26th Feb.  2011

Peons of Perfidy: Augmenting the Guru Hoax

As promised, we present the video taped conversation between Keith Ham (aka Kirtanananda Swami) and John Gordon Erdman (aka Jayapataka Swami.)  This video was shot soon after Srila Prabhupada's departure after saying it was possible he had been poisoned.  The tape gives us an inside to the undercurrents of discontent existing at the time, and importantly, the psychological and philosophical strategy being outlined to justify the usurpation of ISKCON by two self-titled honorifics- Bhaktipada (Ham) and Acaryapada (Erdman).  It is a shameless exhibition of ambition and pride by two swindlers willing to face any opposition in a bid to secure money and worship- "as good as God". 


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