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Posted July 18 2010

Albeit we gave the rumour only some credence when first circulated, no one had heard the 11 year old victim speak out, so our initial reaction was that if parties concerned were prepared to let it drown in the bottomless pit of GBC iniquities, the allegations were unsubstantiated. In addition, when we bring under scope the accused, his demeanour and spiritual persona, it is so devilishly sacrosanct that even the inquisitors of old would have doubts in his dunking. Yet, what we find uncovered is not simply a wily old codger in kaupins;  but also the same old GBC junta ruthless in its protection of gang members accused of everything from homicide, tax evasion, carnal knowledge, homosexuality and physical abuse to….paedophilia en masse.  In actuality, per ism, Iskcon, under Jayapataka Swami’s “ecclesiastical face of Krishna” (the GBC), is guilty of more sexual aberrations than any other on the planet.


So, although the posting below may cause concern to some readers, it will clearly show that Iskcon’s GBC does not give a hoot for the compos mentis of its victims. When we study Iskcon's track record on crime and punishment, we find not a single criminal from their ranks has ever been indicted or prosecuted under law.  The posting will also reveal that instead of paying reverence to vows and fiduciary obligation to duty, the Iskcon GBC forms ad hoc committees to minimise and debunk assertions revealing the Mafioso nature of its membership.


Readers will hear the victim in this expose, label the GBC as- “The Garbage Committee”.  Our asseverations are certainly more serious in that we allege the Garbage Committee protects within its clique the poisoners of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  And, until the cabal of enactors and accomplices are exposed, no beneficiary from the predatory takeover of Iskcon will be free from Maya’s wrath and revelations.



bogus Sannyasi accused of abusing a young girl, touching her inappropriately on her crotch

Lokanatha swami molested me (Satya dasi)
July 11th, 2010

Hari bol,

IskCon Guru Lokanath Swami

I am the girl that Lokanatha touched inappropriately. It did NOT just happen one time in the living room, on the sofa, but rather throughout the week that he stayed he touched me various times inappropriately. I am surprised now (at age 32) that that NASTY, VILE PEDOPHILE did not try to rape me.

He took my innocent father's words of "she is growing up here in America, why don't you teach her some more Indian culture" and turned into his way of taking advantage of me. He called me various times through out that week (it was Easter vacation so I had off), and it was hot, so I was wearing shorts. I was 11 and 1/2 years of age. I sat down next to him after he insisted many times, and he decided he would teach me how to play the harmonium. He several times, rubbed his hand up and down my leg, inner leg, and out, as I was seated there next to him and the harmonium. I asked him "what are you doing?" to which he replied "nothing, just concentrate on the harmonium." I cannot TELL YOU HOW HORRIFIED AND DIRTY I FELT inside.

Through out the days, he then once woke me up singing "jeeva jago, nidra chadi uttha jeeva" and when I got up ( I was wearing shorts), he patted me on my butt. I ran into my mother's room, and into her walk in closet and hid, and he came in after me. He pulled me out, saying "why are you hiding" and again touched me on my butt, held my hands and put his arms around me.

Again he called me for harmonium lessons, and then when he touched me inappropriateley AGAIN on my leg, I got up and ran into the kitchen and went to my mother who was cooking prasadam for this ASS. I went to my friend Sangeeta's home later that day to play, and I told her he disgusts me, I don't like him, and I don't like the way he touches me. He makes me feel so dirty. She didn't know how to react, at age 8, but she said just tell your mother.

The next day, he called me in the living room, and asked me to bring the Krsna book and read it to him. He had me sit RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, leaving no space between us. He PLACED HIS HANDS ON MY CROTCH, NOT ON MY LAP, and said I am keeping the book from touching you there, so just keep reading. He kept his hand there, and any time my mother would walk by the room,he would QUICKLY REMOVE HIS HAND AND PLACE IT ABOVE MY HEAD (around me). He did this several times throughout the course of an hour, and after that sick feeling inside me became the most prominent thing for me, I told him I was tired, and I left the room.

The day after that, some of his bogus followers were there at our house, and when I came inside from playing with my friend (having a dirty feeling inside me the whole time), the ASS had a nerve to call me several times to sit next to HIM in front of everybody. I told him NO!, and ran away.

Thank GOODNESS the nasty pedophile left the day after, and when my dad suggested I touch his most UNHOLY DISGUSTING FEET I SAID NO! I will not. I told my mother about everything the night before, and she was shocked, disgusted and appaulled at everything.

What could a defenseless 11 year old child do? Just say no, and tell her mother. There was no legal actions that I knew of at the time that I could take. If I had known how to kick that ASS in his groins to teach him a good lesson, I would have. But I didn't know at the time what to do.

Yes, that silly investigation happened by Yashoda and she just followed me around the house, asking me where this and that happened, and how this and that happened. We WERE PROMISED THAT LOKANATHA would be punished. He was NOT.

His stupid misled followers still blindly followed him, and accused me of lying.

I will never forget what I have been through.. Till this day, Ravindra Swarupa, the head of our nearest temple, acts like nothing happened, and was nonchallant about the whole thing. He has always had a cold, DISRESPECTFUL approach towards our family. We trusted him, and he nor the GBC (garbage committee) never followed through. BUT THAT IS OK, THE LAW OF KARMA AND LORD SHRI KRISHNA WILL. That is who THEY will have to answer to ultimately.

PLEASE POST THIS TO YOUR WEBSITE. I have remained quiet long enough. I will not be quiet any longer.


Thank you,





Now here below, we post the 'official GBC investigation' and typical modus operandi exercised in the summation of all such allegations leveled at its membership.


From: Bir Krishna Goswami
RE: Copy of message to GBC conference

“Dear GBC members, It is my duty to inform you of the actions of a special GBC subcommittee that dealt with a confidential investigation of Lokanatha Maharaja. The members of the subcommittee are: myself, Badrinarayana Prabhu, Mukunda Maharaja, Sridara Swami, Virabahu Prabhu, and Ravindra Swarupa Prabhhu.

It is important that you be aware of the decisions and findings of the committee so that you can properly deal with rumors that are circulating.

Please understand that those matters are strictly confidential. I am requesting each GBC member to not show this message to anyone else. Also please erase this message after reading it.

Madhusevita Prabhu asked me to add the following: “If a GBC member is detected as having printed or disseminated this report in an unadvised manner he may be subject to censure by the Ex Comm.”

Here are the details:

“In 1990 while staying at the house of a family for a few days Lokanath Swami (Swami x) touched a young pre-adolesent girl in an inappropriate way by putting his hand on her lap. He was sitting next to her on a couch in a families living room, both were holding the Krishna Book in their hands, the hand holding the book (the back of the hand) rested on her lap as he read the Krishna Book. The hand did not move.

In 1993 when the GBC chairman became aware of the incident and appointed a committee to deal with the issue, Swami x was also told to stop all initiations.

The committee conducted a thorough investigation, which included bringing a team of professional experts in New York and involving Mother Yasoda. The cost of the experts exceeded $2,500 for a four day intensive assessment. The experts made an in depth examination Swami x after which they concluded that this unfortunate incident had occurred because of the Swami x’s complete lack of prior experience on the matter of dealing with women. Having learned his lesson (the need to follow the proper social conduct for a sannyasi) they were confident that this incident would not reoccur. They also stated that he had the proper nature of a spiritual leader and should be allowed to continue in this role within our society.

An apology was made by letter and in person to the girl and the family. They were satisfied. (Comment: No Sir!  As the recently posted letter above shows...They were not!)

The GBC committee concluded that this deviation from the acceptable conduct had been accidental. So in 1996 after Gour Purnima, he was allowed to begin accepting disciples again.”

It was concluded this year in Mayapura that all prospective disciples of Swami x would be given the history of the above.

Bir Krishna Goswami



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