15th Oct. 2012
"The world turns in evolution chased by cult Neanderthals insisting the truth is written on cave walls in a language that is dead."  
1. We are born with a sense of finity, which grows, enforced daily by witness to mortality.  Religiosity, god consciousness, yoga, self realization, define it as you will, is the only shelter on offer as protection from fate: a catchword defining dilemma in an unpredictable existence.  Religion cashes in on that unpredictability with promise of soulful bliss / emancipation, and, like its physical counterpart... carnality, is one of the oldest businesses known to man.  The difference being that although all professions, even prostitution, are exposed to filters and screens, religion remains as it was/is.... unfiltered, unmonitored, and self-assessing. 
2. Without exception, every cult, denomination, ism, sect and religious order, expects the world to understand its exclusivity in relation to god: the uniqueness of its teachings: relationship and intimacy with the truth as promoted by its scribes propagators and benefactors.   Unless there is a problem exceeding excess, for most part, non-secular institutions are permitted freedom to function without secular hindrance or superintendence.  As a result the general populace, following legislation as endorsement, accept religious prophets mindlessly and to the determent of life, family, society, assets, and....sanity.  Such crimes, complex, are mentally enacted, ergo outside the proof positive corpus delicti required by law. 
3. The more outrageous, garbled, norm-challenging, and beyond belief the cult, the more accepting its fanatical membership.  And... even though crazies claiming to be god-men and messiahs amass armies of followers, all of whom lie cheat and fight to expand,..... a man alone, sick but harmless, claiming to be Napoleon (because he generates no funds) is certified insane and quickly committed to a mental institution.  Where, we ask, does justification lie in differentiation...reincarnated god-man, viral deceptive and destructive, vis-a-vis a reincarnated Napoleon equally mad but harmless?  Enough already....
4. In light of Hinduism, a foreknown peaceful spiritual process, NRI's and OCI's backed by quackademics and socio/religio exploiters who espy business opportunities presented en masse, have endorsed cheats, sexual perverts and saffron-cloaked desperados to replace the parivars of Hinduism and misinterpret existing tenets to further ambition.  The Indian Government, bound by legislation, can do very little unless the laws are revised to bring religious sects and cults under ambit and...financial transparency.  At this point in time, facilitated by democratic governments, cults are free to roam and groom as they like.  Familiar with laws and by-laws, they quickly develop policies to sidestep legalities and implement systems shutting out secular interference.  When stepping back to assess.... the quaeitur looms:-  is it, as alleged, a government seeking votes and religious dollars, or ruthless Shylocks carving out pounds of Indian flesh in the democratic offing?  Either way...it is an expense Indians endure, cheated by greed, as they have for millennia.  So then....who will rid us of these meddlesome priests?  Does the answer lie with god or governance?
5. Turning to matters of priests in perversion : criminals who find religious right to thralldom and sex within legal parameters....a 'right to practice', we alert readers to scandalous iskcon (representing Hinduism???) a cult that operates unhindered in its program to exploit and enslave... and specifically the sexual exploitation of children.  CSA and other forms of abuse will continue within dark labyrinths of the cult until and unless offenders are exposed to process.  Right now, in your town or city, a child/girl/boy/woman is being sexually abused by an iskcon cult appointed administrator or 'holy man.'  The children and parents are caught in a web, some since birth. 
6. On receiving a recent email concerning one Aniruddha dasa (aka. Andrew Marsh (Australian,) temple president iskcon Melbourne,) our BIF team recalled earlier reports on this 'hands in the till, head up his ass, officer-for life.'  Read HERE.  Following our postings on Mr. Marsh, we received contact from one of the parents whose daughter was molested by a pujari (priest) hired and imported from India by Mr. Marsh.  The pujari's name is Vrsabanu dasa (Bengali, currently working in iskcon temple, Mumbai) an initiate of Jayapataka Swami (American guru resident in Mayapur, Bengal.) 
7. Without adhering to iskcon policy (advising all such matters be dealt with internally,) the father contacted police.  When taken into custody and interrogated, it was soon discovered the 'priest' had molested six young Australian girls at the iskcon Murwillumbah farm in NSW, Australia within the space of a very short time.  None of the others were reported until quizzed by police...kudos to the iskcon managerial vice.  Important to note that the priest was bailed out overnight by Mr. Marsh & Co. 
8. In the first hearing Vrsabanu dasa pleaded not guilty.  In the second hearing he pleaded not guilty.  In the third hearing, with victims slowly coming out the woodwork, he accepted his fate, pleaded guilty and was promptly deported, but not before the parent caught up with him and broke his jaw; an incident that cost AUD 10,000,  and paid for by medical insurance. 
9. When the father approached management over the bail and 'no responsibility' attitude to the molestation of his 11 year-old daughter, he was told to first pay the molester's medical bill before any conversation could be entered into.  The father then informed Mr Marsh (and the visiting Governing Body Commissioner-  Prabhavisnu Swami) that his daughter had undergone extreme stress and anxiety over the entire period in process.  He added that she was in therapy and the bills were too much to bear,... could iskcon help?  At this stage Mr. Marsh accused the father of attempted extortion, and before anything could be settled Prabhavishnu* slammed the door in the father's face.  No apology was ever forthcoming from iskcon to any of the parents or children involved.
*Prabavisnu has since been defrocked and demoted after repeated complaints citing him for engaging prostitutes in Bangkok.   

10. So when we received the email which read- "Child Protection Investigation-  Melbourne Temple President," and then read that Mr. Marsh is under investigation for CSA and sexual exploitation, lights went off in the head like on a Christmas tree.   We presented the mail to our BIF team members and immediately hit a snag when our Correspondence Secretary (CS) and keyman, claimed to know Mr. Marsh in years gone by.  Albeit admitting that repetitive chanting could have twisted Marsh, he felt the allegations were slanderous and possibly untrue.  So we asked our CS to write Andrew Marsh and give him a chance to explain his situation  The letter is posted below:
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012
Namaste, Aniruddha-ji,
This doesn't look like your packet of twisties.  I have opined my disbelief, and, as a consequence, been asked to contact you for a rebuttal.  If you choose not to present a clarification, the post will be released as is within the next three days.
11. Needless to say, there was no response from Andrew Marsh. 
Because the Melbourne temple has successfully lured Indians into support, and to a large extent, become dependant on the donations from NRI's and OCI's who frequent the mandir and give it the Hindu facade required for it to exist as a mainstream religion, we are concerned and will now take action to inform samajs, parishads, sangas and senas, of the dark criminality that exists within those unhallowed halls.  Here is the published letter (darted thus >> <<) concerning the investigation of Mr. Marsh.  BIF has added comments.
Sept. 25, 2012

Andrew Marsh

Child Protection Investigation - Melbourne Temple President

Bhakta Vijay - Melbourne, Australia:

>>Aniruddha Das, the TP of Iskcon's Melbourne Temple is under investigation by the CPO for child abuse and sexual exploitation of girls in Melbourne Temple going back decades.<<

12. BIF: The Child Protection Office (CPO) is really an IPO or Iskcon Protection Office.  Why would iskcon prosecute pedophiles? Iskcon embraces pedophilia with love and devotion.  Otherwise 'Krishna lila' and Prabhupada (acBSp) would be the first to face charges."Srila Prabhupad said.....that a girl should be given a child as soon after she reaches puberty as possible. That is generally 12 years, but could even be 11.....even 10 ten years."  acBSp wanted his followers to believe that Krishna and himself preferred little girls because at that age they are just begging penetration.  acBSp: As soon as a woman (?) attains the age of puberty, she immediately becomes very much agitated by sexual desire.......Anyone who satisfies her desire for sex at that age becomes a great object of satisfaction.....It is a psychological fact that when a woman (?) at the age of puberty meets a man and the man satisfies her sexually, she will love that man for the rest of her life, regardless who he is.  But in the following statement we hear this contradiction. acBSp: I was married, my wife was eleven years. I was 22 years. She did not know what is sex, eleven years girl.  Which presents a dilemma-  If they are very much agitated by sexual desire but do not know what is sex, who diagnosed the agitation as sexual?  Was the diagnosis made to provide an education?  Where can we find an overview of the clinical process: theory/research/trials or any worksheet data revealing applied methodology by asBSp to reach his conclusion?  Or was acBSp, as suspect, a pedophile dogmatizing his dupes?  Does the world agree with acBSp?  NO! DEFINITELY NOT!

In the United Nations letter below readers will note the protestation of 'child marriage' and reasons given.  The Prabhupada ogre goes beyond 'child marriage.'  He sanctions the rape and impregnation of little girls by the age of 10--12.   His guru, Bhaktisiddhanta never spoke like this, nor did his guru's father, Bhaktivinod.  Where did he get it from?  Laws exist in every educated country in the world clearly defining such abberrations as unnatural, inhumane and prosecutable.  Which frikkin planet did this acBSp, kindergarten Casanova come from?  Pedophile loka?

New Delhi, Oct 11, 2012 (IANS) "Today, Oct 11, is the UN's first International Day of the Girl Child. For its first observance, this year's day focuses on child marriage, which is a fundamental human rights violation and impacts all aspects of a girl's life."

"Child marriage is not a solution to protecting girls from sexual crimes including rape. In fact, child marriage denies a girl of her childhood, disrupts her education, limits her opportunities, increases her risk to be a victim of violence, jeopardizes her health and, therefore, constitutes an obstacle to the achievement of nearly every Millennium Development Goal and the development of healthy communities," the letter stressed.

"There is an urgent need to raise awareness on the negative consequences of child marriage for girls and for society as a whole, " the letter said, adding the UN "re-affirms its commitment to working hand in hand with the Government of India to deliver a multi sectoral response to addressing child marriage, including strengthening law enforcement, investing in the education of girls and giving them skills to become economically empowered."

The letter was jointly signed by Frederika Meijer, Country Representative, UN Population Fund (UNFPA); Louis-Georges Arsenault, representative, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Anne Stenhammer, Regional Programme Director, UN Women, South Asia Sub Regional Office; and Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, Director, UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan.

The United Nations General Assembly on Dec 19 last year adopted a resolution to declare Oct 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, calling all member countries to recognize the rights of girls."

>>The International Child Protection team (Campakalata dasi) is conducting the investigations and flew to Australia a couple of months back to interview them. Aniruddha has been trying to keep this quiet for sometime but the complaints were laid last year and Iskcon CPO finally began the investigations this year.<<

13. BIF: We honestly do not believe Mr. Marsh will worry too much about such trivia.  Iskcon, a law unto itself, has not prosecuted a single child molester, yet.  If anything, history proves the society protects pedophiles.  And why not?  Cult doctrine offers the perk as promise.  After all, adherents are training to be little gopi girls who will engage in sex with god- Krishna, acBSp: The impersonalists have no idea; they cannot even conceive that God (Krishna) has form. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu says that not only does God have form, but He has sex life also.  This is the highest contribution of Caitanya Mahaprabhu." (acBSp-  Science of Self Realization, Ch 8).  Actually, according to gaudiya gossip, he contributed a little more: "One day Lord Gauranga, entering the mood of a cowherd damsel, dressed up as a gopi.  He wore a bodice, sari, golden ankle bells and conch shell bangles.  His eyes swam in rasa.  His waist was very attractive and slim as a fist.  The unparalleled beauty of the Lord's gopi dress enchanted the....(Sri Caitanya mangala 2.9, p. 186)He then stripped off the bodice and began suckling his men associates..(Sri Caitanya-bhagavata 2.18.203-208).  It is why iskcon is sometimes referred to as 'choochie choose sanga' or-  breast sucker society.  We disagree, because Prabhupada said (and in the end that's all that matters,) acBSp: "So the human society is like that. They're smelling the vagina of the girls, that's all. Everyone is doing that."  There you go.  Iskcon sniffs.  It does not suck.  Albeit they do lick, acBSp: "You require vagina; take one vagina. Be satisfied. And lick it." 

choochie choose sanga

>>The infamous Aniruddha and his wife Acintya Rupa have been known to abuse and exploit girls who come in contact with Iskcon both whilst living in the ashram and doing devotional service. Finally Iskcon's CPO have begun investigations into these unscrupulous so-called leaders.<<

14. BIF: We hear that the wife of Mr. Marsh, Acintya Rupa...who looks like an Indian in her sari, is a strategical asset to Mr. Marsh's recruitment of Indians.  According to our CS, Mrs. Marsh was always a very gentle person.  Yet, he admits, and we agree:--- constant ritualistic repetition, deprivation, chanting garbled mantras like a parrot in foreign languages you don't even understand clubbed to an invincible position as 'First Lady' married to an officer-for-life... can lead to morphing. 

>>Details are sketchy, but it has been reported that the incidences involve rape, abuse, slavery and blackmail. For years the devotees of Iskcon Melbourne have worked to have this monster removed, but Aniruddha remains protected by another infamous dodgy leader who is prone to sexual exploits, Ramai Swami.

This news comes as it has just been reported here in Melbourne that the Catholic Church have admitted that as much as 620 children have been abused by so-called priests within their order. When will Iskcon realise that abuse and especially child abuse is criminal and hand over pedophiles such as Aniruddha to the Police.

Rid Iskcon of such low-class scum and give Iskcon back to Srila Prabhupada. Everyone must speak up so these atrocities are not dismissed and bogus so-called leaders are not able to continue to commit such acts of violence against the Vaikuntha children.<<

15. Truly, the iskcon reform process stops dead at the 'Srila Prabhupada' holy cow.  Until and unless cultists recognize their Prabhupada as a pedophile who took to America a sect that was already known for exploiting gotipua boys and devadasi girls (a problem that India is still dealing with today as revealed in the UN letter above in green font,) the Prabhupada holy-cow will continue to chew cud.  Victims join and look for deliverance until they smell the feces and realize perversion is a perk on offer.....or maybe they never will.  Ergo the cult, its philosophy and growth, must be banned and totally dismembered. 

>>We the devotees of Iskcon Melbourne are very much disturbed and disgusted by having this man in our Temple.

Please the GBC of Iskcon, show proper justice and remove Aniruddha das.<< (end)

16. NB: BIF has just received a call:  Aniruddha das has resigned his post (unofficial).  After years of walking up and down the temple floor shaking his head like a gecko and chanting the maha mantra, he now admits to failure but not to a process that can never work because it was contrived by scammers.  The 'gurus' will decide which gorilla will take his place.  We believe Devamrita guru's gorilla will win.  Devamrita was the right-hand-man to convicted felon-  Keith Ham (aka. Bhaktipada) who died recently.  Iskcon is a monkey business in which saffronback gorillas rule the menagerie.  Anyhow, the Melbourne officer-for-life will be allocated a new position.  Long live the new Melbourne officer-for-life!

Here are a few 'alleged' CSA profiles sent to BIF.  We post these only to notify our authorities in India.  Any of the characters named below may write to us in clarification.  We will most certainly post your letter along with further information we have chosen not to release:

Child Abuse in Ireland

Sep 28, IRELAND - A report on alleged child abuse in Ireland Yatra.

Dear readers of the ******: I have an urgent concern I need dealt with publicly. I have tried to resolve issues with Pragosa dasa (GBC) and Manu dasa (local Temple President) directly, but I got nowhere. I know Pragosa will not publish it on Dandavats because it will compromise him in many ways, so I have no other choice than to beg you to consider this submission.

Everything I say is verifiable by ISKCON CPO and Northern Irish police as well as Southern. Local devotees are somewhat informed about the whole thing also, through mainly my initiative. Especially aware are the parents of the child molested in 2004. That happened as a consequence of a case of 2002 being covered up for by the local ISKCON authorities (mainly Manu and Pragosa prabhus). In both cases the perpetrator was the same, a Bengali person named Madan Mohan das. He was allowed to remain in the Irish Yatra after the first crime of 2002 was committed because he was a valuable resource (very, very cheap labour by Irish standards), only to cause more hurt to more children. One of these I can prove for certain and possibly more, including my own son. Lately he was spotted in Mayapur where he will most likely commit more crimes. All because of blatant negligence of people in power. It seems like history is repeating again.

I wrote to Praghosh dasa:

    Dear Pragosh prabhu and ISKCON GBC:

    Several years ago (in the year 2002 to be precise) one Bengali "devotee" molested a little boy while working on the project for ISKCON in the Republic of Ireland (he was there illegally since his missionary visa covered him only for residing and working in UK and Northern Ireland). The reason that I mention this is because the reaction of local ISCKON authorities (Pragosa/GBC and Manu/TP to this crime was highly motivated by the fact that one of their members was not only to compromise them legally as an unreported child molester, but also for the fact that their missionary visa giving facility (and hence import of cheap labour from India for their enterprises) would most definitely come under scrutiny by the Irish and UK governments. I am writing a lengthy report on the account for all interested in the case.

    So I write this as a "knee jerk" reaction to the Pragosa's comment to the post on Dandavats dealing with the issue of Balabhadra prabhu. Please have in mind that Pragosa prabhu would want you all to believe that he is handling the situation in the most commendable way possible, but I am not so convinced, so I encourage him to do the same for the negligence in the above mentioned case. I also encourage GBC in general to stop acting as a big, inhumane, dumb, slow corporate-like machine and correct the wrongs that they are causing, and have caused by their neglect to all "expendable pawns" in ISKCON. Big guns get all the consideration (as in the case of Balabhadra ) and we are left to foot the bill, materially, emotionally and spiritually. That just isn't fair.

    So, I will put forward some very direct questions/comments on Pragosa's recent public remarks. I sincerely hope to get some answers either from him or whoever bears the partial burden of responsibility by appointing him to the leadership position in ISKCON. If it was the case that he was voted in by the congregation I would stand up and take responsibility for choosing an inadequate leader, but as we all know that is not how things work in ISKCON.

Here is Pragosa prabhu's comment:

    Hare Krishna,

    At the request of some devotees I would like to add a few points of clarification regarding this statement:

    1) All devotees who suffered as a result of these events were of adult age
    2) As soon as specific knowledge was known of the abuses, Balabhadra das was removed from the Scottish yatra and any position of authority
    3) The police were also informed of the situation
    4) Other relevant authorities have also been informed
    5) All the devotees who suffered abuse have been offered counselling

    Your servant, Praghosa dasa

Here are my questions (corresponding to each of the numbered points above):

1. How about the children molested in Ireland? One was 5, one was 8 and my son was 3 years of age at the time. Is it that just because they are so young and can't voice any opinions that their pain, concern and agony is to be left unaddressed? Is it that because their parents, confronted with agony of not knowing how to cope with such atrocity deserve no apology and support, just condemnation and indifference for expressing their grief?

2. How about the Bengali pedophile? He was discovered in 2002, allowed to stay until 2004, and molested more children. He forcefully kissed the little girls around the temple and groomed my two sons while I rendered service at the temple? How is it that after he was under the house arrest he conveniently slipped out of the country while you were holding his passport? Only after I decided to report the case you reluctantly got involved, and that, only to preempt public scrutiny for earlier dodging of responsibility for failure to report the case to the local police. Am I misinformed or are we still above the law and not liable to report sexual abuse to the secular authorities as it happens? Forgive me if I am since I am new to this kind of thing.

3. How is it that when you were notified of abuse in 2002, you and Manu were quick to dismiss it based on your unqualified DIY psychological analysis of the victims state. In your "expert" opinion those were just "flashbacks" from earlier abuse committed by the victims own father. You were tragically proven wrong 2 years later when the case that you just couldn't shove under the carpet anymore emerged. It would have never emerged had I not heard of it "sub rosa" from a fearful devotee and investigated it.

Were the police notified than (in 2002)? I know they were not. What is to be the repercussion or consequence for not reporting it, for you and Manu the responsible people? Has ISKCON leadership grown so cold, indifferent and numb to the pain of others by now, and so expert in avoiding responsibility that it is logical to expect no reaction at all? Or at best we will be given pathetic self-absolution speech made to sound like genuine concern?

4. The same question remains. And I have another one: How about Nitai Chandra dasa, aka Conor Brady (self-confessed pedophile and molester of over 50 children, in a public admission in front of 50 devotees)? He slept with his own brother and sister as well as molested his wife's 5 year-old brother. How is it that he is even allowed to come to the temple at all? You have GBC responsibility in Ireland (where he can visit only on off-days with an escort) and UK where there is no prohibition on him visiting at all. He is obviously taking the full advantage of that, and was seen in Soho temple less than a month ago where nobody is aware how dangerous he is. So if you are so mindful and concerned about the victims and potential victims, how is it that there is no impediment on Nitai's path of pedophilic predatory carnage in zones where you hold ultimate position of authority? Are you just waiting for ISKCON in Europe to be sued and become financially liable, like in the US? Are you ready to foot the bill for that if it happens due to your negligence, by selling your restaurants and property? Or are you going to mortgage the Inishrath temple like you did to finance your restaurants if ISKCON gets sued?

5. Are you ready to publicly apologise to the victims, families of victims and all the parents that you have left uninformed of the potential danger (in Ireland, UK, Mayapur) their children were facing, and do the best to correct the mistakes you caused in this case? Or are you ready to step down from positions of responsibility in ISKCON after it has become apparent that you are incorrigible and act only for your self-interest and not for the interest of those that you are meant to protect by assuming your position? How is it that the concern for spiritual well being of one (pedophile) outweighs concern for a multitude of victims and potential victims in the future? Who says that one afflicted by pedophilia can't preach, read and chant behind bars or in seclusion just as nicely (provided they are sincere) if they happen to be a menace to the children in ISKCON?

If these questions are not answered to me promptly by you or GBC I will have no other recourse but to seek out (and lobby others to do the same) solutions by approaching the local media and judicial system. There are plenty of solicitors out there that will take a case of this magnitude. Good luck in deciding what is best for Srila Prabhupada's movement. Maybe this time you will get it right. After all, there is much to learn from previous mistakes.

Sincerely, (end) 

.....more from Ireland:

Conor Garfield Brady

Here's my little contribution if you ever decide to go ahead with the 'rogues corner' on your website.I shared this document about my former monster child molester godbrother Conor Garfield Brady(aka.Nitai Chandra das) with ******* Prabhu but he told me that he will put it in his 'special case basket' and i never heard about it since.he never refused my submissions before so this doesn't seem right to me.if parents would know about monsters like this they could save their children from being violated, raped or exploited in various ways. Conor anally raped his wife's five year old brother. He slept with his own teenage brother and sister. Movie Deliverance comes to mind when I think of this monster. He travels to Asia frequently and police can't do anything to him because there are no victims speaking up. If you can have him blacklisted that would be great favor to many many innocent Indian children.Also Nitai's guruji Prthu das (aka. Peter Brinkman) who supported and covered up for him(his first case in Vrindavan and thereafter) for so many years should be blacklisted too. Prithu's son Maddy Brinkman was already blacklisted when he was trying to steal Indian national treasure while running around trying to steal gold and artifacts with the help of a metal detector. (end)

...from Finland:


I first heard about him today. He's from Finland, as far as I understand, and also supposedly has a presence in the former Soviet states. The allegations against him seem to include rape, if my friend is to be believed. As well as beating and abuse. Not sure if that is true or not, but I thought I'd pass it on.
I forwarded your "Please consider our offer" / "Kshatriya Rastra" message to the friend who told me about Dhirasanta today, and told him I could give him your email, should he want to pass it on to persons affected, or if he himself wanted to contact you about Dhirasanta. But I'm not sure if he wants to, and I didn't want to press him too much.
Anyway, thought I would at least pass this on. (end)

....and here below is a heart-breaker.  We have removed details incase of legal proceedings.  BIF has a great deal of respect for these young victims; their will to continue and contribute to a world that was bullying, cruel and unkind.  The perpetrators in this case (one a Bengali) are now both residing in Australia.

Paul Barrow

Dear Prabhavisnu Das (AKA Mr Paul Barrow)

My name is *******, my former name was ****** (given to me by my mother ******** Devi Dasi) and I was then initiated by Indradyumna Swami (Brian Tibbitts, American) who gave me the name ********** in 2000.

I prefer to be called ********.

I am writing this letter to you with a lot of sadness and anger in my heart and I honestly do not know where to begin.

You were my mother's initiating guru from 1988- 2002. I have no doubt that you remember my family. We lived in ******** and attended the temple there. My stepfather was *********. My mother worked very hard for the temple, collecting lots of money over the years, donating her own money to the temple and also engaging in deity worship on a daily basis for many years.

She also gave you money in the form of 'dakshin' over the years.

I have ****** siblings in total, but only one of them remains in ISKCON. That is my sister **********, a disciple of ********* Swami. She lives at ISKCON ********** and does deity worship there.

Because you were my mother's guru, you were very much entangled in mine and my sister's lives. My mother's one and only goal was to serve and impress you. She followed your instructions implicitly and often to our detriment.

I recently heard of your 'fall from grace'. The rumours about you breaking your vows as a sanyasi had been going around for many years and I personally know that you denied that these rumours were true. It turns out that you were lying and that there was truth to the rumours- you were engaging in sexual relations with women.

It was very devious and deceitful of you to maintain this double life of outwardly demonstrating the demeanour of a 'holy man' while secretly carrying out acts that are forbidden to those in the sannyas ashram.

Your 'holy' façade gave you standing in ISKCON that enforced a certain standard of behaviour in others. In particular, because of your presenting yourself as an ISKCON sanyasi in good standing, this meant that all ISKCON devotees were required to;

  • Offer obeisances to you when you entered the area

  • Feel obliged to give you money/donations

  • Give you certain priorities (offer you the ghee lamp first, serve you Prasad first etc)

  • Obey your instructions (especially if they were your disciples)

Anyone who did any of the above was in fact doing this based on your fraudulent misrepresentation. You knew something that they didn't- that you were not worthy of such service and respect. Yet you continued to falsely misrepresent yourself to others and take their money, service and respect.

In other words, you were tricking them into giving you things that you had no right to receive from them, that you had no right to make them feel obliged to give.

That is a misuse of power. It could also be called undue influence. Other devotees and congregational members had no real bargaining position as they were presented with a false exterior that you duped them into believing was true and real. You had a position of power- not only as a member of the GBC or as an ISKCON sanyasi but also because you knew the truth about yourself and you knew that you were not adhering to the four regulative principles that you expected of your disciples. You also knew that you were breaking your vows of celibacy.

In short, you were taking from people by exerting undue influence over them. Even when questioned by concerned devotees who heard rumours, you lied. This could be considered aggravated undue influence, as these people raised concerns and you gave them directly false information in your persistent denials of the rumours about your breaking of the vow of celibacy.

My childhood

My sister and I were abused (physically, emotionally and mentally) for years by ********. He used YOUR instructions and classes as guidelines for placing so many restrictions on us and making our lives utterly miserable. My sister ******** was also sexually assaulted (when she was almost 12 years old) by a Bengali 'bramachari' in ********* ISKCON in 1991/2 when your disciple ********** Das was the temple president of the ******** Temple. The person who assaulted my sister was a sponsored migrant, brought into the country by ISKCON on a Religious Worker Visa. Neither you nor any other ISKCON management;

  • Reported the illegal conduct of this sponsored migrant to the police.

  • Reported the illegal conduct of this sponsored migrant to the Department of Immigration.

  • Offered counselling to my sister or my family.

  • Attempted to penalize this sponsored migrant in any way within ISKCON's internal means.

In fact, ********** Das, your disciple and temple president at the time's instructions to my family were; that they should not go to the police. You were my mother's guru and the GBC person in charge of the ********** zone and you didn't even take care of my family when this crime was committed against a child. As a religious minister and guru and manager of the organization that was;

  • responsible for this sponsored migrant

  • Inducing my family to donate time and money to

you owed a duty of care to my family.

We didn't hear from you ONCE on this matter. We were only told by your disciple ******** Das that is was your wish that my mother not go to the police. Of course she had to obey this wish as you were her Guru. And you knew this very well. Thus you induced my mother to not take the proper course of action that the situation required. Both legally, and for my family's well-being.

My mother gave you literally THOUSANDS of dollars. This was my family's money and I do not believe you were entitled to any of it as you were inducing my mother to give you money using your powerful position over her. In relation to what I have said thus far I request answers to the following questions;

  1. What did you do with the money my mother gave you?

  2. Why didn't you report the individual who assaulted my sister?

  3. Why didn't you ensure that my family was ok, that my sister was ok after what had happened to her. My mother was your disciple and a volunteer worker in a temple that you were in charge of overseeing!

I also demand that you do something to repair the injury and suffering that my sister endured both at the hands of the man who assaulted her, and by your own failure to carry out your duty of care as the local GBC and report the conduct of this man.

This is just one of the huge sufferings we endured as children in a 'zone' you were in charge of.

As children, my sister and I were instructed to steal flowers from people's gardens, and fruits and vegetables from roadside stalls under the BIG LIE "Its for Krishna, its ok". What a huge lie. Where is the integrity, the purity? Where were YOU in all of this? Why weren't you fulfilling your duty of care? I want an answer to this and the above three questions.

Your recent revelation and apology

You have recently revealed the truth about yourself- but only after being caught out. I personally believe that if you are really sorry, you should return all the money that you induced people to give you. You lied and misrepresented yourself to everyone. People relied upon your fraudulent misrepresentation when they gave you money, which means they were unduly influenced by you.

Do you know how hurt people are by your actions? How you have damaged their faith?

Sanyasi means renounced lifestyle, yet you lived a better, more opulent life then my family! Traveling the world and being served and pampered. How dare you induce my mother to give you our money! My brothers and sisters and I lived such a poor lifestyle. We wore ratty worn out shoes and clothes with holes in them so you could maintain your luxury lifestyle. We never travelled the world. My mother had no money left due between what she gave you and what she donated to the temple for flowers, deities clothing. Not to mention the time she gave. How could she work and earn money to give us a good life when you were encouraging her to do more and more service? How could she disobey her Guru- you KNEW this. You KNEW that you had a position of power over her and you used it to influence her, even though it was to her detriment.

When I was 15 years old, my mother sent me on a bus in *********'s 45 degree heat so you could have a "clean room and a jug of water". We used our family's money to buy flowers for your garlands. I'm sure you can sit there as you read this and completely justify it by saying "it was her choice". It very well may have been, but NOT ONCE did you say NO or REFUSE her or anyone else' donations. You could clearly see that she had a family of ******** children. I will re-state that you used your power as a 'religious guide/minister' to influence her choices and actions- and not in her best interests. In fact, I think our family's best interests were the last thing you cared about.

EVERY single day my mother got up at 2:30am to get to the temple to do service requested by you. NOT ONCE did you care that she had babies (at one point one was just a few weeks old) nor did you discourage this kind of service. You treated her and acted like it was owed to you.

Mine and my sister's teenage years were depressing, miserable and unrealistic. All because my mother wanted to please you and her husband used YOUR instructions for his own agenda. We were removed from public school, had NO friends, and never went anywhere "in the sinful material world" (Unlike you).

I tried to commit suicide twice. Both times before I was 14 years old and I spent time in hospital both times as an ambulance was called to revive me as my mother and sister tried and tried but couldn't succeed. I couldn't bear the impact on my family of what happened to my sister at the hands of a migrant sponsored by an organization you were in charge of. I couldn't bear being taken out of school and being forced to live a life that you convinced my mother was best for us.

All that my mother cared about my suicide attempts were "I hope Guru Maharaja" (that would mean YOU) doesn't find out". She was so afraid to disappoint you. And I believe that you knew this. You would ban those who didn't please you, or who spoke out. You wielded power over people and exploited them. You used your role as a religious guide to benefit anyone but the people you were taking service and money from.

What you asked of my family

Sending your dirty laundry home with my mother for me and my sister to wash, dry and iron, as well as have us cleaning your room???? Not only is that TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE, but who the hell do you think you are? I feel so angry that you were dictating and instructing (basically playing God) with people's lives and yet you yourself didn't even follow your own rules!

That is very devious, deceptive and dishonest. And again, evidence of undue influence and fraudulent misrepresentation. Upon which my family relied when donating time and money both to you and the temple.

1999, my entire family moved to ***********, under your instructions. We sold just about EVERYTHING to move there. We didn't know anyone from or anything about the place, we were not offered any money or support in any way whatsoever to re-locate, which, trust me, is NOT easy when you have a family of ***********.

The mess your instructions and presence caused in mine and my sister's life is a heavy burden to carry. I no longer have a relationship with my mother. I am no longer an ISKCON devotee. I believe in God, but never again will I step foot in an ISKCON temple. I have suffered much at the hands of ISKCON and its pseudo- gurus. You are one of the weakest men I have ever met and you have wreaked absolute havoc and pain on my entire life.

My current situation

My medical costs are $12,000 per year and most of my health conditions are actually the result of neglect and abuse I received at the hands of ISKCON. I am forced to pay for my medical costs. I feel really angry and outraged when the hospital staff where I go for my daily treatment, ask me "The Hare Krishna's collect money of the streets to support people who can't afford food and medical care. They can help you can't they?"

You have always had many projects for which you would collect money using undue influence and deception. Instead of collecting money to build temples, I would like to suggest that you raise money to help people that you have directly harmed to re-build their lives.

I am in the process of seeking legal advice to recover money from ISKCON for physical and mental damages. You will be the primary party named when the Statement of Claim is filed.

How I proceed from here depends a lot upon the response I receive from you to this letter I am writing. I request a written response within 14 days from the date of this letter addressing all of the questions I have raised. Please send your written response to this email address: ****

Thank you. (end)

....from the U.S.

Mayapur Chandra Das and Bir Krishna Goswami

17. Here we display a photograph of Mayapur Chandra Das (wearing blue ) who is currently residing on an Iskcon property in India. It is alleged that Mayapur Chandra's CSA in Iskcon's North Carolina community caused the school to shut down and him to flee America. The school was run by Iskcon guru-- Bir Krishna Goswami (seen in the pictures wearing a saffron top and beanie.) Bir Krishna was/is Iskcon's Internal Affairs Minister, who is single handedly responsible for sweeping cult crime under the carpet.

....from Mangalore, India.

Tattva darsan das

Tattva darsan das (Thomas Rapanos Wayne. American) (Temple President of The Bhaktivedanta Eco Village, Kollur in Karnataka State.)

---------------- Forwarded Message ------------------------

From: padmakar padiyar

> An unfortunate incident happend here. One of the local news paper (Kannada) came out with the front page heading with photo of Tattva Darshan Prabhu in one of the police station which read "Iskcon Swami" was guest of police for four hours. Secret relation with the children.

 Brief of the article: The police went after the truck of Tattva Darshan Prabhu after receiving a complaint from the public that he has picked up two street children .The police tried to stop Tattva prabhu but he sped fast through by lanes and escaped.On the way he droped the children somewhere and later was held by the police but could not find the children.Later was taken to police station and left off with a fine of Rs.300 for rash driving.His past history is of looting money from respected people in the name of life membership of ISKCON, but his having his own private property in the name of bhaktivedanta Eco Village. There is also debt pending in mangalore in various shops. Also there is case against him in Income Tax office.

>end of the Article.

 The next day Tattva who never visits our Ashram came > and he gave his version of the happenings and took us to few lawyers for putting defamation case, but the lawyers said that case may take 10 years and asked us to decide.

> Tattva's version:

 " I came to Mangalore for few hours along with Sattvic. I dropped Sattvic and his wife in a shop and i went for my work in town, but when returning to pick Sattvic the police stopped me from the front and not chased from back as reported. The police forcefully took off the key and beat me and asked me to open the back door calling me homosexual. Later they found nothing inside my truck and took me to the police station and fined".

> End of Tattva's version.

We started recieving complaints from the local public and congregation . The public opinion is that many autorikshaw drivers and taxi drivers and public have seen Tatva giving money and eatables to streetboys and girls. And many of them does not have any good impression about his activities in public. so we went to the police to get thier version.

> Police version.

 "We recieved the complaint from a news reporter that this man is having sex with children in the truck. We followed the complaint and saw the truck parked in a lane. We knocked the truck but no one came out. After some time he came out of the back door and went to the drivers seat. So when he started the vehicle to go our policmen saw and charged at him to stop and many of our men were right infront of the truck. The public gathered and threw stones to stop the truck, but he almost ran over our policmen and stone and sped. Later we cougt him but the children were not there. So our feeling is that he has dropped children on the way somewhere. If we where to catch him you people would have endedup in big trouble. Next time if he comes to Mangaloe the people will not keep quite."

Guru Maharaj, since we have decided to have rathayathra the situation has become difficult for us here at this juncture to proceed . It is difficult to handle the situation with tattva darshan prabhu involved. So we need some senior devotees help to talk to Tatva Pr and correct the situation here. Please treat this as very confidential and reply urgently whom to contact to solve. (end)

Tattva Darsan das was caught in Cambodia and processed.  Google his name for further details.

In concluding this article we send a warning to all CSA who see India as a safe haven...DON'T!  Cult pedophiles in India....you are framed in the crosshairs of investigation, already.  Only time separates you from...Once the gates of an Indian jail close on you, you will know.

Please watch the video below, and understand why these shaitans MUST be caught and dealt with:
"The people who have allowed their stories to be told (in the video) have acted with enormous courage and concern for children who continue to be abused.  Their wish is that from the shattered experience of their lives, the reality and consequences of child abuse will become better known and better prevented.  Multiple Personality Disorder shows the extraordinary capacity of the mind to invent ways of bearing the unbearable......"

On another matter
.  We leave you with some food for thought...a pure devotee's mushroom pie: 

Prabhupada (January 14, 1970) : "Dear Sir: With reference to your article in the Los Angeles Times dated Sunday, January 11, 1970, under the heading 'Krishna Chant,' I beg to point out that the Hindu religion is perfectly based on the personal conception of God, or Vishnu.....[...]....As far as the Hindu religion is concerned, there are millions of Krishna temples in India, and there is not a single Hindu who does not worship Krishna. Therefore, this Krishna consciousness movement is not a concocted idea."

Then this....

Prabhupada (Science of Self Realization)"There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion.  Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not.....[...]....The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion...One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion." 

Now here's the rub:

By His Holiness Bhakti Vikasa Swami
"Increasingly, we present ourselves as Hindus. For instance, recently in Russia I learned that the article titled 'Krsna Consciousness: Hindu Cult or Divine Culture?' had been expunged from the Russian edition of The Science of Self-realization. Srila Prabhupada opens that article by giving his definitive statement as to whether or not his movement is Hindu...[....].....However, a pamphlet called 'Who are the Krsna-ites?', prepared by devotees for mass circulation in Russia, opens by stating that the Krsna consciousness movement is a branch of Hinduism, and includes the word "Hindu" four times in the first paragraph. It is certainly a matter of concern that devotees wish to redefine Srila Prabhupada's movement in a manner that directly opposes his own definition."
O' what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.  So who initiated the deception?  The answer is:- acBSp needed mainstream Hinduism to validate his cult.  It would never have taken off on marijuana and LSD.  Simultaneously, he needed to protect his cult from a Hindu takeover (which may happen anyway,) so he cocktailed his words with ambiguity.  As for the Russians, they always favored Hindu culture and beliefs.  But they are sick of evangelistic cults.  Iskcon used the 'Hindu' deception to infiltrate Russia with evangelical zeal.  We can see how acBSp used the "H" word to convince Los Angeles Times about the authenticity of his cult.  Iskcon's ruse in Russia was a monkey-see-monkey-do deception.

Bhakti Vikasha Swami

Matter of fact, Bhakti Vikas Swami missed the bus a long time ago.  Take a look :-

New World Encyclopedia
:  The movement is a modern lineage of Gaudiya Vaishnavism, a sect of
Hinduism that has existed in India ever since the late 1400s.
Wikipedia:  The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement, is a Hindu Gaudiya Vaishnava religious organization.
Wikipedia:  Krishna (Hindi/Sanskrit , pronounced ['krishna] literally "dark, black, dark-blue"[1]) is a central figure of Hinduism and is traditionally attributed the authorship of the Bhagavad Gita.
Overview of World Religions (OWR)
1) ISKCON is in many respects a traditional Hindu movement, although it has gradually become more Westernized in the West, particularly since its founder's death. Its theology is traditional, derived largely from the Vaishnava Hinduism from which it claims its lineage.
2) ISKCON traces its origins back to the Vaishnava Hindu tradition founded by the sixteenth-century Indian mystic Chaitanya.
3) ISKCON is widely accepted as authentically Hindu within the Western and Indian Hindu communities, and is a member of the European Council of Hindu organizations.
4) Hindu iconography is a major influence on ISKCON, and images of the Hindu gods decorate its temples and publications, particularly Krishna.
5) ISKCON officially claims around 3000 full-time members worldwide with an additional 200,000 'congregational' members and approximately 300,000 sympathizers within the Hindu community.
Here we see ISKCON temples advertising themselves as Hindus:
HINDU TEMPLES website:  Hare Krishna Hindu temple, Washington, Seattle.  Hare Krishna Hindu temple in Atlanta, Georgia.  Hare Krishna Hindu temple, Michigan. 
Are we to believe reporters connected to these information sites decided independently that the cult was Hindu, and contrary to the expressed wishes of ISKCON's founder?  We don't think so.  Common sense dictates that journalists were informed by ISKCON management regards the cult's Hindu status.  If this were not true then management would have requested sources correct the misinformation. 

Thanks for spending time with us