In a recent article (PILFERING, PERVERSION, AND MALADY), we brought our reader's attention to a certain parody in Iskcon's middle-management:- its Officer-For Life program, and how the officers transform from 'aham' to 'aham bhogi' in a short, bizarre metamorphosis:
>>After some time in his Officer-for-Life position, the TP enters into an unholy moiety wherein he subconsciously sees himself as half the deity, and when the transformation is complete he sees everything:  the deity's businesses, bhaktas, congregation, paraphernalia, premises, tax exemption status, and the deities themselves, as nothing more than devises to crack nuts for profit.<<
Once entrenched in this macabre consciousness, unhindered by democratic process, and endorsed by their handlers- the GBC, our protagonists become oblivious to civil laws that govern humanity, drifting daily further into a make believe mindscape of dictatorial exclusivity; a world governed by non-secular, ad hoc laws, concocted and contrived to facilitate tyranny and crime free of retribution. 
However, and no matter how adroit non-secular law may appear to those who legislate it, and no matter what its exercise, laws cannot contain whistleblowers if concealing crime is its intent.  When discovered, especially in religious organizations where government intervention is minimal due to trust in sanctity, that non-secular laws bind laity and membership exclusively to internal recourse thereby freeing administration from all and any public accountability, the laws and lawmakers must be perceived as criminal: working in concert to conceal crime.  This fact becomes glaringly obvious when we realize that Iskcon's Law Book was compiled in large by Suhotra Swami (late); a guru, and self confessed fraud.  From the instances of whistleblowing on record, we can see how Iskcon's appointed arbitrator- Bir Krsna Goswami, has used cult laws and the psychology of dependency to harbor seriously sick criminals within Iskcon, and muzzle advocacy for the abused.
Back to point: BIF recently posted an article concerning the Melbourne Temple President (TP), Aniruddha das, who had taken liberties with deity property: an automobile donated by a devotee, and sold the same for money.  The devotee, understandably upset by this embezzlement of Deity assets, sued Aniruddha das in a Civil Court on stealing charges.
REPORT #1 (listed below)
Had the charges been processed through channels recommended by the Iskcon GBC-  "......he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process," .......Bir Krsna Goswami, or some other 'arbitrator' would have dealt with the matter and we would have heard nothing more unless we met the plaintiff at some time in the future, and heard how he had been removed from his association with Iskcon.  As it is, he is probably chanting (or not) somewhere by himself.  But for his intelligence, he is now twenty thousand dollars richer.....

REPORT #2  (listed below)

We note at the tail end of the report that the TP's wife is appealing the Court decision.  This is very much in keeping with the vaisnava dogma that a devotee does not defend himself.  However in Iskcon, they make their wives do it for them.  Further it reveals the ready and willing attitude of these Officers-for-Life to spend temple funds in protection of their egos, even when the Court decides it was robbery and puts down a verdict to confirm it.

What follows is proof that once morphed by oozings of the 'inheritance powder', Officers-for Life, take on the characteristics and behavior of repeat, serial offenders.  Without so much as a break in stride, Aniruddha das, walked away from the recent verdict and straight into another snatch-and-grab in Adelaide, South Australia, where he is a Regional Secretary, or GBC representative or some other ad hoc title that helps enforce GBC dictatorship. 

REPORT #3 (listed below)

What readers will note in this letter, posted by the forcefully removed TP, is that :

a) Adelaide Temple under management of Aniruddha das, was bereft of congregation and financial support. 

 b) Under management of the undersigned, the congregation grew to 4,000 over a seven year management program.

c) Donations from the current congregation totaled 360, 000, plus ongoing commitments to Temple maintenance on a month-to-month basis over seven years.

d)  Govinda's Restaurant, which was closed due to mismanagement under Aniruddha das, was reopened for prasadam distribution.

e)  With the apparent success of Adelaide Temple, a smear campaign was initiated to defame management, and bring the temple (books and finance) back under Aniruddha das.

f) Attacks became physical, and secular authorities were called in.

g) Aniruddha das, using his GBC given authority, called police to remove management.

h) Based on what Aniruddha das had told police, they said they could not guarantee protection to the undersigned.

i)  Police removed Aniruddha das from the Temple premises in order to allow the undersigned to leave unharmed.

j) Aniruddha das has successfully removed / replaced management with wage packet employees, just like himself.  

(comment: this methodology is used by GBC to further subjugate members by dependency, which in turn buries crime vis-a-vis exposure).

...and here is the kiss of death:-

k)   >>Iskcon Adelaide has been offered One million dollars from the South Indian Community, Dr Laksmanan, Dr Shiva Prasad, Meera and Mani to cover mortgage and renovation loans.  This offer was given, if in exchange they were given management positions and myself and others removed.<<

Yes readers, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  Not just one little jaunty jalopy, but one million smackeroos!  Visnupriya dd., is lucky she walked away without further ado, or........

Thank You for your attention.  We have placed the reports below for you perusal 

Until next time

In the service of His Divine Grace





Top Australian Hare Krishna taken to Court for stealing

#######  It’s a  David and Goliath  battle, we’re told.  #######

Rumour is that David K, well-known Hare Krishna devotee, is about to serve Court documents on Melbourne Temple President ANIRUDDHA.

David, previously a lively, enthusiastic individual, is said to be crushed by his enduring experience of Temple mismanagement.

Court documents allege that long-time Temple President – and Deputy Member of the supreme ruling body - is a thief.

David K told insiders that he donated 3 cars to the Ashram/Temple.   Aniruddha (pronounced ani-ruda) took them for his own use and later sale.

Aniruddha (a spiritual name) was previously an Australian Anglican.  Married to Indian Acintya Rupa, he has been Temple President for over 28 years.   Aniruddha is a top advisor to the supreme Hare Krishna authority, the Governing Body Commission based in Mayapur, India.  (The Commissioner/Swamis/advisors are VERY frequent flyers, with Jayapataka Swami travelling  FIRST CLASS to bless his many disciples - due to his OBESITY!!)

Aniruddha and wife have travelled to India a little too frequently in recent years.  He (and his power) is closely protected by right-hand man Prahbu Das.

In Sanskrit (ancient Indian holy language), Aniruddha means “without control” and that appears to sum up the stranglehold/dictatorship he has on the Melbourne Temple and elsewhere. Because his is the dominant Australian Temple, Aniruddha is thought to know of other corrupt, wasteful and illegal practices of the Hare Krishnas in Australia and New Zealand, including the dubious ethics of Brisbane Hare ISKCON and the Food for Life programme (What exactly is FFL? A creation to raise money & avoid tax? Why no accountability?).

(Melbourne Temple was said to have been almost bankrupt 7 or 8 years ago.  It may still be as no accounts are published.  (It has been superficially rescued only by record Indian immigration into Melbourne.)

This is what the Anti-Defamation (of ISKCON founder) says of Aniruddha::

(Aniruddha, TP*)
This  enigmatic suction  pump has  both  hands  in  the  till … A wage taking TP, he has caused the collapse of the Victorian gurukula [schooling system**]…. The farm under his management has also taken a nose dive … Adelaide Temple which is also a Melbourne responsibility, has been on the brink of disaster…  A total “aham” [ego] freak, Aniruddha das would love to have his murti [sacred image] on the altar…

(Added emphasis -  SOURCE)

* Temple President ** Controversial system of education.  Court cases have sought damages for ‘interference’ to children.  See ‘Issues within the Society’ (in Wikipedia). New Vrindavan (Murwillumbah northern NSW farm) has recently been given  Government  $  for  its  school – despite its ‘child loving’ past.




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A Melbourne court has ordered President of Melbourne Temple to pay his victim $20,000.

Aniruddha, President of Melbourne Temple and advisor to the world Governing Board of ISKCON #  had stolen one of at least three automobiles donated by once-enthusiastic follower David K.

# International Society for Krishna Consciousness

The Melbourne Magistrates Court saw through this blatant attempt at theft.

Aniruddha (wife: Acintya Rupa) has chosen to prolong legal proceedings by appealing the decision


Open Letter to the Congregation of Iskcon Adelaide
by Iskcon Adelaide Bhakti Vedanta Ashram on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 5:14am

Dear Devotees,

We appreciate your concern that you have shown to us and feel it is in the best interests of all the members of the community of Iskcon Adelaide, that we reveal the real reasons and events behind our departure from Iskcon Adelaide Temple on the 15th of September 2010.

When Iskcon Adelaide fell into crisis back in 2003 Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar were left with no pujaris, no money and no community.  From that time, over the past 7 years, we have worked strenuously to provide for Their Lordships and their devotees.  Our community now stands at nearly 4000 persons as compared to none 7 years ago.  Within our tenure alone nearly $300,000.00 was generated into the building fund and more recently a smaller amount of just over $60,000.00 by some of the new congregation.   The average Temple running costs of nearly $100,000.00 were covered, year in and year out over this time.  Govindas Restaurant was re-opened onsite in 2003, HKFFL was maintained twice weekly and regular daily Temple programs maintained.  This is the standard you expect from any Iskcon Centre throughout the world and we ensured that in the name of Srila Prabhupada these activities continued.

 Although we achieved alot, we also endured alot.  Being a Temple with the first woman in charge in Australia clearly held much opposition from within Iskcon. Outside of Iskcon, there is no concern of such a role.  Persons within the Temple community began a campaign of hatred and envy towards myself as the Manager of the Temple and tried in numerous ways to have me removed by such acts as blackening my character through false allegations directed towards my children, mismanagement, adultery, theft and corporate crime.  I even had to endure being physically attacked by one person whom which the secular authorities had to deal with.  These attacks have never stopped our determination to serve Srila Prabhupada or Krishna, but they did draw the attention of other managers around Australia who saw some weakness from within our community and chose to take the opportunity to take control of iskcon Adelaide to extend their control within the Society.

Earlier this year Iskcon Adelaide was attacked again from within the community of devotees.  These persons contacted government agencies to try to bring a stop to the activities of Iskcon in Adelaide.  Initially they threatened these actions by form of blackmailing myself to resign and leave the post of managing Iskcon Adelaide.  When I did not listen to their threats, they went ahead and made allegations against Srila Prabhupada's Iskcon to have the centre shut down.  These were the same persons who had tried numerous times before to bring my management into disrepute.  These are the persons who now walk amongst you at the Temple.  You will have already come across many of them.  You will recognise them simply by having not seen them before, or having not seen them for many many years.

A plan of management re-structure to help Iskcon Adelaide was put into place in May this year.  We worked with full co-operation of this new re-structure, however, this angered one of it's members.  The idea was from this member, to put pressure on myself so I would not like to work within such tight confines of others looking over my shoulder and that I would simply leave.  When that did not work, an idea to bring in a person above me, a "Temple President" was conceived.  It was hoped that I would leave from having that ‘supposed’ imposition put upon myself.  Regardless of this political reshuffle, we were continuing to meditate how to simply continue to serve Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha-Shyamasundar.

I was offered, and accepted, for my service to continue and for myself to maintain ongoing representation for Iskcon on a National level, one member from the management team did not want this to eventuate.  Instead, he issued a statement that he wanted myself removed from management for Iskcon Adelaide and also that he was no longer permitting myself to attend the Temple.  He told me he would call the Police and have them remove me if he failed.  So it was on the 15th of September, that Aniruddha called the Police to have me removed.  I had just finished dressing Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara and preparing Srimati Radharani for her darshan when this happened.

Although Aniruddha had no mandate to remove myself from the premises according to the Police, they told me they could not guarantee my or my husbands safety based upon what Aniruddha had told them.  The Police offered me assistance and protection from Aniruddha and took him away from the building to allow me to leave unharmed.

Many of you have told us of the untruths being perpetrated about our departure, when you visit the Temple.  It is clear for you to understand what really happened now and you do not have to listen to those whom present defamatory mis-information about ourselves and the Temple.

Aniruddha has committed a grave offence to the topmost Vaisnava, Gopesvara Mahadeva by removing Lord Shiva from the worship in the Temple.  Along with removing Lord Shiva, Aniruddha has had the Peepal Tree cut down from the premises.  These offences will only bring inauspiciousness to Aniruddha and those involved.  Lord Shiva was gifted to the Temple and was worshiped daily at the feet of Radha-Shyamasundar and removing him due to ignorance is the most unfortunate act.  The peepal tree was cultivated for the past four years by Bhakta Nicholas and finally planted this year within the Temple grounds.

Contrary to current rumour and innuendo, we did not do service for Iskcon for money, we did as all members of Iskcon are meant to do, that is help out the preaching mission of Srila Prabhupada.  Since our departure, this dynamic has changed.  The pujaris, cooks and office workers all receive substantial cash income to do devotional service, contrary to Srila Prabhupada’s desire.

Iskcon Adelaide has been offered One million dollars from the South Indian Community, Dr Laksmanan, Dr Shiva Prasad, Meera and Mani to cover mortgage and renovation loans.  This offer was given, if in exchange they were given management positions and myself and others removed. I am sure you will welcome the freedom that you will experience in not having to continually donate for this purpose now those expenses are being taken care of by these persons.

Having said this, there is nothing wrong with Srila Prabhupada's teachings, the shelter he provides and of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. Bhakti Yoga is the process for this age and the yuga dharma of nama sankirtana should never be avoided. 

Srila Prabhupada built a house in which the whole world can live, and what you have witnessed with the activities of the aforementioned persons is in opposition of Srila Prabhupada’s desires quite clearly.

From Visnupriya devi dasi and Gour Gopinath dasa