23rd April 2015.

MAHADEV vs. MahaDe

MAHADEV: Lord Shiva, a deity worshipped by India’s majority Hindus.
MahaDe: AC. De, aka. Prabhupada. ISKCON cult founder / godman.

“And now,... I will tell you what is meant by initiation. Initiation means that the spiritual master accepts the student and agrees to take charge, and the student accepts the spiritual master and agrees to worship him as God.” (Satasvarupa Goswami. BTG)

De: When one has attained the topmost position of maha-bhagavata, he is to be accepted as a guru and worshiped exactly like Hari, the Personality of Godhead. Only such a person is eligible to occupy the post of guru.” (CC Ml Ch 24, 330)

This essay is written in respect to Saivism; documented as the
first antithetical movement against Brahmanic casteism, which made it the enemy of all casteists. It is keyed in solemn reverence to Shri Mahadev Shiva, also known as Mahesh, Maheshwar, Shankar, Shambhu, Rudra, Har, Trilochan, Devendra, Trilokinath etc., to Ma Parvati, and to their many devotees in Vira Shaivism, Paspath Shaivism, Kashmiri Shaivism, Goraknath Shaivism and the Saiva Siddhantists.

“No Poaching” is practiced sotto voce by all Hindus in India. Even today, Hindus believe the “pantheon” of gods so misunderstood by foreign theists is in fact multiple expansions of the one divinity. Even after Vedic Brahmanism was diSECTed by “corporate raiders” centuries ago there was never a sanctimonious need to prove one aspect of god superior to another. Albeit in order to hold its congregation sect scribes exalted their chosen deity as supreme. Such exaltation was never an affront to others or their faith (as noted in the writings (below) of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (1824-83.) However, as we have discovered in modern times, Hindu religious tolerance has left doors open for unscrupulous cult- recruiting evangelists. And, as we will show, they exploit it ruthlessly.

“In the Shiva Purana, Shiva is described as the Lord of all, while Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, Ganesha, and Surya are spoken of as his servants, whilst in the Vishnu Purana, Vishnu has been held as the Supreme Spirit and Shiva and other gods, as his servants. Again, in Devi Purana, Devi is described as the Supreme Deity and Shiva, Vishnu, and the like as her servants. In Ganesha Khand, Ganesh is called the Lord of all, while the other gods as the servants. Why! If this is not the invention of the sectarian priests, who else’s could it be?”  

To say there never was conflict between branches of Hinduism would be incorrect.
However there is no history of dispute on record outside the hagiocracy. Even the Saivite v. Vaisnav disputes that arose in the latter 12
th Century (after the Jayadev “Krishna Lila” poems had been in circulation for awhile) has little or no record, or only cult-biased falsifications. Today is a different story. With modern media giving voice to all, and with Hinduism both traditional and interpolated being trotted and traded by foreign usurpers in the international god-bazaar, the old conflict is back. This time it is dressed up in American “Hare Krishna” lore, and the abuse of Shri Mahadev is in print (we will provide excerpts and references.) The libel is in English and marketed internationally. What the ISKCON cult has failed to note, in its zeal to convert, is the interim introduced third party ... The Law.

What we reveal in this article will give Mahadev savants the right to demand ISKCON literature be “forfeited” and the publishers be prosecuted in accordance with Indian Legislation and the Indian Penal Code (as noted further below.) Such libellous slander and defamation of a Hindu deity and followers, by American ISKCON, should be of great concern to all Hindus; denounced vociferously and litigated to the full extent of the law.

Vaisnavism, which began as worship of four-armed god Vishnu, splintered to form the Gaudiya Mutt: a religious redo that promoted poet Jayadev’s protagonist, blue-god Krishna as the omniversal source of everything, including Vishnu and Mahadev Shiva. The cult, which was relatively unknown even in its place of origin, was exported to America by a Bengali (AC. De- Prabhupada) c 1965 where it was control marketed by Americans (several of them Jewish) and took shape as the evangelical cult- ISKCON Hare Krishna. The cult introduced a new ‘yellow god’ to the ‘Hindu’ pantheon, Chaitanya (a combination of Jayadev’s Krishna and his previously unheard of consort, Radha).

To give the cult affinity with history its early entrepreneurs clubbed Jayadev’s Krishna with the Aryan Prince, Krishna who allegedly spoke the Bhagavad Gita. A tome the sect appropriated and promoted as their affiliation with Indian history and traditional Hindu ethos. A tome the American cult now cites as attestation to its 5000 year existence. When in fact ISKCON was registered in New York in 1966 by AC. De who insisted his cult had nothing to do with Hinduism.

De: “"There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion.  Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not.....[...]....The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion...One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion." (Science of Self Realization.)

De: “Regarding the Hindu community: Don't expect anything very wonderful from them, as we have got experience in Montreal—they have come in the foreign countries to earn money. As such, you cannot expect any cultural contribution. So you will tactfully deal with them, and whenever possible, vehemently protest against their foolish ideas. But you should try to support your statements on the strength of Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita (As It Is) Best thing will be to avoid them as far as possible. I am concerned to preach this gospel amongst the Europeans and Americans, and I am not at all interested to preach amongst the Indians, because they have now become hodge-podge, due to so many years of subjugation by foreigners, and having lost their own culture.” (Letter to Gurudas '68.)

In accordance with Hindu etiquette (and provisos in Indian law) cults are free to function without restraint or hindrance. Nonetheless, being as they are a Western-Indian (wIndian) enterprise with an insatiable evangelical need to capture the god stock exchange, ISKCON has transgressed the sotto voce rule of respect and tolerance practiced by traditional Hindus i.e. they have published literature that is abusive, derogatory, degrading, and subjects the most revered deity, Shri Mahadev Shiva,... and his followers, to American ISKCON supremacist propaganda.

Concerns for the misrepresentation and ongoing exploitation of Hinduism can be found throughout the pages of this website. To highlight the current and specific dispute, we reference a blog whose editor has boldly come out in protest of the ISKCON cult and its denigration of Mahadev.

Moreover, what even he may not know is what this writer will reveal to him and all Hindus: ISKCON’s libel, slander and defamation, which has been hiding in plain sight, amounting to a severe breach of the “freedom of expression” limitations imposed by Indian Legislation and prosecutable within ambit of the Indian Penal Code:

“Section 95 of the Code of Criminal Procedure gives the government the right to declare certain publications “forfeited” if the “publication ... appears to the State Government to contain any matter the publication of which is punishable under Section 124A or Section 153A or Section 153B or Section 292 or Section 293 or Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code”.

Section 153(A)
Section 153A of the penal code says, inter alia:

Whoever (a) by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, or (b) commits any act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, and which disturbs or is likely to disturb the public tranquillity, . . . shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.

Section 295(A)

Section 295(A) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) enacted in 1927 says:

Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of [citizens of India], [by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise], insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to [three years], or with fine, or with both.

To deliver our revelations as bespoken in paragraph 6, we will use the “Comments” section of the essay- “Why ISKCON Is Wrong” posted on the “Shiva Stories” website (linked below.) In particular, we frame the words of one ISKCON indoctrinated S. Bala Kumar (in red font) who provides his cult alias as Brajahari das.

source: http://sivapurana.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/why-iskcon-is-wrong.html

SB. Kumar (Brajahari das):
“The article is misleading ....[...]... basically, in ISKCON we are thought
(sic) that Lord Shiva is extremely compassionate that even the lowly are accepted as worshipers and reformed. (note: not to speak of others, who are godly) .... I can many many (sic) references where ISKCON teaching glorifies Lord Shiva.”

Dear Mr. Kumar, our question is—Why does ISKCON, which is a Vaisnav cult, a fractured organization in itself, choose to analyse/categorize/denigrate Shaivism? We do not deny the quotes you present as being those of your divine guru, Mr. De (Prabhupada). Nevertheless, what you fail to mention is what De instituted as mandatory i.e. the chanting of “Ten Offences” to be repeated EVERY morning (before sunrise when only career cultists and postulants are present) in EVERY ISKCON temple across the planet. We point specifically to the Second OFFENCE (!!) Here it is:

2) (It is an offence) ...To consider the names of demigods like Lord Siva or Lord Brahma to be equal to, or independent of, the name Lord Visnu.

ISKCON defines Vishnu as an incarnation of the
“Supreme Personality of Godhead” Krishna. So what does that say about Mahadev other than that he is a third class hemi-demi-semi-god. But this is the least of insults made by ISKCON. It gets definitively more abusive and litigious as we will show.

SB. Kumar: “Rather I am finding this article to be misleading about ISKCON's teaching. It also insights (sic) hatred towards ISKCON.” ... [...]... In ISKCON Lord Shiva is regarded with great respect. Teachings of ISKCON does not completely negate Lord Shiva's ability to offer liberation, e.g.:

We find your comment to be totally misleading regards ISKCON’s true portrayal of Mahadev. The respect offered to Shiva in ISKCON literature is sprinkled like sugar to effectively disguise poison, which can be detected only after books (and memoirs) have been studied in depth. Research reveals, the respect ISKCON offers Shiva is as victor to the vanquished. After all, why would anyone worship a beaten loser when his Vaisnav conqueror struts like an evangelical peacock? Here, this is what we mean, and we have not even arrived at the filthy defamation and slander of Shri Mahadev, yet.

Excerpts taken from the ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) publication- Srimad Bhagavatam:

SB 10.63.12: Lord Siva, wielder of the trident, shot various weapons at Lord Krishna, wielder of Sarnga. But Lord Krishna was not in the least perplexed: He neutralized all these weapons with appropriate counterweapons.

SB 10.63.13: Lord Krishna counteracted a brahmastra with another brahmastra, a wind weapon with a mountain weapon, a fire weapon with a rain weapon, and Lord Siva's personal pasupatastra weapon with His own personal weapon, the narayanastra.

SB 10.63.14: After bewildering Lord Siva by making him yawn with a yawning weapon, Lord Krishna proceeded to strike down Banasura's army with His sword, club and arrows.

SB 10.63.22: After Lord Siva's followers had been driven away, the Siva-jvara, who had three heads and three feet, pressed forward to attack Lord Krishna. As the Siva-jvara approached, he seemed to burn everything in the ten directions.

SB 10.63.23: Seeing this personified weapon approach, Lord Narayana then released His own personified fever weapon, the Vishnu-jvara. The Siva-jvara and Vishnu-jvara thus battled each other.

SB 10.63.24: The Siva-jvara, overwhelmed by the strength of the Vishnu-jvara, cried out in pain. But finding no refuge, the frightened Siva-jvara approached Lord Krishna, the master of the senses, hoping to attain His shelter. Thus with joined palms he began to praise the Lord. 

So, after raining on “Lord Siva” ... making him yawn (and us as well)... and inventing poppy-dream weaponry only to build the story up so they could break Mahadev down, the ISKCON peacock reigned supreme. Like we said, and as the cult literature suggests, why worship a loser...a lesser ‘demigod’ when his vanquisher is the “supreme personality of godhead” ...and his representative (ISKCON) is doing temple cabaret, with an open house invitation, just down the road? This is not respect. It is poison press propaganda... yellow god journalism.

S.B. Kumar: Yes, ISKCON does not consider Lord Shiva to be the Supreme Person, but we do consider Lord Shiva's position to be very exalted and worshipable. (e.g. " Even Vaishnavas, who are above both the ordinary and the elevated men in this world, also worship Lord Siva... ").

13. NO! You do NOT consider Lord Shiva’s position to be very exalted. How could you if the founder and preceptor of your cult invented a title- “The Supreme Personality of Godhead”

only to demerit and demean Mahadev and his followers. Here he is (on record) teaching Hare Krishna recruits his mutt concocted mumbo-jumbo:-

De (Prabhupada): “The devotees must always know that Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that Lord Siva is His devotee.”(SB, C-4, Ch-24 Txt 30. Purport).

De: “ .... anyone desiring the ultimate prosperity or auspicious goal of life must take the instructions of Siva and pray to and glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead as Lord Siva himself did.” (SB, C-4, Txt 31. Purport).

De: “Lord Siva addressed the Supreme Personality of Godhead with the following prayer: O Supreme Personality of Godhead, all glories unto You. You are the most exalted of all self-realized souls. Since You are always auspicious for the self-realized, I wish that You be auspicious for me. You are worshipable by virtue of the all perfect instructions You give. You are the Supersoul; therefore I offer my obesiances unto You as the supreme living being.” (SB, C-4,Txt 33).

De: “By this understanding, one realizes that all living entities-- including Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and other demi-gods-- are servants of the Supreme Lord.” (Txt 33, Purport).

“When asked how to preach to Shaivites, he (De) said, “Ask them, 'My dear sir, do you accept Bhagavad-gita?' They will all say yes. Then quote: 'Those whose intelligence is maddened worship the demigods.' "

And now De’s disciples are printing and publishing his double-speak:

source: http://www.krishna.com/shiva-auspicious-one
"In the Hari-bhakti-vilasa, by Sanatana Gosvami, it is said that anyone who puts the Supreme Lord and the demigods, including Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, on the same level at once becomes a pasandi, or atheist. We should never consider the Supreme Lord Vishnu and the demigods to be on an equal footing."
So, theologically, Shiva is both God and yet different from God as well. Because of Shiva's intimate contact with the quality of ignorance and with matter (which is innately ignorant), the living beings in this world cannot receive the same spiritual restoration by worshiping him as by worshiping Vishnu. 
Note: ISKCON refers to Shiva as the God of Ignorance.

Here is more of the same from the 'Official website’ of H.H Bhakti Caru Swami. He is an ISKCON guru with disciples in many countries...all repeating the same nonsense:

source: http://webdev.bcswami.com/2012/01/11/the-history-of-vaishnava-heritage-part-3/ 
“True dharma is actually Vaishnava dharma. Impersonalism, although it is recognized as Dharma in India in the recent years, in the recent past, but impersonalism is not really the dharma. Shaivites, shaktas, they are not really the followers of religious principles. They are kind of deviations. The real dharma is Vaishnava dharma. To be surrendered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the dharma. Dharma doesn’t mean to put up somebody else as the competitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and to follow him. That is what the Shaivites and Shaktas do. ...[...]....

...In the modern vedic concept, the Shaivites and Shaktas, the worshipers of Lord Siva and the worshipers of Devi are considered to be followers of religion. But if we consider from the pure vedic point of view, then we can see that they are not really followers of dharma – it is a kind of deviation from dharma. The true dharma is to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, to become the devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead....[...]...

...But the difference between these worshipers of Lord Shiva, the Vaishnava, and the Shaivites, is that the Shaivites, the so-called followers of Lord Siva put up Lord Shiva as the competitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Similarly, the Shaktas put up Kali as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. But the real worship should be done with the understanding that they are devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.....” 

Now we return to the comments of S.B.Kumar:

SB. Kumar: “The main thing is, there is no hatred in the teaching.”

That is untrue. Here again is your ISKCON founder and guru, AC. De (Prabhupada):

De: “Arcye visnau [break] when it will teach military art, with tilaka, soldiers will, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna (laughter) We want that. Marching with military band,

Hare Krsna. You maintain this idea. Is it not good? ....[...]... When there will be military march of Krsna conscious soldiers. Anyone who does not believe in Krsna, Blam! (laughter) Yes. The same process as the Mohammedans did, with sword and Koran, we'll have to do that. Do you believe in Krsna or not? No, sir. Blam! Finished. (laughter, Prabhupada laughs)...[...]... What these communists can do? We can do better than them. We can kill many communists like that. (laughter) Then it will be counteraction of communist movement. And you think like that.”  (Morning Walk March 15, 1974, Vrndavana) 

De"It is not that because Mohammed used a sword, we also must use a sword, No ! - we can use a Gun. We will ask -...You like Krishna ?? No -- Booom.. You like Krishna ? No -- Booom . We can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB FOR KRISHNA !!
 “Arjuna was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Bhima was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Dhruva Maharaja was a Vaishnava, and he was killing. Parikshit Maharaja was killing. Prahlada Maharaja was killing. Rama was killing. Krishna was killing. Practically speaking, Vaishnavas are killers.” 
De: "Oh, yes. Why not? Kill them."
De: "Oh, you must kill them. Tit for tat. As soon as we detect that "Here is deprogrammer and kidnapper," kill him. Finish!"
De: "We have to kill this civilization of mudhas....those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas."

De: "Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them, twenty-one times."
De: "What these communists can do? We can do better than them. We can kill many communists like that."

De: "You will get government...[....].... You turn all the people Krishna conscious, then you become President
De: "If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, he should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer's tongue and kill the offender,......."

"Not now but later, when we are more powerful."

SB. Kumar: “But for now, why dont we simply respect ISKCON's conclusion, though we may disagree. Afterall, there are many saints who has no connection with iSKCON (e.g. the Alwars from the South) who have reached the same conclusion as ISKCON, i.e. Visnu is the Supreme.To be united we need not agree with each other, but we need to repect each other.

The Alwars of South India are also a Vaisnav sect, and suspect writers of the “Krishna Lila” stories (set in Northern India) which is rife with geographical errors and impossibilities. No Sir, Mr. Kumar. No Hindu saint or sage would agree with the ISKCON perspective. It is a foreign concept of Hinduism. No holy scribe would narrate what we are about to expose. Certainly not Vyasadev, as claimed. It is a deception to so imply. And after having made the followers of Maheswar aware of what lies hidden in the ISKCON publication-- Srimad Bhagavatam, we would be very surprised to not see litigation initiated to have the literature proscribed and relevant literatures forfeited.

Now we introduce ISKCON’s ultimate degradation and dishonouring of Trilochan Mahadev. Not enough that the deity was depicted as defeated in every aspect by ISKCON’s “Supreme Personality of Godhead,” but in this ultimate abuse, Shiva is portrayed like an animal in rut, a drunken imbecile, deluded by the powers of ISKCON’s money-making god, Vaisnav Vishnu.

We have applied great restraint in not proffering any further comment. We want that followers of Mahadev read and reference the posted link below to further investigate the abuse being propagated by the ISKCON recruitment machine as exposed in its printed tomes and texts. ALL Saivites and members of the practicing Hindu brotherhood who read our referenced account below should post it widely in Aryavata so that every Hindu is informed and demands censure.

source: ISKCON http://vedabase.net/sb/8/12/en1

Srimad Bhagavatam (SB) 8.12.26: The beautiful woman was already naked, and when She saw Lord Siva coming toward Her, She became extremely bashful. Thus She kept smiling, but She hid Herself among the trees and did not stand in one place.

SB 8.12.27: His senses being agitated, Lord Siva, victimized by lusty desires, began to follow Her, just as a lusty elephant follows a she-elephant.

SB 8.12.28: After following Her with great speed, Lord Siva caught Her by the braid of Her hair and dragged Her near him. Although She was unwilling, he embraced Her with his arms.

SB 8.12.29-30: Being embraced by Lord Siva like a female elephant embraced by a male, the woman, whose hair was scattered, swirled like a snake. O King, this woman, who had large, high hips, was a woman of yogamaya presented by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She released Herself somehow or other from the fond embrace of Lord Siva’s arms and ran away.

SB 8.12.31: As if harassed by an enemy in the form of lusty desires, Lord Siva followed the path of Lord Vishnu, who acts very wonderfully and who had taken the form of Mohini.

SB 8.12.32: Just as a maddened bull elephant follows a female elephant who is able to conceive pregnancy, Lord Siva followed the beautiful woman and discharged semen, even though his discharge of semen never goes in vain.

SB 8.12.33: O King, wheresoever on the surface of the globe fell the semen of the great personality of Lord Siva, mines of gold and silver later appeared.

SB 8.12.34: Following Mohini, Lord Siva went everywhere -- near the shores of the rivers and lakes, near the mountains, near the forests, near the gardens, and wherever there lived great sages.

SB 8.12.35: O Maharaja Parikshit, best of kings, when Lord Siva had fully discharged semen, he could see how he himself had been victimized by the illusion created by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus he restrained himself from any further maya.

SB 6.2.9-10 lecture — Allahabad, January 15, 1971 (excerpt):  If you chant Lord Śiva's name you will get material opulence, but if you chant Lord Viṣṇu's name, then you'll be transferred to the spiritual world. So we have to be very cautious.

BG 2.62-72 lecture — Los Angeles, December 19, 1968 (excerpt):  Similarly, Lord Śiva also, when Kṛṣṇa appeared before him in Mohinī-mūrti... Mohinī means the most enchanting, beautiful womanly form. Lord Śiva also became mad after Her. So wherever She was going, Lord Śiva was chasing. And it is stated that while chasing Mohinī-mūrti, Lord Śiva had discharges. So these examples are there.

More excerpts follow at the end of this posting.

Anyone can see the intent of ISKCON propaganda. They exist exclusively by preying on OCI and NRI Hindu families across the planet, and in India. Religion is their business. Converting Hindus is their livelihood. ISKCON knows that the majority of Hindus are Shaivite and there is a vast lode of wealth to be mined in that sector. So they print books in English and distribute it around the world. Their books tell stories about how inferior Mahadev is and how he is beaten and bewildered into submitting to ISKCON’s omniversal god. Which suggests that if Mahadev surrendered then his followers should also surrender (their money?) to the representatives of Vishnu... ISKCON Hare Krishna.

Hindus, even those who have been coerced into buying ISKCON books do not read it. Generally speaking the book is wrapped up in new cloth placed on an altar and forgotten. So we have taken the time to expose only some of the abuse in those books. But we are begging our readers to not let it continue. ISKCON books MUST BE proscribed censured and interdicted! The cult propaganda machine MUST BE dismantled or its lies will infect the sanctity of ALL Hindus.

Governments do not act without urging. They see only the tourist dollar. Nevertheless India’s Governors should understand better than any other that the only ISKCON dollar India will EVER see comes from cult converted rupees. We must rise in unison. Spread the news. Forfeit the books and stop ALL further distribution in Aryavata.

To our readers...Thank You for spending time with us.




On April 17
th an anti-ISKCON website, Breaking Free www.breaking-free.info was hacked by an entity calling itself “HolaKo” and claiming to be a “Palestinian hacker.” The hacker’s war cry- “Free Palestine! Save Gaza! had as much relevance to the hacked site as an American hotdog to Gujarati pav bhaji.

So then if the hacker’s agenda had no apropos to an anti-cult site, who could it be? Well ... “The ISKCON cult” would be a reasonable answer. And since the hacked website works exclusively in exposing the ISKCON Hare Krishnas, we are forced to assume it was them under an alias or an alias appropriated off the internet.

However, we can assure readers that the ISKCON cult administration will not react to anything unless legally forced to. They would not stoop to engage a hacker. So that leaves us with an ISKCON cult splinter: the rightly named “Prabhupadanaagas”...cult snakes, capable of slithering to achieve an end.

Below (link) we expose its chief blogger- PADA deliberately delivering misinformation on a sub judice case in India, and even claiming the Indian High Court awarded a nunc pro tunc legal damages settlement due to his investigative journalism.

He is an American who lives in a trailer ...a well known Hindu hater. His name is Tim Lee, aka. Bobo, aka. PADA, aka. Puranjana das (Google him up or read our article-
“Old Dogs Old Tricks.”) To our Indian readership- chor hai. paaketmar. unko danadena karenge to aap ke paap guaranteed hu:

Friday, April 10, 2015
Bombay vs Bangalore "Comes To An End"

[PADA: Bombay (ISKCON) will have to pay costs, that means the GBC will have to pay for all of (ISKCON) Bangalore’s lawyers and court fees since 1997.]

Absolute rot! The lie was soon addressed and the ‘naaga blogger exposed. ISKCON did not even have a dog in the fight. The case referred to by Tim Leech (Bobo) is not a related case. Here is the truth keyed by two posters concerning that High Court ruling:



Below we present an appeal to the Government of India via the Office of the Nashik District Collector. The appellant, Jamilbhai Mohammed Hanif Rangrej wants the ISKCON rendition of the “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” banned because its contents are distorted.

It is noteworthy that the book mentioned is published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (ISKCON,) the same publisher who prints and distributes the abusive Srimad Bhagavatam:



Quotes from blogs that show deep concern for the protection of Hinduism.

From the Lord Shiva Stories blog:

(1) “Krishna is not mentioned in the Vedas. No single reference of him.”

(2) “Radha is not mentioned in any of the classical puranas except the scriptures created by the gaudiya vaishnava cult. Not even Srimad Bhagavatam contain any reference of Radha. She is a literary character originated in the Common Era.”

(3) “There weren’t much people following this sect until Prabhupada started ISKCON some 50 years ago. Why? The philosophies and ideals of this sect are in stark contrast with the core philosophies of Hinduism/ Sanatana Dharma. It is clear from his speeches that Prabhupada had no philosophical or psychological knowledge and his statements were hollow. He delivered statements such as ‘Women have less knowledge than men’ and ‘Love Krishna or love vagina’. He failed to attract philosopher and scientists, people with rational thoughts…”

(4) “The deity ‘Radha’ which the followers of iskcon worship is not even present in BhagavataPurana. ‘Radha’ was just a character introduced by Jayadev in his poems.”

(5) “…the iskcon devotee or prabhu would take down the ‘BhagvadGita As it is’ and points the verses were Krishna says he is the supreme one. (…) Let’s say I write a book stating that I’m the most handsome guy in the world. How do you like if I say ‘I’m the most handsome guy in the world….and if you don’t believe me …see…its written this book’. How about the fact that Superman exists because it is there in his comics. The views of iskcon are written by their own people.”

(6) “ISKCON has been doing whatever they can to denigrate other Gods of Hinduism.”

(7) “People with lesser knowledge on Hinduism, who never read any Puranas or Vedas are prone to believe such distorted ideas of these fake prabhus. While, people who know what Hinduism is, the reality of the Gods in it and the significance of Lord Shiva will only spit at iskCON. That is why iskCON have better success in countries other than India. Indians know the truth about Hinduism but a person new to it would believe whatever distorted philosophies the bogus prabhus propose.

ISKCON are known for their frequent filing of lawsuits, murders, sex scandals and money handling. The prabhus and their followers find ‘inner peace’ by dancing around ‘ding dong’ and speaking against Vedas and other Gods of Hinduism.”

(8) “I’ve been to the ISKCON temple here in Toronto. Everything that you say is truth. I never had the feeling of being in a Hindu temple. The environment was totally different with the chants and dances. I felt like I was in a church singing ‘hallelujah’. I was totally brainwashed by Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS book. Never have I experienced God speaking to me in a dictatorial voice when reading this book. It wasn’t until I read Paramahansa Yoganada’s Bhagavad Gita that I truly understood the fundamental message of Gita – yoga.

Thank you for your courage, time, and effort to write this blog and educate and enlighten the rest of the us.”

(9) “Never knew they were deadly.

Thanks for the reference.

However, iskcon is like an alcoholic addiction. Once a person is in its grip, its very difficult to save them unless they have a first hand experience of the venom.”

(10) “Radha is not a goddess among the 300 Million Gods of the Hindu Pantheon. Worshipping Radha is just like worshiping characters like Batman or Superman.”

(11) “Wow, you are exactly right. I spent a few years in ISKCON and then went my own way. I craved understanding and when you focus simply on the BG, you don’t get that understanding. I had only read BG As It Is because that is the only real version apparently, lol. I know many people in history have claimed the BG to be one of the most important books in history, but I never could see why; it only seemed to mention the need for a spiritual master every other sentence and never answer any philosophical questions.”

(12) “Thanks for your article. I myself was under the influence of Iskcon’s narrow-minded teachings for many years until I managed to finally break free. It feels so great to be breathing fresh air after years of near suffocation by Iskcon’s ideology!”

(13) “People often confuse that , ‘As it is’ means true with out own interpretations. But it is not really so. It is just from ‘Gaudiya perspective’ only. such things are called COMMENTARIES (Bhashya) only. Adi sankara (Advaita), Ramanuja (Vishistadvaita) Madvacharya (Dvaita) etc have written Bhasyas only. They didn’t call their Bhasyas as ‘Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS’. They are very humble. But Srila Prabhupada showed his stupidity in the Very TITLE it self. This shows his arrogance and hedonistic attitude towards other schools.”


From India Divine dot org:

(1) “No, only Brahman is Eternal and Unchangeable: the transcendent, unnameable Brahman that is beyond form. In the sense that I am One with Brahman, I am eternal and unchangeable; but my mind, body, and ego do not even exist.”

(2) “I also forgot to mention: why should I believe that Krishna is Eternal and Unchangeable? Krishna was born and died. According to some Puranas, Shiva was never born and will never die; Shiva is Ishvara. Why should I believe 1) that Krishna is Ishvara, and 2) that Krishna’s personality is above the nameless Brahman without form? Seems pretty ridiculous that something with form and name could transcend the Nameless and Formless that the Upanishads describe as the highest.”



ISKCON is anti-hindu

After 24yrs of following Iskcon closely (i live on 5th Av.) I can tell u that iskcon and iskcon followers are anti-hindu. While the whole of India believes that krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, iskcon preaches total opposite that the krishna is the supreme godhead and that the soul and power behind vishnu is also of krishna’s. And i have seen their swamis mocking other hindu gods like Shiva, Kali, Ganesha and others saying that they are not true gods cos they have too many arms or carry too many weapons or ride animals or look weird etc. Also some iskcon followers are some of the most arrogant people i have met in my life.”


From Tamil Brahmins (dot) com:

(1) “They abused our community. Srila Prabhupada abused our Gurus, our beliefs and our Sampradhaya.

I will post other quotes which will show the venom that Srila Prabhupada had for Shiva, Sankaracharya and the Smarthas. The Hare Krishna followers continue the tradition.

Surprisingly he never said such things about Christianity.”

(2) “The Hare Krishna people have been doing this in their forums for so long. I am a member of some of the forums and I do post there defending Smarthas.

Hare Krishna’s definition of Sanatana Dharma does not include 95% of the present day Hindus. In fact Prabhu Pada spoke against Hindu religion. The Hare Krishnas are the foremost in attacking Hinduism. According to them such a religion does not exist.”

(3) “…Srila Prabhupada who called Adi Sankaracharya all kinds of names and his followers who continue to sling mud on Adi Sankaracharya.”

(4) “Even EVR or for that matter no DK or DMK leader has ever called Adi Sankara a Rakshasa and compared him with Ravana, like Srila Prabhupada.”

(5) “…Srila Prabhupada who had nothing but Venom for all that the Tamil Brahmins stands for. Adi Sankara, Smarta and acceptance of all sects.

You try to preach the intolerant Hare Krishna theories here.

Try this kind of stunt with a Hare Krishna forum. Banning will be the least punishment.”

(6) “Casteism is illegal in India.”

(7) “Caste discrimination can be fought on all fronts, by bringing about an attitude change from within hindu communities, as well by ensuring, in each individual small way, that resources reach the poorest of the poor.”

(8) “Hare Krishna Movement does not accept Shiva, Devi and other Gods/Goddesses. They are called Demi_Gods. Smarthas are called demons. Sankaracharya is abused in unspeakable terms.”


More excerpts from the ISKCON (BBT) publications:

SB 4.7.17 (purport excerpts): Lord Śiva’s followers and devotees, headed by Vīrabhadra, are known as vīras, and they are ghostly demons. Not only did they pollute the entire sacrificial arena by their very presence, but they disturbed the whole situation by passing stool and urine. Therefore, the infection they had created was to be first purified by the method of offering puroḍāśa oblations. (...) In other words, it is admitted herein that the followers of Lord Śiva are generally unclean. They are not even very hygienic; they do not take baths regularly, they wear long hair, and they smoke gāñjā. Persons of such irregular habits are counted amongst the ghosts. Since they were present in the sacrificial arena, the atmosphere became polluted, and it had to be sanctified by trikapāla oblations, which indicated the invocation of Viṣṇu’s favor.

SB 6.7.39 (purport excerpts):  The distinction between the demigods (devas) and demons (asuras) is that the demigods are all devotees of Lord Viṣṇu whereas the demons are devotees of demigods like Lord Śiva, Goddess Kālī and Goddess Durgā. (...) For example, Hiraṇyakaśipu was a devotee of Lord Brahmā, Rāvaṇa was a devotee of Lord Śiva, and Mahiṣāsura was a devotee of Goddess Durgā. (...) In the days of yore, many long years ago, there was animosity between the devas and the asuras, and the same spirit still continues, for the devotees of Lord Śiva and Goddess Durgā are always envious of Vaiṣṇavas, who are devotees of Lord Viṣṇu. This strain between the devotees of Lord Śiva and Lord Viṣṇu has always existed. In the higher planetary systems, fights between the demons and the demigods continue for a long, long time.

KC: The Matchless Gift, ch. 5 (excerpt): It appears that when the demigods were fighting the demons and were being defeated, they decided that they could be saved by a commander-in-chief born from the semina of Lord Śiva. Lord Śiva, however, was in meditation, and to acquire the needed semina was very difficult. They therefore sent Pārvatī, a young girl, who appeared before Lord Śiva and worshiped his genitals. Although this young girl sat before Lord Śiva and touched his genitals, Lord Śiva was steady in meditation.

Room Conversation — January 7, 1977, Bombay (excerpt):  Lord Śiva became attracted with the beauty of Mohinī-mūrti, even in the presence of his wife. So this sex life can be controlled only by becoming Kṛṣṇa conscious.