Dated: 29th Sep 2010


Since Bangalore's Sri Sri Radha Krishna chandra Mandir stands alone and apart from the Iskcon asylum for many of the reasons delineated below, we request our readers to understand that the BIF team is in no way tossing Sri Dham Bangalore into the same basket with GBC Iskcon.  Quite to the contrary, BIF is an ardent supporter of Bangalore management and its wonderful programs.  We wish them well and pray fervently for their progress and expansion.



Middle management means temple president (TP).  The GBC deputies and  GBC Executive Committee  may also include middle management.  It would appear that Iskcon's GBC prefers that TP's are also GBC Deputies in close workings with members of the Executive Committee.  It makes spotting the cracks and blocking the leaks a whole lot easier as BIF has shown in our 'Letters to the Void'.  When we encounter bureaucracy in a spiritual organization, it breeds no good.  History screams a warning-  where there is no transparency spirituality is a pretext, and we can see from Iskcon's history how its beaucracy has conspired to withhold the truth from its own members on several occasions, and on several issues. 

TP's are expected to comply with basic GBC desiderata if they are to make inroads behind the hole-in-the-wall GBC protectorate.  Some of the basic requirements include distribution of Prabhupada's edited books.  This program musters prospective bhaktas for initiation by GBC appointed gurus who also function as overseers in designated zones.  Another GBC requisite is that TP's maintain healthy donations to the saffron cloth stipend, which extends into making comfortable living arrangements for visiting members of the saffron club, and also arranging programs (feasts and donations) at the home of devotees and/or Life Members.  Deity worship is also on the agenda.  Deity worship is the means by which Indian families are attracted to the temple, this in turn expands the temple's base of operations which could branch out in any direction, and usually does, all of it profitable and supportive to managerial aspirations.  However the most important function for middle management is the manipulation of the Gurukula, Food for Life, and temple's tax exemption status.  If a TP can hoist these three gamps so as to diddle tax offices while conducting business for personal profit, the fulfillment of his ambitions within Iskcon's GBC is assured. There can be little doubt that Iskcon's wealthy GBC/gurus and middle-management have been doing the Mary Poppins with these tax umbrellas for decades, un-audited.   

Many of BIF's members and associates also served as gurukula leaders, sannyasis, GBC, and TP's; so we have a clear picture of how the crumble cookies.  We have personally witnessed how TP's have coveted  temple businesses and used tax umbrellas to profit.  New cars, jet travel, real estate, import/export, retail outlets, speculation in the business market, Rolex watches, gold bangles and earrings, hundred-and-fifty silk brocaded saris for the wife with shoes to match, etc.  Provided the TP meets with his obligations to GBC superiors, the GBC will, for a percentage (Legal Compliance), permit TPs to carry out personal business under the tax-ex umbrellas.  These business ventures, more often than not, also include the use of temple devotees and/or temple paraphernalia.

After some time in his Officer-for-Life position, the TP enters into an unholy moiety wherein he subconsciously sees himself as half the deity, and when the transformation is complete he sees everything:  the deity's businesses, bhaktas, congregation, paraphernalia, premises, tax exemption status, and the deities themselves, as nothing more than devises to crack nuts for profit.  If you have trouble understanding how this phenomena manifests, let's have a closer look.

Temple President faces court on stealing charges: 

The TP involved in the 'stealing' incident linked above is well known to this writer.  He was always ambitious, but a good man nonetheless.  However, after many years as an Officer for Life, and now also a GBC Dep., his transformation is complete.  To him, all transactions concerning temple property is solely and totally his decision.  What belongs to the deity is now his.  If he did not absolutely believe this then he would have taken heed when the TP to his north-east was fined heavily for selling eighty acres of prime land donated to the deities.  If that is not enough, a temple further north was investigated by federal police for laundering ill-gotten monies under the deity's tax umbrella (Legal Compliance).  Another incident of TP megalomania involved the raising of monies from Life Members for the building of a new temple.  The TP decided he would gamble the funds in an entrepreneurial adventure; importing a performing troupe of dancers.  The venture was a failure costing sixty-five thousand dollars.  The new temple project is now wrapped in gossamer.

So why is it that devotees, strong and true, develop a malady soon after becoming Officers-for Life and unashamedly pilfer the wealth of the deities?  And it is not simply the assets of the deity that are usurped, there is also a demonic attitude that develops by which Officers -for-Life treat deities as their inferiors. To elucidate this point, we will take for example none other than a sannyasi/guru who was also acting TP at Toronto, Canada.

The epitome or pin-up boy (?) for what is being analyzed here, is Bhaktimarg Swami (BMS): 

>A couple of very loyal Toronto devotees invited me to their home.  I had become close friends with them, they started telling me of BMS's homosexual activities, how he is often seen wandering in the park where all the gays hang out during the early morning hours. BMS would not be around the temple much during the day because of his catching up on sleep.  Also at mangala arotika we were instructed to always wait for BMS to arrive before the curtains were to be opened.  He was often late - I believe even 20 min. one time.< 

Then we hear this story:  

>BMS very strongly instructed us not to answer the phone.  That day the phone, which had been ringing all day, remained unanswered.  Still ringing In the early evening after having been a disturbance all day, I answered it.  The person on the other phone was asking, "Is Bhakti Marg Swami there, that spiritual sodomizer of my two boys?" I was from Italy and did not understand the word, so I replied "sodomizer - what is that?" The man then described to me the meaning of sodomy.  I was shocked.  With the phone still in my hand I was pushed violently.  It was BMS.  He grabbed the phone and ripped it out  the socket.  He was abusive and was yelling at me, "I told you not to answer the phone...." .  I was very disturbed, my mind was blank, so I could not hear the details of what he was shouting at me, only blah, blah, blah.  It was sometime after this BMS went for his walk across Canada.< 

....and this one: 

>Some of us had heard rumors that the life members were upset over the fact that they had been giving BMS donations to pay off the temple's mortgage and had thought it was nearly paid or had been paid off  when suddenly they were hit up for more money as BMS was in danger of losing the temple property to the mortgagee.  The members wanted a meeting to express their concerns. They were really upset with BMS for using the allocated monies without any accountability.<  

.....and this one: 

>Only a few devotees were living in the temple, so upon arrival my first service was to look after Tulasi devi. One day BMS approached me saying that the biggest donor to the temple, a wealthy Indian man, had arrived.  I was told to serve him and give him what he wanted.  The man requested I pick him some Tulasi leaves, which I gladly did. We were alone and he was walking around with me as I picked the leaves. He then asked for more Tulasi leaves, so I picked him some more.  He then again asked for more and I mentioned that he had more than enough for many offerings.  He told me they were not for offerings but for tea.  Apparently he enjoyed drinking Tulasi tea.  I said that based on his reply, I could not pick anymore Tulasi for him.  He went to BMS who returning with this man told me to give him whatever he wanted. I told him the man wanted Tulasi leaves for tea.  BMS became quite furious and chastised me in front of the man.<  

.....and this one: 

> I had an accidental fall in the temple room and lay on the floor unconscious and bleeding.  One prabhu living outside, found me and took me to the hospital by cab.  He lived in a bus converted as a home, and not having any money he used my samkirtan collection to pay for cab fare (I was doing full time book distribution).  The cab fare was 12 or 13 dollars I think.  BMS was so angry and chastised this prabhu severely for using samkirtan money for cab fare.<  

So what is it about the Officer for Life dictate that transforms devotees into despots?  To answer this question we put forward an article keyed by one of our BIF members: 

A guru, by definition, is one who is regarded as having great knowledge wisdom and authority in certain areas (a teacher).  Based on the precedence set by the disciples of His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who gave themselves titles and accepted disciples after only eleven years of sporadic association with their guru, hundreds if not thousands of Iskcon devotees are in a better constitutional position than their initiators were to take disciples.  Hence the scramble by the ambitious to fulfill their own career aspirations as nominees in the Officer for Life rat race.  However, our Preceptor, by the essence of directives left behind, did not want a beaucratic mess.  He wanted a house in which the whole world could live.  Instead, the GBC transformed the 'house' into a 'factory' for penny-pinching 'Officers' who pay percentages and pocket the rest.  Therein lies the difference between Iskcon's bogus gurus and our Founder Acarya, His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Our Acarya was never a career devotee seeking the right earthly connections to lay a nest egg on his climb to the top.  Our Acarya IS the Founder of Lord Caitanya's mission in the West; he IS the Leader and transparent via medium in delivering God's love and message to lost souls, and vital to his eternal mission he IS a visionary whose directives are crucial to the preservation of his matha and for the self realization of those who take shelter within it. 

One need not be a mathematician, a member of the intelligencia or literati, to see that His Divine Grace wanted a decentralized power base by opening initiations up to as many 'as were ready', while conserving the 'acarya' status to 'when I order'.  Not only does this inform us of his wish to maintain a system of decentralized power, it also identifies the Officers as... brahman priests... and nothing more, with a right only to accept donations for performance of ceremony.  Under the auspices of the GBC (really, it's what they were appointed to do), ALL other monies and donations were to be deposited into the ISKCON bank (centralized, with open books) for further projects and expansion.  According to Srila Prabhupada's Direction of Management, even the GBC were to be voted in and out to avoid a power build-up, and to give incomers a chance to review the service etiquette, competence, and honesty of their predecessors.

Looking at the wealth being amassed by 'Officers' within the Iskcon matha today, it becomes abundantly clear why our Acarya Dev's directives were hidden or dismissed as the ramblings of a 'senile old man'.  We can also understand why large doses of heavy metal acetate toxins were detected in his hair samples; why the conversation tapes at his bedside revealed a conspiracy to poison, and why in spite of his plaint that he was being poisoned by a coterie of his close attendants, there was no investigation initiated.  Further, tapes that would reveal secrets the GBC did not want us to discover were removed or destroyed by Tamal Krsna on the morning of Srila Prabhupada's interment.  And tapes that may give direction on matters of importance are being held by GBC controlled archives for the last thirty-three years without any foreseeable date of release.  Even national security agencies are bound by time limits in regards to secrecy / disclosure, but Iskcon's GBC is a hole-in-the wall gang with no accountability to anyone for anything.  This is the power base that His Divine Grace never wanted, and this is why Ravana sent for the poison, and this is why those who were there weighed up the odds and saw it in their favor to let the demon do his dirty work. 

Legally or colloquially, in one fact or the other, the GBC must accept its invented sampradaya as acarya-ha.  They can NEVER escape the fact that they were NEVER authorized by His Divine Grace, to be 'acaryapada', 'visnupada', 'acaryadeva' etc.  To duck one's head when the mudballs start flying and revert to 'gurudeva' simply to placate the masses when it is discovered that the new 'acaryas' have base perversions, does not in any way justify the false proclamations in post '77 history, and in plain sight of our intelligence.  It is common knowledge within established mathas that-  those who have not been formerly authorized by the previous acarya, but who nonetheless claim the matha and its assets as their own, are considered to have 'killed' their acarya and usurped his properties.  This act disconnects a matha from the chain of disciplic succession as was previously accepted, and gives genesis to an acarya-ha sampradaya. If one is facing constant difficulty with advancement in spiritual realization in spite of investing one's heart and thoughts for decades in the quest for emancipation, the reason lies unequivocally in the complicity of this grievious transgression. 

Having been directly or indirectly involved with the demise of ISKCON's Founder, the usurping of his matha, and the criminal concealment of his directives, the GBC and its supporters then proceeded to establish a 'no change' program.  Electing from within its own ranks personnel who are subject to its dictates without question, they established an 'Officer for Life' strategy to encapsulate themselves  and protect their ill-gotten assets from any attack, inside or out.  However, the consequence of any activity that moves against the law of amelioration, whether secular or non-secular, tends to bubble like sewerage from under a lid of inadequacy.  What is eventuating from the deviation of our Acaryadev's directives vis-a-vis GBC dictates, is the unpleasant reeking of senior and middle-management exposure to, and concealment of, cheating and gross sexual deviation. 

The GBC initiated 'Officer for Life' policy, transforms Srila Prabhupada's "house for everyone" into a "factory for the select".  Those who are career oriented easily fall victim to this GBC 'select' offing.  Without so much as a thought of complicity, they are lured like asses following carrots into an unwritten contract wherein they rally and act as bulletproof vests for their GBC bosses, and end up finally... asphyxiating spiritually, or at best, striving to keep their heads above the manhole. 

Will it ever change?  The answer is yes, but never for the better.  Since the entrenched bureaucracy, which is the Officer for Life program, was introduced against the expressed wishes of our Founder, then we must conclude that it was introduced by those who saw /see his vision as unsuitable in the pursuit of their own agendas; the Ravanas, whose poison poisons those who partake in their demonically-conceived bureaucracy.  The toxin is causing 'Officers' to misidentify their own gender, what to speak of ever identifying with Sri Krishna's varnasrama. 

A psychiatrist may utilize image cards to show and diagnose a patient's malady, we don't need cards.  When a GBC appointed Officer for Life sees a child, or his own disciple, or the wife of another, or a member of his own sex as a lover; when he sees the wealth of the Deity as his own; when he sees the Deity as his servant and Their servants as his personal slaves,..... we know the appointers and appointees are all lunatics, what need is there for psychiatric opinion?  And as this madness grows unchecked, Iskcon, in the stranglehold of these unhinged Officers for Life, will be recognized in its sickness for what it truly is: an institution for the criminally insane.