13th July, 2016

Omless Yoga

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein


On Tuesday 21st June of this year (“International Yoga Day”) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led yoga exercises in Chandigarh where over 30,000 Hindus participated.  In his speech to the masses (and media) Modi made four statements that unwittingly exposed the ISKCON- Hare Krishna (I-HK) ‘Bhakti Yoga’ lexeme as nothing more than semantic appropriation of a Vedic word existing long before Hinduism’s bhakti-beggaring pantheon of puranic gods and goddesses…

This is the stuff of bogus history.  The religion which Hindus practise has only a marginal relationship to the Vedas.  The Vedic gods are no longer worshipped. Vishnu
(Krishna) Shiva and Kali appear in the Hindu pantheon at least 1,000 years after the Vedas.”
Meghnad Desai, emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics.

1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said yoga is not a religious activity…
He publicly stated that yoga is not a sectarian practice.
3) Yoga is both for the atheists and believers, Modi said…
4) “Some people fail to understand yoga,” he said.

Whether understood and exploited or misunderstood and victimized…Am / Jew I-HK, abetted by Indian businessmen, has amassed millions in assets and un-audited ‘charity’ god-dollars.  Nor does the appropriation stop there... the American ‘Yoga’ market alone is worth USD 27 Billion.

In his inadvertent exposure of ‘Bhakti Yoga’ as a subordination conjunct, PM Modi made a significant omission highlighted by Indian media… “Also, there were no chants of “Om” at the start of the event.”  

Which raises quaeiturs… a) If yoga is not a religious activity why does I-HK, a religious cult, claim to be bhakti yogis?  b) What identifies the cult in an ‘Omless’ yoga reality?  c) How has I-HK flogged itself as yogic for 50 years, unchallenged?  d) What does I-HK sell / practice that can be classified as yoga per se?  Why has the Indian Government, considering what Modi stated, encouraged and abetted I-HK in what is obviously exploitation of a troglodyte exercise regime?

Rewind to our posting titled- Pollyoga, dated- 13th July 2015 : Yoga Day, promoted and proposed by India’s BJP government, is accepted and declared by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) as an ‘International Day’ to be celebrated on 21st June of each year.  India’s new government, not unlike I-HK, bastardized a Sanskrit word (Yoga) in marketing its Hindutva lululemons to a gym-junkie gerascophobia.

Anyone in the know knows that Hindi words like ‘Vyaayaam’ (athletics, gymnastics) or even ‘Abhyaas’ (regimented drill) would better define an exercise regime.  Yet ‘Yoga’, a Vedic Sanskrit word conjunct, is chosen as mote jute for the Hindutva habromanic hustle.  In fact, no sooner had the announcement been made by UNGA than BJP parliamentarian, Yogi Adityanath proselytized- “…surya namaskar is part of yoga, which purifies the mind, and “those who abstain from the Sun God should drown themselves in the ocean or live in a darkened room for the rest of their life”…[…]… Adityanath said those opposing the spiritual and physical discipline and surya namaskar – a set of 12 yoga ‘asanas’ (postures) that is a salutation to the sun – should “leave Hindustan”.

So what we get is an ‘International Yoga Day’ declared by the UN in which humans across the globe, irrespective of mama’s teat-fed theism, genuflect to pantheistic gods.  How did that come about?  Was Yogi Adityanath shooting off at the mouth independent of his BJP boss?  No he was not.  Here below we post link to a video showing where he got it from:-“Surya Namaskar Stamp Released By PM Narendra Modi For International Yoga Day | NTV.

What we end up with is ‘government of the largest democracy in the world’ using semantics to idiotize, gyp, and genuflect humanity to Hindutva hagiarchy.  Meanwhile, applauded by UNGA and yoga-yuppies around the world, Brahmin casteism (Hindu religious apartheid) takes a bow on the international stage.

The world’s IGNORANCE, BLINDNESS and INDIFFERENCE  to the suffering of ‘Minorities’ and ‘Untouchables’ labouring under India’s ‘Upper Castes’ (who successfully flogged ‘Yoga Day’ to UNGA and gym-junkies) only provides more wherewithal to wrongous and warranty to wondermongers.  However, and thankfully, International Yoga Day and its Hindu hooch did not cocktail with the- All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPB)….

“The All India Muslim Personal Board said on Sunday it will launch a nationwide campaign against making what it described as "Hindu religious practices" such as surya namaskar compulsory in educational institutions. It has also demanded that an order making ‘surya namaskar’ compulsory in schools should be cancelled.”

Oh yes Sir.  No sooner had the Yoga Day yabba-dabba-doo been accepted and declared sacrosanct by the UN than India’s BJP government moved to impose Hindutva ideologies in educational institutions across India.

In retaliation to the Muslim (AIMPB) protest, BJP parliamentarian- Yogi Adityanath confirmed why BJP duped UNGA into accepting yoga as an international ritual, i.e. if the U.N. (more than a 100 countries, including 40 Muslim nations) is backing International Yoga Day to be observed on June 21st (a day when the ‘sun-god’ is directly overhead in India) why should any Indian, caste, tribe, sect or subjected minority, protest the UN’s endorsement of a SUN GOD as per Brahmin-caste canon?

“Referring to opposition by Muslims to surya namaskar, Adityanath said more than 100 countries, including over 40 Muslim nations, are backing the International Yoga Day to be observed on June 21.”


Meanwhile India’s Human Recourses Development Minister Smriti Irani (BJP’s uneducated minister for education), a protégé of PM Modi, who decreed Sanskrit be introduced in Indian varsities (read our posting ‘Deva Bhasya’- para.20,) showed total disregard for any concern or protest.  She convened an ad hoc committee headed by none other than ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru’.  The panel was instrumental in suggesting various courses in yoga that would culminate in B.A., M.A., and PhD…. Tertiary troglodytes with degrees like PM Modi got his…off the back of a Hindutva truck (read more further down this posting).

“The action is in line with recommendations of a panel headed by H R Nagendra, also regarded as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru, that had suggested various kind of courses ranging from certificate courses to Bachelor’s, Masters and PhDs for yogic sciences.”

Most relevant is what HRD Minister Irani stated in the link above- “She referred to a paper brought out at IIT Kharagpur on the resonance of the word ‘Om’ through yogic science and its scientific value.”  The quote, and when we consider what PM Modi had to say in subsequent media reports, epitomizes bastardization of the word ‘Yoga’…and political ping-pong played by Modi and his pollies.

So what stopped the godmen, saints, avatars, gurus, messiahs and mystics from levitating out of caves and ashrams to vibrate ‘Om’ (in educated Sanskrit) and collect their PhDs?  The answer was made politically clear by Modi.  He said yoga is not a religious activity, and asserted that it ‘need not be dragged into any controversy. Then, to politically defuse rising protests and simultaneously bail out his HRD Minister, Modi announced- “…two awards, one national and the other international would be given for promotion of yoga by the Indian government on the 3rd International Yoga Day.”   So no more scientific evaluation on the resonance of OM … no PhDs…and then… no more HRD Minister.  Modi demoted her in his recent cabinet reshuffle… “Controversial minister Smriti Irani was shifted from the key Human Resources Development Ministry to the less significant Textiles Ministry…”

Word célèbre in Modi’s statement above is- ‘CONTROVERSY’.  Why, after issuing a Surya Namaskar Stamp commemorating worship to a god in the sun and launching Smriti Irani’s ‘OM’ ballyhoo and Yogi Adityanath’s tirade, did Modi do a 180°?  Why after his media staged Surya Namaskar macaroni did he declare yoga a non-religious / sectarian practice?  The answer lies in controversy that could embarrass UNGA, its ‘International Yoga Day’ declaration, along with PM Modi’s future electoral prospects.

Not only did the Muslim Board come out in protest.  There were rumblings in several sectors of the Indian community, including academics in India and abroad, protesting the Indian government’s Hindutva agenda.  Even politicians like Kerala Health Minister- K.K. Shilaja came out blasting chants and prayers in the inaugural Yoga Day performances.  Not surprisingly, as with any power-mongering group, the BJP has a surplus of Orcs and Trolls ready to attack political Hobbits, and none more gangster gung-ho than BJP’s alter-ego…the RSS:

Taking a dig at 'seculars' opposing Yoga day and its promotion, a pro-RSS journal today said those protesting with "coloured and tainted glasses" will face "side-effects" including their political uprooting.

Here are media references to Modi’s Yoga Day speeches:
Source: http://www.rediff.com/news/report/pix-yoga-is-not-a-religious-activity-embrace-it-pm-modi/20160621.htm

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/553775/dont-mix-yoga-religious-tradition.html


So now, after taking into account the Indian PM’s (Yoga educated) declaration, we ask- What connection does ‘Bhakti’ (devotion) have with ‘Yoga’ and how has ISKCON-Hare Krishna (I-HK) gotten away with selling a concocted lexeme to profit, convert, control and cash-in?

First a little history on the word- bhakti to which yoga, in truth, has no synchrony whatsoever:

The word ‘Bhakti’ itself appears only once in the Shvetashvatara Upanishad (dated around 1st millennium BCE)…and then only in one last verse of the epilogue.  After close analyses historians have concluded that it could have been a later addition (no surprises there) and may not even be theistic.  In fact, after caste cultism chop-livered literary evidence, no one can be sure whether “Bhakti” and “Deva” belong to the same body of ancient textual meaning as sold in today’s market.

What we do know, as per academic consensus (free of cult misinformation) is that ‘Bhakti’ is a post-Vedic movement, which developed primarily during the ‘Epic’ and ‘Purana’ production era of Indian history
And…as it with ALL Vaishnava ‘Bhakti’ brain-blending categorisation visualisation and manipulations of rhetoric and logical thinking (along with I-HK’s cult-crap all over the internet) we now know that Bhagavad Gita (a Mahabharata added to insert) is the first text to explicitly use the word ‘bhakti’ to designate a religious path.

To further spin the carousel of rhetological roguery casteists scribed a back-up reference : a rewritten, added to and interpolated, ‘Vishnu Purana’ packaged in a new title- ‘Bhagavata Purana’…which…after further additions, translations, transliterations, interpretations, and cult-bent purports, is sold today by I-HK as the 5’000 year-old Srimad Bhagavatam.

Let’s take a look at the other component in the ‘Bhakti Yoga’ compound.

‘Yoga’, a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or combine, was used grammatically as a lexeme, e.g., gunayoga- “contact with a cord”… chakrayoga- “binding a splint”… chandrayoga- “the moon in conjunction with a constellation”… pumyoga- “connection or relations with a man” …kriyayoga- “connection with a verb”.

A conjunct was all it was until Brahmin casteism interpreted ‘Yoga’ as a Vedic ‘Exercise / Meditation’ ritual…and synced it with Hinduism’s invented pantheon of un-Vedic gods, goddesses, consorts, gurus and goons.

What followed was a ‘Yoga Meditation’ fest.  The Jains and Buddhists soon dipped their ladles in the gravy.  Puranism sucked the marrow from yoga, and still does: Ashtangayoga, Kundaliniyoga, Hatayoga, Yinyoga, Acroyoga, Hotyoga, Iyengaryoga, Jivamuktiyoga, Poweryoga, Prenatalyoga, Restorativeyoga, SUPyoga, Tantricyoga, Vinyasayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Lululemonyoga, and… International Yoga Day.

The only ‘yoga’ listed above that has nothing to do with physical fitness or breath-control is- Bhaktiyoga.  It is solely and unabashedly a mind-control, money-grabbing, enslavement program for narcissists and unholy brethren. “But” they proffer, “it is meditation”.  And so with both their mitts in your pockets they offer this as meditation (only a sample, surrender your life and work for free if you want the whole shebang):  

“A four-armed god in ‘Yoganidra’ i.e. asleep or ‘meditating’ in an ocean of his own sweat. He sprouts universes from the pores of his skin into which his expanded likenesses (plenary portions) meditate in oceans of milk and sprout, in turn, lotuses from their navels on which multi-headed gods- Brahmas (or secondary creators) appear to design the multi universe… and espouse Brahmanical canon to enforce the subjugation of lesser tribes and backward castes”.

Sanskrit (deva-bhasya- language of the gods,) a language honed with purpose, has multiple translations and interpretations.  To the Upper Caste Hindu Brahmin, canon gives control which is why Modi removed the OM factor from his celebrations. The control aspect was far too obvious.  However no yoga-word compound has confounded more than Bhaktiyoga… its only famed product being pedophiles, pansexuals, and godollar-Godzillas.

It was Swami Vivekananda, on his visit to the West, who first touted ‘Bhaktiyoga’ as a neo-lexeme.  Whereas it took time for Westerners to thought-process the new business angle on offer, money-strapped Gaudiya Vaisnavas in India knew god had arrived on a golden platter.  No Indian sect or cult was more British Raj interactive and subservient than Gaudiya Vaisnavas… I-HK’s progenitor.  English was their second tongue in a fissilingual, master / minion tie-up.

As a result of Vivekananda’s acceptance abroad Gaudiyas began a relentless ‘English language’ spamming of varsities and educational institutions in the U.S (the British had them down as ‘self-evidentially immoral’.)  Puranic literatures were despatched and, wherever interest was piqued, chased up by donation-donkey swamis.

Nothing came of it.  Not even Hitler was interested (read our article- “Aryan Appropriation”- para. 5).  Until finally, when the sect was suicidal, a socially failed sociopath from Bengal found sectual satisfaction in hippy hallucinations…. I-HK was born.

Yoga was popularized as a meditation exercise with America’s children of Aquarius…the Woodstock wonderlings.  However ‘bhakti’… was an unknown and unexplained quantity. America’s young hippies had no info on the ‘Bhaktiyoga’ lexeme. They did not know that Brahmins (a caste created from a once only mention in the Rig Veda) had compounded the word ‘Bhakti’ (a word found only once in the Shvetashvatara Upanishad) with ‘Yoga’ to gaslight troglodyte theology on a tachytelic world.

Abhay Charan De, aka. I-HK founder- Prabhupada, aka. Snuffy the snuff-snorter, another donation-donkey-swami… dumb snuffed and duped as he was, explained ‘Bhaktiyoga’ to trippy-hippies and declared himself messiah: an LSD-alternative god-hallucination. His ‘mission’ met with some success not because of supernatural influences but because Indians believed he was converting westerners to Hinduism. They threw money behind the effort. I-HK’s Am / Jew management was quick to see potential and exploit it.  Today’s I-HK international temple business is jam-packed with Indians and run on Indian money.

In understanding correctly PM Modi’s… yoga is not a religious activity” yoga is not a sectarian practice” and in his omitting of ‘OM’ from Yoga Day exercises… he clarified that I-HK (who OM everything to be Hindu) “… fail to understand yoga.”  He effectively trashed I-HK’s pimped-for-profit: “…of vibrations I am the transcendental om”. (Bhagavad Gita 10/25) and publicly declared to Indians and the world that ‘Yoga’ means ‘Exercise’ as was understood before bhakti beggars branded it.  But will his acknowledgement trammel misinterpretation or curb cult activity in India?  We don’t think so.  At heart, Modi is a Hindutva pollie; a reservoir for Religious Superstition Sacrarium (RSS).

Nor will PM Modi’s non-sectarian lability lackaday his likenesses. Here is one such Modi lookalike, a doctor (yes…a PhD) advertising on social media:- “Yogic Secrets to get Ganesha’s Protection”….  “Teachings, 3 Meditations, 2 Mantras revealed.”  Here is the gist of it:

“..an Enlightened Master from the Ancient South Indian Tamil Siddha Tradition, presented his latest teachings on Ganesha, honing in especially on his warrior aspect.  He gives 3 new meditations that notably include Ganesha’s psychic axe-weapon, as well as mantras and mind-processes to contact Ganesha in the pituitary and pineal glands.”

Don’t believe? Here are the links:
Source: http://www.pillaicenter.com/ganesha-webcast-june-18.aspx

Most relevant to this posting and what seems to evade PM Modi are the Bhaktiyoga sub-lexemes…  “Pedophileyoga”… “Abuseyoga”… “Enslavementyoga”… “Sexyoga”… and the now social media sizzler- “Rapeyoga”:-

Certain monks might, according to their level of enlightenment (and Roach claimed to be up there, so there’s that) have intercourse (not sex!) with consorts (it’s never quite clear who they are) and that’s still considered “celibate” if they don’t ejaculate.”

Our advice: Do what we do… get on your runners and hit the road.  F#@* the god-gestators.  Save your money, save your kids, and live life without those infernally useless questions… Where did I come from?… How did I get here?…Who am I?… Which yoga position can best help me see my anus at ninety?

But really, don’t allow narcissistic guru-devas and their doormats, to screw you mentally, physically, or metaphysically.  Leave ‘Yoga’ as it is…an OMless primitive contortion.

Thank You for spending time with us.




Have you travelled on an Indian train?  So when we ask…what does an M.A. degree holder (now Prime Minister of India) have to do with selling tea on an Indian railway station?... you gotta be thinking WTF?

Here below we post a REWARD of 2 LAKH Rupees (as yet UNCLAIMED) for anyone who can attest to buying tea from chai wallah Modi…or (and this is good) studying with him in his BA / MA years at DU.  No computer online “Distant Student” courses existed back then so surely there must be someone, or is…

PM MODI a liar?

Thug Life ModiOutta my way, bitch!


Using whatever occasion they can to propagandize for profit is M.O. for all cults.  I-HK is a past-master at creating ‘festivals’ for that very purpose… manipulating media to spew cult hubris.

Below is a social media posting telling readers… Mr. Ajita Das (president) of an I-HK farm says the cult’s ‘teething problems’ have been dealt with.  As if criminal issues that teethed when the founder-messiah was alive just upped and left because… everyone is having fun on president Ajita Dasa’s Funny Farm. A
ndhon mein kaana raja.

Here is the I-HK Facebook posting :-  

New Govardhana president Ajita Dasa said the milestone proved the Hare Krishnas belonged to a serious religious institution.
"It means the establishment has gone through what most religious organisations have gone through," he said.
"We've had teething problems, we've dealt with it,…”

…and (besides the (forty-six) GURUS caught with their pants down) here are some ongoing flagitious I-HK facts that flew over the cuckoo’s nest … on Mr. Dasa’s Funny Farm:

Source: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/07-16/editorials14073.htm
Source: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/07-16/news6074.htm
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lekUIEcxQA
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_CiiCkF7iE

On demand business for spiritual gurus.  A new idiot demand / scammer supply market.

Source: http://www.geektime.com/2016/07/10/this-bengaluru-based-startup-has-built-an-on-demand-marketplace-for-spiritual-gurus/
“AadiShakti (named after the Goddess/Supreme being in the Hindu religion) a new entrant, is now trying to organize the spiritual and healing sector by creating a marketplace model for astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, vastu experts, reiki masters, pranic healers, yoga and ayurveda experts. The company is also planning to sell books, astrology gems, vastu, feng shui, yoga and AYUSH products to its target audience.

We always knew they scribed Purana facetiae to make it wholly holey for the Hindu holy….

Source: http://www.indiatimes.com/culture/who-we-are/hinduism-has-always-been-pro-lgbtq-so-why-is-today-s-indian-hindu-against-their-equality-258071.html
“The fact the our mythology and sacred texts are scattered with stories, fables and legends of people and instances where not just mere humans but deities, demons and gods themselves have engaged in homosexual, inter-gender and transgender behavior.”

…and if you like prostitots, Bluey goes gopi bonkers in I-HK’s sriMAD- canto10.

While the Modi lookalike, Enlightened Master from South India, flogs mantras to contact elephant god Ganesh in the pituitary and pineal glands… Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is contacting god Ganesh in the metropolitan magistrate court.

“A metropolitan magistrate court here has issued process against filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on a complaint filed against him for poking fun of Lord Ganesha on Twitter which allegedly tends to outrage the religious feelings of people.”

Job advert seen on Indian webzine.  Looks like the Aryan raj is in its death throes:

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Bania, Patel, Jain, Saiyed, Pathan, Syrian Christian, Parsi — would get first preference for the job to clean the office courtyard, bathroom and toilets”.

When hospitals need to empty beds in a hurry who do they call?

…because I-HK Bhaktiyoga includes (the now famous)- Chewabugyoga:

За здоровье! To you Sir, President Putin.

New law to stop I-HK expansion in Russia:
Source: http://religionnews.com/2016/07/11/u-s-churches-to-russia-were-not-leaving/

Religious organizations directly affected by the new laws are those with strong evangelization programs in Russia — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists and other Protestant organizations with Baptist, Pentecostal and independent Christian roots.”