"Godmen feed theology to the masses so cult can dine on neurosis ..... and mad doesn't know it."
- Editor@BIF.com

14th. November 2014


1. Few scenarios are more tragic than the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts. Yet the rein of error and rape of reality imposed on the world by tarradiddle theism remains resistant to rationale ... beyond law or legislature. E.g., to debunk data researched and revealed as accurate, inveterate, true to life vs. Iskcon malarkey, hare krishna culturomics proffer one word to describe contradiction, non-conformity, confliction and confrontation- "Mundane". Overused and abused like a hyperbolic steroid, the word is applied to negate fact by proclaiming it irrelevant to the soul on its journey back (or forth. ... still under debate after 46 years of hare krishna blah) to its constitutional position, which is eternal membership by cult palingenesis to a Hare Krishna prostitot pedophile pangamy.

2. Importantly, usage of the word mundane is not limited to defend manic cultism or its public persona - we are the chosen ones. From an investigative perspective, the word exposes a quintessential cult axiom - "Your guru says you are superior to educated consensus because you are benedicted ... magically cognizant" : an engrafted conviction of infallibility, giving uneducated lowlife bogans belief that trafficking deceptive cult theology magically achieves an honoris causa in all fields of knowledge. As such, iskcon headbangers live in a headspace where dreams and imaginings are perceived as directly injected by divinity. A mantra-meth-reality beyond mundane provability.

3. Where such cognitive dissonance is promoted in religion without intervention by secularism : government, law, or executive, it gives sotto voce endorsement to maladaptive behaviorisms .... tragic traditions ... bizarre beliefs, and interfaith confronting testimonies. Which is then shopped as spiritual fact vs. reason, research, proof, and... competetion. As a result we find astrophysicists with degrees from Harvard praying with thanks to a multi-armed goddess who resides in an ethereal reality. At its apex- the leader of a country embattled by religious race conflict is viewed on primetime TV handing out holy hackwork to visiting dignitaries. Other prominent ministers use popular social interactive sites to post (iskcon hare krishna) paintings of the sun god riding on a chariot drawn by horses on a daily journey of rotation and revolution around our planetary system (Whaaaat?) And these are twenty-first century leaders who campaign on secularism, development, progress, prosperity and equal opportunity.

4. Meanwhile the country, nay the world, simmers with prejudice and lurking suspicion ... one government fostered ism against another. The next communal conflagration is only a misunderstanding away. Apparently the blood-saturated altars of religion are nowhere near satiated, as yet. Nor have our administrators, themselves bewildered by biblical bhagavans, found reason to extricate electors from the holy bloodletting. Conversely, they work bonhomie ... in unison with organized religion, which threatens peace ; preys on mortality and insecurity ; generates huge profits and is practically impossible to eradicate.

5. Before going into cult vs. mundane, we remind readers that religion ... its beliefs, absurdities, unwitnessed, unproven, irreproducible miracles, and myths that theists insist and persist upon as divine reality, has no objective other than to shackle and exploit the unwary. The clientele these dream-sellers target are NOT the poor, as professed. Organized cults seek out the impoverished for three reasons- 1) To qualify for a tax-exempt charity status, 2) free menial labor and 3) to entrap the affluent (the true targets) by guilt and fear. Like Bonaparte said- "Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich." To achieve 2 & 3 cultism preaches a reactionary, retributive afterlife. It is why "reincarnation" and "karma" play hyper-manic roles in target grooming and interaction.

6. Yet no cult theory can hold traction without first establishing a tangible tale-teller who comes introduced with intimate links to that man in the sky. And if our holy tale-teller has ticked the 'religious organization' boxes ....abracadabra ... goo turns gospel. From then on it's easy pickings. Cult wealth is gurugasmic, like a pole-dancer's perquisites. And strange as it may seem, no one can raise protest against these government-permitted liars, confidence tricksters and warmongers. They are protected by law.

7. Here below we present a typical snippet of what cultists post on the internet and sell as irrevocable fact. Excerpts are darted in black font >><<

>>Srila Prabhupada, who has actually SEEN Krishna! Prabhupada is a nitya-siddha, he is an eternal associate of the Lord. He was with Krishna in the spiritual world before coming to this world to preach. These mental speculators doubt him, His Divine Grace who actually had darshan of Krishna many times even while physically present on this earth." << http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/10-14/editorials12252.htm "

8. NO ONE! Not Christ, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha or Bugs Bunny has told taller tales or made more outrageous claims than the hare krishna mythomaniac - A. C. De (Prabhupada). And there never was a pretender more aware of the respect given religious pick-pockets in India : a freedom to confabulate unhindered, with immunity granted by social convention and via corridors of government. Yet, when we look at the man himself, his history, it begins with fables about his royal birth ; lies about his varied fields of education ; an inhumane marriage to, and sexual exploitation of a minor resulting in dead progeny ; his dysfunctional family ties ; lies about origins of his cult ... its faked lineage ; his ridiculous claims of intimacy with a blue god in the sky; his plagiarism of Indian texts ; statements he made on public record confirming his ignorance on several issues ; his ambiguity and narcissism, which embroiled his cult in ongoing controversy and left it splintered ; his writings (purports) that reveal the ranting and ravings of a despot ; his death, which was prolonged torturous and humiliating : he drooled defecated and urinated where he lay ; and then ... his final thanks to those who abandoned everything to serve him free of remuneration because they believed in his bullshit ... he accused them of poisoning him. And so, what he left behind remains what it is ... a back-stabbing business ... mentally and physically ruinous and spiritually depleting.

9. For a cultist to accept the iskcon founder as fake is to accept himself likewise. And that is totally out of sync with avowed benedictions. Hence use of the word mundane to shut out reality while converting fart to fecundity ... a wind-breaking eloquence inhaled only by spiritually advanced souls. Here below we present another cult attempted conversion. This is by allegation of plagiarism against the (mundane?) Greek author, Homer, his Iliad & sequel- Odyssey.

10. The accuser cited his good-as-god guru (De) in claims that the hare krishna tome, sriMAD Bhagavatam (a plagiarism of the Bhagavata Purana which is a plagiarized Vishnu Purana) was source for Homer's narrative. Confused? So were we. Allow us to explain.

11. One of our readers came upon a hare krishna cult forum in which a poster (Australian with a Hindu alias) stated that iskcon's founder had proclaimed The Iliad and Odyssey to be sourced from sriMAD Bhagavatam. Had there been no query it would have slipped into cult hearsay and superiority, as another "Prabhupada said" fact. However a poster and fellow cultist (also Australian) queried the statement hoping that maybe surely it could must possibly be true (?) ..... Here are both postings.

>>Sudarsana Das Vanacari says:
18. October 2014 at 4:23 am
" .... He also translated Homers "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey"* (*which Srila Prabhupada said comes from The Srimad Bhagavatam).

Balaram das says:
19. October 2014 at 2:08 am
Hare Krsna Sudarsana Prabhu, interesting quote from Srila Prabhupada re "The Ilyad" & "The Odyssey". Would you kindly advise any reference you have where it is mentioned.
Many thanks,
Yhs, Bal.<<

12. Whereupon the first poster, a cult Puffin' Billy, used the opportunity to blow his fecundity down the thread. He began his response with a nutshell braining of the Greek work. He then made off on a magical mystery tour ... evoking grimoires of Gilmesh (or Bilgamesh,) Adam and Eve, Moses, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Upinashads ...and Pythagoras. Rocking his toy-gauge choo-choo, he made whistle-stops at the Australian Aborigines "Dreamtime" and his own dreamtime before moving on to Mahavishnu's dreamtime and the Sioux Indian dreamtime connection. He then brought all "belief systems" and theistic mind-travel under authority of De (Prabhupada) and his sriMAD Bhagavatam. After giving his fecundity effluvium full throttle he finally chugged up to the question. And this is what we get :-

>> I am unable to verify whether Srila Prabhupada did in fact make a "specific" reference regarding Srimad Bhagavatam and The Odyssey which in hindsight I should have verified. So please disregard the specific nature of the statement and forgive any oversight on my part as I am just a fallen, conditioned soul with no intelligence.<<

13. Now here is a fellow, a Vanacari (?) and humble to boot, who rattles off Greek Gilmesh and Garfield with dreamtime aplomb, but fails to nail down a history-challenging-scoop he claims came directly from his god-buddy guru, who is prayed to, drooled over, and flower-bombed as a terracotta deity (doll made in China,) everyday and Sunday.

14. Our readers should be aware that this technique of introducing misinformation to the masses is a traditional scam now spreading across the internet with only a few voices in challenge. Every Hindu / Temple / Spiritual info-interactive media page is bombarded with cult-fiction proliferated by iskcon. Keyword references to 'Vedic'.. 'Veda'... 'Temple' ... 'Hinduism' ... 'Krishna'... 'Purana' ... 'Upinashad' ... 'Yoga' ... etc., will lead internet researchers to overt and covert cult blogs, keyed and controlled by iskcon westerners. Every 'Hindu' connected page on the grid is sriMAD bent and screwed. And this Vanacari fellow is a nobody by comparison to cult Ph.De' who use doctorates in 'vaisnava philosophy' to dragnet the matrix in search of targets. And when challenged by educated inquisitors, the word mundane bridges escape between terra firma and Terabithia. Okay, here below we present this Vanacari fellow's answer in toto, inter-spaced with BIF interjections:

>>Sudarsana Das Vanacari says:

21. October 2014 at 4:32 am

Dear Balaram Prabhu.

The Greek writings of Homers "The Odyssey" go back to the 8th Century BC (and some say the 12th Century BC). This is a story about "The journey home" and the trials and tribulations faced by Odysseus (Ulysses in Roman) in his and his companions quest for "Immortality and enlightenment". To reach this "ultimate goal" he must overcome many obstacles such as demonic opponents, the sirens, forgetfulness, darkness, intoxicants, illusion and maintain a deep faith in a higher authority. His companions disregard for the clear messages they were instructed to adhere to led to their ultimate destruction (drowning etc) with Odysseus beying (sic) the only one to successfully "return home." <<

15. So what came first The Odyssey or the sriMAD Bhagavatam? The Odyssey, dated by glottochronology and supported by literary evidence, was compiled in the 8th century, 760-710 BC. The dating and genre, i.e. a mythological account of the Trojan war, is universally accepted. Conversely, Iskcon will tell anyone who comes for a free meal that the sriMAD Bhagavatam was WRITTEN 5'000 years ago (spoken by Vyasa and written by Ganesh.) The tome is pressed and publicized by iskcon as an eternally reincarnating, inter-galactic control-manual ... dictated personally (to De- Prabhupada) by blue god-krishna, and bequeathed to iskcon .... to sell on the street for donations (?)

16. Besides the fact that writing was not yet invented 5'000 years ago, scholarly (mundane?) consensus reveals iskcon's 5'000 year old claim to be fake. Why? Because the source of the sriMAD ... the Bhagavata Purana first came to attention in 1030 CE when mentioned by al Birum and quoted by Abhinavagupta, and since it contains more details of krishna's biography (gopi bootie, and introducing Radha) than the 3rd-4th-century Harivamsha and Vishnu Purana, the dating was limited to 500-1000 CE. R.C. Hazra dates it to the first-half of the 6th century, while most others place it in the post Alvar period around the 9th century. Which puts the sriMAD Bhagavatam (pretty much) on the scribble-pad of purana plagiarist, Bopadeva - II50 CE. Far, far away from the 5'000 year claim made by the blue god's Bengali buddy, hare- krishna-hare-ram-hurry-cash, De.

17. No matter how we look at it, the sriMAD was not written 5'000 years ago. Further still, unless researched as the Bhagavata Purana, the Iskcon sriMAD Bhagavatam has no known history. Why? Here is a quote that sums it up ... "Another cult classic attributed to "Veda Vyas," the Bhagavata Purana (BP) is in fact a plagiary of the Vishnu Purana (VP). The work has been further interpolated, adapted and interpreted for resale in western countries as Shrimad Bhagavatam."

May it never be said that BIF made statements without reference. Here they are:-

"Let the Bhagavata and the VP be now compared. As regards the contents, the Bhagavata is closely connected with the VP with which it often agrees literally and it is undoubtedly dependent on the latter. By comparing the genealogies in both Puranas, Pargiter has come to the conclusion that 'the Bhagavata has used the Visnu in its composition.' Many myths and legends, which are found in a concise and older form in the VP, appear in the Bhagavata in a much enlarged and elaborate version. For instance, the stories of Dhruva, Vena, Prthu, Prahlada, Jada Bharata and others occurring in both Puranas may be compared. The Bhagavata (Book X) contains the biography of Krsna which is here given in much greater detail than in the VP and the Harivamsa. In particular the love scenes with the cowherdesses (Gopis) occupy a much larger space. In the VP a black hair of Visnu is said to be incarnated as Krsna, i.e. Krsna is an incarnation of an exceedingly small portion of Visnu; but in the Bhagavata he is called amsavatara or Bhagavan himself (krsnastu bhagavan svayam). In the Bhagavata there are stories not found in the VP. The story of Kapila (in Bhag. III 24 to 33 Adhy.s) may be cited as an example. From all these it appears that the VP is older than the Bhagavata. If the latter Purana is assigned to the sixth century A.D., then the date of the former should be placed earlier."

- Rajendra Chandra Hazra

"Except Gaudapada (the grand preceptor of Sri Adya Sankaracaryaji), none has any knowledge of the BP. The time of Acarya Sankara has been given 788-820 AD, so that the time of Gaudapada should not be earlier than the middle of the 8th cent. AD. Hence the BP is earlier than the 8th cent. AD.

There is only one factor, which will be helpful to derive the time of the composition of the BP. Unlike the prose of the VP, that of the BP presents the prose (given mostly in the Skandha V) nearing to the classical style of the most famous poet Bana, the author of Kadambari (first half of the 7th cent. AD). It means that the time of composing of the BP is not earlier than the later half of the 7th cent. AD and not later than the first half of the 8th cent. AD."

- Prof. K.K. Shastree

"It is clear that whoever the author or authors of the Bhagavata was, he or they were deeply steeped in the Vedic texts (I am not using Vedic ignorantly here. I really mean the Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanisads). In that sense the Bhagavata is an interpretation or commentary on those ancient texts. That is why I think the Bhagavata was written in a community of brahmanas in the South among whom memorization and use of the Vedic hymns in rituals was (and is) still active and alive, a community like the Nambudiri brahmanas of Kerala which is the community that Sankara came from. They were in his time mostly Vaisnava and, i think, still are today. Anyway, their level of learning and engagement with the Vedic texts and practices is a good match, in my opinion, for what we see in the Bhagavata.

The Bhagavata was written by a Vaisnava southerner (who did not know the geography of Vraja at all). The Nambudiris are Vaisnava southerners.

The Bhagavata espouses a theistic-advaitism that is very similar to that of Sankara and he was a member of that same Nambudiri community. This, of course, depends on one's acceptance of the recent research on Sankara done by Paul Hacker, Nakamura, and Mayeda which argues that most of the works of Sankara were not really by him and that those that probably are by him are all Vaisnava and are not atheistic or mayavada. If this is true this invalidates most of what has been said about Sankara by both IGM and CV. They misunderstand Sankara as an incarnation of Siva, a Saivite, who accepted the vivarta form of Advaita. Actually, he was a Vaisnava for whom Brahman=Visnu. This is very close to the position of the Bhagavata."

So what else can the Bhagavata tell us about itself?

Its use of the word yavana tells us that it was composed after the incursion of Alexander the Great into India in 326 BCE. Now that may not apply to all of the text because it is obviously a composite text. Here are the parts of the text that should be regarded as separate parts added perhaps at different times and from different sources."

The first skandha and the last skandha are the most recent additions. Because of the way Sanskrit books were bound in the old days it was easy to add leaves on to the front and the back. To put them in the middle was problematic. The first skandha is clearly an advertisement of the main text. It and the last are like the blurbs found in modern books on the front flap of the cover and the back flap of the cover. They mostly tell us what a wonderful book the Bhagavata is and praise and substantiate its author. These are certainly not by Vyasa no matter how you conceive of him. They fall well outside the portion of the text represented as spoken by Suka. They are high quality, no doubt, but clearly presuppose the existence of another text called the Bhagavata.

The Third and Fourth Skandhas seem also to form a unit distinct from the rest of the work. Those likely came from another source. It is as if the story starts over again at the beginning of three. We are plunged back into creation and eventually presented with the dialogue between Devahuti and Kapila which is not found in the VP or Harivamsa. If these are later additions then it is likely that two is too. Skandha Two is one of the places where the word yavana (from ionian) occurs as well as the word huna (for Huns).

One has to wonder, however, how the form of the text might change in its various manifestations. Does it take a form that fits into each historical context in which it manifests? So in the form before us, it mentions the Greeks (yavana) and the Huns (huna), the Buddha and Mahavira, and even, it would appear, the Tamil saints known as the Alvars, in order to fit into the historical place in which it appears. Surely these accidents of history are temporary and impermanent and would not figure in an eternal text. Maybe they are like lint that is drawn and attached to the fabric of the text whenever it manifests, in which case we need to separate the fabric of the text from its lint to get to the eternal part."

-Neal Delmonico

Srimad Bhagavat- "This book was made by Bobadeva whose brother Jayadeva wrote Gitagovind. He has written some verses in his book called Himadri to the effect that he was the author of Shrimad Bhagavat. We had 3 leaves of that book with us, out of which the first one was lost. We have composed the following two verses of the same purport as those that were on the leaf that was lost. Whosoever cares to see the original verse should consult the Himadri.

"The Prime Minister Himadri said to Pundit Bobadeva, I have no time to read your book called the Shrimad Bhagavat or hear it read. Please make a brief summary of it in verse so that by reading it I may be briefly acquainted with the story of the Bhagavat." There were altogether 10 verses on the leaf that was lost. The following verses beginning with No. 11 that are given below are all the composition of Bobadeva:-
11. "Certainly. The story of the Bhagavat retold is as follows:- The five questions of Shaunaka and Suta's answers (are given) in three (verses)." HIMADRI.
12. Questions and (subject of) incarnations, Vyasa's disinclination for (writing) work, Narada's convincing speech supported by arguments and (an account of his) own birth.
13. Murder (of Arjuna's children) while asleep by Drona, protection of Parikshaita while he was in his mother's womb by Pandavas with arms, attainment of his position by Bhishmama, and Krishna's arrival at Dwarka.
14. The birth of Parikshita, who had heard Bhagavat read, Dhritrashtra's going away, Krishna's shuffling off his moral coil and then the Pandavas' departure for the Himalayas (have all been described in the Bhagavat).
15. Thus have 18 Chapters of the first Book of the Bhagavat been summarized in 18 padas (of this summary) in consecutive order. The king (Ydhistra) renounced his extensive kingdom in which justice was meted out to all, etc.,

This completes (the summary of) Book 1."

Thus was a brief summary of the 12 Chapters of Bhagavat prepared by Pundit Bobadeva and given to the Prime Minister Himadri. Whosoever wants to see a detailed account of it should consult the book called Himadri.' (Excerpt: Satyarth Prakash).

"Had Vyasa been the author of the 18 Puranas, there would not have been so many stories in them, as it appears from the perusal of his other works, such as his commentary on the Yoga Shastra, and the Vedanta Shastra, that he was a very truthful and righteous man of vast learning and a great Yogi. He could never have written such falsehood (as are recorded in the Puranas). Those sectarians - so hostile to each other - who wrote the so-called Puranas (ancient books) such as the Bhagvat, which are in fact apocryphal and of recent origin , did not possess a particle of the noble qualities of Vyasa. It is not learned men like Vyasa who could write what is false and oppose the Vedas and other true Shastras. It is the work of the selfish, ignorant and malevolent men." Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.

18. To further unwind the cult's coils we recommend reading our essays- "True Writing" ... "Grand Theft Atma" .... "Ulilations from a Cave" ... and "Mumbo Jumbo Mango". All are listed under "Latest News" on our Front Page. Okay, back to this Vanacari fellow's posting-

>>This story is strikingly similar to the story of Gilgamesh 18th Century BC Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) as he also set off (to the end of the earth) to see "what few are able to see" in the quest for enlightenment. The tales of "The Great Flood" and of Adam and Eve (though the actual names are different) also come from the story of Gilgamesh (or Bilgamesh) along with many "metaphoric elements similar to The Odyssey"<<

19. Had Gilmesh undertaken his journey post Galileo Galilei, he would not have traveled to the end of the earth unless he believed the earth was flat (like hare krishna) ... carried on the tusks of four elephants ...riding on the back of a turtle .... swimming in an ocean of sweat ... secreted by and contained in the navel of a gigantic four-armed god who hangs out in space with a hadeharia hangover. And to prove they have the Shaivites shanked, the Buddhists bashed, the Muslims mashed, the Christians crushed and J.K. Rowling rooted, the De worshipers have proof (?) of folk falling off the edge of the world... landing in elephant dung ... doing a turtle-back bounce-and-splash into holy brine.

20. We don't have time for Adam and Eve or iskcon's Adam and Steve or "The Great Flood" or Noah and how, or why, he forgot the dinosaurs. So let's move on.

>>Everything is coming from Srimad Bhagavatam because it is transcendental, timeless. It is all connected (and non-different from) with Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Upanishads (the latter beying (sic) followed by Pythagoras 6th Century BC)<<

21. Pythagoras is certainly the mundane ingredient in this mishmash. He has his own theorem. Bhagavadgita (and specifically the iskcon gita As It Is) is interpolated to the point of senselessness ... only beneficial for street-begging cultists who don't care for mundane reality. Here's an excerpt from the Bhagavadgita by Raw:-

Sri Arjuna uvacha: "O Janardhana, millions are waiting for us to finish this conversation so they can butcher each other, and here you are doing a yoga commercial. Why?"
Sri Bhagavan uvacha: "A guy named Sanjaya has bugged our ride. He is recording every word. We have a book deal with my Bengali homie - Prabhupada. He has Jewish editors writing in Amrikan. They will mistranslate and interpolate and have goyim flog it for donations at LAX."
Sri Arjuna uvacha : "Wow. All ya gotta do is add dat universal form trick, and we'll blow the Buddhists off this flat Earth."
Sri Krishna uvacha : "Now yer tinking, Shylock."
Sri Arjuna uvacha : "Can De-me ... err Prabhupada, who says he is equal to you, do the universal thingee?"
The Supreme Personality uvacha: "Sure. It all depends on whether he uses Nepalese or that cheap Pakistani shit.... Sanjaya!? Sanjaya!? Edit that bit. We don't want folk thinking we deal when all we do are hallucinations."
Sri Arjuna uvacha: "Yep. Let's keep a lid on it. Bad enough those Padma Purana stories about you and me; the underage gopi-bonking lila, and then you married that gorilla."
The Lord of the gopis + 16'108 wives + a gorilla + a hunchback + Subal and Arjuni, uvacha: "O' Darling of Delhi. It's time to beat up old grandfather Bhisma. And then, tonight... your tent or mine?"
(end of excerpt)

22. Read about the iskcon / isvara book deal in our essay- "Noetic Numbness."
For the more erudite scholar, here is a recent publication (2/4/14) asking the old question- "Who wrote Bhagavadgita?" What brand of snuff was he using? ... and why wasn't the book deal given to Raw?


.. and here's another 'mundane' critique ... http://nirmukta.com/2012/01/24/bhagavad-gita-another-critical-perspective-to-consider-adding-to-its-armory-of-refutation/

23. The Mahabharata? Ah yes the Mahabharata war. Here's Raw, again:-

Sri Arjuna uvacha: " If we are going to kill One Billion, Six hundred and sixty million, and twenty thousand men (not counting animals,) in 18 days (actually nine days, because we don't fight at night), at a staggering 25'000 deaths per 30 seconds (not counting animals,) ... why don't we just nuke 'em instead of throwing pointed sticks?"
Sri Bhagavan uvacha: " O kid of Kunti. Have you not read Krishna Book. If you want to be a serial killer, you gotta do it up close and personal .. Stick it in deep, twist it around and rip it up till the eyes bulge."

Saying this, the Supreme Lord began to pant, sweat,* salivate, stare into the distance and lick his lips. Read all about it in our essay - "Whopper War".

* Raw says: "It is why Slavin, Erdman, Wernberg, Steinberg, Goldberg, Iceberg et al joined hare krishna. They heard god sweats like a Bedouin. He sweated an entire ocean of brine. So they are headed for hare krishna heaven ... selling aircons and underarm." Okay, back to the post:

>>The Australian Aborigines belief in "The Dreamtime" depicted in their paintings is coming from "Yoga Nidra" where Sri Mahavishnu "dreams of the material creation" The Sioux Indians (USA) also have a strong belief In the "Four Yugas" which is also described in Srimad Bhagavatam. The story of Moses (where as a baby, he is put in a basket in the river) is very similar to the story of Karna in the Mahabharata 4000 BC.<<

24. Nonsense! The Aboriginal Dreamtime has absolutely NOTHING to do with Yoga Nidra. According to Aborigine folklore, the Great Spirit sent the Rainbow Serpent, Wanapi (Pintubi, Pitjantjatjara skin group) or Amonga (Luritja, Anmatyerre, Warlpri etc., skin groups) to begin the creation. But after his long journey the Serpent fell asleep at Illipilli. To wake him, the Great Spirit sent Kajilpi (and because he was blind) his dog- Pau Pau Kutju. The Serpent was awoken and began creation by moving through the landscape. That period is known in Aboriginal lore as "Dreamtime". What has that got to do with Mahavishnu, Minimouse or Yoga Nidra? Even though the Australian Aborigine is historically linked to ancient India (read our article- "True Writing" para- 3,) not a single Aboriginal mnemonic, amulet, talisman, sinuous line or ritual, represents iskcon cultism. Yet hare krishnas believe that beying mantra-manic makes cult bray vedagenetic.

>>The advantage that distinguishes us from MOST (theologians, mundane scholars etc) is that Srila Prabhupada who has translated Srimad Bhagavatam is ever present in the hearts of His followers and is readily accessible.<<

25, Yes, De translated, interpolated, and twisted Bopadeva's plagiarism to compile his Mein Kampf ...the iskcon sriMAD Bhagavatam. As a result, we have a Mr. cult Vanacari equating cult litterature with works of Greek mythology. What doesn't fly over his cuckoo's nest is that The Iliad and Odyssey are in cobwebs and mothballs. The Gods of Olympus only hold court when progressive CGI and special FX can put bums on seats. Still, and even with a fresh tub of popcorn, it's hard to swallow. And bear in mind, the old world did not have press and promo like modern times. It is why Homer's fantasy took a while to find its genre. Similarly India's spiritual fabulations, until bastardized by iskcon, remained relatively unknown. Over the last forty-six years, ganja-god-gospel has been pimped and flogged for donations on streets, internationally. Iskcon has milked-the-mantra like a dhaman snake on a cow's tits. Soon, much much sooner than Homer's Hellenism, the iskcon puranas will pass from American interests to Bollywood archives. Not unlike Hollywood Zeus and his gossamer-cocooned Olympians.

>>All of the "belief systems" around the world have their origins in the Vedic Scriptures because they are written by God himself (or His empowered representatives) and are eternal, timeless and transcendental. The purports in Srimad Bhagavatam are our "guiding light" Just as Srila Prabhupada is the ever-present "guiding light" within the hearts of His followers.<<

26. Let's take a squiz at Mr. Vanacari's god-written Vedic Scriptures that he believes spawned religion on Earth. Then we can take a gander at his 'guiding light'- Srila Prabhupada....

Guiding Light

Here is a short list of extracts from hare krishna fables sold as ancient Vedic fact ... but cannot be found in any Veda.

"With his weapon vajra, he sliced up the baby inside the womb into seven parts. The baby naturally began to cry at the pain."

"But the baby, or rather its seven parts, would not listen. Indra thereupon sliced up each of the seven parts into seven more sections, so that there were forty-nine sections in all."

"When the sages began to knead Vena's right arm, Prithu emerged."

"Prithu decided to kill the earth, since the earth was not yielding foodgrains to his subjects. The earth adopted the form of a cow and began to flee."

"Dhruva performed meditation (tapasya) for three thousand divine years. Brahma was so pleased at this that he granted Dhruva an eternal place in the sky."

"Dhruva became the Pole Star. The complete story of Dhruva and his tapasya is given in the Vishnu Purana."

"These Prachetas were supposed to look after the world and rule over it, but they were not interested in such mundane matters. They went off instead to perform tapasya under the ocean. The tapasya went on for ten thousand years."

27. Had enough? No?! There's plenty more. Go to our article "Ululations from a Cave" and scroll down to part one. Or just flip through the BIF pages to understand... mad doesn't know it Now here is a short list of quotes from Mr. Vanacari's guiding light- Prabhupada :

"All right, you are attached to vagina-licking. Do it up to fifty years."

"It is a fact that they (men) did not go to the moon"

"The moon is further away than the sun. It is a heavenly planet with rivers of nectar."

"One can train pigeons to carry one into outer space."

"Giant eagles fly from one planet to another, and while flying they lay eggs."

"The sun goes around the earth, not vice-versa."

"Thus the sun-god travels through the universe for a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas (760,800,000 miles) at a speed of 16,004 miles at every moment."

"In Africa there is a class of men who make a festival of killing their great grandfathers."

28. Had enough? No?! There's plenty more. Go to our article "Elephant in the Room" and scroll down to the listed quotes. Or just peruse our pages to understand... mad doesn't know it. So back we go to Mr. Vanacari's attempt at hiding bullshit by dressing it with hogcrap.

>As the information about ancient history (or religious beliefs) is highly contentious, sketchy and incomplete we can conclude that the "finite" must ORIGINATE from "the infinite". I therefore have formulated my understanding of the Srimad Bhagavatam in relation to ancient texts in a NON-SPECIFIC capacity based on my own understanding of Srila Prabhupada.<<

29. NON -SPECIFIC ....Really? How much speculation is there between Prabhupada said ... and ... we can conclude ... based on my understanding? Surely if Mr. Vanacari's dreamtime revelations identify Homer as a plagiarist, which he bases on my own understanding of Srila Prabhupada, without the godman actually saying it ... he has got to be crazier than the blue god's Bengali homie, who is out there in Terabithia somewhere dodging giant eagle eggs.

30. Obviously nothing is held sacred by cultists unless it is cult ordained. Everything is fair game in the iskcon misinformation business, which follows a trend set centuries ago. Why the persistence in misinformation and illusory promise, is a question for psychoanalysts. If the answer was money, the damage done would not bite so deep. The truth is much scarier when we realize that sects and cults harbor the most intense antibehaviorists ... narcissists and sociopaths. They are there because cults are exclusive clubs, traditionally structured to feed twisted appetites. Cult sociopaths are not black-mailers who TAKE to take. They are brown-mailers (the Gaudiya version) who GIVE to take. A much more dangerous proposition. What they give are promises. Hot air and nothing more. But the promises are game-breakers, specifically tailored to subject a target. Iskcon promises contain misinformation packages that carry magical mantras and eye-witness (sriMAD) accounts of eternal life in Utopia. Once the concept is uploaded to the subconscious ; fixed by ritual and repeated chanting of mantras (caveman hypnosis)...the mind, if it ever finds freedom again, will never be the same. Mr. Vanacari is proof. And he is only one blotto in an international cult zapp.

>>As I am without any of my books at present I am unable to verify whether Srila Prabhupada did in fact make a "specific" reference regarding Srimad Bhagavatam and The Odyssey which in hindsight I should have verified. So please disregard the specific nature of the statement and forgive any oversight on my part as I am just a fallen, conditioned soul with no intelligence.<<

31. Apparently Mr. Vanacari remains despondent. Even after his dreatime dingo droppings, he needed further explanation to wriggle free from the NON-SPECIFIC ... specific nature of the statement. So in a final attempt to hide the blatant lie and still hold on to his Ph.De in sriMAD, he tosses his final ball of hogcrap - " I am without my books."

32. Okay Mr. Sudarsana das Vanacari, let's cut to the chase. The BIF team and associates, together, have had more than two hundred plus years and millions in hard cash lifted by the iskcon cult. We make it our business to know what your Prabhupada (De) spat out. And what he spat out leaves robust evidence proving he created a false instrument and used it to deceive. He did this in full awareness of the immunity enjoyed by religious scammers ... liars, cheats, dream-sellers and god-goosers. Stretching it further, as proven herein by your own actus reus ... lying with intent, iskcon cultists have fallen in step with their now dead leader. And when confronted by educated consensus, they have the auDACITY to label proof ... MUNdane. Hence the title of this essay : MUNDACITY.

Daso Smi

Daso DEceit is more apt.



November 05, 2014: "Brennan, who talked of believing in witchcraft, and practiced in the Hare Krishna Hindu religious movement, ...."
Source: http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Michael-Brennan-doctor-stands-diagnosis-murder/story-24175051-detail/story.html


October 19, 2014 "Krishnagar (West Bengal) : An Australian national was on Saturday arrested for allegedly raping a woman working as a cook at his house at Nabadwip in Nadia district, police said, PTI reports."
Source: http://freepressjournal.in/australian-held-for-raping-woman/


Editor@BIF was recently contacted by a poster to Google Groups who informed us that an iskcon cult member was - spouting obscenities and threatening violence.

The culprit -
Jesper Wernberg (Holy Moses! Not another one!) aka. Jahnu Das, from Kastrup, Denmark, last spotted in iskcon Mayapur, Bengal India, has been chanting the cult's maha ha-ha mantra for donkey's ears. He works with the cult's publishing wing- BBT. Wernberg has a cult presence which frames him as champion for the mission vs. iskcon's flotsam and jetsam ...and mundane scholars. We mention this only to draw attention to what BIF has been screaming from its pages for years- THE ISKCON CULT IS A FRAUDLENT WESTERN BUSINESS ! EVERYTHING IT SELLS IS FAKE! THE CULT IS USING INDIA's INDIFFERENCE TO AUTHENTICATE ITS PRETENTIONS AND IN SO DOING RUIN LIVES BY ENSLAVING THE WEAK, THE UNWARY, AND THEN SUCKING THEM DRY.

To us, Wernberg is just another fake, foreign Hindu who was expertly trolled into dropping his halo and exposing his horns. Thanks guys. Well done.

This antibehavour is o' so familiar to us. Even after forty years of chanting kitty-kitty-rum-rum, closing eyes and raising hands in the air going jaya this and jaya that, they go from deva to dipstick in ten seconds flat.

Sri Jahnu Wernberg uvacha:-

"Who knows what a lying little shit like you is advocating, Birdbrain? And who knows who you are fucking? You obviously can't get laid in the traditional way.You could be some pervert who fucks little children, who knows what you are up to in that miserable existence of yours? ...[...]..... Now listen to the sick practice in the fucked up culture that produces sub-human trash like you ... [...]... Go fuck a sow, you stinking pervert....[...]... you unclean, brain-dead, sub-human piece of shit. You be glad we are not face to face, I'd smash you to a pulp in 5 seconds. Why don't you go fuck a sow as is your usual practice? ... [...]....you're a no good piece of shit, an enemy of all that is good and decent, who deserves all the misery he can get, And I'm not even finished yet. When I'm finished with you, you'll be reduced to some whimpering, drooling pile, curled up in a corner...[...]...you're a lusty pervert who can't get laid. The last time you saw pussy, was when you came out of your fat and ugly redneck mother...
Source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.atheism/9vk9frSuL0s


From a reader who is truly ... I mean truly, concerned:

What?!?!?! Pada posted that mundane scientific, atheistic, demoniac filth!?!? The SriMAD Bhagvatam, 5th canto contradicts the whole thing!!! That means that Pada hates Srila Prabhupada AND the sastras AND Lord Krsna, AND Lord Caitanya AND the 6 Goswamis of Vrndavana AND Sulocana (and Jesus). Pada hates Vrndavana and loves Kirtananda because he wants Bhavananda to rule India and spread his molester messiah program to every town and village and hamlet and omlet. He wants to molest all the saints bathing in the Ganges and HARDwar too. His mind has been stolen by illusion, for sure. Pada wants to kill Srila Prabhupada (and Jesus) and throw Sulocana under the Ratha Yatra cart!! Pada is a bum, a child rapist molester messiah program supporter worshipper because Pada is against Srila Prabhupada and the Holy Scriptures (and Jesus) that were given to us by God through his pure representative, Srila Prabhupada who was poisoned by molester messiahs. That means Pada wants to poison Srila Prabhupada (and Jesus) with molester messiah milk. That also means Pada doesn't support the ritvik program of worshipping only Srila Prabhupada (and Jesus) because Pada supports the changes that the molester messiahs promote - changing things to promote their molester messiah program!!! So Pada supports the molester messiahs and their molester messiah program to destroy Prabhupada (and Jesus) and replace him with a molester messiah program. He is just like the demons that are trying to stop Madhu Pandit (and Jesus) , and everybody knows that these demons (names and addresses forthcoming) are only molester messiahs in bhakti bed sheets. Therefore, Pada is trying to destroy all knowledge and thus Krsna who is the King of Kings, even Burger King!!! Pada wants to replace Krsna (and Jesus) with his molester messiah program, destroy the universe, and refill it with molester messiahs. Pada must be happy to be another molester messiah and the molester messiahs must be happy because Pada is now a molester messiah. He came out of the molester messiah closet for all to see. Pada wants to spread the molester messiah message across the whole universe, beyond Go-loco Vrndavana (and Jesus) and even to Uranus!!!!


It has come to our attention that an Akshaya Patra (Madhu Pandit Das) supportive web site has taken a shine to the work of BIF's cartoonist. They helped themselves to our "Akshaya Patra Rat" caricature. No! No! We don't mind at all. Infact we are posting another two pics to help with their mid-day-meal donation collecting program ... Go on culties, help yourself. Just remember to add a little haldi and mirchi to "Nrga Nom Nom." It may need some flavoring.


(a) "Wonder if this Bollywood hip-wriggler knows she is now a poster girl for Monsanto's GMF distribution in India."
(b) "The time-honored Vaishnava tradition of selling/exploiting the female form to attract "customers"... meets modern sex-sells advertizing. If this campaign is successful, I guess the Akshaya Patra Playbhakta centerfold is the next logical step. For Bluey and Snuffy."
(c) "A little more thigh, Parineeti. The camera loves you. Work it, girl! Think of all the children we are helping..."
(d) "It works for selling cars, for selling beer, for selling soda pop...and for selling HK bullshit."

Source: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/movies/features/type/view/id/7452

Check out: Parineeti Chopra poses for 2015 calendar for Akshaya Patra Foundation
By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Nov 1, 2014 - 04:33 IST

With many Bollywood celebrities dipping their hands into charitable causes and social service, the latest actress to join the league is Parineeti Chopra. While her sister and actress Priyanka Chopra is the UNICEF ambassador for development of girl child, Parineeti Chopra decided to promote education for kids.

In a bid to support it, Parineeti Chopra as a part of the mission Smile - pledge your day initiative by Akshaya Patra foundation did a 2015 calendar shoot where she will be seen posing along with kids from this foundation. She is the only Bollywood celebrity to have featured in the calendar which features top 12 achievers. Mentioning about the experience, Parineeti stated that she is humbled by this and it was great fun to shoot with these children. Also she further revealed that these kids had come for the shoot, all the way from Surat.

Apart from her they have shot with Mr. Narayan Murthy, Dr.Devi Shetty, PT Usha, Mr. Milkha Singh, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Vijay Amritraj, Kavitha Krishnamurthy, Raghu Dixit.

After recently celebrating her birthday, Parineeti Chopra is now busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Kill Dil which also stars Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar. Produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Shaad Ali, Kill Dil is slated to release on November 14. Post this, the actress has stated that she will on a break for about nine to ten months.

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