22nd Feb. 2011


What we have here below is a letter to disciples by what appears to be another 'guru' trying desperately to hang on to his donation line of support while tiptoeing through the tulips. It came to BIF via sources that do not wish to be named. After reading it we felt that since the rubber-stamped mahatmas of Iskcon are either red lighting or constantly on the verge of going hardcore, standard letters stating- "Goodbye. We're taking the money and going" should be printed and made available for gurus burning rubber to blissed-out Bangkok. Anyway, have a read. You may get a better gander at this liberator's insides.


Dear Maha Visnu Swami,

Pranams. All Glories to His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Srila Prabhupada.

You may remember us, Maharaja......BIF? When all the other ISKCON gurus go Whizz! Bang! Pop! you will remain immortalized on our web pages-: "Letters to the void- #7". Surely you must be grateful for that. Well, since you have not corresponded with us in years, we thought that maybe you felt we had not given you enough attention, the way a true ISKCON guru should be worshipped, so we are taking time off to do the needful. No! No! Don't protest. This one's on us.

You wrote:

>>I know there are the "guru fall downs and boiling down the milk" counter arguments to the above and maybe this dialectic will go on forever even as ISKCON dries up even as it becomes more and more a heavy-handed Kamsa-ised organized religion smothering spontaneous devotional creepers right and left.

BIF writes:

"Boiling down the milk" is really a metaphor for an Iskcon GBC process that is unprecedented in the annals of religiosity anywhere or anytime before on planet Earth. Basically it entails contracting applicants into positions of acaryas/gurus and hoping the appointments yield what the GBC can justify as right for perpetuating the status quo, whether spiritual or bureaucratic, or both. When appointees fail to meet the criteria, which is often, and beyond even the GBC who fail and fall harder than the rest, blame is placed on everything but the process. Since its implementation and promotion by the 'original eleven' to being traditional.... in perpetuum, even they, and practically everyone who has come in contact with the 'boiling milk' process, is case-in-point proof that acaryas don't come from contrived methods,...... and no matter how desperately the GBC wish to cash in on the dream.

Your concerns, as expressed in this letter, are no different from ours in that the system is flawed, but from that point on we differ in perspective. You, as a member of the administrative junta and a contracted guru, grow more metaphorical in your assessments which is largely concerned with the managerial aspect. While we, the smothered 'devotional creepers' of your Kamsa-ised organization, are the people who gave money, youth, energy, families, and anything else asked for or demanded in the name of spirituality by the GBC/gurus. For us foot-washers, each failure in the ISKCON GBC's "milk boiling" experiment results in heavy carnage: suicides, bankruptcy, mental/physical disorders, family break-ups, destitution, and not least of all- the dashed hopes of souls who have evolved to their rightful place in the spiritual process. Does it ever occur to you, or your consistently erroneous guru manufacturing commission, that the spiritual process in Gaurangadev's Mission is on hold while a Kamsa-ised bureaucracy blocks the doorway to liberation, or the possible emergence of a 'true acarya' ? Do you think that this situation may equate to infiltration by asuras.....Kamsa-ised? Ravana-ised? Remember Srila Prabhupada's words when he said someone had given him poison and he wanted to get away. Here it is again:

Tamala Krsna: This seems like suicide, Srila Prabhupada, this program. It seems to some of us like suicide.

Srila Prabhupada: And this is also suicidal.

Tamala Krsna: Hm. Prabhupada said, "And this is also suicide. " ......Now you have to choose which suicide."

Srila Prabhupada: "The Ravana will kill and Rama will kill. Better to be killed by Rama. Eh?" (T-46/A)

Tamala Krsna: Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone has poisoned him" (TKG's Diary: 340 p).

You get it Maharaja? Unless you want to go all metaphorical again, Prabhupada was saying that Ravan was in the room back there in 1977. And only a few days after His Divine Grace left, Iskcon's current guru program entered phase one. The connection should not be too difficult to see if you follow history from the moment SP raised the issue of his poisoning. As the kaviraja correctly concurred in that same room in 1977:- Kaviraja: "Listen, this is the understanding that some raksasa may have given (poison)...Caru swami (Bhakticaru says,

"Yes”)...some raksasa has given (poison). This can happen. It's not impossible” (T-45/B). So Maharaja, you may have difficulty in accepting your true sampradaya, but the fact is- Ravana skillfully convinced your time-warped hippy love-ins that they were actually acaryas, thereby removing the mission from under the protection of a shaktavesha avatar and turning the milk-pot on its head.

The "guru fall downs and boiling milk" arguments are utter nonsense. Why? Because the boiling process has not yet produced anything that remotely resembles pure cream. If the truth be told, the procedure is an upside down experiment which takes impurities to the top. Hence we can conclude that purity is being pushed to the bottom and out as flotsam and jetsam. It may strike you that spiritual 'cream' does not have the ambition to compete for profit adoration or distinction, which appears to be the promotional pre-requisite in current corporate Iskcon. So what is left is a cast-iron, rigid, regimented system of paid ambitious officers-for-life, which restricts Iskcon from going beyond the levels of its own incompetence.

>>So did he (Srila Prabhupada) really later on want us to put a brake on expanding to "at least maintain" what he gave us? Excuse me please but I feel that with this mental laxitude step by step ISKCON will just get more " Kamsa-ised" into yet another defunct organized religion bogged down in its own politics trying ( very sincerely, of course), to just "at least" maintain.

Your trepdation reflects the mood of your confederacy. No different. Just as executives in any business are concerned with expansion, depreciation, loss, gain, success, failure, etc., etc., you gurus are always solicitous in the cult's survival. And it is perfectly understandable when it becomes clear that what Srila Prabhupada meant re. maintenance, was an ISKCON with him at its head. That is how it was when he left it, that is how it should have been maintained. However Ravana convinced your GBC-for-life that all they needed was HDG's assets. He assured them that Prabhupada was dead and gone; you drones were the new inheritors. Here it is:

TKG: "But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance." (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University, 297 p).

The end result of that conviction is an ongoing suco voce competition for zones, disciples, donations, and the constant maintenance of the facade that makes you appear to be what you are not. It's like keeping up with the Jones'. And just like a stressed out Mr. Jones, you gentlemen are becoming more and more popular on the Asian stopovers.

>>....in the UK (for instance) the ISKCON Managing Council or its sub-committee (presumably understandably acting in a controlling reactive protective mood after so many of its own past UK local initiating guru falldowns) has set up initiations standard and procedures without even inviting input from all the ISKCON Diksa Gurus who initiate disciples in the UK thus making unrealistic standards and procedures which foster bad feelings both from aspiring candidates and from frustrated (castrated?) visiting and resident gurus.

As we have pointed out above, Iskcon works under a cast-iron, rigid, regimented system of paid ambitious officers-for-life. Falling gurus are relevant only in that they affect the accumulation by expansion policy. If the lost flock can be herded quickly to 'shelter' under another rubber-stamped Iskcon 'acarya' and the cash flow remains uninterrupted, then it's business as usual. It is only when one of Ravana's initially influenced 'padas' take a dive that the guru hoax comes under scrutiny and potentially ripe pickings are lost. Our advice to you is not to worry too much. With a hundred disciples under your lotus feet, your position within BIZCON is fairly secure. Just don't persist with your 'hippiesh upbringing's attitudes' which you mention lower down in this mail, or someone will catch you in a free love moment, and the next thing you know you'll be headed for a boudoir waving fistfuls of money stolen/blackmailed from Iskcon.

>>...the GBC authority credibility is being undermined because ISKCON's published Law Book Initiation standards are being openly flouted as they are being either made locally more restrictive and discouraging (as in the case of UK standards), or being adjusted according to time and circumstances by unaccountable GBC Gurus or ISKCON gurus " out of GBC range" of GBC spies.

Maharaja, you are a guru/sannyasi. Where is your head at? Your letter to this point is saturated in politics of management and your floundering place within it. "Unaccountable GBC gurus?" "GBC spies?" C'mon Maharaja, you know as well as us that the GBC is top heavy with multiple incarnations of the Three Stoogies playing Godfather. And no matter how much guruganda you guys pump out via talking mushrooms, it will not change the history of confidence trickery, fraud, and malicious abuse your confederacy has carried out in Srila Prabhupada's name. If the GBC spies spied on the GBC the society would close down overnight in a barrage of buckshot. The GBC programmes spies even today, because the GBC was criminally bent in its beginnings. You Maharaja, are complicit in promoting a cult that has all the earmarks of an organized underbelly.

>> In the early days in expanding ISKCON Srila Prabhupada was very personal and lenient but in UK for instance I have heard complaints from my fellow -ISKCON gurus that the institutional standards set by ISKCON UK are off-putting straight jackets for aspirants seeking personal shelter. The gurus themselves find themselves having to unwillingly become apologists for ISKCON rigid impersonal policies.

Srila Prabhupada was lenient because he was empowered and pure. He introduced Gaurangadev's Mission to the West by himself. He did not need rigidity to protect himself from constant kickback donkey policies and pretentions. His Divine Grace was refreshingly secure in a realm that needed no ecumenical choir to enforce his divinity. He was not manufactured on a production-line like you and your confederates. Nor will a pure devotee ever appear through such a process, or, be complicit in an institution historically connected to vile perversions, murder, artifice and fraud. Given the facts, it would be more apropos to expect raksasas to breed in such an incubator of iniquity.

>> If ISKCON instituted kamsa-blanket centralize initiation standards are imposed on a zone by its big established temples then budding devotional communities will prefer to develop legally outside of ISKCON's legal jurisdiction creating the disunity and fragmentation of ISKCON, (as in Brighton, UK)."

Fragmentation is an option which is catching on. It provides escape from the Ravana initiated, entrenched regime. However there are two unavoidable factors for the breakaways- 1) They will face constant litigation and threats, as in the case of Bangalore, 2) Breakaway temples only do so managerially and financially. The temples are still Iskcon temples a mensa et thoro (separated by law, but without total dissolution.) Which means they are all in bed together, and every time a Ravana chela passes wind your "kamsa-blanket" suffocates everyone.

>>It even seems that the ISKCON"establishment" has no trust of gurus and that is also not so surprising because of ISKCON gurus track records in the past.

Who are you kidding, Maharaja? "...because of ISKCON gurus track records in the past." As if there is no track record in the present, and your deceptive implication that there will be no track record in the future. Only a lunatic would repetitively do the same thing and expect a different result. What has your regime done that is markedly different from post 1977? The only noted difference is that Srila Prabhupad's vital dictates for his ISKCON have become secondary to GBC survival. The true reason why the 'establishment' is losing trust is because your off-and-on GBC officers for life acknowledge no respondeat superior : a key doctrine in the law of agency, which provides that a principal (employer) is responsible for the actions of his/her/its agent (employee) in the "course of employment." By verbalizing all contracts with its appointed gurus/agents, the GBC may have steered clear of legal repercussions, but an awareness has grown in the 'devotee court' of crime, cause, and GBC guile in avoidance of restitution or removal.

>>I want to apologize for my seriously having misguided the devotees on this year's East African Festival Tour (23rd January- 22 February 2008) [....] So I am feeling very ashamed and regretful that I caused this to happen. I was not fit as the spiritual mentor of the festival team. It is now obvious that my hippiesh upbringing's attitudes are still not cleansed from my heart. So I need to rectify my standard of devotional service at all costs.

You, and others of your ilk, are seriously content to admit you are boneheads and expect that that is justification enough for misleading people into believing you are spiritually and intellectually capable of liberating the world.....for a donation. When will you pretenders realize you are interfering with transient souls and not transhumance, and that your "hippiesh upbringing" should have come under retrospection long before public exposure. You write saying you need to rectify your standard of devotional service at all costs- what do you mean? Will your 'disciples' foot the bill? They even buy your toothpaste, don't they? Just thought we'd ask.

Let's get down to brass tacks, Maharaja. You, as all the other rubber-stamped GBC godmen, have not worked to earn a single honest dollar since you hoboed the Iskcon gravy train. You gentlemen of the begging-cloth have long forgotten what it takes to come home tired after a days work. You have servants, disciples, more food that you can eat, free room / board, first class / business class travel to exotic destinations all around the globe,.... and that is only what is visible on the surface. All this is made available because you have entered into a verbal quid-pro-quo deal with Iskcon's GBC (kamsa-ised organization. Your words not ours) whereby they have promoted you as a learned sage and qualified diksa guru. You, like several others even more touted and callous who have since absconded, now tell us there is a possibility you are not all that. Honestly Maharaja, how much longer do you believe your GBC janta can survive on this diet of horse-feathers and tiger's eggs?

>> I feel the need to apologies to you both for dealing inconsiderately and pushing your tolerance so much that you lost faith in me as your spiritual master and ISKCON. I was not concerned enough about your welfare to act appropriately.

When a guru starts apologizing to his disciples it should cause great concern, but nope.....it don't even bat an eyelid. We have become accustomed to iskcon guru apologies. Apologies for homosexuality, pedophilia, fraud, confidence trickery, and your sin which is very common----idiocy. It is the point we raised in our previous paragraph: devotional service concerns transience, but you guys think it's transhumance: herding bovine.

>>I can also hardly look after my about 100 disciples properly [....]...So I do not want to be an embarrassment may consider visiting Russia again provided I am invited and I am allowed to collect donations. But I doubt if that will ever happen. Even if it did I will be frightened of getting committed to having more Russian disciples.

Maharaja, get your head out the clouds. Your 100 disciples are looking after themselves and apparently.....looking after you as well. Your every dollar comes from their hard labor. It is why you show concerns about your travel abroad and being "allowed to collect donations." With this understanding in place, you should drop the facade and go for 35,000 disciples like shameless Jayapataka Swami and others of your guru club. You have everything to gain, and if there is loss.... disciples will pay.

So we see you have no qualms in persistently extorting donations even though you have openly declared in your admissions above:-1) you are misguiding devotees. 2) you are ashamed and regretful 3) you are not fit as a spiritual mentor 4) your attitude is hippiesh 5) your heart remains unclean 6) you need to rectify your standards of devotional service. .

>>He rightfully complained to our ISKCON authorities in UK that an ISKCON sannyasi had done such a thing. Kripamoya and Praghosa Prabhus in the UK brought me to task and I began to realize the negligence and foolishness of my actions.

It is bad enough that a guru exhibits traits of negligence and FOOLISHNESS, but then to be "brought to task" by a racist bigot like Praghosa- "The Indian diaspora - sudras working in the US for the most part - are of no importance to this endeavor as you seem to imagine." And this, after it is widely observed and acknowledged that Iskcon temples in the US and indeed management worldwide, is sucking an existence from Indian donations. Your mental make-up and self esteem must be the butt end of GBC witticisms. BTW. BIf's exchanges with this Praghosa GBC sycophant can be read in our "Letters to the Void." You guys are hail fellows well met. You deserve each other.

>> I may have given you diksa but our pre-eminent siksa guru is of course Srila Prabhupada not me. He is still fully living in his instructions. You must take advantage of them and become his emissary.

This psychiatric condition is exhibited by many gurus caught up in the pure devotee masquerade. It is clinically referred to as- Munchausen syndrome by proxy: a neurological disorder triggered by a sense of emotional isolation and functional inadequacies which manifests as willful harming of what is held sacrosanct in an effort to bring attention and sympathy to the inflicted. In analysis directly concerning Iskcon: the society is being systematically raped and pillaged while seeking attention and support by pointing to His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada, as justification to authenticity and survival.

Prabhupada had disciples who he had never seen physically.

This sounds dangerously RITVIK, Maharaja. You are not suffering the pangs of doubt commonly exhibited by your fellow rubber stamped chums, are you? No, no Maharaja, please don't misread our loyalties. We at BIF belong only to the kick-ass camp of truth. Call it what you will, but our solemn belief is that unless Iskcon goes rushing back under the auspices of His Divine Grace, it does not have a hope in hell of survival.

>>My Vyasa Puja 2010 went off quite well/ Late last night 11/2/10 in Hotel Amical, Bunia, Dr Congo. Had short talks, my foot washing & guru puja and arati & pioneering feast prepared of imported Egyptian full cream milk & imported Italian spaghetti.

Just see your audacity, Maharaja. Some people work all day to the point of exhaustion and their entire day's wages cannot afford the panch amrita used to wash your feet- the feet of a self confessed negligent fool. You are sitting in a fully paid for hotel room, feasting on imported dairy and grains bought by those who were made devotees by the books of His Divine Grace, and it is all made possible by a shady group of usurpers who are secretly convinced that Mickey Mouse could do a better job. Take a look in the mirror Maharaja. What are you?

>> I personally have a niyamag-raha trait and try and go strictly by the ISKCON Lawbook and the prevailing local initiation standards for fear of getting censored and defrocked so I really want a more flexible straightjacket to live in as a dreaded naughty-boy ISKCON initiating guru.

Your niyamag-raha trait will identify you later for what you truly are. For you to be defrocked and censored by the Iskcon GBC is a feat of which you are incapable. Your bad boy / naughty boy ISKCON initiating guru straitjacket maneuverability needs are already noted in a world and dimension famous for straight jacket design. And yes, you will receive a specifically tailored straightjacket, bereft of the protective alias provided by His Divine Grace. But before you mahatmas leave, BIF would truly enjoy staging a goodbye party for your mob, right here, in plain sight of the world. We are working to that end.

Take care Maharaja, and watch out for us just as we watch you.