16th November 2013

Noetic Numbness

“The priests of the different religious sects, who dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of day-light; and scowl on it the fatal harbinger announcing the subversion of the duperies on which they live.” Thomas Jefferson.

1. Plagiarists dress apes as Adam. No one belongs in the dungeons of distaste more than a hack who pilfers publication and then claims to have received it directly from god. Prabhupada (acBSp) : ""Everyday, when I sit down here to write these books Krishna personally comes and dictates every word." Regrettably, and because it profits all cult factions, plagiarism in the ambit of spiritual literature is accepted, rampant, blatant, ongoing and unchecked. In the Indian subcontinent it is common practice, practically traditional, to plagiarize the work of foregone scribes. An addition here and a subtraction there, with a signed picture of the plagiarist, is enough to sell the suited ape as the original Adam. Fiction spiked with history to create 'scripture' is the genesis of sects : a cacodoxy creating branches and sub-branches of sub-human beliefs with ab-human augur.

2. No cult is more guilty of god-goosing than the hyper hare krishna- iskcon press; and by involving American editors in his scheme for profit, no one culprit has grabbed more loot and bounded the fences of literal approbation than the Indian (Bengali) founder of hare krishna.... the aforementioned- acBSp. Why and how this Ballygunge-backwater-backstroker believed the world's eyes would remain closed while he poached the Noble Prize for litterature, is affirmation of his narcissism. As stated in earlier articles... the hare krishna nine volume "Chaitanya Charitamrita" was unknown before published by iskcon as a major "Indian classic." Then there is the iskcon SriMad Bhagavatam : an eighteen volume, pumped-up, rip-off of Bopadev's "Bhagavat Purana," which was a rip-off of the "Vishnu Purana," which was a concoction in itself. When we put aside these major myths and cult published corollaries viz., Nectar of Devotion, Nectar of Instruction et al, we are left with the Bhagavad Gita As It Is (BGaii) : another Brahmanic caste mountebank; pirated, purported and sold by iskcon as cult bible.

"He invades authors like a monarch; and what would be theft in other poets is only victory in him." John Dryden

3. On pages 210-211 "Hare Krishna Explosion," iskcon initiated Hayagriva Swami (Howard Wheeler) informs us how he was ordered by the iskcon founder (acBSp) to plagiarize the (already interpolated) Bhagavad Gita so as to create the cult BGaii .... which, in turn, corroborates the cult's Chaitanya Charitamrita and SriMad Bhagavatam, i.e., krishna is supreme; iskcon hare krishna are his representatives... thereby soliciting support for a "literally established" cult (a circular logic carousel to sell) and justifying (god ordained) investment in its publications and existence :

"Just copy the verses from some other translation," he (acBSp) tells me, discarding the whole matter with a wave of his hand. "The verses aren't important. There are so many translations, more or less accurate, and the Sanskrit is always there. It's my purports that are important. Concentrate on the purports. There are so many, nonsense purports like Radhakrishnan's, and Gandhi's, and Nikhilananda's. What is lacking are these Vaishnava purports in the preaching line of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. That is what is lacking in English. That is what is lacking in the world."
"I can't just copy others," I

Prabhupada: "There is no harm."
Wheeler: "But that's plagiarism."
Prabhupada: "How's that? They are Krishna's words. Krishna's words are clear, like the sun. Just these rascal commentators have diverted the meaning by saying, 'Not to Krishna.' So my purports are saying, 'To Krishna.' That is the only difference."

4. After the cult BGaii was compiled using the endeavors of others, acBSp copied-and-pasted the comments of famous personalities, posted on the original (English) Gita publication, to endorse his version. Even though he refers to Gandhi's purports as nonsense (read above,) acBSp used Gandhi's comments to surreptitiously endorse his BGaii. Further, and even when being abusive to science and scientists, he used a quote by Einstein (also stolen from the original English publication) to endorse and sell cultified purports in his BGaii version of the purana. Here are both quotes:

Mahatma Gandhi: When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day.

Albert Einstein: When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous. * (Read further below. This quote is fake.)

5. What our readers may not know is that acBSp wrote a letter to Gandhi but received no reply. He was snubbed, like he was by Indira Gandhi (whom he called a prostitute later.) What irks is that acBSp used Gandhi (without permission) to sell his BGaii even when archived comments display his seething hatred (vendetta?) for the Mahatma. Here are a few comments made by acBSp about Mahatma-ji, which reveal a bitchy narcissist and liar further confounding his dupes :

acBSp: "Gandhi's a rascal. Therefore he is failure. "In politics there is no violence" -- that is another rascaldom."
Ramesvara: "How has India improved by independence? What is the improvement? They are more godless than ever."

acBSp: "He was nonviolent. "In the name of religion, one can kill." This is his philosophy. He was a politician, that's all. And he indulged personally in mercy killing in his asrama. One calf was suffering, and he asked, "Kill him. He's very much suffering." Mercy killing. He was a rascal. But we don't say publicly, because he is very much... Sometimes we say."

"He never did that. You cannot say that he surrendered to Krishna. He should have taken immediately sannyasa and preached Bhagavad-gita if he was actually surrendered to Krishna. What did he do for Krishna? We have to know from practical point of view. I'll tell you another story about Mahatma Gandhi. My Guru Maharaja invited him in our matha, Mahatma Gandhi. So Mahatma Gandhi inquired... The, my godbrothers went to invite him. "What you are doing in your matha?" They replied that "We are worshiping Lord Krishna." So he inquired, "Are you pulling on charka?" They said, "No sir," He said, "Charka is my God. If there is no charka, I am not going there." He said like that." (A lie to make Gandhi-ji look stupid. Fake propaganda. The probability is, the Mahatma never knew the sect existed. If he did, he would know about the cheating, forgery and other court cases they were involved in. Just like its spawn- iskcon. Nothing has changed.)

acBSp: "He's not qualified man."

acBSp: "No, Gandhi had no spiritual knowledge. He was little moralist. That's all. "

6. And what of Einstein the scientist? There is a famous quote attributed to the plagiarist, acBSp: "Religion without philosophy is sentiment. Philosophy without religion is mental speculation." He put a further twist on it to say America was (spiritually) blind and India was (financially) lame, together they could be successful (beggars?) But is this what god-Krishna dictated to him? No! It was not! He helped himself, yet again, in belief it would equate him with a great mind- Einstein: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." This cheating is even more repulsive when understood that acBSp was paranoid and hostile towards education, scientists and science. Yet he uses, unpermitted, endorsement and quote (fake?) from a scientist who does not even believe in a personal god (a mayavadi?)- * Einstein: "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie that is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religion then it is in the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."

7. Lack of facility, and the Hindu psyche itself, hampered and restricted the analyses and spotlighting of India's soul traffickers. However, with the information highway in peak hour, and the transporting of god-dollars clearly evident, educated Indians have had enough..... now bringing the crosshairs to bead on Am/Jew iskcon's chop-shop AIRcharyas and GASwamis. The result is a cyber counter from Indians / Hindus; those whose forefathers lived and died in the mayhem of cult caste, race and madness. Here is a nudge to the shove that is imminent:-

Dr. Prabhakar Kamath, is a psychiatrist currently practicing in the U.S. He is the author of "Servants. Not Masters: A Guide for Consumer Activists in India" (1987) and "Is Your Balloon About To Pop?: Owner's, Manual fot the Stressed Mind
." We have blogged a few of the good Doctor's quotes below, and request our readers to click on his link. If the concept of the Gita being fiction is new to you, the time for education is NOW. Be educated and face the truth. DO NOT EVER SAY YOU WERE NOT INFORMED:
Source: how-ashoka-the-great-gave-brahmins-the-gift-of-a-song-with-which-they-conquered-india/

"We all know that Ashoka the Great gave Buddhism the gift of making it the dominant Dharma of India for a thousand years and one of the great World Religions to this day. However, few people know that he gave a (...) gift to Brahmanism as well. He offered them his personal image of a renegade and fallen Kshatriya as the blueprint on which to base a parable in the form of (...) the Gita, by which Brahmins conquered back everything they had lost and more. A remorseful Ashoka overwhelmed by sorrow, self-doubt and the horror of war on the battlefield of Kalinga became the model for distraught Arjuna overwhelmed by sorrow, self-doubt and horror of war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the parable of Arjuna Vishada. This is a classic example of how Brahmanism used their adversaries themselves to beat them over the head."


Remorseful Ashoka Becomes The Model For Despondent Arjuna

1. Whereas, according to the legend, Ashoka had to get rid of “ninety-nine half-brothers and one real brother” to inherit his father’s kingdom, Arjuna had to get rid of ninety-nine cousins and one brother to regain his father’s kingdom.
2. Whereas Ashoka spent thirteen years in exile before ascending his throne, Arjuna spent thirteen years in exile before waging the war to gain back his throne.
3. Whereas Ashoka inspected the carnage on the battlefield after the war, Arjuna inspected the battlefield before the slaughter began (BG: 1: 21-25).
4. Whereas Ashoka lamented over killing innocent people living in his enemy’s kingdom, Arjuna’s despaired over having to kill his own people who had turned against him, living in his own lost kingdom (BG: 1:26-27, 33).
5. Whereas Ashoka suffered from severe posttraumatic stress disorder after witnessing the slaughtered enemies on the battlefield, Arjuna suffered a massive panic attack (BG: 1:28-30) anticipating the slaughter of his enemies on the battlefield.
6. Whereas Ashoka suffered from severe remorse and sorrow on the battlefield after the war, Arjuna suffered from severe despondency and sorrow before the war (BG: 1: 27, 47).
7. Whereas Ashoka suffered from severe Dwandwam of mind while inspecting the carnage on the battlefield, Arjuna suffered from severe Dwandwam while inspecting the enemy arrayed against him on the battlefield (BG: 1:31-36).
8. Whereas Ashoka expressed horror over the consequences (Karmaphalam) to himself and the society as a result of war, Arjuna expressed fear of serious consequences (Karmaphalam) to himself (1:36-37, 45) and to Brahmanism (1:38-44) that might result from the war.
9. Whereas Ashoka expressed that killing people was Adharma and felt enormous remorse for doing so, in his distraught state of mind Arjuna thought that killing his own people was Adharma for which he would incur great sin (1:36, 45).
Whereas Ashoka gave up violence and embraced nonviolent Dharma after the war, Arjuna threatened to give up violence and embrace nonviolent Dharma before the war (1:46, 2:5).

"The situation is identical with all Brahmanic commentators of the modern times. Ignorant of, or unwilling to acknowledge, the fact that the anti-Brahmanic shlokas in it are the evidence of a sectarian war between Brahmanism on one side and the Upanishadism and Bhagavatism on the other, they wrote mindboggling and nonsensical commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita, applying all shlokas to Arjuna’s predicament on the battlefield.

"Over the centuries, this thoroughly corrupted Bhagavatism evolved into Vaishnavism..."

"...modern 'commentaries,' which fall into this category are 'Bhagavad Gita As It Is' by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (...) Space does not permit me to go into details about the nonsense in these (...) commentaries..."
"If you now read commentaries on Chapters Three and Four by Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya, or by anyone else such as Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, you will realize how senseless they come across for the simple reason that all of them are totally ignorant of (...) the three distinct Gitas embedded in the text of the Bhagavad Gita: Brahmanic, Upanishadic and Bhagavatha..."

"Brahmanism creates helplessness to repress resistance to its doctrines... (...) They claimed that the Gunas were the source of all Actions (Karma). Everyone was totally helpless in the face of the Gunas."
"Brahmanism brainwashed people into believing that everyone’s life situation, societal status, and quality of action, was determined by the dictates of the doctrines of the Gunas of Prakriti and destiny of Karma. One who defied this concept was branded as one deluded by Ahamkara (egoism), the worst title one could earn in the Brahmanic society..."
"Over a hundred generations, Brahmins brainwashed people into believing that they were totally helpless in the face of the Gunas of Prakriti and Law of Karma, which were the foundation of Varna Dharma. Everyone must accept his class and destiny, which one is powerless to change. Prince Krishna explained this Brahmanic thinking to doubtful Arjuna..."
"To justify this Varna system, the brilliant priests of the Arya culture came up with two astounding doctrines: the doctrines of the Gunas of Prakriti and destiny of Karma. Brahmanic priests claimed that Prakriti manifested itself in the body of humans in the form of three Gunas (Qualities): Sattva (knowledge, culture, joy), Rajas (passion, greed, drive) and Tamas (ignorance, sloth, laziness). Based on these doctrines, Brahmanism divided the society into four classes..."
"Modern India is facing a greater threat to its integrity from Brahmanism than ever before. One major problem India faces today is that most Brahmanic loyalists’ allegiance is to Brahmanism rather than to India even though they claim to be great patriots. Their mindset is that of people living in 10th century. They consider India as Hindu Desh, the land of Hindus, and Brahmanism as its Constitution. Separation of state and religion is beyond the comprehension of their narrow minds and dull intellects. They have no faith in the Constitution, India’s New Dharma. Take any problem in India today, and you will discover that it is as a result of conflict between the Old Dharma and New Dharma."
"Brahmanic loyalists have every right to practice their decadent Dharma in their personal life within the framework of India’s Constitution. They have no right to impose by force their beliefs, traditions, culture and rituals on anyone including Hindus whose lifestyle is more modern than theirs."
Source: http://nirmukta.com/2010/03/25/hindu-revisionism-was-shankaracharya-deceptive-or-just-ignorant/
Source: http://nirmukta.com/2010/01/31/upanishadists-create-a-new-god-to-beat-back-brahmanism/
Source: http://nirmukta.com/2009/11/20/the-origins-and-evolution-of-brahmanism/
Source: http://nirmukta.com/2009/11/30/the-decay-of-dharma-and-the-rise-of-adharma/

Source: http://nirmukta.com/2010/03/14/subterfuge-how-brahmins-destroyed-the-bhagavata-revolution/

8. Here we present only a small collection of opinions by concerned Indians, who wish to present Ma Bharat as she is: heavy with knowledge both ancient and evolved. To do this, it is absolutely necessary to identify and remove the Brahmanic / Vaisnava hagiocracy which shackles our Nation to religious rocks in Jurassic caves:

"The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost their power of reasoning." Francois Voltaire

Prof. V.N.K. Kumar:
More Truths About the Bhagavad Gita

"He proves beyond any doubt, that the Gita is neither 'holy' nor 'supreme' or arcane (...) It is quite common, and mundane like any other literature of mankind that could arise anywhere or everywhere.

"The arguments adduced, and the documents quoted to establish his thesis are unassailable and invincible. It is a book clearly conceived, logically reasoned, well written and elaborately documented fit to be called a doctoral dissertation. It is the fruit of his 2 years monumental labour of research and patience..."

"It needs courage and conviction to speak the truth honestly. This intellectual honesty pervades in the book 'The Other Side of the Gita.' The author points out that the apostle of peace and non-violence Gandhi and his assassin Godse, a Maratha Brahmin, drew their inspiration from the same Gita! Can there be a better illustration than this to prove that the Gita is full of contradictions?

"Nurtured in the school of Periyarism and inheriting the legacy of Thanthai Periyar, the author has made a signal contribution to the cause of Rationalism, by exposing the diabolic design of the Gita imposing the outmoded and obscurantist Brahmin hegemony on the Indian Society."

- V.C. Munusamy M.A., M.Ed.

Source: http://www.reocities.com/Athens/Pantheon/4789/Articles/General/geeta.html
Source: "The Other Side of the Gita"... http://truereligiondebate.wordpress.com/2008/03/14/the-otherside-of-the-gita-cirtical-reflections-on-the-dark-side-of-the-hindu-holy-book-bhagavad-gita/

"Indian and Western scholars are still confused and divided among themselves on the questions of the authorship, the ultimate message and the date of the poem."
-G.S. Khair
"There is no exaggeration in saying, that it is almost impossible to lay down even a single proposition respecting any important matter connected with the Bhagavadgita, about which any such consensus can be said to exist."
- K. T. Telang
"The re-edited form of poem which lies before us belongs to the period in which Krishna began to be identified with brahman and when Krishna-ism as a whole began to be vedanticized"
R. Garbe "
"Likewise, some highly respected Indian public figures and scholars have expressed doubts about the authenticity and integrity of the Bhagavadgita. Prominent among these are Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, G.S. Khair, R.V. Vaidya, T.G. Mainkar, and S.D. Pendse. They have all held the view that the present Bhagavadgita is an interpolated version and not the original."
- Phulgenda Sinha
Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/11767327/The-Gita-as-it-was-by-Phulgenda-Sinha-Rediscovering-the-Original-Bhagavadgita

"Anyone who makes a comparative study of the current state verses of the Gita, devoid of religious blinkers, will find the character of Krishna coming across as very cynical, evasive, inconsistent, shifting philosophical stances according to convenience, mixing ideas of differing schools of thought at will (Sankhya, Yoga, Vedanta) without any care or regard for their cogency and coherence. How such an opportunistic and willful entity (seen together with his role in the Mahabharata) be passed off as a God (...) may forever remain one of the greatest enigmas of Hindu culture."
- Ranganath R

In the context of the Bhagawad Gita, historians like Romila Thapar suggest that these 700 verses are a later addition to the primary text, The Mahabharata. 'The Epics had originally been secular and … had to be revised by the brahmans with a view to using them as religious literature; thus, many interpolations were made, the most famous being the addition of the Bhagawad Gita.'
The interpolation idea germinates with Wendy Doniger, who suggests that the Bhagawad Gita was written around 100 CE (common era), while the Mahabharata is dated somewhere between 300 BCE (before common era) and 300 CE. Taking this further, it would be easy to conclude that Ved Vyas, who authored the Mahabharata, did not write the Bhagawad Gita. "
"Our conclusion would be wrong. When Sri Aurobindo analysed it, he said that of the 100,000-verse poem, 24,000 verses can be attributed to Ved Vyas."
- Gautam Chikermane

Build toilets first and temples later!' This statement, made recently by main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, sounds reasonable on two counts. First, it could wreck the conventional ethos of religious fundamentalism and give new hope to the neo-middle class Indians."
"Second, it has given Narendra Modi a golden opportunity to showcase himself as a champion of the true Hindutva ideology preached by his philosophical 'guru' Swami Vivekananda and the founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr K B Hedgewar. Modi's remark reminds me of Vivekananda’s rocking statement, 'Better to play football than read the Bhagavad Gita..."
-Dipin Damodharan

"Bhaktivedanta Swami a.k.a Prabhupada began ISKCON under the philosophies of Gaudiya Vaishnavists. A school that is just 500 years old which was founded by Caitanya Mahaprabhu. There weren’t much people following this sect until Prabhupada started ISKCON some 50 years ago. Why? The philosophies and ideals of this sect are in stark contrast with the core philosophies of Hinduism/ Sanatana Dharma. It is clear from his speeches that Prabhupada had no philosophical or psychological knowledge and his statements were hollow."

-Yadu Vijayakrishnan

"The Indian Nation is in revision. Yet Bharat's rightful place on the world stage remains polarized by magic bean sellers; their giants and geese that lay golden eggs.
The dream merchants have been identified. Their checking and removal is vital to advancement vs. National relapse and regression."
For further research on Bhagavad Gita As It Is... as it was, or as it wasn't... we heartily recommend our article- "True Writing."



"No parasite feeds more freely of Indian culture than a half-bred hare." BIF

BHAKTI VIKAS SWAMI (BVS) aka. Bakwas Swami (English). He is an ISKCON- hare krishna certified godman guru:

1. We introduced this British enigma to our pages in the article- "Deus ex Machina," where he was exposed writing a foreword to a book, and advising, with intent to undermine India's educational system. Readers wishing to see an image of this man, will find it on that posting. Just a brief recap:- BVS was born to British parents in the U.K. 1957. He "gave up his studies at an early age" ... joined ISKCON in 1975.... no doubt in belief that parroting Bhagavad Gita aii would provide him a shortcut to academic acquirement. By cult stunt, he achieved exactly that. Attaching to his Indian alias the cult-provided grand title of "Maharaja" (emperor) this high school dropout (mimicking the stupidity of his uneducated founder) now abuses Indian university girls, India's film industry, and Indians in general. Here below we reveal and comment on his posted You Tube video. Before doing so we request our Indian Legislators and Enforcers, who are reading this posting, to give this beggar priority when retribution is meted out. And to our ex. cult readers... send us his legal details if you have it. Thanks.

Response to a Film (OH MY GOD) by Bhakti Vikas Swami (and response to Bakwas Swami, by BIF)
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsjQnSwUIK4
(Transcribed by BIF)

>>So this film 'Oh my God' (OMG) I haven't seen it. I have no intention of seeing it. I saw some little clips from it.....it's a stupid film.<<

2. BIF: "some little clips" ? Surely the cult emperor means short clips. Anyway, why such interest in Indian cinema by an Englishman... a hare krishna goosed godman? And why does the administration of his hare krishna, need-to-be-Indologist, sanction such critique? The answer becomes clear when noting the film (made by Indians and passed by India's Central Board of Film censors) scoffs at cult idiocy and idolatry scams in India.

>>Every film in Bollywood is stupid. Films from Bollywood are not meant for intelligent people. You may say well everyone in India watches them, does that mean everyone in India is stupid? Yes! What's the evidence? They go to watch those films, that's the evidence. Unless you were stupid you wouldn't watch such films.<<

3. BIF: If Indians are stupid for watching films, where does that leave iskcon with its belief in 88 mile high mountains, twelve mile tall witches, people who meditate under water for 10'000 years, an Indian king (Ugrasena) with 30 trillion servants, Shrekasuras, and a broomstick Bhagavat quilled by Harry Potter quackademics? Bollywood films are the main source for religious propaganda in India. Certainly more so than one-eyed iskcon. Bollywood also emphasizes family values, morality and Indian ethos. Besides providing jobs for stars from whom iskcon beg on a regular basis, Bollywood also entertains the world with light-hearted comedy and romance; films that are much appreciated.... box-office bonanzas. Conversely, Vaisnavism sucks off a belliferous god, birthed and beefed to battle Buddhisim and Brahmanism; a butterball bhagavan in throes of melting under an academic spotlight.

>>I've been asked to speak about this because apparently many people are being influenced to stop believing in Bhagavad Gita, stop chanting the names of Krishna, stop doing anything religious practically. So this is nothing new.<<

4. BIF: Even after herding cult sheep in rigorous daily ritual ; even after chanting twenty-five thousand names of Butterball daily ; even after reading garbage, preaching garbage, and endlessly 'engaging' cult ovine in 'devotional service,' Mr. Bakwas is here admitting... influence is enough to undo the process. This falls in line with what we say, i.e., Bhagavad Gita is a Vaisnava venesect; the maha-mantra is maha menticide, and religion by cult definition- "You are your guru's dog" is thralldom. It is why the process needs fanatical ritual to swallow...even in small doses, which must be dripped intra-mentally or dasa/dasi wakes, confront the why lie, and walks.

>>In Satya Yuga Hiranyakasipu was against the worship of Vishnu. Hiranyakasipu is long dead, and the worship of Vishnu is going on.<<

"The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost their power of reasoning."
Francois Voltaire.

5. BIF: Hiranyakasipu never died because he never lived. Nor did a half-lion / man pop out a pillar to rip out his guts and wear it as a garland. Nor did a god-pig snorkel into a god-sweated ocean to save the planet because it sunk due to gold being mined by Hiryanaksipu's brother. India must ban this bhang induced Vaisnava volage, just as the Greeks did to minotaurs, medusas and gods with wings on their shoes. India, a hi-tech nation, cannot afford (to endorse by indifference) these Am/Jew entrepreneured Frankencult freak fantasies.

>>In Treta Yuga Ravana was against the worship of Vishnu, against the worship of Rama. Ravana is long dead and the worship of Rama is going on. In Dwaupa Yuga Kansa and so many others, they wanted to kill Krishna. They're all dead. Kansa is dead, and the worship of Krishna is going on. So in Kali Yuga also some people will say you don't chant japa, you don't go to temples, they will say. They will die and people will still go to temples of Krishna.<<

6. BIF: Ram Rajya is Indian history distorted by stupid Brahmana priests to extort a living. Modern researchers are now sifting out interpolations in a bid to return TRUTH to history. Linking Krishna- Kansa- Vaisnav concoctions to Ramachandra's rule wont work here, and nowhere soon. Why? Because the Bhagavat Purana (BP) (now the iskcon SriMad Bhagavatam) confronts TRUTH and REALITY more than any Greek, Aztec, Egyptian.... head-hunting... cannibal... belief known to man. The BP's only claim to divinity is the miracle of its survival.... to this point in time.

>>Even this pundit Nehru he was making propaganda don't go to the temples, the new temples of India will be the factories. But still people are going. The Arya Samaj has been making propaganda, don't worship deities, which they call idols. But still people are going. So this propaganda will go on, and some people will be influenced by it, and persons who are actually intelligent will understand that there is God, and that although there many...there may be many cheaters who misrepresent God, actually there is God.<<

7. BIF: Nehru was right, nonetheless: temples are factories churning out beggars who are useless to Nation, science, education, business, or any erstwhile purpose. Additionally, what comes out the temple is anything but godly. Women, men, boys and girls are in constant danger of these sex-with-anything lingams and confidence tricksters who worship a god that sexed eight-year old girls / boys / men / women / prostitutes / gorillas... and the roadrunner if he could catch it. Today's temples provide donors a place for social gatherings, business contacts, crowd gazing, doll-dressing, and if you can stomach it...cheap food. And, sad as it may be, iskcon hare krishna temples are supported by duped Indians.... the ones being abused here by Mr. Bakwas Swami.

>>So....and there is a process for worshiping him, which is worship in the temple, worship by chanting his holy names, and there is a process for understanding him by a Bhagavad gita. This is not blind faith. Yesterday I spoke, and some lengths in Hindi about how Bhagavad Gita is scientific knowledge, it's not simply blind faith.<<

8. BIF: Temples are donation boxes for uneducated bludgers, scammers, perverts and narcissists who "gave up studies at an early age" to be purana-toting Elmer Fudds in a world of Bugs Bunnies. The "chanting of his holy names" is copycat puranic Hinduism... taken from the holy sahasranama of Shri Vishnu, and applied to a variety of cult "incarnated" simulations. The 'holy name' mumbles for itself in dark recesses of iskcon's short history.....and the Bhagavad Gita is miscast in time, space and place; a contradicting gospel by authors who also, undoubtedly, gave up studies at an early age.

>>So it's good this film is there 'Oh my God' at least people are thinking about God, maybe not in a good way, but it gives us more opportunity to present that yes there is God, but you wont learn about God from some idiots in Bollywood. Meat eaters, drunkards, women hunters. These are not the people to learn about God from. You have to learn from the acaryas, and from the sastras.<<

9. BIF: We, here at BIF, have pointed out repeatedly that iskcon's claim to lineage from god is a three-man sleight of sastra : a three-man 'parampara' steeped in lies, plagiarism, narcissism and ambiguity. In the current line of iskcon acaryas, forty-four have been caught and exposed for having sex with men disciples, women, children (and the neighbor's cat?) Currently an iskcon certified guru named Mahanidhi Swami is back on earth after his interplanetary trip with a seventy-five year old married woman. Just previously, a guru named Prabhavisnu Swami was caught banging in Bangkok. None of these 'acaryas' have yet been arraigned for fraudulent use of fraudulent 'sastra' endorsed by a fraudulent administration calling themselves the "ecclesiastical face of god on earth." But here is Mr. Bakwas Swami-guru pretending his kaupins are gopi-loomed from blue lotus petals...."No sex please. I am a rasa lila walli."

>>One point that is made very clear about the influence of this film is again how stupid people are because something comes in a film, all of a sudden people think it... Oh! Their whole way of thinking changes. We can see how influential the TV and cinema is that people's whole way of thinking is shaped by the TV and cinema. People don't have their, enough intelligence of their own to think what we should do. They don't intelligently consider that should we follow sastra, but just they watch something on TV and they all start doing.<<

10. BIF: No, they do not! Just because iskcon's despotic founder saw a Charlie Chaplin film and was convinced other idiots could be convinced does not mean people cannot tell the difference between entertainment and reality. However, when putting the cult under scope, we must point out that while Mr. Bakwas criticizes stupid people (Their whole way of thinking) his own beliefs are bizarre : rejected by human experience education and rationale. To find out what Bakwas Swami's intelligence amounts to read BIF articles starting with- "Ululations from a Cave"... "Deus ex Machina"... and get an understanding of the maniacal headspace in which these madmen maneuver.

>>Just like the way you're all dressed is not the way that your grandfathers were dressed. The way your grandfather was dressed is the same way that your great grandfather and your great great grandfather and you can go on all the way back to Krishna. They dressed in dhotis and women in saris, but now due to propaganda from the tv and the cinema, people, they dress in jeans and t shirts.....<<

11. BIF: Jejune nonsense. Creationist expect us to believe... dhoti and sari manufacturers, retailers and customers, suddenly awoke like Sleeping Beauty to find themselves sitting on a cosmic egg... nodded courteously to each other and skipped hi-de-ho down to the shopping mall. Stark staring bloody MADNESS! Indians belong to an ancient civilization of which we, as Indians, are proud. But for cultists to claim an Indian civilization existed... Hey Presto! packed parceled and delivered with creation... or even millions of years ago, is hogwash. Anthropology, Archeology, and now genetic science is mapping and recording, very clearly, the progress of humanity. What comes to fore from worldwide research is that advancement of civilizations, universally, began between 10'000 and 7'000 B.C.E. India was no different. As for Krishna being an all the way back trend-setter for dhotis and saris.... he was not a Vedic Armani but
an Aryan Prince who was coveted and made god by Bhagavatism (later called Vaisnavism) to break the monopoly of Brahmanism. The fact that the cult is Vaisnava (followers of Vishnu) but claim Vishnu is an incarnation of Krishna shows that Vaisnavism, with Brahmanism still stuck in its throat, is being cannibalized by American iskcon Krishnaism.

>>..... and although there was a very great culture in India for many generations in which the chastity of women was upheld, it was a central point of the culture, due to watching demoniac programmes on the TV, and going and seeing things in the movies, now most of the students in India are degraded and fallen. The girls are just like prostitutes, they make themselves available for any young boy who wants to come along. <<

12. BIF: First this twattler accuses India of degradation...then he demonizes TV...then movies...then students...and finally after abusing everything Indian as cause, he accuses our daughters of prostitution. Yes, prostitution. A word that dances on his tongue because it agitates his pretentious existence. Bakwas is using India's outspoken press to subject Indians into accepting him and his disgraced cult as elite moralists. What he fails to remember is that his guru was a pedophile. Here let a BIF poster tell him about it: "If Prabhupad had repeatedly impregnated an 11yr old today, by Indian Law, he would spend years in jail; years in rehabilitation and the rest of his life as a registered pedophile. In India, Prabhupada's halo is quickly slipping down around his ankles." Further, Prabhupada encouraged his disciples to take 20 wives if they could afford it, and advised that girls should be married and impregnated at puberty....aged 8/10/12 years old, or whenever the predator espies a spot of blood. Iskcon is the worst, per captia, child rapist and misogynist cult on the planet (read our article- "Retrospection.") And here is Mr. British Bakwas... painting himself a saffron angel.

They are living just like animals, like cats and dogs. This is due to the influence of the tv and the cinema. So it just shows how influential this is and how even the students who are supposed to be the educated and intelligent class actually are not very intelligent at all because whatever they see on the tv and movie they start to follow it without thinking very deeply, it means, it shows they don't think very deeply about anything. Yet if they show you some fashion on the tv or in the magazines everyone will start to follow it.<<

13. Bakwas, GO HOME! Look in your own backyard and get real. Your military is raping its women. Thousands of women, more than 150'000 in America alone, are suffering serious psychological damage caused by MST- Military Sex Trauma. The British navy and army are also raping its women volunteers. No Indian army recruit would ever do such a thing to a comrade. Bugger off home Bakwas! Go abuse your own, and remember to tie your kaupins tight or those football hooligans may kick a few goals. Hate of Indians by the cult and its ongoing abusive mentality was passed down by the iskcon founder. It is exactly what we mean when we say hare krishnas are dangerous to themselves and others. They MUST be shut down before they encounter serious Indian reaction. Bakwas Swami calls Indians animals...cats and dogs..shallow thinkers. What his jelly brain prevents him from knowing is that while his cult begs and buggers itself, Indians are making mammoth contributions to the world. Here Mr. Bakwas, get your fingers off your pecker and have a read:


It's not only in India that people are stupid, all over the world people are stupid. We are in the material world because we are stupid. But you see anywhere all over the world they promote some different fashions and people start to follow it. People have no good intelligence. So actually Bhagavad Gita is meant for giving us intelligence.<<

"Inspiration: A peculiar effect of divine flatulence emitted by the Holy Spirit which hisses into the ears of a few chosen of God...." Francois Voltaire.

14. BIF: No! The only stupid Indian people are those who toss coins at this ingrate cult and its lunatics. People are not stupid for having a sense of fashion. Bakwas views the world as stupid because of cult hype proclaiming him a god educated /chosen intellectual, due to some unidentifiable, vague past-life benediction. Cultists believe in incredibility. It is all they have to justify a barren, arid, sparse, guru-doped, god-gazing, loveless existence. The Bhagavad Gita, as anyone can see if they care to look closely, was hacked by halfwits who claim it was written by a literary avatar who then empowered his disciple, Sanjaya as TV avatar to Wi-Fi all 700 verses from where he sat... one hundred miles away. And Sanjaya did this... eavesdropping every single word spoken (100 miles away) over the din of milling horses, elephants, chariots, and where exploding nuclear warheads (yeah...astras) were killing folk at the rate of 25'000 per 30 seconds. Seven hundred verses without interruption ; with no relevance to time or place ; spoken by two guys whose only apparent objective was to convince readers that one was god and the other was his stooge : posing leading questions to subjugate lesser castes. And the reward? Anyone who promotes "Arjuna and the Beanstalk" by publishing purports in support, can grab the goose that lays the golden egg... god-by-proxy.

>>It is not simply that you have blind faith in it. (sastra quoted) People who think like that, they don't know what's in Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavadgita is the most intelligent and enlightening conversation that has ever taken place in the history of the world and it is a great misfortune of the Hindu people, or of any people, that they don't take proper cognisance of this. So before you reject Bhagavad gita, chanting the holy names of krishna, going to temples, chanting mantras, taking guidance from sadhus. Before you reject all of this because you saw something like that in a stupid Bollywood movie, why don't you read Bhagavad Gita and see what's in it for yourself. Blind faith is not good, but blind rejection is also not good.<<

15. BIF: The Bhagavad Gita has been around longer than Bakwas, his guru or iskcon. So he must be urging people to read the iskcon version, which is a recent goose grabber. Bakwas is using reverse psychology when speaking of blind faith. Actually, there is no other way to accept Krishna as god without it. Literally, and practically, the BG has no relevance in today's world. Sure there are some yoga yummies for mental masturbators. Otherwise the BG only aids those who need to squawk like Sanskrit parrots, or need to beat-up competitors viz Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Shaivites, or toss the world into a caste system over which they are head honchos. So when this Bakwas fellow says-
Bhagavadgita is the most intelligent and enlightening,.. and we look for his credentials, we are reminded of his early exit from school and his current occupation as an iskcon snake oil salesman.

>>Krishna is giving you some intelligence, use it, and if you use it in the best way, in the proper way then you wont be misled by....and in fact if you do use your intelligence one of the things, one of the first things you will stop to do is you wont go to the movies anyway because you'll realize how stupid they are. Most of the movies they just promote lust isn't it? Boy girl, how you can enjoy sex.<<

16. BIF: Movie makers surely got the boy girl (and every other orifice penetration proposition) from Vaisnavism. It is what iskcon continuously talks about and absolutely believes in. As already mentioned, the Vaisnava concocted god Krishna (if we believe the nonsense) jumped everything.... from gopis to gorillas. He had an issue production line that could shame a seafood cannery. It was a goddamned wonder he still had legs to stand on and speak the Bhagavad Gita. The hare krishna movement follows that sex consciousness. It is now on court records across the globe. The entire concept of Vaisnavism leads the practitioner to Krishna / gopi (romper bonker) sex in the bush. "Everyone is prakrti. Krishna is purusa" so get your milkmaid lingerie on and start milking.

>>This is promoted, and anger, violence, fighting, and then in the tv also greed, buy this, advertisements, buy something else, buy this, spend your money on this. <<

17. The hare krishna cult is American / Jew, registered in New York. It advertizes its products, monopolizes, and has a history of heavy sales. BIF knows for a fact that iskcon has street pedaled... musical birthday cards, hand-held massagers, t-shirts, mass produced paintings from Hong Kong, prints, wax candles, car stickers, flag pins, phonograph records, cookies, perfumes, toys, raffle tickets, Tibetan mandalas, food,... and sotto voce....drugs, women, Indian farmlands, fraudulent scriptures (books) that steal lives, monies, and enslave dupes. Iskcon has also sold a false charity status to provide a tax haven from diddled government coffers. Now they have entered the NGO market in a food distribution underbelly, with plans to open orphanages : a pedophile harbor with Government endorsed rights, easy money, and an approved license to rape children in an iskcon replicated rasa lila.

>>So this lust greed and anger , kama krodha and lobha this is all that's promoted on tv and cinema, and what does Krishna say about kama, krodha and lobha in Bhagavad Gita? (Sastra Quoted) Krishna says that there are three doors to hell. They are kama, krodha and lobha. They destroy our spiritual consciousness therefore they should be given up.<<

18. BIF: The three doors to hell are crowded with Bhagavat boogie-woogies and iskcon bouncers.... and all pathways leading there are paved with the skulls of cult clergy. Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory,
whatever the choice, if in fact you must choose, choose that place where cults are banned. You cannot go wrong.

>>So if you are at all intelligent in the true sense of the term, you wont waste your time and money and spoil your intelligence by watching this asuric TV and cinema but rather you will study Bhagavad Gita as it is.<<

BIF: The Bhagavad Gita is sinking into the Causal Ocean due to excessive iskcon mining. Unless the Am / Jew cult can quickly invoke another god-pig to rescue it the possibility of it being sunk in a Sinai of silt is a godforsaken reality.

Thank You for spending time with us.

Knots in a Thread

1. ISKCON is convinced that Hindus are contaminating its purity. We at BIF need Hindus to understand that ISKCON is an implosive cult, humorless, and suffering a martyr complex. As such, Indians should withdraw support and leave the fatalists to their own device.

2. "Swami Prabhupada is saying in Life and Times of Lord Caitanya that Caitanya disappeared- merged into deity of Lord Jajagannatha at Gundicha mandir in Sundarchal. But Bhaktivinod Thakur is saying in Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, His Life and Precepts that Caitanya disappeared into the diety of Gopinatha at Tota in Puri. Which one is right?"

BIF: Thank You for your question. Long before iskcon ruled cyber space, creating its propaganda... I am talking about the mid-fifties... history text books in Bengal informed students.... Chaitanya entered the Chilka Lakes (Puri) on a full moon night (he was an eccentric,) had one of his epileptic fits and drowned. A night fisherman found his body in a net and raised the alarm. Now when we read iskcon's Chaitanya blah blah... he was pulled out the lake by a fisherman who thought he was a turtle... his limbs had withdrawn into his body because he was "in a state of trance." When his associates chanted the hare krishna mantra (something Chaitanya never did) he hopped up and hariboled his way back to an Antya lila that subsequently collected a lot in donations. Then we encountered the double deity disappearance story you mention above. And when the nonsense is questioned for all practical purposes, the explanations are more fabulous than the fable. It is why the iskcon gaudiya math are reputed pathological liars, fakes and forgers. Where they think a 'Chaitanya Mission' is in progress their lies and fabrication may eventually cause an 'Omission' of Chaitanya...doubting he existed at all.
With all fairness to research, we present what we believe is the truth. Why? Because it happened to a friend in Bengal. She stubbed her toe at 10 am, by 4 pm she had lockjaw and body swelling. The next morning she was dead from septicemia. Here is what we believe (free of iskcon droppings) to be the truth re. Chaitanya's passing:

" In Madhav Patnaik's 'Vaishnava Leelamrita'. we find the earliest reference to the death of Chaitanya since it was written in the year 1535 A.D., much before Lochan das and Jayananda. Madhav writes that " while dancing in kirtan procession on the evening of Rukmini amabasya (Vaisakha amabasya), his left toe was pierced by a piece of brick lying on the road and was some bleeding caused to him. The joint of his left foot suffered a sprain. He fell flat on the ground and became unconscious. His associates in the kirtan procession in that evening were Jagannatha Das, Kasiswara Mishra, Josobanta Das, Sribaisha, Ananta Das, and they took him on their shoulders to the northern mandapa inside the Jagannatha temple. His face was washed and after some time he responded to the call of his associates. The evil moment had disappeared and there was a sign of happiness in all the faces present. The temple was filled with the voice of chanting the name of Hari. Gradually Chaitanya could regain the senses and talked freely with his friends and comrades. The inquisitive public and the comrades slowly left the temple with the belief that Chaitanya Maha-prabhu suffered only a minor injury and he was safe.
Madhav categorically states that the injury which Chaitanya met with on his toe and the sprain which he incured on the joint of the foot were the causes of his death.
Due to the little wound on the left toe and the sprain on his foot, his whole body gradually got swelled with a constant high temperature and finally early in the morning on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya he breathed his last."
======================================== [end] ========================================================