10th June, 2015


Cults, without exception, are a remix of mainstream precepts. The ethic in the mix identifies the ethnic mixer: the predominating pundit... the indubitable cause célèbre. Yet, and no matter what the ratio, proportion, origin or volume of mix, personality cults and cult personalities exhibit a commonality... they invent gods-by-proxy, homogeneously ordained to rule the world.

Survival finds no dissimilarity in political solipsism and husbandry. Neither will shoot a cash cow. The only difference being, parliamentarians will profit where a man of the sod, honour-bound and introspective, commits suicide. However, there is common pasture where politicians and electors graze de jure in holy-cow divinity: a legislated ecclesia framed ab initio in antiquity.... where “Religious Rights” was, is, and remains a constitutionally permitted, legally protected, caveman crafted incubator for camorras.

Governments don’t simply ‘permit’ religious freedom. In actuality, our governors write the menu for raciology by legislation, facilitation, and subsidy. The result is what we read in history books and in daily newsfeeds: politico / religious wars effected by divisive communalism, i.e. government-countersigned holy primitivism. Cacogenic inevitability which, when traced to the core, originates as a population control cacodoxy passed as a legislated right to believe, a judicial right to defend, culminating in a god-said divine right to eliminate ... holy genocide.

In India, a nation still beleaguered by “scheduled castes and tribes,” heterodoxy supported by a constituted right to believe has legal passage. So forgive us when asking which narcissist, insurgent, sociopath, tyrant, truant, fanatic, dictator, despot, would not thread his theandric through such a loophole?

Indians have preserved perennial beliefs through eons of foreign rule. Nevertheless, it is not in spite of the fact but because of it that a politico / religious cult birthed in America is expanding and worming itself into all sectors of Indian society. No, we are not exaggerating. Please hear us out. This party carries within its guts fanatical aspirations yet to be experienced in the subcontinent, ere a few decades the last invader departed Indian shores. The party is up and running in its land of registry- America. Supported largely by Hindu converts, the ISKCON-Hare Krishna (I-HK) political forerunner is already embattled in a hail of controversy for misrepresentation and concealment, i.e. direct ties to cultism via politico / religious teachings of its founder- AC. De (Prabhupada).


We have transported our readership over two essays and to this final of our three “Atom-Bomb Bhakti” postings. The first of which exposed anti-Hindu sentiments, the second revealed how British-Raj Christian ideology was imbibed and influenced the origins of ISKCON- Hare Krishna (I-HK) cult preaching and recruitment. Now we evince an issue that may not, as yet, be seen for what it truly is: a National Security threat in progress. We base this conclusion on revealed evidence (linked) exposing the opportune “Islamic assimilation” political rhetoric espoused by the founder of I-HK.

Do not misread the I-HK polity. Only an idiot would accept the cult’s public image to be its agenda ad infinitum i.e. street serenading ... hugging NGO’s under benignant bright lights... holding hands with politicians and movie stars in media macaroni or its ‘Swachh Bharat’... scraping doggy-dump off city sidewalks. For those sorry Indians who pay and pray under the cult bus there is guilt that WILL be faced when Hindu donations are found empowering pagan pimps selling Hindu endorsed political papacy to radical Islamic insurgents.  Read on.

De (Prabhupada, I-HK founder / guru):
“Whatever Muhammad said that is authority. That we accept. We accept Muhammad as the representative of God. Whatever he says, we accept; that's all. What you mean, that is your business. But he is the authority; he said, "This is the name of God. You chant, you pray. “Allah of God.” That's all. That is authority. (Room conversation. Tehran, 14/03/75)

The cult’s bucket-list was drawn up by none other than its founder- AC. De. Readers unfamiliar with I-HK absolutism must understand that instructions left by De are etched in stone: infallible and unequivocal. The cult points to its stone tablets like Moses and rallies its converted Joshua’ to trumpet-blast the walls of Jericho with I-HK
Law books for the next 10’000 years.

 If converting Christians to evangelize, Jews to capitalize, and radical Muslims to absolutize, then so be it.... I-HK will be elected
(Yes. You’ll get the government) ...its founder will be declared (a ‘disappeared’) dictator-in-absentia (I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this) and his institution will rule by proxy (For ten thousand years my books will guide the world).

Other than a deep respect for Hitler
(“I don’t think Hitler was so bad a man”) and resultant indifference to Judaism in his dictatorial plan, the I-HK founder was ejusdem generis when extolling Islam and Christianity. He publicly distanced himself from Hinduism because he stole from there, and it exposed his ethnicity. Publicly acknowledging his origins could cheapen his image to that of another farting fakir. Being commonized could thwart his quest for world dictatorship. Okay, permit us to present the “open to Islamic allegiance” rhetoric, ipse dixit, espoused by Mr. De:

source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/7235180/Prabhupada-on-Islam

De (Prabhupada): "Hazrat Muhammad, the inaugurator of the Islam religion, I accept him as an empowered servant of God because he preached God-consciousness in those parts of the world and induced them to accept the authority of God. He is accepted as the servant of God and we have all respect for him."? (Letter, 2-4-1976)

Islamists and Christians are both guilty of ethnocide in preservation of belief and ritual, which they still use gun-and-gospel to preserve. So then what was De, the founder of a nouveau cult, angling for if not Islamic politico / religious acceptance and allegiance?

De: "It is not that because Mohammed used a sword, we also must use a sword, No ! - we can use a Gun. We will ask -...You like Krishna ?? No -- Booom.. You like Krishna ? No -- Booom . We can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB FOR KRISHNA !!
De: "We have to kill this civilization of mudhas....those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas."
De: "Kill them. Finish. Just like Parasurama did. Kill all them, twenty-one times."
De: "You will get government  ...[....]... You turn all the people Krishna conscious, then you become President ...[...]... Not now but when we are stronger.”

De: “So therefore, by that symptom, we accept Lord Jesus Christ as Saktyaves avatara, or Hazrat Muhammad, he's also. Because these two religious leaders of the world, they preached about the glorification of the Supreme Lord. And they sacrificed everything for preaching the glories of the Lord. Therefore... And their influence and their followers, there are... These are the symptoms by which we can understand that Jesus Christ and Hazrat Muhammad was, were Saktyaves avataras.” (CC Madhya-lila 20.367-84)

“...preached about glorification of the Supreme Lord.”  Christianity and Islam have only one ‘Lord.’ Whereas De, in his abusive use of Vedism, sold a god with Multiple Personality Disorders. It is why his American editors coined the neologism- ‘Supreme Personality of Godhead.’  Furthermore De’s supreme lord was blue and burlesque. Neither Christ nor Mohammad made mention (EVER!!) of a blue god...Not once! Nowhere in the history of Christianity, Mohammadism, Hinduism, or even...Vaishnavism (!!) are we served such a platter of multi-genial gastronomy: indigestible interfaith found only in the bellicose belly of I-HK greedy godman, De.

De: "Vedas means the books of transcendental knowledge. Not only the Bhagavad Gita, even the Bible or the Quran, they are also." (lecture 29-7-68)

Sure, sure. It is why the Bible thumping Crusaders travelled to Muslim lands (as they still do) to butcher Islamists, and why the Quran thumping Mughals travelled to India to butcher the Hindus, and why Aryas who accept the Bhagavad Gita slaughtered themselves. Yet I-HK prostitutes its particular brand of cultism in conviction that non-secularism will eventually bed democracy. Not to rebirth the Brahman advised autocracy of yore, but a dictatorship- “Prabhupadism.”  And the final outcome, titillated by De’s spread-legged quotes, will conceive him as ‘Godhead’ in an interfaith orgy of strange bedfellows.

De: I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.
De: So we can bring in such dictatorship, provided that dictator is perfectly Krsna conscious.
De: Dictatorship can be good provided the dictator is spiritually developed.
De: For ten thousand years my books will guide the world.
De: That is also stated, that for ten thousand years Krsna consciousness movement will increase.
De: Yes. You'll get the government.

Okay, back to the I-HK / Islam merger bid:

De: Islam is also Vaisnavism.
Dr. Patel: Mohammedanism is not Vaisnavism.
De: No, no. Caitanya Mahaprabhu had talked with the Pathanas. He proved that "Your religion is Vaisnavism." (February 17, 1974, Bombay)

Let’s cut to the chase. Chaitanya and his “Chaitanyites” are historically confirmed as “effeminate,” i.e. gender confused. This cult of half-and- halves sexed each other (and still do) in replays of pansexual god- Krishna. To believe the mendicant Chaitanya found audience with (what to speak of converting) his butt-worshipping overlords, could only be credited if he wore his gopi bra, see-through silks and cosmetics. Otherwise decapitation (or gang rape) would be the only true outcome of his ‘proving’ Islam is Vaisnavism. It is why his cult still tip-toes around Muslim countries, keeping their backsides, necks, and foreskins intact.

De: "Chaitanya Mahaprabhu proved devotional service from the Quran...[...]... So, it requires a devotee who can explain God from any Godly literature (Morning Walk, June 6, 1974, Geneva).

There is no record in Indian history supporting this Mughal-mantra-merger mumbo-jumbo. It cannot be found in Muslim Christian Hindu or Buddhist texts, or in the journals of Western Indologists. Nor can it be found (or agreed with) in the writings of India’s hordes of imams, pundits, priests and clerics. So what is the purpose in making such claims? The answer reveals itself. Read on.

De: They accept God. They are also our brothers because they accept God. They are not atheist. Atheist don't accept God. "there is no God"? say the atheist.
But here they are theists. They accept God. They want to please God. They go to the church, go to mosques, offer prayers. Prayers is also bhakti, devotional service. The Christian way or the Muslim way is to offer prayer. The Muslims offer obeisences & offer prayer. So that is also Bhakti (devotion). The Christians also do that, so that is also bhakti. And they accept God; We accept God. So there is no difference. But the only point is who is that God.
(room conversation, Tehran 14-3-75).

After eons of human existence
- “...who is that God” is a moot point contended only in cult- caveman hunger games. He who climbs atop the mammoth to claim the brain is avatar. Let’s find who sits atop the I-HK kill, and how, unprotected by his cult-clubbers, he unwittingly answers questions he was never asked:

Q. Who is God, and what is your proof?
A. (De): Krishna means the Supreme Godhead. It is confirmed by Vedic scriptures and Vaisnava authorities.
Q. You admitted that you did not read the Vedas. How is it that Hindus who have read the Vedas do not agree with your conclusions or with your Vaisnava authorities?
There is no such word as Hindu...[...]... Fictitiously, they have accepted a hodgepodge thing which is called Hinduism.
Q. You use words like acharya and guru. These are common Hindu titles...
A. The true acharya, the spiritual master of the entire world, must be considered an incarnation of Krishna's mercy ...[...]... When one has attained the topmost position of maha-bhagavata, he is to be accepted as a guru and worshiped exactly like Hari, the Personality of Godhead.
Q. So then if guru is exactly like god, everything guru says is what god says. Is that right?
You are correct when you say that when the Spiritual Master speaks it should be taken that Krishna is speaking. That is a fact.
Q. So then if Krishna is not god but you, as spiritual master / maha-bhagavat / acharya, say that he is then it must be accepted as truth. Is that right?
This name is authorised because Muhammad said, "You chant Allah." So it is authorised, because he is God's representative. Therefore my request is, or our request is that you chant the name of Allah. (Room conversation. Tehran, 14/03/75)
Q. But...but YOU said  to chant the name of “Krishna’’!
You say. Who cares for your word? Muhammad said this is the name of God. We have to accept, that's all. Whatever he says, we accept; that's all. What you mean, that is your business. But he is the authority; he said, "This is the name of God. You chant, you pray." Allah of God. That's all. That is authority. (Room conversation. Tehran, 14/03/75)
Q. Would you like to be spiritual master of the entire world and
be worshipped exactly like god?
A. I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this.

In compliance with the aspirations of its dead founder, I-HK cultists did what all cultists do when their woolly warlock kicks the bucket : they regurgitate rhetoric to prove him right. Without further ado we present below the I-HK
ex parte disclosures citing five centuries of cult / Islamic association and Muslim genuflection to cult hagiocracy. Undoubtedly, the purpose is to familiarize Muslims with unverifiable ‘history’ in anticipation of a De (Prabhupada) prophesized global coup d’état. What becomes quickly apparent in narration, as with all such cult accounts, is the bald-faced baloney. We use excerpts from the text linked below. Readers should not be too concerned with BIF comments (in black font) as with the polity of the I-HK agenda:

: http://krishna.org/shri-chaitanya-and-the-koran/

“The following is from the Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Madhya Lila, Vol.7. The Chapter is titled Lord Caitanya’s Visit to Sri Vrindavan. It clearly presents the Gaudiya Vaisnava conception in regards to the Koran and Islam.” (Verses 159 thru 213)

“While the Lord was unconscious, ten cavalry soldiers belonging to the Mohammedan Pathana military order rode up and dismounted.
Seeing the Lord unconscious, the soldiers thought, “This Sanyasi must have possessed a large quantity of gold
(Why would they have thought that, and who is reading their minds?)... “These four rogues here must have taken away that sanyasi’s riches after killing Him by making him take the poison dhutura.” (Sanyasis are beggars. What riches? Why such an erratic deduction? How did they screen and conclude a diagnosis of dhutara poisoning?) Thinking this, the Pathana soldiers arrested the four persons and decided to kill them. Because of this, the two Bengalis began to tremble. (Authors who were not perceptive witnesses; who were non locus in quo yet detail events (and read minds?) are writing fiction or hearsay at best. Such accounts are deceptive when sold as testimony and deposition.)

The devotee Krsnadasa, who belonged to the Rajaputa race, was very fearless. The Sanodiya brahmana was also fearless, and he spoke very bravely...[...]...
(Gaudiya Vaisnavism, the fearless sect, did not produce a single soldier or martyr in India’s struggle for Independence. Go on... Name one.) “This Sanyasi is my Spiritual Master, and I am from Mathura. I am a brahmana and I know many people who are in the service of the Mohammedan king.”... The Pathana soldiers said,” You are all rogues. Two of you belong to the district of Mathura, and the other two, who are trembling, belong to Bengal.” (Oxymoronic: they wrongly assume homicide but rightly identify the culprits.)

Rajaputa Krsnadasa said,” I have my home here, and I also have about 200 Turkish soldiers and about 100 cannons. If I call loudly, they will come immediatley to kill you and plunder your horses and saddles.” (Turkish soldiers? In India!? Armed and employed by an Indian under Muslim rule? Within shouting distance of reinforcements who couldn’t hear ten galloping, scimitar rattling, militia?) “The Bengali pilgrims are not rogues. You are rogues, for you want to kill the pilgrims and plunder them.” (Would this have scared the Pathans into handing over their lunch money? Probably not. But then Chaitanya awoke with a war-whoop ... and the 200 Turkish soldiers still didn’t hear a thing.)

...[...]...When the Lord shouted very loudly in ecstatic love, it appeared to the Mohammedan soldiers that their hearts were struck by thunderbolts.
(I-HK will need to test this heart weapon before presenting it to the ISIS Caliph.) Seized by fear, all the Pathana soldiers immediatley released the four persons....[...]... All the Mohammedan soldiers then came before the Lord, worshipped His lotus feet and said,” Here are four rogues. These four rogues have made you take dhutura. Having made You mad, they have taken all your possesions.” (No forensics required.  All TEN SOLDIERS (!) were seized by fear because of a loud yell, so they did what any victorious Muslim invader would do... they worshipped the flowery feet of a yelling Hindu mendicant.... without the 200 Turkish soldiers hearing a thing) 

...[...]... Among the Muslims was a grave person who was wearing a black dress. People called him a saintly person.The heart of that saintly Muslim softened upon seeing Sri Caitanya. He wanted to talk to Him and establish impersonal Brahman on the basis of his own scripture, the Koran.
(Had this claim any substance there would be effect as result. To the contrary- 75% of India’s Harijans converted voluntarily to Islam. The only factual Muslim / cult interaction was in homosexuality and sexploitation of young devadasi girls and gotipua boys prostituted by sect temples.

When that person established the impersonal (Formless) Brahman conception of the Absolute Truth on the basis of the Koran, Sri Caitanya refuted his argument.
Whatever arguments he put forward, the Lord refuted them all. Finally the person became stunned and could not speak.
(Maybe that is why no Muslim knows about it.)

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said,” The Koran has certainly established impersonalism, but at the end it refutes that impersonalism and establishes the personal God.”
(The differences don’t concern personalism or impersonalism. It is about idol worship. Chaitanyaites worship idols. Muslims smashed idols and used the rubble to build steps leading to mosques.)

The Koran accepts the fact that ultimately there is only One God. He is full of opulence, and His bodily complexion is Blackish.”
(But listen to what De says here: “...white or a golden hue is the colour of the higher caste, and black is the complexion of the sudras." (SB 4.14.45, purport.)  And when asked directly why his god was blue and not Blackish, De dived into double speak:

Hayagriva: “Why is Krishna blue?”
De (Prabhupada): “Ask him.”

De: There is one Muslim sampradaya (school of thought) known as the Sufis. The Sufis accept impersonalism, believing in the oneness of the living entity with the Absolute Truth. Their supreme slogan is “analahak.” The Sufis Sampradaya was certainly derived from Adi Sankaracarya’s Advaitist impersonalism. (Bullshit. Muslims don’t have sampradayas. Sufi Muslims don’t know any Sankaracarya. Nor do they have any idea what impersonalism means. Nor do they use the term “Absolute Truth” vis-a-vis multifarious truths.)

De: According to the Koran, the Lord has a supreme, blissful, transcendental body. He is the Absolute Truth, the all-pervading, omniscient and eternal being. He is the origin of everything.”
(We beg to differ. If Muslims believed god had a body they would discuss features and sculpt idols. If I-HK bases its claims on De’s loose interpretations then Allah must be blue, is four-armed, wears mud on his face, rides on a bird, and does not eat mutton biryani.)

De: According to the Muslim scripture, without evadat, offering prayers at a mosque or elsewhere 5 times daily (namaja), one cannot be successful in life. Sri Caitanya pointed out that in the revealed scripture of the Mohammedans, love of Godhead is the ultimate goal. Karma yoga and Jnana yoga are certainly described in the Koran, but ultimately the Koran states that the ultimate goal is the offering of prayers to the Supreme. (Yoga? In the Quran? Really? Again, there is no idol worship in mosques. There is no chanting of a thousand names of god. The only name is- Allah. Muslims do not believe in the I-HK maha ha-ha mantra and in spite of Chaitanya’s yelling. Furthermore, Muslim namaj does not involve incense, flowers, clanging cymbals and ass-wriggling on public streets, or that infernal I-HK indoctrination for the price of a free vegetarian meal.)   

De: In the Koran there are descriptions of fruitive activity, speculative knowledge, mystic power and union with the Supreme, but ultimately everything is refuted as the Lord’s personal feature and His devotional service is established.” (What personal features does Allah have? According to I-HK god’s personal features are blue and four-armed...seated on a titanic bird spurred by lotus feet ... sweating an ocean in a lotus navel... blowing a flute with lotus lips ... deflowering minors with a lotus..., copulating with whores and gorillas, and duelling Old McDonald farm demons in an Indian tourist village. Toss that into a Muharram nihari and try feeding it to Islamists.)

“The scholars of the Koran are not very advanced in knowledge. Although there are many methods prescribed, they do not know that the ultimate conclusion should be considered the most powerful.” (This rhetoric self-refutes all claims to Chaitanya’s erudite ébrillade; further confirmed by post harijan conversions en masse to Islam.)

“Seeing your own Koran and deliberating over what is written there, what is your conclusion?” The Saintly Muslim replied,” All that You have said is true. This has certainly been written in the Koran, but our scholars can neither understand nor accept it.”
(A one-eyed account that gives cultists a warm fuzzy feeling but did no more in reality.)

“Usually they describe the Lord’s impersonal aspect, but they hardly know that the Lord’s personal feature is worshipable. They are undoubtedly lacking this knowledge.”
“Since You are that very same Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, please be merciful upon me. I am fallen and unfit.”
(After 500 years (according to cult count) only I-HK believes an epileptic vagrant named Chaitanya is the man (transgender?) in the sky. NO ONE outside I-HK believes this mutt malarkey. Not even Hindus. So why would a Muslim? Or is Iskcon foraging in De’s dumpster to feed a fatwa?)
“I have studied the Koran very extensively, but from it I cannot conclusively decide what the ultimate goal of life is nor how I can approach it.” (What I-HK proposes here is that the Quran is useless and Islamists worldwide are (by comparison to I-HK) spiritually lost. Maybe it is time to let Muslim countries know the truth about I-HK cult propaganda.)

“Now that I have seen You, my tongue is chanting the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra. The false prsetige I felt from being a learned scholar is now gone.” (Here, according to cult scribes, we find only the second Muslim convert. The first was a Muslim renamed Hari Dasa Thakur. But will two conversions be enough to convince ISIS that god is really a four-armed shape-shifter (changing species and colour) who travels the multiverse incognito preaching and performing tricks for the choir?)
Saying this, the saintly Muslim fell at the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya mahaprahu and requested Him to speak of the ultimate goal of life and the process by which it could be obtained. (Husha Husha they all fall down at Chaitanya’s lotus feet. This is very strange since no other ism outside Hinduism has a botanic foot fetish... lotus, geranium, chrysanthemum...or other.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said,”Please get up. You have chanted the holy name of Krsna; therefore the sinful reactions you have accrued for many millions of lives are now gone. You are now pure.”
(Chanting the name “Krishna” as a means to liberation, enlightenment, purity and superiority is a belief internationally propagated by I-HK. Ipso facto cult history alone can determine the truth. And what I-HK history reveals is that chanting the name 25’000 times daily, even after forty years, moves chanters to depravity, fraud, confidence trickery, mayhem, murder and madness. Ergo the claim is nonsense if not counterproductive.)

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu then told all the Mohammedans there,”Chant the holy name of Krsna! Chant the holy name of Krsna!” As they all began to chant, they were all overwhelmed by ecstatic love. In this way Sri Caitanya indirectly initiated the saintly Mohammedan by advising him to chant the holy name of Krsna. The Mohammedan’s name was changed to Ramadasa. (Chaitanya told ALL.... but convinced only ONE.)

De: In India, there are many Mayavadi sanyasis known as jagad-guru, although they have hardly visited the whole world. Some are even not sufficiently educated, yet they make accusations against our movement and accuse us of destroying the principles of the Hindu religion by accepting Muslims and yavanas as Vaishnavas. Such people are simply envious. (Contrary to De’s dilemma, thousands of I-HK converts have jumped ship. With the increasing internet exposure of its Harry Potter philosophy and ... De’s dumb statements, the cult is splashing to stay afloat. Only hoodwinked Hindus make up numbers in I-HK’s last stand. It is why the “Muslim agenda” is in the urgent box.)

Vijuli Khan also fell down at the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
(Husha husha they all fell down), and the lord placed His foot on his head.... (which, in actuality, would have got him a foot somewhere else)...Bestowing His mercy upon them in this way, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu left. All the Pathana Mohammedans then became mendicants... (...and those Chaitanya created suckers contributed profusely to India’s third-world poverty. Beware, they are now begging internationally.)

So as can be clearly seen, Krsna, Himself, as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, did not reject the Koran or Islam, but rather encouraged the Muslims to recognize its authentic meaning. (Oddly enough, Muslims don’t know of an Indian beggar named Chaitanya. Most Indians don’t. Most Gaudiyas don’t. Bengalis, generally speaking, worship Durga Shiva Kali Laxmi.) Prophet Mohammed recognized that the people of Arabia were hopelessly lost in rituals and idol worship and had forgotten that the goal of all worship is to please God (I-HK is blind to its own madness ... a madness that will get them killed in attempts to lobby and convert Muslims, even with political support in multi-communal India.)  By removing the many diversions, he was able to focus his followers attention on the worship of the Supreme Godhead, who is the source of all the demigods ...” (What godhead vis-a-vis demigods did Mohammad speak of ...EVER? Cultivores will write anything just as omnivores will devour anything.)

“Srila Prabhupada once had a dream in Mayapure he shared with one servant, he said I just had a dream about a heavenly planet where pious muslims go.” (No! Not another De-dream!)

“...in the Bhavisya Purana it is stated how Muhammed approached one king of India:
(Why a purana? Why not on historical record?) Mohammad secretly came to meet Bhoja Raja, as the Bhavisya Purana now describes. (Why in secret? Why was Mohammad doing a 007? What was he afraid of?) It appears that this meeting took place before Mohammed had achieved prominence in Arabia. (‘Appears’ to have taken place? How can the minutes be remembered ad verbum when the meeting ‘appears’ vague?)

“At night, he (Mohammad) of angelic disposition, this shrewd man in the guise of a Pishacha [a desert spirit or jinn], spoke to Bhoja Raja. (Okay so now we get it. De-dreamed ... a ‘secret’ meeting between Mohammad-bin-jinn and Bhoja,... ‘appeared’ to have taken place.... and was noted, but not dated, by Harry-purana-Potter who was hiding under Bhoja’s bed.)

O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been considered to be the best of all religions, but according to the commandments of the Supreme Controler, I shall enforce the strong creed of the Pishachas. (To declare that Muslims were tricked by Mohammad into following the creed of Pishachas (ghosts) is an insult to Islam, the prophet, and to Allah for De-dreaming a useless dumb-ass deception.)   

My followers will see to it that men are circumcised and that they wear no shikha on their heads. Instead they will wear beards and behave against brahminical principles. They will call out loudly in their prayers. They will eat all things. According to my teachings, they will eat all animals except swine. They will not seek purification by sitting on Kusha grass, rather their purification will come by warfare. (What we are given to understand here is that Islam: prayers, rituals, circumcisions, beards, diet, the ism in toto, originated in opposition to I-HK...as decreed by Allah and executed by his man in Mecca...James Mohammad Bond. Or is this just more maha ha-ha mantra malady?)

Bhavisya Purana describes Muhammad or Maha Mada as an reincarnation of the demon Tripurasura. (This Hare Krishna puranic punditry MUST be passed on to Muslim clerics around the world so they will understand that Mohammad was a demon.) ... maybe you remember Tripurasura from Srimad Bhagavatam? (Yes, we remember the sriMAD) Lord Siva killed him and his three cities known as Tripura, thus Lord Siva got the name Tripurari, so in his next reincarnation this demon Muhammad is really a worshipper of Lord Siva, (Ah. So Mohammad is Saivaite.... Hmmm.) those who are pious gets elevated and those who act according to the fanatic aspect of this pischata religion goes to hell, why ? Because their business is to kill cows, and Brahmanas and destroy Vedic culture, and even kill women (Before sending anyone to sriMAD hell, we need to re-accentuate the I-HK ultimatum. Here again is Mr. Kill-em-all De: "It is not that because Mohammed used a sword, we also must use a sword, No! - we can use a gun. We will ask – “You like Krishna ? No -- Booom. You like Krishna ? No -- Booom.” We can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB for Krishna !!")

...so it appears the 3 brothers Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana became one Tripurasura? Or the person send by Lord Visnu to bewilder them as in the above article?
Or what appears that Tripurasura was one person, whatever it is, Muhammad or Maha Mada was an reincarnation of the demon Tripurasura
(Yes. Whatever it is....the end justifies the means.)

Anyhow we pray ISKCON and all devotees may be protected by the muslims influences by the pisacha principle,...[...]...Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra... and we can preach to the pious Muslims as long as they do not manifest any pisacha mentality, and in muslim countries it can be risky... (Of course, it will be very risky when I-HK literature comes under scrutiny of Muslim pisachas... followers of the demon Moha Mada... the ghost-worshipping Islamists. Especially when it reveals cult ridicule and superiority over the Quran, the prophet, and Krishna’s daddy- Allah.)


In camera, I-HK devalues all contenders to continue implanting ethnocentricity and reinforcing outgroup homogeneity. In curia, I-HK is no more than an interfaith fille de joie spreading to bed mainstream messianism. It is in this bordello that I-HK incubates its cult egg.... tended by Hindu sentiment... sanctioned by Constitution... defended by legislation sua sponte... and subsidized by governments.

Thank You for spending time with us.



Source:  http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/telangana/mystery-shrouds-disappearance-of-student/article7132689.ece
Mystery shrouds disappearance of student in ADILABAD,

The disappearance of the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) student, Suram Srikanth, continues to remain a mystery even after more than 10 days.

The second year civil engineering student from Mangenapalli in Vemanpalli mandal of Adilabad district was said to have developed a deep attachment with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) organisation which is the prime suspect in the issue according to the complaint filed by the father of Srikanth, Malla Reddy, at the Kadri police station in Karnataka.

According to close relatives of the missing student, Srikanth was staying in the ISKON premises for the last few months.

Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc.

Source: http://www.familiesagainstcultteachings.org/News/Blog.php


It has come to our attention by parents of students who attend or have attended the University of Florida in Gainesville that a group on campus and affiliated with the university is harming kids.

The name of the group is Iskcon-International Society of Krishna Consciousness- Hare Krishna, operating under the guise of Krishna Lunch and Krishna House devotees (“The group”).

We have heard from parents that their kids are being trapped in a never-ending cycle of HAZING and ABUSE. Furthermore, the kids who have always had close personal relationships with their parents, families and friends are now finding excuses at all times to distance themselves from their parents, families and friends including all holidays and school breaks.

The group first uses deceptive and manipulative cultic ploys as expert recruiters to recruit people to join the group while not being transparent about their organization or message.

The parents are hearing from their kids the wildest thoughts and beliefs. The kids now have exotic discriminatory thoughts and beliefs that never existed before the affiliation with the group.

The group will give ambiguous explanations for the most complex things in life. These deceptive teachings are all part of the group’s totalitarian worldview, indoctrination and continuous mind control methods and techniques.

The group will condition the student to think everyone (“Karmis”) and everything material (“Maya”) outside the group is bad, and everyone and everything inside the group including their teachings, beliefs and message are all good.

It has been explained that the kids have reduced their critical thinking ability and the group has all but gained control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This also includes financially, physically and psychologically damaged through the use of mind control techniques such as sleep deprivation, insulated information, hours of chanting, hypnotic mantra meditation, isolation, hazing, information control, disengagement, continuous service, slave labor and total dependency on the group.

The kids truly do not know anything has happened to them. Unbeknownst to them once snapped they think this is their destiny in life -hook, line and sinker, be a Hare Krishna Devotee. To get out of the material world instead of being in the real world. You will hear them say “I am happy”. Of course in reality, they are suffering unhappily from thought reform, mind control and brainwashing with terrible stress and anxiety issues to follow.

One parent described it as the student being in a robotic hypnotic trance like state. Another parent described it as the student having no ability to rationalize or reason on any important life event or plan.

The hypnotic mantra gives you a nice high feeling to act as a painless inducement against modern day living. This takes you away from the realities of this world, all under the guise of transcendental spirituality.

The group has taken upon themselves to strongly manage the non-group information that their members are allowed to hear or see.

Tight information control over the outside world from TV, radio, newspapers, books, publications, media is strictly prohibited so to keep the group members from thinking critically, rationally on what’s happening in the world or questioning the group’s beliefs or see any of their criminal headlines and past history of admitted child abuse, extortion, fraud, murder or any ex-member’s frightful stories.

Instead, they strictly emphasize their own agenda, teachings through excessive long-term use of chanting and hypnotic mantra meditation sessions to get in a “no thought” state. The group uses confusing terms, jargon and language to control their follower’s minds and strengthen the group’s belief system. Repeated scriptures are mentioned during the meditation sessions to embed the information into the brain when in the no thought state.

They are asked never to question the leader/guru as the leader/guru is always right. No matter what is wrong, it’s a message from Krishna, go chant.

In keeping with their totalitarian view that promotes the goals of the group over the individual, the group embodies the totalitarian worldview by claiming an exclusive relationship with God controlling virtually every aspect of their members’ time and lives. As part of totalitarian control, the group often approves any unethical behavior through deception and brainwashing in order to foster the group’s beliefs. The group offers explanations to everything in life.

The group enforces total isolation from family, friends and society in general and emphasizes total dependency on the group. Group members are generally forced to cut ties with family and friends and replace them with their new "family." In addition to physical isolation, group members also become disconnected from their previous lives, values and beliefs.

The group believes they are an elite and secretive group that is expected to recruit and fundraise selling their books with hidden objectives and limited disclosure to protect their sacred mission. They use whatever methods are available to do this including deception, deceit and lies.

This continuous hazing, exploitation, fear, mental anguish, and intimidation deliberately and systematically inflict extreme long-term mental torture on the kids, who now are being described as radical and fanatical.

There are terrible concerns over the physiological damage being done through this continuous cult indoctrination and the long-term destruction felt by these kids. They will need the required cult counseling to let these kids know exactly what happened to them and how they will systematically tricked. Only then can be treated for PTSD and heal so they are not lost forever.

The cult problem is not exclusive to America. It has infested the world. Here below, we present extracts from a recent inter-cult circular revealing ongoing I-HK crimes in India.

Mistreatment of devotees.....(Jaipur, Rajasthan.)

...devotees / karmis... who have been used up, harassed, purged and exploited ... for  personal gains and selfish motives..... ruined careers of many innocent students and individuals... they are playing with people's devotional sentiments..... they are not loyal to anyone, nor do they take responsibility for making these problems for others. They do not care who gets hurt in their bogus process. ....cheated him in a land deal at a place called Bandikui in Rajasthan, his whole family stopped coming ...after being cheated and still maintain strained relationships... This is just one of the many people who have been cheated out of money and assets... they lose property and assets by various tricks?... even threatened to kill... and then they launched a program to humiliate and attack him over the internet, phones and meetings....used him up for his evil motives, and eventually turned on him and humiliated him publicly putting charges against him....cheated him in a land deal when they planned to stay together in the same house in Jaipur.... treated him in such a way that he wanted to commit suicide.... showed no respect and regard to him.... made him sit in his car and bashed him badly ... used dirty words... was in horror... stole many of his cows... sent his ‘stalwart brahmacharis’... to ruin his Varnashram project at Jaisalmer. Many cows died there ... attacked Bhakta at night with the help of many villagers of Jaisalmer, he had to run for help..... cannot even enter that place again for the fear of being identified.....for his evil behavior and misdeeds.  a very dangerous man.... approached a tantric to do ‘black magic’ .... is still undergoing psychiatric treatment,...were shown fake and fabricated documents...they gave an amount of Rs. 3 lakhs... The flats construction has not even started yet but fraudster ***** has collected hard earned money worth lakhs from innocent people and has duped them. ...telling them all sort of stories and telling then that this money was donation,...is now trying to sell pure desi ghee to many doctors there which is priced at Rs.1200 per kg. this is the way doctors are being cheated telling them all sort of lies..... gathered all his gurukulis and demonstrated outside Modi’s house using children like beggars just to collect money.....is now selling namkeen at Rs.220 per 900gms, ghee at Rs.1200 per 1 Kgs fooling people on the name of God and Srila Prabhupada....

Blow it out yer bum Bobo @ http://krishna1008.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/mistreatment-of-devotees-by-dayalu.html

Excerpt. Letter to Editor@ BIF.Com:

“Here is what Prabhupada (De) thought about democracy, the representative government that so many fought to secure. (Note that when he spits out LSD, he sounds delusional, ranting, arbitrary.  And then he laughs like he is talking to himself… private joke.  Also notice his “Mission Statement.”)


Tamala Krsna: Gradually some of the people are beginning to understand what you’re up to, Srila Prabhupada. Some of these big demons in America especially, they are beginning to understand that you are the most dangerous personality in the world to them.


Prabhupada( De): To kill demon-crazy, LSD. (laughs) Yes, that is my mission. That is Krsna’s mission, paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam BG 4.8, to kill all these demons, crazy demons. I have no such power; otherwise I would have killed them. Either establish Krsna conscious government or kill them- bas, finish. I would have done that, violence.


Tamala Krsna: Yes, when good argument fails?”

(Room Conversation February 25, 1977, Mayapura)

Dear Editor@BIF,

What is the significance of Maharishi Dayananda’s picture on the Front Page of your website? Is your group connected with Arya Samaj?

Thanks for writing in, Robi.
Maharishi Dayananda was a pioneer in the field of cult-busting. We have quoted extensively from the eleventh chapter of his Satyarth Prakash. He was brave and outspoken in a country where, even today, speaking out against religious beliefs can get your head bashed in, or get you a stint in jail. He spoke bravely in an era when an exposé could have him killed... and it eventually did. So we see him as a hero.


Does that make us disciples of Dayananda Swami or affiliates of the Arya Samaj? No. We have friends and associates connected to the Samaj (who do great good for the Indian Nation ... and BIF is a team of Nationalists) but we are not followers or members. In fact, truth be told (and can be easily confirmed in BIF articles,) our polity and convictions conflict with all religious holy-cow. Not to be confused:  our team is vegetarian (some since birth) and we do love the cow, the pig, the goat, and all animals, including birds, dogs, cats, rats and snakes.

PS. We are in throes of temporarily removing the picture and link. Not because of your query, but because a Front Page makeover is overdue.
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