18th Sept. 2012

LETTERS (Part One)


Madhu Pandit Dasa (MPD,) Temple President of ISKCON Bangalore, has appealed once again to India's Apex Court requesting expunging of the High Court (Karnataka) verdict, i.e.,
"Madhu Pandit Dasa is a fraud who fabricated documents (using false seals) to manipulate accounts and claim properties".  Anyone connected to MPD reading this post should inform him that the Supreme Court already reviewed his earlier appeal and returned it to the High Court for conclusion.  That means...Stare decisis et non quieta movere ...the HC verdict stands. We have heard (unconfirmed) that MPD has gone underground and Dayaram Das (representing Iskcon gurus) has moved into the Bangalore complex.  Charges are pending.

When we understand the length breadth and depth of the HC verdict, all properties peoples and components connected to the malefactor must be brought to account; seized, prosecuted, and disconnected.  Dayaram Das and his iskcon brotherhood may need to consider the attending circumstances affecting the verdict vis-a-vis ill-gotten assets used for developing Bangalore properties...the nunc pro tunc, before any victory celebrations.  This internationally accepted legal process will bring MPD's foreign investments under scrutiny, and with it the Sunnyvale temple in San Jose California, where MPD has American buddies* using his 'India Heritage Foundation' to solicit donations from Indians for his Akshaya Patra (feeding the starving kids) program in India : a percentage/profit incentive structured by MPD for his expansion aspirations.

Madhu Pandit Dasa (MPD)

* Puranjana dasa (aka. Tim Lee, American) says:
August 11, 2012 at 8:02 pm
Actually our Srila Prabhupada center in Sunnyvale (San Jose, Ca. USA) was packed out to the max last night. We had hundreds of people waiting outside to get in for the darshan, because there was not enough room inside. It was an amazing crowd. Very nice kirtanas, very nice dancing, and little kids performed some plays acting like Radha and Krishna, in other words, it was a huge success. This proves that our Prabhupadanuga idea works! The dogs will bark, the caravan will pass — its that simple. ys pd

What MPD may or may not know is that further trouble is brewing regards the use of his "India Heritage Foundation" as a business name.  He never sought permission, or registration with the Registrar of Companies.  Using the word "India" for enterprise abroad implies that the organization is Government licensed/endorsed.  To make such an implication without permission is fraudulent.  To acquire such a status MPD would need to meet Govt. provisos, standards, supervision, control, permits... license and registration of the 'Trust'

Other listed MPDs affiliated centers include- Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, New Jersey, British Colombia, Montreal, Ontario.  Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, and a massive twenty centers in India alone.  Bear in mind, ALL these temples aligned with MPD have donation collection 'authority' under the Trust....a business venture created and franchised by Madhu Pandit Dasa,..... now a confirmed fraud by the High Court, Karnataka. 

Here we present the sales pitch (sounds like a moneybag-mantra) as per the Trust' Donations Page (replete with instant donation button) :

India Heritage Foundation provides you an opportunity to perform charity for the right cause- for the propogation of the sublime message of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna and helping millions of souls to regain their eternal spiritual position of constant devotional service to the Lord.
You can contribute donations to the Corpus of the Trust to support various activities mentioned above.
The patrons of this program will be given an opportunity to participate in and associate with the various activities, along with their family members, in any of the centers listed separately, at their convenience. This will give them an opportunity to experience and participate personally in various activities of the India Heritage Foundation.
The Patrons will also get to see that their donations are applied for the noble cause and that their donations are enhancing the quality of lives of many deserving souls.
For better understanding and appreciation of our activities we invite the patrons to avail of the following:


Iskcon was never a registered charity, or registered anything in India, albeit enjoying half a century of tax exemption. The scammers are now scurrying to be a charity by using the 'feed the kids' program...which just happens to provide a no-limit, practically un-auditable, Indian Government undersigned, international donation collection permit.  This is a gift to non-secularism from heaven when understood that no Indian political party is entitled to collect foreign contributions.  Even so, and with all their ducks in a row, iskcon is, what it was in the beginning, through the interim and to its inevitable end...a con.  Here is a recent posting from the Hindustan Times, highlighting the cult's attempts at faith hope and charity:

Hindustan Times: The National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) has given a fresh deadline to Haryana government to pay compensation of Rs. 72 lakh to 288 students, who fell ill after having mid-day meals in Kurukshetra last year, till September this year.
NHRC in a statement said it had recommended the state government to pay Rs. 25,000 each to 288 students of government schools in Kurukshetra who fell sick after taking mid-day meal provided by ISKCON gbc in July 2011.

The Commission has also asked the Haryana health department to take action against the errant public servants.
"However, despite reminder, the state government is yet to send its action report along with the proof of payment as recommended by the commission.
Giving six weeks time to the Haryana government, the commission had asked it to submit compliance report by June 4, 2012.
"However, on receiving no response from the state government, the commission on August 6, 2012 issued a reminder giving four weeks time to the chief secretary, government of Haryana for compliance report, which is still awaited," an NHRC spokesperson said.
The NHRC had in July last year took up this case following media reports on the issue.
A government report said five samples of the meal were collected from Thanesar block, three from Pehowa block and two from Ladwa block. Out of these ten samples collected, two were found contaminated with dead lizards and one was found contaminated with two dead house flies, unfit for human consumption, the spokesperson added....
Now we look at the letter circulated by Dayaram Dasa, who represents the Iskcon Governing Body Commission in its twelve-year court battle against Madhu Pandit Dasa for the properties in Bangalore...a battle that has now exhausted all its legal avenues and appeals....res judicata.   

Dayaram Dasa


Dear Maharajas and Prabhus
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Today the Division Bench of the High Court of Karnataka passed an order dismissing applications filed by Madhu Pandit Dasa (MPD), Bhakti Lata devi dasi (MPD's wife), Chameri devi dasi (MPD's wife's sister) and Chanchala Pati Dasa (MPD's brother-in-law) praying that the High Court expunge remarks made against them about fraud, fabrication of documents, manipulation of accounts, etc. in the judgment dated 23 May, 2011 passed in Regular First Appeal (RFA) 421 of 2009 by the Division Bench of the High Court (Justice Nag Mohan Das and Justice Arali Nagaraja).

Obviously, Madhu Pandit's demurrer to the Supreme Court which was then referred back to Karnataka High Court, stands...ab initio.  This means: MPD's guilty conduct..actus reus, and guilty mental state..mens rea, was fraudulent.  All that remains pending is- conviction.   

Brief background:

1. On 23rd May, 2011, Division Bench (two Judges - Justice Nag Mohan Das and Justice Arali Nagaraja) of the High Court of Karnataka passed judgment (in RFA 421 of 2009) holding that ISKCON reg. at Mumbai, in 1971, is the owner of ISKCON Temple at Hare Krishna Hill and the ISKCON Society registered at Bangalore, in 1978, is a defunct entity and is falsely and fraudulently claiming the Temple at Hare Krishna Hill as its properties.

2. The whole judgment dated 23 May 2011 was about 80 pages, and while giving its finding on various issues, many [true but] uncharitable remarks were passed against MPD, i.e. fraud, fabrication of documents, manipulation of accounts, fraudulently trying to swallow the Temple properties, etc.

3.In the same judgment [true but] uncharitable remarks were also made against MPD' wife, wife's sister and Chanchalapati Das of creating ante dated documents, etc.

4. In the above RFA 421 of 2009 MPD, his wife, wife's sister and Chanchalapati Das (MPD's brother in law) were not parties. The only party (plaintiff) was ISKCON Society registered at Bangalore in 1978. This Bangalore society filed Special Leave Petition (SLP), which is pending disposal in the Supreme Court.

5. But MPD in his personal capacity filed SLP praying that Supreme Court expunge remarks made against him from the above judgment dated 23rd May, 2011 of the High Court of Karnataka.

6.The Supreme Court dismissed this SLP filed by MPD but at the request of MPD's lawyer gave MPD liberty to approach the High Court of Karnataka with a prayer to expunge those remarks from the judgment dated 23 May, 2011.

7. MPD, his wife, his wife's sister and Chanchalapti (MPD's brother- in-law) filed separate applications (totally 4) praying that those remarks of fraud, fabrication of documents, etc. against them be expunged from the judgment dated 23 May, 2011. They contended that these remarks are unnecessary for disposal of the RFA 421/2009 and they were not give opportunity to be heard before passing of the judgment dated 23 May, 2011.

8. Matter was heard at length in July 2012 and was reserved for order.

9. And of today (August 31, 2012) the Division Bench of the High Court (Justice Nag Mohan Das and Justice Bopanna) dismissed all the four applications.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Dayaram dasa

To those in iskcon who believe a great victory has been won...don't pop the champagne corks, yet.  Dayaram dasa, as does the GBC, know by now that the game is up.  While no one looked, or looked closely at the cult's activities and beliefs, everything was coming up champakas.  That, as sect swingers now understand, has taken a paradigm shift.  The activities of MPD are hardly worth discussion when fifty years of cult crime takes shape in investigative files.  Fraud is a baby by comparison to the ogres hidden in iskcon's holy shadows, now facing the light of legality.  Nrshimadeva, it would appear, has changed his name to Legal Ministry, and his sharp talons can bifurcate, without pause for manicure, the psychic ethereal hypothesis permitting one-eyed god-men to cheat the blind.

“The Constitution should be studied by Indians to know about citizens’ rights. If you read it, there is no need to read religious books as you may find God in our Constitution." Chief Justice of India, The Honorable S. H. Kapadia.

Tim Lee aka PADA:

Readers will recognize that Tim 'Bobo' Lee, aka. PADA, aka. Puranjana dasa, an American working as a lackey for Madhu Pandit Dasa' India Heritage Foundation Trust in San Jose, is, and always has been, a piddly little white supremacist (HERE.) Believing he was given right (in a ganja dream) by the iskcon founder- Prabhupada (a snuff-dream godman,) Lee periodically blogs his distaste for Hindus who do not acknowledge his Jewish/American/gaudiya "Hindu" cult, or contribute to the coup de tar dependant on the MPD led 'Prabhupadanaaga Incapables.'  Here's Lee's latest Hindu bash:

Vote for Bobo
GBC 4 Ireland


>>Friday, September 7, 2012

Will the Hindus vote for the DOM (Srila Prabhupada's Direction of Managing)?

[PADA: We have already had extensive lists of life members in India and Madhu Pandit's program has already been sending them materials since 1997. This was our idea way back in 1985, to inform the life members, and this idea has already been in progress for over a decade now by Madhu Pandit's folks. <<
All of Lee's ideas originate from canned baked beans bought with food stamps.  It's why he calls himself pada (flatulence).  He believes he is the world's axis, but belly-bloats from day-to-day on beans and doggy biscuits thrown to him by MPD's akshya patra donation scheme.  
>>Problem is, most life members are compromised with Hindu society and they are not willing to make a stand for much of anything. A few have come forward to help, and that is always good, but then again only a few devotees came forward to challenge the bogus GBC gurus as well. We cannot expect big numbers of help from among these "life members," since we are not even getting large numbers from the actual original followers of Srila Prabhupada to help, what to speak of very aloof donators, mostly whom rarely or never even read the books.<< 
The compromised Hindu society members  Bobo Lee refers to, are highly educated contributors to the world on many levels.  India's expatriates are the creme-de-la-creme of academia, yet here is Lee, a trailer park bed-bug, who depends on the victims of an adjudged fraud, who lives alone, deserted and disheveled, but refers to Hindus like sheep.  How looney is a looney who believes himself superior to an educated populace providing loose change for his baked beans.  "To love Krishna you must hate mayavadis" is what the Indian (traitor) guru (snuff-snorting) Prabhupada  taught them.  All Hindus who do not submit to the bloodsuckers are called "mayavadis," ergo inferior.  This is what A.C. Bhaktivedanta taught his American cult goons.  After fifty years of chanting garbled gaudiya mantras and 'studying' how to end up having sex with god, most of them are now mentally unstable.  Lee recognizes the fact that aloof donators, wealthy and educated, will never even read the books, but he does not stop to ask why.  The answer is simple: Prabhupada's books are whacked...for whackos.  It makes no difference to Lee.  His mammy dropped him on his head several times.

Akshaya bow-wow

>>Thus as a class, they have little idea about our actual siddhanta. Neither we can allow them as a class to vote for anything, or else we will have temples worshiping all kinds of bogus gurus and / or the demigods, and car poojas and etc. Our plan is therefore the best plan, make an independent network of Prabhupadanugas, or as Srila Prabhupada says, better to have a few intelligent people than a mass of fools.<< 
What class?  What actual siddhanta?  Bobo and his beggars should be content with the money they trick from Hindus.  Even that will dry up soon.  To believe that educated Indians will give up morality to engage in fraud, enslavement by deception, believe in witches and warlocks, superdeva god-men and Shrekasuras, have sex with raccoons, share bongs and have intercourse with kids, is a sinsemilla hallucination.  That is Bobo's... actual siddhanta.
>>I have visited many life members houses myself especially when I was in India, where we often see a nice picture of Krishna, which is great, but then often there is ALSO a picture of Satya Sai Baba, a picture of Ramakrishna, or a picture of all kinds of bogus yogis, swamis and avatars, and some of them eat meat and so on and forth. Relying on this class of people to save ISKCON is not realistic.<<
Nothing can save Iskcon.  When the philosophy is examined, Putana should have sat on it for its own sake.  Iskcon has managed to survive only because, although some have studied the books, no one reads them.  And those few who have, knew a time would come when Prabhupada's BS would be dumped for what it is.  So whether Lee's class of people are a realistic reliability, sounds hollow when examining the 'realism' of iskcon as a lie worth continuing.  

>>It will water things down even more. We need people who actually understand the vaishnava process to be our voters. If a lot of Hindus start to vote inside ISKCON, we will simply replace the GBC gurus with their Hindu gurus (which is already happening in places like ISKCON Seattle), for the most part. Very few of these life members is really dedicated to Srila Prabhupada. Anyway we already approached them, this has been going on for more than a decade, we are already approaching the donors. I am glad some people are finally waking up to try these things, but approaching the members is not a new idea, we have been doing that all along. ys pd]<<

Ssssh! Prabhupadanaaga 

So Lee admits to at least ten years of begging from Hindus.  Yet there can be no denying the you-pay-we-play conditions our white supremacist beggar places on Indians.  Bobo is an inconsequential joke; incapable of anything constructive.  He spends every spare moment at a computer saying whatever promotes him as cult heartthrob, and to eulogize his food stamp subsidy- Madhu Pandit Dasa.  Mr. Lee never had an original idea...EVER.  His racist blah-blah and supremacist derogations stem from Iskcon's cult propaganda first mouthed by its founder- Prabhupada.  And when we note that MPD finances these bigots and parasites, we pray our Government remove this ungrateful, dangerous and worthless rogue society with its akshya patra parasites and forever empty American begging bowls. 
Indian kids are not starving.  Don't believe the swindlers.  Look around you, who is your doctor? Who is running your health system?  Who is creating the IT world in which you live?  Who is being elected into your political system?  Who is going into space/has a space program?  Who is nuclear geared?  Who has a nuclear defense shield?  Who is expending billions of dollars on fighter jets?  Who is monopolizing business outlets?  Imports/Exports?  Retail outlets?  Off shore services?....."Starving kids" is what gives Bobo, the Berkeley trailer bed-bug, just another concocted premise to abuse and belittle Indians.
Here is more 'isvara aham'  American supremacist Bobo blah blah posted on a thread today.  His continued attack on Indians has, in part, brought his benefactor to book.  Madhu Pandit Dasa, who subsidizes bigmouth Bobo, can thank him for what he is about to receive.
>>PD: We need to approach the financially contributing life members? Well go to their houses, many have photos of Satya Sai Baba and they think he is an incarnation of Krishna, many others think Vivekananda is God, and / or they think Ramakrishna mission is bona fide, they worship all kinds of gurus from India who are being exposed often in some scam or scandal, they have Durga pooja, some of them eat meat, many of them engage in Western lifestyle, many of them watch sexy Bollywood movies (and you cannot barely talk because their TV is too loud, as I know from experience), some of them smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, they are not fit to vote even, who is God, never mind any other topic? This is all bluff. ys pd<<
This next letter comes from an avid reader and supporter of BIF.  She is an ex. Iskcon member who 'escaped' in a moment of reality.  It is wonderful to hear ladies paying homage to the great saint Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, a rishi who debated so valiantly (and established) women's rights in India more than a century ago. 
As promised, here is your article, Mishka Didi.
How well did we really know AC. Bhaktivedanta Swami (Prabhupada) and his teachings? We know Prabhupada wanted his trained Brahmins to instruct the rulers of society (a scary thought,) but from where, what, and how did his teachings come about?  Were his concepts Vedic or something else? Here are two topics that raise questions not only about his teachings, but about the man himself.
Dependence and control of women
Prabhupada put unwarranted emphasis on the dependence and control of women (50% of Manu Samhita quotes in his books). These quotes were long ago exposed as interpolated. Prabhupada was raised in India and would have been fully informed about the Manu Samhita as an interpolated scripture. This has been known since the 1800's.  Based on the revealed facts India changed its laws. (The Manu Samhita, free on interpolations is now available in India).
The interpolated 'dependence and control of women; quotes led to many wicked practices in India. When this wickedness was exposed by Maharishi Dayanand Swami, the laws in India were changed, bringing about the upliftment of women.  Yet Prabhupada reintroduced these quotes along with child marriage, polygamy and promoted Sati as Vedic and glorious for the purity and spiritual betterment of women and men, when it was nothing but an arrangement where the wicked could have their evil ways and be free from any burden of guilt or responsibility.  Whatever good Maharishi Dayanand Swami accomplished, Prabhupada willfully acted to undo.
Was Prabhupada expecting his teachings to be adopted in some chaotic time in history by the same wicked class of men? His teachings were certainly ambiguous. While his books were filled with these nonsense quotes privately he advised one devotee six months before his death against following the Manu Samhita. Did he suddenly come to the realization that perhaps he was wrong?  Why tell only one person? Why didn't he admit publically that he was wrong and save women and children in his society from the abuses that followed, and the beliefs that continue?
Capital punishment of murderers
Prabhupada made numerous quotes about killing. 25% of the material (in Prabhupada's teachings) referencing the Manu Samhita deals with capital punishment of murderers.
There is no specific reference in the Manu Samhita stating that murderers should be killed or hanged and that this act is the mercy of the King. The closest reference would be : "But men who have committed crimes and have been punished by the king, go to heaven, being pure like those who performed meritorious deeds." (Manu Samhita 8. 318). Killing in self defense or for the protection of women and Brahmins incurs no sin (Manu Samhita 8. 349). Other than that, punishment differs for each caste and circumstance, and chapter 11 enumerates various forms of penance that con be performed instead of punishment-- including capital punishment. Hanging is nowhere mentioned in the Manu Samhita as a capital punishment." 
Bhaktivedanta Swami and the Manu Samhita
"A total number of 155 references have been categorized as statements made about the Manu Samhita and quotations from the Manu Samhita or references to such quotations. The former comprises 38% of the total and the latter 62%. The data shows that all statements made about the Manu Samhita are solely meant to establish and highlight its importance as an authorized work of law and dharma that must be followed. Yet, despite this apparent importance a quarter of the material referencing the Manu Samhita deals with the capital punishment of murderers (no reference available in the Manu Samhita) and almost HALF deals with the dependence and control of women.  (All of it proven interpolated nonsense). 
The question naturally arises why Bhaktivedanta Swami, after repeatedly establishing the Manu Samhita as important, authoritative, and an absolute law for human kind, then chose to focus mostly on less than a handful of the 2,694 verses in this vast work. Another question could be raised in regard as to the significance of the letter to Madhusudana, in which we find the only instance where Bhaktivedanta Swami spoke against following the Manu Samhita---about six months before his death."
Mishka, we at BIF are not speculators, yet there can be no denying Bhaktivedanta Swami (BS) did enjoy long hard massages from Bhavananda who we know is a rampant sexual pervert.  When we analyze the Swami, his words and reactions to kinky ongoings, along with his opinion of women...who really knew the man other than from a bio he dictated?  Why is it when this writer visited several of his family members in Kolkata (in relation to the poison issue) NOT ONE family member gave a hoot?
MISHKA continues:
Why Prabhupada strove to further complex an already baffling belief system with nonsense can only be answered by him. Unfortunately he left before serious confrontation.  Now the business of clarification lies within a confusion that cannot differentiate between Vedic fragrance and Gaudiya gas. Here is a glimse (only a will-o-the-wisp) of what the world is asked to believe, or, no one can go to heaven and enjoy intercourse with god-Krishna:
A four-headed man creating the contents of the universe from aspects of himself while seated on the stigma of a cosmic-sized flower that grows from a lake in the navel of an even larger cosmic-sized person.
A family employing 38 million school teachers for their children and an ancient king with 30 trillion personal attendants.
Ancient battles in which tens of millions of soldiers are slaughtered in a matter of hours, with individual generals killing tens of thousands singlehandedly in mere minutes using mantra-infused arrows.
Virginal birth, birth from clay pots, and other incredulous types of birth.
The existence of a vastly superior global civilization, complete with airplanes and nuclear weapons, before 3,000 B.C.E. (going back millions of years cyclically) with people of increasing size and life span, the emperors of which ruled the entire Earth.
Invisible oceans of a.o. liquor, milk, sugar cane juice, and yoghurt all many times larger than this planet and part of a simplistic flat-Earth cosmology.
Sin entering grains and beans on the eleventh day after a new moon and full moon, requiring fasting. 

The Devil in Denomination

The true existence of cannibalistic demons, ghosts, witches, magic powers, curses, talking animals, shape shifters, flying mountains, eagles capable of interplanetary flight, and other fabled entities and abilities.
The existence of pious higher beings named suras, in charge of the cosmic administration, and their less fortunate half-siblings the asuras, whose quarrels and lives affect the entire universe.
Trees hundreds of miles high, some with fruits that create rivers of juice when falling to the ground.
The Sun being closer to the Earth than the Moon and being the only source of light in the entire universe.
The existence of 28 planets that make up a hell in which sinners are tortured beyond belief for millions of years for even trivial transgressions.
The inherent mental and intellectual inferiority of women and their need to be controlled and dominated by men at all times.
Evil influences exerted by solar and lunar eclipses that occur when the Sun and Moon are swallowed by the disembodied head of a demon (sometimes representing an invisible planet), requiring people to either stay home or bathe in a sacred river. 
Krishna: the Supreme Personality of Godhead, (Bhaktivedanta Swami, 1970) chapter 90, mentions: "As for their military strength, it is said that King Ugrasena alone had ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards."
SB 10.50 has Krishna and Balarama singlehandedly destroying more than 110 million soldiers. In his purport to SB 1.8.46 Bhaktivedanta Swami accepts that 640 million soldiers were killed in the 18 days of the Kurukshetra war, which roughly translates to 25,000 deaths per minute. 

The Stri Parva of the Mahabharata (26.9-10) enumerates the casualties of the war thus: "One billion 660 million and 20,000 men have fallen in this battle. Of the heroes that have escaped, the number is 240,165." (translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, published between 1883 and 1896)

In contrast,
statistic world population estimates put the number of people in the entire world around 3,000 B.C.E at much less than 100 million. 
Prabhupada's books are full and explicit about emperors and kings.  In reality, the earliest known contemporary civilizations Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, Toltec, Nordic and alike nowhere acknowledge the existence of these emperors, let alone their rule. To date no tangible evidence has ever been found anywhere on the globe to support his claims.

Research suggests that all cradles of civilization emerge around the same time period of approximately 8,000 to 6,000 B.C.E, including that of the Indus Valley. Archaeology in India shows that going back further in time does not reveal advanced civilizations with airplanes, but cave dwellings, paintings, and stone tools much like in the rest of the world of the same time period.

Thank You Mishka for enlightening us with your research.  Be assured we are not the only ones.  There are leaders within the cult who also know this short cut to the Yellow Brick Road was written by Peter Pan Pundit, but continue to exploit those who are off.... to see the Wizard of Oz.  Your post compounds the BS in acBSp.

NB:  Dear BIF Ed.,
I did send an accompanying note crediting the source of information in my posting.  It appears to have gone astray.  Kindly refer the source, giving credit where due, and to a work well researched and presented, as per details below.  Thank you.  Mishka.

sourced from:  http://kuruvinda.com/hindsight.aspx
author:  Willem Vandenberg  (aka. Vamadi dasa)

Knots in a Thread 

The big wigs are so hardened in their illusion of invulnerability, having dodged the law for 40+ years, that they believe God will save them, no matter what they do.  acBSp passed on a mental illness.
I had this thought last night:  Prabhupada choose Bhavananda to do all his closest bodily care, in those last days, knowing that Bhavananda had molested all those kids.

Yeah, they call it mercy.  Just read a note from ***** who took initiation from ******.   Although the guy is a sentimental fruit cake (like any vaisnav,) he has a good grasp of the history.  His observation is that iskcon has not made a single uttama bhakta (whatever the hell that is.)  I think he's caught on.  But he stuffs it up with 'I was fortunate'.  Pretty soon you get to understand that  ******, who was practicing 'bhakti' even before he met Snuffy, is a bhakti fried nut.  I got to thinking, the cult has the potential to trip people off their rockers and keep them deluded until death.

That is how I feel too.  The brainwashing, with isolation, repetition, hard work, guilt, the promise of reward, and lack of sleep – all of which are practiced intensely, side by side with solid philosophical elements, stolen from Kapila, etc., is enough to confuse anyone’s brain.  They have the conversion process perfected, converting John Smith into a zombie.  Brainwashing and conversion are not as mysterious as some think.  For instance, the marines can turn a common man into a fighting machine in 3 months.
Because KC was new to the west, nobody knew (save Prabhupada) about its power to enslave people, mentally.  Like a small animal that looks harmless but has extremely toxic venom, Prabhupada slipped in with the hippies.
Lately, many things seem different to me.  When I look at pictures of Prabhupada, for instance, the way he poses for the camera, the way he carries himself – nose up with long strides, and even some of his candid expressions, sometimes I detect something weird under the surface, and I don’t have to look closely to see it.  Maybe it is my imagination or the power of suggestion, but he looks like someone who might like young men in non-platonic ways.  After all, he was king of the young hippies.
As you said in one of your articles, he was obsessed with sex at a time when nature demanded abstinence.  So it looks to me like he hated women but loved Bhavananda.
I read what **** said, and although it shocked me, I immediately saw the possibility.  Those long, naked massages… Now, in the end, with Bhavananda touching Prabhupada’s areas, by Prabhupada’s approval and choice, among all his disciples, and with Prabhupada knowing the guy was a pedophile, how can one not think otherwise?
Sruta Srava, and old (deceased) acBSp friend of mine told me not so long ago that he admired Bhavananda because Bhavananda took care of all of Prabhupada’s physical needs when he was suffering and dying.  Bhavananda cleaned his messes, bathed his privates, gave him enemas, etc., sometimes even on the bathroom floor, so I understand.
When you told me that Vaisnavas die in a hard way, I immediately thought of Prabhupada’s painful, vicious death.  The ISKCON people now need to ask themselves, “Why would Nrsingha save me when he wouldn’t save my master?”  But they don’t dare put 2 and 2 together.