10 Dec, 2011
Since our last posting, two of the hyenas, frightened by the spotlight have run off.  But one scavenger has remained persistent- Tim Lee (American, Berkeley,CA.) alone, envious and toothless, howls even louder for a kill.  Somehow this 'small time crim'  has searched out my family's home address, and has used it to intimidate by saying he would inform Christian organizations in our neighborhood that we are abusing Jesus.  The idea being that we would be visited by Christian folk who would then proceed to judge us on the false information supplied by Lee.  It was a weak and stupid attempt at intimidation, but attempted intimidation none the less.  We asked this fellow to apologize but he refused.  We are now taking the matter to cyber crime cell authorities and the Berkeley police. 
In this article, we will look at the criminal element; the radical indoctrination provided by dangerous cults that give facility to those anti-behaviorists.  Tim Lee is only one of many morally challenged individuals in the Iskcon/Prabhupadanuga cult, however since he is on our radar at this point in time, he will have to do as a case study. 
BIF admits to not knowing much about this fellow.   When seeing him proffering, what he believed to be a debate against our revelations of sexist/racial/violent comments by his guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the Hare Krishnas/Prabhupadanugas, I wanted to know how this guy had gotten to a computer in a mental institution, so a line of enquiry was put out.  Investigators were told he was actually living in a trailer (America, the home of the free.....even lunatics.)  He was a social misfit, food-stamp collector, pepperoni pizza delivery boy (sacked for stealing toppings,) pot head, a covert Christian who enjoys nothing more than Hindu bashing (some current samples below,) welfare leech who lives in a trailer and spends his life between pimping  out an existence and web dwelling.  It wasn't enough.  BIF needed hard copy: something his family and friends would know about him.  We found it.  Here it is:  

>>I think that it would be valuable to post the data on Tim Lee (aka Puranjana
Can you do this?
I would appreceiate that the material be edited so that It does not necessarily appear that it comes from me. Is that OK?
the data is quite true, and comes from a person quite close to Tim Lee and his crippled wife. She was sure that he would know who "blew the whistle" as she is one of the only persons who knows the particulars of Tim's activities.

So while Tim criticizes Sanat for getting SSI
(Social Security) to feed his cows, he is living off of the SSI of one woman after another, and even deprived his daughter of the minimum for human survival while LIVING OFF HER WELFARE BENEFITS!
[...] Tim Lee is running up to the doors of Karmi's with pizza's loaded with the roasted flesh of murdered Mother Cow!
This should be exposed...no?
I do not wish him ill, and he is genuinely paranoid and insane, but he is causing so much harm, and he should be stopped!

[...] Tim Lee uses his so-called "forum" to spread hatred, lies, and increases ill-will among those on whose good will he desperately depends.
Now, his rantings have produced a wave of sincere devotees coming forward to expose his insane bullying and hypocricy.
His postings have recently attacked Sanat das for having applied for SSI.

WHAT HE DOES NOT MENTION IS THAT HE HIMSELF HAS BEEN LIVING OFF THE SSI OF HELPLESS WOMEN FOR YEARS, WHILE DRAWING PUBLIC WELLFARE FOR HIMSELF! Theoretically, his wellfare checks were for the support of his two children (Who are both ashamed to admit that he is their father).

Instead of feeding and clothing his children (as required by law, what to speak of common decency) HE HAD TO FLEE UKIAH CALIFORNIA because the Wellfare department had issued citations against him for forcing his children to live in sub-human conditions that even THEIR LOW STANDARDS COULD NOT TOLLERATE!

As of this writing, Tim Lee (aka Puranjana) IS LIVING OFF THE SSI CHECKS OF HIS CURRENT GIRLFRIEND! While he goes on and on about OTHER persons children, and OTHER person's wives, HE TAKES THE CHECKS OF A WOMAN DYING OF COLON CANCER TO KEEP A ROOF OVER HIS HEAD! Does he MARRY her?...does he care about her?...This rotten to the core mysogenist was seen crying when he thought that she was dying!....Sounds good?...Nice guy?....HE WAS CRYING BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID OF WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HIM IF THE SSI CHECKS STOPPED! ....HER SSI checks! (Not his).

So what ELSE did he do in Ukiah?.....His drug addicted crippled wife's checks and the welfare checks that he got for his children but obviously spent on himself were not enough for him....SO HE GETS A JOB DELIVERING PEPPERONI PIZZAS TO GIVE HIMSELF A MORE "MEATTY" PAYCHECK!

So he gets a babysitter named "Kirti" (initiated by the Rohini Kumar homosexual sampradaya) to look out for the "little girl" that he claims to "care so much about" She is like a family member in that sick drug infested household. She also has a boyfriend named Ron who likes to touch little girls.....(Figure the rest out yourself!) so Ron goes to jail while Tim Lee is off doing his REALLY IMPORTANT service to (whomever he serves.....Jesus?) and lets the bi-polar deeply mentally disturbed Kirti take care of his children.....(Duh!)

So, Ron gets out of jail, and is back with his nutcase babysitter girlfriend Kirti, and GUESS WHERE THEY ARE WELCOME TO VISIT WHENEVER THEY LIKE..... The  filthy apartment of Tim Lee (aka Puranjana)!

And when Kirti and Ron go to live in Berkeley....TIM LEE GOES THERE TOO!....Wouldn't you think that with a molested child that he would CLOSE HIS DOOR TO FURTHER CONTACT WITH THAT MOLESTOR?....Wouldn't you think that he would not even want to be in the same CITY as the MOLESTOR?....NOPE!..not Tim Lee, who needs all the help he can get so that he  can publish the PADA FILES so as to save Iskcon's children from molestation while his baby sitter and her boyfriend are welcome guests in his house!....GO FIGURE!
So now he and his children and his cirppled drug addicted wife are now living in a tiny and not-so-clean little RV parked in the Berkeley temple Parking lot. (He and his daughter sleep in the same bed, as there is no where else for her to sleep). So now he is so busy publishing and printing the PADA FILES that he has not time to care for his SON who is left to endlessly wander hopelessly around the Berkeley temple without parental supervison like an orphan.

GUESS WHAT?.....Comes a crazed pedophile and "picks up" on neglected and abused child of Puranjan #2!....What does Tim Lee do?.....WHY NOTHING OF COURSE.....He does'nt even know (or care) where his son is anyway! 

.... his only OTHER child is molested1

And RIGHT NOW in SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA, he has a dying woman that he lives off of! SHE provides the roof over his head and the food stamps on his table!....AND HE DARES TO ATTACK A PROTECTOR OF COWS FOR USING MONEY FROM THE COW-KILLING SOCIETY TO FEED AND CARE FOR COWS!....Who does Tim Lee protect?
DOES HE PROTECT ANYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF?...At the expense of either a drug addicted crippled woman, or a woman dying of colon cancer who refuses to marry? (What to speak of care for or protect?)
AT LEAST HE IS NOT A WIFE ABUSER!....He doesn't even MARRY his victims!...It is enough for him to take the food out of their mouths while TRYING TO POSE HIMSELF AS "GOOD AS JESUS".
So, prabu, this is only ISTALLEMENT ONE of the REAL story behind (no pun intended!) the PADA FILES!
(Of course, when writing the PADA FILES he is a BIG SUPPORTER OF WOMEN'S ISSUES!)

(The above is from an anonymouse source who asks not to be named. She knows Tim Lee  QUITE WELL and swears that the above is true.....we are passing it on in confidence, as it comes from a reliable source)
Now, his crippled wife, who turned to drugs due to the abuse that he heaped on her runs away with yet ANOTHER lover, and leaves him all alone
P.S. Even crack addicts are allowed to keep their children in their homes, which are typically squalid.....JUST IMAGINE HOW DISGUSTING TIM LEE'S PLACE MUST HAVE BEEN IF HE WAS SUBJECT TO BEING ARRESTED FOR KEEPING HIS DAUGHTER IN A FILTHY UNWHOLSESOME ENVIRONMENT!...This means a dangerous slum environment WORSE THAN THAT OF WINOS, DRUG ADDICTS ETC!...He was subject to ARREST!
These are only taken excerpts from the posting.  For those who can bear it, here is the total Tim Lee sludge saga link.   http://prabhupada.org.uk/sanat/kick29.htm
And just in case you think this is an isolated case of exposure, we are re-presenting videos done by others with whom this petty criminal/cultist/abuser was closely associated...
And here are only some of  his latest (9th Dec. '11)  Hindu Bashing headlines.  "Untouchables or The Children of India's Ghetto"- "Why Srila Prabhupada rejected modern Hinduism"- "Dutch woman was murdered in Vrindava" ...we hope the Dutch government will pressure the Indian authorities to find the culprits and bring them to justice..."Millions of girls aborted causes India population imbalance ( Al Jazeera.)..."India's "Untouchables" Face Violence, Discrimination." ...."Lower class by birth" problem persists."....
He does not see America's problems because that's where he gets his food stamps.  He has the instincts of a canine....bite everyone but not the guy with the doggie food stamps. 
BIF will now present a series of emails sent by Lee.  What readers should note is that he is blind copying predators on his cult loop. 
Tim Lee's mail is in black and darted thus >><<. Our response in blue.
>>Dear Saksi, should you Ramakrishna folks decide to attack us in India by saying we are bogus to promote Jesus,.....<<
Nobody mentioned a word about Jesus.  Nor do I have any Ramkrishna folks.   The article simply quoted the words of Lee's guru "Prabhupada" which were sexist/racist/ and dictatorial.  Here it is -ELEPHANT in the ROOM.  
My article had nothing to do with Tim Lee, who doesn't rate a thought in my world.  It was Lee who wrote to BIF attacking the founder of the Ram Krishna Mission, to create a diversion from exposure of his own sexist/racial beliefs....his guru, Prabhupada.   Other than classifying him as just another member of sexist/racist/parasitic cult, I have never met this social security scammer, or care to.
And what is this about Jesus?  Is this Mr. Tim Lee, Chinese, Hindu, gaudiya, or what?  Why is he always on about Jesus.  If he is A Christian he should go back to his Christian roots and get re-rooted.  Who cares?  His every post is peppered with 'Jesus is my savior,"  "Hallelujah Jesus!"  So what is he doing in a Hindu copycat cult?   We know he is immoral, but is he also a redneck Christian fundamentalist who wears a gaudiya mask to disguise what he truly is.  Such a charade does provide facility without suspicion to abuse and propagate racist literature against Hindus.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  Let's take a closer look at the abuser and how much cover he believes his cult provides.
>>we have plenty of ways to attack your Ramakrishna mission folks over here, which will get back to India.<<
So 'we' means some kind of formalized cult gang who have plenty of ways to attack by taking the law into their own hands, no doubt, to inflame what Lee constitutes as a racial dispute?  And...which will get back to India..a grandiose belief in cult capability demonstrated here by criminal bravado and disregard for the Law. 
>>For starters there are tens of thousands of Christian web sites, literally thousands just on facebook alone and so on, where we could say you folks have said we are bogus to promote Jesus and we need to promote your homo-erotica avatars. There are thousands of Christian web sites just in Australia alone as well. Thousands more in India.<<
Remember this fellow was showing me he had my home address, then he writes admitting he is going to falsify information to incite a Christian mob to come to my door.  Listen to this--  "where we could say you folks have said we are bogus to promote Jesus?"  An open admission that nothing has been said, but Lee threatens us with-  I could say you said.  This is what we want the world to know, and we cannot say it enough-  CULTS HARBOR UNSCRUPULOUS CRIMINALS, AS SUCH, CULTS MUST BE ERASED.  Anyway, we don't give a damn if he promotes Jesus, beds with Christian brothers, or sucks on a nun's social security.  We have no interest in cult vermin, other than shutting them down. 
>>Yep, if you decide to after us by name (sic), rank and serial number, then we will have to do the same as you, naming your names, including the karmi names of your pals in India,....<<
Who is the 'us' hiding in the blind copies of Lee's mail?  ...including the karmi  names of your pals in India.....Whaaaaat? 
For anyone associated with cult behavior, it becomes quickly apparent that enrolment has no criteria.  Cults have an accumulation through expansion program that scrapes the bottom of the barrel.  What results is wanton recruitment of criminals, lunatics, and the criminally insane.  After crawling in the sludge of pretention for some length of time, the criminals grow in stature and confidence, the lunatics grow more crazy unattended, and the criminally insane go devilishly socio/psychopathic.  It become practically impossible to understand what triggers thought patterns: what they do/say and what causes them to do it.  This is why Hindus, African Americans, or anyone who value kids, nation, planet, TRUTH and righteousness, cannot allow cults to function on this planet.  Cults facilitate and create sociopaths, parasites, scavengers, monsters and mutt monkeys. 
>>should you folks decide to go this route, I can also get myself on Christian radio talk shows very easily on this topic, i.e. that you sent me a letter saying I was bogus to promote Jesus because I am not going to worship homo-erotica Avatars.<<
This is a good example of what we mean.  Think about it.  Who? I mean WHO !!! would write to someone saying-  "You are bogus to promote Jesus because you are not going to worship homo-erotica Avatars."  What in hell is a homo-erotica avatar.  Who in a world of sanity comes up with a neologism like that? Jesus?  St. Peter?  A sacked/cracked pizza delivery boy? 
But that's the point.  Tim Lee, like others BIF has tackled in past articles, claims to have been with the cult for decades.  When you take that fact into consideration, it proves the destructive nature of cults; the brain damage and zombie lack of reasoning.   It is why they believe the guru who said...the sun goes around the earth, not vice-versa...and...Giant eagles fly from one planet to another, and while flying they lay eggs.....Yeah.  Which Tim Lee then delivers as giant Eagle Egg topping Pizza. 
>>So let me know how you want to deal with this. I think Jesus might win this one! People are also appalled that you are saying God eats beef steaks etc, you have not got much support on this either. ys pd <<
Now he thinks that Jesus might win this one?   Hmm.  Okay, let's see.....
Jesus has been loosing a few, has he?  How many has he lost so far?  Do you think he could beat Homo-Erotica Avatar if he wore blinkers?  Is this really his distance? Track?  What odds are the bookmakers giving?  Who's riding..Matthew, Mark or Luke? 
Look Bobo, if God wants to eat beef steaks etc.,  I can't stop him, especially if he wants to eat etc.  I can't even stop my neighbor.  I am me, God is God, and you are a nut.   And they say the biggest nuts come from California.  Who am I to argue.
Then the bone licker posted my private home address at the bottom of his mail out, which he got from Hong Kong Johnny, that's right, the pedophile mentioned in my last mail: a coward who loves leather, has a mouth like a drain, and works ceaselessly in the background to try and bring BIF down, but we will catch him with his pants down sooner or later. 
Tim Lee (Bobo) has dug himself into one of several Iskcon factions.  As mental mascot for this rag-tag group he draws credence as a practicing Hindu/ gaudiya/vaisnav which he uses to bash Hindus.  He had a cyber circular called PADA, now reduced to a blog because of complaints.  For him, blasting anyone, and Hindus in particular, was acceptable because he says he has the license (acBSp) because he was 'initiated' by the cult's founder, Prabhupada.  The only safe Indians are deshdrohis who stand behind him, egging him on while they use him as a cover for their own activity.  So we looked closer at this social security gobbler and made a startling discovery.  We quickly realized Lee was a radical redneck with dreams of merging "Prabhupadanugas" (Gaudiyaism) with Jesus (Christianity) for Jesus' sake.  Below we give you some idea of what we mean.  Please understand, a complete log of his Jesus rantings will take an unholy month of Sunday School to complete. Here are just a few:

>>PADA  (aka. Tim Lee): Yes, Srila Prabhupada says that "Jesus is my brother" "Jesus is our guru" ...."Jesus is still accepting the sins even today" "Jesus is shaktyavesha" and so many similar things.... Actually the Christians are the largest religion because everyone unites to promote their acharya.... We should learn from them and humbly be trying to do that too. ...THANK YOU JESUS..... we must offer our respectful obesiances to our inaugural guru, Lord Jesus......without the teachings of Jesus there would be no culture here in the West.....Srila Prabhupada himself says that Jesus is our guru.....Because of Jesus we have had a unique view..... the guru is like Jesus.... Since we are anchored in the idea that the guru is like Jesus,.....that the guru is like Jesus, a de facto servant of Radha,....So Jesus has helped save us.... thanks to the teachings we already had from Jesus....should be worshipped on a vyasasana like Jesus.....told Ramesvara to put his Jesus-like worship seat back..... Tamal, and Hansadutta worship as Jesus-like gurus...Jesus has to be suspended.....made any sense to us due to the mercy of Jesus....I know that Jesus is not a crook......as a guru who is worshipped like Jesus, or more than Jesus.....and this is what Jesus is attracted to?....Thank you Jesus!....any town where Jesus is the guru knows better than this.... vote in the next Jesus?....Oh swell, you are Jesus, but if you refuse to be voted by us, as Jesus.... but thanks to Jesus, this never made any sense to us....thanks to Jesus, no one could tell us...  Nah, and thanks to Jesus we knew this when we were five years old....must be worshipped like Jesus....people like Jesus never do this, therefore he is not like Jesus..... Well, thanks to Jesus we never make this mistake....is what servants of Radha and/or Jesus would do.... sit in the vyasasana seat and be worshipped like Jesus...Nah, and thanks to Jesus we knew this was wrong......Yep he is a guru, he is like Jesus to these idiots....Dear Lord Jesus, thanks so much for saving me....Thank you Jesus.....able to absorb sins, like Jesus,.... Prabhupada taught exactly what Jesus taught,...Srila Prabhupada confirmed what Jesus taught.... Thank you Jesus, and thanks for sending us Srila Prabhupada...ISKCON should be the same as the Christian conception of Christ - which is that he should be the one and only Diksa Guru. Jai!,,,,PADA: And people complain, well PADA always talks about Jesus, well it seems that our talking has been spreading around to the ISKCON leaders! ys pd]....Srila Prabhupada says that Jesus is still absorbing the sins of his followers today,..who are thus like Jesus....who is like Jesus..they are not on that level...they are merely meant to offer baptism on behalf...act like another Jesus or acharya?.... Therefore the Christian priest (ritvik) or ISKCON preacher... just like only Jesus has the potency to do...where is the order for us neophytes to act like Jesus and absorb sins...saying we are bogus to promote Jesus...Jesus is our saviour...you hate Jesus...you hate Christians...your Jesus hating citations.

Tim Lee's profile reads- Angel.  My question is WHEN?

Even though I never once mentioned Jesus or Christians in any mail to this born again Christian foodstamp, look at what he writes to me:- 

>>ok good, we will get your local churches to pray for you<< 

In your last mail ( look a few paragraphs back,)  you accused me of saying - you are bogus for promoting Jesus and threatened me by displaying my home address implying you would send it to local churches, Christian radio talk shows, and Christian web forums.  Now, in a mail sent only a few minutes later, you say you will get my local churches to pray for me.   Would they need my address to do that?  So either I have committed some grievous heresy that needs your redneck brand of Christianity, or you have serious mental blockages and a bi-polar disorder.  What is it Mr. Lee?  Is it drugs?   

>>Thanks for these quotes where you say you hate the Christians, keep em coming, I will quote you and I already have a few. We need more of your Jesus hating citations, please send a few more for my records. ys pd<<

Again, look at your statement above.  You have written-  where we could say you folks have said-  What it clearly tells the reader is that you have the immorality to say folks have said what folks did not say or you would have positively stated-  what you folks have saidAre you with me, or off with the pixies again?  Anyway, who is the "we" you represent?  And who are the "folks" you say said these things?  How did we say it?  Was it all of us together on email, or were we in Roman costume at  Calvary? Are you using hallucinogens, Mr. Lee?  Haunted?

>>Right so you admit you hate Jesus and only I am on to that, well thats great!<<

 Bobo, Bobo, Bobo.  You are running off with a dry bone.  Look up at the top of this post.  You first said you could say that folks had said.  Now you are saying I admit to hating Jesus.  Where did this Jesus nonsense come from.  I am a Hindu.  To me Jesus is a Latino guy who sells  dope.  I don't hate Jesus or love Jesus.  If I smoked dope like you I would be obsessed with Jesus too.  But I don't and I'm not.  Your drug bombed brain first fabricates a lie and a few sentences later accepts it as truth....that means MAD.  That means criminal MAD.  That means actionable MAD.  When the Berkeley Police see the mail exchange on your server and mine, they are going to know it.  

The reason this world remains safe from sexists pigs, racists bigots and lunatics, is exactly that....reason.  They don't have it.  A quick check through your server Mr. Petty Thief, will show you are a liar and a cheat....a pin-up-boy for deceit/deception, using the Christian bully card to intimidate. 

Here is Bobo's next letter which was sent to me by a BIF contact.  Note how he again barks up a frenzy in hopes that cult fanatics, who have been instructed by their guru Prabhupada to - "cut out the tongue of the villifier and kill him"-  may try it with me.

>>Dear Prabhus (dear masters), I decided to take down all the BIF (that's me) materials because its just giving him free advertising.<<

No!  That was not the reason.  You took it down because I informed you, you would be prosecuted for racial abuse.  Here it is- >>Your racism is already on file.16HRS. AND TWENTY -TWO MINUTES, (before we act.)<<

>>His site is not well known, in fact most people tell me they only know about him through us.<<

"Most people tell me?" Bobo, you only have one person who ever comments on your blog.  He calls himself "rm."  When I recently told you that Mr. rm, had no profile information, and his phraseology and composition was exactly like yours, i.e., you were rm, the very next comment made by Mr. rm, was an attempt to prove he was not you:  the English was purposely broken to move away from your already bad diction.  This is petty pretention from a petty crim.

>>Also, a friend of Shaksi said if I took all this down he would try to pacify Saksi and try to get him off his tearing up on Prabhupada, lets see.<<

What the friend said to you was that Sakshi (get the spelling right , Bobo) was not tearing up Prabhupada.  Sakshi was writing what Prabhupada had written/said, and Sakshi had referenced it.  Nor did the friend say he would pacify Sakshi.  In fact he is a Hindu, and just like every Hindu who confronts your driveling saliva, was deeply hurt.  What he said was "You will be prosecuted."  And you whimpered- "But I have taken the postings down."

>>No I am not working with BIF. Also BIF is apparently trying to get Krishna devotees physically assaulted by having them branded as dangerous criminals, racists, rapists etc., so I really cannot have any connection to his enterprises at the moment, he has become too dangerous for the devotees because he clearly wants to see the devotees beaten, assaulted and worse.<<

Didn't your guru say-  If Krishna wants to kill you no one can save you, and if Krishna wants to save you no one can kill you?  So either your guru is talking bullcrap...or you are.  Which one is it, Bobo? 

If BIF can have Krishna devotees physically assaulted, why hang out with Krishna, pay your taxes to BIF.  Give Krishna up and stop using His name to rob Indians.  Go back to Jesus and take your fundamentalist friends with you.  You have been bashing Hindus, Hindustan: its way of life and Government by producing posts from cyber circulars.... and even posting reports from Al Jazeera.  Your cult mob have been raping, pillaging, looting and abusing.  Now you want to put the blame on BIF, you rat.  

You are obsessed with Hindu bashing.  When I pointed this out to you in recent mail you read it as a threat to your madness- "I am not worried, you are not going to stop me by threats, the GBC has done that for 35 years, it does not work on me and never will."  What you don't realize is that the world is a whole lot bigger than your piddling GBC.  Constant reports are being fed to world authorities about your Iskcon cult.  If there is any danger, it is being caused by criminals like you.  BIF never had the power.  If we did you guys would be a distant memory, already.  But it is happening even if the window in your dog-box is too small to see it.

So after giving out my family's home address, Tim Lee starts lying to excite cult fundamentalists into action.  Listen to this- 

>>He is trying to incite a violent riot against Krishna's devotees in India. Perhaps someone in Australia could do some legal work against his site for this reason?<<

If the Indian Government (like the Russian and Hungarian Governments) decide that Iskcon is a bogus criminal outfit, they don't need BIF (who?) to make that decision.   And no one can do squat about the BIF web site.  Get over it, already.  We will take the site down soon enough, but not before the job is done. 

As for inciting a violent riot in India....We investigated you because of your racial stand against Hindus.  What we intercepted was mail from you to a fellow named "Corrie Cananza."  Remember him Bobo?  You were instructing him to go to my homeland, Bengal, and incite a riot there between Hindus and Muslims. Remember this, Bobo?  When he flunked out, you wanted him arrested.  I have it all on file right here before me.  Even witnesses are available.  Now you are attempting to identify me with your terrorist tactics.  BIF has waited with its ear to the ground, hoping someone would finance you a journey to India.  We were even considering indirectly offering and paying for a trip ourselves, so you could answer charges on this matter.  But our team declined.  No one would spend a cent on your sorry ass.

>>He has wrote to me (sic) letters basically saying I need to be attacked myself, his letters indicate he wants to see me basically exterminated, he wants our blood right now.<<

Keep the letters Bobo, you will need to show it to the police.  Basically, if someone wants to exterminate you and writes directly to you about it, why would he bother to indicate?  Surely his intentions would be loud and clear if ...'he wants our blood right now!!!"    And why didn't you take the letter to police?  Or  do the Berkeley Police already know you are a lying parasitic scavenger who cheats invalid women, commits security fraud, smokes dope and howls-  "Jesus is coming?"  No, Bobo, I don't write letters like that.  I'm too legally aware to be a Bobo.  What you are doing here is inciting cult violence, as instructed by your guru Prabhupada who you say is like Jesus...the guru is like Jesus....Srila Prabhupada confirmed what Jesus taught.  Maybe I should send a few quotes from Prabhupada (and you) to your Christian fellowship so they know what you are saying about Jesus....Eh?

>>Frankly it seems, he would kill Prabhupada himself if he had the chance. He wants our blood.<<

Prabhupada is dead, killed by your American confedracy....allegedly.  But if his clones or anyone threatens my family I will act in a flash.  Tell your assassins that.  If they come anywhere near my property, they should be carrying a white sheet on the end of a twenty-foot pole so I can see it clearly.  Otherwise...Bang! and the next thing you know it's a pig's life.  No one in my family will die at the hands of cult fanatics.

>> I cannot risk having even one devotee beaten up because of my advertising him. He wants to see Krishna's devotees blood flowing, period.<<

You are stabbing your Hare Krishna devotees in the back with your stupid racist writings, and then pretend to be Jesus in the trailer park?

Why have you researched and posted my home address, and now write absolute lies to loops of hidden cultists?  Why are you falsifying statements and then threatening me with your Christian KKK contacts?  You are demonstrating why you feel others must be killed to preserve your cult madness.  HERE is your guru (Prabhupada) telling you to do it.   It is why you guys have to go, and governments around the world are coming to that conclusion.

 >>At the sametime, his writing is so much 1890s old school Britain, most people cannot even understand what he is saying at all, it takes me 20 minutes to wade through one paragraph, most people write to me....<<

It is what I meant when saying you learnt your English off pizza delivery orders.  To most Indians who use a minimum of three languages, folks like you are unbelievably lazy, unkempt and uncivilized.   And again you are coming with this most people write to me.  Okay here it is, get it through your thick head...we know no one writes to you because we ran your blog through a service scanner, it recorded a zero- a zero and- a zero.  I'll say it again-  NO ONE WRITES TO YOU, except 'rm' who IS you.  You are not just a liar but a stupid one.

>>....complaining they need a dictionary to read anything he says, they have no idea what he is saying,....<<

That's you Lee.  An uneducated, doped-up primary school dropout.  You claim above that most people cannot understand, but, as explained, no one writes to you.  So most people is really your own MPD.  Now that's a shame because you have made claim that the Supreme Court of India reads your "documents."  But we can assure you 100% that when Indian authorities looked at your blog recently they came to the same opinion as BIF...you are nuts.  It is why you have remained safe from prosecution, and why BIF is still being advised to allow you to die slowly, in the cesspit of your own existence.  Nonetheless some retribution (big word, Bobo?) will help you on your way.

>>certainly his new audience of Bengalis will not be able to decipher what he says, so if we help him by translating his stuff, it only helps him and no one else.<<

Bengalis approach education differently to trailer trash.  You will certainly have difficulty with my English because your forefathers based their ancestral English on only six words-  Please Sir, can you help me?  You and your buddies are still doing it with our Hindu people.  That is going to stop soon enough when they 'decipher' the truth.

>>in short, there does not seem to be any other good plan to deal with this other than to avoid him and not advertise him for free. If any of you can try to talk to him, his former friends, that would be maybe the best hope we have at this time.

Nope.  You don't have a hope in hell.  The BIF investigation is now complete.  It's all over bar the shouting.  We made no friends in the cult (okay a few casuals), only acquaintances who were used to build our case files.  Your institution is not going to rob Indians, abuse them, steal lands, rape kids, break up families, entrap and enslave juveniles forcing them to discard their studies, have no respect for our laws.  We don't make friends with cancer.  We get rid of it.

>>He has gone totally mad. Anyway this reminds me of Kurukshetra, the friends became enemies, its what happens in this world. ys pd<<

No, I am not mad, and I was never your friend.  You cannot even spell my name.  But you have exposed my family in your desperation to bring me down, so now you have an enemy.


>>His site is not well known, in fact most people tell me they only know about him through us<< 
What you are saying is "most people" come to you after reading BIF and say-  "'O' St. Timmy in a trailer.  Hallelujah mystical one!  We, who are 'most people'  only know about BIF through you.  And you, who possess a magical 'counter'  to monitor private web sites, know.... his site is not well known."  
Tim Lee, Jesus does not provide auto-disciplic brain transplants.  That's just a whole lot of giant eagle eggs.  You will be forever stuck with the airhead you have.  
Then you write:
>>...most people cannot even understand what he is saying at all, complaining they need a dictionary to read anything he says, they have no idea what he is saying,....if we help him by translating his stuff, it only helps him and no one else.<<
So now we are to understand "most people" do read our site (It is well known. Yippee!) but they need a dictionary, which still does not help most people because most people then come to you-  "O' St. Timmy in a trailer, we cannot understand what BIF is saying.  We need a dictionary, but that is not enough so we are here to complain and depend on your great intellect to translate."  And then most people queue in line for translations because-
>>it takes me 20 minutes to wade through one paragraph,>>
Looks like you will say anything to impress your friends at the zoo.   I have never met you and don't know you from a bar of soap, but you write this to me- 
" The police around here are already very aware of you and your violent cult trying to get me offed for the past 30 years, this includes: the FBI, Local Police, Federal Marshals and many others, indeed there are stacks and stacks of files on me at the FBI offices already and TONS OF NEWSPAPER articles about all this stuff since really 35 years."
How come we have never heard about you from the "TONS OF NEWSPAPER articles since  really 35 years."   Can you even post one article that directly names you and your involvement with the FBI?  Okay we are waiting for your NEWSPAPER posting, which will be displayed right here on this page.  Don't be too long.  It should take no more than a day since you have your huge scrapbook on the ready. Failure to produce what you claim will convince us of what we already know... you are a sicko who should be left driveling alone in a trailer with his drugs and hallucinations.

NOPE. As expected, nothing showed up from this Bobo.

Finally when I threatened Bobo with legal action, this hyena dog who has been attacking people for years, fought back for a little then turned and ran.  Here is the flurry of mail from him-

>>I am not worried Saksi, you are not going to stop me by threats, the GBC has done that for 35 years, it does not work on me and never will. The police have all kinds of threats I get on a regular basis, yours is just another one on the heap. ys pd<<

>>ok good, we will get your local churches to pray for you<<

>>Thanks for these quotes where you say you hate the Christians, keep em coming, I will quote you and I already have a few. We need more of your Jesus hating citations, please send a few more for my records. ys pd <<

>>Right so you admit you hate Jesus and only I am on to that, well thats great! Do not write to this address again or I will report you as harrassing and threatening e-mails. I do not have time for this, you write about me and I'll write about you, simple. ys pd<<

Then, the racist, sexist bully wrote to my server.  In his mail above he says- his letters indicate he wants to see me basically exterminated- but then he writes to my server and complains about - internet harassment writing.  So why did he complain about harassment and not about threats of "extermination"?  Simple...he's lying.  And when we went through the mail with our server, he knew it too.  Below is our server's letter to us, and Bobo's note to them. 

Dear TPG Customer,
Below is an email that TPG has received complaining about certain conduct. The IP Address and timestamps provided by the complainant indicate that the conduct occurred over your TPG Service.
Thank you.
- - - - - - - - - -
Kind Regards,

Do not write me anything ever again or I will report you to the Australian police for internet harassment writing. I am not opening anything of yours ever again, cease and desist or I will report you. ys pd> > 
Thanks very much for your attention. Tim Lee

Boo hoo hoo.  Then the racist bully tucked his tail between his legs and bolted.  But here we are, again.

Now Bobo.  I have some time on my hands so let's dance.  If in fact I have written you 'indicating your extermination'  or/and 'wanting blood right now' or 'wanting the blood of devotees by having them beat up' or having abused Jesus/Christianity etc., etc., then you have no worries.  It will all be there with your yahoo server so police can read it, just as they will find my mail to you.  But if there is no such mail and in fact you are fabricating lies to intimidate and incite violence my family will seek punitive damages for the anxiety you have caused us. 

In the letter to your Yahoo server and your local police precinct will contain what you have claimed (with dated, original copies of what you have written.)  We will show how you researched and posted our family address with intent to intimidate, causing great concern for my family, and your lies to cult members.  Also I will send police private mail between you and Mr. Cananza, just to demonstrate the kind of man you are.  We will then seek help from your police department on how we can lay charges.  Stand by.

Below you will note acronyms of African American organizations to which we are sending racist and derogatory statements that you and your institution have been propagating for forty years without any apology or removal  (we will also copy your local police).   These statements being made have nothing to do with the original Vedas.  They were taken from false scriptures that have long been denounced by Hindu parivas as inauthentic .  We have explained that somewhat in our article -  Orthopraxy over Orthodoxy.

Since you live in LA, and have your feet planted in both the Christian and "Prabhupadanuga" cult worlds, You can explain to them why you- a Prabhupadanuga, have maintained and persisted with these racist statements in the literature and audio that you guys keep handing out.  They may ask for an apology or choose to sue for punitive damages.  Whatever, I am sure you can explain matters to them.  After that dispatch we will also contact IRAAM, BIG, BCC, CA, CBCF, and NABJ.  We will make sure to send them your PADA-  Prabhupada Anti Defamation Army crap and current blog address, so they know it's you they want to talk to.



The branch began immediately addressing mounting concerns about racial discrimination and second-class treatment of the city's "Colored" citizens, and serving as the principal political leadership in the black community.
Here are the quotes:

Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation Varnasrama System Must Be Introduced -- February 14, 1977, Mayapura

Prabhupada believed that the African races should be enslaved by the Aryans; if they were free to come and go as they please, they would only cause disturbance in society. In February 1977, less than a year before his departure from this world, Prabhupada expressed regret about the fact that America had abolished slavery. In a room conversation, which later received the title ?Varnasram System Must Be Introduced,? he referred to African Americans as follows:

PrabhuPADA: Sudra is to be controlled only. They are never given to be freedom (sic). Just like in America. The blacks were slaves. They were under control. And since you have given them equal rights they are disturbing, most disturbing, always creating a fearful situation, uncultured and drunkards. What training they have got? They have got equal right? That is best, to keep them under control as slaves but give them sufficient food, sufficient cloth, not more than that. Then they will be satisfied.

-It may be concluded that white or a golden hue is the color of the higher caste, and black is the complexion of the sudras [lower class].
(SB 4.14.45, purport)

-(The dark-skinned races) are not allowed to live in cities and towns because they are sinful by nature. As such, their bodies are very ugly, and their occupations are also sinful.

-They are always engaged in sinful activities like stealing
(SB 4.14.46, purport)

-the higher classes of men are white (sukla), and the lower classes of men are black. This division of white and black is in terms of ones white and black duties of life. Pious acts lead one to& acquire beautiful features. Impious acts lead one to acquire ugly bodily features.
(SB 3.5.9, purport)

-Yes. We hate to mix with you. No gentleman tries to mix with loafers. Even in America, they dont like to live with the blacks. Crows will not like to live with the ducks and white swans. And white swans will not like to live with the crows. That is natural division. Birds of the same feather flock together.
(1/11/77, Allahabad)

Room Conversation ? October 5, 1975, Mauritius

Prabhupada: This is Vedic civilization: plain living, high thinking. And poor thinking, poor in thought, poor in behavior, and living with motorcar and this, that, nonsense. It is all nonsense civilization. A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class negro. This is going on. You?ll find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class negro. That's all. Is it not?

Room Conversation ? January 21, 1977, Bhuvanesvara

Ramesvara: Thats the trend, then, everywhere, because unemployment is increasing.

Prabhupada: And especially in your country it will be dangerous because these blacks, if they dont get employment, they will create havoc, these blacks. And they are not civilized. They want money, and if they dont get money, then they will create havoc.

Gargamuni: Money and liquor.

Hari-sauri: Yes. If they do get money, they just buy it.

Lecture on SB 1.16.4 ? Los Angeles, January 1, 1974

Prabhupada: So here, this man was cheating. Because here it is said: nrpa-linga-dharam. He was dressed like a king. Just like king is very gorgeously dressed. But his bodily feature, he was a black man. The black man means sudra.  (Sudra means low-class)

Room Conversation ? August 2, 1976, New Mayapur, French farm

Prabhupada: Dravidian culture. Dravida. They are non-Aryans. Just like these Africans, they are not Aryans. Now they are mixing up with Europeans and Americans. In India, it was, one from the higher section, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, they will be fair complexion. Sudras, black. So if a brahmana becomes black, then he's not accepted as brahmana. Kala bahu (?). And if a sudra becomes fair, then he's to be know (sic) that he's not pure sudra.

Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk -- July 9, 1975, Chicago:  

A thief shall be called thief. That is natural. If you call a Negro, "You black," he will be angry. But he is black.

Conversation on Train to Allahabad ? January 11, 1977, India

Prabhupada: Yes. Aristocratic will never live? Even in America, they don?t like to live with the blacks. 

Talk Before Class, November 29, 1968, Los Angeles
I think in our apartment also somebody must remain. Here this is... In New York also I lost my typewriter, tape recorder. In 72nd St. at daytime, at nine o'clock. I went to take my meals in Dr. Misra's place at about nine, and when I came back I saw the door is broken. That superintendent, he was a Negro. He has done, I know that. This is very common case here.  

Sannyasa Initiation, Bombay, November 18, 1975
You have got good opportunity. You are going to Africa to deliver these persons. Sukadeva Gosvami says, kirata-hunandhra-pulinda-pulkasa abhira-sumbha yavanah khasadayah, ye 'nye ca papa [SB 2.4.18]. These groups of men are considered very fallen, kirata, the black men. They are called nisada. Nisada was born of Vena, King Vena. So they are habituated to steal; therefore they have been given a separate place, African jungles. That is there in the Bhagavatam. So, but everyone can be delivered. Kirata-hunandhra-pulinda-pulkasa abhira-sumbha yavanah khasadayah ye 'nye ca papa. These are known (as) sinful life.

Thank You.