (
3) NC Sheriff's deputy Capt. Daniel (919-644-3050 
4) Beth Velliquette (Direct line: 919-419-6632,
Thank You for spending time with us.



Mahasana dasa says:-

This is excellent, Prabhu, and your writing is a pleasure to read. 

When I was in the temple, way back when, there was a division of devotees, the ?authorities? vs the ?rank-and-file?.  Like the business man vs employee, administration vs staff, or officer vs enlisted.  Important stuff did not cross from one side to the other in ISKCON and there was tons of secrecy from the common devotees.  The line is even more firmly drawn between the devotee vs the karmi.  Anyway, even when Jayatirtha was singing and tripping, the rank and file were not allowed to hear any of his kirtan tapes, that were circulating, because they were simply ?forbidden? without explanation.  Also, when Srila Prabhupada passed away, the rank and file were not allowed to see the video of this so-called ?disappearance pastime? (ie the ?poison lila?, ?murder pastime?, etc? again ISKCON schmoozing the truth) because ?Prabhupada looked so horrible it would be too difficult for the devotees to see him like that? and, we are not like Christians who display Jesus suffering on the cross.?  And so, information was blocked from the everyday devotees as much as humanly possible.  Leaks were glossed over with lies.  The rumor about the poisoning was that Prabhupada was ?confused and very, very sick, and said many things? and that was how it was hushed up, if the topic were ever even brought up.  Prabhupada?s poisoning accusations and suspicions were squashed immediately and the message was, ?Don?t dare to bring this up?.  But if one reads the SB 10.3, dictated from SP?s deathbed, it is easy to see that he was as sharp as a razor, right to the very prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Again, I thought about how the ISKCON would cover up stuff (might hurt the pick) when I read the story about the 2 year old ?getting ruptured playing?, which morphed into the more invasive story of ?digital penetration?.  BS.  Again they are trying to minimize the damage, damage control, by covering the truth with a ?more palatable? lie.  Who knows what was used to penetrate this infant, your guess is as good as mine, but no doubt the digital story is not what one would have seen if a hidden camera were there.  In ISKCON, lying for Krsna is like a regulative principle as ?the demons will only use this information to attack Lord Caitanya?s movement, because they are envious.?

Anyway, an outstanding piece of literature, Prabhu.  My most respectful obeisances, and thank you.

Alex says:-

I was thinking about the following quote from Srila Prabhupada last night, and this morning as I woke up. If people actually conspired to kill Srila Prabhupada, then it would make sense that such a crazy act, that an offense that huge, could and would lead to the darkness that we see now in and around the organization, and that we've seen for years. And that's only the stuff we know about. Who knows what else has not yet come to light?

Also, from a common sense point of view, if people could conspire to kill Srila Prabhupada, take steps to carry that out, and then deny it, cover it up, all the while singing his praises, then there is probably no reason to be surprised if all kinds of other madness follows. If someone, or a group of people, are capable of going to such a low, then there are most probably many other lows that they will have no trouble going to.

And if we hard-hardheartedly ignore the possibility of Srila Prabhupada having been given poison with homicidal intent, if we ignore his comments on the topic, then we are coming down on the wrong side of this thing. And I'd guess that we can expect, in time, to also gradually get infected by some of that darkness.

"As attachment can be invoked by the association of pure devotees, so attachment can also be extinguished by committing offenses at the lotus feet of pure devotees. To be more clear, by the association of pure devotees attachment for Krsna can be aroused, but if one commits offenses at the lotus feet of a devotee, his shadow attachment or para attachment can be extinguished. This extinguishing is like the waning moon, which gradually decreases and at last becomes darkness. One should therefore be very careful while associating with pure devotees to guard against committing an offense at their lotus feet."

(Srila Prabhupada, Nectar of Devotion, chapter 18)

Anon says:-

Thank you for shining the light of truth on the these completely unpalatable matters. As the plot is thickening and more and more is actually becoming public knowledge about the unspeakably criminal and disgusting activities of these less than human animals, I could not help but notice that the name of Dayarama dasa is showing up again (must be the one who calls himself the "Bangalore Correspondent" in the Sampradaya Sun). Obviously he is to his neck entangled in Bhakti Caru's gambling adventures (could hardly be called "business activities" for all the lunacy displayed). At least now we know why these characters are so desperate to lay their hands on the assets of the Bangalore devotees. Simply sickening, and certainly none of all that has got anything to do with Krsna, except that they wear tulasi beads for show. It is not going to help them. Krsna is personally present in their hearts, witnessing every activity, every motive, forever impossible to hide.!