2nd Mar, 2014


A strange simulacrum of religious complexities. Effeminates in extreme. They absolutely believe in a half-man (Krishna) half-woman (Radha) 'god incarnation' named Chaitanya. ISKCON Hare Krishna flog Chaitanya as an MPD threesome ... Radha / Krishna as the "Divine Couple" and Chaitanya himself as the embodiment of both : a confused transgender who, if we are to believe the martext gaggle, was a cross-dressing, hip-wriggling stripper with an all-male breast-sucking entourage HERE.

2. Not to be confused with any public toilet Tinkerbelle, Chaitanya maintained a single-minded percolating lust for blue god- Krishna (Bluey,) and him only. However, for reasons lost in paizogony, the blue neatherd Casanova dropped his favorite- Radha (Chaitanya) off in backwoods Bengal to continue his 'conjugal' relationships with 8 / 10 year-old village girls (gopis) in an eternal pangamy of puranic porn. The chimera hits the reality curb when given that Bluey was also aged between 8 / 10. It sure as eggs blows a gasket in Dr. Feelgood's ecstasy machine when understood that 8 / 10 year old Play School prostitots are unheard of outside pedophile popporn. So who wrote this diaper dollydrama if not a playground-prowling pervert?

3. Claims that Radha / Krishna / gopi pedo porn is Vedic, is total fabrication. Not only is the blague NOT Vedic (not found in any of the four Veda) and unbelievable, but cult porn promoters missed the timeframe by a few thousand years. Whereas sect scribes date the underage bush-bash to be 5'000 years old, there is no previous mention of Radha Bluey and the girls anywhere, or until scripted as a drama by Jayadev (Odishan poet) around 1150 CE. What was dreamed up by a bard then distorted revamped and enforced as reality by sociopaths, is no longer sacrosanct subject matter. Modern learning opens up tenets of all doctrine to examination and reasoning. E.g., to say that Nintendo's Donkey Kong is an illusion (maya) while Dvivida, a gorilla who raped aristocratic girls, is gospel (sastra) .... conflicts with reality. Both are created illusions. Everyone knows that Donkey Kong is an electronic game. Similarly, no one, not even a village idiot can imagine a monstrous silverback (unique to Africa) running around the Indian bush, uprooting trees, churning the ocean with its arms and...... raping Indian princesses. Quaeitur : who penned promoted and pushed this hieromania to cult hyperboreans?

4. Glottochronology, grammatology, graphology, psychiatry, psychology, and everyday common sense, answer questions that point directly to the Hare Krishna beatified beguiler ... the culprit ... the ghost-writer of Gaudiya god-dom. Fit fact to theory and the gigot glutton, gamic ghost of gyve comes forth : a spook in the ectoplasm of cult chanellers. His name was Kedarnath Dutta, a.k.a Bhaktivinod Thakur. He was a Gaudiya (Bengali) who practiced his logodaedaly during the British Raj in India HERE. Dutta intermingled with Christian missionaries and was obsessed with Catholicism's hagiarchy and evangelism. It was (and we speculate) possible motivation for the 2nd grade magistrate to falsify documents with a view to bringing Hinduism under one "Pope" ... a pope who possessed knowledge leaving no doubt as to his intimate relationship with the one "Supreme God" a.k.a. Krishna, a.k.a- Bluey.

5. When we key the word 'intimate' we mean ... carnality with Bluey in the bush. That's right, Dutta and his son - Bimal Prasad Dutta (a.k.a. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati) published rumors that Dutta senior was really "Kamala manjari," one of Bluey's conjugal bootie babes in the eternal rasa lila nookie fest. Why would any whacked, brainwashed bozo with a cult promised ticket to bhakti Bangkok dispute such a profound revelation? They did not, so we will.

6. After realizing he was an incarnated bhakti Barbie, Dutta snr. retired from kissing British colonial butt and began writing profusely. What he penned was never acknowledged, awarded or critiqued by scholars of his day. Albeit extracts from his conjugal Kamala karmasutra was ignored by Bengal literati, his own sect coterie of Bluey-bonking aspirants read, puked, and pronounced him a pixilated pundit. Dutta, by his own admission used opium .... and his writings reeked of it. Embarrassed by Dutta's false claims and outpourings of opiate tears, which triggered "The Janmasthan wars" and splintered the sect, Dutta's guru, Bipin Bihari Goswami concluded his disciple was a liar and rejected him. Had the humdrum remained a dark era of puranic Hindu homo-erectus we would not be on this page. But ....

7. Unfazed by allegations leveled at his father, Dutta junior, having the same pope-ish aspirations as his pop, in spite of the hullabaloo, pushed his father's deceptive docs to promote himself. He had a weapon his opponents could not counter, i.e. his dead pappy's printing press. At a time when sect literature was hand-written and hand-bound (chotto kathar,) junior used the press like cannon to shoot mosquitoes in his propaganda war.

8. Yet, and although he used the press to fancify a daddy-and-me lineage all the way back- 5'000 years, and even promoted the sect's Chaitanya-was-Radha-with-the-hots-for-Bluey bhakti buggery, his standing within the sect was ... chuha chhee. No guru would initiate him. The man he chose to bestow the honor upon, and who knew the shenanigans of his father before him, promptly declined junior Dutta's offer. Undaunted, junior used the old sect M.O. ... he dream-schemed his initiation ... Woke up one morning and declared - "I was initiated by Gaur Kishore Das Babaji in my dream" ... the very man who refused him repeatedly. However, initiation is only the first screw in the gopi gang-bang framework. One needs to be a sunnyasi to carry a spiritual stick. But, as with his first initiation, no one would give junior Dutta sannyasi initiation. So he sat down before a mirror and initiated himself. After donning the garb of a celibate monk he used daddy's documents to give himself the magic mantra ride he so desperately desired. And where did his pappy get those Bluey / Kamala classified docs? Well...... here are some excerpts sent to the BIF desk. Our informant declared no name, link, or return address. We are unaware of the author, ergo, cannot post it onymous ... Thanks anyway.

(a) “Some time ago, I wrote an article about Bipin Bihari Goswami and Bhaktivinoda Thakur in which I alluded to three books, Chaitanya Upanishad, Navadvipa Satakam and Prema Vivarta, and made the rather audacious claim that they had been penned by Bhaktivinoda Thakur and ascribed by him to the Atharva Veda, Prabodhananda Saraswati and Jagadananda Pandit respectively. This has understandably resulted in much anger against me…”
(b) “The three books in question are remarkable for the absence of any manuscripts, either in the library of Bhaktivinoda Thakur or those of his families or disciples, or indeed in any other manuscript library in the world, so we only have Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s word for it that they ever even existed.”
(c) “Next, in the absence of a manuscript, it is very important to have the text as it was originally written. There are many clues to be had about the age of a text from its orthography and language. There are many regionalisms and dialectical differences in Bengali that can give us clues about the author of a text.”
(d) “Though the language of the Prema Vivarta has many similarities to the medieval Bengali found in the other works of the time, there are also a number of modern verb forms and locutions that rarely appear in these other texts.”
(e) “According to the introduction to the first edition of the Chaitanya Upanishad, Bhaktivinoda Thakur states that the manuscript was sent him by a friend, Madhusudan Das, who also produced the Bengali verse translation that appeared in the 1887 publication.
(f) “There does not appear to have been any kind of critical inquiry into the authenticity of the text. No scholars were approached for an opinion. It was accepted at face value, a commentary written, and it was published. No information was given about what then happened to the original manuscript, nor has any other manuscript older than 1887 (or newer for that matter) ever been found elsewhere.
(g) “There are numerous catalogues of Sanskrit texts, including the Catalogus Catalogorum, which attempts to include all manuscripts in all Indian libraries. When I was in London I was able to peruse these catalogues in search of the Chaitanya Upanishad, but without success.”
(h) “The Chaitanya Upanishad is a very short work. It contains only 19 sentences or verses, of which two are verses taken directly from the Srimad Bhagavatam, namely 11.5.33 and 34. These two verses have only been interpreted as refering to Chaitanya by later acharyas, most particularly by Vishwanath Chakravarti Thakur. To find them in an Upanishad about Chaitanya indicates that this work was almost certainly written after the 18th century.”
(i) “Most of the other verses in this text are pastiches of Upanishadic verses with Chaitanya’s name inserted. Later upanishads like Gopala Tapani typically take a few verses from the eleven oldest and most authoritative upanishads and make a few changes or, in some cases, none at all.”
(j) “It has been said by some that the language of the Upanishads is difficult to imitate and that this text in particular possesses characteristics, such as Vedic accent (svara), that are proof of its ancient character. In fact, these characteristics are not all that hard to imitate.”
(k) “Did Bhaktivinoda write the Chaitanya Upanishad? In 1886, a year before its publication, he wrote Dasopanishad Curnika, which shows that he had been studying the Upanishads not long beforehand. This means the Upanishadic mood and language were fresh in his mind. It is incorrect to argue that he did not have the linguistic wherewithall to do so. He did publish it. He did comment on it. He presented it unquestioningly as though bona fide, though in similar circumstances most people would have been suspicious. He did not invite impartial third parties to assess the manuscript. He did not preserve the manuscript, though in 1887 Aufrecht was making his great researches into Sanskrit manuscripts in eastern India, an exercise that was surely not unknown to Bhaktivinoda.”
(l) “The situation with the Prema Vivarta is similar to that of our two previous texts. There are no manuscripts, no previous knowledge that any such text ever even existed. The first mention of the Prema Vivarta is found in Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s own Amrita-pravaha-bhashya commentary to the Chaitanya Charitamrita, written in 1894.”
(m) “Another interesting fact is that the PV contains the full chapter of the Padma Purana that contains the ten offenses. Coincidentally, the publication of Padma Purana was another project in which Bhaktivinoda Thakur was engaged during his time in Puri. The edition he published (1901) was significant precisely because it contained this chapter, which is missing from most editions.”
(n) “I doubt seriously that this will go far to convince those who reject even the possibility of any blemish on Bhaktivinoda’s character. To those people I will remain a hateful offender and the object of eternal opprobrium.”

For further details on the daddy-Dutta deception, please read HERE.

9. When we find a forger at work everything he / she has written, or professed to be true, comes under suspicion. Furthermore when the forger, case in point, is the genesis of a religious cult institutionalized by his son, using his legerdemain to accumulate and expand internationally, the onus to out him is of great significance. Questions hang unasked- "How much of the hare krishna holy writ hawked on streets for nigh on 50 years is fake? How has the iskcon cult managed to promote and sell a fraudster, without apprehension, even after sect branches have raised voice in protest? Both unasked questions can be answered in one sentence :
Indian attitude towards religion and belief is reflected in its penal code which prohibits "deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs." (Article 295-A). Basically what it means is- if you think Mickey Mouse is god, that is your Constitutionally protected prerogative. Our point of contention is that iskcon is an evangelical money-collection business, selling deception to convert exploit and profit.

10. To this point in time common courtesy and the law has permitted free enterprise to religious hacks and holy hypnotists. No attention is paid to medical warnings in relation to mind-damaging primitive hypnotic tools, e.g. repetitive chanting : a process that pulverizes conscious resistance to mind implants.
The pulverizer used in (iskcon) Hare Krishna is its nametag maha-mantra - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ...... Sixteen syllables to one bead; 108 beads to a cult rosary; a minimum of 16 rosaries (27'648 syllables) to be chanted intensely before morning indoctrination ... and continued through every spare minute of the day and every wakeful second at night. Chanted with intensity over a few years and "Hare Ducky Hare Ducky" will make Daffy the Supreme Personality of Duckhead.

11. So where did this maha mantra originate? It all depends on who you ask. The answers can range from George Harrison to the Kali Santarana Upanishad (another- Vaisnav in Wonderland verbosity.) The mantra was said to be promoted to prominence by Chaitanya's Muslim convert, "nama acarya" - Haridas Thakur. However the Chaitanya (is god) character, the mantra, and most everything cult comes under the shadow of facio ut facias ... collusive textual abuse ... and because no record exists of the
Caitanya Caritamrta prior to Dutta & Son manuscripts being published in America by junior Dutta's disciple (A.C.De, a.k.a. Prabhupada) in a facio ut des seventeen volume deluxe edition. Readers who followed our link to the daddy-Dutta deception above, understand that neither Dutta snr. nor his mob of Gaudiya gobblers perceived Chaitanya as trinity : Playboy-Playgirl-Playgay. For Dutta, the concept developed later. Possibly when scoring opium in Sonagachi.

12. To impose the mind-mugging mantra, references are made to its existence in a work called- Krishna Yajurveda. Google it up. The explanation as to how the KY came into existence proves that the Duttas were not the only bent bikkies in the biscuit tin. Now, in typical Vaisnav confusion- there are four recensions of the KY. Take your pick. There are also references made to the mantra in - Agni Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Padma Purana and Svarga Khanda. All, EVERY ONE, a Vaisnav produced doc., with no historical attestation outside the sect ... and plenty argy-bargy within. No matter what the date of initial issue, none of the docs were copyrighted hence ALL have been interpolated over time by whoever had the power of press and need to profit. Not unlike Dutta & Son. Of great relevance is the fact that Dutta & De, with printing presses and paraphasia, were the chief interpreters translators and publishers of the Bengskrit (Bengali mixed Sanskrit) Gaudiya puranas to English.

13. Chomsky informs us - "If you want to control a population ... give them a god to worship." The Duttas printed godmen in profusion. To proclaim the maha-mantra as god in sound, they introduced the Six sexless Goswamis of Vrindavan (16c Bengali hippies.) All six were part of the Chaitanya dream team. We are told- two of the goswamis, Rupa and Sanatana were brothers. They had a nephew named Jiva. Jiva was the jiver who, according to Dutta & Son, wrote a poem to interpret the maha-mantra for lesser humans. Jiva's interpretation was translated to English by iskcon to yoga-dazzle even lesser humans.

14. Since we lack trust in all things iskcon, BIF sent Jiva's Bengskrit pidgin, without translation, off to scholars in hope they would wade through it and provide an unbiased word-for-word transliteration. We were not shocked to receive no positive response. Instead we got replies ranging from- "Sylvester says, "Suffering succotash!" to- "Take bhang and do yourself," to- "Translate any way you like. What will matter. Iskcon budhoos don't know anything." So we decided to take on the iskcon translation as is, BIF style ============================

Maha-mantrartha-vyakhya by Srila Jiva Goswami

hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

sarva-ceta-harah krsnas tasya cittam haraty asau
vaidagdhi-sara-vistarair ato radha hara mata

Krishna steals everyone's mind, but Radharani steals even His when She makes use of Her divine talents. Therefore She is known as Hara.

BIF: Krishna steals everyone's mind? No! Krishna hasn't stolen anything. He was scripted and looks good for kinky adult cartoons. The iskcon cult on the other hand has stolen a great deal by deception. Anyhow, immediately and progressively, readers will note that Jiva's interpretation is off with the pixies down the end of the garden. His stretch
to fire the mantra is nothing more than an elastic-plastic-fantastic Gaudiya-Vaisnava-Dutta opium obtest.

karsati sviya-lavanya-murali-kala-nihsvanaih
zri-radham mohana-gunalagkrtah Krsna iryate

Because He forcibly pulls Radha from Her home with the sound of His flute filled with His loveliness, that Lord of all enchanting virtues is known as Krishna.

BIF: Child sex and adultery is herein promoted as divinely condoned, i.e. Radha, a 6 y.o. girl (Bluey was 8 y.o. at time of rasa lila) scripted as married to someone else, is being 'forcibly pulled' away from her home and into sexual promiscuity with a flute-fingering cowpoke .. a god in disguise ... who has additional 'conjugal relations' with Radha's 8/10 y.o. friends. The incongruity in narrative and imagery is symptomatic: pointing directly at pedophilia. No other felon visualizes 6 / 8 y.o. girls with rounded hips, uplifted breasts, pubic hairs, and sexually wanton
. It is a definitive pedophile mindset. Here are a few of many disturbing quotes that dégringolade human behavior, and will surely effect the deicide of Jayadev's Diaperdev.

31. Embarrassed, another beautiful gopi tried to tightly cover Herself with Her garments. Krishna's hand She pushed away. Still, on the pretext of wiping dust away, Krishna touched Her bodice.
32. "O girl with the restless eyes, I see that Your blossoming breasts cannot bear even the slightest most gentle touch. The touch of My talon fingernails will bring no pain to Your breasts."
33. Sri Krishna became like a black bee drawn to the lotus flower of another gopi's face. He became like a lion poised to attack the elephant's bulging forehead of that gopi's breasts."
-Gopala-campu, by Jiva Goswami.

"Their full breasts swelling and hardening with passionate desire caused their tight-fitting bras to burst, leaving their bosoms bare. They deliberately broke their necklaces holding them in their hands so as to appear that they had been damaged by a lover in passionate love making. Tearing apart their dresses they made nail-marks on their bosoms with their own handsand having made these signs of unbridled lust, they went to Nanda's house and said ...[...]... when Yasoda heard all this she thought how could her son, who hadn't reached the age of adolscence yet indulge in such love making."


zruyate niyate rase harina harinekSana ekakini rahah-kujje hareyam tena kathyate

It is heard that doe-eyed Radha was taken by Krishna during the Rasa dance to spend time with Him alone in a secret grove in the forest. She is therefore known as Hara.

BIF: Never could understand why Radha was secretly grooved in the grove when the Rasa dance narrative specifically informs readers that every little cowgirl perceived Bluey as expanding for her privately ... privately expanding ... or expanding his ... Anyhow, here it is- "The mystic expansions of Krsna were not perceived by the gopis because Krsna appeared alone to each of them." (KB, Ch- 33.)


agga-zyamalima-stomaih zyamalikrta-kajcanah
ramate radhaya sardham krsno nigadyate

The black effulgence of Krishna's body turns even the gold of Radharani's skin to black when He embraces Her. He is thus known as Krishna.

BIF: He did her black. He did the other little girls black. This entire pedophile concocted nonsense is black. Prabhupada (founder of Iskcon hare krishna) said that black skin indicates low birth- sudras and chandalas. So he had cult artists paint Krishna blue (Bluey.) Now when Bluey embraces iskcon his wanna-be gopis go gangrene blue. Sample pic. provided.


krtvaranye sarah-zrestham kantayanumatas taya
aktsya sarva-tirthani taj-jjanat Krsna iryate

When Radharani ordered Krishna to build the most beautiful water tank in the world (as a penance for killing Arishtasura), He called all the holy rivers and tanks to bring water to fill it. Thus He is known as Krishna.

BIF: (FYI) The tank was later bought by Kerzner International Limited and mega-structure-moved by Mathura Rickshawallas Inc., to Nassau. It now forms part of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort. Meanwhile the hole where the beautiful water tank once was is now full of pigshit, foreign Hindus, and hookers.


krsyate radhaya premna yamuna-tata-kananam
lilaya lalitaz capi dhiraih Krsna udahrtah

Because He is forcibly attracted into the forests on the Yamuna's banks by Radha's ecstatic love, where He becomes Her playful lover, He is known by the wise as Krishna.

BIF: The wise used pedo-porn wet dreams to fill temples with little girls ... devadasi'....and gotipuas aplenty for those with a little boy penchant. Iskcon's wise also got into the act until busted by the Turley Law suit in Dallas. The wise have not stopped yet. Inspite of Indian legislation forbidding the devadasi sexual enslavement of minors, they are still at it. Here is a recent media report showing the Indian Supreme Court' intervention and prevention of sex-slavers initiating 100'000 little girls into a life of devadasi prostitution and rasa lila with grandpa Bluey.


hrtavan gokule tisthann aristam pusta-puggavam
zri-haris tam rasad uccai rayatiti hara mata

While living in Gokula, Krishna destroyed the powerful demon known as Arishta. At that time, Radha called out to Him with great emotion. Doing so, she stole His mind and so is known as Hara.

BIF : If Arishta (the bull demon) was a demon who shape-shifted like all the other demons killed by Bluey, viz ... snake demon, donkey demon, bird demon, cyclone demon, witch demon, cart demon, Shrek l, ll, lll & lV ... it should puzzle readers as to why, when anti-biotic was unheard of, did they not take the form of bacteria ... hmmm? Could it be that Arishta & Co., who transited easily through intermolecular / metaspace had no concept of dangerous pathogens? We believe the buggers knew all about germs. It was that stupid (pedo-porn) pen-pusher, Jayadev who didn't have a clue. He knew all about Bluey's 8 y.o. erections and orgasms, but knew zilch about bacterial warfare which, if indulged by the demons, could have wiped out the inhabitants of tiny Gokul and forced Bluey to leave for Cambodia on the first cowcart out o' Mathura.

And... and ... and why such a variety of shape-shifting demons but no Wooly Mammoth? They were around until 1700 BC. If Bluey's demon doxology was written 3'000 BC as claimed ... surely a Wooly Mammoth, or at least a dino duplicate would give Kamsa's 5'000 y.o. demonocracy some credence? Instead, all we get is the common Old McDonald farm variety demon ... hmmm? Was it due to possibility that author Jayadev lived long after T. Rex and Wooly were gone ... and earlier than archeology / palaeontology brought fossils from the Jurassic Age to public awareness? If true, and of course it is, then glottochronoligists and historians were right in dating Radha Krishna popporn as a 1150 CE pedo fantasy.


hy asphutam rayati priti-bharena hari-cestitam
gayatiti mata dhirair hara rasa-vicaksanaih

Filled with sweet affection, Radha sometimes glorifies Krishna's pastimes quietly, and sometimes She sings them aloud. Thus those who know the secrets of divine rasa call Her Hara.

BIF: We recommend quietly when considering Radha, like her underage adulteress cohorts, was already married to another cowpoke (also 6 / 8 y.o.) in whose bed she slept.* Singing aloud about Bluey's divine orgies would have village gossip brand rasa Radha .... The Village Bicycle.

Some were engaged in serving their husbands, and some were themselves engaged in eating, but neither caring to serve their husbands nor eat, they immediately left... [...]... It appears that Krsna enjoyed the rasa dance with the gopis when He was eight years old. At that time, many of the gopis were married, ...[...]... Some of the gopis were factually detained from going to Krsna by their husbands and were locked up by force within their rooms. (KB, Ch-29)

rasaveza-parisrastam jahara muralim hareh
hareti kirtita devi vipine keli-lampata

Sometimes Krishna becomes so absorbed in Radha's love that His beloved flute slips from His hand. Mad with the desire to enjoy pastimes in the forest bowers with Krishna, Radha steals Krishnas flute. That goddess is thus known as Hara.

BIF : Other than informing us that Jiva enjoys hopping from bush to bush in imaginary voyeuristic self-indulgence : perving on an aberration (8 y.o seducing a 6 y.o.,) this phallic flute fantasy has nothing to do with a realistic synopsis of the manic mantra sold by iskcon ... which they, in repudiation of psychological and psychiatric papers*, enforce on victims as god's direct manifestation in sound ... demanding decantate to cause and effect.

*"Environmental (milieu) control, social manipulation, isolation and the use of prescribed consciousness-altering techniques (e.g. repetitive and/or continuous chanting, meditating, or praying) are some of the methods employed by cults to produce altered states of awareness."


govardhana-dari-kuJje parirambha-vicaksanah
zri-radham ramayamasa ramas tena mato harih

When Krishna, the expert embracer, makes love with Radha in the forest bowers or the caves of Govardhan, He is known as Rama.

BIF: A diaper drama-Rama.


hanti duhkhani bhaktanam rati saukhyani canvaham
hara devi nigadita maha-karunya-zalini

Radha most compassionately destroys the miseries of Her devotees and gives them great joy every single day. Therefore she is known as Hara.

BIF: Nonsense! Radha's devotees had their babies taken down the grove by Krishna's devotees to play phallic flute. Ask Windle Turley Lawyers about it. The entire bhakti, Gaudiya, devidasi, gotipua, Vaisnava, Chaitanya Iskcon gangbang teeters mentally on an MPD sect precipice shaped by rockage ritual. The dictat is- You are a man chanting intensely to become a girl in a kindergarten bush-orgy. How one negotiates through that reality while waiting on a bootie call from Bluey is an asylum party in which the only presents one gets are the ones one came with. Meanwhile it's back to chanting or Radha will remain as real and relevant to rationale as a 6 y.o. pre-school prostitot ... adulteress.

ramate bhajato cetah paramananda-varidhau
atreti kathito ramah zyamasundara-vigrahah

Krishna, with His beautiful blackish form, submerges the minds of those who worship Him in an ocean of supreme bliss. Therefore He is known by the name Rama.

BIF: What ocean of bliss? It is a felony. Child Sexual Abuse is considered the worst of all crimes. If any author wrote a similar book today his new address, and that of his publisher, would be the nearest psychiatric facility. His head would be picked daily by shrinks and his name changed to numbers.


ramayaty acyutam premna nikuJja-vana-mandire
rama nigadita radha ramo yutas taya punah

In a temple forest groves, Radharani brings the infallible Krishna to the pinnacle of joy with Her love. Therefore She is called Rama. Since Krishna is always by Her side, He is known as Rama.

BIF: In the "pinnacle of joy" of underage sex, two Ramas don't make a right.


rodanair gokule davanalam azayati hy asau
vizoSayati tenokto ramo bhakta-sukhavahah

When Krishna heard the cries of the Vrajavasis, who were afraid of the forest fire, He quickly swallowed it up, drying their tears. By giving them joy in this way, He is known as Rama.

BIF: The joy was not what Rama gave to the Vrajavasis, but the divine approval Jayadev's bubblegum porn gave to child traffickers and to the sexual exploitation of children.


nihantum asuran yato mathura-puram ity asau
tadagamad rahah-kamo yasyah sasau hareti ca

Krishna left Vraja for Mathura in order to slay the demons, but later returned, drawn by the desire to be alone with Radha. Because She attracted Him back to Vraja, She is known as Hara.

BIF: Bluey was slaying demons daily in Vraja .... Right? So Bluey's going to Mathura in order to slay the demons only to then return to be alone with Radha, literally analyzed, is nothing more than a bootie call. It is why "Hara" should be a neon sign in Mathura's red light zone where iskcon plys devidasis @ 80/20 %.

agatya duhkha-harta yo sarvesam vraja-vasinam
zri-radha-hari-carito harih zri-nanda-nandanah

When the son of Nanda returned to Vraja after many years in Mathura and Dvaraka, He took away all the distress of its residents. His every action steals the heart of Srimati Radharani, and so He is known as Hari...
.. (end).......

BIF: In portraying Krishna as Hari the protagonist who returns to the scene of his debauchery ... after many years and after sexual encounters with prostitute Kubja, and a gorilla- Jambavati (and lascivious sexual invites from the women of Mathura,) Jayadeva, the pedophile dramatist, persists in the Radha character as a little-girl-whore and harlot who abandons her chastity and marriage vows for a gallivanting god flirting with STD. How this sexually perverted rhetoric still finds canoness' by conversion will remain a mystery to many. If, according to Jiva's maha-mantra interpretation, women are sexually promiscuous adulteresses at age six, what equality respect protection and safety can females expect from such canard cult pulp?
... (end) .......


15. As witnessed in Jiva's interpretation above ... taking flagrant liberties with writ, i.e., translation, interpretation, falsification, plagiarism ... was never viewed as unconscionable or criminal by sect scribes. The goal was always to bend theory to validate Gaudiyaism .... Chaitanyaism ... Vaisnavism ... guruism ... Krishnaism, and now iskcon Prabhupadaism. Continuing the tradition of his sect, A.C De (Prabhupada, founder of iskcon) translated all Bengskrit to mean what he wanted it to. When asked why he introduced words into translations that did not exist in the original text, he claimed to be a devotee of Krishna, as such, had a right to tamper with truth to promote his opinions and views.* Not only did he introduce words and meanings that did not exist, but hijacked entire works then butchered the texts with his own introductions and purports to cloud and shroud the violation.** He then used his American followers to edit, paint glossy pictures and heavy-sell the hack in verbose volumes of deluxe deceptions. And so De continued the tradition of his guru- Dutta jnr. : using press as cannon to shoot opposing mosquitoes in a propaganda war.

* (a) Prabhupada : "Formerly there was only one Vedic literature, known as the Atharva-veda. In the Atharva-veda Krsna’s name is mentioned, and He is described as the son of Devaki. Srila Jiva Gosvami has quoted from Atharva-veda in his commentary on Brahma-samhita. Atharva-veda is the original Veda. - (Back To Godhead Vol. 01, No. 38, Dec 1st, 1970 – Part One)

BIF: Nonsense. The Artharva Veda was in existence long before stories of Devaki, Krishna or Mother Goose showed up. "Krishna" in the Atharva Veda refers to the color black. The Brahma-samhita (Bs) is just another facio ut facias collusion concerted by Jiva the jiver. Bs was never a cantillate found by Chaitanya. It is just another fake by Gaudiya fabulists.

(b) Visitor :
"Now you tell me another thing. When was the Bhagavad-gita written?"
Prabhupada : "Now you answer my question. What is the process of receiving knowledge from Bhagavad-gita?"
Visitor : No! You tell me-when was the Bhagavad-gita written? In your lecture you said five thousand years ago, but according to other swamis, it was written only fifteen hundred years ago. Answer my question. I asked you first!"
Prabhupada : "I am not your servant, I am Krsna's servant. You must answer my question!"

** Wheeler : Just copy the verses from some other translation," he (Prabhupada) tells me, discarding the whole matter with a wave of his hand.
Prabhupada: The verses aren't important. There are so many translations, more or less accurate, and the Sanskrit is always there. It's my purports that are important. Concentrate on the purports. There are so many, nonsense purports like Radhakrishnan's, and Gandhi's, and Nikhilananda's. What is lacking are these Vaishnava purports in the preaching line of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. That is what is lacking in English. That is what is lacking in the world.
I can't just copy others.
Prabhupada: There is no harm.
Wheeler: "But that's plagiarism."
Prabhupada: "How's that? They are Krishna's words. (BIF: No! There is no text in existence with Krishna's name signed to it.) Krishna's words are clear, like the sun (BIF: That maybe so. But the texts plagiarized by De, then butchered and sold by his cult, is stolen.) Just these rascal commentators have diverted the meaning by saying, 'Not to Krishna.' So my purports are saying, 'To Krishna.' That is the only difference."

*** Prabhupada: "If you do something wonderful at Mayapur that will be my credit and I can truly be called the guru of Americans. But if you do not do anything there, then that will be a great discredit for me and I will not defeat my Godbrothers as I desire".

16. As the inherent right to deceive passed from Dutta to son and onto his disciple Prabhupada, so it continues in iskcon hare krishna today. Below we post excerpts from the most popular maha-mantra sales pitch ping-ponged in cyber space. A plug used by every windbag www. on the mantra market. The essay, a buzzword bonanza, is now used widely by cult shrills to promote the maha-mantra as- "an elixir to destroy iniquities" ... warts-n-all. What remains hidden, in giving cogency to a dangerous practice, is the difference between experimental sound meditation vs. ritualistic decantate effecting altered states in consciousness.

>> A Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation". When a mantra is chanted in rhythmic tone with ups and downs, it creates a melodious effect in the body. The constant repetition causes the production and spreading of curative chemicals in the ...brain. These curative chemicals then give a smoothening and curing effect in the body. Thus mantra chanting is no way a superstition. It can also be directly called as music therapy or mantra therapy in today’s world.<<

BIF: The word “curative” in connection with chanting, as a ritualistic imposition, is only one in an overload of groundwork laying buzzwords. Which, when accepted as divine logic, open portals to the subconscious permitting entry to a skew of psyche-altering suggestions … implants.
Implants isolate the host, triggering insecurities, and initiate deeper exploration into outgroup homogeneity for support. The deeper the implant the more rapid its effect to transformation and dependence on prescribed group ritual : a process that auto challenges and debates “imprint files” of the “imperfect you” … creating a guilt-ridden need to behave to belong … a scramble to reach mythological rungs of cult perfection.”

"Cults, Hypnosis and Thought Reform

Some theories explain sudden cult conversions in terms of the social pressures exerted when a recruit is subjected to total environmental (milieu) control, while others single out the control of information flow as being the most important factor. Psychiatrist John Clark has proposed that cult brainwashing involves repeated inductions of trance-like states of consciousness, and that these states then become prolonged well beyond what we're used to thinking of as the average length of time in trance. Clark (1979) states that all the other characteristics of cult life (milieu control, the constant demand to be perfect, the constant expectation to confess transgressions, the belief that the cult's "truth" is absolute, use of buzz words and other language-loading techniques, deception, authoritarian structure) act together and contribute to a "continued state of dissociation." This state is marked by "focused attention" in which "new information is absorbed at an accelerated rate and rapidly becomes integral ... to the mind." The convert then becomes dependent on the cult for definitions of reality (p 280)."

>>Many of the mantras that are known to mankind have been constructed in the Sanskrit language, which is the purest form of language that exists from the ancient times, having its origins in India. The sounds are specially constructed to penetrate the analytical mind and affect our nervous system very directly. In this sense, they are a short cut, and are like spiritual pharmaceuticals that enter into our soul with palpable physiological effects. It is this capability that gives mantras the very specific therapeutic and spiritual properties that are missing in our everyday language.<<

BIF: We agree with the fact that mantras have been constructed (even composed) in the Sanskrit language. However, Gaudiya mantras have very little in common with Classical Sanskrit or Vedic Sanskrit. This is confirmed by fact that no cult mantra is preceded by the Sanskrit "OM", and certainly not in the maha-mantra. Most cult mantras are composed and compiled in pidgin Sanskrit (Bengskrit.) Furthermore, and of greater importance, NO Vedic system demands repetitive chanting of a specific mantra day in and day out, continuously, and with total absorption to the exclusion of all else other than indoctrination (lectures) and 'devotional service' : street pedaling the founder's plagiarisms.

>>Even if we don’t understand the meaning of the mantra, it tunes into our subconscious mind. Often we do not need to translate the meanings of the mantra, as they work their magic on a subtle level and not an intellectual level.<<

BIF: How difficult could it be to understand a sixteen syllable mantra in which eight syllables are the same ... "Hare"? Yet iskcon sannyasis, anointed personally by De, did not know who or what the syllables represented. Here is De in his purport- (Cc. Adi lila- 5.132) : " We may mention an incident that took place between two of our sannyasis while we were preaching the Hare Krsna maha-mantra in Hyderabad. One of them stated that "Hare Rama" refers to Sri Balaram, and the other protested that "Hare Rama" means Lord Rama." So why is the mantra, touted by iskcon as the incarnation of god's mercy in this age of Kali, so complex? Why are targets told- Even if we don’t understand the meaning of the mantra ...
? Could it be because Gaudiya dictum is like a lamppost .... every passing doggie has a go until no dog knows who owns the territory? Allow a few lines in clarification of the analogy. We request readers to stay in tune and alert as we progress. It is important.

A.C. De (Prabhupada) founded iskcon on the doctrine of 'disciplic succession.' It means that in order to establish the teachings as authentic De claimed it remained unchanged in transition through time. Which forces researchers back to the source. In this particular case ... back to the source and understanding of the maha-mantra as defined by the foremost of cult scribes. Fortunately we have no further to go than a few paragraphs above ... the sixteen verse - Maha-mantrartha-vyakhya by Srila Jiva Goswami.

Jiva Goswami (c.1513-1598) is hailed as one of the most prolific and important philosophers and saints of the Gaudiya tradition. Google him up. He was right there with his uncles (Rupa and Sanatana) in association with Chaitanya (the incarnate combination of Radha / Krishna) and Chaitanya's right-hand associate, Nityananda (the incarnation of Krishna's brother- Balarama.) According to iskcon's disciplic doctrine, and simple calculation, Jiva was twenty-one when Chaitanya died. So he was no gotipua. He was fully grown and in Gaudiya goosestep with the- "Chaitanya is a three-in-one god incarnate and his confidential associate, Nityananda is the same Balarama from the 5'000 y.o. Krishna Book."

Now that that is established, let's look back at Jiva's sixteen verse interpretation of the maha-mantra. Readers will quickly see that Jiva interprets the syllables to mean ... Krishna - 1) is a mind stealer, 2) playa a flute, 3) had underage sex with Radha in a grove, 4) his skin color runs like cheap dye, 5) is a water-tank builder, 6) is a playful lover, 7) beats up demons, 8) makes Radha sing, 9) had underage sex with Radha in a bush, 10) had underage sex with Radha in a cave, 11) Radha gives joy, 12) Krishna is black, 13) had underage sex with Radha in a grove again, 14) swallows fire, 15) does bootie calls, 16) steals the heart of 8 y.o. Radha.

Now we move to A.C. De' (Prabhupada) disciplic understanding of the maha-mantra to see how it clubs with the original interpretation as revealed in Jiva's poem above: Prabhupada: " ... if someone says the "Rama" in "Hare Rama" is Lord Ramachandra and someone else says that the "Hare Rama" is Balarama, both are correct because there is no difference between Sri Balarama and Lord Ramachandra." (Cc. Adi lila- 5.132.)

Immediately the dog and lamppost come to mind. Albeit Jiva goes all over the shop, NOWHERE in his interpretation does he link the mantra to Lord Ramachandra or Balaram. Now if readers are thinking "It is very un-disciplic of De," hang on, we aint finished yet- Prabhupada: "Since Nityananda is an expansion of Balarama, Rama also refers to Lord Nityananda. Thus Hare Krsna, Hare Rama addresses not only Krsna and Balarama but Lord Caitanya and Nityananda as well." (Cc. Adi lila intro.)

Whaaaat? ... Ramachandra has a larger Hindu following than Krishna, and that we believe is the (mercenary) reason for De's inclusion. His inclusion of Nityananda was to convince cult dupes who street-pedal his books. But what about Jiva? He knew Chaitanya personally (the three-in-one incarnate, WHO SHOULD BE be the total embodiment of the maha-mantra,) why did Jiva not mention Chaitanya EVEN ONCE in the sixteen verses? Nor do we witness ANY sign of respect from Jiva : he does not mention 'nama acarya' Haridas Thakur (whom he also knew personally) as being the source of his 'disclipic' understanding. So then, why does the cult claim authenticity based on traditional practices of pure unalloyed disciplic continuation. There is none. It is why we presented the analogy- " ...every passing doggie has a go until no doggie knows who owns the territory.

Note if you have not noted yet: Jiva's interpretation is sect, whereas De's interpretation is cult. Jiva uses Radha and Krishna on his Indian hook; De fishes with a longline in international waters. Jiva does not mention Chaitanya in his maha-mantra link-up. De sells Chaitanya as the three-in-one mantra based on Dutta propaganda. Dutta jnr. printed his father's poppy concoctions, which were rejected by the sect Babajis and Goswamis. De was instructed by Dutta jnr. to take the deception to America and make it scripture. De did it : gave it an international flavor and with American backing blew away not only his Indian mosquitoes but the truth as well. Here, according to Dutta snr., (excerpt from his diary) is what Chaitanya was before dollars made him god and tossed him on the Foreign Exchange.

244. ....[....]....On my first reading of Chaitanya Charitamrita I developed a little faith in Sri Chaitanya.
245. On the second reading I understood that no pandit was the equal of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Yet there was a doubt [in my mind to the effect] that - being this sort of pandit, and having revealed the reality of love to such a degreee, how is it that He recommends the worship of the improper character of Krishna?

It clearly shows, even four centuries after Chaitanya's death, and after TWO readings of the Cc., Dutta saw Chaitanya as no more than a pundit (scholar) without equal. Yet, only one generation after Dutta's death (1914,) De printed and published Dutta's writings in America (1975) and Chaitanya jumped off the press and into the god-market as a three-in-one incarnate hottie ... authenticated by a disciplic succession of more than a hundred Gaudiya acaryas, mocked-up by Dutta jnr. and published as fact. Here it is. From the lips of his own brother:

"The line that your guru maharaja (A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami- Prabhupada) listed in his Bhagavad Gita was made up by my brother Bhaktisiddhanta. He was rejected by our father Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur and his guru who was Bipin Bihari Goswami. Bhaktisiddhanta spoke against Bipin Bihari from the stage of a large public gathering in Calcutta. He called him a caste Goswami and a sahajiya (a cheap cheater).
“When our father heard about this, he said, ‘You should keep out of religious affairs. It would be better if you went and lived in Mayapur alone. Chant Hare Krishna and pray for Lord Chaitanya’s mercy.’
“But when our father Bhaktivinode Thakur died, I went to my brother and said, ‘Who will carry on our father’s teachings now that he is gone? You are the oldest.’ I was working for the government like our father did, while he was doing his spiritual practices and was a scholar. ‘You’re the one to do it,’ I told him.
‘How can I do it when I’ve been rejected by our father and his guru?’ was his reply.
‘You’re smart. Make up a disciplic succession. Who will know?’ He did it. When he went to Vrindaban to preach, the babajis there knew he had made it up.”

17. Back to the manumission by mantra, and what follows is a list of decanal doctors (In Eastern philosophy? Old hippies from Woodstock gone straight?) They wholeheartedly recommend chanting for a myriad of cures ... warts-n-all. We have truncated the essay at this point because we know ... no doctor can afford to wake up in the morning ... offer obeisances- chant in ritual to guru ... take a shower at 3.30 am ... mark the body with mud ... enter the temple .. chant until deity curtains open ... chant to guru and idols ... curtains close... chant mantras to a tree and for a bunch of other reasons ... chant gayatri mantra ... chanting the maha-mantra begins (read para. 10) ... curtains are reopened ... chant to the freshly clothed idols. If you are involved directly with deity worship, there are books of mantras & mudras to be chanted and remembered ... then chanters turn to the idol of guru ... chanting begins ... time for the lecture (1-2 hr. indoctrination) ... chanting begins ... finally it's breakfast ... chanting begins ... after breakfast it is time to sell books; stand on the street chant passages from the books ... it is noon .. chant gayatri mantra ... chant and offer all food ... chant before eating ... the working day is done ... return to the temple ... the chanting continues ... time for the evening program ... curtains open .... chant to guru and idols ... evening lecture ... chanting begins ... if you give lectures, every spare minute spent in inward chanting and memorizing scriptural passages would have been well spent ... time to study ... chant to the books .... chant gayatri before bed ... chant before getting into bed ... Every chant includes repetition of the maha-mantra.

18. The last act before sleep is the first act in the morning ... put your head to the floor and chant to guru ... chant the mantra. Through it all a cultist places his head to the floor numerous times a day offering mantras to guru; his guru's guru; the lineage concocted by Dutta jnr.; Chaitanya and his associates; Radha and Krishna. Two days in the month maha-mantra chanting is increased to twenty-five rosaries. The next day it starts all over again, and on special festivals get ready to fast and chant your rocks off. On Friday nights it's street-chanting. On Saturday it's chanting with Hindu converts. On Sunday it's chanting with everybody and anybody who attends the program. Still it was not enough for De, who we discoverd later, didn't do much of it himself.

A.C.De (Prabhupada) : "The Krsna consciousness movement prescribes sixteen rounds (rosaries) daily because people in the Western countries cannot concentrate for long periods while chanting on beads. Therefore the minimum number of rounds is prescribed. However Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati (Dutta jnr.) used to say that unless one chants at least sixty-four rounds (one hundred thousand names daily) of japa (maha-mantra,) he is considered fallen."

19. It is why we truncated the essay when we did ... No doctor, and no matter what his/her field of practice, could be involved in such an intense, primitive, brain-pulverizing process without waking in the morning, looking in the mirror and asking .... "Dr. Who?"

Thank You for spending time with us.


We may mention an incident that took place between two of our sannyasis while we were preaching the Hare Krsna maha-mantra in Hyderabad. One of them stated that "Hare Rama" refers to Sri Balarama, and the other protested that "Hare Rama" means Lord Rama. - See more at: http://harekrishnajapa.com/04-the-meaning-of-the-name-rama/#sthash.75V5awhO.dpuf


“Even though outlawed, the Devadasi system persists, forcing women into a life time of sexual exploitation,” it said, quoting news reports about another proposed ceremony to be held at Thimilapura temple at Halya near Hospet in north Karnataka.

2. I read your article Krishna: The Dark Lord; followed the "FENRIR" link and found this instruction to followers:

"Infiltrate a religious/social/political institution with the intention of causing disruption and havoc within the ranks of the same.
The religious/social/political institution so chosen should be one which you will feel some natural sympathy with in terms of its goals and members, as such, your disruptive mission will also serve the purpose of forcing you to betray certain natural emotions and tendencies, thus making you
harder and effecting a degree of alchemical change.
The infiltration can last anywhere from three months to six months (or longer) depending on logistics and application. This type of
activity can be dedicated as sacrifice to a particular Dark God."
FENRIR: Journal of Satanism and the Sinister

3. Dr. Zakir Naik talks about ISKCON & Prabhupada.

4. Feb 14, 2014
Crazy killer dad, a Hare Krishna temple goer.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/killer-dad-greg-anderson-was-an-angry-confused-and-tortured-man-friends-say/story-fni0ffnk-1226827623459
5. A.C. De, a.k.a- Prabhupada (Bengali) had plans to buy Mayapur (Bengal) and declare it an Independent State ... Like the Vatican or Khalistan. .
Source: http://iskcontimes.org/we-dont-realize-how-big-prabhupada

BIF: Operation Blue Star revisited

6. "All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo.
BIF has been a forerunner in raising the negatives of puranic Hinduism : the fact that fantasy in the name of god is a deception finding sales in a reality market.
Where Vedic teachings are based in essential instruction vs. puranic Hindu Olympians, the challenge is currently being mounted by modern literati and realists in a bid to put the ridiculous to bed with Zeus and Apollo.

7. "P’naagas call Snuffy (Prabhupada)
the “Prominent acarya”… “Uttma adhikari” …. “Current acarya” … “Jagad guru” … “True acarya” … “Paramahamsa Thakura” … “bona fide” .. “spiritual master of the entire world” … “Mahatma” … “Mahajan” … “saktivesha avatar” … “Pure Devotee” … and then there’s Rocana’s …”Sampradaya acarya.” 
So what does a “True acarya” or “Sampradaya acarya” do for Bugs, Daffy, and the toons? Here it is- “True acarya presents Krsna to everyone by preaching the Holy Name of the Lord throughout the world. Thus the conditioned souls, purified by chanting the Holy Name, are liberated from the blazing fire of material existence.”
Hey! Hang on a sec.! The p’naagas are bashing GBCs, gurus, sannyasi’ because they cannot find a single liberated soul among them … and we agree. Why? Because the GBC’ champions are -Radhnatha and Bhakti Caru. And when we look at Rocana, he is looking in the mirror. When we check out the ‘naagas all we see is akshaya-patra-pundit and his sidekicks- Yasodapop with his mouthpiece- gega goon Bobo … along with the ritvik copy-n-paste, veda-base-vyasa, Mahesh raja.

The problem lies in the claim- Snuffy was perfect. i.e. he had the shakti to liberate the world. It raises a concomitant reality- If he delivered ANYONE, who is that person? And if he could not deliver ANYONE while alive (or in half a century) how in hell can he pull it off dead. According to the ‘naagas everyone, gurus and gbc, are all assholes. So who did Snuffy deliver? If they cannot produce one liberated wriggler, then the ‘perfect’ claim is bs. Which is what it is.
This is more like the truth:

Snuffy: “Therefore Krishna, as supreme controller, He wants His representative to rule over this material world. That is Krishna’s mission.” (Lecture, September 28, 1974, Mayapur)
That’s right. Bluey wanted his representative (Snuffy) to rule the world, because when he descended- “To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion …..” (Bg. as it is 4.8) … he flopped.

The pious were never delivered (just ask the Tamils who wrote the crap,) nor were the miscreants annihilated, not even for a moment…. Villains, scoundrels, blackguards, rascals, rogues and knaves are eternally present, pre and post Bluey. They flourish unrestricted within the bhakti cult itself.
Reestablishing the principles of religion? There is currently a plethora of priests in a glut god-market (more after Bluey than before) who believe the other 99% are wrong. What religious principles did Bluey reestablish? God freaks are more confused now than when rocks were god.

As for Snuffy ruling the world : his crazy claptrap is proving a goddamned embarrassment to isk., they are shrinking his pics and re-re-re-editing ‘his’ books. But there is realistically no place to hide.

8. Hi Mr. Editor,
I thought this was really funny and stupid so I am sending it in.
Funny because the guy using the Beatle song "Get Back" to sell himself and prabhupada has no idea about the lyrics. And it is stupid because the editor of a web site claiming thousands of hits a day goes ahead and posts it without a clue.


"Go back to the rasa-lila to dance with Krishna told Srila Prabhupada to the Beatles, Harrison and Lennon. They understood him and later the Beatles sung: "Get back, get back, get back to where once you belonged."

Ha ha ha! See what I mean? "Get back to the rasa-lila dance???" Here are the Beatles lyrics:

1. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it couldn't last.
Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
For some California grass. ... Get back... Get back.. Get back to where you once belonged.

BIF: Hey, what's wrong with the grass that started it all ... Jayadev's Orissa grass? Understandably the cult is now international, and if the rasa-lila is on hold in Tucson waiting for Jojo to bring home some La La orgy bud ... who are we to bitch ?

2. Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman
But she was another man
All the girls around her say she's got it coming
But she gets it while she can .... Get back.... Get back....

BIF: It's the story of iskcon in one verse ! The true cult maha-mantra !! Stuff the rasa-lila and go wriggle bum at the Y.M.C.A.
Boy George said ... in Mayapur, every brahmacari wanted to Get Back .... Get on his Back ... or Get up his Back?

3. Your mother's waiting for you
Wearing her high-heel shoes
And her low-neck sweater
Get back Loretta,
Get back, get back to where you once belonged

BIF: Thanks Babu. Yes it is funny. Totally out of whack and posted mindlessly. Cheers.

9. Dear BIF,
The GBC have been in meetings in Mayapura for a week. There is no news coming out of there like every other year. They have a total media blackout in place. Any idea what's going on?

BIF: Iskcon GBC polnoye der'mo! Now is new Russkiy GBC. He's called- KGB-C! Da ... KGB-C!

=============================================================== (end ===========================